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Sires of Gournay, Gournay of Beverstone, Early Counts of Guisnes
Eudes of Gournay b c860, d after 912 Eudes came to Normandy with Rollo the Ganger.
1. Renaud of Gournay b after 912
A. Hugh, Sire de Gournay d after 990
i. Hugh, Sire de Gournay b c998, d 1074
a. Hugh, Sire de Gournay b c1026, d after 1074
m Basilie Flaitel d 16.01.1099, dau of Gerard Flaitel
1 Gerard de Gournay, Sire de Gournay, lord of Yarmouth d 1104 Palestine
m Edith de Warrenne dau of William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 1st Earl of Surrey
A Hugh de Gournay, Sire de Gournay b c1090, d 1155
Some sources show Beatrice as the second wife of Hugh, Hugh's son. We follow 'Mathematical' because the dates indicate that there was this additional generation but note that the family is still being researched..
m Beatrice de Vermandois dau of Hugh 'le Grand', Count of Vermandois
i Hugh de Gournay, Sire de Gournay b c1107, d 1180
m Melisende de Coucy b c1126, dau of Thomas, Sire de Coucy
a Hugh de Gournay, Sire de Gournay b c1148, d 25.10.1214
m Juliana de Dammartin dau of Alberic of Dammartin
1 Hugh de Gournay d 1239
m Matilda
A Juliana de Gournay d 1295
m William Bardolph of Wirmegay
2 Anselm de Gournay b c1180 - continued below
m Eve FitzRobert
3 Millicent de Gournay d 1260
m c1215 William de Canteloupe d 1250
b Gunnora de Gournay
Various web sites show a Gunnora of this generation who married 1 Robert de Gant, 2 Nicholas de Stuteville. As shown in a note under Gunnor, Robert de Gant's second wife, this connection is not certain.
B Gundred de Gournay
m 1118 Sir Nigel de Albini
C daughter
m Richard Talbot a 1085
3 Adelaide de Gournay b c1050
m Ido, Count de Beaumont
Anselm de Gournay b c1180 - continued above
m Eve FitzRobert
1. Robert de Gournay, lord of Beverstone b c1205, d 1269
A. Anselm de Gournay, lord of Beverstone
i. John de Gournay of Beverstone b c1247, d 1291
m Olivia Lovell
a. Elizabeth de Gournay d 1311
m John ap Adam of Beaverstone
1 Sir John Betteshorne
A Sir John Betteshorne
i Sir John Betteshorne of Bisterne
m Goza
a Elizabeth Betteshorne
m Sir John Berkeley of Beverstone b 1349, d 1428
Go25 y de Gournay, b about 1260 possibly of this family and generation ancestor of ...
Go23 y de Gournay, b about 1285
Go22 y de Gournay, b about 1310
y de Gournay, b about 1335
Go20 y de Gournay, b about 1365
Go19 y de Gournay, b about 1395
Go18 y de Gournay, b about 1425
Go17-1 Constance de Gournay of West Barsham, Norfolk, b about 1452, reported by
m1 about 1498 Ralph Blumvill of West Barsham m2 about 1499 William Bokenham of Norfolk
Go17 William de Gournay of West Barsham, Norfolk, b about 1452,
Go16-1 Henry de Gournay Letheringham, Suffolk, b about 1496, reported by
m Catherine Brandon
-1 Elizabeth Gourney b about 1522 m John Trye
Go16 x de Gournay , b about 1490, reported by Visitation Gascoigne
m Henry Gascoigne b about 1496, Micklefield d about 1560
Bl29. Godefrey the Dane b about 860 in ?Copenhagen
m Gisela of Lorraine b c860/865, a 01.908, dau of Lothar II, King of Lotharingia / Lorraine
Godfrey is shown by some web sites as a son/grandson of one of the sub-kings of Denmark.
Bl29 Siegfried the Dane, 1st Count of Guisnes d c965
m Elstrude of Flanders b c932, dau of Arnulf I 'the Great', Count of Flanders and Artois
Bl28 Ardolph, 2nd Count of Guisnes
m Matilda of Boulogne dau of Arnold de Boulogne shown by some web sites as dau of Baudoin de Boulogne
i. Rodolph, 3rd Count of Guisnes d 1036
m Rosetta
BE1883 Blount of Mountjoy and Devon & Commoners vol I, Croke of Studley identify Rosetta as "dau. of the Count de St. Pol". Until a site visitor LEGMD, 08.01.05 kindly pointed out that the dates made it seemingly impossible, we followed various web sites in showing Rosetta as daughter of Hugh II, Compte de St. Pol who died in 1131.
Bl27-1 Eustace, 4th Count of Guisnes d before 1065
m Susanna de Gramins = Suzanne de Ghermines
1 Baudoin, Count of Guisnes
m Adela dau of Floris, Count of Holland, by Gertrude
A Manasses, Count of Guisnes
TCP vol X, appendix F, supported by appendix J in the same volume, reports the following connection:
m Emma of Arques a 1140, dau of William, Vicomte of Arques, lord of Folkestone
i Rose or Sibyl de Guisnes dvp after 1120
m Henry, Constable of Bourbourg d c1152, son of Theinard, Constable of Bourbourg
a Beatrice of Guisnes dsp c1145
m1 by 1139, div by 1146 Aubrey de Vere, 1st Earl of Oxford b c1110, d 26.12.1194
m2 Baldwin, lord of Ardres
B Gisela of Guisnes
m Wenemar I, Bargrave of Ghent b c1088
Their son Arnould became Count of Guisnes.
Bl27 Robert le Blount of Ixworth or Ixwarth d after 1066
m Gundreda dau of Henry de Ferrers
Bl27. Sir William le Blount of Saxlington or Saxingham
Bl28-2 Heloise of Guisnes b c926
Some web sites describe Heloise's husband as Godfrey Count of Eu & Brionne but we suspect that this was because his son Gilbert 'Crispin', Count of Brionne, was often confused with Gilbert Crispin of Bec, son of ...
m Crispin, Baron de Bec

1 Gournay : various web sites, in particular 'Mathematical' and 'RootsWeb' and, for the Beverstone section,
2 Guisnes : various web sites.
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