Cu8-4 Sarah Cumming

    Cu8-4 Sarah Cumming was daughter of William Cumming (Cu9) of Liberty and Sarah Coppage (Co9) who died in 1765.
    Born: Abt. 1754 in Frederick Co., MD.
    Married: Edward Dorsey Abt. 1777, son of Edward Dorsey and Deborah MacCubbin.  He was born Abt. 1750, and died 1825.

    Died: 1811 in KY.

    Notes for EDWARD DORSEY:
    Moved to KY ca 1796. Washington Co KY Deeds, 1, f 181; f 424. Genealogy and History of These Families: William Cumming, Dorsey, Black, Weisel by Edith L Burrell, Findlay OH.:
    At this generation, we leave the well-trod grounds of early Dorsey generations and reach a family not included in Dorsey-Nimmo. Burrell gives as reference for Edward?s parentage and marriage Anne Arundel Gentry by Harry Wright Newman, 1933, p 89. This book has the unfortunate statement that ?Edward Dorsey married Sarah, dau. of William and Sarah (Coppage) Cummings [sic], removed from MD and d.s.p.? Edward received ?Hawknest? in his father?s will.
    Need to check: "Washington Co, Kentucky Bicentennial History", p 263.

    Children of Sarah Cumming and Edward Dorsey are:
     i. William Cumming Dorsey, b. Abt. 1776, MD; d. 23 Apr 1830, Somerset Co., PA; m. Mary Black, Abt. 1800, MD or Somerset Co., PA; b. Abt. 1779, PA; d.
    31 Aug 1840, Somerset Co., PA.

    Notes for WILLIAM CUMMING DORSEY: FROM Kathy Alvis Patterson: Idenitified as hs parents? son and all of his children identified in A century and a half of Pittsburg and her people [database on-line]. Provo, UT:, Inc., 2005. Original data: Boucher, John Newton. A century and a half of Pittsburg and her people. New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1908. Washington Co., KY Deeds, 1, f 181; f 424. The deed listed proves his parentage. These documeents from Emily Dorsey Maas, 31 Oct 2002. Washington County Kentucky - Grantee/Grantor William C. Dorsey to Anderson Jeffries (Power of Atty.) Book I, Page 181 and Edward Dorsey's heirs to John Kendrick - Book I, pages 424, 425. I, William C. Dorsey of the County of Somerset in the State of Pennsylvania - one of the heirs and legal representatives of Edward Dorsey, deceased late of the county of Washington in the State of Kentucky for diverse good causes and considerations thereunto kmowing have made __________ __________ ___________ _________ and by these presents do make and nominate, constitute and appoint my friend Anderson Jeffries Esqr. of Washington Co., Kent. my attorney in fact and agent to represent me fully and completely to all intents and purposes respecting my interests in the estate of the said Edward Dorsey, deceased with power to receive from the administrator of said estate to execute in my name receipts for the whole or any part of my interest the ______________ ___________ ___________ out of the said estate of which my interests in which I may sell or otherwise adjust as to him the said atty. Anderson Jeffries ________ ________________ power to _________ _________ everything toward selling and closing said interest with said estate that might ___________ I personally present him to be binding ____________ ____________ the said Anderson Jeffries to the promises to bear binding _______________ on me as if I had done the same myself with the power of attorney in the ________________ said estate of which I hand and seal this first day of March 1825. William C. Dorsey (seal) witnessed by John Hughes Jr. Washington Co., Kentucky Allegheny Township was formed from a portion of Southampton in 1805. It takes its name from the Allegheny Mountain, which forms its western border, and is a portion of that part of Londonderry Township, Bedford County, that was annexed to Somerset County in 1800. The township is traversed by both the Forbes and the Glades roads and their successors. The part north of the Glade Road was annexed to Stony Creek Township in 1801, reaming a part of that township up to 1805. Lying between the Savage and the Allegheny mountains the country is wild and broken, and mostly covered by the Catskill sandstone and Chemung shales. Such being the case, the land in it is not the best for farming purposes, and there is much unimproved land. No coal is found in the township, and except that there may be some beds of fire clay in its southern part, it has no mineral wealth. Settlements were made slowly in this portion of the county, and it was many years before this township outgrew its primitive qualities. After other portions of the county had comparatively well populated, much of Allegheny remained unimproved and afforded a favorite resort for hunters. As will be seen from the following tax list, the population of the township was small in 1814. The following were the taxable inhabitants of Allegheny Township in 1814, according to a duplicate list made by Wm. C. Dorsey, Esq., assessor, and Henry Imhoff and John Fleming, assistant assessors: John Black, Jac. Burkhart (weaver), Jac. Burkhart, Dan Burkhart, Sam Burkhart,John Burkhart, Jona Boyer, Henry Boyer (sawmill), Adam Bling (innkeeper), Jos. Cohenour, Cornelius Devore, Wm. C. Dorsey (justice), John Fleming, Christian Grove, Peter Gardner, Christian Gensler, Jas. Galiher (distiller), Val. Honn (innkeeper), Dav. Husband, Henry Imhoff (innkeeper and sawmill), Jac. Kellar, Caspar Kellar, Christian Kinglesparger, Thos. Kennedy, John Lush (shoemaker), Terrance Morrison (weaver), Elizabeth Mull (widow), Mich. Mull, John Mull, Dav. Mull, Jac. Menges, Abram Miliron, Henry Menges, John D. Peterson, (minister), Ph. Purbaugh, Henry Purbaugh, Adam Ross (joiner), Caspar Statler, Andrew Server, John Shaffer, John Shaffer, Jr., Geo. Shaffer, Wm. Tipton, John Teeter, Henry Ware, John Wiely, John Teeter (sawmill), Teeter & Mull, Jac. Weyand, Jac. Yoner, Single freeman: Isaac B. Falkerton, John Knough, Fred. Peterson, Henry Purbaugh, Eli Runman (blacksmith), Abram Shaffer (stage driver), Peter Shaffer, Jonathan & Thomas Tipton (shoemakers), Aquilla Wiely. # _UID: F6F4CA99426542A29FB4F613AF9500E55D99 # Change Date: 18 SEP 2006 Father: Edward DORSEY b: ABT 1749 in MD Mother: Sarah CUMMING b: ABT 1754 in MD Marriage 1 Mary BLACK b: 1779 * Married: ABT 1800 in Somerset Co PA * Note: His parents moved to KY ca 1796; en route this son William met a girl, married and stayed in PA. 5 8 Children 1. James Black DORSEY b: 9 DEC 1800 2. David DORSEY b: 11 DEC 1800 in Somerset Co PA 3. Elizabeth DORSEY b: ca 1800-1806 4. William Cummings DORSEY b: 14 MAY 1804 5. Edward DORSEY b: ABT 1806 in PA 6. Jane DORSEY b: 15 APR 1808 7. Henry DORSEY b: ABT 1810 8. Cordelia DORSEY b: ABT 1812 9. Lloyd DORSEY b: 12 MAR 1813 in Somerset Co PA 10.Sarah DORSEY b: 28 JUL 1814 11.Lewis DORSEY b: say 1816 12.(infant son) DORSEY b: 1800-1820 Sources: 1. Text: Eber Cockley, ?Dorsey Family Dated to 1699 Tax List,? Laurel Messenger, Somerset Co PA, Feb 1971, p 4. 2. Text: Indenture, 19 Feb 1825, signed by William C Dorsey and wife Mary, and other heirs of Edward Dorsey, late of Washington Co KY, selling land to John Kendricks. 3. Text: Genealogy and History of These Families: William Cumming, Dorsey, Black, Weisel by Edith L Burrell, Findlay OH. 4. Text: William C. Dorsey estate (1830-33), Somerset Co Will Book, 41-1873, Probate Judge?s Office, Somerset PA. Dorsey File. 5. Text: Letter from Kim Carles-Hammer (10491 SR 37, Findlay OH 45840) to Kathy Patterson, 26 Mar 1996. This letter included several wills and Family Group Sheets. Dorsey File. 6. Text: Tombstone Inscriptions of Cemeteries Somerset County PA, Volume I, Page: p 40. 7. Text: Laura Hay Braddock and Charlotte Hay Beard, Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery Inscriptions of Somerset County PA, 1968. Xerox copy made at FHL, SLC. Page: Page 111 has tax list from 1811. 8. Text: ?Descendants of William Cumming, compiled and arranged by Montgomery Cumming. Copied by Ruby Bowers Dorsey, Jul 1, 1957.? This notebook was inherited by Lowell Dorsey, who died in the 1970, and in 1993 was in the possession of Tom Dorsey, a descendant of William Dorsey, son of William Cumming Dorsey. Xerox copy included in a letter from Kim Carles-Hammer (10491 SR 37, Findlay OH 45840) to Kathy Patterson, 30 Aug 1993, not received until Dec 1994. According to Kim Carles-Hammer?s letter of 25 Feb 1995, the notebook is mainly names without dates, possibly corresponding to the chart I have. More detailed Dorsey data may have been added to Montgomery Cumming?s notes by Ruth B. Dorsey.