Ct7-1 Lewis Burwell

    was the son of Nathaniel Burwell and Elizabeth Carter (Ct8), eldest daughter of Robert Carter (Ct9) (King Carter), and this lady, after the death of Major Burwell married Dr. George Nicholas. She was the mother of Lewis Burwell.  November 20, 1751.
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     Lewis Burwell lived at Whitemarsh. 
    He was Burgess from Gloucester County, 1736; later he became member of the council, and as President of that body succeeded Thomas Lee, a in the administration of affairs in Virginia. During the time that Lewis Burwell presided at the head of the government, Hening, in his statutes at Large "records no meeting of the General. Assembly, though he mentions patents as having been signed by Burwell when President of the Council. Major Burwell married. (in October, 1736) Mary Willis, daughter of Col. Francis and Ann Willis. Major Lewis Burwell was relieved of his post as chief executive of Virginia by the arrival of Robert Dinwiddie

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