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The Duke and Calhoun branches of the Pardue Family Tree
(Including the surnames of Acton, Blake, Bryant, Campbell, Crawford, Culpepper, Gilder, Jefferies, Lee, Lyons, Falkner, Rodwell, Suddath. These familes were of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi)

Read excerpts from Emmet Rodwell Calhoun's Recollections: a weekly column published in The Birmingham News, 1941-1943 (Birmingham, Ala.), reflecting upon life in Alabama and Mississippi during Reconstruction and the early 20th Century.

Watch Quicktime Movie:Remembering John Blake

No data is provided for the generations still living, as a matter of privacy. Tentative, unproven, and speculative information is in red type. Be aware that this is a work in progress. I am indebted to my cousin, Becky Humphreys, for all her tenacity, insight, and comraderie in this search for our grandparents. Thanks also to Jacqueline Duke Pardue, Izetta Duke Koetter, and John and Larry Duke for so well preserving family photos and documents. This work is dedicated in memory of Norman C. Pardue, who first sparked my hunt for history. And to my father, for drawing me my first wooden horse.

PardueDuran. All Rights Reserved. No photos or content may be reproduced without written permission.
All Dawes Commission application materials on this site were researched through the National Archives, Southwest Region, Ft. Worth, Texas.

photo of C.C. Calhoun, steamboat captain on the Mississippi, Missouri, Pearl, and Yazoo rivers
Dr. Greene Asbury Blake
c.1880 Catawba, York, SC

Burned down in the 1990's

Mary Arminda Crawford
c.1880 Catawba, York,SC
Charles Campbell Calhoun c.1879
steamboat man on the Mississippi, Missouri, the Tennessee, the Pearl, and Yazoo rivers
(also, possibly an actor in Edwin Booth's troupe before the war, and a Sergeant in TN Infantry 1861-65)
Annie Missouri Rodwell Calhoun, c. 1879
picture taken shortly before she died of tuberculosis

Quicktime movie:

Remembering John Blake, Civil War veteran, Confederate


photo of E.R. Calhoun, columnist for the Birmingham News, B'ham, Alabama



Mary Lee Blake

Calhoun House, East Lake, City of Birmingham c.1920

Emmet Rodwell Calhoun
proofreader and columnist for "the Birmingham News," Birmingham, Alabama



Buddy and Passy Duke Family, c.1890

Duke House, Birmingham area, c.2003, retouched to show only original sections

Mary Frances Calhoun Duke


William Madison Duke

Duke Brothers


photo of Bill, Thelma, Bob, Frank and Izetta Duke, Birmingham, Alabama

Bill, Thelma, Jack, Bob, and Frank Duke
c.1910's, Birmingham, Alabama



Frankie Duke's House Birmingham, c.2003

5. Mary Frances (Frankie Mae) Calhoun Duke                            

B. 23 Apr 1888, Pickens County, Alabama
D. Nov 1987, Birmingham, Alabama

photo of Frankie Calhoun Duke, with Bob, Izetta, and Frank, Birmingham, Alabama
Frankie Calhoun Duke, with Bob, Izetta, and Frank
c.1910's, Birmingham, Alabama

c. 1924

Effie Calhoun, Billie Duke, Mary Lee Calhoun, Emmet and daughter Frankie (in backyard of Emmet and Mary Lee's house in East Lake)

Mary Frances

  6. Emmet Rodwell Calhoun
B. 15 Jan 1870
D. 2 Mar 1956
photo of E.R. Calhoun, columnist for the Birmingham News, B'ham, Alabama
M. 31 Jul 1887, Pickens County, Alabama

Notes: Wrote weekly column

ER Calhoun and Sons, c 1930
From left, seated:  Stuart Crawford, Emmet, Forrest Gilder
Standing from left:  William Rodwell, Walter "Tar" Campbell, Charles Blake, Emmet Lee

Emmet, son William Rodwell, and Mary Lee Blake Calhoun

Calhoun and Duke family, Calhoun house at South Side, Birmingham

middle row, l-r: Bertha Busby Calhoun (wife of Charlie), Gwendolyn (Aunt Missy), Mary Lee Blake Calhoun (Mama), and Frankie.
back row, l-r: Charlie Calhoun (died at age 40 from tuberculosis), Charles Duke (Granddaddy's brother), Walter (Uncle Tar).
sitting; l-r: Jack Duke, Evelyn Calhoun, and Rod, Jr. (WWII hero, and son of William Rodwell Calhoun).

youngest daughter,
Evelyn Calhoun

    7. Charles C. Calhoun, brother of Alexander Campbell Calhoun
B. 1833 Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia), or PA (per 1880 Lowndes Co., MS census)
D. 1 Jul 1914
M. 1865 (?)
photo of C.C. Calhoun, steamboat captain on the Mississippi, Missouri, Pearl, and Yazoo rivers
Notes: Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1594 --application of his son, William S. Calhoun, see below
      8. Charles Calhoun, VA and Ireland
8. Rose (Jane) Campbell (?), VA

7. Annie Missouri Rodwell Calhoun
B. 15 Oct 1847 (Aberdeen, MS?)
D. 01 Sep 1879 Columbus, MS

Notes: Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1594
--application of her son, William S. Calhoun:
Mississippi Choctaw Rejected, Dawes enrollment application 1594

see further testimony below, Malichi K. Gilder, and William E. Rodwell

Missouri's "little man" Emmet

Charles and Missouri's son, William S. Calhoun

daughter, Effie Calhoun Cooper
(named herself Effie Often after a passing steamboat)

Effie and Emmet in backyard of Emmet's house in East Lake, Birmingham.
      8. Thomas Henry Rodwell, brother of Dr. William Rodwell of Monticello, MS
B. 1824, TN
24 Mar 1847 Marengo, AL
Notes: Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1592
--application of his son, William E. Rodwell, see below.
        9. Unknown Rodwell, NC
9. Unknwn, NC
      8. Ann Elizabeth Gilder (Lyons) Rodwell
09 Jan 1824, AL (per MCR1592, testimony of her son: states birth 09 Jan 1830, but gives death at age 76)
D. June 1900 (per MCR 1592)
Notes: Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1592--application of her son, William E. Rodwell:
Mississippi Choctaw Rejected Census card, William E. Rodwell Mississippi Choctaw Rejected Census card, William E. Rodwell Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
        9. Benjamin Culpepper Gilder
B. 1803 SC
1840 Marengo Co. Ala (per son's testimony, MCR1127)
Notes: Bought 3 parcels of land in Demopolis/ St. Stephens, 1835. Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1127--application of his son, Malichi Kelly Gilder, see below.
          10. Preston Sheppard Gilder
B. 21 April 1774 SC
D. 05 Dec 1854
04 Jan 1801 Edgefield District, SC
Notes: Lived a time in Newberry and Spring Hill,SC. Buried in Yantley, Choctaw Co. Ala
            11. Jacob Gilder
B. c 1754

Notes: Check immigrant/ship records (per website, Joel Desaker Jones Marengo Co. Families:
2 Gilder bros of Welsh descent immigr. from England to SC, one brother going north)

11. Frances Sheppard
B. c.1756
              12. James Sheppard (info from Culpepper Family website)
B. 04 Mar 1737
D. 17 Sept 1791 Newberry District, SC
M. c. 1755 Orange Co., Va
served with Capt. Philemon Waters Co. of SC Troops.
12. Janette Riddell
B. 1742
D. c.1825 Newberry District, SC
                13. William Riddell
B. c. 1720
D. 20 Dec 1776 Orange Co., Va (Will 1777)

13. Joyce Powell
B. c. 1721
                  14. Honorius Powell, Jr.
B. c. 1695

14. Janet ?
B. c. 1697
          10. Mary Culpepper (information in red following this surname branch derives the most part from this well-documented Culpepper site)
B. c1783 SC; lived Orangeburg District, SC
D. Pushmataha, Choctaw Co., AL
            11. Benjamin Culpepper III
B. c1755
D. 10 Jan 1829? 1817-1820? Edgefield District, SC
              12. Benjamin Culpepper II, son of Joseph
B. 1724
D. 1771
                13. Joseph Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC
B. 1696
                  14. Robert Culpepper (please see Robert Culpepper, on this well-documented Culpepper site to follow this branch further back, to Sir Thomas Culpeper c.1170, and to Pepin I and Saint Arnulf of Metz, c.580 AD)
B. c1664
D. c1743 (Will written 1739; proven 1743)
c1687-1690; Lower Norfolk Co., VA
14. Sarah?
B. 1666
D. c1747 Norfolk Co., VA inventory of her estate, Norfolk Deed Book H-222
                13. Martha
              12. Lydia (Liddy Cullpeper)
B. 1725 NC?
D. c1775
Notes: Royal Grants Vol. 24, p.199 Camden District, 350 acres "on the Fork of Wateree and Congaree River on a Branch Called Griffins Creek..."
            11. Unknown
        9. Letitia B. Suddath Gilder
B. 1817 (per grandson's testimony, MCR1592), SC (per census)
D. 1886 (per son's testimony, MCR1127)
Notes: 1840 Marengo Co., Ala.; also Latrice, on 1850 Chickasaw Co. census; HH186; Choctaw Dawes Roll Census Card; Enrollment Type P; MCR1127; also MCR1593--application of her son, Malichi Kelly Gilder:
MCR 1127, Malichi K. Gilder, also spelled Malachi Mississippi Choctaw Rejected 1127, Dawes ApplicationPage 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
see further testimony above, William E. Rodwell and William S. Calhoun
          10. William Suddath (Suddeth)
B. 1751
D. 1817
Notes: 1790 census 96th district, SC; "History of Spartensburg" (per Robert Suddath descendants' site); Other children: Hancock, James Butler, Lewis B., Elizabeth, and Jane.
            11. Benjamin Suddath, Sr.
B. c.1719 Stafford Co., Virginia
19 Jan 1743 Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Virginia
              12. Laurence Suddath
B. c.1697 Stafford, Va
M. (1) Dinah, 18 Apr 1745 Overwharton Parish, Stafford, Va
(2) Dorothy West (b. c.1726)
                13. Robert Suddath
B. c. 1677 Virginia
D. 1742, Stafford, Virginia
M. c. 1690

13. unknown
              12. Dinah                      
            11. Silent Jefferies
B. 1723-1726 Stafford Co., Virginia
D. 1807 Stafford Co., Virginia
(1789 Fairfax, Va, per Robert Suddath Descendants' site, Ancestral File #1M20-HZ4)
              12. Thomas Jefferies
B. 1688 Richmond Co., Va
D. 11 April 1733 Stafford Co, Va
1724/ 1725
Notes: Va. Colonial marriages, Surnames R-S: " -- S.B., widow of Thomas Jefferies, married John Simpson, 1740, with the notation 'proven by court record of that date, Stafford Co.'"
                13. Thomas Jefferies
B. 1668 Richmond Co., VA
D. 1734 Richmond Co., VA
(1) Mary Travers; (2) Elizabeth Abt 1688 Barbados
13. Elizabeth
                  14. Robert Jefferies
B. 11 March 1634/1635
D. Abt. 1678

              12. Sylent (also, Silent) Bryant
B. Abt. 1689 Stafford Co., VA
M. (2) John Simpson, 1740.
Notes: VA Wills and Administrations, Stafford Co., p.59; Will Book 2, p.227
                13. Dr. Richard Bryant, Sr.
B. 1651 (1640) Virginia
D. 1704 (VA Wills and Administrations, Stafford Co., p.59; Will Book 2, p.227; 17th Century Colonial Ancestors, Supplement II, p. 9, 1979-1988.)

Notes: p.135-Court held 14 Nov. 1690: RICHARD BRYANT, complained that RALPH ELKIN, dcsd, did order his son RICHARD ELKIN to pay one good steer for his care medicines and attention of him in his last illness which Richard Elkins refuses to pay...prays judgement; ordered that Richard Elkin shall pay the steer or five hundred pounds of tobacco...
                  14. Richard (or Thomas) Bryant

14. Keziah Arroyah
B. Potomac River Region, Virginia
                    15. Wahanganoche (also, Whipsewasson, Whipsewacan, Whipsawasons)
B. Abt. 1564 Caroline Co., Virginia (Passapatanzy)
D. Abt. 1666
Notes: Hening's Statutes, Virginia Assembly, Vol II (of XIII), p. 142, p.153-161, New York, 1823: "WHEREAS Wahanganoche king of the Potowmeck Indians
acknowledged ... the sale of that whole tract of land possest by
Mr. Henry Mee in Potowmeck ...
WHEREAS Wahanganoche ... sold a prcell of land to Mr. Peter
Austin, ..."
Also, mentioned in several online references to "A Brief Outline of Recorded History of the Patawomeck Tribe," by William L. Deyo, 2000, of which I have not found a copy.
15. ?
                      16. Japasaw (Iopassas, Japazous, I Opassous)
Notes: mentioned as Japazous in Travels of Captaine John Smith Volume I - Pages 236-267;
I-Opassous, of Pastanzo (Passapatanzy?) see this description of Captain Samuel Argall's trading exhibition from Jamestown, Virginia in the Fall and Winter of 1610, by William Strachey, Secretary of the Colony
16. Paupauwiske (or, Tassana?)
                13. Anne Meese (Redman?)
B. 1684
M (1) Redman (2) Bryant
"GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES" Vol. I and Vol IV; indexed by Judith McGhan by Baltimore Publishing Co. page 86: "The Will of Richard Bryan (Book 2, p. 227) dated April 5, 1703 (cited on rootsweb site, "Immigrants").
"Probate recorded May 15, 1704, Richard Bryant, bequeathed to his son, Nathaniel Bryant "all my land I now enjoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live;" to daughter, ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 Lb. tobacco, RICHARD ELKIN to give my grandson (under 6) RICHARD ELKIN a mare,... "
                  14. Henry Meese, Col.
B. Overwharton Parish, Oxfordshire, England
D. 1681-1682 London, England

Notes: Burgess of Stafford, VA?-- Hening's Statutes, Virginia Assembly, Vol II (of XIII) New York, 1823
pp. 249-250, Journal of the Grand Assembly, Held at James City, the 23d day of October, 1666 ,by adjournment from the fifth of June 1666.
Also, 05 Apr 1665 (Stafford OB, 1664-1668) Court held 5th Apr 1665.
No. 104. Whereas Mr. Henry MEESE did arrest Hmp. BAYLY to this Court & did not appear to prosecute his accon the Court doth order that the said Mr. MEESE be nonsuited and pay 50 pounds of Tobacco with costs of Suite to the said BAYLY the 10th 8ber ali Execution.

14. Mary Grigsby
B. abt. 1650 Virginia
D. after 1732 Stafford Co., VA

Notes: "Nathaniel Bryant (son of Richard Bryant above) in his nuncupatative will made March 21, 1732-3, gave unto Mrs. Mary Amees (Meese) all of his estate (M-p. 100). She was the only daughter of John Grigsby. also mentions daughter, Ann, daus. Sylent and Susannah (both under 16), stepson Wm. Redman, and wife Ann."
cited on rootsweb site, "Immigrants"

15. John Grigsby
D. "JOHN GRIGSBY was born August 08, 1624 in Maidstone, Kent, England, and died October 11, 1730 in Stafford Co., Virginia" is this the same Grigsby, or perhaps a generation removed?
(1) daughter of Wahanganoche; (Jane Redman? Redmond? Daughter of William Redmond and Eliz. Elkins?)
Notes: John GRIGSBY, 940 acs, "Paid 224 lbs. Tobacco" --Stafford Co, VA Rent Roll, 1723, Returned by James CARTER, July ye 18th, 1724

pg.69; Grigsby of Stafford County, VA cited on rootsweb site, "Immigrants:"
"John Grigsby removed to Stafford previous to August 18, 1686, for James Ashton of Stafford, in his will of that date, leaves RICHARD ELKIN 100 acres adjoining upon John Grigsby of "the 1/4 dividend" (10 V. 292)...
"On September 9, 1690, John Grigsby was one of the appraisers of the estate of RALPH ELKIN , father of Richard Elkin , (45 V. 21)."
(2) Jane Prosser, married c. 1660?
15. daughter of Wahanganoche

          10. (Virginia) Letitia Smith (also, Lettice)
B. 1758
D. after 1830 (MCR1127, testimony of grandson, Malichi K. Gilder, states that she was still living in 1830
Notes: 3 possible origins:
daughter of Tanachi (Smith), p.223 Volume I, Court of Claims Record, Choctaw Nation vs. United States or
daughter of To-hol-ba-tubbe (Smith), p.605 Volume I, Court of Claims Record, Choctaw Nation vs. United States or
daughter of William Smith and Letitia Hancock from Virginia,
b. about 1765 Manassas, Va, d. 1817 Edgefield Co., SC.
  6. Mary Lee Blake
B. 20 Jul 1866, Chester District, South Carolina
D. 30 Jul 1946, Birmingham, Alabama

see more pix of her family above.                        
    7. Greene Asbury Blake, Dr.
B. 22 Nov 1819 Richburg, Chester, S.C.
D. 03 Jun 1900 Dillburg, Pickens County, Ala
      8. Joshua Blake, Sr.
B. VA? (21 Feb 1778 Chester Co., SC)
D. 23 Aug 1843/ 1844 Chester Co., SC
M. Abt. 1802

Notes: text of will online, Volume 3 Chester Co., SC Wills 1840-1853, A1, p.72; Feb 27 1844; Probated Sept. 9, 1844)
        9. John Blake
B. Abt. 1731 Southampton Co., VA
D. 20 Dec 1802 Southampton Co., VA
M. Abt. 1802

Notes: text of will online, Southhampton Co. Will Bk, 5 p. 372
          10. Thomas Blake
B. Abt. 1710 Isle of Wight Co., VA
D. 05 Oct 1789 Southampton Co., VA
Notes; text of will online, Southhampton Co. Will Bk. 4, p.296
10. Unknown
          11. William Blake
B. 1677 Isle of Wight Co., VA
D. 12 Mar 1745/1746 Isle of Wight Co., VA
M. Jan 1702/ 1703
            12. Thomas Blake
12. Alice Champion
          11. Mary S. Sessums
B. 1687 Surrey Co., VA
            12. Nicholas Sessums
12. Katherine Hannah Culmer
        9. Mary
B. Abt. 1748 VA
      8. Charlotte (Catherine?) Vaughn
B. 1777 (20 Jul 1778) VA?
Notes: William Vaughn is named as a witness on Thomas Blake's will.
    7. Mary Arminda Crawford
B. 20 Dec 1826 SC
D. 06 Mar 1904 Ala
      8. Alexander Crawford, III
B. 06 Mar 1783 Union Co., SC
D. 02 Feb 1851 Chester Co., SC
M. 02 Jan 1816
        9. James Crawford, Jr.
B. 21 June 1746 Pennsylvania
D. 06 Nov 1812 Chester Co., SC
Notes: 1800 SC Census Index; Old 96th District of 1779 Colony, Colony of SC Records 1716-1783
          10. James Crawford, Sr.
M. Comick Fergus, Antrim, Ireland (Carrickfergus?)
D. 1780 Chester Co., SC, the Waxhaws
Notes: Immigrated Abt. 1745 Ireland to Pennsylvania; Old 96th District of 1779 Colony, Colony of SC Records 1716-1783; Will
            11. Jonathon Thomas Crawford
B. Abt 1687 Hamilton, Lamark, Scotland
D. Abt 1748
M. Comick Fergus, Antrim, Ireland

11. Ann Hamilton
B. Hamilton, Lamark, Scotland
          10. Jennet Hutchinson
B. Abt. 1726
Comick Fergus, Antrim, Ireland
D. 1774 Chester Co., SC, the Waxhaws
Notes: sister of Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, mother of Andrew Jackson
        9. Mary Isabella Campbell
D. 02 Mar 1792 Chester Co., SC
      8. Sarah Amanda Culp
B. 24 Mar 1789 SC
D. 17 Nov 1863
        9. Benjamin Culp/ Kulp (following info all taken from this well-documented Culp/Kolb site)
B. 1741
D. 29 Oct. 1819 Mecklenburg, NC
M. 04 Sept 1787 Mecklenburg, NC

Notes: SC Militia Fr. and Indian Wars; Bennet's Regiment, Amer. Rev.; buried in Burnt Meeting House Cemetary, Chester Co., SC. Written about on p.148 and 149 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982; Aldo, pages 88-89 of "Captain Bill", Book Three, 1990, by Robert J. Stevens
          10. Hans Kaspar Kolb (also, Casper Culp, Hance Gasper Kulp?)
B. 1716 Germany
D. 1769
Notes: Emigrated on ship, "Allen", out of Rotterdam. Arrived in Philadelphia 15 Sept 1729. 1754-Chester Co., SC. Will recorded, p. 447, Charleston Wills Book, 1767-1771.
            11. Konrad Kolb
B. 1690 Germany
              12. Peter Kolb (Mennonite Minister and Bishop)
B. 1671 Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany
D. 1727 Mannheim, palatinate, Germany
                13. Dielman Kulp
B. 1648 Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany
D. 1712 Mannsheim, Gemany
M . 1670 Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany

13. Mary J. Shumacher
B. 1652 Kriesheim, Germany
D. 1705 Mannheim, Palatinate, Germany
              12. Unknown
            11. Unknown
D. before 1764
          10. Unknown
        9. Anna Mary Rachel Klein/ Kline
B. 24 Sept 1761 Mecklenburg, NC
5. William Madison Duke
B. 21 Mar 1882
D. 25 Nov 1960, Birmingham, Alabama

M. 23 Mar 1908
  6. William Henry Duke
B. 3 Dec 1861, Alabama
D. 27 Mar 1912, Birmingham, Alabama

M. 6 Oct 1878, Shelby County, Alabama
    7. Henry Madison Duke
B. 22 Mar 1835 Georgia
D. 25 Jan
1905 Jefferson County, Alabama
M. 31 Dec 1857
      8. William Duke
B. 22 Aug 1811 Georgia
D. 29 Sep 1893 Jefferson, Ala
M. 26 Jan 1834 Coweta Co., GA
        9. Henry T. Duke
B. 1782 Wilkes County, Georgia
D. 15 May 1859 Jackson County, GA
M. 01 Jan 1807
          10. William Duke, Capt.
B. Sep 1754 Granville Co., NC
D. 10 Aug 1834 Marion County, GA
M. 1780 Morgan Co., GA
Notes: Am. Rev., 1776-1780 (DAR Records), GA State Troops (Wilkes Co) under Capt. Henry Duke (his uncle)
            11. James Duke, Sr.
B. Abt. 1730
D. 1784 Granville County, No (-rth Carolina ?);
(Also, Abt. 1786 Wilkes Co., GA)
Notes: living in Granville Co. NC 1780; given land grant for service in Revolution.
              12. John Taylor Duke
B. 1705/ 1706 Prince George of Lunenburg Co., VA
D. Abt. 1789/ 1790 Washington Co., Georgia
M. Abt. 1725
12. Jean (also, Jane Anderson)
B. Abt 1705 Charles City Co., VA, "The Cattails"
D. Washington Co., GA
              13. Henry Duke, Jr.
13. Elizabeth Cliveures
            11. Unknown                        
          10. Winniford (Winnefo) "Winnie" Terrell
B. Abt 1760 Caroline Co., VA
            11. David Terrell
Notes: Quaker
11. Sarah Johnson
        9. Mary Stephens
      8. Katherine Paton (also, Payton)                          
    7. Angeline Cathrine Falkner
B. 1838 Randolph County, Ala
D. 1864 Ala
      8. William Gulledge Falkner
B. 23 Mar 1805
D. 16 May 1891
M. 26 Feb 1828
        9. Job Falkner

9. Mary Gulledge
      8. Nancy Parker
B. 1808
  6. Drucilla Elizabeth Evangeline Acton
B. 23 Mar 1861, Alabama
D. 1 Jul 1902, Alabama
    7. Zephaniah William He_ Acton
B. 20 Jul 1834 Shelby County, Ala
D. 11 Jun 1920
B'ham, Ala

M. 27 Nov 1851
      8. William Acton, Rev.
B. 19 Apr 1805 Kentucky (says Ireland on Z.W.H.Acton's death certificate)
D. 12 Mar 1885 Ala
        9. John Acton
B. 19 Mar 1773 Henry County, Virginia
22 Nov 1850 Shelby Co., Al
Buried 1850 Acton Memorial Cemetery

          10. James Acton
B. Bef. 1746 England
D. 1819 Garrard, KY

10. Elizabeth McCraft
B. Abt. 1755 Scotland
D. 1822 Kentucky
Notes: Supposedly she was an indentured servant abducted from Scotland for whom J.A. bought her freedom.
        9. Jane (Jennie) Roberts
B. 8 Sep 1773 Atlantic Ocean
22 Nov 1845 Shelby Co., AL
          10. V. Roberts

10. Jane
B. 1742 England
D. 12 Sep 1826 Shelby Co., Alabama
      8. Elizabeth Lee
B. 1800 Hawkins County, Tenn (says Alabama on Z.W.H. Acton's death cert.)
D. 18 Aug 1882 Alabama
        9. Needham Lee
B. 4 Nov 1770 Prince Edward County
1820 Shelby County, Ala
          10. Thomas Lee, Capt. (surveyor; Lt. in Colonial militia under Col. Needham Bryant, 1774. Amer.Rev. fought under John Sevier in TN)
B. 03 Dec 1729 Ditchley, Northumberland Co., Virginia
D. 02 Jul 1816 Hawkins Co., TN
M. (3) Mary Bryan 15 Mar 1761
notes: 1783 settled in Hawkins Co., TN
            11. Richard Lee
B. c. 1691 Ditchley, Northumberland Co., VA
D. 1740 Ditchley
, Northumberland Co., VA (1768, Johnson County, NC?)
M. 1720
Ditchley c.1990's
              12. Hancock Lee
B. 1652/ 1653 Northhampton, Lancaster Co., VA (also, Ditchley, Northumberland Co., VA)
D. 25 May 1709 Ditchley, Northumberland Co., VA
M. (1) 1675 Mary Kendall (2) Sarah Allerton
Buried 1709, Wiccomico Parrish, Northumberland, Ditchley Graveyard
                13. Richard Lee (II), Col.
B. 1605-1613, Coton Hall, Shropshire, England
D. 01 Mar 1662-1665 Dividing Creek, Northumberland, VA

M. 1641 Virginia
13. Anna Constable Owen
              12. Mary Kendall
B. Abt 1657/ 1661 Newport House, Northumberland Co., VA
D. 24 Dec 1694 Northumberland Co., VA
Buried 27 Dec 1694, Wicomico Parish, Northumberland, Ditchley Graveyard  
                13. William Kendall
13. Susannah Baker
            11. Judith Steptoe
B. Abt 1693 Northumberland Co., VA
M. (1) 1720 Richard Lee (2) 1749 Samuel Peachy
              11. Anthony Steptoe
B. 1653 Middlesex, England
D.1709 Lancaster Co., VA
11. Lucy Stephens
B. Abt 1655 Middlesex, England
D.Aft. 1676 VA
          10. Mary Bryan (possibly Mary Ingram Bryan Rains 12-17-02?; the following info on this branch is per "The Compendium of American Genealogy: The Genealogical Encyclopedia of the First Families of America, 7 volumes" 01-25-03)
B. 4 Nov 1745 North Carolina
D. Abt. 1818 Hawkins Co., TN
            11. William Bryan
              12. Needham Bryant

12. Annie Rambeau
                12. William Bryant (Johnston Co., NC)


12. Elizabeth Smith
            11. Alice Needham
        9. Susan Bailey (possibly this Susan Bailey? 12-17-02)
D. 1823 Shelby County, Ala
          10. Thomas Bailey
B. Abt. 1750 North Carolina
D. Abt. 1781 NC

10. Mary Sarah Griffin-Osborne
B. Abt. 1754 North Carolina
M. (2) Micajah Lee
    7. Passy Drucilla Watkins
B. 31 Dec 1834 South Carolina
D. 17 Sep 1911 Alabama
      8. Daniel Watkins
B. 01 Jan 1799 Buncombe Co., NC
D. 26 Nov 1888 Alabama
M. Abt. 1823

Burial: 1888 Union Hill Cemetary, Jefferson Co., AL
        9. Daniel Watkins
9. Elizabeth Byars

8. Drucilla Byars
B. 07 Jul 1803 Spartanburg District, SC
D. 06 Dec 1872 Homewood, Jefferson Co., AL
Burial: Dec. 1872 Union Hill Cemetary, Jefferson Co., AL

        9. John Byars
B. 1777 Caswell Co., NC
          10. Nathan Byars
B. 1749 Granville Co., NC
            11. James Henry Byars
11. Rachel Harrelson
          10. Drucilla Harrelson
        9. Mary Ann Passie Logan                          


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