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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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The author's DNA kit at gedmatch is FE12086.

DNA comparison of Matches shared by Lenora J Roberts neé Jones

Roberts neé Jones as well as the other Joneses in the first DNA comparison (fig. 1)shares 150 cM of DNA, 88 DNA matches and the author´s most paternal 18th sector of ancestors: the haplogroup R1b1a... Hesters and Mitchell.
However, at the top of the match list is McGee, who shares the author's Jamison ancestry
Harris is a known collateral Mitchell descendant as discussed in the Childress series, while Griffith is a 4th cousin in the next higher maternal branch off the Hester tree. The very short match between Griffith and Harris on chr 2 raises about which more remote ancestral connection between these different families.
As determined by other comparisons of Mitchell descendants, the author´s chr 19 must be almost entirely from Morris Mitchell Mi5, except about 1 cM at both ends.

The discussion and analysis here is to be continued


Jones is missing the segment of Mitchell DNA on chr 19 that the author has, so her the DNA in in that range must have been replaced by that of one of the spouses in the generation following Morris Mitchell's father down along her line. Which spouse is a questioned that can only be studied using her CB and match list.
Ingersoll obviously shares some ancestry going back along the Mitchell line.
The match with Ingersoll and Barnard on chr 11 is a range that the author has identified as Andrews DNA from a couple born in the 1360s, a family presumed to be of French origin by one researcher, although the author is inclined to believe they were supporters of the Comyns around 1300 after which Robert the Bruce hunted down and eradicated all the Cumming supporters he could get his hands on. But there is a maternal Thompson line above this which is probably a sept of Clan Gunn, of which DNA the Mitchells and many other Scottish clans probably all have their share.

Michaelson shares Bryan ancestry with the author on a double line in the author´s maternal grandfather´s paternal grandmoather´s 1/16th ancestral sector.

Michaelson shares Bryan ancestry with the author on a double line in the author´s maternal grandfather´s paternal grandmother´s 1/16th ancestral sector.
Moon shows Pope ancestry and Sutton ancestry (with too many generations missing to guesstimate a connection), while the author has a Pope line in each of his maternal quarters, and his Sutton connections are very remote.

Irwin shows Morrison ancestry, probably a sept of Clan Gunn.
The author has a rather ancient Marshall connection and more recent collateral lines of that name, but Marshall´s tree is still too brief to establish the common ancestry.

Swope also shows Marshall ancestry, but her Fairfax, Calvert and Buckner lines are also likely to cross the author´s.

Besides having Griffith ancestry, Griffith-McDaniels has Bryan and Pope ancestry, albeit the latter is from Mitchum Surrey England

Roy (dau with 43 cM matching DNA) and Willis (mother with 42 cM matching DNA, fig. 10) show , so the former´s father must also share some ancestral DNA with the author too. A closer comparison between mother and daughter reveals that the mother does not share the daughter´s left match on chr 2 with Dunn, but both segments on chr 2 are the ends of a range shared by Griffith (fig. 1) and are likely Willoughby DNA.

Goebels shows Prather and Blount ancestry, albeit her earliest of the latter is 200 years later than the author´s branch off of this ancient family.

March has an X chr match with the author meaning that there is a common ancestor with lines of descent to both with no two males in a row.


Kearley shows Overton ancestry as well as possible Willoughby and Posey connections. His match on chr 19 raises the question as to whether he has Mitchell ancestry or shares ancestry in some maternal line off this tree, since it seems unlikely that the segment in the same range with Jones could be on the author´s other chr 19.

Findley shows Gilbert and Mitchell ancestry

Gibson shows a double Sanders descent with a maternal Stratton line, which would be a rather remote connection with the author at G17 or earlier. He also shows a Buckner/McBuckner line from Virginia and a Gilliam/Fountayne line. The match on chr 12 is definitely the range shared by Penner, a South Russian Mennonite who descends from the Mennonite community of East Frisia Germany where the author's direct male line comes from.

Brown has Duke ancestry that may be a collateral branch of the authorīs native American ancestry.

Day shares the Jamison/Huss DNA matches on chr 1 and probably shares different ancestry with Jones than with the author (or only some distant ancestry with both).
Sluder shows 'Woodward and Buchanan ancestry without details.
Davidson may be in the collateral Hester branch of the name Davison.


McConaty shares




The following is residue from another page: , Damron ?= Dameron and Lowery, while the author has several matches of that name, and an unknown pre-immigration Lowery - McKay marriage is suspected as cause. shows Andrews, Baker, Covington and Carter ancestry, while Dean shows Fitzgerald, Bryant and Dameron McKay is a maternal branch off the author's mat. grandmother's Prather line of descent.