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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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DNA comparison of Matches shared by Peggy Stevens

Stevens shares nearly 42 cM of DNA, 68 matches and Willoughby, Mitchell, Grigsby/Redmond/Bryant, Gilbert (all 3 the author's paternal grandfather's paternal lines within the ancestral sector shared by Griffith), as well as Pate, Newton, Wyatt, and Holloway and Grigsby/Bryant ancestry (all 4 being maternal lines for the author requiring explanation, if any of the matching segments found have anything to do with the inclusion in this match group) with the author.

Stevens is also included in the
William Griffth match group and
In fig. 2 is a group of matches reported by Verna Atkinson, who appears in Sue Davisīs match list but not mine. Both Rogers and Schafer show X chr matches meaning that the line to the respective common ancestor does not go over two males in succession, which considerably simplifies the search for the common ancestor.

Mattei shows Baker ancestry, Rogers shows Dutton, Schafer shows Harrison, Skipwith and Smith, while the author's four Taylor lines have a maternal maternal Harrison branch, his Carter's have a collateral Harrison branch from which there is a maternal Smith line which is a also a collateral branch off the author's Bacon ancestry. The author also has rather ancient Dutton ancestry and several of his pedigrees have collateral Baker lines.

Second to the right, Stevens shows Cary, Moore, Beverley, Carter, Robinson and Anderson.

Ford shows Hale, Harrington. Winters shows White, Anderson, Jones.

to fig. 3

To fig. 5, Hill shares Pyle ancestry with the author, although only Walsh and Johnston share the the match on chr 16 that I share with a direct male line Pyle descendant.




Jones is the authorīs 2nd cousin by the marriage of John Kenton Hester to Susanne Jane Mitchell Scott also shares the authorīs direct male line Hester ancestry and is the subject of another comparison group.

Glenn shares X DNA with the author, so there is common ancestry for both along line with no two males in a row. Such possible ancestors are marked with green numbers in the authorīs index pedigree.

A comparison page will soon be generated for Reynolds, who shares Workman and possibly Lawrence ancestry with the author.
Bell and Wilkinson apparently share either Mitchell ancestry with the author or some maternal line branching off that tree, as the authorīs entire paternal chr19 (except for the tips at both ends) are from Morris Mitchell

Nichols matches on an X chr, so there is a common ancestor on the the authorīs maternal side with no two males in succesion on the descent line. The latter applies for Nicholīs descent line as well, and in particular for her White/Page descent at least up to the guestimated inclusion in the Page of Virginia pedigree.

As in fig. 8, Kearley and Radencic seem share Mitchell ancestry or some maternal line off that tree.