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 Mrs. Utie Headington McCall
Daughters of The American Colonists
Membership # 000067  Year 1929

 Born In Madison County, Illinois                                      Wife of Edwin Law McCall

Descendant of Edward Dorsey,  Edward Dorsey,  Edward Dorsey,  Edward Dorsey,  John Dorsey, John Dorsey,  Ninian Beall,  Thomas Beal,  John Beal,  John Baldwin,  Judge Bill,  John Brice,  John Elder,  Nicholas Ewen,  Richard Ewen,  John Gray,  Charles Hammond,  Charles Hammond,  John Hammond,  Philip Hammond,  Philip Hammond,  Cornelius Howard,  Richard Ely,  John Gorsuch, Matthew Howard,  Mathew Howard,  Philip Howard,  John Hoxie,  John Hoxie,  Joseph Hoxie, Lodowick Hawksie (Hoxie),  Benjamin Lawrence,  Benjamin Lawrence,  Benjamin Lawrence,  Levin Lawrence,  Daniel Mariarti,  Edward Mariarti,  Alexander Mountenay,  Andrew Norwood,  John Norwood,  Richard Owings,  Samuel Owings,  John Presbury,  Christopher Randall,  Thomas Randall,  Robert Rockland,   Richard Talbott,  James Todd,  Launcelot Todd,  Robert Todd,  and Thomas Todd, as follows

1. Rev. Joel A. Headington (1839-19I6)   m. 1864 Susan Urath Dorsey (1846-69).

2. Edward J. Dorsey (1816-73)  m. 1841 Ann Marie Hoxie (1817-50).

3. Nimrod Dorsey (1789-1849)   m. 1819 Matilda Dorsey (La7-4-x)(1794-1881) ;
Bill Hoxie (1766-1832)  m. 1793  Mary Gray (b. 1776).

4.  Johnsa Dorsey (1760-1821)  m.   Sarah Hammond (parents of Nimrod);
Edward Dorsey (1762-1804)  m. 1786 Susannah Lawrence (La7-4) (1769-1819)  (parents of Matilda) ;
John Hoxie  m. 1761 Hannah Bill;
John Gray  m. 1769 Jane Craig.

5. Vachel Dorsey  (b. 1726)   m. Ruth Dorsey (parents of Johnsa) ;
Regin Hammond  m. Ann Mewburn;
Benjamin Lawrence (La8)(1745-1814)  m.  1762  Urith Randall Owings (Ow8)(1738-1807);
Judge Bill;
Joseph Hoxie (b. 1708)   m. Deborah Babcock.

6. Philip Hammond  m. Elizabeth Wright;
Samuel Owings (Ow9)   (b. 1 Apr 1702  Green Spr Valley, Baltimore, d:   6 Apr 1775 Baltimore), m. 1729 Urith Randall (Ra9) (b. 1715);
John Dorsey (Do10) (1688-1765)  m. 1768 Honor Elder (Ed10)(b.1689)  (parents of Vachel) ;
Levin Lawrence (La9)(1712-56) m. Susan Dorsey (Do9)(12 Dec 1717-1760);
Edward Dorsey (Do10-3)(d. 1767)  m. Sarah Todd (d. 1769)  (parents Ruth);
John Hoxie  m. Mary Hull.

7. Charles Hammond  m. Rebecca Wright;
Thomas Randall (d. 1722)  m. Hannah Beall;
John Elder;
Benjamin Lawrence, III (La10) (b. 1677),  m.1701  Rachel Mariarti (Ma10);

Edward Dorsey (Do11) m. Sarah Wyatt (Wy11)(parents of John);
Launcelot Todd  m. Elizabeth Rockhold;
Lodowick Hawksie  m. Mary Presbury;
Richard Owings (Ow10), m. Rachel Beale (Be10) ;
Edward Dorsey  m. Ruth _____.

8. Philip Hammond  m. Rachel Brice (1711-86);
John Beall  m. Elizabeth Norwood;
Benjamin Lawrence, II (La11)(d. 1685),  m. Elizabeth Talbott (Ta11)(b.1661);
Edward Dorsey  m. Ann ____    (parents of Edward, who  m. Sarah Wyatt);
John Elder;  John Dorsey m. 1683 Pleasance Ely  (parents of Edward, who m. Ruth) ;
James Todd  m. _______  Mountenay;
Edward Mariarti  m. Honor____;
John Presbury;
Christopher Randall;  Robert Rockhold  m. Mary____;
Nicholas Wyatt  m. Demaris______.

9. Charles Hammond (d.  1713)  m. 2nd 1691 Hannah Howard  (cousins);
Thomas Beall;  John Brice m.  Sarah (Howard) Worthington;
Richard Talbot (Ta12)  m. Elizabeth Ewen;
Andrew Norwood  m. Elizabeth Howard;
Richard Ely  m. Johanna Phipps (d. 1660) ;
Thomas Todd (d. I676)  m.  Ann Gorsuch;
Benjamin Lawrence  m. Ann Lawrence;
Daniel Mariarti;  Alexander Mountenay;
Haute Wyatt  m. 1st Elizabeth _____  m. 2nd  Ann______.

10. John Hammond m. Mary Howard;
Philip Howard  m. Ruth Baldwin  (parents of Hannah) ;
Cornelius Howard   m.. Elizabeth Todd (parents of Elizabeth);
Richard Ewen m. Sophia Ewell;
John Gorsuch  m. 1633 Lady Ann Lovelace;
Matthew Howard,  m. 2nd. Sarah Darcy (parents of Sarah);
John Norwood;   Robert Todd.

11. John Baldwin  m. Elizabeth _______;
Nicholas Ewen;
Matthew Howard, 1st.


Ninian Beall in 1692 was high sheriff of Calvert County, Md.; in 1693 was appointed colonel.

Thomas Beal, of St. Mary's County, Md., was an early settler and founder.

John Beal (will dated, 1734) held important commissions.

John Baldwin was an early founder of Virginia; was a hero of 1622.

Judge Bill, of Exeter, R. I., was judge of the courts.

John Brice was captain of colonial forces in Maryland.

Edward Dorsey was a founder of Anne Arundel County, Md.;  died 1681.
Edward Dorsey (will dated, 1705) was field marshal of Maryland; judge of the High Court of Chancery; keeper of the seal; member of the House of Burgesses, 1697.

Edward Dorsey (was deceased in 1715) was a mariner on the "Good Hope."

Edward Dorsey (d. 1767) was captain.

John Dorsey (will dated, 1714; died, 1715) was commissioner and member of the Legislature.

John Dorsey (b. 1688) was a surveyor and founder of Maryland.

John Elder was an early settler and founder of Maryland.

Richard Ely (1610-84) was an early founder. He was born in England.

Nicholas Ewen was an early settler of Virginia.

Richard Ewen d.c. 1659/75 was a memher of the Provincial Council.

John Gorsuch was an early founder and minister. He was born in England; died before 1659.

John Gray was an early immigrant to Virginia from Ireland.

Charles Hammond (d. 1713) was major of colonial forces of Maryland.

Charles Hammond (d. 1772) was colonel of Maryland troops.

John Hammond (d. 1707) was major-general of the western shore district of Maryland.

Philip Hammond (1697-1760) was judge of the High Court of Admiralty and a member of the Maryland Legislature.

Philip Hammond (will dated, 1822) was major of Maryland forces.

Cornelius Howard was ensign in command of the "Severn"; representative, 1671, to the General Court.

Mathew Howard, 1st, was a founder and surveyor of Ann Arundel County, Md.

Mathew Howard, 2nd (d. 1702) was a judge and founder of Ann Arundel County, Md.

Philip Howard (b. after 1645; will dated, 1701) was captain of Maryland colonial forces.

John Hoxie (b. 1677) was a founder of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

John Hoxie (b. 1737), of New York and Rhode Island, held important offices.

Joseph Hoxie (b. 1708) was judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Rhode Island. He also lived in New York.

Lodowick Hawksie (Hoxie) was born in Scotland about 1650; settled in Sandwich, Mass; took the Oath of Fidelity, 1678.

Benjamin Lawrence (d. 1685) was a surveyor and founder of Maryland.

Benjamin Lawrence (b. 1677), a Quaker, was founder and surveyor of West River, Md.

Benjamin Lawrence, the immigrant, settled in Maryland.

Levin Lawrence (1712-56) was a committeeman and commissioner of Maryland.

Daniel Mariarti was a commissioner and served on various committees in Maryland.

Edward Mariarti was a founder of Maryland.

Alexander Mountenay was an early settler and founder of Maryland.

Andrew Norwood was a commissioner to lay out Annapolis, Md.

John Norwood, of Maryland, was commissioned, 1661, to command forces on the Severn.

Richard Owings was a founder of Maryland.

Samuel Owings (1702-75) was representative and judge of Baltimore County, Md.

John Presbury, of Spring Hill, Mass., was a surveyor and founder.

Christopher Randall (d. 1684) was an early founder of Anne Arundel County, Md.

Thomas Randall (d. 1722) was captain of Maryland foroes.

Robert Rockland was an early settler and founder of Maryland.

Richard Talbott (will dated, 1663) was one of the founders of  the "West River Hundred"; was living in Maryland, 1640.

James Todd held important offices in early days of Baltimore, Md.

Launcelot Todd (will dated, 1690) was captain of Baltimore County, was living in 1718.

Robert Todd was an early settler of Virginia.

Thomas Todd (will dated, 1675) was captain of Virginia and Maryland forces.

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SOURCE:::::::::Daughters of The American Colonists....Lineage Book   Vol.   1,  1929  Page 39-42


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