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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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DNA comparison of Matches shared by ...

T David Nicholas shares 144 cM of DNA, 162 matches and the author's maternal great grandparents George Nicholas and Mary Anna Pope.
Nicholas's paternal grandfather was the brother of author's maternal grandmother.

To the right Johnson shows Chew ancestry, but a collateral line those married into collateral lines of the author's Howard, Sprigg and Dorsey lines. He also show an Ivey line that is probably a collateral line of the author's Ivye line.

Second to the right, Jordan-Frank has Ledlow/?Ludlow ancestry that could be provisionally placed in the Ludlow pedigree. Nicholas shares the author's maternal grandmother's descent, a pedigree registered at the College of Arms in 1974. This line goes over the Nicholas family of Virgina to the maternal line of Elizabeth Carter, whose paternal grandmother, was Sarah Ludlow, whose pedigree was registered at the College of Arms around 1656. Sarah's paternal great grandmother was Edith Windsor, daughter of Andrew, Baron Windsor, and granddaughter of Elizabeth Adrews. So a comparison of various DNA matches with Nicholas is a great aid for seeing whether the matches are in that quarter od the author's ancestry or not. Since Nicholas only share a fraction of his DNA with there, the failure of a match to share a segment with him does not completely preclude common ancestry in the quarter, nor does an apparent match along the same range of a segment preclude the possibility of superimposure of a match with the authors paternal chromosome here on the match with Nicholas on the author's maternal chromosome where his match must be expected.

To the right as determined elsewhere on this page, we see matching Pyle DNA, as aforesaid Sarah Ludlow's mother was Jane Pyle. Mink shares the match on chr 16 identified as Pyle DNA: Robert Pyle born in Bishop Cannings Wiltshire, whom I have able to provisionally place in my Pyle pedigree which also hales from Wiltshire. There is a maternal Webb line though in Pyles' pedigree, aforesaid Nicholas of Roundway Wilts line also has a maternal Webb line, so the likelihood of some of the DNA shared with Pyles being Webb DNA must be held open, Although Nicholas shares the author's descent from Jane Pyle, he does not share this Pyle DNA but is likely to share other Pyle DNA with him or other Pyle descendants. So this still ought to be investigated.

Second to the right comes the comparison that led to the most spectacular find, Andrews matches on chr 11 and 16 make it seem that we share the same Andrews descent and that this DNA has carried through since 1500, also that Dollar's matches on chr 16 are not Pyle DNA, but Ludlow or Windsor DNA. From the discovery below that the match on chr 11 is also by Gary Boston and that an Andrews daughter married a Boston it seems this DNA goes farther back to said Andrews pedigree.
While Nicholas and the author have a Booth line that comes near here it is on the le Blount side of the de Windsor - le Blount marriage along this line. Hence this does not explains, Booth's sharing this same match on chr 11. However, we must bear in mind that we are talking about Norman English families who were generally not allowed to marry outside their own circles.

To find further confirmation for this find and fill the gaps for other matches with known ancestry that has not been established back this far yet, the author looked for data on the descendants of other Andrews and Windsor descendants and found a collateral Fowler line off the Windsors, over which descents to four other DNA matches have since been established and matching DNA segments found.

Second to right, at the right end of the match on chr 16, Nicholas matches one of several short segments where the author also matches Crane, who is a Newton descendant. Here we can provisionally presume that realignment took place in one of the successive generations leading to the grandparents of Nicholas and the author. This would be Berryman, Foote or Pope.
Since Dollar shares one short with the author and Andrews Middle/right on chr 16, (until some othe common ancestor is discovered) it is reasonable to assume that Nicholas and Dollar share another short segment of Andrews DNA middle/left on chr 16; for the longer match with Nicholas here is most likely made up of shorter segments from more remote common ancestors. So the same applies for the other matches with Dollar, for the time being they may all be considered Andrews DNA, although the longer segment on chr 1 looks more like nearer comon ancestry.


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As seen from Jordan-Frank's CB
The match on chr 7 indicates either Pope or Washington descent as see in figures 9 and 11. Both Nicholas and the author share Pope as well as Washington descent, while author also has a second Pope decent.

Petree shows Nesbit ancestry, as yet without a positive connection with the authorīs paternal grandmotherīs Nesbit descent. But the match on chr 7 indicates either Pope or Washington descent

Cummings is Bensonīs sister and both have Cash/Wright/Washington/Pope descent. So Rhoden must have either Pope or Washington descent

Benson is Cummingsīsister and shows Tucker ancestry although a positive connection has yet to be found. But her Wright line does connect with Nicholasīandthe authorīs double Pope line The match on chr 7 could be Pope DNA but Nicholas and the author also have a Washington descent so it could be Washington just as well.



Mitchell has a descent from William Wrigt d 1767 in Pr William Co VA, but a positive identification with the Wright/Washington/Pope descendants is not possible at present, nor is there the match on chr 7 with Benson (fig- 11), Cummings (fig. 9) and Nicholas, that would indicate either Pope, Washington or Tucker relationship, but she does match Cummings and Benson on chr 3, while her match on chr 12 indicates Taylor and Basye descent. This line does have a maternal Randolph branch that may connect with nicholasīand the authorīs Beverley line as well as a maternal Sandridge line off her Wrights - a name that also shows up in the Wright branch of the Washingtons - and a double Haywood line that may connect with the maternal branch of the authorīs Foote descent and the first wife of the immigrant John Washington. Her Andrews line is too short to presume a connection with Nicholasīand the authorīs Andrews line, but the typical match on chr 11 for this descent is there, as it is for Hall. The author had this descent registered at the College of Arms in London in the 70īs, so the genetic confirmation requires only more exact observation of matches on the typical matching segments for this official descent from a couple born in Suffolk in the 1360īs. Furthermore she has a descenbt from William Cole b 1638 VA d 4 Mar 1694 Warwick Co MD. Nicholas has a maternal Cole descent as well as a more ancient one shared by the author.

Hall has Webb and Jennings ancestry, but his Marshall and Wells ancestry may play a role in matching segments as well.





Except for chro 4, Baldwin matches Nicholas on entirely different sedgments than he does the author. The short matching segments indicate remote relationship(s). Greene, Reade , Bulkeley (this remote connection also has an Overton descent) and Chamberlain

Jackson shows Wyckoff ancestry

Stewart shows Tucker, Gilbert and Phillips ancestry, but with lines to short to connect. He also evidences the Taylor segment on chr 12 as well as a segment in the range on chr 6 that that seems to be Wyatt DNA
Musgrove shows the match on chr 7 discussed in fig. 9, 11 and 14 as weöö as the Taylor segment on chr 12

Connell shows Sisson Windebank/Dymoke ancestry

Nelson shows Skelton ancestry but evidences the typical Jamison/Huss matching segment on chr 1, which puts common ancestry with the author in the latterīs maternal grandfatherīs quaqrter which Nicholas does not share



Johnson shows Taylor and MacKey ancestry.
Nelson shows Skelton ancestry but evidences the typical Jamison/Huss matching segment on chr 1

Bolin showsWyatt ancestry,

Waytt is British born, so any common ancestry predates the immigration of the authorīs ancestry, which is mostly before 1700, and before 1620 in case of the Wyatt ancestry. Although we only share 24 cM of DNA, 8 segments are involved and there is no reason to assume that they all come from the likely common Wyatt ancestry. This seems to be the case for the match on chr 16, for that is part of a longer segment the author shares with Nicholas, and the latter shares the authorīs Nicholas/Pope/Brown/Lawrence/Lawrence/Dorsey/Wyatt descent line. The converse conclusion is that the overlappings of the longer segment are either also Wyatt DNA or DNA that was aligned from one or more of the spouses along this line of descent, while the longer match with Conaty is in this extended Nicholas range. On the other hand, the middle of the three segments on chr 1 is Jamison or Clan Gunn DNA for the author on his maternal chromosome, while Wyatt also has McDonald ancestry, and we can see an early marriage of a Clan Gunn lass into Clan McDonald. Nicholas does not share this Jamison ancestry, but he does share the authorīs Wilson and Robinson ancestry, two other septs of Clan Gunn and a common McFarland line. The segment shared by Wyatt and Jennings on chr 5 is one shared by many of the authorīs matches - particularly those of some Hussite or Huguenot descent - and common ancestry seems to predate Jan Hussīs burning at the stake. Said Lawrence descent also has a maternal Hobbs/Cumming/McIntosh branch back to Inverness around 1700. So a segment or two might be McIntosh DNA as well.