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Montfort: Montfort of Evreux, Montfort of Leicester, Montfort of Montfort
BE1883 Montfort reports that the first Almaric/Amaury/Aymer of Montfort was an illegitimate son of Robert, King of France. The only Kings Robert of France at or before this period were the Robert I grandfather of Hugh Capet who died in 923 and Robert II 'the Pious' son of Hugh Capet who lived 972-1031. The article in BE1883 says that this Almaric, son of King Robert, was great-grandfather of the Simon who married Amicia de Beaumont but gives no dates for any of the family until that Simon. As BE1883 appears to miss out some generations, we follow 'The Complete Peerage' TCP. As the dates given in TCP are broadly consistent with other sources, and as the dates found in various web sites eg 'Mathematical' report that the first Amaury de Montfort was born about 935, we believe that the first Amaury here reported could not have been a son of a King Robert of France. It is possible that he was a grandson of King Robert I but that has not been proved.
Mo33 Amaury de Montfort b c935, d after 04.02.1031
m ?? de Cambray b c940
Mo32 Guillaume de Montfort b c960, dvp 1003
Mo31 Amaury de Montfort b c1000, d after 04.02.1031
m c1022 Bertrada de Gometz b c1001
Mo30-1 Eve de Montfort b c1023
Mo30 Simon I de Montfort b c1025, d 1087
m1 c1055 Isabel de Broyes b c1034
Mo29-1 Amaury de Montfort b c1056, dsp c 1089
Mo29-2 Isabel de Montford b c1058
m c1076 Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted b c1029, d 24.03.1101-2
m2 ??
m3. c1058 Agnes d'Evreux b c1030, dau of Richard, Count d' Evreux
Mo29 Bertrade de Montfort b c1059, d 14.02.1117
m1 Fulk IV' le Rechin', Count d' Anjou b 1043, d 14.04.1109
m2 1092, sep 1104 Philippe I, King of France b 1053, d 29.07.1108
Mo29-4 Richard de Montfort b c1066, dsp c1092
Mo29-5 Simon de Montfort b c1068, dsp after 1101
Mo29-6 Amaury de Montfort, Count d'Evreux b c1070, d 1137
m1 Richende
m2 1120 Agnes de Garlende b c1095, d 1181, dau of Anselm de Garlende
Mo29-6-1 Simon de Montfort 'le chauve', Count d' Evreux b c1117/21, d 13.03.1181
m c1150 Maud b c1130
Mo29-6-1-1 Amaury de Montfort, Count d' Evreux b c1151, d 1182
m 1170 Maud of Gloucester d 1188, dau of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester
i Amoury de Montfort, Earl of Gloucester dsp
Mo29-6-1-2 Bertrade de Montfort b c1152, d 1227 or 12.07.1189
m 1169 Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester d 1181
Mo29-6-1-3 Simon de Montfort, Count of Rochefort, 'Earl of Leicester' b c1153, d before 01.1188
m before 1175 Amicia de Beaumont d 03.09.1215, dau of Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester
Mo29-6-1-3-1 Simon de Montfort 'the Crusader', 1st Earl of Leicester d 1218
m c1190 Alice de Montmorency dau of Bouchard de Montmorency
a Amaury de Montfort, Count of Montfort, Constable of France
b Guy de Montfort
m Pernel de Conninges
c Simon de Montfort, 2nd Earl of Leicester b 1208/9, d Evesham 04.08.1265
m 07.01.1237/9 Eleanor Plantagenet b 1215, d 13.04.1275, dau of King John of England
1 Henry de Montfort b 1238, d Evesham 04.08.1265
2 Simon de Montfort b 1240, d 1271
3 Guy de Montfort, Count of Nola d c1288
m Margaret dau of Rodolph, Count of Languillara
A Anastasia de Montfort
m Raymond des Ursins
4 Richard de Montfort d after 1266
5 Sir Aymer de Montfort d after 1301
6 Eleanor de Montfort b c12.1252, d 1282
m Llywelyn 'the Last', Prince of Wales d 11.12.1282
d Robert de Montfort
e Pernel de Montfort
m1 Piers de Courtenay
m2 Henry de Sully
f Amice de Montfort
Mo29-6-1-3-2 Guy de Montfort
Mo29-6-2 Agnes de Montfort b c1123, d 15.12.1181
m 1141 Waleran IV, Count of Meulan, Earl of Worcester b 1104, d 09.04.1166
Mo29-6-3 Amaury de Montfort, Count of Evreux b c1122/5, dsp 1140
Mo29-7 Guillaume de Montfort, Bishop of Paris b c1073, d 27.08.1101
Mo29-8 Adeliza de Montfort b c1075
Mo30-3 Mainer de Montfort b c1027
Mo30-4 Amaury de Montfort b c1029

Sources: TCP Montfort, BE1883 Montfort of Leicester, 'Mathematical', 'RoyalData'.
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