Ni3-5-3 Philip Norborne Nicholas

    was the son of George Nicholas IV (Ni3-5) and Evelyn Belle Thompson,
    grandson of  George Nicholas III (Ni4) and Mary Anna Pope (Po4)

    Born: 1900, October 10, in Shelbyville, KY.
    1928, December 26, to Martha Warren Macdonald, daughter of John Clifton Macdonald and Frances Smith Boone, at St. Francis of Rome Church, Louisville, KY.
    Died: 1957, May 30.


     Philip Norborne Nicholas was educated at Louisville and Jefferson County, KY public schools. He attended the Louisville Boy's High School. In 1919, January, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and served at Parris Island, SC, as Sergeant. He then was a lacquer chemist, in charge of Lacquer at the Reliance Paint & Varnish Co., Louisville, KY.

    The children of Philip Nicholas and Martha Macdonald are:

    (Ni3-5-3-1) Martha Macdonald Nicholas: born 1929, November 20, Louisville, KY; 1944-1948, Atherton High School. Married William Selden in Louisville on 20 Nov. 1929.

    (Ni3-5-3-2) Barbara Terrell Nicholas: born10 July 1931 in Louisville, KY. Married Clinton Ray Potts in Louisville.

    (Ni3-5-3-3) Philip Norborne Nicholas, Jr.: born 15  June 1935,  Louisville, KY. Married Joan Meyer.