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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Fitton of Bollin, Fitton of Fallibroome, Fitton of Gawsworth, Fitton of Pownall
Fi24Richard Fitton of Fallibroome
Fi23 Richard Fitton of Fallibroome (d c1237)
  m. (1203) Ellen 
  Fi22 Hugh Fitton of Bollin (d before 1262)
  Fi21 Edmund Fitton of Bollin
  m. Joyce
  Fi20-1 John Fitton of Bollin (d 1346)
  m. Cecily de Massey (dau of Hamon de Massey or Mascy of Dunham Massey)
(1) Richard Fitton of Bollin (b 1294)
  m. Joan de Legh
  (A) Hamon Fitton of Bollin
  m. Elizabeth de Thornton (dau of Sir Peter de Thornton)
  (i) Joan Fitton
  m. Sir Richard de Venables of Bollin
  Fi20. Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth
  m. (1295) Isabell Orreby (dau of Thomas Orreby of Gawsworth)
  Fi19 Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth (d 03.1391)
  m1. Elizabeth
  m2. Margaret Legh (dau of Peter Legh by Ellen Bechton)
Fi18 Lawrence Fitton of Gawsworth (d 14.02.1456)
  m1. Clemence Pilkington
  m2. Agnes Hesketh 
Fi17-1 Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth
  m. Ellen Mainwaring (dau of Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover)
  Fi17-1-1 Edward Fitton of Gawsworth (d 15.02.1510)
  m. Emma Siddington (dau of Robert Siddington)
  Fi17-1-1-1 John Fitton of Gawsworth (d 19.02.1524)
  m. Ellen Brereton (dau of Andrew Brereton of Brereton)
Fi17-1-1-1-1 Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 17.02.1549) - continued below
  m. Mary Harbottle (dau of Guicciard Harbottle of Northumberland)
  Fi17-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Fitton 
  m. Thomas Davenport of Henbury
  Fi17-1-1-2 Grace Fitton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Poole of Poole 
  Fi17-1-1-3 Cicilia Fitton possibly of this generation
  m. Francis Charlton or Charleton of Apley Castle (d 1561-2)
  Fi17-1-2 daughter probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Massey of Pottington 
  Fi17 Alice Fitton possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Davenport of Bramhall
  Fi18-2 Margaret Fitton 
  m. (1370) John Burdett of Arrow
  Fi18-3 Johan Fitton probably of this generation
  m. Robert Grosvenor, younger of Eaton (dvp) 
  Fi18-4+ other issue - Philip, Thomas
  Fi19-2+ other issue - John, Margery
  Fi20-3 Hugh Fitton
Fi21-2 Margaret or Margery Fitton 
  m. Robert Downes 
The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Newton of Pownall). 
Possibly of this generation, being son of Richard Fitton of Bollin and brother of Richard of Fitton, was ... 
Fi23-2 Hugh Fitton of Pownall 
  A. Thomas Fitton of Pownall 
  i. Richard Fitton of Pownall 
  a. Nicholas Fitton of Pownall 
  m. Margaret Olton (dau of John Olton by Margaret, dau of Sir John Wrenbury) 
  (1) Thomas Fitton of Pownall 
  m. ?? Manwaring (dau of ?? Manwaring of Croxton) 
  (A) Ellin Fitton (d 03.05.1536) 
  m. (1490) Humfrey Newton of Pownall (d 1536-7) 
  (B) Margaret Fitton (d 1555)
  m. William Minshull of Yardswike (d 1558)
Fi17-1-1-1-1 Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 17.02.1549) - continued above
m. Mary Harbottle (dau of Guicciard Harbottle of Northumberland)
Fi17-1-1-1-1-1. Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth (d 1606, Treasurer of Ireland)
  m. (1539) Anne Warburton (dau of Sir Peter Warburton of Arley)
  A. Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth (d 1606, President of Munster)
  m. Alice Holcroft (d 1626, dau of John Holcroft of Holcroft)
i. Sir Edward Fitton, 1st Bart of Gawsworth (b 03.12.1572, d 10.05.1619)
  m. Anne Barrett (bur 26.03.1644, dau of James Barrett of South Wales) identified on a web site
  a. Sir Edward Fitton, 2nd Bart of Gawsworth, Sheriff of Cheshire (bpt 1603, dsps 1643)
  m1. (1622) Jane Trevor (dau of Sir John Trevor of Plas Teg)
  m2. Felicia Sneyd (sister of Ralph Sneyd of Keel)
  b. Penelope Fitton
  m. Sir Charles Gerrard of Hassal
c. Mary Fitton
  m. Geffrey Minshull of Stoke (b c1594, a 1664)
  d. Frances Fitton
  m. Henry Mainwaring of Carincham (b 1606)
  e. Alice Fitton
  m. Sir John Meyrick of Monkton
  f. Anne Fitton
  m1. Sir John Brereton of Brereton (b 25.03.1591, dvp 23.12.1629)
  m2. Sir Gilbert Gerrard
  g. Lettice Fitton
  m. John Cole of Shropshire
h. Jane Fitton
  m. Thomas Minshull of Erdeswick (b c1610, d 1657)
  ii. Richard Fitton (dsp)
  iii. Mary Fitton
  m1. _ Lougher (Captain)
  m2. _ Polwhole (Captain)
iv. Alice Fitton
  m. Sir John Newdigate of Arbury (b 1570, bur 12.04.1610)
  B. Alexander Fitton
  m. Jane O'Connough (dau of MacBryen O'Connough)
  i. William Fitton of Awne, later of Gawsworth (2nd son)
  m. Eve Trevor (dau of Sir Edward Trevor of Brynkynalt)
  a. Sir Alexander Fitton, Lord of Gosworth or Gawsworth (d 09.11.1699, Chancellor of Ireland)
  m. (c1655) Anne Jolliffe (d 07.10.1687, dau of Thomas Jolliffe of Cofton)
  (1) Anne Fitton (d before 1701)
  m. _ Magrath (Captain) 
  b. Edward Fitton (dsp)
C. Margaret Fitton
  m. (1568) Sir Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover (d 1612)
  D. Mary Fitton (d 1614) 
  m. (1552) William Totton of Withenshaw (d 1611) 
  E. Anne Fitton probably of this family of this generation
  m. Thomas Tancred of Boroughbridge (d 02.1626-7)
  F.+ other issue (dsp) - John, Richard
Fi17-1-1-1-1-2. Thomas Fitton of Siddington or Liddington (d 20.04.1599)
  m. Anne Warburton (dau of Peter Warburton)
  A. Frances Fitton
  m. John Wills of Staffordshire
  B. Margaret Fitton
  m. Robert Hyde of Newbury
Fi17-1-1-1-1-3. Francis Fitton (dsp)
  m. (1588) Catherine, Dowager Countess of Northumberland
Fi17-1-1-1-1-4. Jane Fitton 
  m. _ Kynaston of Oteley
Fi17-1-1-1-1-5. Margaret Fitton
  BEB1844+BE1883 do not name Margaret (other than as another daughter) and identify her husband as Sir Francis Inglefield, presumed mistake for John's elder brother ...
  m. John Englefield of Wotton Basset (d 01.04.1567)
Fi17-1-1-1-1-6. (Mary) Fitton 
  m. Sir Richard Leveson of Trentham
Fi17-1-1-1-1-7. Catherine Fitton 
  m. John Mere of Mere
Fi17-1-1-1-1-8. Elizabeth Fitton (d 15.08.1595) not mentioned by BEB1844, probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Holcroft of Vale Royal, Sheriff of Cheshire
Fi17-1-1-1-1-9 Anne Fitton not mentioned by BEB1844, probably of this generation
  m. Sir Ralph Egerton of Wrinehill (d 1596)
Fi17-1-1-1-1-10+ other issue - Anthony, George, John

Main sources:
(1) For upper section : various web sites
(2) For lower section : BEB1844 (Fitton of Gawsworth), BE1883 (Fitton)
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