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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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DNA comparison of Matches shared by Eugene J Griffith-McDaniels

Griffith shares 18 matches with the author. He shares G7 common Griffith and Sarah Willoughby with the author. The long DNA match on chr 1 which can be considered DNA from either of the closest common ancestors, Evan Griffith at G7 b 23 Dec 1729 in Wales or his wife, Sarah Willoughby. This is a range that is of mixed ethnic origin but largely similar on both sides of the author's with some North Sea DNA at both end while the middle is Eastern European middle-left then going right some East Mediterranean then Atlantic before changing back to NS again. The appearance of some NS together with Atlantic i.e. British/Celtic can be attributed to the Norman domination in Wales beginning 1100 or with Evan's wife at the latest, but the EE and East Med indicates that some Hussites or Huguenots came into the family after 1500. The short DNA match on chr 5 is shared by many matches of Huguenot or Hussite descent, as is discussed elsewhere on this page in many places.
I have 3 known lines of common ancestors with the Minor brothers, Owens/Kenton/Miller and Frye.

The short match segment to the right of the break on chr 12 with Cox, Stevens and O'Guin (?= Clan Gunn) is a range, where over half a dozen known Taylor descendants and many others match me, so I believe this indicates a descent from the martyr, Rowland Taylor

Figure eight, Anderson, Wood and I are a group of three common matches with a match on chr 5 the same range as the ones I have with the Minor brothers, which hardly overlap each other here. The latter matches may be paternal for me over Hester/Griffith/ Willoughby/Owens/Kenton and maternal for the former hence not the same DNA. Anderson may be a collateral line off Overton. But my only Wood is here.

Third to the right, O'Guin mentions Owens ancestry without showing the exact descent, but that seems to fit well with the make-up of this group of matches. Judging from the ancestral names shown without pedigree connection, Dial shares Workman and Wyckoff ancestry with the author, while Kirby shares Carter/Ludlow ancestry.

It seems likely that many of those in the group share ancestors with each other that the author does not share, while they do not all share all of the author's ancestry mentioned here. However the sum of DNA shared from these multiple ancestors is enough to get over the threshold for getting on each other's lists. As for the latter which includes a Windsor and Andrews line, many in the group evidence Andrews DNA. The Andrews DNA segments also seem in part to predate the appearance of the family in Suffolk after Robert the Bruce murdered the Black and the Red Comyn for their Anglophile leanings and lead in the direction of the Duncans.

Fourth to the right, the Minor borthers are also Kenton descendants.

Fifth to the right,
Ingalls has Workman and Wickoff ancestors, as does Reynolds. Waren has a Reynolds ancestor. Blackley is all Scottish with MacDonald and Mitchell ancestors, all born in Scotland.





Anderson's perspective



as seen from Griffith's Chromosome Browser

as seen from Griffith's Chromosome Browser



Matches as seen from Griffith-McDaniels´ CB