Richard Fitzalan (Fi22) 3rd Earl of Arundel was the son of John FITZALAN (Fi23) 2nd Earl of Arundel and Isabel/Philippa MORTIMER
Born: 3 Feb 1266/7, Arundel, Sussex, England
Died: 15 Jan 1302 / 9 Mar 1301/2
Married:  Alice SALUZZO (d. 25 Sep 1292) (dau. of Thomas I, Marquis of Saluce (Saluzzo) in Italy) ABT 1284/5, Marlborough Castle, Sussex, England.
According to "Knights of Edward I", the following events took place: "He owed 2,000 marks to the Bishop of Bath and Wells for the marriage of the Bishop's nephew Phillip Burnel, which he bought for use of his sister, Matilda, 5 Jun 1283. He was ordered to not communicate with Rhys ap Mereduc or his accomplices, 24 Jun, but provide 400 foot and defend his demesnes against him, 16 Jul and remain in Wales till Rhys was put down, 14 Nov 1287, and still to do so, 30 Nov 1288. He gave to the Bishop of Bath and Wells his manors of Kyvele, co. Wiltshire; Milham, co. Norfolk; Chipping Norton, co. Oxon.; and Trokford, co Cheshire, for 12 years for 1,810 Pounds, 3 shillings, and 10 pence. 6 Jan 1292. He went to Wales for the King, 21 Oct 1292, fortified Bere Castle, and aided in the repression of the Welsh, 18 Oct 1293, being made Captain of forces against them, 17 Oct 1293. Went to Gascony for the King. He was summoned to parliament 1 Aug 1295 to 1301, and served in Gascony, 1 Nov 1295. He served against the Scots, 6 Jun 1299 and 1300/1. He and Fulk Fitz Warin were forbidden to attack one another, 10 Aug 1301..."
Richard Fitzalan and Alice de Saluzzo had issue:
 Fi21 Edmund FITZALAN Fi21, 4th Earl of Arundel
Fi21-2 John FITZALAN (in holy orders, mentioned in his nephew, Earl Richard's will)
Fi21-3 >Maud FITZALAN
Fi21-4 Margaret FITZALAN
Fi21-5 Alesia FITZALAN Eleanor FITZALAN (B. Percy)

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