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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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: Garrard of Dorney Court, Garrard of Lamer, Garrard of London
BEB1841 beginss Gerrard or Gerard with ...
Allured Attegare of Buckland
1. Sir Simon Attegare of Buckland
A. Stephen Attegare or Garrard
i. ?? Garrard
BEB1841 reports that great-grandson of Stephen Attegare or Garrard was William Garrard of Sittingbourne, father of John father of Sir William the Lord Mayor. Visitation & BLG1952 start with the following Thomas whom we presume was Stephen's grandson.
a. Thomas Garrard of Sittingbourne, Kent
1 Lawrence Garrard
A John Garrard
i Sir William Garrard of Dorney, Lord Mayor of London d 1571
m Isabel Nethermill dau of Julius Nethermill of Coventry
a Sir William Garrard of Dorney Court d 17.11.1597
m Elizabeth Roe dau of Sir Thomas Roe or Rowe, Lord Mayor of London
1 Thomas Garrard dvpsp
m _ Clark dau of Sir William Clark
2 Mary Garard
m Sir John Kedderminster or Kidderminster of Langley
A Elizabeth Kidderminster apparently of this generation
m Sir John Parsons of Boveney
3 Anne Garrard
m _ Hynde
4 Judith Garrard
m _ Gresham
5 Martha Garrard
m Sir James Palmer of Dorney Court b c1585, d 15.03.1657
6+ other issue d unm - Henry, William, George, 3 sons dvp, Elizabeth, Jane, Katherine
b George Garrard
m Margaret D'Acres dau of George D'Acres or Dacres of Cheshunt
1 George Garrard dsp
2 Frances Garrard
m Sir Richard Harrison of Hurst
3 Anne Garrard
m Sir Dudley Carleton, Viscount Dorchester b 10.03.1573/4, d 15.02.1631/2
c Sir John Garrard, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London b c 1525, d 07.05.1625
m Jane Partridge d 24.01.1616, dau of Richard Partridge of London
1 Sir John Garrard, 1st Bart of Lamer b c 1590, d c1637
m1 1611 Elizabeth Barkham d 17.04.1632, dau of Sir Edward Barkham, Lord Mayor of London
A Sir John Garrard, 2nd Bart of Lamer d 1686 The following references have been kindly supplied by John Wassell, whose family has been in possession "Wheathampstead" since its purchase in the 1660's: "Anthony Farrington of the Inner Temple married Sarah, daughter of Sir John Garrard in 1666, the marriage portion being 900. Admitted to the Inner Temple 1651. Called to the Bar 1658. Sergeant-at-Law. Deputy Recorder of St. Albans 1680. Appointed by John Simpson, Recorder and also Sergeant-at-Law of the Inner Temple. Recorder on death of Simpson in 1682. St. Albans 1650 1701. Smith & North. Hertfordshire Publications 2003. pp 52, 57. (DE GD 27186, 27063, 27052 at HALS) Farrington, Anthony of the Inner Temple, Esq., Bachelor about 30 and Sarah Garrard of Wheathampstead, Herts. Spinster about 18. Consent of father Sir John Garrard of same. (the Sir John who died in 1686) London Marriage Licenses, Allegations.... by Dean & Chapter of W Abbey. Anthony Farrington married Sarah Garrard of Wheathampstead at Wheathampstead on 25 December 1666 (Hertfordshire Marriages 1538-1922) Probably well over 30 in 1666 unless admitted to IT at 15 or 16! "
m Jane Lambard dau of Sir Moulton Lambard
i Sir John Garrard, 3rd Bart of Lamer, Sheriff of Hertfordshire d 13.01.1700
m 1669 Katharine Enyon d 16.04.1702, dau of Sir James Enyon of Flore
a Jane Garrard d 1724
m Montague Drake of Shardeloes d 1698
Lamer Park later passed to a younger son of the Drake family who took the name Garrard.
Sir Samuel Garrard, 4th Bart of Lamer, Lord Mayor of London d 10.03.1724
m1 1675 Elizabeth Poyner dsp, dau of George Poyner of Coddicote Bury
m2 1689 Jane Benet dau of Thomas Benet of Salthorp
a Sir Samuel Garrard, 5th Bart of Lamer b 31.07.1692, d unm 01.12.1761
b Thomas Garrard of London dsp 1758
m 03.1738-9 Margart Gay dau of Robert Gay of Hatton Garden
c Sir Benet Garrard, 6th Bart of Lamer d unm 01.07.1767
iii Elizabeth Garrard d 1683<
m1 Sir Nicholas Gould of London, Bart d 1664
m2 Thomas Neale
iv Jane Garrard
m Sir Thomas Spencer, 3rd Bart of Yarnton d 06.03.1684-5
v Sarah Garrard b 1648
m Anthony Farringdon b about 1635 Admitted to the Inner Temple 1651. Called to the Bar 1658. Sergeant-at-Law. Deputy Recorder of St. Albans 1680. Appointed by John Simpson, Recorder and also Sergeant-at-Law of the Inner Temple.
vi Rachael Garrard
m Richard Emerton of Mackeryend
vii+ other issue - Nethermill, Edward
B Jane Garrard
m 10.11.1634 Sir Justinian Isham, 2nd Bart d 02.03.1675
C+ 5 sons and 7 daughers
of these was possibly:
Walter Garrard b 1576 Hadleigh Suffolk
C-1 Edward Garrard b 12 Apr 1603 Hadleigh Suffolk d 1682 ?VA
m Jane Luson b 12 Sep 1602 Hadleigh Suffolk
C-1-1 Jane Garrard b 1638 Hadleigh Suffolk d 1708 Christ Church Parish Lancaster Co VA
m1 Rev Benjamin Doggett b c 28 Oct 1636 Ipswich Suffolk d Jan 1683 Christ Church Parish Lancaster Co VA son of William Doggett Jr and Anne Langley
m2 John B Boatman
-1 Benjamin Doggett Jr b c 8 Jan 1665 Hadleigh Suffolk d 13 Nov 1723 Lancaster VA m1 Betty Thomson b c 1671 Lancaster Co VA + 9 ch dau of Thomas Thomson m2 Mary Conway of Lancaster VA + 3 ch and Sarah
-2 Richard Doggett
-3 Jane Doggett
-4 William Doggett
-5 John Doggett
-6 William Doggett b aft 1671 Lancaster Co VA d aft 20 Feb 1717 Richmond VA m Elizabeth George dau of Nicholas George and Elizabeth Ann James b 1635 Lancaster VA
-7 Anne Doggett
-1-1 Margaret Doggett b c 1686 Lancaster Co VA m Nicholas George and had David George b 1721 Lancaster VA d 1782 Union SC m Rebecca x b 1725 and had Nancy George m y Adair
-1-2 Benjamin Doggett III b c 1690 m Mary x and had Benjamin Doggett IV
-1-3 William Doggett b 1692 Lancaster Co VA
-1-4 Richard Doggett b 1694 Lancaster Co VA m Ann Ascough
-1-5 Elizabeth Doggett b c 1696 m Phillip Frond/?Stroud
-1-6 Hannah Doggett b 1698/1700 Lancaster VA d there 1761 m Thomas Yerby Jr b Corotoman 1696 d Lancaster Co VA 21 May 1756 son of Thomas Yerby b Lancaster, VA 1657 d 13 Mar 1716 Corotoman Lancaster VA and Anna Carter b 1661 Corotoman Lancaster Co VA d there 1720 ( from Rita Sander's Tree et al.)
-1-7 John Doggett b c 1700 Lancaster Co VA d 1739 Northumberland Co VA m Mary x b 1713 Northumberland VA d there St Staphens 1766 and had Benjamin Doggett b 1738 (m Hanna Webb b 1747 had John b c 1780 m Mildred Amelia Clarke b 6 Aug 1793) and John Doggett
-1-8 Ann Doggett m George Reves
-1-9 Jane Doggett b c 1704 Lancaster Co VA
-1-10 Thomas Doggett b 1713 d 1775 m Bathsheba Baker b 1717
-1-11 Winifred Doggett b 1717
-1-12 Reuben Doggett b 1719 m Hannah x
-6-1 Hannah Doggett b c 1699 Lancaster VA
-6-2 William Doggett b 1700 Lancaster VA
-6-3 Jane Doggett b 1703 Lancaster VA
-6-4 William Doggett b c 1710 m1 Betty Doggett dau of Benjamin Doggett m2 Johanna Wale b c 1715 + 5 ch dau of John Wale and Alice wid Wright m3 Lucy Mason b 1695 d 1740 + 4 ch
-6-5 Elmore Doggett b 1708 m Lucy
-6-6 Sarah Doggett
-6-7 James Doggett b 1714 m Lucy Mason b 1695 d 1740 she m2 bro-in-law William had issue
-6-8 Benjamin Doggett b 24 Jun 1717 Lancaster VA

-1-10-1 Rueben Doggett b 1739
-1-10-2 Nancy Doggett b 1755 m Thomas Merryman
-1-10-3 Thomas Doggett
-1-10-4 Benjamin Doggett
-1-10-5 John Doggett had Presley Doggett
-1-10-6 xy Doggett
-1-10-7 George Doggett
-1-10-8 Judy Doggett
-1-10-9 Bathsheba Doggett
-1-10-10 Elizabeth Doggett b 1747
-1-10-11 James Doggett b 1759
-6-4-1 Mildred Doggett
-6-4-2 Joanna Doggett m Steptoe
-6-4-3 Sarah Doggett m Brent
-6-4-4 Ann Doggett
-6-4-5 Elizabeth HannahDoggett m Chowning
-6-4-6 Mary Ann Doggett
-6-4-7 Coleman Doggett
-6-4-8 Lucy Doggett m Boatman
-6-4-8 Betty Doggett m Carter
-6-5-1 Elizabeth Griggs Carter
-6-5-2 John Doggett
-6-7-1 William Doggett m Betty Carter m2 Judith Robb + 1 ch

-1-10-2-1 Presley Merryman
-6-7-1-1 Mary M Doggett b 20 Jul 1794 m Hugh M Stephens b 20 Sep 1795 d 11 Mar 1887 Culpeper VA had issue
m2 sp Jane or Elizabeth d 1673, relict of Sir Moulton Lambard of Sevenoaks
2 Anne Garrard
m Sir John Read of Wranghill
3 Ursula Garrard
m Francis Hamby of Lincolnshire
4 daughter Garrard
m Sir George Sams
5 daughter Garrard
m _ Lindley
6 ?Jane Garrard m _ Robinson of Totnes
7? reported in Sir William Garrett/Garrard b 1583 Dorney, Buckinghamshire d 1640 in Engl (The date of birth would have made him eldest son and heir, so this exact relationship is doubtful.
m Bridget Garrett b c 1587
-1 John Garratt/Garrett b 1615 Hosse m1 Ann Dunston b c 1610 Leicestershire d there 1631 + 1 ch dau of John Dunston and Jone m2 Mary x b Jan 1612 Hose Leicestershire d there 1660 + 6 ch -1-1 John Garrett of New Kent VA b 10 Jan 1631 Hosse Leicester d 1706 New Kent Co VA m1 Nannie Harrison b 1635 Leicestershire d 1663
-1-2 Elizabeth Garrett b 10 Jan 1637 Hose Leicestershire
-1-3 Dorothe Garrett b 30 Apr 1640 Harby Leicestershire d 13 Dec 1661
-1-4 Mary Garrett b 12 May 1642 Harby m y Swingcoe
-1-5 William Garrett "the Quaker" b 21 Aug 1643 Harby d 7 Feb 1724 Darby Twp Philadelphia PA m Ann Kirk b 19 Mar 1642 Harby d 7 Apr 1721 Upper Darby Chester Co PA dau of Godfrey Kirk
-1-6 Catren Garrett b 26 May 1646 Harby d 28 Feb West Willoughby m Joseph Roper
-1-7 Thomas Garrett b 12 May 1649 Harby d Philadelphia m Ellen Rawroth
-1-1-1 William Garrett b 12 Feb 1661 Harby d 1724 Philadelphia PA m Mary/?Rebecca Smith b 1 Nov 1664 Leicestershire d 11 Feb 1742 Darby Chester PA dau of John Smith and Eleanor Dolby b c 1653 Harby
-1-5-1 Anne Garrett b 4 Dec 1668 Hose Leicester d Harby
-1-5-2 Mary Garrett
-1-5-3 Samuel Garrett, II
-1-5-4 Hannah Garrett b 23 Jun 1674 Harby d 26 Jun 1738 Philadelphia m George Emlen
-1-5-5 Alice Garrett b m Pennell
-1-5-6 Sarah Garrett b 23 Apr 1676 Harby m1 Randall Croxton m2 Samuel Croxton
-1-5-7 William Garrett
-1-5-8 John Garrett b 1690 Upper Darby PA d 21 Aug 1713 Chester Pa m Margaret James b 1706 Chester Co d 1819 New Castle DE
-1-5-9 Thomas Garrett
-1-5-10 William Garrett m Mary Root dau of John Roote b 26 Feb 1608 Badby Northhamptonshireshe and Mary Kilbourne m1 John Smith
-1-1-1-1 John Garrett, III b 1690 Amelia Co VA d 15 Feb 1743 m Susannah Featherston Burton b c 1696 Henrico Co VA d 1744 Chesterfield Amelia Co dau of Abraham Burton and Anne Featherston b c 1674 Henrico Co
-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Ashton Garrett b 1 Nov 1712 Radnor Delaware Co PA d 10 Feb 1775 Darby m Samuel N Purcell m2 Joseph Hibbard b 20 Nov 1700 Darby Chester Co PA son of Josiah Hibbert b c 1678 PA and Ann Bonsall b c 1676 Ashford Derby Engl
-1-1-1-3 Thomas Garrett
-1-5-4-1 George Emlen Jr b 7 Jul 1695 Philadelphia d 24 Oct 1754 m Mary Heath b 11 Jun 1692 Staffordshire Engl she m2 William Tidmarsh
-1-5-4-2 Samuel Emlen
-1-5-4-3 Mary Armitt
-1-5-4-4 Caleb Emlen
-1-5-4-5 Rebecca Emlen
-1-5-4-6 Ann Emlen
-1-5-4-7 Sarah Emlen
-1-5-4-8 Hannah Emlen
-1-5-6-1 John Croxton
-1-5-6-2 Thomas Croxton
-1-5-6-3 Jonathan Croxton
-1-5-6-4 Ann Norbury
-1-5-6-5 Sarah Croxton
-1-5-6-6 Randall Croxton
-1-5-6-7 Samuel Croxton
-1-5-8-1 John Garrett
-1-5-10-1 William Garrett
-1-1-1-1-1 Isaac Garrett b 9 Dec 1719 Bristol Parish Henrico Co m Ann Rucks b c 1712
-1-1-1-1-2 Anne Garrett b 22 Sep 1721 Bristol Parish
-1-1-1-1-3 Susanah Garrett b 1 Sep 1723 Bristol Parish m y Burton
-1-1-1-1-4 John D. Garrett b 1 Jul 1726 Henrico Co d 1825 m Mary Elzey b 1728 Fauquier Co d 1786 Loudoun Co dau of Lewis Elzey and Mary
-1-1-1-1-5 Abraham Garrett b 3 Jul 1729 Bristol Parish
-1-1-1-1-6 Thomas Garrett b 6 Dec 1730 d 1816 m Jane Lax
-1-1-1-1-7 Stephen Burton Garrett
-1-1-1-1-8 Charles Burton ? Garrett, Sr.
-1-1-1-1-9 Nanney Garrett
-1-1-1-2-1 Hezekiah Hibberd b 28 Sep 1735 Darby m Mary Holloway b 1733 d 1795 Delaware Co PA dau of Tobias Halloway and Mary Medcalf
-1-5-4-1-1 George Emlen III b 21 Jun 1718 Philadelphia d there 3 Jan 1776 m Anne Reckless b 7 Dec 1720 Chesterfield NJ dau of Joseph Reckless and Margaret
-1-5-4-1-2 Hannah Emlen b 1 Jun 1722 d 1777 m William Logan b 14 Jul 1718 Germantown PA d 29 Oct 1776 son of James Logan and Sarah Read
-1-5-4-1-3 Joseph Emlen b 1 Jul 1728 d 17 Nov 1750
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Samuel Garrett b c 1741
-1-1-1-1-1-2 James Garrett b c 1742
-1-1-1-1-1-3 Judith Garrett b c 1743 Chesterfield VA d 1792 m Joseph Wilkinson
-1-1-1-1-1-4 John Garrett b c 1745 Chesterfield VA m Elizabeth Ammonet b c 1743
-1-1-1-1-4-1 Richard Garrett b 1760 Fauquier Co d 1825 Culpeper Co m Carry Ann Hailey b 1760 d 1825
-1-1-1-1-6-1 James Garrett b c 1775 d 1854 m Mary Polly x b c 1784 d 1849
-1-1-1-2-1-1 Joseph Hibberd b 12 May 1765 Philadelphia m Hannah Bonsall
-1-5-4-1-1-1 George Emlen IV
-1-5-4-1-1-2 Mary Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-3 Margaret Emlen b 15 Jun 1750 Philadelphia d there 4 May 1822 m Samuel Howell Jr b 23 Nov 1748 Philadelphia son of Samuel Howell and Sarah Stretch
-1-5-4-1-1-4 James Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-5 Calebina Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-6 Lydia Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-7 Samuel Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-8 Jeremiah Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-9 Jeremiah Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-10 Sarah Emlen
-1-5-4-1-1-11 Deborah Emlen
-1-5-4-1-2-1 George Logan, U.S. Senator
-1-5-4-1-2-2 Charles Logan
-1-5-4-1-2-3 Sarah Logan
-1-5-4-1-2-4 James Logan
-1-5-4-1-2-5 William Logan
-1-5-4-1-2-6 Sarah Logan b 1751 d 1796 m Thomas Fisher b 1741

-1-1-1-1-1-4-1 Samuel Garrett
-1-1-1-1-1-4-2 Jacob Garrett
-1-1-1-1-1-4-3 Pleasant Garrett
-1-1-1-1-1-4-4 Elizabeth Garrett
-1-1-1-1-1-4-5 Margaret Garrett
-1-1-1-1-4-1-1 Elizabeth Oldaker
-1-1-1-1-4-1-2 Dolly Johnson
-1-1-1-1-4-1-3 Anthony Garrett
-1-1-1-1-4-1-4 Richard Garrett
-1-1-1-1-4-1-5 Sinnett Cavender
-1-1-1-1-4-1-6 Milley Heaton
-1-1-1-1-4-1-7 Addison Peter Garrett
-1-1-1-1-6-1-1 Elizabeth Garrett m Thomas Garrett b c 1798
-1-1-1-1-6-1-1-1 Stephen Johnson Garrett b c 1822 d 1892 m Eliza Baley + ch Jasper Garrett
-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 Elizabeth Hibberd b 1799 Darby Twp, Chester, PA d 7 Jun 1851 m Abram Powell b 1 Jan 1792 Uper Darby Chester Co son of George Powell and Hannah Ball
-1-5-4-1-1-3-1 William Emlen Howell
-1-5-4-1-1-3-2 Joseph Emlen Howell
-1-5-4-1-2-6.1 William Logan Fisher
8+ other issue - Benedict, Elizabeth, 4 others d young
d Peter Garrard
e Anne Garrard
m Sir George Barne, Lord Mayor of London son/heir of Sir George
1 Anne Barne apparently of this generation
m1 Walter Marler
m2 Francis Aungier, 1st Lord of Longford bpt 14.05.1558, d 08.10.1632

Sources: BEB1841 Garrard of Lamer + BLG1952 Cherry-Garrard formerly of Lamer, Visitation London, 1568, Garrard
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