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    Elizabeth Cumming was the daughter of General* William Cumming Cu9 of Liberty and Sarah Coppage Co9 who died in 1765.
    Elizabeth Cumming Cu8 was born in 1752, presumably in Liberty, Maryland, died March 29, 1836, in Anchorage, Kentucky.
    Married first Nicholas Hobbs Ho8
    second John? Campbell
    Elizabeth Cumming and Nicholas Hobbs had issue:
    It is said that, when Samuel Lawrence La7 brought his family across the mountains from Maryland to Kentucky, Elizabeth Cummings Hobbs Cu8 his wife's mother, rode on horseback, while her daughter Sarah Lawrence Ho7 rode in the carriage driven by the slave, Simon. This was due to the fact that Mrs. Lawrence, either had a new born infant, or was about to have one. They arrived in May, 1799. The Bible gives the birth of her 5th child, Elias Lawrence as 1799 on August 1. As the 4th chl1d Elbannon died on September 12, 1798, it is probably explained as before the coming child's birth. After the death of Nicholas Hobbs Ho8, her first husband, Elizabeth Cumming married - Campbell, and became known to her descendants as Grandmother Carnpbell. Mrs. Milton Smith, Sr., the wife of the President of the L & N owned a miniature of her, which was copied by a photographer. Mrs. George Nicholas Ni3-5 has one of the copies.
    Elizabeth Cumming Hobbs is buried in the yard of the Hobbs Memorial
    Chapel at Anchorage, Kentucky.
    This Chapel is the same chapel, where Charles Booth Parsons (6.15) was an early minister and explains the name “Hobbs" used for his son, Edward Young Hobbs Parsons.
    The Bible account of Elizabeth Cumming Hobbs Campbell' s death is as follows:
    "Elizabeth Campbell died on Tuesday evening the 29th of March, 1836 in her 85th year" ¬
    There is a printed chart of the William Cumrnings - Sarah Coppage descendents with the records owned by Mrs. Nicholas Ni3-5.

    * Other sources say he was only a private, but there was a Col. William Cumming living in Maryland at this time.
    Cu8 Elizabeth Cumming Hobbs Campbell died on March 29, 1836 in anchorage at the age of 84 and buried in the yard of Hobbs Memorial Chapel.

    A picture taken of the remaining arch of Hobbs Memorial Chapel in May 2005

    Ho7 Sarah Hobbs b 3 Jul 1769 d. 19 Sep 1829
    m 29 Jun 1790 Samuel Lawrence La7 b 28 Sep 1764 d d 17 Sep 1822, Jefferson C Ky son of Benjamin Lawrence La8 and Urith Owings Ow8.
    Ho7-2 Deborah/?Anna Hobbs 1833.
    Ho7-4 BRICE HOBBS, m ANNA x
    Ho7-6 RHESA HOBBS.
    Ho7-7 EZRA HOBBS.
    Ho7-8 UPTON S. HOBBS.
    Ho7-9 MARY E. HOBBS
    Ho7-10 BASIL NICHOLAS HOBBS, b 1786 d 1837 m Mary Ann "POLLY" DORSEY Do11-4-1-2-3-4-1 b 1791 d 1833.
    Ho7-11 HARRIOT L. HOBBS b 16 Dec 1787 d 5 Feb 1824 Jefferson Co Ky
    m 1 Mar 1808 BENJAMIN J HEAD 19 Jan 1782 d 31 May 1837 Jefferson Co son of Hadley Head b c 1741 d after 13 Jul 1824 Henry/Oldham Co Ky and Mildred x he m2 16 Sep 1824 Margarett N. BRENGMAN b 2 Jun 1805
    -1 Elizabeth Amelia HEAD b 25 Mar 1809 Jefferson Co m1 27 Feb 1825 Jefferson C Ky Abijah C. ABERNATHY
    -2 Sarah Laurence HEAD b 18 Oct 1810 Jefferson Co m 30 Mar 1826 Harrison MARDEN
    -3 Louisa Adeline HEAD b 11 Feb 1816 Jefferson Cod 2 Apr 1824 Jefferson Co
    Ho7-12 ELIZABETH C HOBBS m PETER CRAPSTER Abt 1805 b. 1785; d. 11 Apr
    Ho7-13 ANN HOBBS.