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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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DNA comparison of Matches shared by Janet Huss Beiner

60 matches shared by Janet Huss Beiner, who shares the author's Huss ancestry
(This row is still being prepared.) Beiner shares 56 cM of DNA and 31 DNA matches with the author as well as Huss and possibly Thompson ancestry. But I see the names McAlister and Tucker showing up in this group too. The matches on chr 12 may be Taylor DNA, but the overlapping on the distinct break between the middle and right Taylor segments indicates Hester DNA. So Beiner's matches on chr 9 are more likely to be either Huss or Thompson. Her match to the left on chr 1 matches Seiffert neè Scott, who is the author's 4th Hester cousin. This supports the author's theory that his male line Hesters came from the East Frisian Mennonite community and that there was intermarriage between them and the Hussite refugees who settled there in the early 16th century. The coincidence on chr 7 indicates much the same. Scott also matches Ralls' segment on chr 3. The three coinciding matches on chr 5 are shared by many of Huguenot or Hussite descent.
Landis is also compared in the Boone group just above.
To the Left, Ralls shows Lawrence and Mitchell ancestry, the latter being a less remote connection for the author, but she has Spalding ancestry, as does Whitted. So this line is likely to lead to either a connection with Beiner's and/or the author's tree.

First to the right, Schwedler's match on chr 7 is one of 7 typicla Andrews segments, but this family appeared in Suffolk in the early 1300's about the time Robert the Bruce was hunting down all the supporters of the Black and the Red Comyn to secure his claim to the throne. So it can be inherited over most any Scottish line. Schwedler is also compared in the Nelson S C group.
Payne shows Bland ancestry, as does the author's Bland line also have a Payne branch.
Pease is also in the McGee group, which centers around another part of the author's Bland/Harris/Jamison ancestry.

Second to the right, Robinson is a sept of Clan Gunn, as are Wilson, Jamison, Henderson, Nelson and a dozen others. But his matching segments are myriad but rather short so the common ancestry could be rather multiple and mostly before G15. Long is also compared in the J E Harris group, which centers on Mitchell ancestry.

Third to the right, Whitted (Reif) is compared in her own group of shared matches, and Turner is also compared in the McConnell group.

Fourth to the right, Bruley is also compared in the English group, and Campbell is also compared in the S HallTose,is in the Pennington group and Carter is in the Shadeck aswell as the Becker group.

Fifth to the right, the match with Fairlead on chr 1 and the middle one on chr 12 coincide almost exactly with Penner, a south Russian Mennonite whose ancestors migrated from East Frisia to the Danzig area in the 1790's and from there to South Russia a generation later. She also has an adjacent "spoused off" segment on chr 5, where my match with Penner is between it and the Hussite/Huguenot segment she has She is likely to descend from an unknown sibling of John Hester.
Woody is compared in her own group of shared matches.
The matches shared with Allen are shown above too.

Sixth to the right,

Seventh to the right, Rhudy traces only his male line back to Reihen in Baden-Württemberg and it is a family name also shown in Beiner's ancestry. Reihen is near the origins of the Walters, ancestry shared by Beiner and the author on their common Huss line, as near Hoffenheim where the author's Gilbert line was seated from 1651 till 1688 and many of that name still live today. So any of a number of intermarriages between these families is conceivable. Until some other source is found likely the matches with Rhudy can be tagged as Walters DNA.