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Glanville : Glanville of Bromholm, Glanville of Felstede, Glanville of Glanville, Glanville of Stukeley
Glanville-Richards' book, loses credibility by making claims that certain of the family's members were Earls of Suffolk in the 12th-13th centuries. It is possible that Glanville-Richards simply misinterpreted some ancient documents, possibly thinking that "Comes" or "Comites" should always be interpreted as Count and hence as Earl a mistake which would be forgivable in an amateur but surprising in a 'serious academic', but his claims for the existence of such a major title have not been accepted by competent historians. Nonetheless, the rest of his work seems to merit attention.
Gl28.Rainald, Sire de Glanville b about 1020 a 1054
Unfortunately, we must start with a caveat regarding the next generation. 'Historia Anglorum' identified more clearly below provides a table which shows an unnamed Glanville as father of 1 Robert father of William who founded Broomholm, 2 Roger de Bertune father of Robert father of Hervey father of Ranult the Justiciar, 3 Nicholas and 4 William, Archdeacon & Dean of Lisieux. However, some text within 'Historia Anglorum' which we have not read at all thoroughly appears to contradict its table, indicating that Roger de Bertrune was son of Robert. Provisionally, we follow Glanville-Richards mainly using the pedigree at the end of the book with occasional trawling through the text and just add some of the details provided by 'Historia Anglorum' on Nicholas.
Gl27. Ranulph, Sire de Glanville b about 1050 d c1080
m Flandrina
Gl26 Sir Hervey de Glanville b about 1075 d 1147, Chamberlain to King Stephen, 3rd son?
m Matilda
Gl25 Ralph de Glanville, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Lancashire, etc. b about 1140 d 1190-1, Lord Chief Justice & Treasurer of England. This Ralph is identified by Glanville-Richards as Earl of Suffolk which claim appears to be wholly spurious.
m Bertha de Valoins dau of Theobald de Valoins of Parham, son of Robert
Gl24 William de Glanville b about 1165 d 1228
Gl23. Gilbert de Glanville b about 1190 d 1266
Glanville-Richards suggests that this Gilbert, whom he describes as 3rd Earl of Suffolk, forfeited his title for his support of Simon de Montford's rising against Henry III.
Gl22-1 Ralph de Glanville b about 1214
i Maud de Glanville
m Sir William de Vesey of Ireland
Glanville-Richards suggests that Sir William was created Earl of Suffolk in 1326 in right of his wife but that claim appears to be spurious.
a Sara de Vesey
m Robert de Peyton of Ufford
This Robert de Peyton was grandfather of Robert de Ufford who, according to TCP Suffolk, was created 1st Earl of Suffolk in Mar 1336/7. TCP Ufford names Robert's wives as Mary widow of William de Say and Joan, providing little information about them but not making any connection at all with the Vesey or Glanville families.
Gl22 Gilbert de Glanville b about 1216
Gl21 Sir Gilbert de Glanville
Gl20 Alianore de Glanville
m1 Sir Richard de Brews
m2 Sir John Wingfield of Wingfield d c1358
Gl21-2 Katherine de Glanville
m John de Glanville of Wooton Glanville a 1275
Gl22-3 Nicholas de Glanville of Sutton, Letheringham & Chalsfeld
Gl22-4 William de Glanville b about 1218
i Robert de Glanville b about 1240 a 1261
ii Sir Richard de Glanville in Oxfordshire b about 1242 a temp Ed1 who r. 1272-1307
a daughter
m _ Rainsford
Gl22-5 Bartholomew de Glanville monk
Gl24-2 Matilda Maud de Glanville
m1. William de Auberville d 1139
m2. Roger de Todenham
Gl24-3 Annabella de Glanville
m Sir Ralph de Arden or Arderne, Sheriff of Hereford
Gl24 =27 =26 =25 Helwisa de Glanville b 1155, d 1195
m Robert FitzRalph of Middleham b 1145, a 1190 . . . Y
Fi26-1 Walran FitzRobert of Middleham dsp before 1214
Fi26 =25 =24 Randoph Ralph FitzRobert of Middleham b c 1190 d 1251
m Mary/Margaret le Bigod b c 1194, d 31.03.1237 dau of Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk
Fi25 =24 =23 Mary FitzRandolph b c 1244, d 11.03.1320
m c1260 Robert de Nevill, younger of Raby b c1240, d 1271
Ne24 =23 =22 Ralph de Nevill, 1st Lord of Raby d 18.04.1331
m1 Euphemia de Clavering dau of Robert FitzRoger de Clavering, 1st Lord
Gl24-5+ other issue - Osbert justiciary, Gilbert
Gl25-2 William de Glanville of Broughton
Glanville-Richards identifies William's wife as Gundred de Warrene, dau of William, 2nd Earl of Surrey, and relict of Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, and of William de Lancaster of Kendal. Noting that such a marriage is not mentioned in TCP Surrey and that Gundred's 1st marriage was in 1130, her 2nd c1154, we are suspicious of that identification.
a. Agnes de Glanville
m Sir Robert de Creke
Gl25-3 Sir Roger de Glanville dsp, Baron of the Exchequer
m1. Christian
m2. Gundred de Beaumont dau of Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, relict of Bigod, Earl of Norfolk
Gl25-4 Stephen de Glanville
m ?? de Mountchensy dau of Warin de Mountchensy by Agnes, dau of Payne FitzJohn
Gl25-5 Adam de Glanville of Glanville's Laver in Felsted, Essex a 1184, justice
a. William de Glanville of Felstede d c1259
1 Sir Walter de Glanville of Felstede d 1329
A Geoffrey de Glanville of Felstede
i Alice de Glanville d 1342
m John Naylinghurst of Glanville's Laver
B Margaret de Glanville
m Stephen Alistre
C Ellen de Glanville
m Sir Thomas Astleigh Astley of Eastleigh a 1263
Glanville-Richards suggests this connection with the Astley family but we have not yet reconciled it with TCP Astley.
Gl25-6 Hervey de Glanville
Glanville-Richards suggests that this may have been the 'Hervey Walter' whom we show on Butler01 as married to Matilda de Valoines dau of Theobald de Valoines, Lord of Parnham, and sister of Bertha, wife of Ranulph Ralph de Glanville - see above and ancestor of Butler Earls of Ormonde. We doubt this as we believe that, had it been a serious possibility, it would surely have been mentioned in TCP Butler which does confirm that Hervey Walter's wife Matilda was sister of the above-shown Bertha and that "This circumstance greatly contributed to the advancement of the Butler family."
Gl25-7 Sir Gerard de Glanville
m1. Emma de Cukeney dau of Thomas de Cukeney
m2. Matilda FitzSwain dau/heir of Adam FitzSwain, relict of Adam de Montbegon of Hornby Castle & John Malherbe
Gl25-8 Gina de Glanville
m1. Alfred de Murions
m2. Adam de Blannery
Gl25-9 Alicia de Glanville
m Geoffrey de Lodnes son of Ralph son of Jordan son of Jeffrey son of Goceline of Loddon
Gl25-10+ other issue - Alexander Prior of Rochester, Robert, Gilbert d 24.06.1219, Bishop of Rochester
Gl26 William de Glanville of Bromholm & Bacton, Norfollk a 1113
m Beatrix de Sackville dau of Sir William de Sackville of Mount Bures & Bracstead
Gl25-1 Sir Bartholomew de Glanville of Bromholm & Bacton, Governor of Orford Castle, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk
m Isabella de Berking
a. William de Glanville of Bromholm & Bacton dsps 1234
m Dionysia de Berking dau of Sir John de Berking
b. Sir Geoffrey de Glanville of Bromholm & Bacton
m Margaret de la Haye dau of Sir Geoffrey de la Haye
1 Geoffrey de Glanville dsp
2 Margaret de Glanville
Glanville-Richards suggests that Margaret married Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, but TCP Cornwall makes no reference to any such marriage.
3 Alianore de Glanville
m Almuric Peche
4 Agnes de Glanville
m Baldwin "a Norman"
5 Emma de Glanville
m Sir John de Grey d 1265-6
6 Basilla de Glanville
m Sir William Boville of Letheringham
7 Julian de Glanville
m Sir Simon Pecche
Gl25 Matilda de Glanville
m Edmund Paston of Paston
Gl26-3+ other issue - Sir Robert in Norfolk & Suffolk a 1086, Walter
Gl27-2. William de Glanville d by 1113, Archdeacon & Dean of Liseaux or Lisieux in Normandy
As indicated above, the following Nicholas is reported by 'Historia Anglorum' History of the English People by Henry, Archdeacon of Huntingdon edited & translated by Diana Greenway, Oxford Medieval Texts, 1996, ISBN 0198222246, found on Google Books. VCH Huntingdonshire, vol 2, Little Stukeley mentions that "At the time of the Domesday Survey 1086 two knights, Richard and Hugh, held three hides of the abbot. Possibly one of these knights was father of Nicholas, archdeacon of Huntingdon ob. c. 1110, the father of Henry of Huntingdon, the historian, who apparently succeeded his father as archdeacon".
Gl27-3. Nicholas d 1110, Archdeacon of Huntingdon
A. Henry de Stukeley b c1088, d c1155, Archdeacon of Huntingdon, historian
i. Adam de Stukeley a 1147, 1199
a. Aristotle de Stukeley a 1208, judge
1 Nicholas de Stukeley a 1231
'Historia Anglorum' ends with this Nicholas. VCH does not say that the following Paul was son of Nicholas but does report that a manor in Little Stukeley was later being held by ...
A Paul de Stukeley a 1279
i Ralph de Stukeley a 1308
It is not known whether or nor Ralph was ancestor of later families who took the name Stukeley or Stewkley eg those shown here. VCH Huntingdonshire, vol 2, Great Stukeley mentions a Nicholas de Stukeley d c1377, son of John & father of Sir Nicholas + John but it is not known if there was any connection between Ralph and that Nicholas.
b. Simon
B. ??
i. Alexander

Ssources: 'Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville' by Wm. Urmston S. Glanville-Richards 1888 which is provided online here with thanks to a site visitor OWC, 16.01.09 for transcribing data into a format which made it easier for us to use that book
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