Ni3-5-5 Patricia Pope Nicholas

    was the daughter of George Nicholas IV (Ni3-5) and Evelyn Belle Thompson,
    grandson of  George Nicholas III (Ni4) and Matilda Prather (Pr5)

    Born: 1917 in Louisville, KY.
    1942, August 8, to Julius Bennett Veatch, son of E.E. Veatch and Sarah Martha Crews of Washington Co. and Marion Co., KY, at San Diego, California.
    Died: 1981, November 30.


    Patricia Nicholas was educated in the public schools in Jefferson County, KY; in Hawaii; in Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and in Louisville, KY. She graduated from Atherton High (Louisville) in 1935. She attended the University of Louisville and the Oklahoma College for Women until 1939.

    Patricia Nicholas died on November 30, 1981, at the home of her daughter Cary, after a long illness from lung cancer. She had been unconscious since November 25, 1981, her death apparently without terminal pain or suffering. During the 1 1/2 years of illness and treatment, she stayed part of the time at daughter Barbara's in Connecticut, and part of the time at daughter Cary's in Winter Park, FL, occasionally at her own home in Cocoa, FL. The daughters had her body cremated in Florida and took the ashes to Louisville. Here they conducted her funeral service on 4 December, at Resthaven, and placed the urn beside that of her deceased husband, Julius, whose funeral had been conducted in the same place more than 4 years earlier. He died on 6 October, 1977.

    The children of Patricia Nicholas and Julius Bennett Veatch are:

    (Ni3-5-5-1) Anne Cary Veatch: born 1948, April 12, Louisville, KY.

    (Ni3-5-5-2) Carter Nicholas Veatch: born 1950, December 10, Louisville, KY. In April 1980, Carter had been retarded since childhood, and for years had been kept at Sunland Center, Fort Myers, FL. In April 1980 he was 29 years of age and no longer a legal dependent of Pat. She was not legally responsible for his support and not financially able to make donations to Sunland for that support.

    (Ni3-5-5-3) Barbara Bennett Veatch: born 1952, March 13, Louisville, KY.