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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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DNA comparison of Matches shared by Edward McGee

60 matches shared by Edward McGee, who shares the author's Jamison ancestry
McGee shares 76.85 cM of DNA, now over 47 matches and Jamison/Huss and Frye ancestry with the author as 4th cousin as well as possibly somewhat remoter McKay/McKee/MacKay/McKey etc. ancestry. In addition there are two collateral Frye/Foreman/McGee branches off of Fr8-1-2 and Fr8-1-8 that do not seem to connect with McGee's direct male line to make him also a 7th cousin, but his McGee line does have a maternal Hardesty branch that seems to predate the ones marrying into collateral Frye descent lines but might help explain the inclusion of some matches in this group.
Austin is also in the group shared by Wilson, as is Crumby.

To the right, the matches shared with Childress are discussed abvove including matches with Mitchell et al. ancestry, while
Bader is in the group shared by Larry Jones.

Second to the right, Curtis is in the group shared by Blackstock, which seems to be characterized by Barbee and Catlett descent. Childress matches on a long segment on chr 19 which is interrupted by exactly the segment range that Kingrey (6th t r) and Mellinger (7th t r) match on. this ranged seems to have been "spoused out" in a following generation in the author's line to the common ancestor in question here, while Kingrey seems to share that spouse's ancestry.

Third to the right, Harkey shows Blunt ?=Blount ancestry, with a match on chr 11 exactly adjacent to and left of the segment that the author has from his Windsor/Andrews ancestry from the generation immediately preceeding the Windsor-Blount marriage; so it seems the author has a longer segment of Blount and Andrews DNA here that has been together since Lady Edith Windsor was conceived about 1507 AD.

Fourth to the right, the matches shared by the Hvidstens are discussed above and share Woodward and Baker ancestry with the author, but the clear overlappings on chr 10 and 11 with the author's 3rd cousin in his maternal grandfather's maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's etc. doubled 1/256th ancestral sector assures common ancestry in this sector. The Frye pedigree also includes Hawkins branches, as McGee's male line has Hawkins and Busey maternal lines. Hawkins is also in the
Cole group, which also may relate to the author's Cole ancestry, while Howard is also in the
Pautenis group (as is Slack 9th t r) which seems to relate to the early Pennsylvania settlers around Philadelphia.

Fifth to the right, the Irwins are in the Hvidsten and Larry Jones groups respectively, as are Jordan, Landis, Turley and Killian. Mellinger is also in the Isbell group.

Sixth to the right, Lewis shows both Frye ancestry from Saxony-Anhalt and Levering ancestry and seems to be a double 9th to 11th cousin. That these two lines should come together in both Germany and Pennsylvania is not likely to be coincidence, but a result of common religious affiliation.
As Lewis's match on chr 12 crosses the typical gap between typical gap between the author's maternal Taylor segments here the matching segment must be along the author's paternal Hester/Mennonite line, unless this gap from a short segment from his maternal grandparent's marriage filling this gap, which would raise the question as to how Lewis's descent could bring a segment that spans the gap and matches the Taylor DNA as well. This gives rise to speculation about the Taylor maternal origins. However, the Levering origin in Leiden is rather close to that of the Hesters, so that a relation here seems more likely.

Seventh to the right, McLendon and Walp (11th t r) are also in the Borad group which centers on Mitchell ancestry

Eighth to the right, Proctor shares this Jamison ancestry and is also in the McElroy group which ought to be re-edited again soon due to inconclusive results when originally set up.
Rogers is also in the Bruce group which has been evasive since these findings.

Ninth to the right,
Schnarr is also in the Miller group.
Settles has Strothers ancestry and is in both the Cole and Hendricks groups.

Tenth to the right,
Smith is in the Arnett group.

Eleventh to the right, Williams is also in the Burt group and Willis is in the group shared by Nuckolls