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Gascoigne 2: Gascoigne of Cardington Carington, Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, Gascoigne of Thorpe
Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 12.1419, Lord Chief Justice
'British Genealogies', BEB1844 and Visitation indicate that Sir William died in 1412 whilst BLG1952 reports that he died on 06.12.1419. Wikipedia notes that various biographies state that he died in 1412 but reports that he ended his term of office as Lord Chief Justice on 29.03.1413 and died on 17.12.1419.
m1 Elizabeth Mowbray dau of Alexander Mowbray of Kirtlington
Ga21. William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 1429
m Jane Wyman dau of Sir Henry Wyman
Ga20 Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, Sheriff of Yorkshire d before 1466
m 1426 Margaret Clarell dau of Thomas Clarell of Aldwark
Ga19 Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
'British Genealogies' and BEB1844 end with this generation, BEB1844 naming William and reporting that he had issue.
m Joane Nevill dau of John Nevill of Oversley
Ga18. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
m Margaret Percy dau of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland
Ga17-1 Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
m1 Alice Frognall dau of Sir Richard Frognall of Frognall
A William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe
m Margaret FitzWilliam dau of Sir Thomas not William FitzWilliam of Aldwarke
i William Gascoigne
m Betryce Tempest dau of Sir Richard Tempest of Braswell Hall
a Margaret Gascoigne
m1 Thomas Wentworth of Wentworth Wodehouse d 14.02.1586-7
m2 Sir James Harington
b+ other issue dsp - William, William, Richard, Thomas, Francis
ii Francis Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 1576
m Elizabeth Anne d 1589, dau of Martin Anne of Frickley
iii Barbara Gascoigne
m Leonard West a 1554
iv Dorothy Gascoigne
m Richard Thymelby of Lincolnshire
v Bridget Gascoigne
m Mathew Redman of Harewood
vi+ other issue - Thomas dsp, Swythen d young
B Sir Henry Gascoigne of Sedbury
m Elizabeth or Isabel Boynton b by 1479, d 1544/5, dau of Sir Henry Boynton of Sedbury
C Marmaduke Gascoigne of Kaley 4th son
m Jone Redman dau of Richard Redman of Harwood
D Margaret Gascoigne
m Thomas Mydelton of Stockhyll
E Elsabeth Gascoigne
m1 Robert Ryther
m2 Richard Redman of Harwood Castle
F+ other issue - George dsp, Anne
m2 Margaret Nevill dau of Richard, Lord Latimer
H Sir John Gascoigne
m Barbara
i+ issue - William, Brydget
I Dorothy Gascoigne
m sp Robert Constable of Flamborough
Ga17 Margaret Gascoigne a 07.1515
m Robert/Ralph Ogle, 3rd Lord b 07.11.1468, d 16.01.1512/3
Ga17-3 Elizabeth Gascoigne
m before 04.1493 George Tailboys, 'Lord Tailboys' b c1467, d 21.09.1538
Ga17-4 Anne Gascoigne
m1/2. Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton d 1520
It appears that this Anne also married ...
m2/1. Ralph Nevill of Thornton Bridge
Ga17-5 Dorothy Gascoigne
m Nynyan Markenfield
Ga17-6+ other issue - Thomas, others dsp - Henry, Thyomas, Henry, John, Elenor, Mawde, Joan
Ga18 Anne or Agnes Gascoigne d 1504
m Sir Robert Plumpton
c. Margaret Gascoigne
m Christopher Ward d 30.12.1521
d.+ other issue - Humfrey dsp, John priest
Ga19-2. Robert Gascoigne
m Elenor Manston dau of Henry Manston
Ga19-3. John Gascoigne of Thorpe on the Hill
The following is supported by Visitation Foster 1875, Yorkshire, St. George 1612, Gascoigne of Thorp on the Hill.
m Elizabeth Swillington dau of Thomas not Sir William Swillington of Thorp on ye Hill
a. William Gascoigne of Thorpe d 20.05.1538-9
m Joan Thwaites dau of Thomas sb William? Thwaites of Marston
1 William or John Gascoigne of Thorpe d 12.05.1558-9
m Dorothy Styllington dau of Thomas Styllington of Akestor Acaster Malbis
A William Gascoigne of Thorpe d 05.11.1581
m Jane Grysse dau of Thomas Grysse or Grice of Wakefield
i John Gascoigne of Thorpe on the Hill
m Margaret Tempest dau of Henry Tempest of Tong
a Henry Gascoigne a 1612
m1 Jane Cartwright dau of William Cartwright of Newland
1+ issue a 1612 - William b 1611/2, Margaret, Margery
ii+ issue - William, Arthur, Robert, Anne, Margery, Suzan
B Margery Gascoigne
m Richard Legh of Routhwell son of William of Mydelton
C+ other issue - Raff, John
b. John Gascoigne
c. Elsabeth Gascoigne
m _ Verden
Ga19-4 Raff Gascoigne ancestor of Gascoignes of Burnell or Burneby
m Ales Routh dau of John Routh
Ga19-5 Jane Gascoigne
m Sir Henry Vavasor d 22.12.1499
Ga19-6 Anne Gascoigne
m 1465 Sir Hugh Hastings b 1447, d 1488
Ga19-7 Margaret Gascoigne
m William Scargyll
Ga19-8 daughter
m Christopher not Robert Dransfield
Ga19-9 daughter
m Hamon Sutton
Ga20-2 Henry Gascoigne ancestor of Gascoignes of Mykelfeld
m Margaret Bolton dau of John Bolton
Ga20-3 Alice Gascoigne
m Sir John Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1460
Ga20-4 Elsabeth Gascoigne
m Sir William Ryder d 19.04.1475
Ga20-5 Elsabeth Gascoigne 2nd?
m Sir Richard Redman
Ga20-6 Katherine Gascoigne
m1 _ Faconbridge
m2 Richard Wastnes
Ga20-7 Anne Gascoigne
The final daughter shown is Anne who married _ Langton. Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623, Wynter shows her as married to ...
m Sir Richard Stapleton
Ga20-8 Elianora Gascoigne shown by Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623, Wynter as sister of Anne who married Sir Richard Stapleton
m John Langton
Ga21-2. daughter identified by 'British Genealogies'
m Sir William Drunsfield of West Britton
Visitation Yorkshire identifies Sir William's second wife as Anne, dau of William Lysley, but Visitation Bedfordshire and BEB1844 identify her as ...
m2 Joan Pickering dau of Sir William Pickering, relict of Sir Henry de Greystock
Ga21-3. James Gascoigne of Carington or Cardington, Bedfordshire
m Dorothy or Jane Pygott dau of Baldwyn Pygott, son of John of Carington, son of Baldwyn sb John?, son sb brother? of Michael by Joane, sister of William Beauchamp of Bedford
A. George Gascoigne of Carington or Cardington 3rd son
m Elizabeth Rufford dau of Thomas Rufford
i. Sir William Gascoigne of Cardington
m Elsabeth Vynter dau/heir of John Vynter or Wynter of Carington Cadington
a. Sir John Gascoigne of Cardington d 1568
m Margaret Scargill d 17.10.1575, dau of Sir Robert Scargill of Thorphall
1 George Gascoigne
m1/2. Elsabeth Bacon dau of John Bakon Bacon of Hesset
A William Gascoigne had issue
A site visitor OWC, 05.06.08 had kindly reported that this was probably the George of the Middle Temple then Gray's Inn d 1619, MP, apparently disinherited by his father, who was father of Nightingale, apparently by ...
m2/1. Margaret d 1575
B Nightingale Gascoigne b 26.07.1575
m1 Thomas Longueville of Bradwell d 03.01.1610
m2 William Windsor
2 John Gascoigne
m Jane St. John sister of John, Lord St. John
3 Elizabeth Gascoigne presumably the Elizabeth who married ...
m Sir George Blundell of Cardington d 1627
4 Dorothy Gascoigne probably of this generation
m Sir Gerrard Harvey of Thurleigh
b. Anne Gascoigne
c. Elsabeth Gascoigne
m1 Edward Butler of Bedfordshire
m2 Richard Skyllenge of Hampshire
B.+ other issue dsp - James d Barnet Field, John d St. Albans

Sources: Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Gaskon, Visitation Bedfordshire, 1634, Gascoigne of Cardington with some support/input from 'British Genealogies' see description on Gascoigne01, BEB1844 Gascoigne of Barnbow
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