He5-7 Stephen Hester

     John Hester (He6) and Margaret Gilbert (Gi6)
    He5-7 Stephen Hester the 7th eldest child  Born: 7 July 1802 in Fleming Co. Ky. Soon after their marriage Stephen and his wife moved into Brown Co., Ohio, where their first child was born. In 1838 Stephen, his wife and 3 children moved to Mongomery Co., Ind., where his parentsand brothers Adam, Conrad and Solomon and sister Margaret were living. in 1840 Stephen migrated further west to Des Moines, Iowa . Then in 1844 they moved to Jones Co., Iowa, where his widowed mother and his brother Solomon and Margaret Hester Hillis were living. By the census of 1850 his brothers William D. and Christopher had joined them. In the spring of 1853 Stephen and his family migrated to Harrison Co. Iowa - from the Mississippi to the Missouri River. In 1857 a post office was opened in Modale, Iowa, in Stephen's own home. A hand ferryboat propelled by oarsmen plied the waters of the Missouri River. There was a mail route from Cummings City, Nebraska, across the river to Magnolia, Iowa. Modale is derived from Missouri Dale, which was abbreviated to Mo. Dale and soon the period was dropped
    Married: Sarah Ann Barnes (16 Sept. 1812 in Ohio - 3 July 1888) in Fleming Co., Ky. Died: 31 Jan 1882 in Blair, Nebraska Buried:
    He5-7-1 Chambers Hester, (15 May 1832 - 1924)
    He5-7-2 Mary (Marrey) Ellen Hester, (13 Aug. 1834 - 11 Feb. 1892)
    He5-7-3 Elizabeth Susan Hester, (30 July 1837 - 22 April 1880)
    He5-7-4 James W. Hester, (25 Dec. 1840 - 21 Sept. 1927)
    He5-7-5 Margaret Ann Hester, (19 July 1842 - )
    He5-7-6 Amanda Jane Hester, (19 Oct. 1845 - )
    He5-7-7 Alfred John Hester, (24 July 1848 - 12 March 1925)
    Source: Geneology of the Descendents of John Hester, by Hester Geraldine Lester Searl