Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-3 Griffin Nicholas

    Griffin Nicholas was the son of Robert Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-10-1-5-1-1) and Ann Clark and grandson of Edward Richmond Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5) and
    born 1813
    Major Griffin Nicholas married first - Matilda Anne, youngest daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Chapman Bird, Secretary to Government at the Cape of Good Hope. This marriage took place at Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, on 17th August, 1841, and by her, who.died at Mauritius on the 11th March, 1856, and was a relative of the Willoughby's (Baron Middleton's Family). 
    Major Griffin Nicholas married secondly Fanny, second daughter of John Scriven, Esq. (Surgeon), of Northampton,
    Major Griffin Nicholas and Matilda Anne Bird had issue:
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-1) Richmond Grffin Nicholas, born 2nd January, 1843, at Dinapore, East Indies, appointed . from Gentleman Cadet at the Royal Mili¬tary College of Sandhurst, a Cornet in the 3rd Dragoon Guards (handwritten addition: & since Feb. 10, 74, Lieutenant 1st Kings Drag. Guards.) 
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-2)  Elizabeth Matilda Mary Nicholas, born 14th March, 1844, died 6th November, 1844, at Dina¬pore  East Indies.  (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-3)  Mary Matilde Nicholas, born at Simla, 24th  August, 1845.
    (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-4)  Christopher Robert Griffin Nicholas, born at Chatham, Kent, on 22nd April, l847, died 24th January, 1850, at the Mauritius.
    (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-5) Cecilia Louisa Nicholas, born 22nd December, 1849, died 7th February, 1850, at the  Mauritius.
    (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-6) -John Chapman Griffin Nicholas, born 6th June, 1854, at Mahebourg, Mauritius.
    (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-7)  Matilda Adela Mary Nicholas, born 4th February, 1851, at Mauritius, died 15th May, 1852.
     These children who died at the Mauritius were buried in the same grave as their mother, in Pamplemousses Cemetery,  at the Mauritius.

    Major Griffin Nicholas and Fanny  Scriven had issue : 
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-8)  Frances Charlotte Elizabeth Nicholas, born 27th January,1858, at Folkestone, Kent, educated at the Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army. 
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-9)  Richard James Nicholas, born at Lewes, Sussex, 13th December, 1858, educated at Christ's Hospital (BIue-coat School). 
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-10)  William Scriven Griffin Nicholas, born 21st October, 1860, died 20th May, 1862, at Spring
    Grove Isleworth.
    (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-11)  EmiIy Reeves Nicholas, born 24th February, 1862, died .3rd June, 1862  at Spring Grove, Isleworth. 
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-12)  Gilbert de la Roche Nicholas, born 3rd August, 1863, died  8th June, 1864, at Margate,
    Buried at Heston. ..
     (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-1-2-13)  Clara Dionysia Nicholas, born 16th  February, 1865, at Hounslow.

    Source: "Nicholas Family of Roundway and Ashton Keynes, Wilts" private printing by E. Kite, located in the Library at Devizes, Wiltshire, which  Griffin Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1-5-2) had published, so all data on his parents and children in the following full copy may be considered correct (interesting is that he quotes "The Wiltshire Visitation Pedigrees, 1623." but does not seem to know of the clear connection of the Winterbourne Earles branch give there, perhaps because it might undermine his claim to the title of Baron):

    Copy of a private printing by E. Kite, located in the Library at Devizes, Wiltshire. (Text amended to show new ID codes)

    Family, of Roundway and Ashton Keynes, Wilts.

    Griffin Nicholas, Esq., late or Cove House, Ashton Keynes, Wilts, late Captain of the 62nd or Wiltshire Regiment (Springers), afterwards Captain of the 5th or Northumberland Fusiliers, having served thirteen years, as Commissioned 0fficer, in the former Regiment, and ¬years  in the latter, and again nine years as a Captain of the 4th Royal South MiddIesex Mlitia Regiment. Now, and since the 24th of Otober, 1856, a Major on the Retired Full Pay of the 5th Fusiliers, was appointed Senior member of the Military Re-organisation in 1861, of the Royal Body Guard of  the Sovereign, the Honorable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, is eldest surviving son of the late Robert Nicholas, Esq., F.S.A., and formerly M.P. fot Cricklade, who was Chairman and Commissioner of the Honorable Board of Excise for upwards of 32 years, and who descended collaterally from Sir Edward Nicholas, principal Secretary of State to King Charles Ist and 2nd and  inherited the Estate of Ashton Keynes from his relatives, his great aunts; the Misses Richmond, to which family belonged the celebrated Divine, author of "the Dairyman's Daughter," Annals of the Poor," &c., the Rev. Legh Richmond.

    Major Griffin Nicholas has been also proved (Statement rejected by the College of Arms) Claiment of one of the oldest Peerages in England, that of Lord de la Roche, Baron of Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, so long in abeyance, and which a nephew (and grandson, on the on the maternal side, of the late Robert Nicholas, of.Ashton Keynes), thinking, it is supposed, that Major Griffin Nicholas and his younger brothers, Lieutenant Colonel Richard Nicholas and Major James Nicholas, had died in India without issue, having been each abroad for upward of twenty years - himself claimed; having spent a large sum of money to prove that the  Nicholas family aforesaid were direct descendants from the last Lord de la Roche, which endeavour had been commenced by Robert Nicholas himself, who had spent his life amassing the necessary marriage certificates for proving the same; as well as inheriting "Roundway", which came to them from the family of the Lords de la Roche by the marriage of their daughter "Dionysia”, the last of her race, at any rate this property, once that of the Lords de la Roche, was declared to be inherited from them by the Nicholas' (see Note in Cole of Devon's Genealogy, dedicated to the Earl of Enniskillen, 1867 - by J. E. Cole, Esq., Barrister of the Inner Temple). But Robert Nicholas, it is supposed, finding there were no further estates -nothing but certain privileges attached to certain schools and colleges, and, having unfortunately sold Roundway to extend, his estate of Ashton Keynes - he consequently, though a man of some little property, let the matter drop, to be thus revived by a grandson, 'who had become possessed of the family documents and certificates from his Aunt, and a half sister of Major Griffin Nicholas (Miss Charlotte Nicholas, who was Executrix, as eldest daughter, to her father's Will) shewing the direct descent from Gilbert de la Roche to Robert Nicholas, his Grandfather; that which this Grandson was about, however, became known accidentally, and through the Times newspaper, to the eldest surviving Son, Major Griffin Nicholas, who interposed, and leaves it for his posterity, believing a Title without  Estates is of little value!

    Major Griffin Nicholas married first - Matilda Anne, youngest daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Chapman Bird, Secretary to Government at the Cape of Good Hope. This marriage took place at Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, on 17th August, 1841, and by her, who.died at Mauritius on the 11th March, 1856, and was a relative of the Willoughby's (Baron Middleton's Family), has issue:
    1st Richmond Grffin, born 2nd January, 1843, at Dinapore, East Indies, appointed . from Gentleman Cadet at the Royal Military College of Sandhurst, a Cornet in the 3rd Dragoon Guards (handwritten addition: since Feb. 10, 74, Lieutenant 1st Kings Drag. Guards.)
    2nd Christopher Robert Griffin, born at Chatham, Kent, on 22nd April, l847, died 24th January, 1850, at the Mauritius.
    3rd John Chapman Griffin, born 6th June, 1854, at Mahebourg, Mauritius.
    1st Elizabeth Matilda Mary, born 14th March, 1844, died 6th November, 1844, at Dinapore, East Indies.
    2nd Mary Matilda, born at Simla, 24th  August, 1845.¬
    3rd Cecilia Louisa, born 22nd December, 1849, died 7th February, 1850, at the Mauritius.
    4th Matilda Adela Mary, born 4th February, 1864, at Mauritius, died 15th May, 1852.
    These children who died at the Mauritius were buried in the same grave as their mother, in Pamplemousses Cemetery, at the Mauritius.

    Major Griffin Nicholas married secondly Fanny, second daughter of John Scriven, Esq. (Surgeon), of Northampton, and had issue :
    1st Richard James, born at Lewes, Sussex, 13th December, 1858, educated at Christ's Hospital (BIue-coat School).
    2nd William Scriven Griffin, born 21st October, 1860, died 20th May, 1862, at Spring Grove Isleworth.
    3rd Gilbert de la Roche, born 3rd August, 1863, died  8th June, 1864, at Margate, Buried at Heston. ..
    1st Frances Charlotte Elizabeth, born 27th January,1868, at Folkestone, Kent, educated at the Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army.
    2nd EmiIy Reeves, born 24th February, 1862, died .3rd June, 1862 at Spring Grove, Isleworth.
    3rd Clara Dionysia, born 16th February, 1865, at Hounslow.


    The "location" of the Nicholas family was first at Roundway, in the reign of King Henry  the Third, and the actual descent appears as follows: King Edward the First's younger daughter "Joan" married Gilbert or Griffin de Clare, Earl of Gloucester. Her mother being Queen Eleanor, whose crosses are still in existence - marking the route of her funeral from the de Clares, it is understood, eventually proceeded the Lords de la Roche -Thomas, Lord de la Roche, of the Barony of Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, had several summonses, both Civil and Military, to take his seat in Parliament, though there. is no proof of his actually having. taken his seat, or obeyed any of them, necessary to make the title heritable in ordinary cases. The records of his having taken his seat in Parliament, however, may have been destroyed by a well-known fire of about this period, and consequently the title is to be proved by certain deeds in existence (as is said to have been done in another peerage case, by  Mr. Fleming, Q.C., t.he well-known peerage authority), and by Lord de la Roche's letter to the Pope, signed in full, with all his titles, together with the signatures of the rest of the Barons of the time, which leaves no doubt he was in full possession of his Peerage.
    The last of the de la Roche’s - namely, Gilbert de la Roche’s daughter, “Dionysia” having married John Sandon, of Horton (see Arms of Sandon in those of Nicholas of Roundway and "Ashton Keynes, Wilts.), the last of that line, Agnes Sandon, married Thomas Enoch, of Baynton (see Enoch Arms also in those of Nicholas), and Thomas Enoch's daughter and coheir; Alice, marrid the first of the Nicholas’s her recorded, namel,
    1st John Nicholas (Ni16), of Ryndway or Roundway, Wilts, who died, 1461
    2nd John Nicholas(Ni15), son of the above John of Roundway married the daughter and coheir of John Gore of Hinton; died 1502 (see Arms of Gore in Nicholas Arms).
    3rd Richard Nicholas (Ni14-1), son of the above John, married the above Isabel, daughter of Robert Pead, of Ford, in the parish of Bromham; died 1498.
    4th John Nicholas (Ni14-1-2)(son of the above Richard), married Elizabeth sister of John Okedon, Esq. of Flingham Hants.
    5th Robert Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1) (son of the above John), married Warboroug. eldest daughter of Giles Gore, Esq., of Aldeston; Wilts.
    6th John Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1), of Ryndway (son of the above Robert), married Mary, daughter of Thomas Cooke, of Bishop Cannings, Wi!ts. She was buried at St. James's Church, Devizes, November, 1604; whilst he was Mayor of the Borough, 1610.
     7th Thomas Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10)(son of the above John), born 1604, married Margery, daughter of  Nash, Esq.; died 1645.
    8th Robert Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1)(son of the above Thomas, and brother of Griffin Nicholas, of Ryndway or Roundway, who died 1665), married Joan, daughter of J. Chalonor, of Loran, Denbigh. His Will is dated 1668.
    9th Robert Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-1)(son of the above Robert); born 1662, married daughter of Henry Knight, of Newhall, Suffolk; married secondly, Jane, only child of John Child, of  Devizes, M.P., brother of Sir Francis Child, the first Banker of that name. She died 1725, aged 63, and has a Monument in St. James' Church, Devizes (see Arms of Child in those of Nicholas).
    10th Edward Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-5) (son of the above Robert), born 6th January, 1695 or 1696; married Bridget, eldest daughter of Oliffe Richmond, Esq., of Ashton Keynes, Wilts,
    11th Edward Richmond Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-1-10-1-5-1) (son of the above Edward), an eminent Physician of Devizes; married Jenny, daughter of William Neate, Esq., died 1770 His wife died 1766.
    12th Robert Nicholas (Ni14-1-2-1-10-1-5-1-1), elder brother of Rev. Dr. John Nicholas), died at Clifton, near Bristol the 27th December 1826; and was buried at Ashton Keynes, Wilts. his then eldest son Edward, his second surviving son Griffin, and his nephew Captain John Nicholas, R.N., son of Rev. Dr. John Nicholas, following him to the grave in the chancel of the Church of Ashton Keynes, for which purpose these three posted from Clifton to Ashton Keynes in Mr. Edward Nicholas’ private carriage, with relays of four horses, the hearse and their poor father having preceded  them.
    13th Griffin Nicholas (son of the above Robert), see page 3 Present head of the family, as the eldest surviving son, of the eldest of two brothers, Robert and John, aforesaid.

    From ancient deeds in the Heralds' Office, the origin of the Nicholas family is there  also stated to date from the time of King Edward I., and as there connected with Thomas Lord de Ia Roche's family, whose Arms are seen in those of Nicholas of Roundway, "Three Roaches nayants." Gilbert de la Roche mentioning William Nicholas, of  Ryndway, Wilts, in a deed, 1 und 2 Edward II., 1307 -9, and 4 Edward III. as witness; with William Sandon, 1331; and in a "Municipal and Military History of Devizes," puhlished by Henry Bull, of Devizes, 1859, it there states, in detailing the History of the Nicholas family, that his information has been obtained from a relative of the family,  the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Frankland Lewis, Baronet, the father of the late Secretary at War and formerly Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Honorable Sir George Cornwall Lewis, Baronet and M.P. “The History of Devizes" also states, the Devizes or Roundway branch of the Nicholas family is probably the original stock of all others bearing that surname at Winterbourne Earls, Manningford Bruce, or Allcannings for  evidence that their mansion stood here 400 years back survives in a tradition in their pedigree (Harleian M.S.S., 1443), though the real date of their "location" at Roundway was as before stated stated, in Henry III’s time, proved by monumental inscriptions, and that William, son of John Nicholas, who died in 1461, was slain without the gate-house of Roundway: an event associated with the desolating Wars of the Roses, and pointing to the period of Tewkesbury Fight. According to the registers at Devizes, Southbroom and Bishop’s Cannings, it may be briefly stated, that John Nicholas was Mayor of the Borough in 1610; that Griffin Nicholas of Roundway died 1634; and Robert Nicholas in 1667. A monument in Southbroom Church to Robert Nicholas, Esq., “des les Devizes,” refers to a gentleman whose parish was St. John’s. the next in succession seems to be Robert Nicholas, Justice of the Borough, dying in 1775, at the age of 68, whose second wife Jane (great-great-grandmother of Major Griffin Nicholas, 5th Fusiliers), was daughter of John Child, M.P. for Devizes, brother of Sir Francis Child, the first banker of that name. She was the mother of Edward Nicholas, born 1696, died 1731, who married into the Richmond Family of Ashton Keynes, Wilts, where since about 1780 the family of Nicholas continued to reside. This lady’s virtues are largely set forth in the principal Nicholas tablet at Southbroom – an elaborate monument, executed in veined white marble, and flanked with Roman Ionic pillars. She survived her husband 21 years, leaving one Son, Edward Richmond Nicholas, Bachelor of Medlcine - the Dr. Nicholas whose death in 1770 as au eminent Physician in Devizes, is recorded in the "Salisbury Journal.

    "And the family pedigree further shews that Judge Robert Nicholas, of Allcannings, M.P. for Devizes in the Long Parliament, was not only the principal character in the story of "the Torn Curtain," commemorated under fictitious names in the "Spectator," but, in 1642, we find him an active manager of the impeachment against Archbishop Laud. The entries in the parish register of Allcannings at the time of this Robert Nicholas' birth, seem to indicate he was the younger of twins, - that the elder, being sickly, was baptised and received the name of Robert, on the day of his premature death, and that the survivor also bore the name of Robert, which, from another burial entry in 1592, appears to be that of the father. Robert Nicholas was baptized 17th November, 1597, (correction of print: 9 November 1597, and that the survivor also bore the name of Robert, which, from  another burial entry on 8 Sept. 1592, appears to be that of the grandfather) “Idem Robert Nicholas sepult fuit eodem die et anno." Robert Nicholas minor was baptized 22nd November, eodem anno-Information supplied by the Rev. Henry Methuen. While one of the Nicholas' of Alcannings is thus seen arrayed against Archbishop Laud, presumptive evidence exists that another member of the same family had been his early patroness - in the life of William Bailey, of Etchilhampton, one of the divines expelled by King Charles II, it is stated that "Mrs. Burnegham, an aunt by his mother's side," was the person who had been at the expense of young Laud's education, a service which, it is added, "the prelate gratefully acknow¬ledged when at the top of his preferment." Now, if William Bailey was one of the children of Richard Bailey, of Etchilhampton, who appears in the Heralds visitation of 1623, then this aunt must. have bean a Nicholas, or Richard's wife was Honor, the daughter of Edward Nicholas, of Allcannings.
    Anthony à Wood says of Robert Nicholas, the friend of the Commonwealth, that he was of the same family with those two most loyal gentlemen, Sir Edward Nicholas, Secretary of State to King Charles I. and II., who offered him a peerage, or ten thousand pounds (worth very much more than £10,000 of the present time, 1873), and he chose the latter (see Prince Rupert's Memoirs); Sir. Edward and Dr. Matthew Nicholas, Canon of St. .Paul's, were brothers, and both born at Winterbourne Earls, Wilts. This assertion may be true¬ enough; but as it is also true the Nicholas family had a seat at Roundway for centuries previous, the locality of the original stock may .presumptively be placed in Devizes and its neighhourhood.
    Of Sir Edward Nicholas, the .father of the Secretary, it was traditionally reported, that the bailiff, who managed his estate at Winterbourne, and who, moreover, acted occasionally as the parish Clerk of Winterboume Church, was William Fox! Father of the celebrated Sir Stephen Fox, the ancestor of the Lords Holland and Ilchester., und of Charles James Fox! This is on the authority of Mrs, Riggs, a descendant of the Winterbourne Nicholas', who sold Sir Edward's estate of Motecombe, in 1769 (Falstone M.S.S.)
    On the authority of this History of Devizes, we also find Sir Oliver Nicholas, sworn Cupbearer to James I, and Carver to Charles I., was of this family; and that his son, Edward, married Mary Lane, daughter of Thomas Lane, of Bantley, County Stafford –a family as venerable for its antiquity as renouned for its loyalty: of which the wonderful preservation of King Charles II, after the defeat at Worcester, is an instance never to be forgotten: in which glorius action -she herself bore a very conspicuous part. And that the memory of this extraordinary service might be continued to posterity, the family was dignified with the addition of this signal badge of honor -  the Arms of England in a Canton! She was married  to Edward Nichols, the son of Sir Oliver Nicholas, Cupbearer to James l., Carver to Charles II, by whom she had one son only, who died before her, near whose body she desired her own might be interred. She died 24th .December, 1686, aged 67 years. This Mary  Nicholas, nèe Lane, is the character Sir Walter Scott - took his “Alice  Lee”, in his novel, of “Woodstock" - who makes  old Henry Lee say she should entitle herself to have it written her tomb, "Here lies she  who saved the King!”  Though Mistress Jane Lane undoubtedly had the greater share in this transaction, and, as Lady Fisher, wife of Sir Clement Fisher (a Warwickshire Baronet), ever alter enjoyed one thousand pounds a year, as a gift from the Crown.
    The pedigree of the family of Nicholas further shews there two brothers, Colonel Oliver  Nicholas, Groom of the Bed-chamber to his Royal Highness James, Duke of York; and John Nicholas, an  Ensign of the Duke of York's company of Foot at Portsmouth; besides a Baron of the Exchequer being ranked amongst the members of the family - Robert Nicholas being nominated by His Majesty King Charles the first Recorder of Devizes!  The next event to be noticed is the marriage of the eldest son of the above Dr. Nicholas, the aforesaid Physician of Devizes, in 1778, namely, Robert Nicholas, F.S.A, of Ashton Keynes, Wilts., born 22nd April, 1758, died 27th December, 1826; M.P. for Cricklade, and many years Chairman of the Honorable Board of Excise, a Barrister and County Magistrate, educated at Winchester School and Queen’s College, Oxford, and of Lincoln’s Inn, where he was called to the Bar, 1783. He married first Charlotte, sixth daughter of Admiral Sir Thomas Frankland, Baronet, of Thirkleby Park, Yorkshire, lineally descended from Lady Frances, youngest daughter of the Protector, Oliver Cromwell. She died 28th January, 1800, and by whom he had issue:
    I. Edward, charge d’Affaires for Hamburgh, and latterly Governor of Heligoland; born 1779, died 1828. Unmarried, aged 49.
    II. Robert, a Post Captain, R.N., born 1782, a daring Naval Officer (see James’ Naval History); he was lost at sea, in command of the “Lark” in 1809, having been Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Curacoa. There is a story told by a Black man, one of the crew, that he and the Captain were swimming ashore, when the Captain sank, first desiring desiring the Black to bear his last farewell to his family. Whether true or not, this was rewarded by the Black being made door-keeper at the Excise Office.
    III.- William, born 1785, at Ashton Keynes, Wilts, was a Woolwich Cadet, and after¬wards Brevet Major of the Royal Engineers, one of the most distinguished officers of his day (see the splendid account given of him in Napier's History of the Peninsular War, vol. iv., Siege of Badajos, 1812), He is there spoken of in the highest possible terms; there being also a biographical notice of this officer in the " United Service Journal" of 1812. He was killed leading the advance to the great Breach, as Senior Engineer (at the moment), at the bloody storming of Badajos, in 1812, a monument being there erected to his memory.
    . IV.-Thomas, born 1790, a Lieutenant, R.N., supposed to have been blown up with his boat's. crew, setting fire to the French frigate "Elise” off Tatatho, on the coast of France, 1810; at, any rate they were lost at sea, as neither he nor his boats crew were ever more seen or heard of! (handwritten addition: in Naval ship “Satellite” see James Naval History)
    V.-Charles,  born l794, died 1822. First a Woolwich Cadet, from whence he was withdrawn on the death of his brother William; went to Christ Church, Oxford, and becoming  Barrister.of Lincoln's Inn, eventually died young, of consumption, after having been to Madeira, where he greatly recovered till he caught cold one wet night, in :returning from a ball, and having lent a lady his cloak. His remains were buried in the family vault in Ashton Keynes  Church..
    I. Charlotte, born 1784, at Ashton Keynes; died unmarried,. .
    II Sophia, born 1787; died 1866, unmarried. Her income, which had been increased by her sisters previous deaths and money, being added to it, and though made up in measure by part of the sale of Major Griffin Nicholas' Estate of Ashton Keynes, all went to a nephew, to whom she left it in her Will, which was worded in such an extraordinary  manner, that even his Solicitors declared "It is  not worth the paper it is written on!” but on their taking it to court, and employing a first-rate council, it was decided in his favour; and that which made this the more painfull was,  that: he was weIl off, and did not require an additional £ 400 or £ 500 a year! whilst Major Griffin Nicholas had little or no means; and those  only his own pensions; whilst, again his nephew had participated in Major Griffin .Nioholas' sister of the whole blood, Clara's property, she having died a minor, and therefore without a Will - and yet Major Nicholas was not allowed to share any of his half-sister's property, which in fact would have been principally his own, reverting to him!
    Ill.- Frances, born 1788, died unmarried 186o, and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.
    IV.- Harriett, married Captain Henry  T. B. Collier, who died an Admiral in 1872. He was brother of Admiral Sir Frances Collier, who died in command of the Indian Fleet, at Hong Kong. They left a numerous family.
    V.- Ellenor, born: 1796, married  -.Sutton, Esq., and died 2oth July, 1862. .. .
    VI. Mary, died. unmarried of consumption.

    . Robert Nicholas aforesaid married secondly, on 10th Aug 1805, at Marylebone Church,
    London, Ann (daughter of John Shepherd Clark, Esq.), who died 9th December, 1873, and by whom she had issue:- . . . .
    I.- Griffin, present head of the family, and Claimant of the Barony of de la Roche, born in London, on 15th April, 1813.
    II.- Richard, born 1820, a Lieutenant-Colonel, late of 64th Bengal Native Infantry, and latterly Barrack Master at Kussowlie, East Indies, in possession of the medal for taking Cabul: married, January 1866, Kate Josephine, daughter of William H. Vice, Esq., of Gnirs(?),Cornwall.

    III.- James, born August 23rd, 1822, a Major Madras Staff Corps, late Adjutant and Quarter Master of the 44th Madras Native Infantry, a Police Magistrate  and holding a Commisariat appointment; married in 1854 Maria Camilla, daughter of William Elphinstone Underwood, Esq., Madras Civil Service; died 13th January, 1863, leaving one son and three daughters.
    I.- Anne, married in 1828, the Rev. William Drury, M.A., for a. time Tutor to the Prince Consort and his brother; reading EngIish History with them in their early life – also Tutor to the sons of, and Chaplain to Leodpold I., King of the Belgians; and was a relative of Dr. Drury of Harrow,  Tutor to Lord Byron, the poet, who refers in an affectionate manner to Drury in a note to “Childe Herold." They had a family.
    lI.- Elizabeth, born 10th May, 1808; died unmarried, on January 2nd, 1861, having been a sufferer from spinal complaint nearly all her life, which was borne with Christian fortitude, till after many years of suffering she was carried off suddenly by apoplexy, and buried near her sister; Clara, in Cheriton Church yard, near Sandgate, in Kent, where she died.. ¬
    III.-Emily, born 1ßt March, 1815; married Henry Wilson Reeves, Esq., Bombay Civil Service,  and latterly Member of Councll at Bombay. She died at the Cape of Good Hope, in 1848, and was buried there leaving two sons and a daughter.
    IV. Clara, born 1818; died unmarried  in 1832, of Consumption.

    There is a fee farm rent or Crown pension from King Charles issuing out of the lands  of the Dean and Chapter of Wells, extending over the whole of the charity lands, in net value £ 95 10 S. per  annum in the possession of this family¬ - though it appears  to have gone out of the direct line of Nicholas, being held by a Miss Abella Moody of Froyle, near Alton, Hants, whose aunt was a  Nicholas, and this Miss Moody previous to her death, was most anxious Major Griffin Nich¬olas should purchase of her - but asking too large a sum the matter ended; Major Nicholas was not sure that it could be held by anyone but a Nicholas, this he never ascertained from Miss Moody, whose brother sold it; legally or not, was never known."

    Arms. – Az. a chev., engr. between three owls, or.
    Crest. - An owl, with wings expanded, on a Chapeau, az. turned up ermine,  or. The peculiarity of the family crest being, that the Chapeau of all other members of the family, except the head of the family, is  - Gules (red) instead of Az (blue).
    Motto. - Vigilantia et Constantia.