Ec22 William de Eychingham

    Baron William de Eychingham was the son of Simeon de Eychingham (Ec23) and Paulina
    Born: about 1250
    Married: Eva, eldest daughter and coheiress of Ralph de Stopeham, before 1291.
    Died: 22 Edw I A.D. 1293.

    This William was Knight of the Shire for Co. Sussex, A.D. 1290. He held seven knights' fees in the rape of Hastings and Lordships in Salehurst, Burghurst, Mundefield, Ticehurst, Battle. 

    Echingham Coat of Arms
    Azure fretty argent.

    Seal of William de Echingham, who died 22nd of Edward I = 1293
    The Echingham Coat of Arms (top) is quartered with three others indicating the inheritance of three other lines. One (bottom) may his wife's family, left may be mother's family, right may be his grandmother's family Fitz-Reinford
    and had issue:
    (Ec21-1) Sir William de Eychingham, Baron Etchingham by writ of Summons on 5 Nov. 1311 , died 1326.
    (Ec21-2) Sir Robert de Eychingham, borther and heir of 2nd Lord Etchingham, died without issue 1328.
    (Ec21-3) Simon  de Eychingham, heir to his brother, died without issue before 1341.
    (Ec21-4) John de Eychingham, married and had a daughter who married William den Newgate and had four sons (from this line descended Charles N. Newgate, Esq. of Harefield, Middlesex.)
    (Ec21) Richard de Eychingham
    A research project: What is the book "the Etchingham Letters" by Pollard about? Apparently law, perhaps ancient constitutional law.
    see below:
    Sir, Frederick POLLOCK, 3rd Bt (M: 1845 Dec 10 - 1937 Jan 18)
     The Principles Of Contract [n|1876]
     Spinoza, His Life And Philosophy [b|1880/99/1912]
     Essays In Jurisprudencs And Ethics [e|1882]
     The Law Of Torts [n|1887]
     History Of English Law..Edward I (w F W MAITLAND) [n|1895]
     The Etchingham Letters (w E F MAITLAND) [n|1899]
     A Digest Of The Law Of Partnership [n|1900]
     The Expansion Of The Common Law [n|1904]
    Source: Echyngham of Echyngham, by Spencer Hall, librarian to the Athenaeum
    Stirnet shows Simon as brother of  this William and grandfather of James by Sir William