Ni6-9 Philip Norborne Nicholas

    .was the son of Robert Carter Nicholas (Ni7) and Anne Cary (Ca7).
    Married: first 19 February 1798 Mary Spear of Baltimore, daughter of Col. John Spear, who was the son of William Spear.William Spear's daughter, Dorothy, married William Patterson, and was the mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte and others. .Another daughter married Gen. Samuel Smith.
    second Maria Carter, daughter of Thomas Taylor and Mary Ann Byrd, daughter of William Armistead of Clark County, Virginia, and granddaughter of the third Colonel William Byrd of Westover, James River.
    Died: June 27, 1877 Aged 82
    Buried: ?Shockoe Cemetery in ? Richmond, Va.
    He was many years Attorney General of Virginia, President of the Farmers’ Bank in Richmond, Virginia, member of the Virginia Convention 1829 – 1830, Judge of the General Court of virginia.
    He was associated with William Wirt and George May in able defense of James Thompson Calender, who was tried in Richmond, Virginia, in May before Judge Samuel Chase of the United. States Supreme Court for publishing a pamphlet entitled "The Prospect before us”, jn which the character of President John Adams was infamously libelled.  The prosecuting attorney was Thomas Nelson son of Gen. Thomas Nelson Jr. of the revolution.
     The zeal of Judge Chase in directing the prosecution subjected him to the charge of having transcended his powers, and occasioned his famous trial for impeachment before the United States Senate.
     Judge Philip Norborne Nicholas married first Mary Spear of Baltimore, Maryland, second 

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    Judge Nicholas married

    Philip Norborne Nicholas (Ni6-9)  and Mary Spear, his first wife, had issue:
    (Ni6-9-1) John Spear Nicholas, married Mary Gilmore.
    (Ni6-9-2) WiIson N. Nicholas married Jane Hollins
    (Ni6-9-3) Robert Carter Nicholas, married Elizabeth Bush Amler, daughter of Col John Amble of Jamestown, Virginia (issue: Some Prominent Virginia Families, by Louise Pecquet du Beliet, Vol. I Chap V, VI and VII)
     Issue by his second wife:
    (Ni6-9-4) Jane Nicholas
    (Ni6-9-5) Philip Cary Nicholas, a well known member of the bar in Richmond, Virginia, and a long efficient librarian of the State Library of Virginia.
    (Ni6-9-6) Elizabeth Byrd Nicholas, born 16 December 1830, died 30 July 1901.
    (Ni6-9-7) Sidney Nicholas, married Selma Hudgins.
    Louise Pecquet du Beliet visited the Shockoe Cemetery 8 June 1904 and saw the following inscription on the tombstone:
    Philip Norborne Nicholas
    Died August 18, 1849
    74 years of age
    In early manhood, he was appointed Attorney-General of Virginia, and from that time until his death occupied a position of high trust and responsibility. As a judge, though firm and decided, he was always bland and courteous. His principles were those of a a patriot and a republican. In all the social relations his uniform kindness gained him many devoted friends, who will long lament his loss.
    To the left was the tomb of his second wife:
    Maria Carter Nicholas
    Daughter of
    Thomas Taylor Byrd
    Died June 27, 1877
    Aged 82