Gr17 Walter  Greene

    Sir Walter Greene was the son of  Sir Walter Grene (Gr18) of Bridgnorth,
    Born:  about 1384 in Bridgnorth, England.
    Married: m 1st _ de Sancto Ivone (d 1400, dau of Adam de Sancto Ivone) 
    m 2nd Elizabeth Warner 
    It is uncertain whether two children are from his first marriage or his second marriage or not from him at all.
    (Gr16) Joan Greene
    (Gr16-2) Robert Green, ancestor of Presidents W.H. Taft and W. G. Harding
    However, Sir Walter Greene and Elizabeth Warner did have issue: 
    Mary or Margaret Grene, who married Sir John Grene of Drayton.

    (Improbable father or grandfather of Joan Greene may have been
    John Greene was the son of Thomas de Greene (Gr18) and Ela Malory-[18254] (Alice de Driby129, Amy (Joan) de Gaveston104, Margaret de Clare90, Joan of Acre78, King Edward I Plantagenet "Longshanks"72, King Henry III Plantagenet69, King John Plantagenet "Lackland"66, King Henry II Plantagenet "Curtmantle"52, Queen Matilda Adelaide of England45, Henry I (King)21, William I "the Conqueror" (King)11, Robert I "The Magnificent" (Duke)6, Richard "the Good" II (Duke)3, Richard I "The Fearless" (Duke)2, William I "Longsword" (Duke)1).

    Stirnet Greene Pedigree