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    Ga8 Anne Gallop

    Anne Gallop
    was the daughter of: Robert Gallop (b: ABT 1690 in England d. 20 May 1720) and Elinor Bryant (Br9)
    Born: 1694 in King George County, Virginia
    Married: Robert R Duncan b: 1692 in Scotland
    Married: ABT 1735 in Culpeper County, Virginia Colony
    She seems to have married to Johnston in 1735

    Died:  in Culpeper County, Virginia Colony

    The children of Robert Gallop and Elinor Bryant:
    Ga8-1 Phyllis Gallop who married Thomas Monteith.
    Ga8-2 Elinor Gallop who married John I Owen. 
    Ga8-3 Mary Gallop who married Richard Elkins and had a son  Richard.
    Ga8 Anne Gallop was the apperently the youngest sister   As the original land grant was to Bryan Foley and Robert Gallop the connection between Anne Gallop and Elinor Bryant and hence to Martha Bryant is conclusive. 
     John Duncan b: ABT 1727
     Mary Duncan b: ABT 1735
     (?Du7) Samuel Duncan  b: 1740 in Prince William County, Virginia
     Robert R Duncan Jr b: 1740
     Phyllis Duncan b: ABT 1742
     Rosy Duncan b: ABT 1743
     Joseph Duncan Sr b: ABT 1744
     Ann Duncan b: ABT 1745
     Gallop Duncan b: ABT 1746
     Lavina Duncan b: ABT 1750, married John Barrow Lightfoot of Virginia
     Charles Duncan b: DEC 1751
    There was a Gallop/up family in N Bowood, Dorset, England beginning about 1500 with descendants who emigrated to Mass. The Virginia branch is possible a collateral line of theis family. A long genealogy of this family has been published, of which a scan of the first half down to 1860 is show below.

    KING GEORGE CO., DEEDS, BK. I, pt. II, pg. 400, Deed of Sale: 5 Oct. 1727 Grantor-John I Owen, wife, Elinor (Gallop) Owen. Grantee-Nathaniel Ellkins of King George Co., carpenter Parcell of land bounded upon line of Major John Fitzhugh, Thomas Grigsby and Edward Brumstead. Signed in the presence of Richard RE Ellkins,Jr. and Jos. Crouch.

    1735 KING GEORGE COUNTY DEEDS: At a County Court, Deed of Lease and Release Recorded, 6 Feb. 1735 for Indenture between James Brissee, #2?, wife Elinor, Richard Elkins and Mary, his wife and Robert Duncom and Ann, his wife, daughters and Coheirs of Robert Gollop decd. of one part and by George James of the other part by deed of lease and granted unto Bryan Foley and Robert Gollop, Father of Elinor, Mary and Ann,...24 Feb. 1714/15. Note: Husband of Elinor, 1727 was John I Owen.

    Thomas Monteith married by 1737 Phillis Gallop, daughter of Robert Gallop. They had four children. Will of Thomas Monteith was recorded 6 Mar. 1746 (1747), King George Co. Court. By 1755 the widow, Phillis (Gallop) Monteith, married BENJAMIN ELKINS.
    RICHARD ELKINS #2, son of Richard #1, of King George County married by 1735 Mary Gallop, one of the four daughters of Robert Gallop, who died 20 May 1720, leaving a nuncupative will which failed to take effect as to his landed estate. Daughters are Phyllis, Elinor, Mary, and Ann.
    Johnston. In it he named his wife, Lettice, a daughter unnamed. He appointed Zachariah Elkins as guardian to a son, William. (The "Teril" name must be for a second husband).

    This is a semi-corrected raw scan still containing scan-errata from

3 1833 01239 2285
"JOHN D. GALLUP. (No. 4yo, page 132.)
"The world's history is a divine poem, of which the history of every nation is a canto, and every man a word." —James A. Garfield.
HARTFORD, CONX.: Press of Thk YiswvvoKV) Printing Company. (ELiHU (iEEK'S .SOXSj 1895.' 1560893
Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1803. by JOHN' D. GALLUP, Agawam, Mass., in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 7 1911 PREFACE. THE arrangement of this book is simple and hardly needs explanation. From John Gallup of the second genera- tion who married Hannah Lake, there are only two lines, those of his two sons John and Benadam. His son William left no sons, and of Samuel there is no record.
As John was the oldest, his line is given first in order and that of Benadam following through all the generations, being easily understood by the names and figures placed after each individual whose history is given. The small figures denote the generations.
Any descendant may thus readily trace his own line back to John the pioneer settler.
Those only are numbered who bear the name Gallup, and may be found in the first index.
Names of those connected with the family by marriage are in the second index.
The abbreviations are b. born; m. married; d. died; s. p. died without issue. ERRATA. Page 12, Sketch of George Tilly Gollop, tenth line from bottom, for Mrs. Standard's, read Mrs. Stannard's. •' 40, Xo. 50, after Charles Dow, m. Harriet W. Allen, read daughter of Rev. Jacob Allen. •' 47, X'l. 179, for X'athon, read X'arhan. •' So. X'fj. 52S, for Deucy, read Dency. ¦' 126, X'o. 467. By mistake this family was omitted m numbering, and to avoid confusion the numbers are now placed looia. looib, etc., with corres- ponding numbers in the index. ¦' 193, X'o. S82, for Elmina Ruggles Walter, read Elmina Ruggles. " 195, X'l,). 894, for Albert Husley, read Albert Xusley. " 199, Xo. 941, last line, for Salem, ]SIass., read Salem. Conn. " J 30, Xo. 1449, for Edmund Livingstone, b. February 21. 1876, read b. August 10. 1874, in Glasgow, Scot- land, d. there X'ovember 21, 1874. After Walter Tower, b. February 21. 1876, read in Glasgow, Scotland.
"Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children, another generation. —/oc-/, 1-3.
In this simple, natural, and best of all ways, there has come to us an incomplete knowledge of that past in which our ancestors lived, well and worthily, their appointed lives.
A reverent love for that time, g-lorified by the heroic deeds of our fathers, and the fearless devotion of our mothers, has unconsciously become one of our noblest mental possessions, inspiring to zealous search for recorded facts in the life history of those whose lips can no longer tell it to their children.
To verify and keep forever these stories of heroism, familiar from our childhood, and more precious than any written volume, this book has been written, that the children, and children's children may enjoy with us, and keep in memory the gathered harvest of fact, event, and incident, from the different branches of our venerable family tree.
May it intensify our reverence for the strong characters in the beginning of our family history, and more firmly seal the feeling of friendly kinship between those who have not yet attained the ancestral rank.
It was the thought of the author when beginning this work to compile only a brief historv* of his own branch of the family, but yielding to the solicitation of other branches, he consented t(j enlarge his plan, and hoped to embrace all of the lineage in the United States. But, finding it impossible to obtain records of all, in justice to those who have so l<.)ng waited for the appearance of the book, the writer is constrained to suspend his researches and bring the work to completion, after having given it a vast amount of" time and labor.

That errors will occur, notwithstanding the greatest care upon the compiler's part to avoid them, will be understood by all. but in no case has there been any liberty taken with dates. They are published as taken from old family Bibles, copies of records supplied by individuals, and from the examination of town and church records.
This introduction would be incomplete without an expres- sion of cordial appreciation for all the valuable help so kindly, freely and wisely given by different individuals from the beginning to the end of the finished w^ork.
Will one and all accept the sincere acknowledgments of the author for the priceless importance of aid received, and the generous and encouraging spirit that always came with it, which, though perfectly understood, can never be completely expressed by the grateful Author.
From Records of Harlean Society, British Museum, 1166, folio 72. VISITATION OF DORSET, 1623. John Gollop — Came out of the north A. 5, Ed 1465. (Fifth year of reign of Edward IV.) Married Alice, daughter and heir of William Temple, County of Dorset.
John Gollop, of North Bowood, and Temple, in County Dorset, died 25, H. 8, 1533- (Twenty-fifth year of reign of Henry VIII.) Married ]oan. daughter of .... Collins, of Snails Croft. County of Dorset.
Thomas Gollop, of North Bowood, son and heir, died April S, 1610. Jacob. (Reign of James I.)
married Agneta, daughter of Humphrey Watkins, of Hohvell, in County Dorset.
1. Egedins Gollop, first son, died without issue. Went to Rome and — became a priest.
2. Humphrey Gollop, second son, died without issue.
3. John Gollop, third son of Thomas and Agneta Watkins.
Married daughter of .... Crab. -
Elijah Gollop, of Mosterne, came to America, 1630, in ship Mary and John. .l/(;;-r/ 4. Thomas Gollop, fourth son, and made heir of North Bowood and Strode, died 1622, m month of December.
Married Francesca, daughter of George Pawlett, of Melplash, County of Dorset
1. Catharine, married Thomas Game, of CoUey, County, of Dorset.
2. Anne, second daughter, married Robert Marsh, of Chillington, County of Somerset.
3. Elizabeth, aged 13 at time of visitation in 1623.
4. William, 2 (probably second son).
5. Henry-, married Judith, daughter of James Hitt, of Lyme Regis.
6. Roger, aged 18, 1623, probably twin of Elizabeth.
7. Thomas Gollop, of North Bowood. son of Thomas and Francesca Fawlett, and heir of Strode, County of District.
Married Martha, dau.ghter of Ralph Ironside, of Bredy, in County Dorset.
Thomas Gollop, son and heir of Thomas and Martha Ironside, was 6 years old at time of Visitation, 1623. Martha Gollop, daughter, was 3 years old at time of visitation, 1623.
5. George Gollop, of Southampton, married
Humphrey Gollop, son of George of Southampton, died without issue.
6. Richard Gollop, of Bowood, sixth son of Thomas and Agneta Watkins, married a daughter of .... Davy, of Saunford, in County Devon.
John Gollop, Egedins Gollop, and other children.
[Gollopp, 1166; fol. sg.]
William Gollopp of [sfc], married ....
Roger Gollop, of Bowood, in County Dorset, Justice of Peace, living in 1623.
Married Mary, daugher of .... of Kerton, relict of Richard Gollop.
Grace, daughter; Roger, son and heir, aged 11 in 1623; Amye, second daughter; Joan, third daughter.
[Copied at Astor Library, New York, April 29, 1891.]
There seem to be two heirs alive in 1623, but one is of North Bowood, and heir of Strode (Thomas, aged 6), and the other (Roger, son and heir, aged 11), from folio 59. The latter is of Bowood only.
The English family is still at Strode.
Visitation of Gollop, of Strode, and Bowood. Taken in the year 1623, by Henr\' St. George (Richmond Herald), and Sampson Lennard (Blue Mantle Pursuivant), marshalls and deputies to William Campden Clarenceax, King of Arms.
Richmond Herald — A superior officer, "one of the six heralds of the English heralds college," an office created by Henry VII. in memory of his previous title of Earl of Richmond.
Blue Mantle Pursuivant — The title of one of the English pursuivants at arms. The office was created either by Edward III. or by Henry V., and named in allusion to the robes of the Garter, or as some suppose to the colors of the arms of France.
Gules, on a bend; Or, a lion passant; guardant, sable. Crest, a dtmi-lion barry. or, and sable, holding in his dexter pav/ a broken arrow, gules. Motto — "'Be bolde. Be wise."
Gules, red, taken from the color in the open mouth of the heraldic lion; bend, or bendy, signifies that the field or escutcheon, is divided by diagonal lines from the dexter chief to the sinister base — in reality a gold band five-eighths of an inch in width. The field represents the shield, which was an important part of knightly armor; the dexter chief, as worn by bearer on right arm, would bring the upper portion of band at right hand. Or (gold), a "lion passant, guardant, sable, simply means a black lion, on a gold band, walking with his face turned toward the observer. Crest reads: "A gold half lion, crossed by black horizontal bars, holding in his right paw a red, broken arrow."
The lion has always been a favorite emblem for the expres- sion of strength and power, which fact is too well understood, perhaps, to need repetition here. In heraldry it is always understood to be rampant, unless diiferently expressed.
Armorial insignia consists for the most part of one or more objects called charges, depicted on a field.
One coat of arms differs from another, not by charges only but by difference of color or tincture. In British Heraldry there are nine tinctures, two metals: Or, gold; Argent, silver; two furs, colors five, gules (red), azure (blue), sable (black). Vert (green), purpure (purple).
There is always an atmosphere of mystery about these old family escutcheons, which only enhances their interest, and our desire to penetrate their meaning, at best vague and unsatisfac- tory, and so we never weary of anything bearing upon the subject. For this reason, we give the opinion of one writer upon heraldry, that the full figure of a lion denotes some extant connection with a royal family.
If this is true, in our family the connection is so distantly remote we have no knowledge of it whatever, and no desire to make the ili.j^litcst cluiin thereto, though we hold our copy of the "Coat of Arms" as a treasured memento of the family, from that far away time of which we can now learn so little.
[From Burke's History' of the Landed Gentry.]
GoLLOP — George Tilly, Esq., of Strode House. County Dorset, born nth October, 1791, married 19th September, 1515. Christine, daughter of Hubertus Vander Viegen, a gentleman of Hasselt, in the district of Liege, and has issue: George, born 13th August, 1825. John, boni 27th May. 1829. Christina, Georgina Jane.
Mr. Gollop succeeded his father, in 1793, and was a magistrate of Dorsetshire.
' John Gollop, the founder of this family, was, according to some memoirs preserved in the family, a soldier of fortune from either Denmark or Sweden, who flourished in the reigns of Richard II and Henry IV. ; but other and more probable accounts, coinciding with the visitation in 1623, state that he lived in 1465 and came from the north.
He married Alice, daughter and heir of William or Peter Temple, of Templecombe, in Broad Winsor, and acquired therebv that estate with the lands of North Bowood. The next on record:
John Gollop, of North Bowood and Temple, living time Henry VIII ; married Joan, daughter of ... . Collins, of Nailscroft, County Dorset, and was succeeded at his decease by his son,
3> Thomas Gollop, who in minority was placed under the guardianship of Sir Giles Strangeways, being then possessed of Strode, North Bowood, and Temple. He married Agnes, daughter of Humphrey Watkins, of HolweU, in Somersetshire, and had issue:
1. Giles. Fellow of New College, O.xford. who not conforming to the change of religion in Queen Elizabeth's time, resigned his fellowship, and, traveling through .Spain to Rome, died there.
2. Humphrey, who died s. p.
3. Thomas, of whom presently.
4. John, father of John of Mastern.
5. George. 6. Richard.
He died in 1610, having made nearly an equal division of his estates. Strode, Bowood, etc. , amongst his sons, the third of whom
'' Thomas Gollop, Esq., of Strode, etc., married Frances, daughter of George Poulet, of Holbom, in the County of Dorset, and grandson of Lord Thomas Powlet, son of WiUiam, the tirst marquis of "Winchester, and. dying in 1623, was succeeded by his son,
Thomas CJollop. Esq., of North Bowood and Strode, barrister at law. This gentlerr.a:! nuirried Martha, daughter of Ralph In.n-ide, oi Long- ^)v:it;.- '>!' Gilbert. Ei-'iTp of Bristol, and, dying in !^'.3- -vu- -----.-ic^i by i:::, m,::.
Thomas, (, Esq., (,t' N.,rth Bowoodl .^-vi Strode, b'.m in 1617. This gentleman wu- educated at Wndham Oxford and at the Middle Temple.
He was Coroner of the County Dorset, and served the office of Shenif in the twenty-seventh of Charles II., when he was attended by his ten sons as javeUn men, headed by their uncle. The deficiency in the usual number being remarked by the Judge, the explanation of the persons who composed the train was given, and an excuse made upon the plea of so large a family. He married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Thomas Thome, of Candlemarsh, Gent., and had issue:
1. Thomas, who died s. p. in 1727.
2. Giles, of London, whose line terminated with his grandson, George Gollop, of Chilfroom, surgeon.
3. William, of Candlemarsh, who inherited his mother's estate, and was father of
Thomas Gollop, Esq. , of Candlemarsh, ancestor of the Gollops of that place and of Strete. County Somerset.
4. John, continuator of the family.
James, of Bristol, in trade.
Heury of Exeter, in trade.
Ralph, of Lillington, who died s.p.
Benjamin, of Bristol.

George, of Berwick, who married Mars-, daughter and heiress of Julius Squib, Esq., and, dying in 1729, left issue:
1. George, Sheriff of Dorset, eighteenth of George II., who died s.p. in 1753.
2. Thomas, governor of Portland Castle, who married a daughter of Edmund Tucker, Esq., of \Ve\-mouth, and died s.p. in 1761.
3. James, Sheriff of Dorset, eighth of George III.
4. Julian, who died in the East Indies, and left issue: Dorothy, Mary, Elizabeth, who married William Hansford, Esq., Comm. R. X. :Martha married John Tucker, Esq., M. P. for Wey- mouth. Sarah married Richard Tucker.

10. Nicholas, of London. ri. Richard, of Charmouth.

John Gollop, Alderman of Dorchester, succeeded to the family estate by an arrangement with his elder brothers, by which he paid them a sura of money and annuities for life. He married first. Mary, daughter of Philip Stansby, of Dorchester, and secondly, Frances, widow of Henry Backway, Gent By the former, of whom he had issue to survive in infancy, John, his heir, ,
Thomas, of London, merchant, wlfo married Mar>-, daughter of
Walter Foy, Esq., of Bewly Wood. Rebecca, married Edward Tucker, Esq,, of Wejmiouth. Mr. Gollop died 25th August, 1731, and was succeeded by his son. John Gollop, Esq,, of Strode, who married first, Edith, daughter of Walter Foy, Esq., of Bewly Wood; second. Penelope, daughter of John Mitchell, Esq., of Kingston Ru.ssell, and third, Joan, daughter of Giles Hitt' gentleman of Lorscomb. By the first lady he had issue :

12 GENEALOGY OF { Thomas of Lillington. who married, first Susannah, daughter of
t Nathaniel Tilly, Esq., of Thomford, and eventual heiress of i the Tillie's, by whom he had issue:
I Thomas, heir to his granfather.
i Jane, married to Henry Petty, Esq,, of Evershot.
I He married second Miss Holloway and had another son, John, \ M. D. , who married Miss Annie Dampier and died. s. p. Mr. Gollop died v. p., loth July, 1749. i John and Walter both died, s. p. ! Mr. Gollop died in 175S, aged 82, and was succeeded by his grandson
\ Thomas Gollop, Esq., of Sherborne and Strode. This gentleman married Jane, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Sawkins, L. L. B., \ncar of Frampton and Rector of Bettescombe in Dorsetshire, and left at his decease in 1793 an only son, the present George Tilly Gollop, Esq. , of Strode.
Arms: Gu, on a bend or a lion passant giiardont sa.
Crest : A demi-lion bendy or and sa, holding in his dexter paw a broken arrow, g-u.
Seat : Strode House, near Bridport.
Sketch of the late George Tilly Gollop of Dorsetshire, Eng- land, kindly furnished for this work by his daughter, Mrs. Henry Reeve, of London. England, abridged from his diaries.
I In the autobiography of the Hon. Roger North, just published by Dr. i Jessop, there is an illusion to an incident on circuit in the west of England ;
" It happened in Dorsetshire once that the High Sheriff had ten sons who I carried halberds and wore his livery, and his eldest son was the captain of I the band ( 27th Charles II., 1670). "
i A lineal descendant of that officer will celebrate his 96th birthday on ; the nth October.
\ Mr. Gollop was born in October, 1791 ; his father died in January, 1793, and the boy then came into possession of the estate of Strode in the parish of Netherbur\', acquired by his ancestors the year of the Armada. There are records of the family in an adjoining parish for another centurv, and it is possible that when the battle of Bosworth Field ended the civil wars, the "Soldier of Fortune. ' said to be the progenitor of the family, settled in Dorsetshire.
Mr. Gollop's first school was at Mrs. Standard's, in Long street, Sher- borne, a sort of dame's school ; he went to similar schools at Burton, Brad- stock and at White Cross. North Netherbury.
Next to a writing school kept by Mr. AvTes at Sherborne. The old gentleman was a good mathematician, wrote a book on astronomy, and wore a pigtail.
When seven or eight years old he went to a boarding school at Kington Magna, kept by the Rev. W. Toogood, and later on to Dr. Jones, Redland, near Bristol where a prize was awarded him for progress in the fourth class in 1803.
I i
Mr. Gollop was at Brazenose, Oxford in iSoS-g, and subsequently became a pupil of Chitty, the well known conveyancer, being entered at the Inner Temple in May, iSir.
But his health was not strong, the close air of the Temple and a seden tary life did not suit him, and in 1815 he determined to make a tour on the continent ; with a friend, saddle horses, saddle bags, and two grooms, the route was via Harwich and Helvoetsluys.
One of these grooms, Hartzman, was a deserter from the French army in Spain, and was chosen as conversant with foreign languages. Mr. Gol- lop kept a careful diary from which a few extracts follow.
The party rode through Holland, and \na Osnabruck, Bremen, Bruns- wick, Magdeburg to Potsdam. On the 30th May they were present at a review of the Prussian army at Berlin.
"The King rode along the whole line beginning from the Charlotten- burg end. They are certainly the finest men and the most soldierlike troops I ever saw. These troops, it appears, form the army of reserve."
" On June i, " so runs the diary. "read the English papers. War not yet begun. On the 24th, news arrived of the great victory gained by Wellington and Blucher over Boney ; we saw the cannon tired by the palace. The courier who brought the news paraded the streets with postillions, blowing trumpets before, and with lancers behind."
From Berlin they went to Leipsic and surveyed the bridges and remnants of bridges where the French army passed over, the fields covered with their dead bodies, and the tree against which Bonaparte leant and watched the fight.
"We marked the spot whence Poniatowsky, pierced with three mortal wounds, leaped on horseback into the river, and after reaching the opposite bank was again plunged into the water by his recoiling steed."
Dresden was reached on the 6th July. The fortress of Konigstein was visited (but only the outside, spite of every eflFort to obtain admittance ), and the spot where General Moreau was struck by a cannon ball by the side of the Emperor Alexander, 27th August, 1813, is duly noted.
It was at Prague that Mr. Gollop read in the newspapers the convention " between Wellington. Blucher, and the French Provisional Government."
The party reached Vienna on 22nd July. Here a longer stay was made, and an impportant event took place, for on the 19th September, Mr. Gollop was married according to the rites of the Church of Rome, to Miss Christine Van der Miegen.
Only after the ceremony did it occur to the bridegroom and bride to en- quire whether they had complied with the legal requirements. The lady's guardian Count Bathiany and Mr. Gordon, the British minister, took coun- sel. It was found that there ought to have been publication of banns in England previously, and that the ambassador should have been present at the Roman Catholic ceremony. It was further found out that the laws of Austria prohibit the performance of a Protestant ceremony after a Catholic one.
Therefore on their return home Mr. and Mrs. Gollop were remarried by license at the Marleybone church on the 6th August, 1816, in the presence of Mr. Gollop's mother, of Mr. Hunter, and of Mr. and Mrs. Archer Shee. afterwards Sir Martin Archer Shee, president of the Royal Academy. A carriage was now necessary for the honeymoon tour; the friend returned to England, but Mr. Gollop kept on his saddle horses, and rode some of the stages. Gratz, Trieste, Udine, ]^Iestri and Venice were the halts.
On the 1 2th December, at Venice, being the eighteenth anniversary of the departure of the famous Bronze Horses for Paris, the Emperor of Austria presided at a grand function for their restoration to their former site. An amphitheatre with a raised box was erected in St. Clark's place facing the church. The horses were landed to the roar of cannons and drawn by sailors up the center of the square through an alley of troops. (These horses were in the first place stolen by the Venetians from Greece.)
From Venice the travelers went to Ferrard, Bologna, Florence, reach- ing Rome on the 3rd January. 1816.
On the 19th they were at Naples. They visited Pompeii and went up Vesuvius. They dismounted at the foot of the main hill, scrambled with difficulty to the top by torchlight, and at last came within sight of the crater, smoke, flames and stones being thrown up. The descent was of course a far easier task, but when the last torch was lighted the guides declared that they had lost their way. "We were between two mighty hills of lava in a sort of gully, stumbling every moment over huge cinders, a Scotch mist wetted us to the skin, a cold wind did not dry us." Between 5 and 6 o'clock there was enough light for the guides to regain the track and the travelers got back to the "Aquida d'Oro," weary but safe.
They now set their faces homewards, pausing at Rome, Florence, Bo- logna, and Parma. Here Mrs. Gollop's illness detained them a short time. Mr. Gollop rode to the gate of Marengo, and Pietro, the vetturino, present- ed an ugly Uttle puppy which he said was "motto graziaso. " Mrs. Gollop being better they went to the theatre and heard a certain Paganini on the violin, "whom Christine thinks the first player living. He was in prison for some crime and passed ten years there perfecting himself.
Turin, Geneva, (via. Mount Cenis, Cham'oery, and a village with hot springs, Great Aix) and finally on May 3. Pii";-: u-as reached, and from Paris Mr. and Mrs. Gollop proceeded to London.
In 1823 Mr. Gollop published a translation of Schiller's minor poems — The Bell, " "The Diver," " The Glove," and " The Worth of Women."
In 1834 Mr. Gollop published another translation from the German on a very different subject — a chapter from Eichom's introductions to the New Testament. And in i823 his translation of Eichom's introduction to the Old Testament was printed for private circulation. The translation had been made soon after 1834. By his first marriage there were two sons and one daughter, by a second marriage, one son and one daug'nier. Mr. Gollop died in February 1889; his eldest son in ^lay, 1890. Mr. Gollop made a short tour of the continent in 1823, but he kept no account of this.
A few years later, after the birth of his first son, Mr. Gollop left Brympton House, near Yeovil, the property of Lord Westmorland, where he had been residing, and determined to live on his property in Dorsetshire. The old mansion at Strode ha\-ing been converted into a farm house, a new house was begun in 1830, and here Mr. Gollop has lived ever since. The names of his children and dates of their births are to be found in Burke's Commoners.
The London World in 1889 says: "Mr. George Tilly Gollop of Strode, will be 95 this year. He is the representative of a very- ancient familvinthe west of England and succeeded to his estates in 1792. He is doubtless the doyen of English squirearchy. Mr. Gollop still takes a keen interest in poli- tics, quotes Horace with singular correctness, and writes charming letters to his daughter, the wife of Mr. Henry Reeve."
Mr. Gollop died at Strode Manor, Xetherby, Dorset, March 22, 1SS9, in the gSth year of his age, leaving a son and daugher.
ORIGIN AND ORTHOGRAPHY OF family name. [From Burke's Landed Gentry. ] " The name is said to be derived from the Gennan words, 'Gott and Lobe,' God and praise, as Godfrey comes, from Gott and Frende, God and peace. " [From Hon. C. H. Gallup's History- of Nor\\-alk, Ohio.] "In Lorraine, part of the debatable territory between the French and Gennan people : wasted and seared and scarred, by manv battles, now in possession of one people, then of another, there is an ancient family of the name of Kolopp, From time immemorial the tradition has been handed down, by its members from generation to generation, that one of their number went to Western Europe as a follower of William Duke of Normandv, and never re- turned. Thi.-, tradition was recently imparted to the writer by the Rev. Peter Kolopp, a member of that family now in charge of St. Peter's (Catholic) church of Norwalk. As corroborative of the tradition in the Kolopp family of Lorraine, a tradition also exists in the Gallup family of America that the founder of the Enghsh branch came into England at the Conquest, from France. This tradition has often been related to the writer by the late Hallet Gallup of Norwalk. The different spelling of the names, by the two families is no indication of a difference in origin. In those early days education was confined to the monasteries, and family names were perpetuated by the medium of thtir children, more than by written records. Afterwards, as education became more general, and men learned to write their names, the manner of spelling them was purely arbitrary, de- pending upon the sound, or the fancy of the indi\-idual. Kolopp is a correct phonetic spelling of the German pronunciation of Gallup." In old English records, the name is spelled in several different ways, as Gollop, Gollopp, Golloppe, Golop. The present English family still retain Gollop. In Boston records, we find almost as great a variety of spelling as given in the ancient English records. Gallup prep<.nderating however, and the latter form of spelling but slightly changed by later generaii-jns from our great ance?,:ors simple orthography, seems, "by common consent to have been adopted by the large majority of his descendants in our country. GALLUP FAJMILY. 17 FIRST GENERATION. John Gallop, the ancestor of most of the families of that name in this country, came to America from the Parish of !Mosteme, County Dorset, England, in the year 1630. He was son of John Gollop, who married Crabbe, who was son of Thomas and Ag-nes (Watkins) Gollop, of North Bowood and Strode, and whose descendants still own and occupy the manors of Strode. He was thirty-three years old at the time of the visitation of Dorset, 1623. He married Christobel, whose full name does not appear, and careful research has failed to discover it. He sailed from Plymouth. England. March 20, 1630, in the ship Mary and John, arriving at Xantasket, now Hull, May 30th. His wife and children following in 1633. He went first to Dorchester, but was soon after a resident of Boston. He was admitted to the First Church, January 6, 1634. His wife, Christobel, June 22. 1634. He was made a freeman in April of same year. '" He was one of the earliest grantees of land at the northerly part of the town, where he had a wharf-right and house." The locality was known by the name of Gallop's point, and was the southeast part of the peninsula, at the north end of the town. We find his name first in the town records in 1636, on page 10, where occurs the following entry: "Item: It is ordered that John Gallop shall remove his payles at his yarde ende within 14 days, and to rainge them even with the comer of his house, for the preserving of the way upon the Sea Bancke." This was probably the origin of Middle street, now known as Hanover street. — Extract froin an article in Boston Transcript^ April /J, iSSj, by James H. Stark. He owned Gallup's Island, where he had a snug farm, with a meadow on Long Island, a sheep pasture on Nix Mate, and a house in Boston. 2 18 GENEALOGY OF He was a skilful mariner, well acquainted with the harbor around Boston, and in the habit of making frequent trading expeditions along- the coast in his own vessels. One of these expeditions wa§ made forever memorable by the encounter of the murderers of his friend, John Oldham. [Por full account of this first naval exploit off Block Island, July, 1636, see Appendix.] After the settlement of Rhode Island and Connecticut, his vessel furnished about the only means of communication be- tween the two colonies. At one time there was considerable anxiety in the Rhode Lsland colony, for John Gallup was de- layed in his trip. Soon after, Roger Williams writes Governor Winthrop, beginning in this manner: "God be praised John Gallop has arrived." He achieved great distinction by piloting in the ship Griffin, a ship of 300 tons, in September, 1633, through a new found channel, when she had on board the Rev. John Cotton, the Rev. Thos. Hooker, Rev. Mr. Stone, and other fathers of New England among her two hundred passengers. Besides these, it is supposed that Mr. Gallop's wife and children were on board. He died in Boston, January 11, 1650. His wife, Christobel, died in Boston, September 27. 1655. His will and that of his wife's are amung the earliest on record, and may be found in the Appendix. * In this connection, an extract from a letter written by Gcjvemor Winthrop t(; the Rev. John White, of England, re- ferring to John of Masterne. will be enjoyed: + "I have much dirncultye to keepe John Gallop here, by reason his wiie will not come. I marvayle at the woman s weakne.sse. I pray, persuade and further her coming by all means. If she will come let her have the re- mainder of his wages; if not, let it be bestowed to bring over his children, for so he desired. It would be about ^^40 to him to come for her. Your a-ssured in the Lord's worke, J. Wi.ntmrop. M.ASSACHt SETTS, Julv 4, I632." Possibly, Governor Winthrop's pleasure, that the "woman's weaknesse" had been overcome, enabling her to join her hus- band, pn-mptcd the gift of Gallop's Island in commemoration of the successful piloting, by her happy husband, of the ship which bore her and so many distinguished ones safely into Boston Harbor. •Gathered from Winthrop's History. t Found among Gov. Winthrop's papers. GALLUP FAMILY. 19 Surelv the evening- of that eventful September day found no happier man in the settlement than John Gallop, whose stout heart had never, for a moment, failed him or his friends in any of the stern emerg-encies of those early days; yet had g-rown weary enough in the prolonged waiting for wife and children, by a lonely tireside, for which he had little more courage than some descendants that bear his name. On the frontier, men live in heart to heart contact with one another, the interests of one are the interests of all. Governor "Winthrop and family devoutly shared his joy; the arrival of the Governor's family, and the great rejoicing upon that event, when amid the resounding welcome of artiller}-, "the judges of the court and most of the people of the town went to salute them," occurred but two years before, and doubtless there were many friends to heartily greet the good wife, the only daughter, and three brave lads of John Gallop. Among them all none nearer than the friend, John Mason, with him in the military school in Holland, companion through the voyage on the " ^Slary and John," and ever after these two were as close friends as peculiar associations and strong natures could make them. The doubting heart of Christobel, for whom the home in the wilderness and the uncertainties of the voyage seems to have had no attraction, m.ust have been cheered by the warmth of her welcome to the new land, and the kindly and hospitable efforts in her behalf which surely followed, and one can readily believe that in time her steadfast heart became almost as firmly attached to their new home and coimtr}- as it had before been to dear old England, never forgotten in the new attachment. She evidently torjk kindly to no new ways without ample time for consideration of their merits. Her husband always preceded her; she did not become a member of the First Church until six months after his admission to the same. But that the "heart of her husband did safely trust in her even to the end," is assured by the peculiarly respectful, considerate, and affectionate terms and provisions of his will ; testifying to his confidence in her excellent judgment v.-hen her decisions were reached — and one time more he went before her, taking lea'.'e f'.»r the Better Counrr}', some six \-ears before the time of her departure there^^r. 20 GENEALOGY OF [Gathered from Winthrop's and Trumbull's Histories. ] In the beginning of 1630 a church was gathered at Plymouth, England, (if persons who intended to come to North America in order to enjoy ci\-il and reli'^^ous privileges. Some time before the 20th of March just as they were about to embark for New England, upon a day of solemn fasting and prayer, they were f(n-med into a Congregational church at the new hospital at Plymouth. They then made choice of Rev. John Warham and Rev. John Maverick to be their pastor and teacher. They were ordained or re-installed to the care of this particular church. The famous Mr. White of Dorches- ter, preached on this occasion. Mr. Warham had been a noted minister in E.Keter. the capital of the county of Devonshire. They sailed from Ply- mouth, Elngland, on the 20th of March, 1630, in the Mary and John, a ship of 400 tons which had on board 140 persons and arrived at Nantasket, (^now iluil) Mass., on the 30th of May. The next day Captain Squeb, the master of the vessel, put them and their goods on shore and left them to shift for themseh-es notwithstanding his engagement to bring them up the Charles river. (The captain was afterwards obliged to pay damages for this con- duct. ) But by the assistance of some of the old planters they obtained a lx)at and proceeded up the Charles river to the place since called Water- to wn. Here they landed their goods and erected a shelter to cover them, but as they had many cattle and found a neck of land at Mattapan, atford- yv.'^ good accommodations for them they all removed to this place and began a >vttlement there in the early part of June. They named the place Dor- cliester because many of them came from a town of that name in England. They were chiefly from the counties of Devonshire, Dorsetshire and >-hire. They were a very godly and religious people and many of them. jKTsons of note and figure, being signified with the title of Mr., which few •r. those days were. Some of the principal men were Mr. Rosseter, Mr. Lu'Huw, Mr. Glover, Mr. Woicott. Mr. Gallop and others. It seems that ir.any of these people were trading men and at first designed Dorchester for a pace of c()mmerce, but the channel being poor and the landing difficult, .i:v-\ Bo-ton and Charlestown harbor far from commodious, they desisted from t;;at design and many of them moved afterwards to Boston and other places. In the summer of 1635, Rev. John Warham removed with his congrega- tion to Windsor, Conn., and. began the settlement of that town. Rev. Ebenezer ter, great grandson of Mr. Edward Rosseter, who came to Dorchester with Mr. Warham, was ordained over First Congrega- tional church at Stoningtonin 1722, and continued there till his death in 1762. Matthew Grant, the ancestor of General U. S. Grant, was also a pas- senger on the "Mar\- and John, " and removed \\-ith Mr. Warham to Wind- "^(r. Conn. * Children : *2 John, b. in England. .. ' ,^ . -s-. *3 JuA.N, b. " •^*^ "*"' ; -'• ; *4 Samlel, b. " '"'" *5 Nath.vniel, b. • ¦ ,1. K.-v'^i.T'^'^if.''!''" '¦'*'" "ther minister.s who came over in the "Marv and John," in '" Ke> . John \, Uson and Rev. George Philips. THE ROYAL DESCENT OF MRS. HANNAH LAKE GALLUP.
This chart is copied from a book recently published by Charles H. Browning, of Philadelphia, entitled "Americans of Royal Descent," including prominent New England families, among them the Gallup family, whose lineage is traced through various noble and royal lines back to the house of Charlemagne.
1. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, born .a., d. T4"2, m. Hildegarde, third wife, and had
2. Louis I, King of France, m. .Judith tlie Fair, and liad
3. Charles II. King of France, in. Ernieiitrudis. and had
4. Louis II, King of France, m. Adelheid, and had
5. Charles III. King of France, m. Princess Edgiva, granddaughter of Alfred the Great. King of England, and had
6. Louis IV, King of France, in. a. d. OoO, Princess Gerberga de Saxe, daughter of Henry the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, and had
7. Charles, Duke of Lorraine, eldest son, excluded from tlie tlirone of France, who m. first Fionne, daughter of Godefroi d'Ardeniie. and had
8. Gerberge. Countess of Lorraine, who m. Lambert I, Count of ^lons and Lorraine, and had
9. Lambert II, Count of Mons. whom. Ode, ilaugiiter of Gothelon, Count of Lorraine, son of Duke Charles, son of Louis IV, ami had
10. Henry II, Duke of Brabant, m. Adela of Tlmringia, and had IL Godfred I, Duke of Lower Lorraine, Brabant and Lotlier, m. Ida, — daughter of Albert, third Count de Namur; also m. Sophia, daughter of Henry IV. Emperor of Germany, his daughter.
12. Adelicia,the Fair Maid of Brabant dau of Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine/Brabant, second wife and widow of Henry I, King of England, who m. secondly William d'Albini, Earl of Sussex and Arundel and had:
l3. Wiliiam de Albini 2nd Earl of Arundel and Sussex. who m. Maud St. Hilaire, dau of James Hilaire du Harcourt, wid. of Roger de- Clare, third Earl of Clare and had:
14. William, third Earl of Arundel and Earl of Sussex, who m Mabel de Meschines, daughter of Hugh "Keveliok" de Meschines (Wales), 3rd Earl of Chester, and had:
15. Lady Mabel d'Albini, who m. Robert de Tatteshall and had
14. Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall (b 1222, d 22.07.1273) m. Joan FitzRandolph (d c03.1310, dau of Ralph FitzRandolph of Middleham) and had 13. Emma de Tatteshall, who m. Osbertde Cailly, son of Adam de Cailly, Lord of tlie Court Manors, and had
12. Sir Hugh de Cailly. Lord of Owby Manor, who m. Agnes, daughter of Hamo de Hamsled, and had
11. Sir William de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, who m. Catherine and had
10. John de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, who m. Maud . and had
20. John Cayley, Lord of Normanton, who had
21. William Cayley, Lord of Normanton, who had
22. Jennet Cayley, sole heir, wlio m. John Lake, Lord of Manor of Nor- manton, and had
23. John Lake, of Normanton, who m. Jane, daughter of Robert Drakes, of Yorkshire, and had
24. John Lake, of Normanton, who had
20. Lancelot Lake, of Normanton, who m. Margaret, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Twisleton, and had
26. John Lake, of Normanton, who m. Catherine, daughter of John Pecke, of Wakefield, and had
27. Lancelot Lake, of Normanton. who m. Emma, daughter of Robert Northend, of Halifax, Yorkshire, and had
28. John Lake, of Erby, Lincolnshire, who m. Osgarby, and had 2y. Richard Lake, of Erby, who m. secondly Anna Morellj', of Claxby, Lincolnshire, by whom he had
30. John Lake, of Erin-, who m. Margaret, daugiiter of Colonel Eilmund Read, of Wickford, Essex, and had
31. Hannah Lake, who m. Capt. John Gallup. Jr., of Stonington, Con- necticut.
JOHN' GALLUP, {John' ) son of John and Christobel Gal- lup, was bom in England, and came to this country in 1633. He married in 1643, at Boston, Hannah Lake, daughter of John and Margaret Lake. Madam Margaret Lake was the daughter of Edmund Read, Esq., of Wickford, Essex county, England, and sister of Elizabeth Read, who married John Winthrop, jr.. Governor of Connecticut. In early life he showed signs of the bravery which afterwards distinguished him as an Indian war- rior. It is supposed he was with his father and assisted him in the capture of John Oldham's vessel, off Block Island. With Massachusetts forces he engaged with his father in the Pequot war and bore himself so bravely that the General Court of Con- necticut in 167 1 gave him a grant of 100 acres of land. He came to New London in 1650 or '51. The following extracts are from Miss Calkin's History of New London:
" Before the end of the municipal year Febuary 25, 1650-1, we find the names of John Gallup and Mrs. Lake and others, all applicants for house lots. "
Qn the town street, east of Stallion and Bayley. a lot of ample 'li- mensions was laid out to John Gallup, eight acres in the very heart of the town covering the space east of the town street to the beach and extending north from State street to Federal. "
In the colonial records at Hartford may be found the following:
Febrary 9, 1652-3, John Gallup in consideration and with respect unto the services his father hath done for the country, hath given him up the river of Mistick, v.-hich side he will 300 acres of upland.
February 6, 1653-4, John Gallup, hath given him a further addition to his land at Mistick, 150 acres, which he accepts of and acknowledgeth him- self satisfyde for what lands he formerly laide claim unto upon the general neck as a gift of his father's, which as he .saith was given to his father by tieneral Stoughton after the Pequott war.
Having these large grants of land he removed with his family in 1654 to the east side of the Mystic river, now Stoning- ton, where he had taken up the land granted him. He was one of the early settlers of that town. His homestead place was bounded on the west by Mystic river, south by Captain Stanton's homestead place and Captain Denison's land, east by Denison's land and the town lots, and on the north by Robert Park's land. He represented the town at the General Court in 1665 and 1667. He was also an Indian interpreter. When King Philip's war broke out, although he was over sixty, age had not quenched his martial ardor. New London county having raised seventy men under Captain John Mason of Nor- wich, Captain Gallup joined with him at the head of the Mohegans. These troops forming a junction with those of the other colonies, were engaged in the fearful swamp fight at Narragansett, December 19, 1675, (within the limits of the present town of South Kingston, R. I.)
In storming this fort he led his men bravely forward and was one of the six captains who fell in this memorable fight. A complete victory was here gained over the savage foe, but with great loss of life on both sides. Capt. Gallup was a brave and valuable officer and was loved and respected by his men.
The division made of his estate by order of the County Court was to the widow, ^Tioo; to the oldest son John, ^137; to Benadam, j£()o ; to William and Samuel, each ^""89 ; to the five daughters, ^70 each. Mrs. Hannah Gallup had also a large grant of land from the General Court in consideration of her great loss.
' Children :
* 6 Ha.nnah, b. at Boston, Sept. 14, 1644. m. Stephen Gifford of Norwich, Ct., June 18, 1672. Henry Hodges of Taunton, Dec. 17, 1674. Peter Crary of Groton, Dec. 31, iC--- Henry Stevens of Sion- in,i;ton. John Cole, schoolmaster of Boston. Joseph Culver of Groton.
7 John, b.
8 Esther, b. N. London, Mch. 24, 1653.

9 Benaua.m, b. Stonington, 1655.
lO William, 1658
11 Samuel, 12 r • CuKlsrOHKL,
13 Kl.lZAiiF. Ill,
14 Mary,
15 Margaret,
u -^ S.CC .V-i,---) w */-"'•¦•'. '¦'
t..., -7
MRS. HANNAH [Lake) GALLUP, came to this country with her mother, in the ship Abigail, arriving October 6, 1635, after a passage of ten weeks.
Mrs. Margaret Lake, with her daughters Hannah and Martha, accompanied her sister Elizabeth ( Read ) Winthrop, the new wife of Gov. John Winthrop, Jr., who returned to America in this ship with commissions from Lord's Say, Brook and others. She left a son in England who never came to America.
As this was the first marriage in the male line of the emi- grant ancestors, of the Gallop family, which took place in this country, and the commencement of the American line of descent, the lineage of the wife is here given :
John Lake, the father of Hannah (Lake) Gallop descended from the Lakes of Normantown, Yorkshire, who claimed descent through the Cailleys, from the Albinis, Earls of Anmdel and Sussex, from the Counts of Lou- vaine, ( the right line of Charlamagne) and from William the Conquerer.
Margaret (Read) Lake, mother of Hannah (Lake) Gallop, born in England, was the daughter of Edmund Read of Wickford, Esse.x County. Margaret ( Read ) Lake of Wickford, died in Ipswich, Mass., 1672.
The youngest sister of ]\I?rgaret Lake, was the secima wire of Gov. John Winthrop, Jr., and the mother of all his children.
Martha Epps, her eldest sister (widow) married for her second husband. Deputy Governor Samuel Symonds, of Ipswich, Mass.
Thomas Read, the brother who came to this country and settled at Salem, Mass., where he was an ensign; returned to England, and entered Cromwell's army, was made a colonel, and assisted General Monk in the restoration of Charles IL, wiis placed in command of vSterling Castle.
Martha, the second daughter of Margaret Lake, married Thomas Harris of Ipswich, Mass., November 15, 1647.
John Lake, the husband of Margaret, never came to this country, died in England.
Margaret Lake died in Ipswich, Mass, 1672. Her will and inventory of her estate are in the appendix. 24
JOAN- (John), daughter of John of Masterne and Christobel Gallup, born in England, married Thomas Joy, in 1637, in Boston, Mass.
Children :
Joy , b. in Boston Dec. 26, 1639.
John- b. Sept. 10, I64I.
Thomas b. Jan. 3. 1643.
Joseph b. Feb. I, 1645.
Ephraim b. Dec. 7i 1646.
Benjamin- b. March 12, 1650.
Elizabeth b. Nov. 7. 1654
Ruth b. Feb. 28, 1658
4 SAMUEL' GALLUP {Jo1l?i'), son of John and Christobel Gallup, was bom in England, came to this country in 1633, married Mary Philips, at Boston, November 20, 1650. He lived at Boston, and was a sea captain. Died before 1670.
Children :
16 Mary, b. Dec. 4, 165 1.
17 Hannah, b. Sept. 3, 1654.
18 Samuel, b. Feb. 14, 1656.
19 Mehitabel, b. April 5, 1659.
20 Abaig^ail, b. June 27, 1664.
Samuel was a sea captain, commanded a transport, and perished in the disastrous expedition to Canada under Sir William Phips, in it'.-^o. Bv his death the male line of this family became extinct.]
NATHANIEL GALLUP {John'), son of John and Christobel Gallup, was born in England, came to this country in 1633. He married Margaret Eveley, at Boston, April u, 1652, and lived in Boston. He died before 1670.
Children :
21 Nathaniel, b. June 14, 1658.
22 Joseph, b. March 20, 1661.
23 Benjamin, b. Jan. 3, 1664.
24 Mary, b. June 25, 1668.
HANNAH' GALLUP {JoIin\ John'), daughter of John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup, born at Boston. SeptenitSer 14, 1644. Married Stephen Gilford, of Norwich, Conn., as his second wife, June 18, 1672. Children :
T ^ ( m. Martha Gallup, dautrhter of John
JOHN GlFFORD, < j T-<1- u ^u u /- ii ¦' ( and Elizabeth Harris Gallup.
THIRD GENERATION. JOHN' GALLUP {John\ John'), son of John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup, was born in 1646. He married Elizabeth Harris, of Ipswich, Mass., in 1675, daughter of Thomas and Martha Lake Harris, and grand-daughter of Madame Margaret Lake. She was bom at Ipswich, February 8, 1654. He settled in Stonington, where his father had large grants of land from the General Court, in consideration of his services to the country in the Indian wars. -^ He represented the town in the General Court iri 1685, 1696, 1697, 1698. He served with his father in Philips war, and was probably with him at the Narragansett swamp fight. He was on friendly terms with the Indians, and often acted as their interpreter. In 1701 a committee was appointed to find out and renew the bounds of the Winthrop land purchase, at Plainfield, Conn. This committee consisted of prominent men of the town, and a large number of Indians who served as guides. John Gallup acted as interpreter for the Indians. He owned land in Plainfield, but never removed there to live. He died April 14, 1735.
Children :
*25 John, b. 1676.
*26 Thomas, bapt. 1682.
27 MARTHA, bapt. April 2, 1633, m. John Gifford, Norwich, Conn.
*28 Samukl, bapt. Oct. 9, 16S7.
29 Elizabeth bapt. Julj-, 14, 16S9.
*3o Nathaniel, bapt. July, 4, 1692.
31 WiLLLIAM. bapt. May 26, 1695, d. at Voluntown, Aug. i5, 1735.
*32 Benjamin, bapt. Nov. i, 1696. ESTHER' GALLUP (John\ John'), daughter of John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup, bom at New London, Conn., March 24, 1653. Married Henry Hodges, son of William and Mary (Andrews) Hodges, of Taunton, Mass. He died September 30. 1717-
Mary Hodges
John " m. Hannah Morton
BENADAM' GALLUP {JohH\ John'), son of John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup, born in Stonington, Conn., 1655, married H-thcr Prentice, daughter of John and Esther Prentice, of New L''r;!i>in, Conn., who was 1/orn July 20, 1660. They were both members of the Congregational Church of Stonington. He died August 2, 1727, aged 72. His wife died May iS, 1751, aged 92. The inventory of his estate amounted to ^583 13s. 7d. Xu will has been found. Children : b. Feb. 3, 1676. b. Feb. 17, 167S. b. March 16, 16S0, lived in Taunton b. April 5, 16S2. m. Sarah Leonard. m.
m. Bethiah "Williams.
GALLtrP FAMILY. 27 Children:

*33 Hannah, b. May 22, 16S3, m. Wm. Wheeler, May 30, 1710, d. 1754.
34 Esther, b. 16S5, m. Jos. Stanton, Westerly, d. 1752.
*35 Mercy, b. 1690, m. Wm. Dennison, May 10, 1710, d. 1725.
*36 Benadam, b. 1693-
*37 Joseph, b. 1695.
38 Margaret, b. 1698, m. Nathaniel Gallup, June 4, 1717, d. 1761.
39 Ll'cy, b. 1701, m. Geo. Dennison, June 4, 1717, d. 1793. 10 Lieut. WILLIAM^ GALLUP {John\ John') son of John and Hannah Lake Gallup, was born at Stonington, in 1658, married Sarah Cheesebrough, whose father was Samuel Cheese- brough, of Rehoboth, Mass., one of the early settlers of Stonington, January 4, 1687. He was one of the most prom- inent men in the history of the town, was active in his etforts to promote and advance its prosperity. He represented the town in the General Court for ten years, first in 1703, and after- wards from 1 70S to 17 17. In Miss Lamed's History of Wind- ham County there is a mention of him at Plainfield, in the early settlement of that town. He owned a large tract of land there near the school house, now known as the Whitehall school house. But it is not probable that he ever removed his family there to live. He was admitted to the First Congregational Church of Stonington, April iS, 1689. He died at Stonington, May 15, 1731. His wife died, September 9, 1729. They are both buried in the Whitehall burying ground.
The following from the Providence Journal published a few years ago, gives an idea of his character and the esteem in which he was held at that time :
"Of the broad spirit and good cheer among the best settlers of Stoning- ton, Conn. , we may give a story as furnished by Mrs. L. F. Denison (now 90 years of age), as she received it in early life from the lips of relatives, who proudly cherished the family tradition as descriptive of a golden day in the town's historj-. A marriage occurred in the family of Mr. William Gallup, who lived in the best of style, for his day. on his ample estate on the left bank of the .Mystic River, his mansion house being on the present White Hall fanii, above Elm (rrove Cemfctery, the tine mansion probably ruLeiving the old English name. White Hall. His daughter. Temperance, was married to the Rev. William Worthington, one of the first ministers in the northern portion of the township. As a measure of affluence had sprung from the virgin soil of the valley, and colonial life was blooming into a de- gree of luxury and taste befitting the inherited qualities of the Puritan planters, the wedding was made to comport with the dignity of the large plantation and the blood of the families to be united. Mr. Gallup extended an invitation to the settlers of the town to be present at the nuptuals. Arrangements broad and generous were accordingly made. Field and fold, stall and cellar, purse and pantner. were widely opened. The day chosen September 20, 1726, a golden autumn day in a prospered year. The invita- tion was honored. By roads and bridle paths came saddles and pillions with gayest riders in old English costume, as high civic and military' rank belonged to the family whose great mansion doors now stood ajar. With the settlers and their families came also the friendly remnant of the Pequot Indians, then occupying reserved lands in the northern portion of the town. Mr. Gallup found himself more popular than he had supposed. The Pequots were his friends and admirers, and had an inherited relish for large and abundant feasts. The guests of rank filled the mansion, and the glad ceremony was duly performed, to the joy of all parties. But Mr. Gallup was compelled to explain to his aboriginal friends, and asked them to visit him the next day, when they should receive his attention and find full proof of his hospitality. As they wound their way back to their wng^vams m open Indian file after their native manner, the line extended from the Gallup mansion well on to the head of the river, nearly a mile. On the following day the Pequots retunied. plumed and mantled in their best, and closed the festive scenes by sharing all that had been promised them. None went away hungry or thirsty. Mr. Gallup's father was the brave Captain John Gallup, who led the friendly Mohegans in King Philip's war, and fell at their head during the great swamp right in South Kingston, R. I., Decem- ber 19, 167;. The family of his daughter Temperance became conspicuous in Connecticut history. One of her grandsons became Governor of the State." Mrs. Lovina Fish Denison, who furnished the above narra- tive, v.-as of the Gallup family, be:n;; a daughter of Bridget Gallup, who married Sands Fish, and who was a daughter of Benadam and Bridget Palmer Gallup of the sixth generation. She died July 22, 1,^90, at the age of 96. Children :
12 CHRISTOBEL GALLUP (>//;/-•, >/^;/') daughter of John and tlannah (Lake) Gallup, date of birth unkn^jwn. ^[arried Peter Crary of Groton. December 31, 1677.
40 SARAH. bapt Feb. 24, 1693, m. Andrew Stanton.
41 MARY, bapt April 7, 1695, m. Deacon John Noyes.
42 HANNAH. bapt April 24, 1696,
43 Temperance, bapt May 23, 1701, m. Rev. Wm. Worthington.
Children :
Peter Crakv, bapt. April 30, 16S2.
Christorel •• bapt. April 30, 16S2.
Margaret " bapt Aug. 20, 16S2.
John " bapt. Aug. S, 16S6.
William " bapL Nov. 6, 16S7.
Peter " bapt. May 11, i6go.
Hannah " bapt. July 17. 1692.
13 ELIZABETH' GALLUP {John,' John'), daughter of John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup. Married Henry Stevens, of Stonington.
Children :
Thomas Stevens, bapt. Feb. iS, 1692.
Richard " bapt. Feb. iS, 1692.
Henry " bapt. Feb. iS, 1692.
Elizabeth " bapt. April 22, 1694.
Lucia " bapt. April 22. 1694.
14 MARY' GALLUP {John\ John'), daughter of John and Hannah (Lake) Gallup. Married John Cole.
Children :
John Cole, William Cole.
22 JOSEPH'' Nathaniel/ John'), son of Nathaniel and Margaret Eveley Gallup, was born at Boston, March 20, 1661. He married Hannah .
Children :

44 Nathaniel, b. Jan. 14, 16S6.
45 Hannah, b. Dec. 2. 1688.
23 BENJAMIN' GALLUP {Nathanid\ John'), son of Natha- niel and Margaret (Eveley) Gallup, born in Boston, January 3, 1664. Married Hannah Sharp, November i, 1694.
He is probably the one referred to in following account, from New England Historical and Genealogical Register.
"The Council having been informed that Thomas Hawkins and others were acting as pirates, ordered the sloop Restitution, \\'ith forty men, Joseph Thaxter, master, to go after them. These pirates took the Ketch Mary, of Salem, 9th August, 1639, three leagues from Half-way Rock. They captured the brig Merrimack, of NewburN'port, on the 2 2d, in Vine- yard Sound. Then Captain Samuel Pease was sent after them in the sloop Mary of Boston. He came up with, and fought one, in ' Martin Vineyard Sound.' They killed Captain Pease, and wounded .some of his crew, but were taken bv his Lieutenant, Benjamin Gallop, and in October brought to Boston, where four of them belonged. They .were condemned to die, but reprieved. Among them was the notorious pirate. Tom Pound, who was afterward hung in chains on the (then) island, ' Nix }klate,' in Boston Harbor."
Children :

46 H.^N.NAH, b. Sept. 20, 1694.
47 Benjamin, b. Nov. II, 169S.

25 Captain JOHN GALLUP {John\ John\ John'), son of John and Elizabeth Harris Gallup, was bom at Stonington, Conn., 1675. Married Elizabeth Wheeler, of Stonington, in 1709, daughter of Isaac and Martha Park Wheeler, and grand- daughter of Thomas Wheeler, who was born in England in 1602. and came to this country in 1630. She was bom May 22. 16S5. He removed to Vcjluntown aijout 17 10, and was 
Children :
2, 1710, d. Feb. 10, 1734. 24, 1712. 9, 1 714, m. Zachary Frink. , „ \ Thomas Dousrlass, 3. 1716. m. -^ T & ' •^ ' ' January 4, 1737. 29, 1719. m. Manuel Kinne, 1741. ^-^^ March 22, 1721. m. John Reed, 1744. 9, 1724-
26 THOMAS* GALLUP (/p/in\ JoJin\ John'), son of John and Elizabeth Harris Gallup, was baptized at Stonington, Conn., April 30, 1682. [Voluntown Town Records]. "Thomas Gallup and Hannah French were lawfully joined in marriage the 4th day of January, 1721-22, by Captain Thomas "Williams, Justice of the Peace." Jle probably came to Voluntown with his brother John, or soon after, and was a large land holder there. His name is appended to a call to the first minister of Voluntown, Rev. Samuel Dorrance, April 17, 1723. He also gave liberally for his support. He left no children.
28 SAMUEL' GALLUP {JoJin', John\ John'), son of John and Elizabeth Harris Gallup, was born at Stonington, baptized October 9, 1687. He married Mehitable Blount, May 11, 1727. He owned land at Voluntown, and his name is found among
4S William, b. at Voluntown, Sept.
49 ISA.A.C, b. " Feb.
50 Elizabeth, b. " April
51 Martha, b. " Sept.
52 Hannah, b. " Jan.
53 Dorothy, b. 11 March
54 John, b. 11 June
32 GENEALOGY OF those who sioqied the formal call to the first minister. He also subscribed five pounds money and a cow and calf as a free gift to the prospective minister, over and above his proportion raised by the vote of the town. But it is not probable that he ever removed his family there to live, as he is mentioned in his father's will as living with him and taking care of him. He and his wife, Mehitable, united with the first church in Stonington, May ii, 1729.
Children :
55 ElizaBETH, b. Dec. 26, 172S
56 Mehitable, b. Feb. 21, 1733
57 MaRY, b. Jan. 28, 1737
58 Priscilla. bapt July 20, 1740
59 Mercy,
60 Anna, ' C ^^"°S' ^^P^- J"°e 2, 1745
NATHANIEL* GALLUP {John\John\ John\) son of John and Elizabeth Harris Gallup, was born at Stonington, 1692. He married Margaret Gallup, daughter of Benadam and E.sther Prentice Gallup, June 4, 1717. He and his wife were admitted to the first church of Stonington, July 20, 17 18. He died April 3, 1739. His wife died ^Larch 2, 1761.
Children :
61 NATHANIEL, b. April 29, 1718. *62 JOHN. b. Jan. 29, 1720.
63. THoMas, b. April 19, 1722, d. young.
64 Mkkiv. b. April 7, 1725. m. 'William Whipple. Dec. 2, 1742.
65 Tn-Mv-, b. Aug. 26, 1727.
66 .Margaret, b. Oct. 12, 1730, m. Isaac Gallup, March 29, 1749.
67 Makiha, b. July 30, 1733.
68 Be.njamln-, b. July 26, 1736. .". - -'' T .- -^'
32 BENJAMIN* GALLUP {Jo}in\ John\ John'), son of John and Elizabeth Harris Gallup, was baptised at Stonington, November i, 1696. He was married at Voluntown, May 22, 1735, to Theody Parke, by Rev. Samuel Dorrance. He was admitted as an inhabitant of Voluntown, in 1736, and was made a freeman April 8, 1740.
GALLUP FAMILY. 33 Children : at Voluntown, July 30, 1737. 1739- " m. Townley. t John removed to Dalton, Mass., about 1770, left Dalton before 1800, and probably went to western Xew York. "" 69
UZZIEL, b. •70
Benjamin, b. 71
John, \ b. 72
Mary, b. 33
HANNAH GALLUP {Benadaui\ John\ John') daughter of Benadam and Esther (Prentice) Gallup, bom at Stonington, May 22, 1683, married William Wheeler, May 30, 17 10, died
Hannah WHEELER, b. Jan. 12, 1712, m. Simeon Miner
Isaac b. Jan. 24, 1714.
Anna b. Dec. 23. 1715-
Martha b. April 23, 1717.
Dorothy b. March 1721.
Esther b. Feb. 1723-
ElNICE b. July 3. 1727-
The descendants of Hannah (Gallup) Wheeler are numerous in the vicinity of Wilkes Barre, Pa. Some record of them has recently been obtained in time to be included here in an abbreviated form. Among them are Hon. Charles A. Miner and ]Mrs. Wm. H. McCartney. Their line is given thus:
Hannah Gallup, daughter of Benadam and Esther (Prentice) Gallup, born at Stonington, ]\Iay 22, 1683; married May 30, 1 7 10, William Wheeler, son of Isaac and Martha (Park) Wheeler; baptized, December 18, 1681. Their daughter, Hannah Wheeler, born January 5, 17 12. married, March 10,1731, Simeon Miner, born May 4, 1708, son of Lieutenant Ephraim Miner. Their daughter, Hannah Miner, born December 10, 1731, married May 16, 1751, Constant Searle, bom June 17, 1728, in Little Compton, R. L They removed to Pennsylvania. He was killed in the battle of Wyoming, July 3, 1778. His wife died August 16, 18 13, at Pittston, Pa. Their son, William Searle, born December 2, 1751, at Stonington, Conn., married Phiolena Heermans, bom February 21, 1755, at Stonington, Conn., rem(A-ed to Pennsylvania, was wounded while scouting the day before the battle of Wyoming, afterwards acted as escort for fugitives under passport from Colonel J. Stroud, died at Pittston, Pa., January 21. 1817. His wife died July 11, 1806, at Pittston. Their daughter, Abigail Searle, born 1780, married July 14, 1799, Stephen Abbott, bom April 29, 1771- at Plains, Pa., son of John Abbott, who was killed in the battle of Wyoming, 'died July 22, 1853. His wife died June 2, 1842. Their daughter. Eliza x\bbott, born , married January 3, 1826, Robert Miner, born August 17, 1S05, at Doylestown, Pa., died'at Wilkesbarre, Pa., December 9. 1842, wife died August iS, 1846. Their son, Charles Abbott Miner, born August 30, 1830, at Plains, Pa., married January 19, 1853, Eliza Ross Atherton, daughter of Elisha (son of James, Jr., and grandson of James Ath'erton. one of the original settlers of Wyoming), and Caroline Ann Ross, daughter of General William Ross, senator and early settler, and now of Wilkesbarre, Pa. Has been in legislature several terms, is vice president of bank, and mem- ber of Grand Army of the Republic. Children : Elizabeth. AsHER, m. Hetty McNair Lonsdale, in busines.s. Sidney R., graduate of Harvard, A.B., a lawyer. Charles Howard, B. S. of Princeton, N. J., now at Medical School, University of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Wm. H. McCartney's line is the same as that of Hon. Charles A. Miner, down to Hannah Miner. Hannah Miner married Constant Searle (-as above). May 16, 1751. Their chil- dren were William, bom December 2, 1751; Hannah, born January 25, 1754, married Nathan Dayton Miner, born March '17, 1756; Elizabeth, bom March 4. 1757, married Captain Hewitt, who commanded a company home troops, and was killed in the battle of Wyoming; Constant, born October 7, 1759, was in Revolutionary War, died August 4, 1804; Rogers, bora August 13, 1762; Ruth, born March i, 1765, married Crar>% of Stonington, Conn.; Sarah, born September 19, 1768, married Jeddiah Collins. Rogers Searie, born August 13, 1762. in Preston, Conn., named from his paternal great grandmother, Sarah Rogers, great granddaughter of Thomas of the Mayfl(Aver, was a lead- ing Methodist and captain of a company of militia m 1796, 15f;0893 GALLUP FAilLLY. 35 married Catharine Scott, bom April 13, 1762. He died June 19, 1813. Their son, Leonard Searle, born November 7, iSoS, in Pittston, Pa., married October 23, 1832, Lydia Dimock, born July II, 181 1, who died July 24, 18S1, at Montrose, Pa. He died December 31, 1880. His children are Davis Dimock Searle, born March 25, 1836, unmarried; Katharine Elizabeth, born May 17, 1838; Josephine, bom November 4, 1840, married Benjamin S. Bentley, September 5, i860; Kittie, born Septem- ber 4, 1848; Leonard, Jr., bom November 6, 1850. Child of Benjamin S. and Josephine Searle Bentley, Lorine, bom April 6, 1862. Katherine Elizabeth Searle, born ^May 17, 1838, married September 25, 1872, General Wm. H. ^McCartney, is now of Wilkesbarre, Pa., is president of the Chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution of that state. * Children : Eleanor Amanda McCartney, b. Sept. 21, 1S73. William Henry, Jr., " b. Dec. 25, iSys. General Wm. H. McCartney was in the late civil war. He was captain of a Massachusetts battery, and went with the first call for troops for three months ser\-ice, aftenvard raised a battery and commanded it. He was attached to Sixth Army Corps all throui,'-h the war, and was twice promoted for bravery to the rank of briiradier g-eneral. 34 ESTHER* GALLUP {Benadam\ John\ John') daughter of Benadam and Esther (Prentice) Gallup, bom at Stonington, November i, 1685; married Joseph Stanton of Westerly, January 5, 1705. Children . Joseph Stanton, b. April 23, 1707, m. Mary Champlin, Aug. g, 173S. Esther " b. 170S, m. Robert Plazard. Mary " b. 171 1, m. Peleg Sandford Mason. Hannah " b. 1714. m. Dr. Joshua Babcock, Aug. 11, 1735. Marly " b. 1716. Sarah " b. 1719. ni. Dr. James Babcock. Lucy " b. Sept. 22, 1722, m. Christopher Champlin, Aug. 19, 1756. 36 GENEALOGY OF 35 MERCY* GALLUP {Bcnadam\ John\ John'), daug^hter of Benadam and Esther (Prentice) Gallup, born 1690, married William Denison, Jr., May 10, 17 10. She died March 2, 1725, aged 35 vears. Wm. Denison, Jr., was son of William and Sarah (Stanton) Denison, born March 24, 1687, and died February 24, 1724, ag-ed 37. They lived in Stonington; his estate inventoried ^2,479 i"^^- ^d. Children : Mercy Denison, b. Jan. 25, 1711. m. Hubbard Burrows, May 28, 1730. Sar.-\h " b. July 2, 1 712, m. Elisha Niles. Esther " b. Feb. 6, 1714, m. Jonathan Wheeler, March i, 1732. \ViLLi.\M " b. Dec. 9, 1716, m. Prudence Denison. June 23, 1737. Hann.\h " b. April 19, 1719, d. March 21, 1721. ^ , c ^ ^ < I- Anna Swan, d. Nov. 29, 17;!, Ben.adam " b. Sept. 6, 1720, m. -^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ j^^.^^^. penison. JoN.xTHAN " b. May 12, 1722, m. Martha Williams. Nathan " b. Feb. 11, 1724. 36 Lieutenant BENADAM* GALLUP {Bciiadam\ JoJin\ Joh)i'), son of Benadam and Esther Prentice Gallup, was born at Groton. Conn., 1693: married Eunice Cobb, January 11, 1716; died September 30, 1755. aged 63. Eunice, his wife, died February i, 1759, aged 63. [From Groton Town Records.] ¦'Benadam Gallup. hi< mark for his creturs is two half-pennys on ye under side ve right ear, and one-half penny on ye under side ye left, and a •^lit on ye top of ye left ear. — June ye 24, 171S." Afterward the mark was used by Henry Gallup, his son. Children : *73 Benadam, b. Oct 26, 1 716. 74 Esther, b. Feb. 24. 1718, m. Minor. 11 f ^-'j^'^^- ' twins, 7b Lois, \ b. March 29. 1721, m. French. *77 William, b. July 4. 1723. *7S Henrv, b. Oct 5. 1725- *79 N.\THAN, b. 1727. *So Ekenezer, *SI TlK.MAs P., bapt. July 28, 1734- *-2 Hannah, m. Robert '3 Sarah. / . GALLUP FAinLY. 37 37 Captain JOSEPH* GALLUP, {Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Benadam and Esther Prentice Gallup, was born at Groton, Conn., 1695; married Eunice Williams, February 24, 1720; died December 22, 1760, aged 66, and his wife, Eunice, died October 24, 1772, aged 71. Children : 15, 1721, m. Amos Denison, of Stonington. j John Billings, of Preston, ( bom Dec. 15, 1732. 39 LUCY* GALLUP {Bniadam\ JoJin\ fohn'), daughter, of Benadam and Esther (Prentice) Gallup, born at Stonington, January 12, 1701, married George Denison, January 6, 171S, *S4 Martha, b. Oct. 15. 1721 *S5 Joseph, b. Feb. 21, 1725 *S6 Elisha, b. April 21, 1727 *37 Oliver, b. March 28, 1729 *S8 William, b. Jan. 16, 1735 89 El-mce, b. Oct. II. 173S 90 Prudence b. Feb. 17. 1742 91 Lucy, b. Jan. 5. 1747 died 1793. Children : j!^' Ann Denison, b. Aug. 6. 1719, d. April 25, 1725. '^ ^k.^,^ f Lucy " b. Oct. 13, 1721, d. April 14, 1725. f' "L w ', '^ Mercy " b. Aug. 6, 1723, d. July 14, 1724. George " b. July g, 1725, m. Jane Smith, Feb. 23, 174S, b. 1731. William " b. Jan. 14, 1725, m. Priscilla Fellows. Xov. 29, 1749. ,, , , . r^ , \ Elisha Gallup, Tan. 28, 1747. son Mercy 2d " b. Feb. 24, 1729. m. -j ,^f j^^ ^ Eunice Williams Gallup. Esther " b. Sept. 16, 1732, d. Nov. 14, 1754. Samuel " b. Feb. 18, 1735, d. Sept. 10, 1754. David! " b- Ji^^y 29, 1736, m. Keziah Smith, Dec. 30, 1756. t David died Jan. 24, 1808, in Guilford, Vt. His wife died June 28, 1815. 41 MARY' GALLUP {Jl'i/ham', Jolin\ John'), daughter of William and Sarah (Chesebrough) Gallup, baptized April 7, 1695, married Deacon John Noyes, 'March r6, 1715. I GENEALOGY OF Children : William Noyes, b. April 22 John " b. May 22 Joseph " b. April i James " b. April 14 Mary " b. Aug. 14 Amna " b. April 2 Joseph " b. Feb. 28 , 1 716. , I7I8. . I72I. . 1723- . 1725- , 1729. , 1731- 43 TEMPERANCE^ GALLUP {\Villiam\ John\ John') daughter of William and Sarah (Chesebrough) Gallup, baptized May 25, 1 701, married Rev. William Worthinoton, September 20, 1726, one of the first Congregational ministers in North Stonington. Graduated from Yale College, 17 16. His first wife, Elizabeth, was the grand-daughter of Major John Mason, she died February 23, 1724. The notable colonial wedding at William Gallop's, elsewhere described, refers to his second marriage. He died at Saybrook, after a long pastorate, November 16, 1756. Children : Elizabeth Worthington, b. Feb. 27, 1728. SAR.A.H Temperance f " Mehitable " William " b. Nov. 21, 1740. t "Temperance Worthington, daughter of Rev. William and Temperance Gallup Worthington, married Rev. Cotton Mather Smith, of Sharon, Conn., who was descended from Rev. Har\-ey Smith, a minister of the Gospel, in Wethersfield, Conn., who left a paternal estate in England, and an eligible position in society, that in this new land he might enjoy the rights of conscience. He died in 164S. Kis great grand-son, Samuel Smith. Esq., of Suffield, Conn., married _[erusha Mather, daughter of Rev. Cotton Mather of Boston, grand-daughter of Rev. Increase Mather, and great grand-daughter of Rev. Richard Mather of Dorchester, who fled from England for conscience sake. The Rev. John Cotton of Boston was the father of the wife of Increase Mather, and thus the great grandfather of Mrs. Smith of Suffield. Her son, bom October 16, 1731, she named Cotton Mather, and early destined him for the sacred profession of his ancestors. At Yale College, where he was graduated in 1751, he was distinguished for amiable temper, bodily activity, graceful manners, industry, and elegant literature. He was ordained pastor of the church in Sharon, Conn., August 23, 1755. This ofhce he held until his death, November 27, i3o6. b. April 3, 1730. b. April iS, 1732. b. Sept. II, 1736. GALLUP FAMILY. 39 Soon after his settlement in Sharon, Mr. Smith married a daugliter of Rev. "William Worthington of Saybrook. This lady gladdened the heart of her husband, made his household happy and respectable, and added much to the efficiency and popularity of his ministry. The children of this family were six, the youngest of whom, the only son who became an adult, was the Hon. John Cotton Smith, one of the Governors of Connecticut. He was also President of the American Bible Society from 1831 to 1045." The above is taken from a historical discourse delivered at Litchfield, Conn., July 8, 1852, at the centennial of the North and South Consociations of Litchfield county, by the late Rev. Dr. McEwen of New London, Conn. -^-^^ FIFTH GEXERATIOX 49 Captain ISAAC^ GALLUP, (>////*, /o/ih\ John-, John''), son of John and Elizabeth Wheeler Gallup, bom in Voluntown, Conn., the part now called Sterling", Feb. 24, 1712. He was married to Margaret, daughter of Nathaniel and ^Largaret Gal- lup of vStonington, March 29, 1749, by Rev. Ebenezer Rosseter of Stonington. She was bom Oct. 12, 1730. He lived on the homestead of his father, and took a prominent part in the affairs of the town and the church. He represented the town in the general court from the year 1768 until 1773. He died Aug. 3, 1799, aged 88; his wife died Dec. 9, 1S17, aged 88. ^ 40 GENEALOGY OF *92 John Gallup, *93 Elizabeth 94 Martha *95 Nathaniel *96 Benadam *97 William *98 Isaac 99 Margaret ^¦loo Joseph Children : b. Dec. 29, 1749. b. Jan. 22, 1755, b. Feb. 17, 1757, b. Dec. 24, 175S. b. Nov. 17, 1 761. b. April 12, 1764. b. Oct. 8, 1766. b. Aug. 26, 1768, b. March 24, 1772. 50 m. Rev. Micaiah Porter, m. Benjamin Gallup. m. Adam Kasson. ELIZABETH^ GALLUP, {John\ John\ John'', John-"), daughter of John and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gallup, bom at Voluntown, April 9, 1814, married Zachary Frink. They lived at Voluntown and had several children, only one of whom any record has been obtained. UZZIEL FRINK, b.— — , m. Mrs. Margaret (Frink) Palmer, children: Eunice, Susan and Margaret. Margaret, m. Asa Dow, son of Ebenezer and Susan Dow, children : Susan Dow, m. Har\'ey Kennedv, children: John, m. Phebe Gallup; Alfred, a lawyer in Oneida Co.. N. Y. ; Margaret Dow, m. Tilest- A. b. Aug. 1S49, d. 1S51 ; Charles H. b. Nov. 6, 1S51, m. Lucy M. Spalding, April 9, iSSi, editor and publisher, New York city; Edward A. b. 1S55, d. iS6r. Eliza Dow, m. Thomas Gordon, children : Margaret m. Dr. \'\':iliam Lewis of Plainheld, Conn. ; Henr>' and Thomas, both of Oneida, N. Y. 51 MARTHA^ GALLUP {John\John\ John\ John'), daughter of John and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Gallup, born September 3, 1716, married Thomas Douglass, January 4, 1737. They settled in Voluntown. wShe died May, 1786, and her husband died February, 1791. ChildreJi : b. April 4, 1745, m. Josiah Babcock. b. July 28, 1747, m. Isabel Gordon, b. April 29, 1750, m. Kasson. b. May 22, 1753, m. Ezra Clark. b. Jan. 12, 1756, ni. John Gallup. Elizabeth Douglass, John, Martha Makv " Hannah " GALLUP F^\3IILY. 41 54 JOHX^ GALLUP {John\ John\ John\ John'), son of John and Elizabeth , (.Wheeler) Gallup, bom June 9, 1724, married 'Hannah Frink^' April 9,-1747. They settled in Voluntown, where he died April 6, iSoi, and his wife died in 1773. Children : loi Hannah, b. Feb. 15. 1743.- . 102 William, b. Oct. s, 1749- *io3 John, b. July 23. 1751- 104 Elizabeth, b. June 2, 1753, m. William Brigs 105 Daniel, b. March 7. 1755- *io6 Wheeler, b. Jan. 23. 1757- 107 Jabish, b. May 12, 1759- *ioS Samuel, b. April 7> 1761. *i09, b. Feb. II, 1763. no Dorothy, b. Jan. ii> 1765, d. Sept. 20, 17S6. 57 MARY^ GALLUP, {Sainuel\ John\ John\ John'), daughter of Samuel and Mehitable (Blount) Gallup, bom January 28, 1737, married Andrew ]Mason, March 20, 1754, died May 13, 1797- Children : Mehitable Mason. Nehe.miah •' b. April 10, 1757, graduated from Harvard, 17S0. 61 NATHANIEL^ GALLUP (iy^//^.z///>/\ John\ John\ John'), son of Nathaniel and ilargaret Gallup, born at Stonington, Conn., April 29, 17 18, married Hannah Gore Burrows, widow of Silas Burrows, of Stonington, and daughter of Samuel Gore, of Roxburv', ^lass., November 24, 1742. Her ancestors were among the founders and earlier officers of Harvard College. Christopher Gore, Fellow of Harvard College, Commissioner to England, and Governor of Massachusetts, gave to it the endow- ment which bears his name. They lived in Stonington. He . died January 11, 1786, aged 69; his wife died March 19, 1810, 1 aged 90. 42 GENEALOGY OF C/iiiiirtri : III Nathaniel, b. June 4, 1744. drowned at sea, aged 20. ^ *ii2 Samiel, b. Aug. 9, 174(1- *ii3 Silas, b. March 9, 1749. *ii4 George, b. March 20, 1751. 115 Margaret, b. ^[arch 20, 1753. *ii6 Amos, b. Aug. i, 1755. *ii7 Hannah, b. Aug. 22, 1757. *iiS Levi, b. March 26, 1760. *ii9 Ezra, b. March 13, 1763. 62 Captain JOHN^ GALLUP {Xathanicl\ John\ Jchn\ John' ), son of Nathaniel and ;Marg-aret Gallup, bom at Stonington, Conn., January 29, 1720, married Bridget Palmer, daughter of Nehemiah and Jerusha Saxton Palmer, of Stonington, Novem- ber 5, 1747. Her mother, Jerusha Saxton, the daughter of Captain Joseph Saxton, was bom at Stonington, 1683, married Nehemiah Palmer, Januarv' 17, 1699. Their daughter, Bridget Palmer, was bora April 8, 1721. They settled at Plainfield, where he died November i, 1801, aged 82; his wife died September 2, 1809, aged 88. Childr€n : 120 Jerusha. b. 1743, d. 1841. *I2I John, b. 1750, d. 1835- *I22 Jonathan, b. 1752, d. 1828. *I23 David, b. 1754, d. 1821. 124 Margaret, b. m. Samuel Frink 125 Esther, died young. 65 THOMAS^^ GALLUP, {Xat/ia/i2e/\ John\Joh)i\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Margaret Gallup, born at Stonington, August 20, 1727; married Hannah Dean, in 1749, and lived in Plain- field, Conn. She was born March 24, 1722, They removed to New Hampshire, where he died October, 1777. Children : *i26 Thomas. b. May 23, 1750, m. Rebecca Gilkey ; he died, 1S2S. , . , T ^ Sallv Vincent: he lived in Franklin, 127 Asa. b. June 22, 1752. m. - ^.^-^ ^^^ ^^^^ p^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 12S Alma, b. July 17, 1754, m. Simple Gilkey. 129 Mar(jaret, b. Oct. I, 1756, m. David Getchel. *i3o Benjamin, b. June 17, 175S. 131 Martha, b. July 5, 1701, m. Samuel Fairrield; she died Dec, i32S. GALLUP FAMILY. 43 68 BENJAMIN^ GALLUP {Nat/ianiel\ John\ John\ John') son of Nathaniel and Margaret Gallup, born July 26, 1736; married to Amy Kinne, January 20, 1763, by Rev. Levi Hart. They settled in Volunto\\Ti, where he died July 4, 1824; his wife died December 6, 1824, aged 80. Children : 132 Hannah, m. Levi Kinne.— *i33 Nathaniel, b. Jan. 14, 1765. 134 Zeruiah, b. Jan. 20, 1767, m. Nathan Gallup. 135 Thomas, b. Nov. 20, 176S. 136 A.\fY, b. June 27, 1770, m. William Gallup. 137 Mercy, b. April 17, 1772, m. Ezra Stanton. *i3S Benjamin, b. May 25, 1774- 139 Lucy, b. May 17, 1776, m. Thomas Gallup. 140 Martha, b. April 16, 177S, m. Andrew Cady. 141 Esther, b. April 17, 17S0, m. Jabez Starkweather. 142 Margaret, b. Nov. iS, 1782, m. Samuel ^Valdo. 143 Cynthia, b. Dec. 22, 17S4, m. Isaac Briggs; d. Sept. 12, 1S57. 144 Eunice, b. March 18, 1787. I4.5 Keturah, b. Feb. 22, 1790, m. Daniel Stanton. 70 BENJAMIN^ GALLUP {Benjaviin\ John\ John\ John'), son of Benjamin and Theody (Park) Gallup, bom at Voluntuwn, Windham county, Conn., 1739. Married first, Sarah Lawrence; married second, Mrs. Abiah Everett. He removed to Dalton, Mass., with his brother John, about 1770. being among the first settlers of that town. The history of Berk.shire county says : "Among the Revolutionary soldiers were Benjamin Gallup and John Gallup from Dalton. Benjamin Gallup was on the Pittstield list of soldiers December 15, 1794. At the tirst town meeting held in Dalton, the money for a meeting house was raised by seUing pew ground. In January, 1795, twenty-two pews were sold. The sale was by auction, and each purchaser was to build his pew and choose his own associates. Benjamin Gallup took lot No. 4 for S30, and had three associates ; Jesse Merriam took lot No. 9 for $24, and Luther Gallup, son of Benjamin, was his associate." Benjamin was the inventor and manufacturer of the first plows made in Berkshire county, and also made fanning mills, spinning wheels, reels, and other implements adapted to the needs of those times. When 100 years old, he was taken by his 44 GENEALOGY OF townsmen to Pittsfield to attend the Berkshire county cattle show, where he held one of his own make of plows, to which were attached as many yoke of oxen as he was years old, and turned a neat furrow all the way around the old park. When aged loi, a large concourse of townspeople gathered at his home to celebrate his birthday, and Rev. Mr. Boise delivered a sermon from Gen. xlvii 8: "And Pharaoh said unto Jacob, how old art thou?" He raised a large family of children, som'e of whom settled in Dalton, and others went west and no record has been ob- tained of them. He died at Dalton, November 14, 1S41, aged 102. His first wife, Sarah Lawrence Gallup, died in iSoo; his second wife, Abiah Gallup, died January 11, 1842, aged 89. Children ( all by first }}iarriage ) : 146 Lucy, m. Davis. 147 Mehit.\ble, m. Hxirlbut. e T „ -^1- t:- „ \ Two children;. Roxana, d. 1S13, aered 14S Luther, m. Olive Freeman. - d ^ - o a ^ -,-, (21; Rowena, d. 1336, aged 41. 149 Priscilla, m. Nason. ^ ^ . .• ^ ¦ - 150 Rebecca, m. Solomon Bacon. *i;r UzziEL. .„T. „T-r> Ti'^ Thev went to western New i;2 Jacob, m. Lois Freeman, Tulv 1500. • -rr- , i, j- 1 a , - ¦' •' - / \ ork ; he died aged 96. 153 Sarah, m. Lewis Holmes. 154 Abu;ail, m. Perr^' Tanner. 155 Mary, m. Thaver. 73 Colonel BEXADAM' GALLUP (^.7w^^;/^\ Bcnadani\ JoJin\ JoJin")^ son of Benadam and Eunice (Cobb) Gallup, bom Octo- ber 26, 1 7 16, married Hannah Avery of Groton, August 11, 1740- A brave officer of the Revolution. Served with the militia, second battallion, Wadsworth's Brigade, raised June, 1776. At the Brooklyn front, battle of Long Island, August 27. 177*5; in the retreat to New York, August 29-30; in retreat New Y(>rk Cit}'. September 15, with main army at White I'lains. A copy of his commission as Lieutenant-Colonel will be found in Appendix to this work. He died at Groton, Conn., May 29, 1800, aged 84. His wife died July 28, 1799, ^Z^^ 8r. 1 53 Hannah, b. Nov 159 Esther, b. Dec. 160 James. b. May 161 Jesse, b. Feb 162 John, b. Jan. GALLUP FAJ^IILY. 45 Children : *i56 Benauam, b. June 29, 1741. *i55"IsAAC, b. Dec. 22, 1742. 4, 1744, d. Jan. 10, 1771. , \ Ralph Stoddard, Simeon AUvn, and 9' 1746, m. - i^^^Geer. 1, 1749. d. Dec. 19, 1770. 2, 1751. b. Jan. 13, 1753, d. Dec. 9, 1770. 163 Pridence, b. Jan. 30, 1755, m. Timothy Allyn, W. Springfield, Mass. *i64 SiSAN, b. 1756, m. Nathan Lester, d. Aug. 16, 1S40. *i65 Josiah, b. 1760. 166 Abigail, b. 1762. d. Nov. 24, 1770. [Hannah, James, John, and Abigail all died within one year of typhoid fever.] WILLIAM^ GALLUP {Bcnadavi\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Benadam and Eunice (Cobb) Gallup, bom at Groton. Conn., July 4, 1723, \va.s married to Judith Reed, of Norwich, Conn., by Rev. Jabez White, June 9, 1752. He removed from Groton to Kingston. Pa., in October, 1774, and was living- there at the time of the Wyoming massacre of July 3, 1778. His son, Hallet. was in the fight, and escaped by floating down the Susquehannah River, with his body under water and his face protected from view between two rails grasped in his hands. Two of his twin daughters, Sarah and Hannah, aged about 5 years, were captured and carried off by the Indians, btit soon after rans(.)med. Annthcr daughter. ]Mary, was engaged to be married to James Devine. (t:alogy of Children : Robert Allyn, b. Nov. 4, 1756. Hannah Abigail Benadam " Frederick " Esther Luther " Wealthy Tabitha Joseph " b. March II. 1753. b. Jan. ID, 1760. b. Dec. 16, I76I. b. April 13. 1763. b. April 9. 1765- b. May / 1 I76S. b. Nov. 9. I76g. b. April 24. 1772. b. Oct. I, 17S0. 84 MARTHA' GALLUP (Captain Joscph\ Benndani\ John\ John'), daughter of Captain Joseph and Eunice (Williams) Gallup, bom October 15, 1721, married Amos Denison, May 20, 1742, who ^vas bom February iS, 1714. son of Joseph and Prudence (Minor) Denison. They lived in Stonington. Children : EiNicE Denison, b. April 16, 1744, m. Gilbert Smith, Aug. 2, 1764. Martha " b. Dec. 30, 1746, m. Joshua Swan, Dec. r, 1763. PKrDF.NCE " b. March 20, 1748, m. Stephen Babcock, Aug. 21, 1766. Jw>KrH " b. March 20, 1750, m. Mary Smith, June 13. 1771. Amus " b. 1752. ,, ., u ,. T rr i in- James Rogers, of Richmond- Lv.nthia " bapt. June 15, 1766, -' . -V r j 85 Captain JOSEPH' GALLUP {Joscph\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Joseph and Eunice (Williams)' Gallup, born February 21. 1725; married Mary Gardner, daughter r 174S. :^ -.', ^,. 15. 1750, — . .' 4T .1. . .<<.>y? 'I, /7j' ' II. 1753- V ' 16, 1755. d. Nov. 16, 1762. r, 1753. i3, 1760. GALLUP FAMILY. 49 86 ELISHA^ GALLUP {JoSipk\ Bc/mdatn\ John\ Jolin'), son of Joseph and Eunice (Williams) Gallup, born April 21, 1727; married Marcy Denison, January 25, 1747. He removed to Hartland, Vt., about 17 78. ^ Childrot : ,, ; -• ^ ¦. y, /^ 199 Anna, b. June 200 Esther, b. Oct. 201 Marcv, b. July 202 Elisha, b. Oct. 203 Eunice, b. April *204 Joseph, b. Oct. 205 Martha, b. March 30, 1762. *2o6 Elisha, b. April 30, 1766. *2o7 Edward, b. Dec. 31, 1768. 2o3 Denison, b. Aug. 30, 1776. 87 OLIVER' GALLUP {/oseph\ Bcnadain\ John\ John'), son of Joseph and Eunice (Williams) Gallup, born at Stonin,^ton, Conn., March 28, 1729; married Freelove . and lived on a farm at Groton, Conn., at the time of his father's death, and probably later removed to Vermont. He died in 17S9. Xo record of his descendants has been obtained later than his children. Children : 209 Oliver, b. at Groton, June 26, 1754. 210 Thomas, b. " April 17, 1756. 211 Charle-5, b. " April 12, 1759. 212 Gilbert, b. " May 2, 1761. 213 Mary, b. " April 27, 1763. 88 WILLIAM^ GALLUP {Joscph\ Benadain\ Jolin\ John'), "^on of Joseph and Eunice (Williams) Gallup, bom at vStoning-- ^"^n, Conn., January 16, 1735, married Lucy Denison, dau^i^hter of Amos Denison, of Stoning^ton, July 2, 1761. 4 50 GENEALOGY OF Children : 214 Eunice, b. Sept. iS, 1762, d. 1795- 215 Oliver, b. Oct. 29. 1763. d. iSiS. 216 Perrv. b. April ¦^n 1765. d. iSoS. 217 William, b. May 9. 17(17. d. 1825. •21 S JusEPH Adam b. ^larch 31. 1769. 219 Lucy, b. Oct. 31. 1772, d. 1S04. 220 Anna, b. April 4. 1775. d. 1832. 221 John S. b. 1777. d. 1S33. 222 Elias, b. 1779. d. 1S29. 223 Phebe, b. 1781. 224 Martha, b. 1783. d. iS33- -^^-l^-§ SIXTH GEXERATIOX. 92 JOHX'^ GALLUP ( /saar, /o/iu', John\ John\ John'), son of Lsaac and Margaret Gallup, born at Voluntown, December 29, 1749. married Hannah, daughter of Thomas and Martha Douglass, May 5. 1774, wh^^ was bom January 12. 1756, settled in \'olunto\vn a> a farmer, and was killed by the fall of a tree, March 2, 1795. ^^ ^^''^^ ^ soldier of the Revolution. His wife died December 13, 1828. Children : 225 John, b. Feb. 19, 1775, d. June 9. 1798. *226 Thomas, b. Jan. 4, 1777. *227 Isaac. b. Feb. 19, 17S1. 22S Mahiii\, b. Apr:l 20, 17^4. m. Perley Philips, d. i^-^;. 229 Rkiki( \, h. Dc-c. 23, 17*0, d. June 15. i»or. "¦^230 H\N-.vii, b. Nov. 23. 17-9. m. Benjamin Bri,^^;.,^s. d. i^?S. 231 E.\rrK!t;.\> 1:, b. March 21, 1715. d. April. 1-70. GALLUP FAMILY. 51 93 ELIZABETH' GALLUP {Isacu-\ John\ John\ John\ John'), daughter of Isaac and Margaret Gallup, born at Volun- town. Conn., Januar>^ 22, 1755, married Rev. Micaiah Porter, who was pastor of the Congregational Church in Voluntown for seventeen years, removed to Plainfield, N. H., where they died. Children : Isaac Porter. William " Jabez " [Isaac was a physician in Charlton, Mass. William was also a physician.] 95 NATHANIEL' GALLUP {Isaac% John\ John\ John\ John'), son of Isaac and Margaret Gallup, bom at Voluntown, December 24, 1758. He was married to Rachael Smith, Januar}'- 30, 17S3, by Rev. Micaiah Porter; she was bom Sep- tember 9, 1760. He settled in Voluntown near his father, a farmer, and died July 27, 1828, aged 70; his wife died July 5, 1850, aged 90. Chzldrett : ^ , T 1 - \ Thomas Gallup : lived in Brook- 232 Prudence, b. July 24, IT^S. m. -j ^^^^^ ^^^^^ .^^-^^ j^ ^g^^ 233 Rachel, b. June 12, lySS, d. May 30, 1789. 234 Harvey, b. May 23, 1791, d. Aug. i, 1S66. 235 Elizabeth, b. June 12. '"-36 Francis, b. Jan. 12, 1797. 96 BENADAM' GALLUP {Isaac', John\ John\ John\ John'), "^on of Isaac and Margaret Gallup, bom at Voluntown, Novem- '••-:¦ 17, 1 76 1, was married to Elizabeth Dorrance, March 31, »7^5, by Rev. Micaiah Porter. He settled in Voluntown (now Sterling), where he died March 30, 1850. His first wife died, September 28, 18 10. He married second, Mary Wilson, Sep- tember 22, 181 1 ; she died March 28, 1858, 237 Gkukce, b. Dec. 238 James, b. Feb. 239 Makgakki', b. Jan. 240 Betsy, b. Nov. ?241 John A. b. April *242 Nathaniel b. Aug. *243 Chester, b. April 244 Cynthia, b. Marcl 52 GENEALOGY OF Children : „, \ Electa Dean, and removed to Penn- 21, i7bb, m._-^ sylvania: died there March 4, 1S34. _,, i Pamelia Winsor, March iq, 181 5, 22, I/?:?, ni. -^ ^j^^ removed to Windham, Conn. II, 1790. 19, 1792, m. Noah Briggs. 6, 1795- 19. I/QS- 10, iSoi. c ^ \ bv second marriage : m. Daniel Briggs, 23, 1 31 3, I ^Q(j liye^i in Voluntown. 97 WILLIAM'' GALLUP {/saac\ John\ /o/in\ John\ John'), fourth son of Lsaac and Margaret Gallup, born April 12, 1764. He married Amy Gallup of Voluntown, daughter of Benjamin Gallup, who was brother of Margaret, wife of Isaac Gallup. He settled in West Greenwich, R. I. ; died January 23, 1842. His wife died, March 5, 1S47. Children : 245 Zekliah, b. May 21, 1791, m. Seth Gates. *246 Eraviis, b. Sept. 25, 1795- 247 Sykil, b. March 14, 179S. 24S Charlotte, b. Aug. 24, iSchji, m. Jnhn Frink, d. 1842. *24g Wm. Alban, b. Dec. 31, 1S03. *25o Nelson, b. Feb. 20, 1S05. 98 ISAAC" GALLUP {Isaac\ John\ Jolin\ John\ John'), fifth son of Isaac and Margaret Gallup, bom October 8, 1 766 ; married Mary Deane, April 24, 1788, and settled in Sterling. He died July 16, 1833; his wife died May 8, 1844. 100 JOSEPH" GALLUP {[saac\ John\ John\ John\ John'), youngest son of Isaac and Margaret Gallup, bom March 24, 1772; married Hannah Smith, daughter of Francis Smith. April 7, 1796, and settled on the old homestead of his father and grandfather, where he lived till his death, December 27, ^'^Vi. His wife died March 4, 1838. GALLUP FAMILY. 53 C/u'ldren : John, b. June 8, 1797, m. Margaret Gallup, daughter of Benjamin Gallup of Plainfield, Conn, (his cousin) in 1S25, and settled in BrookljTi, Conn., where he died Sept. 25, 1S79. His wife died Oct 27, iS6g. Isaac, b. Aug. 9, iSoo, d. Dec. 16, 1872, unmarried. Calvi.n, b. March 16, 1S03, d. Nov. 10, 1S19. Elisha, b. Nov. S, i3o6. He lived on the homestead of his father, which is the old homestead of Captain John Gallup, who first settled in Voluntown, the estate having descended from father to son down to the present time. He held many impurtant offices of trust in the town; died Feb. r6, 1SS9, unmamed. 55 Martha, b. Feb. 6, 1S13, m- Amos J. Gallup of Sterling, Conn., son of David Gallup, Nov. 26, 1S3S. She died Nov. 17, 1S90. 254 V 103 JOHN^ GALLUP {/o/in\ John', JoJin\ John', John'), son of John and Hannah (Frink) Gallup, born in Voluntown, July 23, 1 75 1. He was married to Lydia Randall, October 24, 1773, by Rev. Solomon }*Iorgan. He died January 7, 1789. Cfiildren : 256 Sabara, b. in Voluntown, Feb. 7, 1774. *257 Thomas, b. " April 17, 1775. 2?9 H.\NNAH, b. 260 Dolly, b. Nov. I, 17S2. May 14, 17S6. i Amy Gallup, daughter '( of Nathan Gallup. 106 WHEELER" GALLUP {John% John', John\ John-, John'), son of John and Hannah (Prink) Gallup, born January 25, 1757. He was married to Elizabeth Cogswell, May 2, 1782, by Rev. Levi Hart of Griswold, Conn., and died December 23, 1796. Children : 261 Dolly, 262 Elizabeth, •2O3 N.\TH.\MEL C. 264 Hlldah, 2f)S Sally, *2Ui Wheeler, b. in Voluntown, April i, 1783, m. John Cogswell of Gris- wold, Conn., in iSoi. b. " March 6, 17S5, m. Jonathan Colgrove; removed to Pennsylvania in 1859. b. " March 15, 17S7. b. " March 7, 1789, d. at Plainfield. Conn., May 12, 1872. b. " March 17, 1791, m. Gilbert Brown, Nov. 23, 1S13; lived in Pennsylvania. b. " Sept. 30, 1793. 54 GENEALOGY OF lOS SAMUEL^ GALLUP {John\ John\ John', Jo/iir, John'), son of John and Hannah (Frink) Gallup, bom at Volimtown, April 7, 1760; married Lucy Averill, December 15, 17S5, and settled in Voluntown (now Sterling-), Conn., a farmer. During their long lives they were exemplary members of the Congre- gational Church, and did much toward its support. He died October 13, 1856; his wife died February 21, 1846. No children. 109 NATHAN" GALLUP {/ohn\ John\ John\ Joh,i\ John'), son of John anfl Hannah (Frink) Gallup, bom at Voluntown, February' u, 1763. He was married to Zeruiah Gallup, daughter of Benjamin and Amy (Kinne) Gallup, January 19, 1786, by Rev. Micaiah Porter, and settled in Voluntown (now Sterling), Conn., a farmer. He died June i, 1829; his wife died October 31, 1838. Children : *267 John, b. Feb. 25, 1787. 268 Elizabeth, b. April i, 17S9, m. John Briggs, Aug. 2S, 1S14. 269 M.\Ry, m. Wheeler Gallup, July 2, iii5 270 A.MY, m. Daniel Gallup. *27i Samuel, b. I797- *272 Nathan, b. Jan. iSoi. 112 SAMUEL' GALLUP {Nathaniel', Xathaniel\ John\ John\ John') son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Gore Burrows) Gallup, bom at Stonington, Conn., August 9, 1746, married Jemima Enosof Stonington, January:, 1769; married second, Sara . Soon after the close of the Revolutionary war, Samuel, with his brothers Silas, Levi, and Ezra, their cousin, John Gallup, son of Joseph Gallup, and several other families from the towns of Groton and St(jnington, Conn., establislied a settlement in Albany county, N. Y., in the towns of Knox and Berne. The dcseendants of these four brothers are still numerous in that vicinity, many of them being prominent citizens. Of the sons GALLUP FAMILY. 00 of Samuel, Nathaniel was the grandfather of Albert Gallup, Treasurer of Albany county, X. Y. ; Joshua was the great grandfather of Ezra Twichell, Sheriff of Schoharie county: John Enos, father of Justice John J. Gallup of Albany, and Nathan was the 'father of Prof. Henry Gallup of Poughkeepsie. N. Y. Samuel Gallup died April 25, 1S26; Jemima Enos, his wife, died December 15, 1795, ^g'^'i 49 years; Sara, second wife, died September i, 1S02, ? Children : *273 Joshua, b. Aug. 4, 1769. *274 Nath.\niel, b. Nov. 16, 1770. *275 Samuel, b. July S, 1772. *276 A.NNA, b. Feb. 3, 1774. *277 Hannah, b. Oct. 15, 1775, m. Moses Morgan. *27S John En(ts, b. July 17, 1777. 279 Jemima, b. Sept. 27, 1780, m. Daniel Morgan, 1799. 2S0 LvDiA, b. Feb. 16, 1784, m. George Gallup. *28i Nathan, b. May 3, 1786. • 113 SILAS" GALLUP, {Xathaniel\ Xathanicl\ John\ John\ Jo/in^), son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Gore Burrows) Gallup, bom at Stonington, Conn., March 9, 1749, married Sarah Gallup, daughter of Colonel Nathan and •Sarah (Giddings) Gallup of Groton, Januan- 13, 1774, removed to Albany coun- ty, N. Y., with the first settlers of Knox, in said county; died October 28, 1796; his wife died August 18, 1799. Children : 2S2 Sally, b. Sept 30, 1774. 283 Margaret, b. July 21, 1776. *284 Silence, b. June 7, 1778, m. Sila.s Brewster, Aug. 22, 1S02. *2S5 Fanny, b. March 24, 17S0. 286 Silas, Jr. b. June 4, 17S2, d. April, 1783. 287 Lois, b. April II, 1784. 283 H.\NNAH, b. June 8, 17S5. *289 Nathan, b. Jan. 5, 1787. 290 Silas, Jr. (2d), b. July 25, 1709. *29i Eli, b. Feb. 11, 1791. *292 EiiENEZER, b. Sept. 25, 1795. f o6 GENEALOGY OF 114 GEORGE" GALLUP {Xat/!aniel\ Xat/u7;nW\ Joltn\ John'', John^), son of Nathaniel and Hannah Gore (Burrows) Gallup, bom at Stonington, March 20, 1751, married Freelove Packer of Groton, June 13, 1776. He was an officer in the war of the Revolution. Died May 3, 1781. Children : *293 George, b. April 7, 1777. *294 Peleg, b. May i, 177S. 116 AMOS' GALLUP {Xathaniel', Xathanicl\ John\ John\ John^), son of Nathaniel and Hannah Gore (Burrows) Gallup, bom at Stoning-ton, August i, 1755, married Welthean Dean, February 25, 1787, who was bom June 26, 1757. He died I)ccember i, 1843; his wife died December 13, 1834. Cltildren : 295 Amos, b. Dec. 5, 17S7, d. May 5, 1870. *296 John D. b. Sept. 26, 17S9. *297 Jabez, b. Feb. 22, 1791. 29S, b. July 15, 1793, d. Oct. 3, 1S74. 299 Marth..\, b. Jan. 22, 1796, d. Aug. 1S&2. *3oo N.\thamel, b. (Jet. 16, 1797. 301 George, b. Jan. 22, iSoi, d. Feb. 9, 1S74. 117 HANNAH' GALLUP {Xatlianicl' Nathanicl\ John\ John\ J' 'III'), daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah (Gore) Burrows Gallup, bom August 22, 1757, married John Packer of Gro- •¦ ri. C(jnn., July 6, 1780. Children : Deborah Packer, b. March 25, 1781. Hann.\h " Lucy " Lccretia " John Gf:(;k(;k Griswold Nathaniel " FkKhKKKK " b. May 21, 1S04. b. March 9. 1787. b. June 2, 17S9. b. Aug. 6, 1 791. b. Dec. 24, 1794-/ GALLUP FAMILY. 57 lis LEVI" GALLUP {Xatha?nel\ NatJianiel\ John\ John\ lo/in'), son of Nathaniel and Hannah Gore (Burrows) Gallup, born at Stoning^ton, March 26, 1760, married Abigail Packer of Groton, Conn. He removed to Albany county, X. Y., before 1800, and in 1806 to Jefferson, Schoharie countv. He died February 18, 1850; his wife died July 11, 1826. Children : ¦302 Abigail, b. Oct. 13, 17S6, m. Jesse Brockway, d. Feb. 13, 1S46. ¦303 Levi, b. Feb. 21, 1789. XT^nns; unmarried, d, Feb. 12, iSti. *304, b. May 17, 1791 305 Lucy, b. May 17, 1791 *3o6 EzEKiEL, b. Oct. I, 1794 *307 SiL.\s, b. June 14, 1798 119 EZRA« GALLUP {Nathanicl\ Nathaniel\ John\ John\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Hannah Gore (Burrows) Gallup, bom at Stonington, March 13, 1763, married Rebecca Hinckley in 1786. He removed to Albany county, N. Y., before 1800, and later to Schoharie county. Children : *3oS Ezra, b. June 25, 17S7. 309 Reueoja, b. Feb. 19, 17S9, m. Russell Fnnk, d. May 6, 1S57. 310 Hannah, b. July 7, 1790, m. Willis. 3n Abel, b. Oct. 3, 1791. 312 Sarah, b. Dec. 26, 1793. 313 Esther, b. June 6, 1795. m. Henry Osterhout. 314 Prudence, b. Oct. 6, 1796, m. Elias Osterhout. 315 Obadiah, b. June 27, 1798. 316 Elizabeth, b. March 15, iSoo. m. Charles Lounsberry. ( Elizabeth Brewster, daughter of 317 Charles, b. March 14. 1S02, m. - Silas Brewster, Sept. 0, 1S36; d. ( June 28, 1848. 318 Elihu, b. Dec. 9, 1S03, d. May 24, 1829; unmarried. 319 Caroline, b. Sept. 20, 1805, m. Griffin Whipple, d. Oct. 28, 1S32. 320 Abigail, b. March 13, 1807, m. Giles Tripp. *32i Tho.mas J. b. July 27, 1813. 58 GENEALOGY OF 121 JOHN' GALLUP {John\ Xathanicl\ John\ John\ John'), son of John and Bridget (Palmer) Gallup, born at Plainfield, Conn., in 1750, married Lydia Clark, daughter of Perry and Lydia Lester Clark, and lived at Plainfield; he died in 1835. Children : 322 Bridget, m. Captain Samuel Woodward. 323 Fanny, m. Sessions Lester. 324 Lydia, m. Olney. 122 JONATHAN' GALLUP Uohn\ Xathanid\ John\ John\ John'), son of John and Bridget (Palmer) Gallup, was bom at Plainfield, 1753, married Elizabeth Dow, and died at Plainfield, August 27, 182S. Children : 325 John, b. Jan. 4, 1789, d. young. 326 David, b. May 26, 1790, d. Jan. 7, i343. *327 Tho.mas Dow, b. March 12, 1792. 328 Simon, b. Sept. 27, 1793, d. April 13, 1851. 123 DAVID' GALLUP {John\ Xathamel\ John' John\ John'), son of John and Bridget (Palmer) Gallup, bom at Plainfield. Conn., 1754, married Nancy Jacques of Sterling, Conn., Feb- ruary 20, 1804, and settled on a farm at Sterling, where he died July 14, 182 1. His wife died August 22, 1844. Children : •329 John, b. April 9, 1807. *330 David, b. July 11, 1808. 331 Esther, b. June 27, 1811. [Esther married Dr. Henry Campbell, Sept. 6, 1S31, and died at Pro\-idence, R. I., July 24, 1365.] *332 Amos J. b. Feb. 24, 1812. 333 Ri Hv. b. Jan. I, 1-22. [Ruby first married Dr. Horace Burjre.-,s of Plainiied, Conn., Sept. 3, 1S50. After hi-, death she married Charles W. WilHams, and hves m Brooklyn, Conn.] GALLUP FAMILY. 59 = 124 MARGARET" GALLUP {John\ Xathanid\ Johu\ John\ John'), daug-hter of John and Bridget (Palmer) Gallup, born at Plainfield, Conn., married Samuel Frink of Plainfield. Children : S.\XTo.N Frink. Bridget " John " Esther " 126 THOMAS' GALLUP {rhomas\ Xathaincl\ John\ /ohu\ John'), son of Thomas and Hannah (Dean) Gallup, born at Plainfield, Conn., May 23, 1750, married Rebecca Gilkey, November 3, 1774; removed to Plainfield, N. H. ; died, 182S. *334 Tho.mas, *335 Benjamin, 336 Rebekah, *337 Asa, ) *333 JoHN,r'"^''^--^^^"^^^3. 1731. 339 Charles, b. June 12, {784, m. Rebekah Gallup. April, iSio. 127 ASA" GALLUP [Thovias', Nathaniel*, John\ John\ John'), son of Thomas and Hannah (Dean) Gallup, bom at Plainfield, Conn., June 22, 1752. Married Sally Vincent, and removed to Plainfield, N. H., later to Franklin, Vt, where he died, Feb- ruary 28, 1829. Children : 340 Isaac, bom, lived, and died in Franklin, Vt. Left one son, C. W. Gallup, who spent the last thirty years of his life in Kansas, and died in 16SS, leaving a large family. *34i Asa, b. April 13, 1792. *342 Benjamin. Children b. Aug. b. May b. Oct. 25. 1775- 12, 1777- 2, 1779- GO GKNTALOGY OF 130 BENJAMIN" GALLUP ( Thomas\ Xathaniel\ John\ John\ Jo/iii'), son of Thomas and Hannah (Dean) Gallup, bom June 17, 1758, at Plainfield, Conn., married Martha Gallup of Ster- lino;-, Conn., dauj^hter of Isaac and ^Largaret Gallup, December 6, 1781. She was. born February 17, 1757, and died June 23, 1779. He married second, Sally Park, March 15, iSoi. She was bom November 31, 1775, '^^^d died Augaist 28, 1S2S. Thev lived in Plainfield, Conn. He died April n, 1836. Children : *343 TiKiMvs, b. Sept. 4, 1782. 344 As.\, b. Feb. 2, 17S5. d. Oct. 13, 1S46. 345 LrcY, b. May i. 17S6, m. Benj. Dow, 1S24, d. March i, 1S55. 346 H.\NNAH, b. June 19, 17S3, m. Rodman James, d. May 4, 1S34. *347 Benja.min, b. May 12, 1790. ?343 M.\RTH.\., b. March 14. 1792, m. William Shepard, d. July 2, 135S. *349 l5.-\..\c, b. June 20, 1794. *35o John, ) twin.s. ,r > b. an. 13, iTOQ, 351 M.\RG.\RET, ) -' J />v. j^ j^j^^ Gallup, 1S25, d. Oct. 23, 1869. Children by Second Marriage. 352 REiiEcr.v, b. April 16, i5o3, m. Henr>-D. Hall,iS3o, d. Nov. 24, 1866. *353 WiLLiA.M, b. Aug. 20, 1805. *354 Moses, b. July 27, 1809. 133 NATHANIEL' GALLUP {Bcnjamin\ Nathaniel', John\ John'', /ohn'), son of Benjamin and Amy (Kinne) Gallup, bora at Voluntown, Januar>' 14, 1765. He was married to Kesiah Kinne, September 7, 1786, by Rev. Micaiah Porter, and lived on a farai at Voluntown. He died October 26, 1815; his wife died September 23, 1824. Children : *355 Thomas, b. Nov. 21, 1786. jli> Hannah, b. Dec. 29, 1788, m. Avery Kinne. *357 Lyman, b. Feb. 4, 1791. ^3=^ Ti;mi-kka.\(.e, b. Oct. 6, 1792, m. Benjamin M. Burdick. *:•¦, KiWK. ]>. Sept. 27, 1794. ¦•'¦Ki-!M!. b Tulv I i-o'i m * Daniel L. Campbell ; li'.x-d in Gris- ., ¦' ^ ' ' JJ' ¦ I woid. Conn. ' ' I'f ¦-J.^Ml^, b. Dee. 27. i-oi. -< - A HiiiKMKL. b. iiQ4. d. Sept. 2'j, :^24, aged 19 years. GALLUP FA^nLY. 6X 13S BENJAMIN- GALLUP {Benjamin\ Xathanicl\ John\ John\ Jo/in'), son of Benjamin and Amy (Kinne) Gallup, born at Voluntown, May 25, 1774. Married Huldah Kinne, and settled in Voluntown as a farmer. He died August 2^, 18-4- his wife died June 21, 1S60. C/i/ldren: 363 Amy, b. iSo3 m -^ ^^njainin Gallup, son of Nathaniel and Kesiah ^ „ ' / Kmne Gallup, died in 184^. ^364 Benjamin, b. iSii. 151 UZZIEL" GALLUP {Bcnjauiin\ Bc/ijai>nii\ John\ JoJui\ John'), son of Benjamin and Sarah (Lawrence) Gallup, born at Voluntown in 1769, married Lucinda Witherell, at Dalton, Mass., October 19, 1794; he died at Dalton, March 21, 1849. Children : 365 LrciNDA, b. June 25, 1797, m. Simeon Wright *366 MiLLKN, b. Sept. 10, 179S. *367 AsHLEV, b. Aug. 23, iSoo. 36S Llthek, b. July 23, 1S02, d. March rS, 1803. *369 Rriiv, b. June 6, iSu^, m. 3 ^^- T- Maynard, Dec. 14, 1S22. * X ^ ' ( d. Aug. 13, iSts. *37o LoRiN S. b. March, 1S09. 156 Colonel BENADAM' GALLUP (/.Vav?./4- -.-¦¦ •¦ i 62 GENEALOGY OF *375 John, b. May 27, 1776. 376 Lucy, b. June 23, 1779, m. Stephen Haley of Groton. 377 Simeon, b. Sept. 29, 17S1, d. April 13, 1S36. f Children of Bridget Gallup and Sands Fish: Asa, b. 1790; Hannah, b. March 10, 1792: Lavinia, b. Oct. i, 1794, m. Denison; Simeon, b. Jan. iS, 1797; Sands, b. Feb. 27, 1799; Charles, b. Feb. 3, iSoi; Nathan G., b. Sept. 17, 1S04; Alden, b. Aug. 9, 1S08; Bridget, b. 1811. 157 ISAAC GALLUP i^Bcnadam\ Btnadam\ Benadam\ /ohn\ John'), son of Benadam and Hannah (Avery) Gallup, bom December 22, 1742, married Anna Smith, October 5, 1786, daughter of Nehemiah and Abigail (Avery) Smith, born Decem- ber 8, 1765. Isaac was a captain in the Revolutionary' War. (See Appendix). He died in Ledyard, August 3, 1814. Anna (Smith) Gallup married second, Seth Williams of Ledyard, January- 30, 1825, died December 21, 1S48. Seth Williams was bom in January, 1761, died May 21, 1843. All buried in old Gallup graveyard, Ledyard, Conn. Children : *37S Ann.a. *379 Isaac *3So RfSSELL *3Si Sarah *332 Jabesh *3S4 Elias *335 Erastus *386 Shubael •387 Elihu Gallup, b. Sept. 3, 1787, m. Da\-id Geer, Jan. 11, 1810. b. Jan. Ti, 17S9, m. Prudence Geer, March 12, 1S12. b. April II, 1 79 1, m. Hannah Morgan. 9, 1792, m. William McCall. \ Lucy Meech. 23, 1704, m. - r ¦ > o ^ ¦^ ' ^^ ( Louise Avery, Sept. 21, 1243. - , \ Melinda Bailev. 6, 1700. m. - -.r u 1 ' ^ / Mary Haiey. 14, 179S, m. Fanny Dean, Sept. 28, i52S. \ Eunice Williams. [1646. "( Frances Sheffield, Aug. 27, (1 Sarah M. Isham. [21, 1865. b. Nov. b. Aug. b. April b. April b. July 31, iSoo, m. b. March 6, 1S02, m. '( Mrs. Fanny S. Church, Oct b. Dec. 12, 1803, m. Emily Clark. 161 JESSE' GALLUP {Benadam\ Benadain\ Benadam\ John\ Jo/ni'), son of Benadam and Hannah (Avery) Gallup, born at Groton, Conn., February 13, 1751; married March 16, 1775, Catharine Fish. GALLUP FAMILY. 63 *3SS Peter A. b. Jan. *3S9 Mary, b. Jan. 390 H.\.NNAH, b. May *39i Jesse, Jr. b. Oct *392 Catharine, b. Sept *393 Fanny, b. Dec. 394 Eunice, 395 Betsey, Children : 15, 1776. S, 1778, m. Prentice Avery, Oct. 9, 1S02. 9, 17S0. 21, 17S2. 3, 17S4, m. Jonathan Havens, May 22, 1S03. 13, 17S7, m. Phineas Bill, Nov. 25, 1S17. b. April 27, 1790. b. May 14, 1793, m. Josiah Rogers, Sept. 21, 1S33. 396 Edmund T. b. Aug. 13, 179S. 165 JOSIAH' GALLUP {Bcnadaiii\ Bcnadam\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Benadam and Hannah (Avery) Gallup, born at Groton, Conn., in 1760; married first, Sarah Fish, November 4, 1787, she died February 11, 1791; married second, Mary Randall, November 11, 1792; died June 29, 1826; Mar\-, his wife, died November 30, 1847, aged 81. Children : *397 Josiah, b. Aug. 30, 1793. ?398 CH.A.RLES R. b. July 3, 1795. *399 Benj.a_min F. b. Aug. i, 1797. 400 Mary A. b. Aug. 30, 1799. 401 Hannah, b. Nov. 21, 1801. 164 SUSAN" GALLUP {Bcnadain\ Benadain\ Bc)iadaiii\ Johir, John'), daughter of Benadam and Hannah (Avery) Gallup, born June 8, 1756, married Nathan Lester; she died August 16, 1840, aged 84; Nathan died October 10, 1813. Child: H.vnnah Gallup Lester, m. Adam Larrabee, Sept. 21, 1S17, d March 15, 1837; Adam Larrabee d. Oct. 25, 1S69. Children : Nathan Larrabee, d. Sept 13, 1879. Charles " " lives at Windham, Conn. John *' d. Sept 3, 1852. H.\.nnah " m. Williams; lives at Portsmouth. Iowa. Ellen " lives at Fon du Lac, Wis. Henry " lives at Windham, Conn. Wii.i.iAM " lives at Clermont, Iowa. Fkank " lives at McGregor, Iowa. E.meline H. " lives at Fond du Lac, Wis. 64 GENEALOGY OF Captain Adam Larrabee, who married Hannah Gallup Lester, was born in Ledyard, Conn., March 14, 1787, graduated from United States Military Academy at West Point, March i, 18 r I. Upon the completion of his studies he was appointed second lieutenant of light artillery, proinoted to first lieutenant two months later. After heroic service on the northern frontier, in 1812 and 18 14, being severely wounded at La CoUe Mills, he was promoted to a captaincy, but resig"ned his com- mission in 181 5, and retired to his farm at "Windham, Conn. Held many positions of trust afterward. "The business of his civil life was farming, and in this he won very conspicuous success." He was for over fifty years continuously one of the trustees of the old savings bank of Norwich, Conn. He was not only a hard worker, but very frugal in his own habits; but to proper objects of charity and the cause of re- ligion he was always a most liberal giver. His systematic training at West Point was visible in all his after life, and his ideas of hard work, economy, business integrity, order and punctuality were a most precious legacy to his sons, who have been abundantly prospered through the same praiseworthy qualities. He died in Windham, Conn., October 25, 1869. — Taken from Hon. C. AldricJis '¦'•An Early West Pointer.'' His son. William Larrabee, inherited a generous portion of his father's sturdy and ncjble characteristics. Removing from his Connecticut home in 1853, he engaged in farming and manufacturing at Clermont. Iowa; in 1867 was elected State Senator, and after a faithful service (jf eighteen years in the interest of the people, resigned, and was elected to more exalted service as Governor, in 1885, re-elected in 1887, and is now known everv^where as Iowa's most valiant defender of the common people's rights and liberties against railroad oppres. sion, which had become a most important issue in Iowa politics. From his second Inaugural we quote: " In every transaction growing out of the relations between these [railroad] corpora- tions and the people, we find an expert on one side and a novice on the other. " From a most thorough and exhaustive knowl- •-¦'<.^e of both sides of the grave question, Tjin-ernor Larraljee, nniK-lied by the purest and highest motives, warmly and efTec- tively espoused the cause of the novice. In his own words; GALLUP FAMILY. 65 "The Railroad Commission was created to be a committee of the people, obligated to advocate their rights; organized capital can safely be trusted to taVe care of itself." If an official should consult simply his feelings, he might easily be tempted to make a truce with the enemy, and thus avoid implacable conflict. But when such a step can only be taken at the sacrifice of honor, when a solemn obligation makes the conflict an imperative duty, there is no alternative. "In the discharge of my official duties, it has been my earnest endeavor to promote the welfare of the commonwealth by divesting myself of all personal, local, and partisan consider- ations, and rendering obedience only to the laio and the dictates of my conscience. — Inaugural of Feb. 12, 18^0. Governor Larrabee now lives on the home farm at Cler- mont, Iowa. 170 WILLIAM' GALLUP {\Villiam\ Benadain\ Benadam\ JoJin"^^ John^)., son of William and Judith (Reed) Gallup, bom at Groton, Conn., and removed with his father to Kingston, Pa., in 1774, being then a lad escaped the Wyoming massacre; married Freelove Hathaway, sister of Sea Captain Caleb Hatha- way of Philadelphia. Children : *402 Wi I.I.I A-Nf. b. at Kingston, Pa., Feb. 3, 1795. *403 H.\Li.r,T, b. " " May i, 1796. 404 J.\.MEs D. b. " " 1793. [James spent the greater part of his life in the coal regions of Pennsylvania, and died at Mauch Chunk, Pa., March, 1856; unmarried.] 405 Caleb H. b. at Kingston, Pa., 1802. [Caleb came to Norwalk, Ohio, in 1S25, and died there Sept 20, 1827; unmarried,] 173 NEHEMIAH' GALLUP {Henry\ Benadam\ Benadam\ John'\ John') son of Henry and Hannah (Mason) Gallup, born June 19, 1 75 1, married Elizabeth Brown, January 28, 1783. 6Q GENEALOGY OF Childreji : 406 Elizabeth, *407 Nehemiah M. 4o3 John S. 409 Orendia, *4io Elisha, *4ii Like, 412 Serviah, *4i3 Ebenezer, b. Nov. 10, 1783 b. Feb. 12, 17S5 b. April 5, 1737 b. March 3, 1790 b. June 22, 1792 b. April 17, 1794 b. Oct. 16, 1796 b. April 27, iSoo, 174 EUNICE" GALLUP {Henry', Bcmidain\ Benadain\ Jolui\ John^), daughter of Henry and Hannah (Mason) GaUup, born at Groton, Conn., Augaist 7, 1755, married October 16, 1783, Samuel Dennis, son of Benjamin and Thankful (Bliss) Dennis, bom May 4, 1756, died August 30, 182 1. Eunice (Gallup) Dennis, his wife, died July i, 1S29. Elnice Henry Anna Benjamin Betsy Jared Galll p C/iildren : Dennis, b. March 22, 1785 b. Oct. 9, 1736 b. :March 10, 17S3 " b. May 5, 17S9 " b. March 21, 1793 b. June iS, 1796 Jared Gallup Dennis, son of Samuel and (Eunice) Gallup Dc-nnis, born June 18, 1796, married Lorhnamy Davis, July 7, i'S22; she died February 5. 1833. Slurried second, Xancy A. P. Congdon, August 4, 1833, who was born Augi;st 20. 1S04, died December 2, 187 1. There were six children by first marriage. George H. Dennis bom April 7, 1825, died at sea, May 8, 1867. Jared Dennis, born February 14, 1831, lives in Hartford, Conn. The other four children died young. Children by Second Marriage : '^)-' \K A. Dennis, b. May 25, 1S34. d. June 2, iS3r.. ''K\. J., UN B. •• b. May 23, 1S35. (¦ ,,-iivvt .. 1 T „ ^ \ lives in Providence. K. I., har^ one ""'•"•\^' b. June 20, 1037,- , I, ¦' •" I daughter. CuAkLK:, \Vm. " b. Auj^. 24, 1S3S, Hvcs in Toronto, Canada. GALLUP FAMILY. 67 General John B. Dennis, son of Jared Gallup and Nancy (Congdon) Dennis, bom May 23, 1835, at Norwich, Conn., married Hattie S. Loring- of Worcester, }*Iass., June 16, 1S59; she died August 3, 1S60, leaving one child, Gertie, born May 27, i860, who died in San Francisco, June 2, 1890. He married second, Sara M. English of New Haven, Conn., May 13, 1862, who died November 2, 1879; married third, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Hedgethome, April 12, 1S81. There were six children by second marriage, three of whom died young. WiLHELMiNA Dennis, d. Dec. II, 1S76, aged 11. Louis Rath an " living at Tacoma, Wash. Henry Gardner " living at Omaha, Neb. General Dennis served in the late war, from its beginning till its close. He enlisted in the Worcester Light Infantrv% April 16, 1861. This regiment was attached to the old Sixth Massachusetts Volunteers, and marched with them through Baltimore on the 19th of April, 1861. He served as private for three months, for which he enlisted, and was mustered out of service ^August 2, 1861, on Boston Common. Went immedi- ately to Norwich, Conn., raised a company from New London county, was commissioned captain, August 26, 1861, joined Seventh Regiment, Connecticut Volunteers, Colonel (afterwards (General) Alfred H. Terry commander; mustered into L^nited States service, September 5, 1S61, and started for the seat of war September 17, 1861. He was in the original expedition with General T. W. Sherman to South Carolina, was at the --icge and reduction of Fort Pulaski, in winter of 1861 and ¦62, at the battle of Secession ville, June 16, 1862, took rebel 'catteries at St. John's Bluff, Fla. , November, 1862, at the siege and reduction of Forts Wagner and Sumter, from July to November 7, 1863, besides being engaged in many other con- flicts requiring arduous and perilous service. He joined the Army of the James May, 1S64, commanded regiment in all of the battles about Petersburg, Va., including Drury's Bluff, 14th and 1 6th of May, 1864, Battle of Weir Bottom Church, June 2, 1864, and was captured by the rebels; was prisoner of war in ^^ ilmington, Petersburg, Charleston, Savannah, ^Lacon, and ^¦-•nt to Charleston, again to be placed under fire of our (vvn o'itteries from Morris Island, and after aljoui two months sent 68 GENEALOGY OF to Columbia, S. C, made his escape on November 4, 1864, but the boat in which he was going down the river sank, and after being- nearly drowned and chilled to death, succeeded in getting out of the water, was recaptured, taken back to Columbi. and on the 28th of November escaped again, succeeded in reaching the coast, and was taken on board the gun boat Nipsic, and reached home on the 2 2d of December. He was commis- sioned as Colonel by Governor Buckingham of Connecticut soon after his escape from prison, but declined the commission, and accepted appointment as Paymaster, with rank of major, and served until 1866, when he left the ser\'ice, having been promoted to the rank of brigadier general ; afterwards paymaster general of South Carolina, with rank of brigadier general, and later commanded the Dakota National Guard, with rank of brigadier general. He was elected to the South Carolina Legislature in 1S68, and again in 1S70. In the spring of 1878 he was appointed quartermaster's agent and ordered to Yank- ton, Dakota, resigned in 1S79 to become an internal revenue officer, which position he held nine years. In 1889 he was appointed chief deputy collector of internal revenue for the dis- trict of Nebraska, with headquarters at Omaha, where he now is. Although not bearing the name of Gallup, General Dennis has shown that he inherited the same spirit of bravery and patriotism which animated his earlv ancestors. ?• 175 I HENRY" GALLUP {Hcnry\ B-:;!adam\ Btnadain\ JoJnr. Johii')^ son of Henry and Hannah (Mason) Gallup, born at Groton, Conn., October 17, 1757, married Desire Stanton, November 17, 1792. Children : sf, *4i4 Ai.KKEii, b. March 23, i-r/-. ¦ ¦ %' 41 ; .\\NA, b. Ma.reh 26, i-'-:- ts *4i6 Dk=ikf,, b. jiar'.h 26, iSo:. m. Elisha J. Hewitt. 176 I ANDREW GALLUP {Hcnry\ Bcnadam\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Henry and Hannah (Mason) Gallup, was born in Groton, Conn., June 26, 1761; married Nancy Weldon, De- cember 16, 1792. ¦: GALLUP FAMILY. 69 Andrew Gallup was a brave soldier of the Revolution, was at the massacre at Fort Griswold, September 6, 1781, where he was severely wounded. He was an artillery man of the regular jjarrison; while working his gun before the co cure of the fort, he was struck by a musket ball coming through the embrasure, passing through his hip. He said he would have had another shot at the British if the boy who was bringing the cartridge from the magazine had not been killed and himself hit before another could pick up and bring along the charge. He was soon taken away from his post at the gun, and laid helpless on the gTOimd out of the way, facing the north gate, and saw while lying thus the enemy rush in through the gateway, and heard the shout of the British officer at the head of the advancing column: "Who commands this post ?" and the reply of Colonel Ledyard, as he advanced to meet him, handing him his sword : "I did, but you do now," which the officer took, and infuriated by the unexpected slaughter, immediately plunged it into Ledyard's breast. Mr. Gallup quite naturally remarked when- ever he told it, " I'd have given anything in the world to have been on my feet then." Afterward he was stabbed with a bayonet as he lay helpless on the ground, the point striking a rib glanced to one side, making a long though not a deep wound, leaving a large scar; he was also stabbed in the arm. He was one of the wounded soldiers who were put in a cart or wagon and sent rolling down the hill, while suffering intense pain from his wounds. Possessing a strong and vigorous con- stitution, he recovered from these severe \V(.)unds, though he rclt the effect of this battle long afterwards; pieces of the bone came from the wound in his hip for years after. After the war he settled in Groton as a farmer, and despite the sufferings of his early life, he lived to the advanced age of nearly 93 years, dying at his home in Ledyard. March 16, 1853. Children : *iT- !?¦..,„ u T t „ ?March r6, 1S2-5, Benj. Rouse, 417 El.mce, b. Jan. 16. 1794. rr^.J d. July 2, 187;. i March 15, 1S29, Asa Barnes; *4i3. Nancy, b. Oct. 15, 1795, m. -: second, Charles Buttolph, d. ' Feb. 2, r'75. i:o Hakriki. b. Sejjt. jo. 179^, d. -April iS. r--?-. a.^ed -t ..,,- c, \ 1 T 1 - * Sept. 13, 1^22, iJennison. 4-'o bARAH Ai.i.vN, b. ulv 27, roo4, m. • ', ,• ^ . ¦' - ' / d. Sept. 2u, i.-)22. "4-1 Amjrku Hi.\k-., b. March 2'j, i-ii. d. May 15, iSoO. ' *-2 A>.\ L, MAN. b. Feb. 22. [^14, m. l^cc. 9, 1340, Eliza (killup. 70 GENEALOGY OF 177 JARED" GALLUP {Hcnry\ Bcnadaui\ Benadaui\ John\ John^), son of Henr\^ and Hannah (Mason) Gallup, born November 22, 1767, at Groton, Conn., married Mary Whipple, who was born April 4, 1774. He was a ship master and Justice of the Peace in Preston, and prominent in the affairs of the town; died October 28, 1S68; his wife died in 1842. Chil^iren : *423 Joseph Henry, b. Sept. 14, i3o8. *424 Henry Joseph, b. Feb. 11, 1810. 185 LOIS' GALLUP {Xathan\ Bcnadam\ Benada»i\ John\ John^), daughter of Nathan and Sarah (Giddings) Gallup, born October 17, 1768, married Captain Jacob Morgan, 1787. Cap- taimMorgan, born September 18, 1768, died in Berne, Albany county, N. Y., December 15, 1855; his wife, Lois (Gallup) Morgan, died March 19, 184 1. Children : Jacob Morgan, Jr., b. April 20, 1789, m. Lucretia Fanning, Jan. 31, 1813. b. Aug. 16, 1792, m. Jos. Strong, March 10, 1808. b. Feb. 9, 1795, m. Mary Carpenter in 1S20. b. March 31, 1797, m. Williams Fish, Nov. 27, 1814. b. Sept. 24, 1799, n^- Ann Allen. Nov. 15, 1823. b. Dec. 2, 1803. m. Ed.\vard Aiken, Sept. 26, 1S23. Lois William A. Eunice Nathan Gallup Adaline 181 ^lARY" GALLUP {Xat/tan\ Be;iadaiii\ Bcnadaiii\ Johu\ JoJin') daughter of Colonel Nathan and Sarah (Giddings) Gallup, bom January 31, 1759, married Henry Denison in 1778, son of Daniel and Esther (Wheeler) Deni.son ; lived in Knox, N. Y. She died January, 1843; he died in Stonington in 1836. Children : Sarah Denison, b. Dec. 9, 17^^, d. in 1817, unmarried. Henry " b. May 15, 1783, m. Deborah Pierce. Mary " b. in 1785, d. young. Daniel " b. March 31, 1787; a physician in Pompey. N. Y. Mary " b. May 17, 1789, m. Amos Crary, April 14, iSii; she died July 28, 1840, in Kno.x, X. Y. (jiUEoN " b. Feb. 4, 1793, d. Feb. 1^26, unmarried. ^'J^^ " b. Jan. 21, 1796, m. John S. Freeman, 1-130. d. April 25, 1559. EviHKK " b. May 22, i vx^ m. x\ns'm H. Tayl.;r. GALLUP FAMILY. 71 182 JACOB" GALLUP {Xathan\ Bcnadavi\ Benadajn\ JoJin\ John'), son of Nathan and Sarah (Giddings) Gallup, born July 26, 1761; married Rebecca Morgan of Groton, January ri, 1784, died 1798; his wife died in Goshen, Conn., July 3, 1834. Children : . „ I. /-x i. ^ - < Averv' AUvn of Grotou, March 2S, *425 Rebecca, b. Oct. 6, 1755, m. - -, - ( ISO/. . ^ , V A -1 - " i Parthenia Morgan. *426 Jacob, b. Apnl 24, i7^7. m. -J g^^^ g-^j *427 Lucy, b. March 22, 17S9, m. Israel Allyn, moved to Ohio. *423 Lois, b. April 17, 1791, m. Charles Allyn of Groton. 429 Ebe.nezek, b. July S, 1793, d. July 2, 1794. 430 Temperance, b. April 29, 1795, m. Oliver Dodge. *43i Lydia, b. July 5, 1797, m. Le^^-is C. Wadhams, Goshen, Conn. [Mrs. Rebecca (Morgan) Gallup, married second, Ephraim Allyn. They had five children.] 183 CHRISTOPHER' GALLUP (Xaf/ian\ Benadam\ Bcn- adam\ John-, John'), son of Nathan and Sarah (Giddings) Gal- lup, bom June 22, 1764, married Mrs. Martha (Stanton) Pren- tice, April 13, 1790, died July 30, 1849; his wife died Febru- ary 12, 1818. Children : 432 Asa, b. Dec. 17, 1792. *433 Elizabeth, b. Jan. 21, 1795, m. Warren Williams, Jan. 12. 1S15. 434 Martha, b. Sept. 26, 1796. 435 Sarah, b. Aug. 9. i3o3. *436 Jllia a. b. July 26. 1307, m, Jos. S. Williams, Dec. j-j, i;-4- *437 CukisiopHER M. b. Nov. 25. 1S09. 186 LODOWICK" GALLUP {Nathafi\ Benadam\ Bcuadam\ John"", John'), son of Nathan and Sarah (Giddings) Gallup, bom in Ledyard, Conn., January 23, 1773; married Margaret Phelps of Litchfield, Conn., Februar}' 28, 1779. Children : 43- Li 'V K. b. May ir, 1801. 43'y Nv!i!A-., b. Jan. 24, 1S03. [Nathan graduated at Yale College, also Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia, and died there just after graduation ; unmarried. ) 72 GENEALOGY OF 440 Cecelia. b. Nov. 7, 1S04, m. Giles Williams, Dec. 6, 1S69. 441 Louisa, b. Jan. 21, 1S07, d. March 6, 1S91. *442 LoodwicK C. b. Feb. 11, 1S09. 443 Oliver E. b. April 24, iSii, d. Aug. 31, 1S34; unmarried. *444 Fa.nny 'SI. b. March 2, 1S14. 445 Lawiston, b. Nov. 15, iSr6. [Lawiston graduated from Castleton ^ledical College, Vt, became a practising physician in New York city, died Aug. 28, 1848; unmarried.] *446 Asa Ora.n, b. Jan. 31, 1S19. John P. b. Dec. 14, 1S21, d, Dec. 13, 1831. *447 DwiGHT, b. April 14, 1825. 4|8 Margaret, b. Dec. 30, 1828. ISS ROBERT^ GALLUP {7Vw^;urs P\, Benadam\ Bcnadam\ Johti\ John'), son of Thomas P. and Prudence (Allyn) Gallup^ born at Groton, Conn., April 30, 1760, married Polly Baker. He was a Revolutionary soldier, was severely wounded at the battle of Groton Height.s, September 6, 1781; one of the brave men who fought with the gallant Colonel Ledyard. Preserved almost as by a miracle from death on Groton Heights, he went to the State of New York about the year ^1806, and was one of the first settlers of the town of Plvmouth. The thrilling story of his escape from death was wonderful to the young men of Plymouth. One of them, no longer voung, writes in this manner: "I can well remember th^e story he used to tell us children of being taken prisoner, and ordered to say, ' God bless the king, ' and how he changed the phraseolog}'. And then he would tell us of the terrible massacre at Fort Griswold, of the brave defence made by Colonel Ledyard and his little band of volunteers, his lips quivering with agitation at the thought of the brutality of the British soldiers, of how the enemy came marching up the hill, captured the lower fort, and then rushed pell mell in upon them, of how he was wounded in the side just before the final assault, and awakened from a swoon in time to see the sword plunged into Colonel '¦'¦•-•''\^'^ '^ brcu.^t; and then came the slaughter of the men. and i-i-^t of all the wounded soldiers were collected in a cart and sent rolling down the hill among the rocks and stumps." GATJ.TJP FAMILY. 73 Mr. Gallup was one of those sent on that terrible ride, but more fortunate than others, he was thrown out part way down the hill, and lay bleeding and groaning on the green sward. He had just raised himself on his elbow, and plunged his thumb into his wound to check the flow of blood, when a British soldier struck him with his musket and run him through with a bayonet. Insensibility followed, and for the rest of the day he lay as one dead, utterly oblivious of the burning and plundering across the river. He was found in this condition the next morning by his mother, who went to the fort searching for him. His life at Plymouth was that of a quiet farmer, he took a live interest in the prosperity of the new town. After the death of his wife he left Plymouth to live with his married daughter in Greene. It was here that he died. The battle scarred remains of the veteran were taken back to Plymouth, and laid beside those of his wife. At his grave is a simple marble slab with this inscription: ROBERT GALLUR, Died August 20, 1858, AGED 9S YEARS, 3 MONTHS AND 20 DAYS. A Soldier of the Revolution Wounded at Fort Grisw^ld. A small United States flag floats over the mound, and a wreath of faded flowers tells the story of the devotion of some of Plymouth's little girls to the Fort Griswold veteran who is buried near their home. Each Memorial Day they pay their loving tribute to his memor}', and on September 6, 1891, the anniversary" of the battle, a new flag and a fresh bunch of flowers were deposited there. Children : 449 Robert, b. New London Co.. Conn., m. \ — Kennedy, went to Penn- -' ' / sylvania, and died there. ., r. 1- .> .. _ i Rev. Levi Gardner, Baptist 450 Polly. b. m. J Min.. Oneida Co.. N.Y. 451 Frederick, b. " " d- inPlj-mouth; unmarried. 452 Orrilla, b. " " May 27. i3o2. [Orrilla married February 5, 1324, Erastuii Foote, si.n of Samuel and Sybil Foote of I'i\p.iouth. Mr. Foote was a la.vyer, lived ir. t-'iy- m.outh ar.d in 'irtene, X. Y., later removed to Milwaukee. V,':^.. where he became a judge, 'lied t:;ere February i^. 1S7;, ii'^e'l 75. Mrs. Foote is now ([-',2; living with tier son Robert in \V;i--h:ug:on, Kansas, aged ::;.] 74 GEXEALOGY OF Francis Helen Foote Mary P. Robert E. Fannie M. Erastus D. Frederick " [Erastus D. Foote daughter of Rev. June 13, 1S44.] Their Children : both died youne. ^^^ ^ ^ [Kansas. b. at Ph-mouth, Oct. 26, 1S30, now of Washington, b. " June 14, 1832. b. " July 23, 1S34. b. at Greene, Oct. 22, 1837, d. Sept. 13, 183S. married September S, 1S61, Cora M. Clemens, S. W. Clemens, who was bom at Hyde Park, Vt. , Their Children : Frances H. Willi A.M E. Fred. Lovell Robert C. Bessie B. ^Iudred Foote, b. at Iron Ridge, Wis.. June " b. " " Sept b. at Fox Lake, " Nov. b. at Waupun, b. 24, 1S62, d. iS63. i3, 1863. 8, 1S69, d. 1873. Jan. 18, 1872. Feb. 23, 1873, d. 1873. March 18, 1876. 192 General JOHN' GALLUP {Josepk\ Joseph\ Bcnadam\ John'', John^), son of Joseph and Mary (Gardner) Gallup, bom at Groton, Conn., July 17. 1758, married Hannah Denison of Stonington. Conn., January 3, 17S2. There is a tradition in the family that he was an officer in the war of the Revolution, and that he often told of the battles in which he was engaged. Soon after the close of the war he removed with his cousins. Samuel Gallup and brothers, to Albany Co., N. Y. He settled in the town of Knox, and after the death of General Todd he was promoted to brigadier general. He died December 8, 1S25; his wife died September i, 1830. Children : 453 John Gardner, 454 Llcreti.\, 454 H.\NNAH, *456 Daniel, *457 Joseph, 458 Mary, Al'\ Bl-.KI,K D. " i*"-) ' Gardner, d. Sept 16, b. May 3, 1786, m. NathanCrarv'.d. July 23, 1873. b. Sept 12, 1789. b. Dec. 9, 1 791. b. Jan. 23, 1794, d. March 11, 18S0. b. April 22. 1796, unmarried, d. Auc^. 25, 1S43. b. Junu 12. 1798. , T 1 .-> * Ebenezer Deni-^un. d. la::. b. Julv 19, iboo, m. • , ,, •' ¦' ¦ ' / icj, i-;>4. 4''- J"!i\ Gakij.nkr (2d), b. .Sept. 15, i5o5, unmarried, d. LJce. 21, iSS5. GALLUP FAMILY. 75 198 GURDON' GALLUP {Joscph\ Joscph\ Benadain\ JoJm\ /ohn^), son of Joseph and Mary (Gardner) Gallup, bom at Groton, Conn., December i8, 1771; married Sibell Capron of Preston, Conn., February 15, 1795. She was the daughter of Giles and Lucy Capron, and was bom February 25, 1771. Gurdon died at Noank, Conn., December 17, 1847; his wife, Sibell, died at Waterford, Conn., April 9, 1852, aged 81. They are buried at Poquonoc Bridge, in the Ashley burying ground. Children : *463 Lucy, b. Nov. 5, 1796. 464 Gurdon, b. May 16, 179S. 465 Grace, b. Oct. 16, 1799. 466 Frederic, b. May 29, iSoi. *467 Joseph, b. May 2, 1803, m. Abby Ann Denison, Nov. 3, 1825. *468 Giles, b. May 17, 1S05. 469 M.\Rv A. b. Nov. 17, 1S07. 470 S.xBRA, b. Nov. ii, 1S09. *47i Franklin, b. Aug. 18, 181 2. JOSEPH' GALLUP {Elisha\ Joscph\ Bcnadam\ John\ John}), son of Elisha and Mercy (Denison) Gallup, born in Stonington, Conn., October 18, 1760; went with his father to Hartland, Vt., in 1778; married Miriam Brigham of Grafton. Mass., and removed to Melbourne, P. Q., Canada, about i8oo, where he died February 18, 1849; his wife died ]^Iarch 16, 1S23. Children : 472 Mercy, b. at Hartland, Vt, June 19, 1785, m. Nathaniel Weed of Melbourne, P. Q., d. Nov. 17, 1362. *473 Ezekiel, b. " July 6, 17S7. *474 Joseph, b. " June 2, 1789. *475 Zadock, b. " June 27, 1791. *476 George, b. at Brookfield, Vt, Sept 15, 1793. 477 Martha, b. " Sept 5, 1795, m. Frederick T. Gallup of Hartland, Vt, d. Sept 29, 1872. *47S Elisha, b. " Feb. 15, 1798. 479 Miriam, b. " Aug. 25, ivxj, m. William Ni.\on, VA}.. d. June II, 1S45. 4^0 Eunice, b. at Melbourne, P. Q., Jan. 2, 1-05, m. James Morgan of Hartland, \'t., d. April 2;, 1-71. 76 GENEALOGY OF 206 ELISHA^' GALLUP {Elislia\ Joseph \ Benadain\ John\ John^), son of Elisha and Mercy (Denison) Gallup, born in Stonington, Conn., April 30, 1766, went with his father to Hartland, \"'t. , in 1778; married Hannah Allen, lived and died in Hartland, Vt. C/iildren : *4Si Frederick T. 4S2 James A. 207 EDWARD' GALLUP {Elislia\ Joseph^ Bcimdam\ John\ John^), son of Elisha and Mercy (Denison) Gallup, bom in Stonington, Conn., December 31, 176S, went to Hartland, Vt., in 1778, married Rhoda Weed and removed to Melbourne, Canada. 218 Dr. JOSEPH ADAM" GALLUP {\Viliiam\ Joseph\ Bcna- da?n^, Jo/ui^, John^), son of William. and Lucy (Denison) Gallup, bom in Stonington, Conn., March 30, 1769, married Abigail Willard, September, 1792, died in Woodstock, Vt. , October 12, 1849. Dr. Gallup had not the advantages of a collegiate training, although he received a verv' thorough education, and in 179S was graduated as bachelor in medicine at Dartmouth College. Practised medicine a few years in Hartland, Vt. , and Bethel, Windsor County, Vt. , whence he removed to Woodstock, in January, iSoo. His first writings appeared in 1802 in the Ver))io)it Gazette, published at Windsor, and attracted early attention. For three years, commencing in 1820, he was presi- dent of, and a professor in the institution at Castleton, \'t. , then called the Castleton Medical Academy, and was also for several years a lecturer in the medical department of the L'niversity of Vermont. He subsequently established the Medical Institution at Woodstock, called at the outset the ^''inical ' I ling. Conn. m. Lewis Buck, now of Cheney, Minn. m. Nel.Non Frink of Plainfield, Conn. GALLUP fa:mily. 79 236 FRANCIS^ GALLUP {Xatluiiuel\ Isaac', John\ JoJin\ John'', John^), son of Nathaniel and Rachel (Smith) Gallup, born at Sterling, Conn., January 12, 1797, married Hannah Rice of Coventry, R. L, who was born May 9, 1799. They settled on the homestead of his father, where they lived until his death, September 27, 1874; his wife died October 2, 1S76. Children : 501 Calvin, b. Nov. 29, 1S26. [Leaving home at an early age, Calvin was employed in Massachusetts and Connecticut in manufacturing enterprises, and later visited Europe, the West Indies, and California, was an extensive lumber dealer in the Mississippi Valley : died Xov. 2S, 1S92, at Oneida, N.Y., at the home of his sister, Mrs. Kennedy.] *502 Phebe, b. March 10, 1S2S, m. John Kennedy, June 15, 1S51. 503 Nathaniel, b. June 22, 1S30, d. Aug. 16, 1S56. ( Miner Peckham of Providence, R. 504 Em.mellne, b. March 29, 1S32, m. -, L, Feb. 2, 1863; now living at ( Plaintield, Conn. 505 Melinda, b. April 23, 1S34. 506 George, b. July iS, 1S36, d. Aug. 15, 1S54. 507 Alfred, b. April 10, 1S39, a lumber dealer in North Carolina. 50S Mary A. b. April 10, 1S43, d. June iS, 1867. 241 JOHN A.' GALLUP {Bt';!a(/am\ lsaac\ John\ John\ JoJui\ John'), son of Benadam and Elizabeth (Dorrance) Gallup, bom at Sterling-, Conn., April 6, 1795, married Polly Barber, No- vember 26, 1818, who was bom Augaist 6, 1801. He first settled in Sterling, a farmer, and afterwards removed to Illinois, where he died June 16, 1S75; ^^^ wife died October '3, 1863. Children : *5og Benjamin A. b. Aug. 2S, 1819. *5io Daniel, b. May 11, 1822. *5ii Orrin, b. Feb. 16, 1824. i Horace Windsor, April 7, 1S45; lived first at Sterling, removed to Dwight, 111., in 1S54. '513 Leonard H. b. Jan. 12, 1828. 514 Cynthia, died in infancy. ''515 Rallh W. b. Feb. 14, 1334. -A<> Miranua, b. Sept. 4, 1-39, d. Dec. 20, 1857. *.,_ T, V, /-^ t - ^ Erastus Kneeland, lived in Illinois, :.. DiANA, b. Oct. 13. 1041, m. -; ^^;^,^ ^^p^_ j^ j3^,^ 80 GENEALOGY OF 2A2 NATHANIEL' GALLUP {Bcnadavi', Isaac\ John\ John\ Jo/in", John^), son of Benadam and Elizabeth (Dorrance) Gallup, born at Sterling-, Conn., August 19, 1798, married Sally Barber, May 14, 181 7, and lived in Sterling- on the homestead of his father; died May 2, 1856; his wife died November 11, 1885. Children : *5i8 Margaret, b. Dec. S, 1S19, m. Joseph Noon. [Lived at Worcester, Mass., afterward at Peterboro, N. H., died 1SS5.] *5ig Sally M. b. March iS, 1S21, m. Chester Bailey, Jan. 6, 1S50. [Lived at Springfield, Mass., died Nov. 10, 1S56.] 520 Lucy A. b. June 15, 1823. *52i James, b. Nov. 13, 1S25. *522 Joseph, b. Sept. 4, 1S27. 523 Elizabeth, b. April 22, 1S30, m. Benjamin Lee Gallup, Jan. 6, 1S50. [Lived at Ashford, Conn., afterward at Brooklyn, N. Y. , now living at Providence, R. L] TT V, Af u o \ George B. Matheson, Feb. 22, 1S6;, 524 Hannah, b. March 13, 1S33, m. ¦< r * .. ta ¦ ^ or ¦' ^ J. jj- ^ lives at Providence, R. L *525 Nathaniel, b. Oct. iS, 1S35. *526 Chancey, b. Oct. 4, 1839. 527 Martha, b. March 2, 1S42, m. Sanford J. Sherman, Dec. 20, 1S60. [Lives at Colchester, Conn. Mr. Sherman died Dec. 9, 1S91.] 2A3 CHESTER' GALLUP {Benadam\ Isaac\ John\ John\ Jo/vi'^, John''), son of Benadam and Elizabeth (Dorrance) Gallup, bom at Sterling, Conn., April 10, 1801, married Mary Barber, September 22, 1822, and lived first at Voluntown and at Plain- field, Conn., removed to Wilmington, Clinton Co., Ohio, in 1848, where he died November 5, 1886; his wife died October 30, 1885. Children : 528 Delxv, m. Thomas Tiffany, lives in Plainfield, Conn. *529 Horace, b. Aug. 2, 1827. *iy> Ali'Ha, b. June S, 1S29. *53i Henkv C. b. April 10, 1S31. 532 Harriet M. b. April 30, 1S34, m. Colvin, and lives m Ohio. 53.3 Aiiiiv J. b. Jan. 25, 1836, m. David Ruddock, lives m Ohio. GALLUP FAMILY. 81 246 ERASTUS^ GALLUP ( \VilUaui\ Isaac', John\ John\ John\ John'), son of William and Amy Gallup, born at Voluntown, September 25, 1795, married Judith Rauthman, March 22, 1S21, lived at Sterling and Plainfield, died at Plainfield, November 19, 1876; wife died at Brooklyn, N. Y., May 10, 1885. Children : 534 Isaac, ¦ b. Aug. 4, 1S21, died April, 1884. 535 Dennison E. b. March 29, 1823, m. and lived in Rhode Island, d. 1SS4. 536 Clarissa, b. Feb. 26, 1825, died young. 537 Celia, b. Dec. 15, 1826, m. Joseph Gallup, d. 1S77. 53S Benjamin Lee, b. Jan. 4, 1829, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Gallup of Sterling, Conn., Jan. 6, 1850, lived at Ashford, Conn., after- ward at New York city and Brookh-n, N. Y. , and are now living at Providence, R. I. *53g KiNNE, b. Feb. 16, 1831. 540 William, b. Jan. 30, 1840, died young. 250 NELSON^ GALLUP ( \Villiam\ Isaac\ John\ John\ John\ Jo/ill'), son of William and Amy Gallup, born February' 20, 1805, at Voluntown, married Betsy Tanner, "July 18, 1824. Children : 541 Ro.KY S. b. Oct. 18, 1S24. m. George Dawley, d. Dec. 9, iSSi. *542 Horace W. b. Oct. 21, 1827. *543 John N. b. Sept. i, 1829. 249 Dr. ALBAX WILLL\M' GALLUP ( William', Isaac', John\ John'', John^, John'), son of William and Amy Gallup, bom December 31, 1S03. Married first, Susanna Waldo, August 29, 1822, who died July 13, 1825; married second, LydiaTillinghast, September 7, 1828, died March 6, 1832; married third, Sally Spalding-, February 4, 1839. Lived at West Greenwich, R. L, and died at Plainfield, Conn., April 2, 1879. Dr. Gallup was engaged in mercantile business for ten years, was Judge of the Court of Common Picas of Kent Co., R. L, from 1S40 to 1S43, ennumerated the census of West Greenwich in 1850, and practised medicine for forty years. 6 82 GENEALOGY OF Children by First Marriage : -, , „ ^ , ( ZephaniahBrowTi. Tune, I S47, lives 544 Mekcv M. b. Oct. I, 1S23, m. -^ y^ ^y^g^ Greenwich. R. I. 545 Susanna W. b. July 4. 1S25, m. Nathaniel L. Stanton, Sept. 17, 1S43. Children by Second Marriage : *646 William A. b. July 5, 1S29. i Albert Brown, Sept. 1S43 ; married 547 Eunice L. b. Feb. 4, 1S31, m. -| second, Henry R. Brown, Uve at ( Hopkinton, R. I. Children by Third Marriage : 54S Harriet E. b. Jan. 6, 1S41, d. July 3, 1542. *549 Joseph S. b. April 5, 1S43. *55o Herman B. b. Oct. 23, 1S44. *55i Isaac B. b. Aug. 16, 1S46. 552 AdelaideA. b. March 17, 1S51, d. Sept. 2, 1877. *553 Charles N. b. Aug. 2, 1S52. 257 THOMAS^ GALLUP [John\ fohn\ JoJin\ John\ Johii\ John'), son of John and Lydia (Randall) Gallup, born in Volun- town, Conn., April 17, 1775, married April 5, 1794, Lucy Gallup, daughter of Benjamin and Amy (Kinne) Gallup, born in Voluntown, Conn., May 17, 1776. They removed to Paris, N. Y., in 18 1 5, where he died March 4, 1845, and his wife died March 22, 1853. Cftildren : 7. 1799. ra. Daniel (lallup. May 26, 1^20. 2S, 1S04, m. Asher (iailup, i52S. 2S, i-oi. 20, iSiu, m. George F. Post, d. Sept. 2'). iS7(). 7, i3i5, d. March 7, i3i6, at Paris, X. Y. 12, 1818, d. at Paris, N. Y. 263 NATHANIEL C. ' GALLUP ( \Vheckr\ John\ John\ John'[ John'', John'), son of Wheeler and Elizabeth (Cogswell) Gallup. bom in Voluntown, Conn., March 15, 1787, married Dinah Edmunds of Griswold, C(jnn., ]^Iarch 3, 180S; she died April 30. 182O. He removed to McKean Co., Pa., about 1815, and married second, Indiana Arnold. 554 William, b. Marc 555 PliKliE, b. Oct. 556 L'lIMA, b. Nov. 5:7 Th'ima;, R b. Jun. 550 Mercv D. b. July 559 Benjamin, b. Aug 560 Ezr.\, b. July GALLUP fa:mily. 83 Children by First Marriage: *56i Jaijez F. b. at Voluntown, March 19, 1S09. *562 Andrew E. b. " SepL iS, iSio. *563 Orrin W. b. " July 17, 1812. ?564 Nathaniel C. b. " March 14. 1S14. *565 Daniel, b. in McKean Co., Pa. 566 Calafora, b. *567 Eben, b. *56S Orlando, b. *569 Philetus, b. *57o Al?"red D. b. Child by Second Marriage : 571 Arnold, b. in McKean Co., Pa., m. Beckwith. 266 WHEELERS GALLUP, Jr. {\Vhcelcr\ JoJni\ John\ John\ Jolui^^ Jo/ui'), son of Wheeler and Elizabeth (Cogswell) Gallup, bom September 30, 1793. married Mary Gallup, daughter of Nathan and Zerniah Gallup, July 2, 1S15. Removed to Penn- sylvania, and married second wife, Edith Arnold. Children by First Marriage : r- -u c ^ - £ i Daniel T. Kinne, Dec. i, 1S44. now 572 Elvira, b. Sept. 15, i5i6. m. -j ^. Canterbury-, Conn. *573 Henry \V, b. Jan. 2, 1819. Children by Second Marriage : 574 Elizabeth, b. in Pennsylvania, m. Thomas Brooks. 575 Alma, b. " m. E. Smith. 576 Viola, b. " m. Israel Moore. 267 JOHN' GALLUP {Xathan\ John\ John\ John\ J':r'i\ Jo/tn^)^ son of Nathan and Zerniah Gallup, bom at Sterling, Conn., February 25, 1787, married Matilda Kinne of Volun- town Conn., May 9, 181 6, and settled on a farm at Sterling. He was an active influential member of the Baptist Church, ¦.::'.ing liberally for its support. Died April 10, 1864; hi.s -.vife '••'.-¦fl December, 1885. Children : *'','. Daniel A. b. March 21. 1S19. ..or T- r. r- ^ ^ i Charles Williams, lived in Brook- :,") Lucy E. b. Sept. 3, 1S21. m. - , „ ^, , -,' „ ^^., ' -" ^ lyn. Conn., a. Jan. 29, 1*504. -_„ r> T- 1, c- i. - o ( Minor Peckham, Aug. 19, 1S44. Lived .-9 Rachel E. b. Sept. is. 1S23, m. ] in Providence, R.I. d. Feb. i.. 1562. 84 GENEALOGY OF ( Elisha Park, lived Providence, R.I., ^So Okka E. b. Jan. S, tS2^, m. -| afterwards at Sterling, Conn., d. ( May 26, iSSi. 551 Benjamin, b. April 27, 1S2S, d.*Nov. i, 1630. 552 HiLDAH A. b. Dec. 26. 1S30, m. -j Jf.^^P^ ^J^r ' ^^\'\i'^'l- ^'^'^"^ ""^ ^ ( Lrnswold, Conn., d. March 26, IS73. 553 Ezra A. b. Nov. 9, 1S34, d. Oct. i, 1S36. 271 SAMUEL' GALLUP {Xat/ian\ John\ John\ John\ JoJin\ John^), son of Nathan and Zerniah Gallnp, bom in 1797, married ]\Iaria Park, and lived tirst on the homestead of his father at Sterling, Conn., aftenvards removed to Lisbon, Conn.; died June 22, 1881 ; his wife died January 26, 1866. Children : 554 AvERiLi., b. Sept 21, 1S25, d. June 3, 13S3. *535 John R. b. Oct 3, 1S27. -OA -D w-,,r-r -K T-,r, t c tq^, ^ \ EH Hvde, Dcc. 26, 1864, lives in Lis- 5S0 Kachel, b. Ian. 10, 1S31, m. - , -^ ' ^ ^ -' ( oon, Conn. *587 DwiGHT, b. April 12, 1S35. 272 NATHAN' GALLUP {Xathan\ [oJin\ John\ John\ John\ Jolui^)^ son of Nathan and Zerniah Gallup, born at Sterling-, Conn., January 2, 1801, married Sally Hall of Sterling, Sep- tember 25, 1 82 2. and lived at Windham, Conn., a farmer; she died March 14. 1843. Mr. Gallup married second, !Mrs. Esther Gallup, December 18. \'^\i. who died May 5, 1S71; he died (Jctfjber 9, 1S78. C/uldren : 553 Jllia a. b. May 10, 1S24, d. Oct. iS, 1525. 589 Eliza A. b. Oct 18, 1825, m. \ ^^"r>' Starkweather. Aug. 27. 1S44. ^ ^' / d. bept 22, 1871. 590 E.MMA. b. March 5, 1S27. m. j ^,^"1^,^' J" fP^^^u^' ^'«^- =5, iS47, ^ ^' " ^ d. March 28, 1S7S. 591 Nathan, b. March 10, 1S29, m. Sarah T. Murphy, Feb. 19, 18=0. -^-> T .-.-, ... K T r,„ Q i Jane P. Baldwin, Tan. 2, 18^4, d. Feb. 592 Llcian, b. June 5, 1831, m. - -¦ , • •'--' ,• ,' ,, ?^' , ^ -" ^ -^ / 10, 1375; his wite died reb. 1S75. 593 J-^.MEs H. b. Feb. 12, 1834, m. Fanny Bemis, Feb. 2, iSfjo. I Xewcomb, March 26, 1S63, d, 594 Geor(;e B. b. Nov. 5, 1836, m. -| Nov. ro, 1S76; m. second, Martha ( J. Crain, June iS, 1S79. en- M,.u.r-o K T,,i,r „. xQ, ^ < Maria Brewster, Nov. 4, i':63; now 59= Horace. b. July 24. 1839. m. ] ^^ wmi^antic. Conn. 59f' John D. b. March 12, 1843. m. \ ^^.^^ ^^f^^,- ^^^''^ 3o. .S65; now ' ^-'' I living at Manchester, Conn. GALLUP F.AJSIILY. 85 273 JOSHUA' GALLUP (Samucl\ XaihanicI', Xatlianiel\ Johii\ Jo/ui\ John'), son of Samuel and Jemima ( Enos ) Gallup, who was born in Stoning-ton. Conn., August 4, 1769, married Anna Hinckley. Removed at an early age to Albany Co., N. Y. ; died January 4, 1S37; Anna, his wife, died January 16, 1843. Children : *597 Joshua, b. March 2, 1790. *59S Anna, b. May 22, 1791, m. Oliver Forsyth of Mystic, Conn. 599 Jemima, b. Aug. 19, 1792, m. Le\'i Gallup. *6oo Samuel, b. Jan. 27, 1794. 601 Keturah, b. April 16, 1795, d. young. 602 Eli AS, b. Oct. i, 1796, d. young. *6o3 Sarah, b. Feb. 23, 179S, m. Chester Willis. *6o4 Marv, b. Nov. 6, 1799, m. Samuel Morgan. *6o5 Rhoda, b. April 11, 1S03. *6o6 Harriet, b. Oct. 27, 1804, m. Thomas Slade. *6o7 Luke, b. Sept. 26, 1S06. 274 NATHANIEL' GALLUP {Sa;;ine/\ Xat/uimW Nathanicl\ Johit', John", John'), son of Samuel and Jemima (Enos) Gallup, born at Stonington, Conn., November 16, 1770. married Lucy Latham, daughter of Captain William Latham and his wife F.unice of Groton, Conn., March 27, 1794. Captain Latham ^vas second in command at the massacre of Fort '.rriswold. and ¦.'¦\is severely wounded but recc)vered. He died January 27. 1792, aged 51 years; his wife Eunice died March 5, 1799, aged 56. Lucy Latham, afterward Mrs. Gallup, was 12 years old at the time of the battle, and often related to her grand children the story of that memorable day. When the British appeared at Eastern Point, Lambo, the old colored servant, gathered the family and drove them to the Aver}- house, two miles away, then hurried back to the fort with his gim. He fought at the side of his master, Captain Latham, and fell. His name is on the monument at Groton as "Sambo," but it should be Lambo, as his name was Lambert. Samuel Gallup, father of Nathaniel, removed with his family to Albany Co., ^'- Y., soon after the war of the Revtjlution. Nathaniel re- 86 GENEALOGY OF turned to Groton, and was married there. There is a record that he sailed from Groton, Conn., for Albany, X.Y., in Captain David Perry's sloop in 1795. After his return to New York State, he settled in Berne, Albany Co. Died April 20, 1834; Lucy Latham, his wife, died February i. 1862. C/n7dre?i : *6oS Albert, b. Jan. 30, 1796. *6og Nathaniel, b. Oct. 2, 1798. *6io Eunice, b. OcL 5, 1800. 275 SAMUEL' GALLUP {Sa)uucl\ Xathanicl\ Nathaniel', JoJui^, John", John^), son of Samuel and Jemima (Enos) Gal- lup, bom at Stonington, Conn., July 8, 1772, married Fanny Morgan, daughter of James Morgan. Childroi : 611 S.\MLEL. 612 Moses. 276 ANNA' GALLUP (Sainnel\ Xatliainel', Xathaniel\ John\ Jelin"\ [oiui'), daughter of Samuel and Jemima (Enos) Gallup, born February 3, 1774, married Richard Wheeler of Stoning- ton. Conn., February 13, 1794. Mrs. "Wheeler died Januan,- 22, 1810, and Richard, her husband, married for his second wife, ^lary Hewitt, May 23, 1811. Children by First Marriage : Whkelek, b. Oct. 2. 1795, d. young. b. March 17, lioo. b. Aug. 30, 1S04, d. j-oung. " b. April 19, 1S06. " b. Feb. 29, 1S08, d. young. Children by Second Marriage : b. July 26, 1S12. b. March 27, 18 14. . T n \ Frances Averv, Tan. 12, 1S43; b. Jan. 20, 181 7, m. • , ^ . : ' -' ^^ ¦' ^ ' / d. Sept. 3, I-?;;. [Richard married for his second wife, Lucy A. Xoyes, Nov. 6, 1S56. Judge Wheeler, as he has long been familiarly known in Stonington, is distinguished as a genealogist. His history of the First Congrega- tional Church in Stonington and other records have been a valuable aid in the preparation of this work.] Ela.m Jemima Hannah Lydia Richard E Hannah Wheeler, Mary " r^K HAkU A. GALLUP FAMILY. 87 Children by First Marriage : Eliza M. Wheeler, b. Jan. q, 1S44. Emily A. " b. June 30, 1S55. Children by Second Marriage : Grace D. Wheeler, b. July 8, 185S. Judge Wheeler is a direct descendant in the materaal line from John Gallup and Hannah Lake, thus: John Gallup m. Hannah Lake. Their son Benadam Gallup m. Esther Prentice. " daughter Marcv Gallup m. William Denison. " " Esther Denison m. Jonathan Wheeler. " son Richard Wheeler m. Silence Burrows. „ ,-, (Anna Gallup. " " Richard W heeler m. {,, (Mary Hewitt. I 277 HANNAH' GALLUP {Sannui\ Natlianiel\ Natliamel\ Joh)i^^ Jo/in'^, John^), daughter of Samuel and Jemima (Enos) Gallup, born October 15. 1775, married Moses ^ilorg-an, ^Larch 29, 1794. Children : Hannah Morcan, b. Jan. 11, 1795 Eliza " b. July 17, 1799 Samuel " b. March 29, 1801 Jemima " b. Aug. 18, 1S04 AuaTiN " b. April 29, 1807 Moses A. "' b. June 2, iSo? Daniel " b. July 21, 1S15 Jemima Ann " b. March 15, 1S17. 27S JOHN ENOS' GALLUP (.S'tzw//.-/\ Xathanic/\ Xathaine/\ John^, John'', John^), son of Samuel and Jemima (Eno.s) Gallup, born in Stonington, Conn., July 17, 1777, married Betsy Chip- man, July, 1799. After the death of his first wife, he married Mrs. Esther Denison, widow of Minor Walden, about 1830. Children : *6i3 El. IAS, b. Nov. 15, iSoo. 614 ("111.1,-, b. .Aug. ,19, I-iy2. 613 M'.K'i.w, b. March 28, 1S04. d. 1805. did Bi-.isv, b. < >ct. 28, 1S05, m. John Seabury. 88 GENEALOGY OF 617 Hannah, b. Jan. 3. rSoS. *6iS Samlkl, b. Sept. 5, iSio. 619 Lucy, b. Sept. 1S12, m. Job Seabury. *62o John J. b. Oct. s. 1S14. 621 Julia Ann , b. June 2S, i8r6. *622 Cyrus, b. Feb. 19. 1819. *623 Elon, b. Oct. 29, 1821. 624 Jane, b. Feb. 21, 1824, m. Philip Stevens 281 NATHAN' GALLUP {Saviucl\ Xathanicl\ Nathainel\ /ohn\ Jo/ui'', Jo/ui'), son of Samuel and Jemima (Enos) Gallup, bom May 3, 1786, married Anna Elizabeth Weidman, who was bom in Berae, N. Y., June 7, 1783. They lived at Beme, he died in 1S56; Anna, his wife, died 1855. Children : 625 Almerin, b. 1809, d. 1887. [Almerin left one daughter, Mrs. Henry Bro\vn of Schoharie, N. Y.] *63i Henry, b. iSii. *632 WiLLi.\M Harrison, b. Sept. 29, 1814. 633 Paul Weidman, b. 1815, m. Lucy WoodrufF; d. in Iowa. *628 Jemima A. E. b. Sept. 27, 1819. *634 Byron, b. May 8, 1822. *635 Seneca M. b. 1824, married first, Elizabeth Schaeffer of Schoharie, X. Y. ; married second, Maria Fillebrown. Went to California \\-ith his brother Byron in i S49 ; took up land in Stanislaus Co., where he has since resided. 284 SILENCE' GALLUP {Si/as\ Nathaniel^ Nathaniel^ John\ John'', Jo/ifi^), daughter of Silas and Sarah Gallup, born June 4, 1782, married Silas Brewster; died August 14, 1830; Silas died April 10, 1861. Children : 5, 1S03, m. Elias Gallup, d. Aug. 10. 1S59. 29, 1805, d. Jan. 13, 1851. 23, 1S07, d. July 30, 1S76. 10, iSio, d. Sept. 17, 1S15. d. Sept. 18, 181 5. m. Charles Gallup, b. May 31, 1814. b. Jan. 30, 1816. b. March 4, 1818, d. June 26, 1876. b. Nov, 17, 1822, d. May 23, 1823. Sally Silas Ezra Silence Mary Elizabeth Ralph Allen Nathan Ethan Brewster, b. June b. June b. May b. Aufc-. twins, b. Nov. 4, 1812, GALLUP FAMILY. 89 285 FANNY^ GALLUP {Si7c7s\ Xatlia>!iii'% Nathaniel' John\ John'', John'), daughter of Silas and Sarah Gallup, bom in Albany Co., N.Y., March 24, 17 So, married Frederick Babcock. Children : Oliver Babcock, m. Maria Barton. CMdrcH : \^\\^'}''^' '^i'^?^^, ^"^ / ]\Iai\nna Babcock. SoPHRONiA * • m. John Windust. CAMren .- j ^^^l' ^"^ ^^°^Se Win- Eli G. " 289 NATHAN' GALLUP {Si7as\ Nathanid\ Nathaniel', John\ John'', John'), son of Silas and Sarah Gallup, bom January' 5, 1787, married Nancy Morgan, September 24, 1809; settled in Knox, Albany Co., N. Y. ; died April 25, 1844; his wife died August 4, 1813. Children : *636 Sally C. b. Aug. 15, iSio, m. ] ^t2?d^%*^Y^™''°' ^^"^^'^ '" ^^^' ?637 Nancy M. b. Sept. 10, 1812, m. \ ^\^- Bentlv Sept. 24, 1S34; lives in ^ { Lacrosse, Wis. [There were other children of this family from a second marriage, but no record of them has been obtained.] 291 ELI' GALLUP {Silas\ Nathaniel', Nathaniel*, John\ John'', John'), son of Silas and Sarah Gallup, bom at Stoning- ton, Conn., February 11, 1791. When quite young he removed with his parents to Albany Co., N. Y., where he remained until 1830, when he removed to Brockport, in the western part of the state, where he lived till his death. When he passed through Rochester on his way thither, there were only twelve houses there. His trade was originally that of blacksmith; was also a minute man in the war of 1812. In 1826, he purchased a larm of 100 acres in the present town of Wright for 81,225, which he occupied two years, and in 1828 sold the same farm for $1,200. In 1878 the same farm was sold for $77.38 per acre. He 90 GENEALOGY OF married first, Sally Crary. ^Nlay i, iSiS; she died. March 6, 1S39. Married second, Hannah Wetzel, April 18, 1S30. He lived to an advanced a^e, dying- at Brockport, April, 1SS2, in the gid year of his age; Hannah Wetzel Gallup died July 13, 1835. Children hy First Marriage : *63S Sarah, b. June 23, 1S19, m. Lorenzo M. Crippen. *639 Eli Jr. b. April 27, 1S21. *640 Math-Ua, b. May ig, 1S23. *64i Andrew J. b. March 31, 1S25. *642 Marv a. b. Jan. 13, 1827. Children by Second Marriage : *643 GE(jRr.E, b. Jan. 26, 1S33. *644 John, b. May 3, 1835. 292 EBENEZER^ GALLUP {Silas\ Nathamd\ Nathanid\ John\ John'', /olm'), son of Silas and Sarah Gallup, bom in Albany Co., N. Y., September 25, 1795; maried Susan Hardin. Children : 645 J.^.MES. *646 Silas, b. Aug. 2, 1S31. 647 Glenn. ?648 Phebe. [There were other children, names unknown.] 293 GEORGE" GALLUP (G\-orsfL\ XalAanu-/\ Xathaniel\ Jo!ui\ John\ /o;i/i\ s^.n of Geur-'c and Freel(jve (Packer) Gallup, born at Stoning-ton, Conn., April 7, 1777, married Lydia Gallup, daug-hter of Samuel Gallup, of Berne, Albany Co., N. Y. Children : 649 Benjamin, m. Lydia Warner; no children. 650 Lydia, m. Daniel Bailey of Mystic, Conn. C/u'ld: Lydia Bailey. 651 Freelove. 652 Jemima, m. Denison Williams. 653 Eli was adopted by his uncle Peleg, married in Auburn, X. Y., became Mayor of Auburn ; no children. 0;4 Pk;.k.;. '155 GeoK(,e, d. aged 18. f)56 Al'glsta, d. aged 16. GALLUP fa:mily. 91 294 PELEG' GALLUP {Gcvr^-e', Xathaincl\ Xathanicl', JoIin\ Jo/irr, John^), son of George and Freelove (Packer) Gallup, bom May i, 177S, at Stonington, Conn. Removed to Auburn, X. Y., where he became a prominent citizen, was honored with offices of trust by his townsmen, was sheriff of Cayuga county for a long period. He adopted his nephew, Eli Gallup, son of his brother George. 296 JOHN DEAX^ GALLUP {Amos\ Xathaniii\ Nathanicl\ John^, Johfi^, /olui^), son of Amos and Wealthy (Dean) Gallup, bom at Stonington, Conn., September 26, 17S9, married first, Prudence Denison, who had one child that died in infancy; married second. Mar}' A. Crandall. He was a farmer and wool manufacturer of Stonington, where he died July 31, 187 1. In his will he gave $250 to the First Congregational Church of Stonington. 297 JABEZ' GALLUP {A/nos\ Xathanicl\ Xathanicl\ John\ jo/ur, John''), son of Amos and Wealthy (Dean) Gallup, bom at Stonington. Conn., February 22. 1791, married Eunice Williams of Stonington, February 25. 1829. He was a farmer and wool manufacturer in Stonington; died February 26, 1S60. Children : *657 Martha. 653 John De.\.n'. 659 Hannah. [John Dean and Hannah are both unmarried; both live in North Stonington, Conn.] 300 NATHANIEL' GALLUP {Amos\ Xathaniel\ Xathanicl\ John^^ John^^ John'), son of Amos and Wealthy (Dean) Gallup, born at Stonington, Conn., October r6, 1797, married first, Sally Ann McCoUum, May 7, 1832; married second, Maria D. Ford, June 10, 1841. Removed to Albany, N. Y., and was for 92 GENEALOGY OF several years engaged in lumber and grain business at Albany, and later was proprietor of stock yards of the firm of Gallup & White at West Albany, X. Y. ; he died April 8, 1877. Child: *66o Ann Elizabeth, b. at Albany, July 29, 1S33, m. Franklin White. 302 ABIGAIL' GALLUP {Levi; Nathaniel'', Nathaniel*. John\ Johtr, John"), daughter of Levi and Abigail (Packer) Gallup, bom October 13, 1786, at Stonington, Conn., married Jesse Brockway, bom June 2%, 1786. They lived at Jefferson, X. Y. She died Februar}- 13, 1846; Jesse Brockway, her husband, died July 6, 1877. Children : Levi G. Brockway. Jesse Abel " went to Michigan and engaged in lumber business, in which he acquired a large fortune: resided at Saginaw, Mich., died there in 1SS6 or iSSy. He left two daughters. Lucy Brqi.kway, m. Chauncey Minor. George Ezekiel G. 303 LEVr GALLUP, Jr. {Levi\ Nathaniel', Nathaniel', John\ John'', John''), son of Levi and Abigail (Packer) Gallup, bom Februar>- 21, 1789, at Stonington, Conn. Removed with his parents to Albany Co., X. Y., and about 1806 they removed to Jefferson, Sclfoharie Co. He married Jemima Gallup, daughter of Joshua Gallup, and lived at Jefferson; died June 3, 1861; his wife died September 30, 1844. Children : *66i Elam, b. Oct. 27, 1814. ?662 Amos, b. Feb. 26, 181 3. *663 Keturah. GALLUP FAMILY. 93 304 NATHAN^ GALLUP {Lcvi\ Xathaitui\ Xat/ia,iicl\ Jolin\ ,L'hn\ John'), son of Levi and Abigail (Packer) Gallup, bom May 17, 1791. Removed with his parents in early life to Jefferson, Schoharie Co., N. Y. He married Pamelia Baird, Januar}- i, 1S15, and removed to Summit, N. Y., where he died July 24, 1865; his wife died December 13, 1S80. Children : *664 Nath.\_\, b. Feb. 20, 1S18. *665 Silas, b. Oct 13, iSig. *666 Sa.mlel B. b. Oct. 31, 1821. *667 Abigail, b. July 31, 1823, m. Heman Vaughn, Feb. 5, 1S40. 668 Margaret, b. June 21, 1S25, m. David Wiltsie, Sept. 3, 1S43. •669 Bedent B. b. April 2, 1827. •670 John B. b. Oct. 24, 1S29. *67i William H. b. May 17, 1S40. 306 EZEKIEL^ GALLUP [Lcvi\ Xathanicl\ Nathaniel', John\ John\ John'), son of Levi and Abigail (Packer) Gallup, bom (¦K-tober r, 1794. In 1806, his parents removed to Jefferson, Sdioharie Co., X. Y. He married Cynthia Wetmore, Decem- '>cr I, 1830, who was bom January 28, 1805. They lived in Jefferson, N. Y. ; he died April 12, 1886; wife died June 7, 1862. Children : *672 Levi P. b. Nov. 12, 1S33. 673 Celinda C. b. April iS, 1S37 -^ ^^""f? at Jefferson. Schoharie / Co., N. Y. •674 Ezekiel W. b. Oct, I, 1S40. 307 . ^^}^^^'^' ^--^LLUP {Levi\ Nathanid\ Xathanid\ John\ j"hn\ John'), son of Levi and Abigail (Packer) Gallup, bom June 14, 1798. Removed with his parents to Jefferson, Scho- ^laneCo., X. Y., in 1806; married Betsy Wiltsie and lived at Jefferson; died June 3, 1851 ; his wife died December 13, 1876. Children : 675 Daviu W. m. Lucy Mo.xley, lives (1S91) at Oneonta, X. Y. f>l(j E. Avery, m. Maconda Gallup, daughter of Joshua Gallup. 677 AlilGAIL. 94 GENEALOGY OF 30S EZRA' GALLUP, Jr. {Ec?-a\ Xat/ianu-r\ Xathaiufl\ JoIin\ /o/iii\ John^), son of Ezra and Rebecca (Hinckley) Gallup, born June 25, 17S7, married Clarissa ^[org-an, ^larch 8, 1815, settled in Gallupville, Schoharie Co., N. Y. , and gave name to the \-illage; died March 19, 1856; his wife, Clarissa M. Gallup, died May 5, 1855. C/u/d: *, „ e -vr I c * o A i married and lived in New York *67^ Simeon M. b. Sept. 30, 1816, -^ ^.^^ . ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^g,^ 321 THOMAS J.' GALLUP {Ezra% Xathaniel\ Natlianid\ JoJui^, Johii^^ Jo/ui^), son of Ezra and Rebecca (Hinckley) Gallup, born at Berne, N. Y., July 27, 1813, married Catharine A. Van Aucken, died July 7, 1866. Children : *679 Charles. *6So Benjamin. ,0 A t- \ -1 o \ Sarah Luke; d. Feb. 20, 1SS4; 681 Avery, b. Apnl 24, 1S50, m. -J ^^ children. • 682 Mary J. m. Nelson Noah. Children : Charles G. and Kittie L. 327 THOMAS DOW GALLUP {Jonathan\ John\ Xathaniel\ John^, John'', Jo/ui^), son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Dow) Gallup, bom at Plainfield. Conn., March 12, 1792 ; married Mar^' Burdick, and lived at Plainfield as a farmer. Children : 683 Lucy, b. 1816, m. William Ames. 684 Matilda, b. JNIarch S, iSiS, m. Alvin He lives 329 JOHN' GALLUP {David\ John\ XatJianicl\ JoJin\ John\ John'), son of David and Nancy (Jacques) Gallup, born at S5 Si. SAN. b. 1819, m. John Kennedy. -6 HoRA'.E, b. 1821. unmarried. ¦^7 AVERV, b. Sirpt. 14, 1S23. m. Mary A. Vmuii.:.^ in i-''.3 in New Ycjrk city, and is an owner of truu S5 JlLIETT, b. i-;2S, m. Henry Hall. GALLUP FAMILY. 95 Sterling, Conn., April 9, 1S07; married Maria C. Tyler, a lineal descendant of General Israel Putnam of Revolutionary fame, September 11, 1832. She was born at Warren, Vt., September 3, iSii. He lived in Brooklyn, Conn., and held manv important offices of trust in the town and county, was for several years president of the Windham County Bank. Died at Brooklyn, Conn., December 16, r88i ; Mrs. Maria Gallup died March i, 1S82. Childre7i : *689 Henry T. b. Dec. 11, 1S34. 690 Ellen M. b. May 4, 183S. *69i Edward, b. Aug. 24, 1S42. 330 DAVID^ GALLUP {David\ John\ Nathaniel', Jolin\ JoJin\ Jolni'), son of David and Nancy (Jacques) Gallup, bom at Sterling, Conn., July 11, 1S08; married Julia Ann Woodward, daughter of Captain Lemuel Woodward of Plainfield, Conn. David settled in early life as a farmer in Plainfield, but his aptitude for public affairs and general business led to his being called from the field to serve the public in various capacities. For several years he was judge of the Plainfield probate dis- trict, and served successively in almost every- local office in the town. He was chosen to represent the town in the General Assembly for several terms, and in 1866 he was Speaker of the House; in 1869 he was chosen to the Senate, and in 1879 and I >so was Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut. He died August i>i. 1S83; his wife died November 3. 18S4. Children: ¦¦¦>2 JrLi.\ Ella, b. Jan. 5, 1847, m. Oct. 19, 1S70, Hon. George G. Sumner of Hartford, Conn. She died March 2, 1S75. f)93 William Woodward, b. Oct. 14, 1849, d. Nov. 29, 1869. 332 AMOS J.' GALLUP {David\ John\ Nathanui\ /ohn\ !'>!>ir John'), son of David and Nancy (Jacques) Gallup, bom '¦¦. Sterling. C'»nn., February 24, 181 2, married Martha Gallup, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Smith) Gallup, November 26, 1838, and settled on the homestead of his father, a farmer. He held important offices of trust in the town and county, was 96 GENEALOGY OF chosen State Senator in 1S5S and 1S67, and was judge of probate for the Sterling district for fifteen years, until disqualified by age. He died February 24, 18S7, aged 75; his wife died November 17, 1S90. Children : *(h)4 Luther, b. Aug. 14, 1840, d. Sept. 29, 1SS7. 695 Emily, b. Nov. 21, 1S46, m. S. H. Bowen. THOMAS' GALLUP {rJioinas\ T/ionuis% Xathaniel\ John^, Joh/r, John^), son of Thomas and Rebekah (Gilkey) Gallup, bom at Plainfield, N. H., August 25, 1775, married Sally Cutler, June 22, 1804; she was born June 20, 1780. He owned a large farm on the Connecticut River, and kept tavern, as it was called in those days; stage coaches ran daily from Windsor, Vt., to Hannover, N. H. He died January 4, 1862; his wife died July 4, 1853. Children : *696 Thom.\s F. b. April 29, 1S05, d. April i, 1S75. 697 Benjamin C. b. July 23, 1S06, d. May 31. iSii. ,oTT.>r i,>- o i Albert Tuxburv, lived in Ne- 698 H.A.RRIET M. b. rsov. 14, 1S07, m. -^ , , ,^-. •,-,-, . ' -t. /. ^ braska City, d. Oct. 20, 1875. 699 Asa, b. Oct. 8, 1809, d. Oct. 15, iSog. 700 Sar.ah C. b. March 4, 1811, m. Alfred Gibson, d. June, 1S7S. *7oi Rebekah C. b. Mav 25, 1812, m. \ ^^^^^^ ^- I^in.?^bur>-, d. July ' - ^ < 4, 1544- *702 Charles F. b. May 23, 1814. 703 William, b. July 13, 1816, d. June jS, 1S17. *704 Benjamin C. (2d), b. Sept. 8, 1S18, d. Feb. 21, 1SO9. 705 TiLLOTSON \V. b. March 18, 1S21, d. in Wisconsin, Sept. 20, 1S56. 706 Mary D. b. April 2, 1S23, d. April 6, 1S71. 33c> BENJAMIN' GALLUP {Thomas\ Thomas', Nathanid\ /ohn^, Jolin''^ John'), son of Thomas and Rebekah (Gilkey) Gallup, bom at Plainfield, N. H., May 12, 1777, married Sabra Young and removed to Sheldon, Vt. ; died July 2, 1845, aged 69; his wife died July 24, 1854, aged 75. Children : *-<)- Xa'iiian V. *7o3 Benjamin S. 709 Hannah. GALLUP FA3IILY. 97 337 ASA' GALLUP {Thojiias\ Thomas', Nathanid\ John\ Jolui^, John'), son of Thomas and Rebekah (Gilkey) Gallup, bom March 13, 1781, at Plainfield, N. H. Removed to Sheldon, Vt., married Emily Burnham. Children : 710 Eleazer. 711 Mabel. 712 Martha. 713 Emily. 714 Eliza. 338 JOHN' GALLUP (Thomas', TJiomas\ Xathanid*, John\ John'', John'), son of Thomas and Rebekah (Gilkey) Gallup, bom March 13, 1781. Removed to Sheldon, Vt, married "^Sally Stebbins; died September 28, 1854; his wife died July 24, 1854. Children : 715 Parkhlrst. 716 Gilkey, m. Melissa Blackstone. Children : Alfred and Marion. 717 Rebekah. 341 ASA' GALLUP (.^.ya^ Thomas\ Xathanicl\ John\ John\ Jo/ni'), son of Asa and Sally (Vincent) Gallup, born at Frank- ''•". Vt., April 13, 1792, married Asenath Sanders, who vras 'i<,Tn April 20, 1799, and who died November 9, 1854; he died Lecember 22, i860. Children : 718 Henderson, b. Oct. 26, 1819, m. Rebecca Brigham. *7i9 Nelson, b. Dec. 26, 1820. 720 Rachel, b. Aug. 24, 1828, m. Dr. S. E. Park. *72i Clinton, b. April 5, 1835. 342 BENJAMIN' GALLUP {Asa\ Thomas', h'athanicl\ John\ ¦ ¦hn\ John'), son of Asa and Sally (Vincent) Gallup, b<.rn at •'r.mklin, Vt. Removed to Troy, Vt., where he lived and ••'-•cl, leaving three s(jns. 7 98 GENEALOGY OF Children . 722 Lilian P. of Troy, Vt. , had two sons and four daughters. 723 David, of Troy, Vt. , had two sons and one daughter. • 724 Newton, removed to the West. 343 THOMAS' GALLUP {Benjamin', Thomas\ Xathanicl\ John'^, John'^, John''}, son of Benjamin and ^lartha Gallup, born at Plainfield, Conn., September 4, 1782, married Prudence Gallup, daughter of Nathaniel and Rachel (Smith) Gallup, and removed to Brookfield, Mass. ; was a farmer. He died February- 23, 1854. Children : 725 Prudence, b. March S, 1S22, m. Asa J. White, July 4, 1S46. 726 Martha, b. Sept. 12, 1S25, m. Geo. H. Bemis. 347 Dr.BENJA:MIN' GALLUP {Benjaviin\ Thomas\ Nathau{d\ Jolin^, John'^, Jo/in^), son of Benjamin and Martha Gallup, born at Plainfield, Conn., May 12, 1790. His early education was obtained at the common schools and academy of his native town, after which he studied medicine and entered upon the practice of his profession at Lebanon, X. H., where he attained a wide distinction as an excellent physician. He married Susan Emerson Ela, September 28, 1825, who lived to the age of 91 years, and died May 20, 1889; Dr. Gallup died August 3, 1864. The following notice of Mrs. Susan E. Gallup is taken from a newspaper published at Lebanon, X. H., soon after her death : " Mrs. Susan E. Gallup, who died at her residence on Monday, May 20, 1889, at the advanced age of 91 years, was the daughter of Benjamin and Abigail Ela, and was born in Lebanon, Dec. 12, 1797. She married in 1S2?, Dr. Benjamin Gallup, a physician of high standing who practiced his pro- fession in Lebanon for forty-eight years. Mrs. Gallup came of a sturdy race, and was blessed with a vitality seldom seen in these days. 'Her life was assiduously devoted to her family and the community in which she lived, and the long evening of her life brought to her merited rewards from the hands of loving sons, together with the high esteem, and regard of a large circle of neighbors and friends. She was a Christian woman through- out her long life. What higher eulogy can be given?" GALLUP FAMILY. 99 Children : *-i1 Benjamin Ela. b. at Lebanon, N. H., July 12, 1S26. 72S William Porter, b. " " Dec. 9, 1S2S, was educated in the common schools and academy at Lebanon, and was for twenty- five years agent for E. & T. Fairbanks, scale manufacturers at St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; was for many years one of the firm of W. P. &. E. P. Gallup, dealers and shippers of grain at Indianapolis, Ind. , and is now president of the Meridian National Bank of Indianapolis. Has resided at Indianapolis since 1S53; unmarried. 729 George W. b. at Lebanon, N. H., Sept. 10, 1332, was a farmer in Lebanon, and died Aug. 20, 1S73. 730 Abbie E. b. at Lebanon, N. H., May 11, 1S35, was a graduate of Kim- ball L^nion Academy at Meriden, N. H. ; married Darwin S. Luther, Jan. 15, 1S63. Mr. Luther died at Lebanon, Feb. 25, 1S63; Mrs. Abbie E. Luther died at Chicago, ^lay 27, 1S64. 731 Edward Payson, b. at Lebanon, N. H., Sept. 16, 1837, was educated at the common schools and academy of his native town ; went to Indianapolis, Ind., in November, 1856; was one of the firm of \V. P. & E. P. Gallup, buyers and shippers of gi'ain at Indianapolis. He accumulated a good fortune, and retired from business in 1873. Since that time he has made several trips to Europe, been to Mexico, and traveled much in America; unmarried. 348 MARTHA' GALLUP {Benjamin', Thomas', Nathaniel', Joh/r', John'', John'), daughter of Benjamin and Martha Gallup, bom at Plainfield, Conn., March 17, 1792, married William Shepard, lived at Plainfield; she died July 2, 1858. Children : • Elizabeth Shepard, m. Wm. M. Johnson. Lucy " m. Samuel Palmer. Martha Abbv " Hannah " Margaret " Susan " Sl.MON " William " 349 Captain ISAAC" GALLUP {Btnjai)iui\ Tliouias\ Xathanicl', J"hn\ JoJin^, John''), son of Benjamin and Martha Gallup, born June 20, 1794, married Sarah C. Alexander, daughter of 100 GENEALOGY OF James Alexander of Voluntown, February 6, 1822, and settled on the homestead of his father in Plainfield, Conn., a farmer. He died August 16, 1S55. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Gallup removed to Wytheville, Va., with her son Benjamin, and died there May 14, 1 8 73. Children : *732 BE^JA^rIN, b. March 6, 1S23. 733 Mary A. b. Dec. i, 1S25, m. Nathan C. Chapell, Aug. 9, 1S53; hved at Norwich, Conn., until the death of Mr. Chapell in 1SS9. 350 JOHN^ GALLUP {Bfiijaunn', Thomas', Nathaniel' John\ JoJui^, John^), son of Benjamin and ]\Iartha Gallup, bom at Plainfield, Conn., January 13, 1799, married Orra Dow, daughter of Benjamin Dow of Sterling, Conn., November 10, 1824. He first lived at Lebanon, N. H., afterward returned to Plainfield, where he died Februan,-, 1867; his wife died March 14, 1883. Children : 734 Sarah, b. March 2, 1826, m. Jeremiah Green. 735 Be.nja.min D. b. May 22, 182S, m. Sarah L. Tanner, March 12, 1856. 736 Albert, b. May 2S, 1830, d. April 17, 1S53. 737 Isaac, b. Nov. 11 1835, d. Nov. 9, 1S45. 738 Lucy E. b. Nov. 27, 1838, m. Benajah Green, Nov. 29, 1S55. 739 Martha E. b. Feb. 7, 1843, m. John H. Jordan, Dec. 15, 1861. 3S3, Dr. WILLL-\^r GALLUP {Bcnjai,iin\ Thomas', Xatham-l', John'', Joliii', John'), son of Benjamin and Sally (Park) Gallup, born at Plainfield, Conn., August 30, 1805, was graduated from the medical department of Dartmouth College in 1830, married Rebecca A. Shedd, April 29, 1835, who died December 17, 1838; married second, Eliza H. Stone, February 25, 1840. He died suddenly at Bangor, Me., February 13, 1883, at the age of 77 years 5 months. Dr. Gallup, after practicing his chosen profession i<>r ten years as an alh^pai;;:-! in Xew Ipswich, X. H., and Concord, Mass., the homeopathic principles of cure so strongly arrested his attention that he could but study into it; the result was forty-three years of active practice in firm adherence to the GALLUP FAMILY. 101 principles enunciated by Samuel Hahnemann. Four of these rears were spent in Concord, the remainder in Bangor. He was, from its organization, a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy, enrolled on the Homeopathic Legion of Honor, and an active member of the Maine Homeopathic Medical Society. In 1835 he united with the Congregational Church in Xew Ipswich, was subsequently and at time of death a con- sistent member of Hammond Street Congregational Church of Bangor. Loyalty to right, courage in defending it, whether popular or unpopular, sympathy for suffering, and indefatigable research in his profession were prominent and lifelong charac- teristics. A good citizen, an affectionate and devoted husband and father, his was An honored life, a peaceful death, and Heaven to crown it all. Child by First Marriage : 740 George, b. Sept. 27, 1336. Children by Second Marriage : 741 Rebecca A. b. Dec. 20, 1S40. 742 Lucy E. b. Dec. 4, 1S4S. MOSES' GALLUP {Bcnjainin\ Thomas', Nalhaniel\ John\ Johu'^, /o/ui^), son of Benjamin and Sally (Park) Gallup, born :it Plainfield, C<^)nn., July 27. 1809, married Talitha B. Lee of L'.sbon, Conn., November 17, 1842. He lived first at Plain- :-i:'.«i. and afterward removed to Wasioga. Minn., where he died -November 18, 1886. Children : 745 Jaxe M. ) . ^ ^r , (d. Oct. 5, 1857. ... T „ > twnns, b. Jsov. la, 1S43, 5 ^ ,,- ^ j t , ^ >44 JULIA S. ) ^-^ (m. Geo. Wooster, d. July 3, 1S75. 745 William L. b. Nov. 22, 1345. 746 Hiram P. b. May 2, 184S. THOMAS' GALLUP {Natlianicl\ Benjamin', Nathanid\ JoJin^^ Jo/in^^ Jolin^), son of Nathaniel and Keziah (Kinne) •'allup^ born at Voluntown, November 21, 1786. He married •irst Olive Bottom of Lisbon, Conn. ; married secc^nd, Martha 102 GENEALOGY OP Smith of Windham, Conn. ; lived awhile at Windham, after- ward returned to Voluntown, and died there April 4. 1S73; a farmer. His wife, Martha (Smith) Gallup, died August 25, 1S69. Children by First Marriage : *747 CH.A.RLES A. b. 1S12. *748 J.\MES K. b. Aug. 12, 181 5. Children by Second Marriage : *749 N.\TH.\NiEL Smith, b. April 16, iSiS. *75o Benj.\min Vine, b. July 20, 1S21. 751 Olive M. b. Dec. 25, 1S19, m. M. L. Cowles; lives in Le Roy, Dodge Co., Wis. 752 Emily S. b. May 3, 1823, m. James B. Gates; lives in Westerly, R. I. 357 LYMAN' GALLUP {Nathaniel', Benjamin\ Nathaniel\ John^, JoJui^, John^), son of Nathaniel and Keziah (Kinne) Gallup, bom at Voluntown, February' 4, 1791. He was first married to Huldah Randall in 1813; married second, Fanny ColgTove, in 1823; removed to Fenner, Madison Co., N. Y., where he settled in early life as a farmer, and where he died February 22, 1856, aged 65 years. His second wife died December 26, 1886, aged 87. Children by First Marriage : ^ ' ., , ^ (Ed'.'-in W. Tavlm-, Tan. ~, 1^42, d. 7^3 Elelta b. b. Oct. 21, i-i7,m. , _ ' ' ( Au^. 9, 15.4. 754 CuRTL.A.NU R. b. Nov. 19, i5i9, m. Samantha Jenks, Oct. 16, 1S56; have three children ; now live at Fenner, N. Y. Children by Second Marriage : 755 C. Milton, b. July 23, 1824, m. Luana E. Culver, Oct. 16, 1S55; have one child; now live at Mile Strip, N. Y. , as farmer. ^ T- -.r !_ ^T o , ' (James B. Douglass, Sept. 12, r8^4< 756 Fannie M. b. Nov. 24, 1828, m. V.. ^ ,, * ... .. \, ( live at Mannsville, N. \. 757 Marshall D. b. Jan. 14, 1833, m. Mary A. Cook, Jan. 21, 1874; have one child; now live at Mile Strip, N. Y., as farmer. , f, ,, , - , (J'.hn H. Xorthr'.n, Dec. 27, 1S70; 75'^ Ei.iz.vM. b. Jan. 2 ,. 1-41, m. r,- 1,- .- ^- ,- ',\') Ci.iNic:, W. b. July 24, 1643, m. Ma.ry P. Gary, Feb. 3, 1:75; have one child; live at Mannsville, N. Y. GALLUP FAMILY. 103 359 KINNE' GALLUP {Xatharnfl\ Bcnjamin\ Xathanicl\ John\ John\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Keziah ( Kinne ) Gallup, born atVoluntown, September 27, 1794. He was twice married, first to Roxy Robbins, second to Harriet Robbins, daughters of Captain Samuel Robbins, who served in the Revo- lutionary war. Mr. Gallup settled in Voluntown as a farmer, and was for a number of years Judge of Probate. He died in September, 1859, aged 65 years. Children : 760 Josephine, d. young. 761 Helena R. m. Benjamin S. Gallup; now of Sprague, Conn. 361 BENJAMIN' GALLUP {Xathanicl\ Benjamin\ XatJianicl\ John\ John'', John'), son of Nathaniel and Keziah (Kinne) Gallup, bom atVoluntown, December 27, 1801; married first Amy, daughter of Benjamin Gallup of Voluntown; she was bom in 1808, and died 1845. He married second. Amy E. Stanton, March 2, 1846, daughter of Daniel Stanton of Volun- town, who was bom December 11, 1822, died November 30, 1848. He married third, Freelove Phillips of Homer, N. Y., who survived him but a few years, and died leaving no children. Mr. Gallup left his native town about the year 1857, and .settled as a farmer in the town of Homer, N. Y., where he died in May, 1859, aged 58 years. C/tildren : -.'2 Rknjamin Lee, m. Lydia Tillinghast of West Greenwich. R. L, about 1S57, who died 1S62, lea\-ing no children; married second, Emily S. ¦ Webster of Woodstock. Conn., and now resides at Pomfret, Conn. " ¦¦ NvTi.'ANiKL. "¦ , Fi<\\i.[,^ A. m. ;n H<.r:er, X. Y., whicvt he uuw resi'le^ \vit;i two or thrt,e -jhildren. " : A%r,, d. in y^/'th. 364 BENJA^^N' GALLUP {Benjamin\ Bcnjaiinn\ XathanUi\ J^lni", John-, John'), son of Benjamin and Huldah (Kinne) ''^^llup, born at Volunt(jwn in 181 1, married Caroline L. Kinne, 104 GENEALOGY OF October 30, 183 1, and lived on the old homestead, which has been in the family for more than a hundred years. He held many important offices of trust in the town. His wife died December 20, 1874. Mr. Gallup married second, Fidelia Chapman, September i8, 1878; he died at Voluntown Septem- ber 3, 1 89 1. Children : (Avery Stanton, Nov. 28, 1861 ; lives 766 Laira, b. Aug. 2,iS37,m. j .^ g^^^^.^^_ ^^^^_ *767 Benjamin S. b. April 13,1840. 768 Byron, b. April 6,1842, d. young. 769 Amy E. b. Sept. 20,1844. *770 E. Byron, b. Aug. 13,1846. 771 Origen S. b. Dec. 31,1849, m. Josephine Kinne, April 27, 1S87; now livnng in Voluntown on the homestead of his father. 772 Albert, b. Aug. 4,1853, m. Florence J. Brown, May 9, 1878, d. Jan. 21, r536; married second, Lizzie Brown, Nov. 9, 1887; is now of Hartford, Conn. 366 MILLEN' GALLUP {Uzziel\ Bcnjaviin\ Bcnjamin\ John\ JoJin^^ JoJin^) son of L^zziel and Lucinda (Witherell) Gallup, bom at Dalton, Mass., September 10, 1798, married January 13, 1818, Electa Pixley, who was born Augnst 21, 1799; lived in Dalton. He died June i, 1874; his wife died February 9, 1867. Children : *773 Electa C. b. March 19, 18 19, m. O. G. Hall, lives in Dalton. 774 Wealthy, b. July 25, 1820, m. WiUiam Abbe. *775 Marcta, b. March 10, 1822, m. Richard Vandenburg. *776 WiLLLAM W. b. Jan. 29, 1824. *777 Rhoda C. b. April 9, 1825, m. Alfred S. Gregory. *77S Soi'HkoMA, b. Dec. 21, 1827, m. Marcus Pratt. *779 Martha M. b. Jan. 11, 1833, m. William H. Philips. ?780 MiLO S. b. Sept. 17, 1836. 781 Dwight W. b. Sept 29, 1839, d. Feb. 27, 1842. 367 ASHLEY' GALLUP (^'^.j/^'/', Bcnjaviin\ Bcnjainin\ John\ JoJiii\ John')^ son of Uzziel and Lucinda (Witherell) Gallup, Horn at Dalton, Mass., xVugust 23, 1800, married Sophronia I'ixlcy, who was born in 1805; lived in Dalton. He died January- 16, 1882; his wife died August 14, 1855. G-\LLIJP FAMILY. 105 Children : 752 Francis E. b. 1S30. 753 Edward W. b. June 30, iS3a, m. Elizabeth J. Devine; now of Dalton; connected with the Berkshire paper mills. 7S4. Phineas S. b, 1335. *7S5 Henry C. b. Jan. 2. 1S46. 7S6 Martha L. b. 1S42, m. Julius Rockwell of Pittsheld. *7S7 Robert W. b. 10+4. 369 RUBY' GALLUP {Uzzid\ Benjamin', Benjamin^ John\ John'', John'), daughter of Uzziel and Lucinda (Wetherell) Gallup, bom June 6, 1804, at Dalton, Mass. ; married "William T. Maynard, December 14. 1822, died Augaist 13, 1875. Children : LoMiRA Maynard, b. Feb. 19, 1S25. Lucinda William D. SOLOMUN John W. George W. Minerva Mary J. Wealthy Marcus M. Thankful b. Aug. 20, 1 826. b. Nov. 10, 1327. b. Oct 4, 1S29. b. May 6, 1S31. b. Aug. 25. 1832. b. Oct, 26, 1834. b. Sept. 13, 1S36. b. Nov. 27, 1837. b. Nov. 29, 1339. b. Nov. 4, 1S42. 370 LORIN S.' GALLUP {Uzziel\ Bcnjaviin\ Benjamin', John*, John"", John'), son of Uzziel and Lucinda (Witherell) Gallup, born at Dalton, Mass., March, 1809, married Harriet C. Putnam '-''' 1835 ; she was bom at Becket, Mass., August 8, 1818. They lived on a farm at Dalton. where he died, December 28, 1870; his wife died at Holyoke, Mass., in 1889. Children : [ Johnstone, lives in TjTing- ham, Mass. 73s Em.meline L. b. at Dalton, 1836, m. 789 Martha Jane, b. 1838, m. Norman J. Wells, lives in Hol- 790 Ellen C. 7'it Eiva-.NE S. :>- Lucy W. 793 Frank C. 794 Lucinda E. b. b. b. b. b. yoke, Mass. 1842, d. June, 1864. 1850. 1853, m. George Bryan of Holyoke. 1855. 1858. 106 GENEALOGY OF 371 BENADA^r GALLUP {Bcnadui>i\ Bcnadam\ Boiadam*, Benadam^, John", John'), son of Benadam and Bridget (Palmer) Gallup, bom at Groton, Conn., October 28, 1766; married Cynthia Fish, October 14, 1792. Children : *795 James, b. at Groton, Nov. 25, 1793. 796 Austin, b. " Feb. 24, 1796, d. young. 797 RoswELL, b. " March 11, 179S, d. July 24, 1S17. [1875- 79S Mary, b. " March 4, iSoo, m. Nath. Smith; d. March 13, *799 Palmer, b. " June 14, i3o2. *8oo Benadam, b. " June 3, 1S04. ^ . ( Richard Wheeler ; now of 801 Cynthia, b. " Aug. 14, 1S06, m. < „ ^^ ,. ** ( Owego, N. \ . *8o2 John, b. " March 6, 1S09. (Wm. E. Smith, Aug. 10, 803 Sophia, b. " June 16, 1812, m. < „ , , -" ( 1834; d. June 4, 1535- 804 RoswELL, b. " July 24, 1S17. 375 JOHN' GALLUP {Bfnadaiii\ Benadam\ Bcnadaui\ Ben- dani^ , /ohn\ JoJui"), son of Benadam and Bridget (Palmer) Gallup, born at Groton, Conn., May 27, 1776; married Lucy Clark of Windham, Conn. He lived in Brooklyn, Conn., and was sheriff of Windham Co. for several years; died in 1849. Childreri : 805 Eliza, b. July 10, 1S04, m. Obadiah Waldo, March 31, x326. 506 Emily, b. Jan. 26, 1806, m. Benjamin P. Baldwin, Sept. 3, 1S27. 507 Edward C. b. Aug. 14, iSoS. *5o3 Lucy, b. Aug. 3, iSio, m. -^ J^P^'-- ^- ^i'^'^" ""^ Suffield, Conn., ^ -" 'I N.OV. 17, 1332. *i<>(j John C. b. Feb. 25, i3i2. 810 Charles A. b. Feb. 27, 1814. 9tt vT.-r,,.», t k -Nr^^^T, „ Q A ^ ( Lucy Braddock of Hartford, Conn. ; on JNathan L. b. March 29, 18 16, m. - -' r ,^ ¦, t, 1 -vr- u -' I now of Grand Rapids, jilich. 812 Esther, b. April 11, 1818, m. William C. Potter, May 19, 1842. «n T, K \f..,r -,- .c^„ r^ ( Hannah Capron of Palm\Ta. X. Y. ; ¦^13 jAMF.s, b. -Mav 2=;, XS20, m. - ,- ,• ¦> n ¦ 1 Vi u •' - .-' ¦ ^ j^Q^y ^Jl Grand Rapuls, M; ."i. H,. T.,, ... -o u T 1 - ( Abbie Trvon of Westric-'. 1. Mass.: ¦^14 i homas p. b. July 5, 1523, m. - ^ ,; ,. , •' ' ^ -" ( now ot Denver, Col. 515 Hakkiet, b. July 14, 1825, d. Jan. 31, i^\i. GALLUP FAMILY. 107 378 ANNA' GALLUP {IsauL', Bt'iiadain\ Benadain\ Bc')iada)n\ Johii\ John'), daughter of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup, bom September 3. 1787, in Groton, Conn.; married David Geer, January 11, 1810, son of David and Mary (Stanton) Geer; died February 12, 1S60. He died February 12, 1S62; lived at Lebanon, Conn. Children : I Eunice Stark, March 31, 1S36, d. CvRLS G. Geer. b. Feb. 27, iSii. m. j ^^^^, ^^^ ^^^^ C Mary Tane Lathrop, Oct. 22, 1537. \Vm. F. " b. June 30, 1S12, m. -^ Anna "M. Smith, March 23, 1S69, ( d. Aug. 26, 1875. ^ „ , < Elias B. Avery, Jan. 14, 1S3S, d. Th.^nkful S. " b. May 10, 1514. m. - p^^ ^^ ^gg^; ^ ^ , o c ^ H. Nelson Stark, Oct. 2S, 1S40. d. Sarah A. " b. July 20, iSiS, m. j p^^ ^^^ ^g^^ David " b. March 5, 1S21, m. Lorinda Smith, March 27, iS44- ^ ¦. ^ o ( Almira H. Saxton, May 12, 18-2. Erastus, " b. Oct. 9, 1823, m. -^ prances A. Geer, Nov. 21, 1S60. 379 ISAAC GALLUP {Isaac\ Bcnadam\ Benadavi\ Benadam\ [ohn\John')^ son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup, born at Groton, Conn., January 21, 1789; married Prudence Geer March 12, 181 2, daughter of David and Mary (Stanton) Geer. Lived on a farm in Preston, Conn., near Poquetannock. He was a soldier in the war of 18 12, and was prominent in the public aifairs of the town; he died May 2, 1S67; his wife died July (>, 1871. (See Appendix.) Children : *Si6 Mary Ann, b. Dec. 10, 1812, m. Elias B Avery. *Si7 Prluence Ai-mira, b. March 4, 1815, m. James L. Geer. *Si8, b. Feb. 27, i8i3, m. Orlando Smith. ?819 Isaac, b. Nov. 13, 1820, m. Maria T. Davis. *S2o Julia, b. April 4. 1S25, m. Jacob A. Geer. 3SO RUSSELL' GALLUP {/saac\ Benadatn\ Benadam\ Ben- >tdain\ Jolin\ Juhd), -on of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup; born April 11, 1791 ; married Hannah Morgan, March 28, 18 16. He died February 16, 1869. His wife died April 28, 1868. 108 GENEALOGY OF Children : *S2i Edwin R. b. Jan. 22, 1S17. *S22 RiKus M. b. Sept. 24, iSiS. *S23 S.A.R.\H, b. Sept. 10, 1S21, m. Wm. M. Gray, Nov. 2S, 1S39. *324 James A. b. Nov. 15, 1823. *325 Nelson, b. Jan. S, 1327. 826 Er.\stls, b. Sept. 24. i32S. d. on the way to California, May i, 1S53. 827 Fr.\ncis E. b. Auff. 15, 1S33. *82S Joseph A. b. July 2, 1S35. 381 SARAH' GALLUP {Isaac\ Bcnadam\ Bc)iadavi\ Bcn- adam\ Joh)i\ John'), daughter of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup; born September 3, 1787; married William McCall. She died October 2, i86o; lived in Lebanon, Conn. Children : Willi. \M McC.\ll. Lucy A. " Salmon " b. at Lebanon, Conn., March, 1S26, m. Emily C. Whitney in 1853. She was bom at Waimea Kauai, Hawaiian Islands, and was a daughter of one of the early missionaries to those islands. He gradu- ated from Yale College in 1 - f 1 . and afterward pursued a course of study at Y'ale Theological Seminary. Was ordained pastor of the Congrega- tional Church in Old Saybrook, Conn., Dec. 7, 1853. He remained there eighteen years, and was for seventeen years pastor of the First Congregational Church in East Haddam, Conn. He died there Sept. 17, 1SS9. 382 JABESH^ GALLUP {Isaac\ Benadajn\ Bc)iadam\ Ben- adam\ John'', John'), son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup; bom at Groton, Conn., August 23, 1794. He married first Lucy Meech, March 28, 18 16; married second Louisa Avery, Sep- tember 21, 1843; lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where he owned a vintage and nursery farm. He died July 13, 1879. Mrs. Louisa Aver>' Gallup died October 11, 1873, at Denver, Col. Children by First Marriage : S29 Lester M. b. July 21, 1324. or . i_t"^" im. Morris Pomeroy; lives in Oakland, 830 Lu'CY A- b. Jan. 16, 1-527, - (j^j 531 Marv, b. Dec. i3, 1S50, d. July 7, 1331. GALLUP FAMILY. 109 532 EuHr, b. July 29, 1S32, d. young. 533 Henrv, b. Aug. II, 1S35, d. Nov. 7, 1S3S, 534 Henriett.x, b. April 6, 1S3S. \ ™- J^^'^'f ^¦. Thompson March 31. •^ ^ -^ ' / iSSi ; lives in Brookh-n, >,. \. Children by Second Marriage : ?835 Avery, b. Feb. 2S, 1S47. George, d. Nov., 1870, aged 15. 383 AVERY GALLP' {fsaac\ Benadam\ Banadam\ Benadam\ Jolui^, Jofin^), son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup; born at Groton, Conn., April 6, 1796. He married first, Melinda Bailey, November 21, 1822; married second, Mary Halev, March 13, 1834. He was chosen deacon of the First Baptist Church of Groton in 1842, and held the office till his death, November 4, 1864. Children by First Marriage : *S36 "Willi A.M A. b. Jan. 2, 1S26. *S37 Elizabeth, b. Oct. 8, 1S28, m. Charles L. Fenner. Children by Second Marriage : 83S Anna, b. July 13, 1S35, m. Jacob L. Gallup of Groton. *339 Simeon, b. Aug. 16, 1S37. S40 Lucy, b. Jan. 16, 1S40. *54i Mary, b. Sept. 16. 1S43, -* "'"^ '^'^^"5. ^yil^iams: lives in Provi- ^ ^^ { dence, R. L 542 Emily, b. March 25, 1S46. 543 Edward, b. Sept. 14, 1850. 384 ELIAS' GALLUP {Isaac\ Benadain\ Benadam\ Bcnadain\ John'', JoIdi'), son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup, bom April 14- 1798, married Fanny Dean, September 28, 1828; he died April 16, 1837. Child: 844 Emma, m. John Sayles. 385 ERASTUS' GALLUP {Isaac\ Benadam\ Benadam\ Ben- adam\ John\ John'), son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup, born July 31, r8oo; married first, Eunice Williams, who died ^lay 21, 1842; married second, Frances Sheffield, Augaist 27, 110 GENEALOGY OF 1846. In early life he united with the Congregational Church in Ledyard, of which Rev. Timothy Tuttle was pastor, and was afterward chosen deacon, which office he held until his removal to Groton. He was a carpenter, honoring the labor of his calling by working with his own hands. In the line of his business he built and rebuilt fourteen churches, besides dwellings and other buildings, often assisting feeble societies in securing houses of worship. He was honored with offices of trust in the town, was justice of the peace many years, also member of the Legislature, and in church, school, and society was ever ready to do his share in promoting the public welfare. Mr. Gallup died July 7, 1882. 386 SHUBAEL' GALLUP {Isaac\ Benadavi\ Benadain\ Bcn- adarn^, Joliii^^ /ohn^), son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup, bom March 6, 1802, married first, Sarah M. Isham, December 16, 1830; married second, Mrs. Fanny S. Church, October 21, 1869; he died ^lay 23, 1882. Children : 845 Ei,iz.\BETH, m. J. Sparrow. „ , ^ „ (James CuUen, d. Sept. i3, 1860; 546 S.\R.\H E. m. < ,. , . ^. . ^, • ( uvea in Cincinnati, Ohio. 547 Eliza A. 848 Mary H. 849 John I. d. in 1848. 387 ELIHU' GALLUP {Isaac\ Benadain\ Benadam\ Bcn- adam^^ Jolni^, John^), son of Isaac and Anna (Smith) Gallup, bom December 12, 1803, married Emily Clark, June 11, 1833; he died August 25, 1858. Lived in Norwich, Conn. Children : 850 Charies H. b. June 30, 1834. •351 Ellen E. b. March 14, 1838, m. Geo. W. Geer, nowof Engle\vd, 111. *-:2 Ji/LRi C. b. Jan. 19, 1=40. ¦?;3 Emilv C. b. (Jet. 16, 1-42. ~, . /-• u T , ~ ( Robert KellogfT an insurance a^rcnt ¦;54 Amelia C. b. June 26, 1545, m. ^ .- , ¦^¦^,^, . ^ ( of Delaware, ( )hi(». GALLUP FAMILY. Ill 3SS PETER A.' GALLUP {/cssl-', BLmxdaui\ Bcnadam\ Bcn- adam\ John\ John'), son of Jesse and Catharine (Fish) Galhip, born January 15, 1776, married Rebecca T. Morgan, daughter of James Morgan of Led3-ard, April 9, 1820. Children : ?5.5 Eliza, b. Dec. 6, 1820, m. Samuel S. Lamb, March 20, 1S42. 556 James M. b. Oct. 2S, 1S22, d. Aug. 27, 1S41. *i\-j Anms T. b. July 9, 1S24, m. Wm. H. Myers, Dec. 31, 1S43. sJsJuliaA. b. Oct. 2, 1S32, m. Josiah Gallup, Sept. 3, 1S54; married second, Manville Barber, and lives in California. Her daughter, Laura R. Barber, married Frank Hickman of California. 559 Rav D. b. Aug. 29, 1S34. 560 Mary Ellen, b. Nov. 5, 1S37, m. Calvin, son of Benjamin F. Gallup. *S6i Nathan S.\nds, b, Sept. 13, 1S39. 389 MARY A.' GALLUP {/csse\ Bcnadani', Baiadam\ Bcn- adam\ John\ John'), daughter of Jesse and Catharine (Fish) Gallup, bom in Groton, Conn., January- 8, 1778, married Prentice Avery, October 9, 1802. Children : Adelia E. Avery, b. Nov. 5, i3o3. Eunice A. " b. March 13, 1S05. Mary D. " b. June 3, 1807. Nathan- " b. Jan. 22,1809. 391 JESSE W." GALLUP {Jesse\ Bcnadam', Benadam\ Bcn- id ud, Joh)i\ Johd), son of Jesse and Catharine (Fish) Gallup. •¦'>rn (;ct'/rjcr 21. 1782, married Bct>y E. Williams, Septcmbc:- 7. i^i'). Ht; died July 19. 1^43; his wiiu died SeptL-mb.jr 26, i,S27. Children : ¦'2 Al.KMs, T - 1). l520. ¦'>3 M. b. May 20, 1.^22, m. William B. Palmer, July i, 1^4. died July 17, 1879; left one child, Alonzo Palmer, living in Boston. '¦'¦^4 Alonzo H. b. Sept. 16, 1S24. 112 GENEALOGY OF 392 CATHARINE' GALLUP (/rj^r', Bcnadam\ Dcnadam\ Ben- adam^, Joliir, Johii^), daughter of Jesse and Catharine (Fish) Gallup, bora in Groton, Conn., September 3, 1784, married Jonathan Havens, May 29, 1803. Children : Elmira Havens, b. April 4, 1S04. Julia " b. Oct. 26, 1805. Francelia " b. April 12, i8o3. " b. May 12, 18 10. 393 FANNY' GALLUP {Jcssc''^ Bcnada/n\ Bciiadain\ Btnadam\ John'^, JoJin^), daughter of Jesse and Catharine (Fish) Gallup, born December 13, 1787, married Phineas Bill, November 23. 1817; he was born in Groton, September 16, 17S9, son 01 Joshua and Abigail (Miner) Bill. Phineas Bill served in the war of 181 2 as sergeant of volunteers, called out for the defence of the seaboard. He was stationed at New London, afterward at Stonington, and was murdered at Assumption, Louisiana. December 19, 1839. Children : „ _, T,-.t-. ^^ (John Chester, Jan. 28, 1S49: Sabrina Taylor Bill, b. Sept 10, 1818, m. < , ^ -^ (a. Sept. £5, 1S49. Fr.\nk Wesley " b. June 4, 1820, m. Rowena Cleveland. Abky " b. Sept. 13, 1522, ra. Fred. A. Glover, Sept. 19, 1841. Edwin " b. July 17, 1:24, m. Eleanor A. Miller. Erastis Denis* >N " b. May 13, i526, m. Eliza J. Phillips, and A.M. West. Adelia A. •' b. April ;, i52S, m. Wm. L. Heath. April iS, i?4- Mary F. " b. Aug. 26, 1S29, m. Geo. M. Tallmage, June S, 1S4:. Phineas, Jr. " b. Aug. i, 1S33, d. Sept. 29, 1S33. 397 JOSIAH' GALLUP, Jr. {Josiah\ Benadam^ Bniada,n\. Benadam^, John'', /ohn)\ son of Josiah and Polly (Randall) Gallup, born August 30, 1793, married Vilaty Pomeroy in 1820. Children : 865 Josiah A. b. Oct. 22, 1S23. *866 Moses E. b. April 12, 1825. *867 Milton, b. March 2, 182S. 868 Newton, b. March 25, 1830. 869 Calvin, b. Aug. i, 1S31. 870 Josiah, Mary E. , I t\\-ins, b. June 12, 1S33. GALLUP FA.^ILLY. 113 _ 39S CHARLES R.' GALLUP {Josuih\ Bcnadam\ Bcnadam\ Bcnadani^^ Johii^, /ohii^), son of Josiah and Polly (Randall) Gallup, bom July 13, 1795, married Olive Morgan, daug-hter of Stephen and Parthenia (Parke) Morgan, Februan,* 7, 1S21; lived in Ledyard. Children : 871 Esther, b. Jan. iS, 1822, m. Nathan Xoyes, May 27, 1S75. 872 Susan, b. Sept. 26, 1S26, d. 1S47. S73 Charles M. b. "Slay 15, 1S33, m. Rebecca Harris, Feb. r6, 1859. {Children : Walter C. Gullup, b. May 20, i860, and Roy Gallup.] 399 BENJAMIN F.^ GALLUP {Josiah\ Benadam\ Benadam\ Bcnadam^, John'', Jolui'), son of Josiah and Polly (Randall) Gallup; bom at Ledyard, August i, 1797; married Hannah Allyn December 10, 1823. A farmer at Ledyard. He died September 20, 18S2. Children : S74 Harriet E. b. Sept. 21, 1824, m. Samuel Lamb. *S75 Josiah, b. Nov. ig, 1826. 876 Timothy. b. July 13, 1828. 877 Julia A. b. Nov. 15, 1829; ] "'/g^lu ^^''^'' ^^^^''^' ^°° ""^ ^^^^^ 878 Youngs, b. Jan. 8, 1832, d. on the way to California. 879 Calvin, b. Sept. i, 1834;] "^PeterLiaUup^^"'^' ^^^^^'^^ ""^ *33o Edmund, b. July 13, 1S36. S81 Sarah C. b. April 30, 1838; m. Gilbert Billings AIKti. *-^2 Elias, b. April 10, 1S40. Wn.LL\M^ GALLUP (ff7///.?/;/\ ]Villiam\ Bcnadam\ Bcn- a.iam\ JoJin\ John'), son of William and Freelove ( Hatr::-'.vay) 'lallup; born at Kingston, Pa., February 3, 1705: v.-en: -- X^n*- walk, Ohio, in 1818; married, ^Liy 2, 1819, Sarah Boalt, .laugh- ter of Captain John Boalt of Norwalk. Children : *''3 William b. at Norwalk, Feb. 22, 1S20. *¦•-) Sarah M. b. " Aug. 1S22. ¦ o Francis, b. " June 13, 1834, m. Eliza Church, d. Aug. 1 89 1, s. p. 114 GENEALOGY OF 8S6 Mary, SS7 Ruth A. b. SS3 George Lester, b. *SS9 Eliza B. b. ?Sgo Slsan a. b. *S9i Samuel Caldwell, b. *S92 James Henry, b. *S93 John Reber, b. *S94 Rosamond C. b. b. at Nonvalk, Aug. 1S26, m. Arunah H. Plant, Dec. 2S, 1S46, d. Aug. 4, 1S4S. " Oct. 21, 182S, m. Lafayette S. Lyttle of Toledo, Ohio. " Jan. 2, 1831, m. Cornelia Lewis, d. at Tiffin, Ohio, Sept. 12, 18S4. Jan. 24, 1833. March 14, 1835. *' Feb. 22, 1837. March 13, 1839, " April 30, 1841. " Nov. 25, 1844, 403 HALLET' GALLUP {]ViIliam\ William', Bcnadain\ Ben- adaui^, Jolui^, Jo/ill'), son of William and Freelove (Hathaway) Gallup; bom at Kingston, Pa., May i, 1796; married April 9, 1820, Clarissa Benedict, daughter of Piatt and Sally Benedict, of Norwalk, Ohio. At his birth a relative at Groton, Conn., sent to his parents a wampum belt given by a friendly Indian to one of his ancestors in 1675, as a warning of the trouble soon to culminate in that historic event known as " King Phil- lips' war." This was given with the request to name him Hallet. The belt is made of the long coarse hair of the black bear ornamented with white beads set in the form of a " W, " which indicated war. That belt is yet in almost perfect pres- ervation in the possession of Carroll Gallup of Norwalk. In the war of 181 2 he joined Captain Thomas' company of Penn- sylvania volunteers and served in the artillery under Harrison. On being mustered out of service at the close of the war in 1816 he came to Bloomingsville, Ohio, and in i8i8came to Nor- walk, then a new settlement, where he became a prominent cit- izen. In 18 19 he was appointed collector of the then Huron Coimty. He died at Norwalk, July 11, 1877. His wife died January 11, 1878. Children all bom at Norwalk. Children : 895 Catharine. 896 Maria ra. Marlin A. Dunton of Norwalk. 897 Carroll. 898 Sarah, m. Henry Brown, now of Norwalk. ?899 Caleb H. b. May lo, 1S34. 900 Lizzie T. hi * / it( ^¦\ i.^,^^-J:^'*:--v^. - . >^^»i^:i,^ ,^^. > M: t; .. iU^'l] THIS INDIAN WAR-BELT I- !jre«iente7"^" G^^H^' ^^"^ 9' ^2"^°' ^ ^ ' . J. "I ^^pi^i 23, 1S79. 902 Mary A. b. April 17, 1815, m. William Fanning, July 21, 1S36. *903 Nehemiah M. b. Oct. 22, i3i6. *904 John W. b. Nov. 6, iSiS. 905 Hannah, b. Aug. 7. 1S20. m. \ Eleazer W. Carter March 2, ^ ' ^ 1844, d. June 13, 1846. [Mary E., daughter of Hannah Gallup and Eleazer \V. Carter, b. June 20, 1S45, ni. Harrison L. Rawson March 28, 1869, who died in Wor- cester, Mass., July 14, 1884. Children: Emma May, b. 1871; Annie Belle, b. 1S75; Eliza Gallup, b. 1874; Harry Carter, b. 1S79; Henry- Lyman, 1883.] 906 Eunice, b. May 11, 18S2, m. Seth L. Peck, Aug. 6, 1S49. 907 Phebe E. b. Feb. S, 1824, d. May 30, 1842. 908 Mason, b. March 4, 1826, d. April 16, 1S30. *909 William R. b. ^May 19, 1828. 910 Harriet A. b. Aug. 22, 1830, m. '. Fi-ederic A. Button June 19. * ' J ' J j5-Q_ (i_ April 25, 1887. 911 Benjamin, b. June 19, 1S32. [Has lived in the Southern States, in Canada, and in Chili, S. A. Is now living at Sacramento City, Cal. Unmarried.] *9i2 Henry C. b. Nov. 6, 1834. 410 ELISHA' GALLUP {Xehemiah\ Hcnry\ Bcnadam\ Ben- adam\ John\ John'), son of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Brown) Gallup, bom June 23, 1792, married Content Wheeler of Stonington, Conn., March 31, 18 16. Children : 913 Elisha, b. Dec. 29. 1816, 914 Ashbel, b. Oct 23, 1819. 915 Emeline, b. Nov. 1821. 916 Almir.\, b. Feb. 13. 1823. 917 Harriet, b. 1825. 918 Esther, b. March 1827. 116 GENEALOGY OF 919 Ann, b. February', 1829. 920 Mary, b. 1832. 921 LucRETiA, b. 1834. 922 David, b. 1836. 923 William, b. 1838. 924 Eli AS, b. 1840. 411 LUKE' GALLUP {Xehemiah\ Hcnry\ Bcnadain\ Bcn- adatn^, JoJui^, JoJiii'), son of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Brown) Gallup, bom at Groton, Conn., April 17, 1794. Children : 925 Olive, b. Oct 8. 1820. 926 LukeW. b. Feb. 27, 1822. 927 Olive, b. Sept. 25, 1823. 928 Phebe, b. Sept. S, 1825, m. Warren S. Wheeler, Feb. 3, 1S47. 929 A.MOS A. b. March 19, 1827. 930 Jared, b. April 17, 1S29. 931 Melinda, b. Nov. 2, 1831, m. Nelson H. Wheeler, April 3, 1853. 932 Bridget, b. Nov. 22, 1S33. 413 EBEXEZER' GALLUP {Nchcmiah\ Henry\ Bcnadam\ Bcnadam'', Joliir, Jolui^), son of Nehemiah and Elizabeth (Brown) Gallup, born April 27, 1800, at Ledyard, Conn., married Lavinia Stanton in 1822, daughter of Captain John and Bathsheba (Giles) Stanton, who died in 1825. In 1826 he married Angeline Stanton, also daughter of Captain John Stanton. Captain Ebenezer Gallup died March 10, 1863; his wife, Angeline, died August 9, 1S83. Child by First Marriage : 933 Lavinia, b. Oct. 1825, m. Captain Charles Stanton; he died June 5. 1887. She lives at Ledyard, Conn., and has one daughter, Eliza Stanton, who married James A. Brown of Westerly, R. I. Children by Second Marriage : *934 Ei'.KNKZKk, b. Feb. 14, 1827. ¦^35 Li( V. b. 1S29, d. 1837. Vj'J Jamk-. b. 1^31, d. 1-33. 937 J"H.N N. b. March 1^36, m. Sarah Dewey. *93S Hk.nkv A. b. Nov. 1*^44. 939 Ann B. b. July 21, 1S47, m. Royal McCrackun. GALLUP FAJVIILY. 11' 414 ALFRED^ GALLUP {Henry', Henry\ Benadain\ Bcii- adam^, Jo/ur, Jolui^), son of Henry and Desire (Stanton) Gallup, bom at Groton, Conn., March 2'^, 179S, married Eliza W. Hewitt, October 19, 1823; she was bom in Groton, March 3, 1S03. Alfred Gallup died at Salem, Conn., December 24, 1854; Eliza W., his wife, died at New London, February 21, 1876. Children : 940 William A. b. at Groton, June 2S, 1827, d. Aug. 31, 1843. *94i Austin O. b. at Ledyard, Dec. 27, 1828. 942 Eliza A. b. " Sept. 5, 1830, d. Sept. 2. 1S32. 943 Mary A. b. " June 3, 1832, d. Sept. 5, 1833. 944 Harriet A. b. at Salem, Oct. i, 1S36, m. Avery Morgan at Salem. Conn., Dec. 25, 1S53. *945 Laura E. b. at Montville, Conn., May 28, 1840, m. Sanford W. Havens at East Lyme, Conn., Oct. 8, 1S57. *946. Louis A. b. June 30, 1S46. 416 DESIRE^ GALLUP {Henry\ Hcnry\ Bcnadam\ Benadaui\ JoJur, JoJin'), daughter of Henry and Desire (Stanton) Gallup, bom March 26, 1808, married Elisha J. Hewitt, November 27, 1823. Children : Clarrissa a. Hf.witt, b. Oct. 11, 1824. Henry P. •' b. Aug. 20, 1S26. Elisha A. •' b. April 15, 1S2S. Ai DEN W. ¦• b. Oct. 29, 1S30. Os'.A.K. H. ¦¦ b. April S, 1S33. Ge'-kge W. •¦ b. July 20, 1S36. Mary E. " b. Sept. i, 1S41. Charles J. " b. March 15, 1844. Eunice " b. Dec. i, 1847. 417 EUNICE' GALLUP {Andreiu\ Henry \ Bcnadam\ Bcn- adam*, /ohn\ John'), daughter of Andrew and Nancy (Welden) Gallup, born Januars' 16, 1794, married Benjamin Rouse, March 16, 1823; she died at her home in Norwich, Conn., July 2, 1877. Something of the beauty and loveliness of her *-haracter was recently expre.ssed by one of her children, in the \vords: "My mother still lives in many hearts." 118 GENEALOGY OF Children : SvRXH Gallup Rol'se, b. March 3, 1S24, m. Herrington. ( JoelCheenev, Dec. 24, i;46- Harriet C. " b. July 7. 1S26, m. j ^y^y^/ . Andrew Cheeney. Nancy D. " b. Oct. 30, 1S31, lives at Norwich, Conn. M.\RiA Waterm.\n " b. April 6,1835, 418 NANCY' GALLUP {Andrew\ Hcnry\ Bcnadam\ Ben- adam\ John\ John'), daughter of Andrew and Nancy (Welden) Gallup, born in Ledyard, Conn., October 15, 1795; married first, Asa Barnes, March 15, 1829, who died ; married second, Charles Buttolph. She died February 2, 1875, aged 80, at Preston, Conn. Children : Asa Barnes. Harriet F. " m. Charles Davis of Preston. Phrozenia " m. Benjamin Eunice " Mary A. " m. Tyler Richards 421 ANDREW HENRY' GALLUP {Andreio\ Henry \ Ben- adam\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Andrew and Nancy (Welden) Gallup, bom in Ledyard, Conn., March 29, rSii. He married first. May 13. 1S33, Nancy (Greene) Ayer, daughter of Nathan and Nancy (Greene) Ayer. of Preston, Conn., who died ^larch 12, 1843; married second, May 7. 1845, Mary Lyman, daughter of Jacob and Joanna (Bolles) Lyman of Bolton,' Conn. Removed west in 1853, locating near Mt. Carroll, 111., where he lived many years, a beloved and honored citizen; died May 15, 1886, near Douglass, Nebraska. Children by First Marriage: *947 Henry Ayer, b. May 7, 1S34. ?948 Andrew, b. Feb. 24, 1836. (David Walker, April 26, 1SS2; 949 Nancy, b. Feb. 26, 1S33, m. j j.,.^^ ^^ Marengo, Iowa. 950 E.MSLY, b. March =, 1:43. Child by Second Marriage : ?951 Mary Joanna, b. June 10, 1850. m. Wra. P. Rielly, Aug. 9, 1876; Uves at Palmyra, Neb. GALLUP FAMILY. 119 Their Children: Henry Gallup Riellv, June 19, 1SS4. Chkistabel Daisy " June 30, iSSS. \22 ASA LYMAN' GALLUP {Andrr.o\ Henry\ Benadam\ Benadani^^ Jolin'^, Jo/ni'), son of Andrew and Nancy (Welden) Gallup, bom in Groton (now Ledyard), Conn., Februan* 22, 1814, married Eliza Gallup, daughter of Nehemiah Gallup, December 9, 1S40, who was born November 12, 1813, died April 25, 1879. He settled in Ledyard on the homestead of his father, Andrew Gallup, one of the survivors of the massacre at Fort Griswold, a farmer. 'Mr. Gallup has in his possession the sword of Captain John Mason of Pequot fame. His grand- mother, Hannah Mason, who married Henry Gallup, was a great granddaughter of Captain John Mason. A23 JOSEPH HENRY' GALLUP {Jarcd", Henry\ Benadam\ Betiadajn'', John'', John^), son of Jared and Mar>^ ( Whipple) Gallup, born in Preston, Conn., September 14, 1S08; Novem- ber 24, 1834, married Sarah Parish of Brooklyn, Conn., who was born May 7, 1808. He died May 23, 1861, in Norwich. Mr. Gallup entered Yale College at the age of 15, was a most extraordinary' mathematician and astronomer, thoroughly familiar with both ancient and modem classics, and a devoted ¦student. He taught many young men his remarkable mcrh-.-ds :n the use of figures. Chi/d: *'j52 Sarah Josephine, b. July 3, 1337, m. Charles Gibson; lives at Albany, N. Y. ; had two sons. 424 HENRY JOSEPH' GALLUP {Jarcd\ Henry\ Baiadam\ Bcnadam^, /ohn\ John'), son of Jared and Mary (Whipple) Gallup, bom in Preston, Conn., February 11, 18 10, married Elizabeth Fox, who was born April 22, 1824, in East Hartford, Conn. Lived near Poquetannock, Conn. ; he died November I. i>^82, aged 72. 120 GENEALOGY OF Children : 953 Henry Jared, b. May ii, 1551. 954 Mary Elizabeth, b. June 26, 1S55. 955 William Clarence, b. April 7, 1S5S. 956 John Mason, b. May 31, iS6r, d. Aug. 31, 1865. REBECCA' GALLUP {Jacob\ Xathan\ Benadam\ Ben- adam^^ John'', Jo/m^), daughter of Jacob and Rebecca (Morgan) Gallup, bom October 6, 17S5, died April 4, 1830; married Avery Allyn of Groton, March 28, 1807. Children : Alithea Allyn, b. Aug. 26, 1807. AvERV " b. Jan. 30, 1809. Lucia D. " b. Feb. 14, 1S12. Parthenia " b. Nov. 26, 1S14. Lydia " b. May 14, 1817. Rebecca _ ,, ( b. Nov. II. 1 82 1. Temperance 426 JACOB' GALLUP {/c7rc^d\ Nat/uni\ Bcnadam\ Bcnadam\ John'', John^), son of Jacob and Rebecca (Morgan) Gallup, bom April 24, 1787; married first. Parthenia ^lorgan, May 24, 1812; married second, Mrs. Sarah (Bill) Williams, October 15, 1830. Children by Fir si Marriage : *957 Prldence. b. Sept. 27, 1S15, m. John W. Bill, Aug. 4, 1S36. *.,-,T T u>' oD„' Elizabeth Spicer. *95= Jacob Lorenzo, b. Nov. 27, 1S18, m. - ^^^^^ ^.^^^^^^ 959 Frances A. b. Apnl 20, 1821, m. Dudley Davis, Oct. 19, 1S41. 960 Calvin, b. Jan. 13, 1824. 961 Horace, b. Aug. 20, 1827. Child by Second Marriage : 962 Sarah, m. Calvin Allen. 427 LUCY' GALLUP {Jacob\ Nathan\ Bcnadmn\ Benadam\ John'', John''), daughter of Jacob and Rebecca (Morgan) Gallup, bom March 22, 1789, married Israel Allyn, August i, 1813, born December 24, 1790; live in (Jhio. GALLUP FAMILY. 121 Children: George H. Allyn, b. Oct. 20, 1814. Israel M. b. Jan. iSiS. Abel G. b. Oct. 4. 1820. Lucy R. " . b. Sept. 15. 1822. At'STLV b. Aug. 20, 182S. Lydia b. June 16, 1831. Hannah b. Aug. 13, 1835- 428 LOIS' GALLUP {Jacob\ NatJLan\ Benadain\ Bcnadam\ John'', John'), daughter of Jacob and Rebecca (Morgan) Gallup, born April 17, 1791, married Charles Allyn of Groton, Conn., Februar}', 18 14. Children : L'lLisA Allyn, m. R. A. Williams. Rev. Robert Allyn, D.D., L.L.D., m. first, Emeline H. Denison, b. Oct. 14, iSio. Children: Charles Allyn, b. Sept. 5, 1842, m. Helen Starr, Nov. 18, 1S67, has a book store in New London, Conn. ; Emeline Lucy Allyn, b. April 12, 1S44, m. William Hypes of Lebanon, 111. She had been professor in Jacksonville (Illinois) Female College. Rev. Robert Allyn is president of the State Normal University at Carbondale, 111. His wife, Emehne. died April 24, 1844. He married second, Man,- B. Buddington, June 24, 1845; she died OcL 1879. Amanda Allyn. J \.MES '-¦-.LVIN 431 LYDIA' GALLUP {Jacob\ NatJian\ Benadam\ Benadam\ John\ John'), daughter of Jacob and Rebecca (Morgan) Gallup, •rn July 5, 1797, married Lewis Wadhams of Goshen, Conn. Children : Lewis C. Wadh.-^.ms. Lydi.\ A. Moses " Marvin " — ELIZABETH' GALLUP {Christopher', Nathan\ Benadam\ >',iJam\ John\ John'), daughter of Christopher and Mr.s. -Martha (Stanton) Prentice Gallup, bom January 21, 1795, -I'irried Warren Williams, January 12, 1815. \'2-2 GENEALOGY OF Children : Henry W. Williams, b. Jan. 20, 1S16. GuRDON O. " b. Nov. 14. iSi7- Elizabeth M. " b. Feb. 2, 1S20. Hezekiah W. " b. Aug. 10, 1S22. Julia A. " b. Feb. 11, 1825. AsENATH G. " b. May 13, 1S27. Charity H. " b. May 2, 1S29. S.A.RAH G. " b. Aug. 6, I S3 1. Nathan " b. June 28, 1S33. J.\NE E. " b. Dec. 25, 1S38. 436 JULIA A.' GALLUP {Christopher', Nathan\ Benadain\ Benadam\ John\ John'), daughter of Christopher and Mrs. Martha (Stanton) Prentice Gallup, born July 26, 1807, married Joseph S. Williams, December 29, 1S24, who died February 19, 1889; Mrs. Julia A. Williams died May 19, 1883. They lived on the ancestral farm of Thomas Stanton, one of the first settlers of Stonington, which was never occupied by any other than Stantons until Mr. Williams lived there. Children : Joseph S. Williams, Jr. b. Dec. 11, 1S25, d. Sept. it, 1S34. William " b. Dec. 19, 1827. m. Lydia H. Clift, May 3, 1:53. d. March 16, 1S57. Elias " b. Jan. 19, 1830, m. Susan Brown; now of Mystic. Julia A. " b. June 29, 1832, m. Salmon C. Foote, Oct. 16, 1S51. Joseph S. (2d) " b. Aug. 12, 1S34. m. Elizabeth C. Foote, Jan. 13, 1853; now of Mystic. Charles " b. March 28, 1837, m. Julia A. Lewis, Nov. 23, 1859, d. Oct. 30, 1865. Warre.n " b. June 16, 1S44, d.'Nov. 9, 1869. Martha E. " t. Jan. 26, 1846, d. Oct. 15. 1857, 437 CHRISTOPHER MILTON' GALLUP {Christopher\ Nathan\ Bcnadam\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of Chris- topher and Martlui ( Stanton ) <}allup, b-m November 25, 1809. marncd Aiina S, Billings, June 5, 1S33, died February 19, 1874, at Ledyard, Conn. ; his wife died at St. Paul, Minn., August 31, 1874. GALLUP FAJIILY. 123 Chiidren : ?963 Martha Ann-, b. Sept. 7, 1S34, m. Col. Chauncey W. Griggs. ?964 Christopher Morgan, b. May 31, 1S36, m. Hannah Lamb. •965 N.A.TH.\N, b. Oct. 13, 1S4S, m. P. EmmaGeer. 966 NoYES P. b. April 30, 1653, at Ledyard, Conn., m. Xov. 17, i88r, Cora E. Morgan, daughter of Herman L. Morgan of Cleve- land; lives at Cleveland, Ohio. 442 LODOWICKC.^ GALLUP {Lodozvick\ Nathan\ Benadain,\ Benadain\ John\ John'), son of Lodowick and Margaret (Phelps) Gallup, bom February 11, 1809, married Nancy White, September 22, 1834. Children : 967 Nelson. 968 Ed\v.\rd. 969 William. 970 Henry. » 971 Benj.\.min. Zkihaniah 444 FANNY MARLy GALLUP {Lodozuh-k\ Nathan', Bcnadam\ I'cnadaui', John\ John'), daughter of Lodowick and :Margaret (Phelps) Gallup, born March 2, 1814, married Giles Williams of Pomfret, Conn., September 13, 1S33. After the death of :Mrs. Fanny M. Gallup, Mr. Williams married her sister, Cecilia Gal- lup, December 6, 1869. Children : Williams, b. Feb. 20, 1S35, m. Minerva V. Park, daughter of Appleton Park of Pawtucket, R. I., Nov. 24, 1S64; lives at Providence, R. I., and is agent for Provi- dence and Stonington Steamship Co. Children: Appleton Park, b. Jan. 28, 1867; Frank Elmer, b. Sept 27, 1870; Florence Minerva, b. Sept. i3, 1874. b. Jan. 16, 1S36. b. Jan. 16, 1838. b. March 23, 1S40. b. March i, 1842. b. Oct. 31, 1544. b. April to, 1S43. b. May 4, 1550. b. Jan. 22, 1S53. ^Iargaret p. Ellen M. Giles A. Job ^"athan G. y US E. ¦•"whan 124 GENEALOGY OF 446 ASA ORAX^ GALLUP (Lodoivkk\ Xathan\ Bcnadam\ Bt-iiadain\ Joh!i\ John'), son of Lodowick and Margaret (Phelps) Gallup, born January 31, 1819, married Wealthy P. Palmer at Lenox, N. Y., July 4, 1S49. He died November 12, 1865, at Alexandria, Va. Children : 972 Linda W. b. at Lenox, N. Y., July 10, 1851, m. Henry D. Hard, Feb. 13, 1S75. Children: Erma W. b. Sept. S, iSSi ; Oran C. b. June 20, 1SS4. *973 Lodowick E. b. Nov. 8, 1S56, at Dumfries, Va. 974 Oran Palmer, b. i860, d. 1S61. 975 Asa, b. Sept. 24, 1S65, at Alexandria, Va., m. Mina E. Dewey, June 29, 1SS9. Child : Arietta Marie, b. Sept. 24, 1890, at Albany,N.Y. 447 DWIGHT^ GALLUP (Lodoicick\ Nathan\ Bcnadam\ Ben- ada>n\ Johir. John'), son of Lodowick and Margaret (Phelps) Gallup, born April 14, 1825. He married Lydia A. Wadhams of Goshen, Conn., November 19, 1S49, and settled on a farm in that town, where he lived until after the war, when he returned to Ledyard, his native town, where he is now living. CJ ildren : 976 Jane W. b. Sept. 19, 1S51, m. Russell Gallup, May 3, 1S74. 977 Moses W. b. Aug. 8, 1853, 97S Ralph, b. Sept. 6, 1858. 979 LiLLiE. b. June 5, 1S60. 980 Lrcv M. b. Jan. 26, 1S64. m. Adam Larrabee of Ledyard, Nov. 19. i;r2. 456 DANIEL^ GALLUP {/o/in\ Joseph\ Joseph\ Benadam\ John\ John'), son of General John and Hannah (Denison) Gal- lup; bom September 12, 1789; married first, Nancy Denison; married second, ^Lary Cheesebro. He died January 27, 1S59. Childrtn liy First Marriage : ¦I't ]• .;{¦, \). Went to Canada and died there; left three daughters. (ja2 Ann M. m. S. H. Carter. They had one son who lives in Auburn, N. Y. Child by Second Marriage : 0^3 Damkl R. b. Feb. i, 1S37; m. Elizabeth Ann Schuyler Feb. 14, 1S61 ; now living in Sloansville, Sch'^harie Co., X. Y. GALLUP fa:mily. 125 457 JOSEPH' GALLUP {John\ Joseph\ Jostph\ Baiadain\ John", John'), son of General John and Hannah (Denison) Gal- hip; born December 9, 1791 ; married Lticy A. Fowler, daugh- ter of Benjamin and Lucy Fowler, May 12, i8i6;hedied May ;o, 1S70, at their home in Knox, N. Y. Lucy A. Fowler Gal- lup was born May 11, 179S, and died January 26, 1864. Children : ?9=^4 Benjamin Fowler, b. July 12, iSiS. 923 Ll-cy Ann, b. May 14.1S20, d. April 16, iS63, at Knox, N. Y. 9S6 Amanda Maria, b. Sept. 11, i322, m. Abram P. Walker, Sept. 14, 1S64. Residence New Scotland, Albany Co., N. Y. 987 LucRETiA Amelia, b. Jan. 26, 1S26; m. Iziahiah W. Chesebro, Feb. 6. 1S49, d. Aug. 25, 1S64, at Cohoes, N. Y. Childreii: Robert D., b. Nov. 19, 1S49, d. Oct. 13, 1365. Alida, b. March 7, 1353, m. Edgar H. Cook, Aug. 31, i3S2. Joseph D., b. April 10, 1S59, d. April 15, 1863. Lucy A., b. July 12, 1S64. Residence, Albany. X. Y. 953 Emma Abigail, b. May i3, 1S20, m. John M. HotaUng, June 14, 1S54. Residence, Delmar, X. Y. 9S9 Cornelia Ester, b. May 30, 1533, ra. John Ketcham, Dec. 15, 1S57. 130 GENEALOGY OF ELISHA' GALLUP {Joscph\ Elisha\ Joscph\ Benadam\ John', /o/ni^) son of Joseph and ^liriam (Brigham) Gallup: born at Brookfield, Vt., February 15, 1798; married Eunice Gardner of Coventry, Vt., in 1825, who was a descendant of the Gardners of Gardner's Island. He removed to Melbourne, P. Q., where he died August 2, 1864. Children : 1046 Miriam b. Aug. 10, 1S25, d. Oct. 27, 1S25. *io47 Elish.v JosEi'H b. Oct. 17, 1826. 1048 Fanny M. b. Sept. 20, 1828, m. Charles Hall at Melbourne, P. Q., 1847, d. Jan. i, 18S9. *io49 LoRiNG G. b. May 3, 1S31. 1050 Harriet E. b. March 15, 1S33, m. Robert Burt of Melbourne, P. Q., 1856, d. May i, i36o. 1051 PoLLiE A. b. May 8, 1836. *io52 John P. b. May 2, 183S. *I053 P. Oscar, b. May 2, 1840. *io54 Zadoc Alglstcs b. Sept. 30, 1S42. 1055 Marcia S. b. Sept. 15, 1844, d. Aug. 16, 1845. 481 FREDERICK T.' GALLUP {Elisha\ Elisha\ Joscpk\ Ben- adam\ John'' John'), son of Elisha and Hannah (Allen) Gallup, bom at Hartland, Vt., married Martha Gallup, daughter of Joseph Gallup of Melbourne, Canada, January 29, 1820, lived at Hartland. Vt. He died January 13, 1S68; his wife died September 29, 1S72. Children : 1056 Frederick T. d. Feb. i3, 1882. 1057 Elisha J. 1058 Eunice J.J ' d. July 15,1852. 1059 Hannah A. m. Jerry G. Hadley. 1060 Miriam B. 1061 Lucy D. m. James Hadley. 1062 Sophia D. d. Oct. 2, 1882. 1063 Clarine p. [Elisha, Miriam, and Clarine live on the original Gallup farm at Hart- land, Vt, in the house their great grandfather built.] GAIiLUP FAMILY. 131 EIGHTH GEXERATIOX. 485 SILAS' GALLUP {Tliomas\ John\ Isaac\ John\ John\ Joh/i^, /okn^), son of Thomas and Esther (Westcott) Gallup, bom March 15, 1800, married Milly Stephenson, October 5, 1826, and lived in Brookfield, Mass. ; he died November, 1870. C/u7d: *io64 Christopher Colcmbus, b. May 7, 1827. 486 NANCY W^ GALLUP ( TJiomas\ John\ Isaac\ Joh?i\ John\ John^^/ohn^), daughter of Thomas and Esther (Westcott) Gallup, bom May 2, 1801, at Brookfield. Mass. ; married Welcome Wood, December, 1823; he died April 3, 1879. Children : Clarinda W. Wuod, b. Aug. 19, 1S25, m. Le-wns Henshaw. Harvey " b. April 23, 1S27, m. Mary Ann Carey. Lucy H. " b. Nov. 9, 1828. R. " b. July 24, 1S30. Jairl's W. " b. Oct. 24, 1S32, m. Charlotte Squares. E. " b. Sept. 30, 1334. John G. " b. Dec. 5, 1S36. Louisa A. " b. July 25, 1838, m. Benjamin Steele. Charles H. " b. July 10, 1846. 488 ALFRED E.* GALLUP {Thomas', John\ Isaac\ John\ John^, Johii^ Jo/in^), son of Thomas and Esther Gallup, born May 15, 1808, married Ann Windsor, daughter of Daniel Windsor of Sterling, Conn., March 7, 1841 ; lived at East Rro(jk- field, Mass., and Sterling, Conn., afterwards removed to Illinois, where he died November 21, 1888. 132 GENEALOGY OF Children : *ro65 Daniel W. b. May ii, 1S42. *io66 Frederick, b. Nov. 3, 1S46. 1067 Phehe. b. June 23, 1S49, m. S. T. Call of Emington, 111. *io68 John W. b. June 25, 1S53. 1069 Evelyn, b. Jan. 13, 1S57, m. Otto Putnam. BENADA^r GALLUP {Thoi)ias\ Jolin\ Isaac', JoJin\ John'', John'', John'), son of Thomas and Esther (Westcott) Gallup, born June 21, 1810, married Caroline Henshaw, October 10, 1832, and lives in East Brookfield, ;Mass. Chiidrefi : 1070 Windsor, b. Feb. 26, 1S34, d. May 20, 1838. 1071 Hiram. b. April 16, 1S39. *io72 Osborne, b. April 16, 1S42. 1073 Elizabeth H. b. Aug. 3, 1S4S, d. Aug. 17, 1849. 1074 Caroline E. b. June 15, 1850, m. Josiah Hobbs, Jan. 5, 1S70. c7///- dren: Howard E. b. Dec. i, 1S72; Frank M. b. May 25, 1878; George G. b. June 4, 1S80. 490 JOHN DOL'GLASS^ GXl.l.\jV {Isaac\ Jo/ui\ Isaac\John\ Johii\ Johir, JoJin'), son of Isaac and Olive (Park) Gallup; born at Voluntown, Conn., October i, 1820; married Martha Dame Allen, June 20, 1854, daughter of Rev. Jacob and Mercy Dame Allen of Sterling-, Conn., who was pastor of the Congregational Church at Sterling for nearly twenty years. They lived at North East, Dutchess Co., X. Y., removed to Agawam, Mass., 1858, where he is now living, and is the compiler of these records. The following sketch, written by Miss Emily Gallup, grand-daughter of Andrew Gallup, one of the survivors of the battle of Fort Griswold, at Gro- ton, Conn., is given a place here with some hesitation: not from any want of confidence in the sincerity of the writer, but from the author's reluctance to ascribe praise to himself. [I have just copied the above brief notice of John Douglass Gallup, and am suddenly inspired to "put in a word" which I shall ask to have inserted here;] The pen that has written uncounted wt^rds of praise for others ha.s been silent here. And the bo(jk would ever be incomplete without something more of the one who has given to us this bestowal of long-l(jst facts, con- GALLUP FAMILY. 138 cerning our ancestry. But that word one, in the singular number, does not mean one indi\-idual only, as Mrs. Gallup's interests are one with her hus- band's, for to her unceasing enthusiasm and faithful devotion to the real work of preparation, is its successful termination chiefly due. "I would," that all who read might have shared with me the comfort of hearing from their lips the storj- of the book's beginning. The first impulse came from the hps of Captain Gallup's very aged mother, whose remarkably accurate knowledge of ver>- many who bear the family name, was thought worthy of preservation, and Mrs. Gallup's pencil care- fully recorded facts as she gave them \\'ithout one thought of the book, genealogical, historical, which has finally developed therefrom. There are manv unwritten stories of different members of that family, now gone, of whom Captain Gallup has told me in the quiet evenings by his hospitable fireside. One was, of an Indian wigwam that stood in the yard of Captain Gal- lup's great-great-grandfather, Captain John Gallup, of Sterling, Conn. Dif- ferent Indians occupying the same, whenever they willed, usually going away in the summer, and returning for a time each fall, on their way to Nar- ragansett Bay, for a winter's stay. Upon their leaving, all their effects were tied in bundles and stored in the ample garret of Mr. Gallup's, where they remained, safe from all intrusion, until again claimed by their respective owners. They had an orchard of their own planting, on the farm, traces of which still remain. They enjoyed their portion of apples and cider until the cider proved an injury-, when they were kindly and firmly told, they must give it up or remove. This was not an acceptable message, but after serious considera- tion, never doubting Mr. Gallup's sincerity, they decided to forego the pleas- ures of the beverage, and retain their transient home. And here they came for many years in comfortable security, happy in a sense of joint ownership of all the good things the farm afforded. Mr. Gallup was their protector. iriterpreter, and friend. Tins is only one of many memories, prov-ing that our ancestors were not " Indian fighters" from impulses of inhumanity, but, when their homes and helpless ones were imperiled, they shrank not from the severest duty men ever meet in their defense. And the grateful hearts of their descendants, living in different times, hold only love and honor for the kind natures that dared to be so brave. The present Captain John D. Gallup also owned, between the years 1S70 and iS3i, the steam yachts Mayflower and River Belle, long familiar to citi- zens of Springfield and all along shore down to Saybrook, remembered to- day by hundreds of excursionists who enjoyed their comfortable appoint- ments on their way to "Gallup's Grove," on the cool shore of the Connecti- cut, for a restful day and a return .sail to Springfield, Holyoke, and various pi the lungs, sought relief in a southern climate, found it n(jt, and in April re- turned north to die in his father's house in ( Jnci'la. GALLUP FAMILY. 137 JoiiN Herbert Kennedv. b. at Lisbon. Conn., April S, 1S54, m. Mary A. Hovev, Nov. 24, iSSo, She d. Aug. 9. iSSg. He is a manufacturer of carriages and sleighs at St. Paul Park, Minn. SrsA.N D. " b. at Oneida, X. Y., April 27, 1S56, was graduated from Vassar College, June, 1S79; m. June 22, 1SS3, Prof. John E. Branner, state geologist of Arkan- sas. They live at Little Rock, Ark. IIattie L. " b. at Oneida, Sept. 15, 1S60; m. July, iSSo, James >L Markham, a furniture dealer in Oneida. Fk.\nk G. " b. at Oneida, Oct. 9, 1S67. 509 BENJAMIN A' GALLUP {John A\, Bcnadam\ Isaac\ lohn,* Jolui^, Jo/in- , Jo/in), son of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gallup; born at Sterling-, Conn., Augfttst 28, 18 19; married Abby ^L Palmer, September 21, 1843; settled at Marshall, Mich., and engaged in the practice of medicine; his wife died June 5, 1854; he married for second wife Harriet A. Grant, < )ctober 11, 1855. Children by First Marriage : 1099 Oscar H. b. Feb, 22, 1S46, now of Brooklyn, N. Y. Mary L. b. May 29, 1S4S, d. July 25, 1849. iKX) L?:on.\rd E. b. Jan. 17, 1S51. Child by Sesond Marriage : iioi Algusta b. June23.i5;5. DANIEL' GALLUP {John A\, Benadanf, Isaac', John\ John\ John\ John'), son of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gal- lup; bom at Sterling, Conn., May 11, 1S22; married Helen M. Beach of New York City, November 22, 1849. He lived several years in New York City, afterward in Mar}iand and in Dwight, in.; removed to Pomona, Cal., in 1889; died there March 24, 1891. Childreyi : '102 John L. b. at New York City, July 19, 1850. •103 Nellie Lolisa b. " " Sept. 12, 1858, d. Dec. 7, 1SS2. 138 . GENEALOGY OF 511 ORRIX* GALLUP {John A\, Btnadam\ Isaac\ John\ Jolin\ John'', John'), son of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gal- lup; bom at Sterling, Conn., Februar}- i6, 1S24; married Har- riet J. Aver}', March 21, 1844. He lived at Sterling, Conn.; went to Illinois about 1854; lived at Dwight till 1889, when he removed to Pomona. Cal. Children : 1 104 Abby J. b. March i, 1845. d. Aug. 16, 1845. 1105 Sar.\h E. b. May 29, 1S54, d. Dec. 14, 1S56. 1106 John A. b. May 31, 1859, is practicing law at Pomona, Cal. 512 SABRA' GALLUP {John\ Bcuadam\ Isaac\ John\ John') John'', John'), daughter of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gallup, bom at Sterling, Conn., January iS, 1826, married Horace Windsor, April 7, 1845; lived at Sterling, Conn., removed to Dwight, 111., in 1854. Children : Emily A. Wi.ndsor, b. Jan. 13, 1846. Hf:RBERT E. " b. Oct. 22, 1850. Helen M. " b. April 10, 1S52. 513 LEONARD H' GALLUP {John A\, Benadam\ Isaac', John\ John"", John'', John'), son of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gallup; born at Sterling, January 12, 1828. In early life he went West, and in the time of the gold excitement went to Cal- ifornia in 1849, going across the plains by the overland route. After his return he came to New York City, married Sarah E. Beach November 7, 1854, and since that time has lived at New York and Brooklyn. Is now (1891) living at Brooklyn; is an active member of one of the Baptist churches in that city, hold- ing the office of deacon and superintendent of the Sunday School. Child: 1107 May Belle, b. Jan. 12, 1869, m. Harry G. of Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1888; he d. 1S92. GALLU1» FAMILY. 139 515 RALPH \V\ GALLUP {/o/i/i A\ Bcuadam\ Isaac', Jolin\ John^, Joh>i'\ John^), son of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gallup; bom at Sterling, Conn., February 14, 1S34. In early life he went with his father to Illinois and afterward went to Australia. He returned to Illinois, married Rebecca Reeder October 11, 1858, and settled on a farm near Dwight. C/iild: iioS Alr.a, b. Dec. 23, 1S70. 517 DIANA' GALLUP {/ohn\ Benadam\ Tsaac\ John\ John\ John'', John^), daughter of John A. and Polly (Barber) Gallup, bom at Sterling, Conn., October 13, 1841, married Erastus H. Kneeland, February 26, 1861. Children : Edith Kneel-ajsh, b. Dec. 14, 1S62. Gertrude " b. Jan. 23, 1870. Grace " b. May 15, 1871. Frank Hamilton " b. Feb. 17, 1879. 518 MARGARET' GALLUP {NathanieV, Be}iadam\ Isaac\ John^, John', JoJiri^, John''), daughter of Nathaniel and Sally (Barber) Gallup, bom in Sterling, Conn., December 6, 18 18, married January 9, 1837, Joseph Noone, who was bom ^March 9, 1809, in Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. They lived a few years at Worcester, Mass., afterwards removed to Peter- boro, N. H., where Mr. Noone became a successful woolen manufacturer. He died at Peterboro, May 12, 1870; his wife died September i, 1885. Children : C.\THERiNE Noone, b. in Sterling, Conn., Dec. ri, 1839, rn- George H. Scripture of Mason, N. H., Nov. 20, 1S66. Joseph Franklin " b. in Mason, N. H., April 17, 1841, m. Abbie L. Wallace of Peterboro, June 28, 1S54; is now in the Custom House at Bost(jn, Mass. Ci'iildren : Kate Eva, b. March 28, 1867; Ernest W. b. Nov. 3,1870; Arthur F. b. Jan. 8, 1873, d. -^I^iy 2^,1873. 140 GENEALOGY OF Richard Hf.nry Noone, Albert Wellington Mary Elizaijeth Charles H. William Ralph b. in "Worcester, Mass., July 13, 1S43. m. Nancy Jane Bailey of Peterboro, Nov. 2S, 1S65; was engaged with his father in woolen manufactur- ing. He died July 2S. 1SS7; his wife died Dec. 16, 1SS6. Chilli : Mary Louise, b. Aug, 2S, 1S66, in Peterboro, m. George P. Farrar,Oct. 2S,iS34. b. Oct. 4, 1S46, in Peterboro, N. H., m. Dec. 30, 1S6S, Isabella P. Cutter of Peterboro, who died March 16, iSji; m. second Fannie M. Warren, only daughter of Jesse and Sarah J. Warren, of Dublin, N. H., Aug. 11, 1S79. Is a woolen manufacturer, successor to Joseph Noone, and Joseph Noone's Sons, Peterboro, N. H. b. Dec. 15, 1849, d. May 3, 1864. b. Dec. 25, 1S52, m. Ina Sawyer of Peterboro. Dec. 25, 1872. Is a traveling salesman. b. Oct. 17, 1S5S, m. Ariel A. Bowles of Boston, Mass., Feb. i3, 1S79. Is a traveling salesman. Child: Florence Elizabeth, b. Oct. 27, 1S81, in Boston. 519 SALLY' GALLUP {Xathaniti\ Bcnadam\ Isaac'% John\ /ohn\ Jo/in\ John'), daughter of Nathaniel and Sally (Barber) Gallup; bom March 18, 1821; married Chester Bailey, June 6, 1850; lived at Springfield, Mass. ; died November 10, 1856. Children : Adelaide M. Bailey, b. April 19, iS^i. Martha A. " b. Aug. 25, 1352. Chester Jl'lils " b. Aug. 19, 1S55. 521 JAMES' GALLUP {Nathamel\ Benadam\ Isaac\ John\ John'', John'), son of Nathaniel and Sally (Barber) Gallup; bom at Sterling, Conn., November 13, 1825; married Patience Catharine Stone of the same town, September 3, 1849; she was bom August 31, 1826; he lived several years in New Hamp- shire; went to Illinois in 1855 and settled on a farm in Marshall Co., 111. ; his wife died December 25, 1891. Children : *ii09 George, b. in New Hampshire, 1850. *iiio Benja.min, b. " 1852. iiii William, b. " 1854. GALLUP FAISULY. 141 1112 Jlliett, b. in Marshall Co.. 111., 1S56, m. Thomas Jenkins in 1S75, now of Chicago, 111. Child: Ida, b. 1S76. 1 1 13 Ch.\rles, b. in Marshall Co., 111., i36i. JOSEPH' GALLUP {Xat/ia/iid\ Bcnadam\ haac\ JoJin\ fohn\ Jolui\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Sally (Barber) Gal- lup; bom at Sterling, Conn., September 4, 1S27 ; married Celia Gallup, daughter of Erastus Gallup, in 1S51 and went to Illinois the same year; he settled on a farm in Chillicothe, Peoria Co., 111., where he is now living; he was elected to the State Legis- lature in 1880 and in 1882; his wife died 1S77. Children : 1114 Jldie, b. 1S52, m. Harvey Wetmore in 1875, lives in Lasalle Co., 111. *iii5 M.\Rio.N. b. 1S53. *iii6 LoREN, b. 1S5S. 1117 Nettie, b. 1S62, m. Edward Timmons 1SS2, lives at La\\-n Ridge, 111. 1118 Eli.en, b. 1865. m.DavilloPotter,iS83,livesinDunlap,PeoriaCo., 111. 1119 Elvir.\, b. Feb., 1S68, d. Feb., 1S69. 525 NATHANIEL" GALLUP {Xathaniel\ Benadam\ Isaac\ John\ John\JoJin\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Sally (Bar- ber) Gallup; bom at Sterling, Conn., October 18, 1835; mar- ried Mar>' E. Mathewson, October 1858, and settled on the homestead of his father where he is now living, and which has been in possession of the family for more than a hundred years. Children : 1120 jE.\NNETTE,b. Aug. 25, 1S59, m. Albert I. Gibson, Oct. 3, iSSi, and lives in Providence, R. I. 1121 M.\ry E. b. Oct. 12, 1S61, m. George Gallup of Sterling, Conn., Oct. 20, 1880. 1122 J L- LI. 4 A. b. Dec. 2, 1S63, m. John A. Baton, Nov. 10, iS^i, now of Plaintield, Conn. 1123 Avis G. b. April 10, 1872. 1 1 24 George S. b. March 26, 1874. 526 CHANCER GALLUP {Nathanicl\ Bcnadani\ Isaac", John\ John\ JoJin\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Sally (Bar- ber) Gallup; born at Sterling, Conn., October 4, 1839; married Abl)v Sherman of the same town in i860; he removed to West Hall.jck Pc'jria Co., 111., m 1867, where he is now living. 142 GENEALOGY OF Children : 1125 Harriet B. b. at Sterling, Conn., 1S61, m. "William Ryan in iS5o, lives in Peoria, 111. 1126 Frank, b. " " 1866, m. Daisy Sweetman in 1S54; he lives in West Hallock, 111. ; is a tarmer. 529 HORACE* GALLUP {Chester', Bcnadam\ Isaac\ John\ /ohn^, Jo/in^, /o/ni'), son of Chester and Mary (Barber) Gallup; bom in Voluntown, Conn., August 2, 1827. In his early life his father removed with his family to Wilmington, Ohio; he married Emily Clevenger, July 4, 1S60; she died September 9, 1863; he married second Francas H. Crar>' of Plainfield, Conn., June 14, 1866; they are living at Wilmington, Ohio. Children by First Marriage : 1127 Nettie b. July S, 1S61, m. Ellis Candle, Sept. 21, iSSi. 1 128 E.MMA, b. July 16, 1S63, m. Charles Hoadley, Sept. 22, iS32. Children by Second Marriage : 1129 Frank L. b. Jan. 27, 1872. 1 1 30 Anna C. b. Sept. 11, 1S73. 1 131 Mary K. b. July 22, iSrg. 530 ALPHA' GALLUP [Chestcr\ Benadavi\ Isaac\ John'. JoJin^, John-, John'), son of Chester and ^Lary (Barber) Gallup: born in Voluntown, Conn., June 8, 1829: removed to Wilming- ton, Ohio; married Susanna Hale, July 2, 1867. Child: 1132 George B. b. Jan. 21, 1S74. 531 HENRY C GALLUP (C//.'^/rr\ Benadam\ Isaac\ John\ JoJui", John'', John'), son of Chester and Mary (Barber) Gallup: born at Voluntown, Conn., April 10, 1831; removed to Wilming- ton, Ohio; married Martha M. Fadder, December 24, 1863. Children : 1133 Cora, b. March 11, 1871. 1 134 Estelle, b. April 29, 1373. GALLUP FA3IILY. 143 539 KINNE^ GALLUP {Erastus\ \Villiam\ Isaac\ JoJin\ Joiin\ JoJui', John'), son of Erastus and Judy (Rauthman) Gallup; born at Voluntown, Conn., February i6, 1831 ; married Mary H. Spencer, May 13, 1S55 ; he lived a few years in Connecticut and then removed to Hallock, Peoria Co., 111., where he now lives. Children : 1135 Emm.\ J. b. in Windham Co., Conn., March 31, 1S56, m. Allen Briggs, April 13, iSyS. 1 136 Pre.ntiss L. b " " July 26, 1S57. 1 137 WiLLi.^M K. b. in Hallock, 111., Dec. 21, 1S67. 1138 Frederick T. b. " " Oct. 27, 1869. 1 1 39 Nellie M. b. " " Aug. S, 1874. HORACE W. GALLUP {Xi^/sofi\ \Villiam\ Isaac\ John\ Johii'^ John'', Jolui'), son of Nelson and Betsy (Tanner) Gal- luy; bom at Voluntown, Conn., October 21, 1827; married Phebe Billings; lives in Mendota, Lasalle Co., 111. Children : 1 140 Janette, m. William Mclntyre. 1 141 WlLLI.\.M E. 1 142 Alfred. 1 143 Mary E. 543 JOHN N\ GALLUP {Xeison\ \Villiam\ Isaac\ John\ John\ John'', John'), son of Nelson and Betsy (Tanner) Gallup: born at Voluntown, Conn., September i, 1829; he married Happy Church; lives in New Jefferson, Greene Co., Iowa. Children : 1 144 Eugene, d. young. 1 145 Edgar, m. Julia Mclntyre. 1 146 JOSEPHLS F. 1147 George, (John and William) t\\-ins, died. 546 WILLIAM ALBAN- GALLUP (Alban\ William', Isaac\ ./¦¦////*. jolm , J'-i:ir. Juiiiv) --;i -.f Alban and Lydia (Tinin;^'-hast) '"'^iliup; born fuly 5, 1829; married Mary Ann Tanner, June 10, 144 GENEALOGY OF Childreji : 1143 Lydia a. m. Archibald Riddell, Dec. 3, 1SS4; lives at Stuben, Mar- shall Co., 111. 1 149 S.\RAH A. 1150 ALB.A.N W. 1 1 51 El NICE. 1 1 52 Benjamin T. 549 JOSEPH S\ GALLUP {Alban\ ]Villiam\ Isaac\ Jolin\ John'', John\ John'), son of Alban and Sally (Spalding-) Gal- lup; born April 5, 1843; married Harriet E. Sherman, Septem- ber 4, 1865 ; lives at Plainfield, Conn. ; is a farmer. Children : 1 153 Annie A. b. Feb. 25, 1S67, m. James P. McMahon, Sept. 23, 1SS9. 1154 Agnes I. b. May 17, i = "--) Twins ^' -^'^^^^^ ^7* 1S7S. 1 155 Alice I. b. " " " ) m. Frank McMahon, Aug. 27, iSgo. Child : Adelbert Joseph, b. ^tay 12, iSgi. 550 HER:NL\X B°. GALLUP {Albany William', Isaac\ Jo/in\ John'', John'', John'), son of Alban and Sally (Spalding) Gallup; bom October 23, 1844; married Mar\^ J. Dawley of Plainfield. Conn., March 17, 1863; lives at Morton's Mills, Montgomery- Co., Iowa. Children : 1 156 Harriet E. m. Robbie J. L. Taylor, Oct 29, 1S84. 1157 Edgar H. 1158 Annie M. 1159 Almeda L. 1160 Adelaide A. 551 Dr. ISAAC B.^ GALLUP {Alban' , William', Isaac', John\ John^, John'', John'), son of Alban and Sally (Spalding) Gallup. bom August 16, 1846, married Marietta Hebbard, September 16, 1879, and lives at Willimantic, Windham Co., Conn., a physician. Children : 1 161 Ink/. M. b. July S, iSSo. 1 162 BEkTiiA C. b. April i3, 18S3. GALLUP FAMILY. 14o Dr. CHARLES N/ GALLUP {Alban\ William', /saac\ John\ Joint'' ^ Jolnr, John'), son of Alban and Sally (Spalding-) Gallup, born Augfust 2, 1S53, married May Foote, December 25, 1883; lived at Columbia, Conn., removed to Preston, Conn. Is a physician. WILLL\^r GALLUP {Tlioiiias\ John' John\ John\ John\ John\ Johti'), son of Thomas and Lucy Gallup, born in Volun- town, Conn., March 18, 1796, married Lucy Budlong at Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., November i, 1826. They lived at Paris, N. Y., where he died July 4, 1884; his wife died February 23, 1882. Children : H63 Delia E. b. Sept. 11, 1S29, d. July 26, 1S30. 1164 James A. b. Aug. 16, 1S35, d. Oct. 26, 1839. 1165 Lydia A. b. Oct. I. 1S45, d. March 15, 1S49. *ri66 Daniel B. b. May 24, i?32. 1167 James D. b. Aug. i5, i?4i. m. Isabel Brewster of South East. Put- nam Co., N. Y., Oct. 21, 1SS6; is now living at\nlle, N. Y., in railway service. 116S Delia T. b. Nov. 17, 1S43. PHEBE' GALLUP {Thomas\ JoJul\ John\ John\ Jolin\ John'', John'), daughter of Thomas and Lucy Gallup, bom in Voluntown, Conn., October 7, 1799, married Daniel Gallup, August 26, 1820. Children : ii6g Amos, b. May 29, 1S24, d. Dec. 14. 1S64. 1170 Byro.v, b. June 6, 1S27. d. March S, 1870. 1171 Harvey, b. Sept. 31, 1837, d. Feb. 21, 1862. 556 LYDIA* GALLUP {Thomas', John\ John\ John\ John\ John'', John'), daughter of Thomas and Lucy Gallup; born at ^'•nuntown. C"nn., November 28, 1805: married Asher Gallup, Scjjtember 10, 1828. > 146 GENEALOGY OF Children . 1172 Rosamond, b. July 9, 1S30, m. G. C. Paddock, March 19, 1851. 1173 Esther J. b. Sept. S, 1S32, m. Milo Rising, Oct. 20, 1S53. Children: Irving, b. Oct. 11, 1855; H. On.-ille, b. April I, 1S5S; Earl M., Jan. 11, 1364. 1 1 74 Ch.-\rles a. b. Aug. I, 1S36, m. Louise Taylor, Feb. 12, iShi, m. sec- ond, Emma J. Birdseye, May 10, 1865. Chil- dren: Harry, b. May 15, 1866; Minnie, b. Aug. 21, 1S70. 557 THOMAS R^ GALLUP {Thomas\ John\ John\ John\ John\ John'', John'), son of Thomas and Lucy Gallup; bora in Voluntown, Conn., January 28, 1808; removed with his father to Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1815; married Cynthia Budlong, January 26, 1831 ; he died in St. Joseph, Mo., July 22, 18S1. Childreji : RosEL, b. Aug. 28, 1832, d. Oct. ii, 1832. Frankli.n, b. June 7, 1834, m. Amanda Chapman, Feb. 14, 1S61, d. Jan. 13, 1862. 1175 Richard M. b. May 12, 1841, m. Mrs. Sarah Frazer, April 13, 1SS6. 1176 George W. b. Oct 17, 1844, d. April 30, 1S65. 1 1 77 Charles D. b. July 7, 1849, d. March 21, 1854. 117S Clara N. b. Aug. 2, 1855, m. D. N. Alexander, Aug. 5, 1878. She died Feb. 28, 18S9. Cliildren: George Ran- dall, b. July 13, 1879; Archie Moore, b. April 29, 1881 ; Anna Theresa. 560 EZRA" GALLUP {Thomas', John\ John\ John\ John\ /ohn\ John'), son of Thomas and Lucy Gallup; bora in Paris, Oneida Co., N. Y., Juh' 12, 1818; married Anna Bates, March 1848; he died in Homer, N. Y., June 9, 1887. Children : 1 1 79 George. 1 180 Carleto.n. iiSi A.nna G. 561 JABEZ F. ' GWA.V'^iXalhann/ C. \ lVhcrli-r\ John\ John\ John\ John', John'), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) GALLUP FAMILY. 147 (rallup, bom at Voluntown, March 19, 1S09. Removed to Penns^'lvania, married Docia Brewer, and died in Hamlin, McKean Co., Pa., in 1891; his wife died September, 1885. Cfuldren : 11S2 Orson D. 1 183 Orfha, m. W. F. Callar. 562 ANDREW E.^ GALLUP {Nathaniel C.\ \Vheeler\ John', John\ J 01171", JoJui^, Jolui'), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) Gallup, born at Voluntown, September 18, 18 10. Removed to Pennsylvania, married Harriet Denning. Cfizldren : 1 1 84 Orvili.e D. 11S5 Mary, m. J. B. Kimball. 1 186 RosETTA, m. Felix Gunning. 563 ORRIN W.* GALLUP {Nathaniel C.\ Wheeler \ John\ John*, Joh)i^, JoJui^, John^), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) Gallup, born at \'oluntown, July 17, 1812. Removed to Pennsylvania, married Nancy Convin ; he died September 7, 1887. ' Children : 11S7 Leander J. 1 1 53 DORTON O. 11S9 Bela C. 1 190 Delos a. 1 191 Alba. (G. A. Burdick. 1 192 Violetta, m. j jj^^ ^ ^^^^^ 564 NATHANIEL C* GALLUP, Jr. {Nathaniel C.\ Wheeler\ /ohn\ John\ John'', John'', John'), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) Gallup, bom at Voluntown, March 14, 18 14. Removed to McKean Co., Pa., married Alsena Derby. Children : 1 193 Wilson O. 1 194 Rosalia, m. A. S. Hopkins. 148 GENEALOGY OF 565 DANIEL' GALLUP {Xat/tanic/ C.\ \Vheelcr\ John\ John\ Johii^, Johri^, Jolui^), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunc.>) Gallup, bom at McKean Co., Pa. ^larried first. Lucina Dennison, who died January 22, 1S48; married second. Clara C. Lucore, lived in Norwich, Pa. ^Ir. Gallup died Augaist 8, 1892; his wife, Clara C. , died November, 1S90. Children : *ii95 N.\THAMEi. C. b. Jan. 22, 1S44. ?1196 William D. b. Sept. 11, 1S46. 567 EBEN" GALLUP {Xathanici C.\ \Vhce[er\ John\ John'. Jolni^^ Johii^ Jolui^), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds! Gallup, born in McKean Co., Pa. ; married Phebe Windsor. Children : 1197 Emma, m. W. Griffin. ' 119S Carrie G. m. Fred Smith. 568 ORLANDO" GALLUP i^Xathanid C\, Whcdcr\ John\ John\ JoJut", John\ John'), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) Gallup; born in Pennsylvania; married Floretta Comes. He died at Norwich, Pa., December 18, 1888. Children : 1 199 Henry O. 1200 Frank. 1201 Charles C. 1202 Arnold. 569 PHILETUS E". GALLVF (Xal/iante/ C\. \Vhccler\ John' . John\ John'', John'', John'), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) Gallup; born in Pennsylvania; married Laura A. Colegrove, December 29, 1844; died September 30, 187S. Children : 1203 Eliza D. b. Sept. 2, 1850, m. J. P. Wendel, April 10, 1S7S, d- Jan. i3, 1S87. 1204 Dolly L. b. June 8, 1853, m. Charles Lemmler, Jan. 25, 1SS2. d. ^Larch 15, 188S. GALLUP FAMILY. 149 i:.'i Ellen C. b. Maj' 3, 1S56, d. Sept. 19, 1372. i:"j6 Jonathan C. b. March 10, 1S59, m. Estella Barden, May 13, 1SS4. Childrtn: Myron Leroy, b. March 13, iSS;; John Milton, b. Oct. 15, 1S91. ::i)7 Alhert P. b. Aug. 5, 1S60, m. Mary L. Fowler. Feb. 22, 1S90. Child : Ellen Ann, b. Jan. 2, 1S91. ijoS A. Lincoln, b. March 4, 1S65, m. Sarah ^L Sellers, Feb. 21, 1SS9. ALFRED D^ GALLUP {Natlianicl C\, Whcelcr\ John\ John\ JoJin"^ fohn\ John'), son of Nathaniel C. and Dinah (Edmunds) Gallup; born in Pennsylvania; married Ellen Brewer. Children : i2og Clement D. deceased. _^ I2IO J.\BEZ. 573 HENRY W.^ GALLUP {lVheeler\ Whecler\ John\ John\ John^, John'', John'), son of Wheeler and Mary Gallup; born January' 11, 1819; married Rebecca M. Phillips, September 15, 1843; lived in Sterling-, Conn.; was a farmer; he died February 10, 1882. Children : I2t6 Joseph H. b. Oct 20, 1345, m. Mrs. Emily A. Maine, March 22, iS32; lives in Sterling, Conn. 1217 HfLDAH E. b. March 31, 1351, m. Rufus Daggett, April i3, 1S75. 577 DANIEL A\ GALLUP (John\ Nathan\ John\ John\ John^, John'', John') son of John and Matilda (Kinne) Gallup: bom at Sterling-, Conn., March 21, 18 19; married Barbara P. Gordon, daug-hter of Daniel Gordon of Voluntown, Conn., Octo- ber I, 1843; settled on a^arm in .Sterling; his wife died April, 1885; he died June 22, 1888. Children : *i2i3 Ezra A. b. Sept. 23, 1844. 1219 Lucv, b. Sept. 30, 1847, m. James L. Williamson, June 25, i3'')7; lives in Woodstock, Conn. *i22o Georl;e H. b. Nov. ;, i36o. 150 GENEALOGY OF 585 JOHN R\ GALLUP {SamueP, Nathan', John\ John\ John^, Joluf\ JoIiH^) son of Samuel and Maria (Park) Gallup; bom at Sterling, Conn., October 3, 1827; married Amarilla Frink, daughter of Saxton Frink of Plainfield, Conn., Novem- ber 16, 1851 ; settled on a farm at Plainfield where he now lives. Children : 1221 LuETTA F. b. July 14, 1S55. 1222 Herbert A. b. May 30, 185S, m. Flora Colvin, Nov. 25, 1S86. She died Oct 28, 1887. 1223 Ida M. b. Feb. 7, 1S69. 587 DWIGHT' GALLUP {Samud\ Nathan\ John\ John\ John^, John'', John^), son of Samuel and Maria (Park) Gallup; born at Sterling, April 12, 1835; married Mrs. Jane Northrop, November 28, 1867 ; lived at Lisbon, Conn. ; died December 26, 1884. Child: 1224 Maria Park, b. Sept. 5, 1870. 597 JOSHUA^ GALLUP {Joshua\ Samuel\ Nathaniel\ Nathan- icl\ Johii\ JoJui^, fo/ni^) son of Joshua and Anna (Hinckley) Gallup; born March 2, 1790; was married to Mary Gould of Long Island in 18 15, in Knox, Albany Co., N. Y. , by the Rev. William Brown; she was born May 23, 1792; he died Ma}' 28, i860; his wife died September 23, 1862. Children : Emma, b. at Berne, Jan. 23, 1817, m. Ira Tvvichell, Feb. 24, 1836. They had four children, three of whom are living; she died in 1S63. *i225 Ethan, b. in Jefferson, N. Y. , June 19, 1819. 1226 Harriet, b. " " SepL 20, 1821, m. David B. Baird, March 6, 1845, io Jefferson, N. Y. 1227 Maco.nda, b. in Jefferson, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1822, m. E. A. Gal- lup, Jan. 22, 1845, in Jefferson, N. Y. 1228 Dorothy, b. in Jefferson, N. Y., March 30, 1824, ra. Ezra Hickok, Dec. 25, 1843, who was born April 7, i8i3. *i229 Mary Ester, b. in Jefferson, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1825. *i23o Wessel, b. " " Dec. 14, 1829. *i23i Moruecai b. " " June 6, 1833. 1232 Jemima, b. " " July 26, 1835, m. Nathan D. Perdan, Feb. 24, 1865, in Greig, N. Y., now of Sac City, Iowa. GALLUP FAMILY. 151 598 ANNA^ GALLUP {Joshua' Samucl\ Xat/ianiel\ Nathanicl\ John'', John') dauj^hter of Joshua and Anna (Hinckley) Gallup; bom May 22, 1791 ; married Oliver Forsyth of Mystic, Conn. Chi'ltirett : Mary Ann Forsyth. Janette " Rhoda " Sally ' ' Harriet " Clarissa " Emily " Spicer " Chester " 600 SAMUEL W. GALLUP {Joshua\ Samicel\ Nathaniti\ Xatha7iiel\ John\ John'', John''), son of Joshua and Anna (Hinckley) Gallup; born January 27, 1794; married Margaret Fisher, March 17, 18 16; she died May 19, 1 82 7, at Knox, N. Y. ; married Olive Van Wie, December i, 1827; she died January 24, 1883 at Gallupville, N. Y. ; he died January 24, 1872 at Gal- lupville, N. Y. Children by First Marriat^t : *i233 WvATT, b. Dec. 5. i5i6, at Knox, X.Y. 1234. Anna, b. July 15, iSiS. " " m. A. Van Wie; now of Stillwater, X. Y. "^1235 AzoR, b. June r:. 1:20. at Knox, N. Y. *I236 Ei.i.K,. b. July 23. 1^22, *I237 GiLE?, b. July 4, 1^24. Children by Second Marriage : 1238 Joshua, b. Nov. i, i523, d. June g, 1S91, at Gallupville; unmarried. 1239 Andrew, b. Feb. 12, 1830, d. Dec. 19, 1S65, at Knox; unmarried. 1240 George. Mary. 1241 Susan, b. Nov. 25, 183S, m. Abram Frink at Gallupville. 1242 Margaret b. Aug. 18, 1840, m. Becker, 603 SARAH' GALLUP {Joshua^ Samuel\ Nathankr, Xathan- tcP, John'', John') daughter of Jo.shua and Anna (Hinckley) Gal- lup; born February 23, 1798; married Chester Willis. 152 GENEALOGY OF Childrt)t : Emily Willis. Amos Cynthia " Jesse " Joshua MARY' GALLUP {Joshua\ Samuel \ Nathaniel \ Xat/uvi- iel\ John\John\ John') daughter of Joshua and Anna (Hinck- ley) Gallup; bom November 6, 1799; married Samuel Morgan. son of Moses and Hannah (Gallup) Morgan, November 25, 1827. He was born March 29, 1801 ; lived in Noank, Conn. Children : Moses A. Mor(;an, b. Sept. 29, 1S30, d. Oct. 15, 1531. Harriet G. " b. Nov. 16. 1834. Hannah A. " b. June 2. 1837, m. Chauncey D. Abbee, of Enfield Conn., Feb. 26, 1S68. Emeline A. " b. Sept 27, 1839. Mary b. April 27, 1843. '• 605 RHODA' GALLUP {Joshua\ Samuel; Nathaniel; Nathan iel; John\ John\ John'), daughter of Jo.shua and Anna (Hinck- ley) Gallup; bom April ir, 1S03; married Thomas Slade, whose first wife was her sister Harriet. Children : Harriet Blade. Avery Emily 606 ^ HARRIET' GALLUP {Joshua\ Samuel\ Nathaniel\ Nathaniel\ John\ Jolin\ John'), daughter of Joshua and Anna (Hinckley) Gallup; born October 27, 1804; married Thomas Slade. Children : Llke Slade John E. " Josh LA Anna GALLUP FAMILY. 153 607 LUKE' GALLUP {Joshua', Saiiiiici" Xathaiiicl^ Nathaniel,* John", John", John'), son of Joshua and Anna (Hinckley) Gal- lup; born at Berne, N. Y., September 26, 1806; married Jemima Slade, September 26, 1830; lived at Berne, N. Y. ; died May 8, 1S86; Jemima, his wife, died November 17, 1S65. Children : *i243 Moses A. M. b. July 12. 1S31. 1244 Lorenzo D. b. May 4, 1S36, m. Polly Allen, Jan. 30. 1S60. Child : Homer A., b. May 3, 1863. 1245 Amanda, b. May 2, 1S40, m. John Van Schaack, 1S62. 60s Hon. ALBERT^ GALLUP {Kalhaniel\ Samucl\ Nathan- ui," Xathanid,' John\ John\ John'), son of Nathaniel and Lucy (Latham) Gallup; born at Berne, Albany Co.. N. Y., January 30, 1796; married Eunice Smith, daughter of Amos Denison Smith and Priscilla (Mitchell) Smith, of Groton, New London Co., Conn. Amos D. Smith was a descendant of General Daniel Denison, Commander-in-Chief of New England forces under Governor Winthop, and from his son, George Denison, the brave Captain of General Cromwell's army, who brought as his bride to this country Lady Ann Borrodel, at whose father's house his wounds had been nursed after the battle of Marston Moor. Nehemiah Smith, of the ^Llyflower, was his ancestor^ Priscilla Mitchell was a descendant '..f John and Priscilla Amos D. Smith, Jr., and Hon. James Y. Smith, Governor of Rhode Island, were brothers of Eunice Smith. After his elec- tion to the office of Sheriff of Albany county in 1832, Hon. Albert Gallup removed to Albany. He held the office of Sheriff till 1835, and was soon afterwards elected to Congress, where he served four years, from 1837 to 184 1. He was prominent in public life and held many offices of trust. He died in Albany, November 5, 185 1. Eunice Smith, wife of Albert Gallup, died October 17, 1872. Children : *i246 Caroline, b. at Berne, Aug. 5, i32i. *i247 Ai.KERT Smith, b. " Sept. 20, 1S23. .*i243 Priscilla, b. " June 21. 1828, m. George H. Whiting. 1249 Lucy, b. I250 Edwin C. b. I25I Eunice Ida, b 154 GENEALOGY OF b. at Albany, May ii, 1S32, m. Henr>' Delavan Paine. M. D., of Philadelphia, Penn. CMtf : Henr>- G. Paine, at Albany, March 21, 1S35. " April 14, 1S40. m. Lieut. Commodore William H. Rhoades of the United States Navy. Sept. 14, 1876, now (1S91) stationed at Portland. Oregon. Has recently removed to United States Naval Station at Port Royal, S. C. 1252 Fr.ances W. b. at Albany, July 15, '1841, d. Sept. 17, 1S42. The children of this family are direct descendants in the maternal line from John Alden and his wife, Priscilla Mullins (or Molines) of the May- flower, thus: John Alden m. Priscill.a. Mullins. Their son D.wid Alden m. Mary Southworth. " daughter Priscill.\ Alden m. S.-vmuel Cheesebrough. Priscilla Cheesebrough m. Jabez Cheesebrough. Priscilla Cheesebrough m. Thomas Leeds. " " Mary Leeds m. Francis Mitchel. " " Priscilla Mitchel m. Amos D. S.mith. " Eunice Smith m. Albert Gallup. Some of the writers on Alden lore credit David Alden with one daughter only. A thorough investigation by the Hon. Richard A. Wheeler of Stonington, Conn., gives him five daughters, one of whom (Elizabeth) married John Seabury of Duxbury, Dec. 9, 1697, removed to Stonington. Conn., thence to Groton, Conn., in 1704, and became the grandmother of Bishop Seabun,-. Priscilla. another daughter of David Alden, married Samuel Cheese- brough (2d) of Stonington, Jan. 4, 1699, as above. 609 NATHANIEL^ GALLUP Jr. { Nathanicl\ Samuel', Nathaniel", Natlianiel\ Jolut", John\ John"), son of Nathaniel and Lucy (Latham) Gallup, born at Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., October 2, 1798, married Sally Walden, December 16, 1823, who was bom April 3, 1805. He died August 13, 1889; his wife died December 13, 1870. Children: *i253 Nathaniel D. b. March 21, 1824. ?1254 Lucy E. b. March 21, 1826. *i255 Eunice, b. Jan. 27, 1S28. *i256 Miner, b. March 6, 1830. *i257 George, b. May 6, 1832. GALLUP FAMILY. 155 *i258 Albert, b. Aug. 27. 1834. *i259 Elmina, b. Jan. 24, 1S37. *i26o John E. b. June 6, 1S39. *i26i Sarah E. b. Aug. 21, 1841. [Oct. 28, 1S85 1262 Caroline, b. Jan. 28, 1844, m. John B. Washburn, M. D. 1263 Ada ISAliELLA b. Sept. 3. 1S46, died young. 1264 Hiram W. b. Oct. 6, 1849. " 610 EUNICE' GALLUP {Nathanid\ Samiu'l\ Nathaniel'', Nathaniel'', Jolin^, John'^, John^), daughter of Nathaniel and Lucy (Latham) Gallup, bom at Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., October 5, iSoo, married William Denison, July 15, 1823. They lived in Berne the earlier part of their lives, but lived in Stillwater for several years previous to their death. Mr. Denison died January 16, 1874; Eunice (Gallup) Denison died June 5, 1878. Children : William Latha.m Denison, b. April ir, 1S24, m. Margaret Crarj-, Dec. 22, 1 847. He is a manufacturer of cotton knit goods at Stillwater, N. Y., under the name of the Denison Manufacturing Company. S.\BINA " b. July II, 1826, m. Hiram Holmes, Jan. 9, 1847, d. May 2, 1S81, in Washington, D. C. LrcY Latham " b. Feb. 24, 1S29, m. Harvey H. Hart. Dec. 26, 1848; they live at Stillwater, X. Y. Albert Gallup " b. March 24, 1S30, m. Maria Xeilson, Feb. 25, 1852, d. May 28, 1SS3. Elizabeth " b. Aug. 26, 1833, m. Samuel Hewett, Aug. 26, 1855; live at Stillwater, N. Y. Caroline " b. Sept. 23, 1837, m. Lucius F. Spencer, Jan. 7, 185S; live at Patterson, N. J. E.MILY " b. May 8, 1840, m. Thomas Mowry, Aug. 29, i860, d. Qct. 21, 1891. 611 SAMUEL' GALLUP (5aw«r/\ Samuel', Nathaniel\ Nathan- ^^^*, John^, John'', John^), son of Samuel and Fanny (Morgan) Gallup, married Martha Palmer of Groton, Conn. Children : 1265 James. 1266 Frances. 1267 Pal.mer. 1268 Alglsta. 156 GENEALOGY OF 613 ELIAS' GALLUP {John Enos\ Sa>i!Hcl\ Xathaiiiii\ XathaHiti\ JoJin\ Jolui\ John'), son of John Enos and Betsy (Chipman) Gallup, born November 15, 1800, at Knox, Albany Cc, N. Y., married Sally Brewster, daughter of Silas Brewster, December 23, 1824, who was born June 5, 1S03; she died August 10, 1859. Cliildren : 1269 Sarah. 1270 Enos. 1271 Elias. 1272 Betsy. 618 SAMUEL C/ GALLUP {JoJui Enos\ Samncl\ Xathaniti\ Nathaniel\ John\ John\ John'), son of John Enos and Betsy (Chipman) Gallup, bom September 5, 18 10, married Eunice Williams, January i, 1833. Children : 1273 Harriet M. b. Jan. 4, 1S34, m. Latham Osterhout, Feb. 22, 1S51. 1274 Albina, b. Aug. 12, 1837, m. William H. Chace, March 27, 1S59. *i275 Seth, b. Oct. 19, i^Y) 1276 Jane. b. March 9, iS4'<. m. Silas (t. Barnum, Sept. 4, 1S67. 1277 Elmce, b. April 19, iS-,-, m. J. Darwin Chace. 620 JOHN JACKSON' GALLUP {John Enos\ Samuel", Nathau- iel', Nathanicr, John\ John\ John'), son John Enos and Betsy (Chipman) Gallup, born at Knox, Albany Co., N. Y., October 8, 1814, married Eva S. Van Schaack, March 27, 1842. He died October 8, 1891 ; his wife died January 20, 1890. In 1847 he was elected to the Assembly, and in 1850 came to Albany and made his home there. In 1857 he was elected justice of the Justices' Court, and held the office continuously for twenty- seven years, during a large portion of which time he was also clerk of the court. Prior to that time he was under sheriff during the administration of Sheriff John McEwen. After his retirement from the court, he had practiced law with his sen. Chi7d: 1273 Joii.s E.Nub, b. March 30, 1844. GALLUP FAMILY. 157 622 CYRUS" GALLUP (/^V^/^ £'., Saw/ui\ Xathaniel\ Nathan- id \ John\ John\ John'), son of John Enos and Betsey (Chip- man) Gallup; born at Knox, Albany Co., N. Y., February 19, 1819; married Mary Matilda Burgess of Albany, N. Y., August, 1846 ! she died December 23, 1865: he went West in 1856. and was connected with the Chicago post-office for twenty-two years; died 1883. Children : 1279 Mary Elizabeth, b. at Albany, N. Y., Aug. iS, 1S49. 1250 Sarah Adelaide, b. at Knox, N. Y., April 29, 1S55, d. 1SS3. 1251 Jessie Fremont, b. Leyden. III. May i. 1S57, m. Abram Herr M.fflm of Philadelphia, Penn. Children: Harry Edward, Herbert Barbour, Harvey, Charles. 'I Kenneth and Frederick. 1252 Edward Blrgess, b. at Leyden, 111.. Sept. 29, 1S59- 1253 Charles Eli as, b. at Chicago, 111., March 29, 1563, d. iS36. 623 ELON" GALLUP {John Enos\ Samuel \ Nathaniel \ Nathaniel^ John\ John\ John'), son of John Enos and Betsy (Chipman) Gallup, born October 29, 1821, married Nancy Broeffe of Albany, January 5. 1S51, who was born Februar\- 25. 1827. Children : *I254 El.DKKT, b. Nov. 14- iS;!- *I2S5 Ll' Y E. b. May 17. i^53- m- Elia-^ Warner. *I256'in, b. March 1 = . iS:6. *i2S7 GEuRfiE B. b. June 29, 1864. 628 JEMIMA A. E'. GAhhVP {Nathan\ Samuel^ Nathaniel," Nathaniel^ John\ John\ John'), daughter of Nathan and Anna E. (Weidman) Gallup; bom at Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., Sep- tember 27, 1819; married Elijah Sawyer; lived at Schoharie, N. Y. ; she died March 17, 1891. Children : William Sawyer, b. 1849. d. 1830. Florence " b. 1850, d. 1850. Marv '• b. 1851, d. 1S52. 158 GENEALOGY OF Arthir Saw Ida Anna Elizabeth Edwaru Grace YER, b. 1S52, d. 1S55. b. 1856. b. 1S59; now of Schoharie, N. Y. b. 1861. b. 1866. 631 Prof. HENRY" GALLUP {Xat/ian\ Samuti\ Nat/ianh'l\ NatJiaiiicl^*' Jo/ui^, /o/ui^, /o/ui^), son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Weidman) Gallup; bom in Berne, Albany Co., N. Y., iSii; married Juliet Stone of Rensselaerville, N.Y. Prof. Gallup was a graduate of Williams College, and was in early life a student in the University of Berlin where he took a three-years' course ; he subsequently traveled through Europe and acquired such a knowledge of foreign languages that he was known as one of the best linguists in the country. His life was devoted to the work of teaching, and he was considered one of the best equipped academic instructors. The last twenty-six years of his life were spent in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in the work of his profession, where he was highly respected not only as an able and successful teacher but as an upright and useful citizen. He was a man of the kindest heart and the noblest impulses, and his friends were drawn to him in bonds of true and lasting friendship; he died in Poughkeepsie, September, 1888. Children : 1288 Henry, b. 1850, d. 1851. 1289 Charles H. b. 1852, is a leading photographic artist of Poughkeepsie. 1290 Ell.a., b. 1855, m. J. M. Godinez of Havana, Cuba, 1877; lives in Poughkeepsie, X. Y. Child: F. Laurent, b. irSo. 1 29 1 Albert, b. 1857. 632 WILLLV:^! HARRISON" GALLUP {Xarhaiv, Sa:nHcl\ Xat,haiiur\ Xat/u'iiu'il \ /u'in'\ Jvh r. Joliii'). -on of X.,:':-ir. and Elizabeth (Weidman) Gallup: ", rn at Bcrnc, Albary L'>., N. Y., Sc];Lcni"jer 29. i.-^i4: married Mrmice H.Throop, M:.}" r^, 1837, at Sclioharie, NA'. ; she died November 21. 1840, at Scho- harie; married second, Permelia Whipple, Fc-jn^arv 13. i'^44- at Berne, N.Y. ; she was Ijorn March rS, 18 18, at Kno.x, Ali^an}' Co., N.Y. ; he died at Oak Park, 111., November 12, 1862. GALLUP FAMILY. 159 Child by First Marriage : ?1292 EiNiCE Elvira, b. March S, 1838, at Schohaire, N. Y. Children by Second Marriage : 1293 Alfred, b. May 15, 1S45, at Schoharie. X. Y., d. in New York City in 1S75. 1294 Frank, b. March 15, 184S, d. at Leyden, 111., Jan. 2S, 1S56. 1295 William B. b. May 14, 1S51; now of Troy, N. Y. 1296 Edward T. b. Aug. 11, 1S53, d. at Oak Park, 111., Sept. 11, 1S63. 1297 Charles C. b. Nov. i, 1856, d. " " Jan. S, 1863. 634 BYRON' GALLUP {XatJian\ Samuci; Nat/ianid,' Xathan- id\ John^, John"^, JoJui'), son of Nathan and Anna E. (Weidman) Gallup; born at Berne, N. Y.,- May S, 1822; married at San Francisco, Cal., in 1859, Elizabeth Van Valkenburg of New York City. At the age of 14 he went to Williamstown, Mass., and learned the printer's trade and worked for Harper's Pub- lishing- Co. for about three years; in 1849 he went to California with his brother Seneca; died in 1886 at Stockton, Cal. Children : 1298 Katharine D. b. April 14, i860, d. Xov. 7, 1864. 1299 Ida L. b. March 2. 1867, m. Elbert H. Smith of Stockton, March 7, 1889, where they are now livnng. Child: Dorothy Elizabeth Smith, b. Oct. 10, 1S91. 635 SENECA M.' GALLUP {Xalhan\ Samuel,' Nathaniel;" Nathaniel,'' JoJui^, John'', John''), son of Nathan and Anna E. (Weidman) Gallup; bom at Berne, N. Y., 1824; married first, Elizabeth Schaefer of Schohaire, N. Y. ; married second, Maria Fillebrown ; he went to California with his brother Byron in 1 849 ; took up land in Stanislaus county where he has since resided. Children by Second Marriage : 1300 William, b. 1868. 1301 LofiSE Maria, b. 1874. 636 SALLY C. GALLUP (A^^///^?//\ Silas\ Nathaniel,' Nafhan- i<-l,* Joh)i\ John-, John'), daughter of Nathan and Nancy (Mor- gan) Gallup; born August 15, iSio; married Eldredge Chap- man, February 22, 1831 ; settled in Hartland, N. Y. 160 GENEALOGY OF Children : Emily O. Chapman, b. Jan. 12, 1S32. Orson S. " b. May 6, 1S33, m. Sarah O. Harris, 1559. Simeon M. " b. July 6, 1S35. Rebecca P. " b. March 16, 1S3S. 637 NANCY ^r. Q,MA.\:V{Xathan\ Silas\ Nathaniel: Xathan- iei: Jo/in^, Jolui\ John'), daughter of Nathan and Nancy (Mor- gan) Gallup; born September 10, 1812; married Edwin Smith Bentley, of La Crosse, Wis., September 24, 1834; he died December 25, 1866. Children : Abigail S. Bentley, b. Sept. 12, 1835, m. Henr}' T. Magill. Clarissa M. " b. Aug. 3, 1S37, m. Andrew J. Stevens. Charles S. " b. June 23, 1S39, m. Mary E. Duncan. Edwin E. " b. Oct. 22, 1S43. William Irving " b. Jan. 15, 1854. ^^ 638 SARAH' GALLUP {Eli\ Silas\ Nathaniel\ Xathamd\ John^, JoJiff, John^)^ daughter of Eli and Sally (Crary) Gallup, bom June 23, 1819, married Lorenzo ]vL Crippen. Children : Helen M. Critpen, m. George Cady. Child: Dean Cady. Mary E. " m. Leonard Trimmer. Child: Lorenzo Trimmer. Frank " m. Alice Trimmer. Child: Merle Crippen. 639 ELL GALLUP, Jr. (Eli\ Silas\ Xathaniel\ Xa!hanicl\ John'', JoJuv, John'), son of Eli and Sarah (Crary) Gallup, born April 27, 1 82 1, married Ann Honor; lived in western New York, near Rochester. Children : 1302 Mary E. m. Fred Shirart. 1303 Ella, m. John Xiles. 1304 Ambrose E. 640 MATH^DA^ GALLUP {FJi\ Silas', Nathanicl\ Xathamcl\ John'', John'', John'), daughter of Eli and Sally (Crary) Gallup, bom May 19, 1823, married Har\^ey A. Corbin; they live in Michitran. GALLUP FAMILY. 161 Cfuldren: H.VKLAN CoKblN. George, " m. Lennia Ross. Children : Fannie M., Harvey J. Elmer 641 ANDREW J/ GALLUP {Eli\ Silas\ Xathanicl\ XathanitT, John^, Jolni'', John'), son of Eli and Sarah (Cran-) Gallup, bom March 31, 1825, in Albany Co., N. Y. Removed with his parents, when quite young, to western New York, near Rochester; married Mar}' A. Houston. Children : *i305 Eli H. [Jennie Garrison. 1306 Susan C. m. Isaac M. Garrison. Children: Mamie, Rachel, and 1307 WlLLL\.M N. 1308 Albert J. m. Ida L. Wood. [Ruth Gale Webster. 1309 Fannie D. m. Judson H. Webster; lives in Brockport, N.Y. Child: 1310 Sarah. 642 MARY ANN^ GALLUP {Eli\ Silas\ Xathamel\ Xathaniel\ John^, /ohn\ Jo/ui'), daughter of Eli and Sally (Crary) Gallup, born January 13, 1827, married Ephraim Crippen. Children : Fannie C. Crippen. Dean " m. Mabel Williams. Child: Ephraim Crippen. 643 GEORGE" GALLUP {Eli\ Silas", Xathanicl\ XathanitT, Johii^, JoJui^, John'), son of Eli and Hannah (Wetsel) Gallup, bom near Rochester, N. Y., January 26, 1833; married first. Delia Houston ; married second, Sarah Darling. Children by First Marriage : 1311 Trad C. m. Ella Smith. 1312 Charles H. m. Alice Marshall. 1313 John. 1314 Helen. 644 JOHN' GALLUP {Eli\ Silas', Xathaniel\ Xathanid\ Johti', John"^, John'), son of Eli and Hannah (Wetsel) Gallup, born May 3, 1835, near Rochester, N. Y., married Anna Coates. Child: 1315 May. 162 GENEALOGY OF 646 SILAS' GALLUP (£/;^v/.'r.r', Si'/as^ Xatha>ihi\ Xat/ianiir. Jo/i/i^, Jolui\ John'), son of Ebenezer and Susan (Hardin) Gallup. bom August 2, I S3 1, married Phebe A. ^lontonge, who was born January 12, 1S44. C/iildrcn : 1316 Eurni, b. Jan. 2S, iS6o. 1317 Helen, b. April 29, 1S63. 1318 Albert, b. April 2S, 1S65. 13 19 Allen, b. May 30, 1367. 1320 Sl'san, b. April g, 1S69. 1321 Fannv, b. July 20, 1S71. 1322 E. Henry, b. June 16, 1S73. 1323 Geukge, b. July 27, 1S75. 64S PELEG' GALLUP {Gcorge\ Gcorge\ Xatlianicl\ NatJianid\ John^, Jo/iii^, Jo/in^), son of George and Lydia Gallup, married Maria Scrafford. Children : 1324 Adam. 1325 Denison. 1326 Madison. 1327 RuHERT. 657 MARTHA" GALLUP {Jabcz\ Amos', NatJianid," Nathanid: John^, Johii^, John^), daughter of Jabez and Eunice (Williams) Gallup; born in Stonington, Conn., married Dudley R. Hewitt of North Stonington; now of Mystic, Conn; died October, 1SS9. Children : Charles E. Hewitt. Amos G. '* Fanny D. " 660 ANN ELIZABETH" GALLUP {.Val/^auiel,' Amos', Xathan- id\ Xathanifl\John\ /o/ni\ John'), daughter of Nathaniel and Sally A. (McCoUum) (jallup; b(jrn at Albany, N. Y., July 29. 1833; married Franklin White, December 13, i860; now living near Richfield vSprings, N. Y. GALLUP FAMILY. 163 Children : Martha White, m. John D. Crary. School Commissioner of Rich- field Springs, N. Y. Frank Havw akd Anna E. " m. Olcott A. Chamberlin of Richfield Springs, X. Y. Mary Alice Helen Nathalie 661 ELAM' GALLUP {Ll-i'i\ Levi', Nathaniel," Nathaniel,' John\ John'', John'), son of Levi and Jemima Gallup; born in Jefferson, Schoharie Co., October 27, 18 14; married Nancy Dyer; he died May 29, 1877; his wife died June 21, 1884. Children : 1327a Polly, m. David Crowe at Summit, N. Y. 1327b AVinthrop, b. at Summit, N. Y. 1327c Harriet, m. Albert Baird at Jefferson, X. Y. I327d Adeline, m. Austin Saxton at Cobbleskill, N. Y. 662 AMOS' GALLUP {Levi\ Levi\ Nathaniel," Nathaniel,' fohn\ John\ John'), son of Levi and Jemima Gallup; bom February 26, 1818, married first, Lemira Fuller; she died Sep- tember 13, 1851 ; married second, Eliza Dingman; he died July 2, 1882. Children by First Marriage: 13276 Dean F. of Hudson, Wis. 1327 f Je.mima, m. George Shafer at Grand Gorge, N. Y. Children by Second Marriage : i32 7g Elam D., of Bingham ton, N. Y. i327h Eli, of Jefferson, N. Y. 663 KETURAH' GALLUP {Levi,' Levi,' Nathaniel,' Nathan- iel,' J oh n\ John\ John'), daughter of Levi and Jemima Gallup; married Smith Handford. Children : Jemima Handkord, m. William Briggs at Hobart, N. Y. Levi G. " Ellen " m. Deles Brockvvay at Hobart, N. Y. 164 GENEALOGY OF 664 NATHAN' GALLUP {Xathan\ Levi,' Nat/ianic/:' NatJian- icl^* /oh)i\ Joh>i\ John'), son of Nathan and Pamelia (Baird) Gallup; born at Summit, Schoharie Co., N. Y., February 20, 1S18; married first, Julia Ann Cook, September 29, 1841; mar- ried second, ^Lar^• A. Stron^^ at Wilson, N. Y., in 187 1 ; he died at Wilson in 18S1. C/u'ldren : 1323 Jessie. 1329 Bl'rt. 665 SILAS' GALLUP {Nathan\ Levi\ Nathaniel'' Xatliauid\ John'', JoJin^, Jo/in'), son of Nathan and Pamelia (Baird) Gal- lup; born October 3, 1819; married first, Caroline Conkling-, October 20, 1841 ; married second, Mrs. Eleanor (Judd) Vaughn in 1859; lives at Summit, N. Y. Children by First Marriage : 1330 Mary A.nn. 1 33 1 ViOLETTA. 1332 Nathan, of Austin, 111. 1333 Charles, of Summit, X. Y. 1334 Al\ir.\. 1335 Emeline. 1336 Caroline. 1337 Melvin. Cfuldreii by Second Marriage : 133S Leroy, of Charlotteville, N. Y. 1339 Gran 1. " " ' 666 SAMUEL B'. GALLUP (A7T///^ry/\ Levi\ Natlianid\ Xathan- u'l\ John\ John-, John'), son of Nathan and Pamelia (Baird) Gallup; born October 31, 1821; married Orline Vaugn, Novem- ber 9, 1842; died January 19, 1858. Children : 1340 Pameli.\. 1341 John, o£ Worcester, N. Y. 1342 Seward, of Charlotte\'ille, X. Y. 1343 Jason, of Boone, Iowa. GALLUP FAMILY. IG;' 667 ABIGAIL' GALLUP {Xathaii\ Levi\ Natlianicl\ Nathan- icl\ JoJui^^ Jo/ui'\ Jo/tn'), daughter of Nathan and Panielia (Baird) Gallup; born July 31, 1S23; married Heman Vaui^n, February 5, 1S40. Children : Heman Vaicn". Pamelia " Julia John Nathan " Herbert " 669 BEDENT B/ GALLUP {Nathan\ Levi\ Nathamel\ Xat/ian- icl\ John^, John'^, John^), son of Nathan and Pamelia (Baird) Gallup, bom April 2, 1827, married Adaline Dyer, March 29, 1848; live in Summit, N. Y. Children : 1357 Eldene, b. Nov, 10, 1S52, d. Jan, 11, 1S54. 1358 Wallace, b. May 26, 1557, at Norfolk, Neb. 1359 Cora, b. Au'^. 7, 1S62, at Summit, N. Y. — 1360 RoscoE, b. June 27, i?65, 1361 Bert, b. April 26, iSoq, 670 JOHN B°. GALLUP {Nathan\ Levi\ Nathan\ Nathaniel\ JoJui^^ John\ Jo/ui^), son of Nathan and Pamelia (Baird) Gallup; bom October 24, 1829; married Polh' Dyer, October 15, 185 1 ; lives at Jefferson, N. Y. Children : ' 1344 Mlnroe. 1345 Caroline. 1346 Clara. 1347 George. 1348 MiNA. 1349 MtJKGIA. 1350 GkAI K. 166 GENEALOGY OF 671 WILLIAM H." GALLUP {.yat/iaii\ Levi\ Nathamd\ Nathanid\ John\ John'', John'), son of Nathan and Pamelia (Baird) Gallup; bom May 17, 1840; married Albina Dver. August 26, 1862; lived on the home-fami until 14 years of age. In 1854 he attended a seminary at Wamerville, N. Y., the year after at Conference Seminary, N. Y., then at the Fredonia Academy two years. Was graduated from the New York State and National Law School, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in i860, receiv- ing the degree of L. L. B. ; admitted to the bar at Newburgh, N. Y., in i860. In 1S61 located in Marshalltown, Iowa, and engaged in the newspaper business in October of the same year, and is now editor and proprietor of the Perr}- Chief, pub- lished at Pern-, Dallas Co., Iowa. He represented the counties of Boone and Story in the Iowa State Senate in the years 1876-7-8-9. Childre7i : 1351 Frankie Iowa, b. June 21, 1S67, m. James H. Hamilton, Oct. 23, iSSq; lives at Norfolk, Xeb. 1352 Fred. H. b. Nov. 20, 1876. graduated from Perry High School, May, 1S92. 1353 James G. b. June 10, 18S5. 1354 Chester D. b. July 24, 1863, d. May 14, 1864. 1355 Willie J. b. Feb. 20, 1871, d. Dec. 3, 1S73. 1356 Lucy, b. Oct. 18, 1874, d. Oct. 27, 1S74. 672 LEVI P'. GALLUP {EzekieP, Levi\ Nathaniel^ Nathanid\ John\ John\ John'), son of Ezekiel and Cynthia (Wetmore) Gallup, born November 12, 1S33, at Jeffer.son, Schoharie Co., N. Y. He went to Illinois in 1857, where he was engaged in teaching school until the autumn of 1862, when he enlisted in the Union Army, and served in different capacities until his death. Mr. Gallup died in Washington Hospital, Memphis,- Tenn., April 19, 1865, and was regimental postmaster at the time of his death. 674 Dr. EZEKIEL W.^ GALLUP (/i^.-r/vV/', Levi\ Nathanid\ Xat/ianid\ Joh,i\ John\ John'), son of Ezekiel and Cynthia GALLUP FAMILY. 167 (Wetmore) Gallup, bom October i, 1S40, married Jennie Rowley, February, 1865. He was graduated from the Albany Medical College in 1S66, and took a post graduate course in the Medical School in Xew York city afterward. Mr. Gallup is now a practicing physician in Stamford, Delaware Co., X. Y., where he has a large practice. Child: 1362 Levi Dwight Gallup, b*. March 27, 1S69; was graduated from Stam- ford Seminary in 1SS9, from Alfred University in 1S92, and is now a student in the Divinity School at Cambridge, Mass. 67S SIMEON MORGAN' GALLUP {Ezra\ Ezra\ Nathaniel', Nat]iaiiicl\ John'', John", Jolin'), son of Ezra and Clarrisa (Morgan) Gallup, bom at Berne, N. Y. , September 30, 18 16, married Mrs. Sherrill in 1865. He lived in New York city, where he accumulated a handsome fortune. Mr. Gallup was known as a leather merchant; he died April 14, 1S83, and was buried at Geneva, N. Y. 679 CHARLES' GALLUP {Thomas J.\ Ezra\ Nathanui\ Nathaniel\ John"", John'', John'), son of Thomas J. and Cath- arine (Van Aucken) Gallup, born at Berne, N. Y., married Christina A. Becker, now (1892) living at Gallupville, N. Y. Childrc7i : 1363 KiTTiE L. b. Au;.^. 25, 1372. 1364 THOMAb B. b. Oct. 7, 1873. 6SO BENJAMIN" GALLUP {Thomas J.\ Ezra\ Nathanui\ Nathaniel', John'' John\ John'), son of Thomas J. and Cath- arine (Van Aucken) Gallup, was born in Berne, N. Y., married Sarah Lee. Children : 1365 Nkllie L. 1366 Clara E.