Lu11-5 George Ludlow



    Lu12-5 George Ludlow was the son of  Thomas Ludlow (Lu12) of Dinton (1550-1607) and   Jane Pyle (Py12) daughter of  Thomas Pyle (Py13)
    and grandson of George Ludlow Esq. (Lu13) (about 1515 -1580) and Lady  Edith Windsor (Wi13) (1514-)
    bapt. 13 Sept. 1596, Dinton, Wilts, .
    Married: Elizabeth _____
    Died: d. a.1656, Yorke County Virginia
    Came on the Mary & John with his brother, Roger. Applied for freemanship on 19 Oct. 1630. 

     "grants of land [to George Ludlow] aggregating some 17,000 acres are of record in the Virginia Land Registry, the first being dated 21 August 1638 [Waters 173]

    Will dated 8 September 1655, proved 1 August 1656.

    "George Ludlowe of the County and Parish of Yorke in Virginia, Esq."

    "to my nephew Thomas Ludlow, eldest son to my brother Gabriel Ludlowe Esq. deceased, all my whole estate of lands and servants &c. that I have now in possession in Virginia, to him and his lawful heirs...also my sixteenth part of the ship Mayflower...which part I bought of Mr. Samuel Harwar of London, merchant."; my executor "yearly...during the natural life of my now wife Elizabeth Ludlowe to pay unto her 50 pounds sterling in London"; "my crop...consigned to Mr.William Allen of London, merchant, and on Mr. John Cray" overseers of "my estates in England"; moneys due from Mr. Samuel Harwar at the Sun and Harp in Milk Street, London; to "my brother Gabriels all his children now in England 100 pounds apiece"; remainder of the money (in England) to my brother Roger Ludlowe's children equally and Mr. Thomas Bushrode to be paid 75 pounds.; whereas my brother Roger Ludlowe hath consigned diverse goods to debts in New England and in my said brother the 100 pounds I lent him; to my cousin Samuel Langrish three thousand pounds tobacco &c; to George Bernard, son of Col. William Bernard, my great silver tankard with my arms on it &c; to George Webster, son to Capt. Richard Webster of Jamestown, the silver tankard that Mr. Bowler brought in the year 1655; to Col. William Bernard, Major William Gooch and Capt. Augustine Warner 10 pounds apiesce, and nominate them to be overseers here in Virginia; to Doctor Henry Waldron all the debt he owes me on book and the physic I have sent for him. To Mr. Bushrode 5 pounds; to my man Archyball a cloth suit; to Jane Greenham my servant one year of her time; to Mrs Rebecca Hurst all the clothes that I have sent for her in full of her time being with me in my house."

    Codicil dated 23 October 1655

    "Col. George Ludlowe" notes that "my nephew Thomas Ludlowe intends to intermarry with one Rebecca Hurst that is at this present living in my house"; my overseers here in Virginia take into their custody all my whole estate and dispose of the same until they can send to Ireland to my nephew Jonathan Ludlowe eldest son to my brother Roger, who lives in Ireland in Dublin. Now in case my aforesaid nephew Thomas shall marry with the said Rebecca then it is my will that I give and bequeath unto my said nephew Jonathan all the estates that I did formerly give unto my nephew Thomas Ludlowe and make and constitute the said Jonathan my full and sole executor and heir."

    "On the first day of August in the year of Our Lord 1656, there issued forth letters of administration to Roger Ludlowe Esq. the father of curator lawfully assigned to Jonathan, Joseph, Roger, Anne, Mary and Sarah Ludlowe, minors, the nephews and nieces and residuary legataries in this will, during the miniority of the said minors; [blank] [blank] for that no executor is therein named as touching the said deceased's estate in England" [Waters 172-173]