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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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DNA comparison of Matches shared by ...

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Author's perspective
This is a group of thirteen common matches pointed by Suzy Burt. As possible common ancestral, collateral line or match ancestral name in common Burt shows
Brock has been established as having Frye ancestry (while my only Wood line branches off before the maternal Frye line) in common with me and also shows Jones, Gamble(?=Gamblyn/Gambling for me as an extension of my line from Taylor/Gascoigne/Gambling), Rich, Reed/?=Reade, Cooper, Carey, Williams
Grudziecki shows Pyle, Smith, Taylor, Williams
Bouchier shows Wright, Jones, Reynolds, Ellis, Davis, Battiest, but th name Bouchier shows up as a collateral Terrill wife in TN so I suspect he has a maternal Terrill line off his male line.
Ellis is a known Harrison with a plausible guesstimation on the common ancestors and also shows Lewis, Moore, Read, Savage, Knowles (?= Knollys), Hunt, Thorpe, Walker, Baker, Warren, Bryant, Burrows, King, Mitchell, Strother, Smith, Strickland, White and Wilson.

Wood shows Beall, Coppage, Cumming, Dorsey, Elder, Lawrence, Luckett, Harrison, Peyton, Washington, Williams, Wood, Wright, Wilson, Catlett, Dean, Hyatt and Jordan. The combination of the first six names puts him squarely among my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's relatives, where a double Dorsey cousin married into the Luckett family and moved to Texas, as well as on my Coppage - Cumming line. Brock's Gamble fits in here, as we see Gambling as an extension of this line.

Magrill shows Dean, Anderson, Devall, Bland and Howard.

My Rachel Beale was the daughter of Ruth "Polly" Moore, whose ancestry has been completely elusive until the hint offered by

Fourth to sixth to the right is a group of 11 matches in common with Adrian, who are partly in common with this Burt group

Author's perspective

Author's perspective
Magrill, Rachoy, Savage and Wood show the same short matching segment on chr 12 that elsewhere on this page has been established as a descent from Thomas Taylor and Margaret Swinderby, one of my mat. grandmother's four lines from them runs through said Cumming/Coppage/Bayse/Taylor line.
Although Burt does not share this segment, she does match two of them on chr 5 and another on 1. These may, of course be due to different ancestors in common but it seems likely that they are from ancestor farther down on the line from Taylor to them.
Seventh to the right, all but Adrian have a short matching segment in a range, where the author's paternal DNA is definitely from his paternal grandmother's maternal grandfather Spenser Workman. The segments are all so short though, that they may come from far up any maternal branch along the Workman line of descent that Thelma Anderson's meticulous book so well established back through 17th century. The match group with Jackowiak also involves Workman ancestery.

Ingalls has Workman and Wickoff ancestors, as does Reynolds. Waren has a Reynolds ancestor. Blackley is all Scottish with MacDonald and Mitchell ancestors, all born in Scotland.

Matches as seen by Reif.

Perspective of Suzy B Burt
(Here your comments about the graphic and ancestry of the persons in it)

Perspective of Suzy B Burt
(Here your comments about the graphic and ancestry of the persons in it)

Perspective of Suzy Burt
(Here your comments about the graphic and ancestry of the persons in it)

author's perspective
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author's perspective

author's perspective

author's perspective