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Gernon: Gernon of Merdley, Cavendish of Stratton, Gamage of Coity Castle, Gamage of Ragland, Gamage of Rogaid
Ge30 Robert de Gernon of Merdley, etc a 1066
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Robert, who came to England at the time of the Conquest from the Gernon-Montfichet region in Normandy, is sometimes identified as father of William de Montfichet but this seems unlikely as such a possible connection is not mentioned by Collins. Perhaps there were 2 different people called Robert who came to England from the same region at about the same time. They may have been related. This Robert obtained lands in Herefordshire whereas William de Montfichet obtained whether by inheritance, possibly from a father called Robert, or otherwise is not known Stanstead in Essex.
Ge29 Matthew de Gernon of Merdley, etc b about 1100
m Hodierna de Sackville b about 11oo dau of Sir William de Salkevil b 1072
Ge28 Ralph de Gernon b about 1130 a 1167
m ?x Brews/Briwere sister of Sir William Brews, Sheriff of Devon
Ge27 Ralph de Gernon of Pratwell b about 116o d 1248 Sheriff of Dorset*
m x Bassett b about 1160 dau Richard Basset of b about 1132
Ge26 William de Gernon 1187 - 4 Dec 1258 Marshall of the King's household*
m. Eleanor or Beatrix de Theydon dau of Henry de theydon
Ge25 Sir Ralph de Gernon 1228 - d 1274 of East Thorpe and Great Birch, Cambridge,*
m1. Eleanor de Vere *
Ge24 Sir William de Gernon b 1250 d 1327
m. Isabel
Ge23 John de Gernon b 1290 d 1335
Alice de Coleville b 1286, daughter of Roger Coleville andMargaret Brewes
Margaret Wigton, daughter of Sir John Wigton.*
Ge22 Sir John de Gernon of Lees, lord of Wicken/?Lexton b before 1335* d 13.01.1378/9
m Alice ?Bigod
Ge21-1 Joan Gernon
m John de Botetourt
-1 Joan de Botetourt b c 1353 d 1433 m Robert de Swinburne -1-1 Alice de Swinburne b c 1375 m John Helion -1-1-1 John Helion d c 1450 m Edith Rolfe -1-1-1-1 Isabel Helion m Humphrey Tyrell of Little Worley
-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Tyrell b c 1475 Gipping d c 1535 m Sir Roger Wentworth of Cobham Hall
Ge21 Margaret de Gernon b c 1354 d 1413
m Sir John Peyton Pe22 d c 1397
-1 John de Peyton d bef 1413 m Joan Sutton, d aft 1435 -1-1 John de Peyton, Esq b 1390 d 1416 m Grace Burgoyne, d 1439 -1-1-1 Sir Thomas Peyton 1st Baron Peyton of Isleham Cambridgeshire b 1416/17 d 1484 m Margaret Bernard, heir of Isleham -1-1-1-1 Thomas Peyton d bef 1484 London m Jane Calthorpe
-1-1-1-2 Francis Peyton Esq of Bury St. Edmonds d 1529 m Elizabeth Brook
Ge22 Margaret de Gernon b 1286* d c 1352
m. Geoffrey de Gresley
m2. Hawise Tregoz*
Ge24-2 Avice de Gernon b about 1290*
m Robert/John Marney
Ge25-2 Geofrey de Gernon
A Roger de Gernon of Grimston Hall d 1324
m Mary Potton/Potkin b c 1319 Cavendish Suffolk dau of John Potton/Potkin of Cavendish
i Sir John Cavendish of Cavendish Overhall ex 1381, Chief Justice, Treasurer
m Alice Odingselles dau of John de Odyngseles
1 John Cavendish b c 1374 Cavendish Overhall, Suffolk d 1417 m Johanna/Joane Clopton b 1363 Paston Norfolk d Clare Suffolk dau of Sir William Cloptone of Hawksted and Ivetta
-2 Alice Cavendish b c 1378 Grimston Hall Suffolk d 1406 m William Nell
-3 Andrew Cavendish b c 1376 d 1396 m Rose x
-1-1 William Cavendish b c 1402 Cavendish Suffolk d 5 Jan 1433 St Thomas Acon London m1 x + 1 ch m2 Joan x + 1 ch
-1-2 Robert Cavendish
-1-3 Walter Cavendish
-1-1-1 William Cavendish b c 1432 Cavendish d 1467 m Mae Williams b 1423 d 1467
-1-1-2 Thomas Cavendish b c 1430 Pollingford Suffolk d 1477 St Thomas Acons London m Catherine Scudmore b c 1434 Kentchurch Hertfordshire d 15 Sep 1499 St Boltolphs Aldersgate dau of James Scudmore and Eleanore

-1-1-2-1 Thomas Cavendish b 1472 Cavendish Suffolk d 13 Apr 1524 St Thomas Acons London m Alice Smith dau of John Smith and Alice Brecknock

-1-1-2-1-1 George Cavendish
-1-1-2-1-2 William Cavendish b c 1505 Chatsworth Derbyshire d 25 Oct 1557 St Botolphs Aldgate London courtier m1 Bess Hardwick b Jul 1527 Harwick Hall Doe Lea Derbyshire d 13 Feb 1608 dau of John Cavendish and Elizabeth Leche
-1-1-2-1-3 Thomas Cavendish
ii Roger de Cavendish of Stratton a 1408
m. Alice Stratton dau of Geoffrey de Stratton of Stratton
Collins is not fully clear here. The article confirms that Roger was ancestor of the undermentioned Sir Richard Cavendish. The following appears to be the descent.
a ?? Cavendish of Stratton probably an intervening generation
1 Augustine Cavendish
A Richard or John Cavendish
BE1883 Brandon indicates that Elizabeth's husband was called John but Collins identifies him as Richard.
m. Elizabeth Brandon dau of Sir William Brandon
i Sir Richard Cavendish, Governor of Blackness b c1493, a 1553
a William Cavendish of Trimley St. Martyn d 1572
1 Thomas Cavendish
A+ issue - William, Augustine, Thomas d c1692, navigator, Mary, Margaret, Anne
We presume that the above is the Sir Richard Cavendish of Trimley reported by BEB1841 Felton of Playford to have been father of the following Mary "by a daughter of Sir William Brandon".
ii Mary Cavendish
m. Thomas Felton of Playford d 1577-8
iii Stephen de Cavendish, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London dsp 1374
iv Richard de Cavendish
? Sir Nicholas Gernoun possibly of this family 1369 "Given at Norwich, Monday after feast of St Mary Magdalene, 43 Edw.III. Witnesses: Nicholas Gernoun, kt, John Haukere, Geoffrey de Coue, William Phelyp, William Mondevile, William Sparhauk, John Mondevile and others."
Ge27-2. Roger de Gernon b c 1140 a 1170, to Ireland ancestor of Gernons and Garlands in Ireland. Roger, mentioned in BLG1886 Gernon of Athcarne Castle, went to Ireland with Richard 'Strongbow' de Clare, Earl of Pembroke. -1 y Gernon of Killincowle Co Louth b c 1240 -1...-1 Richard Gernon b c 1270 Highsheriff of County Louth in 1311 mur 1311 m Anne Plunket dau of Richard Plunket of Loughcrew -1...-1-1 Richard Gernon b c 1600
-1...-1-2 William Gernon of Drogheda b c 1605 m Mary Durham dau of Peter Durham of Co Meath
-1-1-1-1? Edward Gernon of Gernonstown Highsheriff 1558 Highsheriff of County Louth
-1-1-2-1 Christopher Gernon of Drogheda b c 1650 m Frances Wade dau of Charles Wade of Baiscaddon

-1-1-2-1-1 Richard Gernon of Dublin d aft 1738
Ge27-3 possibly of theis family and generation Richard Gernun m Joan de Morville
*Additions and corrections in accord with and other websites.
Payne de Gamage of Ragland, Monmouthshire
m. Margaret de St. Pierre dau of Roger de St. Pierre
1. Robert de Gamage of Ragland
m. ?? Beauchamp dau of Thomas de Beauchamp, son of Walter of Elmley Castle by Joan de Mortimer
A. Sir Robert de Gamage of Rogaid, Glamorganshire a c1300
m. _ de Martel dau of Sir John de Martel
i. Sir William Gilbert? de Gamage of Coyty
m. Sarah de Turberville dau of Payne de Turberville of Coity Castle by Gwenllim, dau of Sir Richard Talbot of Eccleswall by Sarah de Beauchamp
a. Sir William de Gamage of Rogaid d 1382
m. Lettice Seymour dau of Sir William Seymour of Penhow by Margaret, dau of Simon de Brockbury
1 Sir Thomas Gamage of Coyty or Coity Castle, Glamorganshire
m. Janet Dennis dau of Sir Gilbert Dennis of Siston by Margaret, dau of Sir Maurice Russell of Kingston
A Sir John Gamage of Coity Castle
m. Margaret dau of Morgan Mathew? ap Llwelyn of Radyr
i Sir Morgan Gamage of Coity Castle
m. Eleanor Vaughan dau of Sir Roger Vaughan of Tretwr
a Sir Thomas Gamage of Coity Castle
m. Margaret St. John dau of Sir John St. John of Bletsoe
1 Robert Gamage of Coity Castle
m. Joan Champernowne dau of Sir Philip Champernowne of Modbury
A Sir John Gamage of Coity Castle d 08.09.1584
m. Catherine or Gwenllian Powell
i Barbara Gamage d 05.1621
m. 23.09.1584 Sir Robert Sydney, 1st Earl of Leicester b 1563, d 1626
2 Catherine Gamage
m. Sir Thomas Stradling of St. Donat's d 1573
3 Mary Gamage
m. Mathew Herbert
4 Margaret Gamage
m. c1536 William Howard, 1st Lord of Effingham b c1510, d 21.01.1572-3
ii Margaret Gamage
m. William Mathew
B Jane or Joan Gamage
m. Roger Arnold ap Thomas Arnallt

1 Collins 1741, vol i, Cavendish of Devonshire
2 various web sites
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