He1-3 George Nicholas Hester

    George Nicholas Hester is the third son of  Dr. Eustace Granger Hester (He2) and Anna Pope Bland (Bl2)
    Born: 28 November 1944 in Saginaw, Michigan
    Married: Gail Marie Heuer dau of Robert Heuer of Garden City Mich

    He1-3-1 Emily Pope Hester

    George attended Handley Elementary and South Intermediate School in Saginaw, Michigan. In the eighth and ninth grades he attended Cranbrook Preparatory School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 1958 to 1960 but transferred back to Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw and graduated from there in 1963. He took an electronics technician course in Chicago and started with WKNX radio/television until entering the Air Force and served at the US Base in Cam Ran Bay until his mother's terminal illness required his care in January 1971. After her death he took up his old job at WKNX but changed to WJRT in Flint Michigan after a few years, where he continued until retiring in 2007.

     William, Jane, Thomas and George Hester March 1985 after Levicy Jane Bland's funeral in Shelbyville Ky.

    Top: Emily Pope Hester and  Dennis McDonagh
    Bottom: Gail Marie Heuer and George Nicholas Hester
    Picture taken 28th Dec. 2006