Ni5-1 Robert Carter Nicholas

    Ni5-1 Robert Carter Nicholas was the son of George Nicholas (Ni6) and Mary Smith (Sm6) ,
    born 15 Sept. 1793 in Hanover, Virginia
    Married Susan Adelaide Vinson;  
    Died on December 24, 1857 of a stroke; 
    Interment in the Burthe vault, St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, La. 
    Robert Carter Nicholas  was graduated at William and Mary in 1810. He served in the war of 1812, and was appointed captain in the 20th infantry on 12 March, 1812, major of the 12th infantry, 3 March, 1813, and lieutenant-colonel of the 44th infantry, 20 August, 1814. He was transferred to the 30th infantry on 14 November, 1814, and served on the Canadian frontier. He was mustered out in June, 1815, and removed to Louisiana, where he became a sugar planter in Terrebonne Parish in 1820.

     He was charge d'affaires to Naples, subsequently became secretary of state of Louisiana, and was elected a United States senator, as a Democrat, serving from 4 March, 1836, till 3 March, 1841. In 1851 he became superintendent of public instruction in Louisiana.

    Robert Carter Nicholas and Susan Adelaide Vinson had issue; 

    Survived by four children: 
    (Ni5-1-1) Caroline Swanwick NICHOLAS;  
    (Ni5-1-2) Wilson Cary NICHOLAS;  
    (Ni5-1-3) Mary Isabella NICHOLAS;  
    (Ni5-1-4) Margaret NICHOLAS, 

    all children born in St. James Parish, LA 

    The Evening Picayune

    New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA

    Dec. 29, 1856

    Copied from The Houma Ceres newspaper


    Robert Carter NICHOLAS

    The Houma Ceres, in announcing the death of Robert Carter NICHOLAS, at his plantation in Terrebonne, on the 24th inst., after a short but severe attack of appoplexy, says:

    In politics Col. NICHOLAS was ever a staunch Democrat of the Jefferson school.  He was a Captain in the United States Army during a part of the war of 1812, being attached to the division stationed on the Canada frontier; and afterwards  promoted to the rank of Colonel. 

    He was for twelve years a Senator in Congress, which post he filled with honor to his State and credit to himself.  Col. N. was sent as Charge' d'Affaires to Naples by Gen. Jackson.  He was also Secretary of the State of Louisiana;  and later, Superintendent of Public Education.  By the demise of this worthy and talented citizen, the state looses one of her brightest sons.  Col. Nicholas was about sixty-five years old.

    ANNOTATION:  Robert Carter NICHOLAS b. January 10, 1787 in Hanover, VA ,s/o William Cary NICHOLAS and Marguerite SMITH (family Bible); d. December 24, 1856, Terrebonne Parish; husband of Susan Adelaide VINSON; Survived by four children: Caroline Swanwick NICHOLAS;  Wilson Cary NICHOLAS;  Mary Isabella NICHOLAS;  Margaret NICHOLAS, all children born in St. James Parish, LA (SLR v. 3, p. 389, Hma. Ct. Hse. , Succ. #369, confirmed by Nicholas family Bible);  Louisiana Senator, appointed,  1836-1841.