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FitzHerbert 4: FitzHerbert of Alcester, FitzReynold of Wolverton, FitzRoger of Chewton
1 The contents of this page were originally launched within Herbert01 but were moved here to distinguish this family from that one.
2 TCP Pembroke, vol X page 400 note b reports: "A spurious pedigree from Herbert the Chamberlain of Henry I, who is given an equally false descent from Herbert, Count of Vermandois, is set forth by Nicholas, Counties and County Families of Wales, vol ii, pp. 776-77." This not only threw doubt on the descent to Sir William ap Thomas ap Gwilym ap Jenkin of Raglan Castle see Herbert01 but also throws doubt on the fact that the father of the first Chamberlain Herbert is reported by BE1883 to have been Peter de Vermandois, brother of Herbert, Count of Vermandois.
3 BE1883 splits the origins of this family between two articles: one on Fitz-Herbert, the other on Herbert. The way that they are worded indicates that Herbert Chamberlain to King Henry II was brother to Piers FitzHerbert rather than his father. The picture is further confused by a looseness in the wording of BLG1886 Herbert of Llanarth which leaves it open to question as to the number of generations involved. Fortunately, TCP FitzReynold provides enough clarity to give some comfort that the following is reasonably secure, at least for the line to the Lords FitzReynold.
Herbert, Lord Chamberlain a 1066, Chamberlain for King William Rufus 1087-1100
m Emma de Blois dau of Etienne Stephen Henry, Count de Blois, Chartres, etc
1. Herbert FitzHerbert of Winchester, Lord Chamberlain temp King Stephen 1135-1154
m Sybil Corbet dau of Robert Corbet of Alcester
A. Herbert FitzHerbert, Lord Chamberlain temp Henry II 1154-1189, d before 18.07.1204
m Lucy of Gloucester dau of Milo de Gloucester, Earl of Hereford
ii. Reginald FitzHerbert dvpsp
iii. Piers Peter FitzHerbert of Alcester and Berstaple d 1235
m1. 1203 Alice dau of Robert FitzRoger, lord of Warkworth and Clavering
BE1883 FitzHerbert reports that Peter's sons were by his second wife but TCP FitzReynold and BLG1886 report that Reynold was by his first wife.
a. Herbert FitzPiers of Blaen Llyfni, etc d 1247/8
Fi23 Reynold FitzPiers Reginald FitzPeter FitzHerbert of Alcester and Blenlevenny, Sheriff of Hampshire d 04/5.05.1286
m1. 1249 Alice
1 John FitzReynold FitzHerbert of Wolverton, etc, 1st Lord FitzReynold d before 10.02.1309/10
m Agnes
BE1883 Fitz-Herbert suggests that the barony was not inherited by his unnamed successors who bore the surname of Fitz-Herbert. However, TCP FitzReynold identifies the following successors ...
B Sir Herbert FitzJohn of Wolverton, etc, 2nd Lord FitzReynold d 25.06.1321
m 29.04.1291 Alianore dau of Sir Roger le Rous of Harescombe
i Sir Matthew FitzHerbert of Wolverton, etc, 3rd Lord FitzReynold dsp 12.1356
m c06.1325 Margaret de Cobham d 21.07.1357 dau of Sir Henry de Cobham, 1st Lord
ii Sir Reynold FitzHerbert of Stanford d 10.1348
m Julienne
a+ issue - Margaret b c1342, Elizabeth b c1347
2 Alice FitzPiers
m Sir John de St. John of Basing b 1225, d 29.09.1301-2
3 Eleanor FitzPiers
It has not been confirmed that Eleanor was of this family but a site visitor DS, 24.03.05 has kindly brought this possible connection to our attention.
m1. John de Mohun, 6th of Dunster d 11.06.1279
m2. William Martin of Kemeys, 1st Lord b 1257, d before 08.10.1324
m2. Joane de Fortibus de Vyvon b 1251, d 01.06.1314, dau of William de Fortibus or de Vivonia, lord of Chewton
4 son
5 Peter FitzReginald of Chewton b 1275, d 1323
m Alice dau of Blethin Broadspear, lord of Llanllowell
A Roger FitzPeter dvp
i Sir Henry FitzRoger
a John FitzRoger of Chewton
1 Elizabeth FitzRoger, lady of Chewton
m John Bonville dvp
B Herbert FitzPeter
m Margaret Walsh dau of Sir John Walsh
i Adam FitzHerbert, lord of Llanllowel and Bettesley / Betesley / Beachley
m Christian dau of Gwarin Ddu 'the Black Lord' of Llandilo
a Sir John ap Adam of Llanllowel
1 ??
A Margaret
m Thomas Huntley of Llanarth son of Thomas of Treowen by Alice, dau of William Wallis of Llanarth
i Mary Huntley of Llanllowell
m Thomas Parker of Monmouthshire
ii Margaret Huntley
m David ap Jenkins of Treowen d Banbury 1469
b Jenkin ap Adam
This Jenkins, if he existed, is sometimes shown as the Jenkin ap Adam who was progenitor of various Herbert and other families, including the Herbert Earls of Pembroke.
c. Lucia
Lucia is identified in BE1883 Ros as "dau. of Reginald FitzPiers of Blewleveny, in Wales" which would make her of the next generation but TCP Ros suggests that she was of this generation.
m William de Ros of Hamlake d 1258
m2. _ de Braose dau of William de Braose, Lord of Brecknock
iv. Matthew FitzHerbert, Sheriff of Sussex a 1210

Sources: BE1883 Herbert of Herbert, Chepstow, Pembroke and Huntingdon, BE1883 FitzHerbert, TCP FitzReynold with some supoort from BLG1886 Herbert of Llanarth
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