Gr22 Peter Gresley

    Sir Peter Gresley was the son of Geoffrey Gresley (Gr23), Lord of Morton, and Agnes (1248 - )
    Born: 1273 
    Married:  Johanna Stafford (St21)(1278 - 1342) was the daughter of Sir Robert Stafford (1251 - ) 
    Died: 1310
    and had issue: 
    (Gr21) Sir Geoffrey Gresley
    (Gr21-2)  Thomas Gresley 
    (Gr21-3)  Peter Gresley 
    (Gr21-4)  Edmund Gresley 
    (Gr21-5) Sir  Robert Gresley
    (Gr21-6)  Roger Gresley 
    (Gr21-7) Sir  John Gresley