Ec23 Simeon de Eychingham

    Simeon de Eychingham was the son of Simeon de Eychingham (Ec24) and Alice, daughter of ... Joscelyn, younger brother of Roger Fitz-Reinford/FitzReinfred
    Born: about 1117
    Married: Paulina
    Died: after 1152
    The year of his death cannot be certified.
    William (Ec23-1), son and heir acceded to Simon's (Ec24) estate  after 1183. Simeon acceded to his brother William's estate in 1252 at the age of 35.

    Echingham Coat of Arms:
    Azure fretty argent.
    Simeon Eychingham and Paulina had issue:

    (Ec22) William de Eychingham ( - 1293), married Eva, daughter and heiress of Ralph de Stopeham.

    In accession to his brother's estate Simon called himself brother and heir of William. In 37th Henry III, A.D. 1253 he did homage to the King's son for all the lands his brother had held of him in capite of which seisin was given, and because Simon gave security to the King in thirty-five pounds, to be paid into the Exchequer within fifteen days of Easter next ensuing for his relief, Stephen de Feugeres, the Custos of the lands of the Countess de Ewe, is ordered to give him also plenar seisin of these."
     Simon served as Sheriff of (Sussex?) 1234 - 1236 and gave to the monks at Robertsbridge, which had been largely endowed by the Countess of Ewe, a water-course between Saleham and Ockham and confirmed to Battle Abbey the grants of his brother William. Paulina his wife quit claimed to them in respect of her right to dower. an unddated deed was executed by Simon in conjunction with his borther, by which they quit claimed for themselves and heirs in perpetuity to Simon de Lonsford (Lundresford) four acres of land with houses, gardens etc.  held in fee of him as the gift of William de Hucham, John de Lundresford and others, to which it is difficult to assign a date. Simon de Eychingham may have held Lullingstane, Kent, of Richard de Rokesle in the reign of Edward I
    Source: Echyngham of Echyngham, by Spencer Hall, librarian to the Athenaeum