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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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seen from the author's perspective
This is a group of 5 tests that match Wendy Miller and me including Sarah Ann Burns Atkins, Kenneth Elliott, R.H., Rosemary Lane, Elizabeth A Pattey and Jerry Schnarr.

Of these only Atkins has posted a Gedcom pedigree, but there are no common ancestors listed in it, although there are several names that show up in collateral branches of my ancestry or show up as ancestors of other matches of mine or both. In particular her King line in Virginia has maternal Brent, Burgess and Pratt lines: names which a number my matches or collateral lines have.
The short matching segments of Atkins, R.H. and Lane as well as Schnarr on chr. 12 to the left and just to the right of the break tell me that they are descendants of Thomas Taylor and Margaret Swinderby b 1575 in Hadleigh Suffolk or 1578, while Lane has indeed two Taylor lines.

The rather long and more or less coinciding matches on chr 6 seem to be from a closer ancestor or a couple. But I cannot say which yet. I am, however, inclined to believe that this match is on my paternal side of the family and that Owens may be the line.
R.H. Shows the ancestral names Howard, Browne, Triplett and Grimes. The first two are direct ancestral names on my maternal side, while Grimes appears collaterally in many of my maternal line. Triplett appears collaterally in the native American complex in the eigth sector of my maternal grandfather’s paternal line. But a senior line of these Owens also had a few marriages with this family so the short matching segments I have with R.H. may be native American DNA while the others are more closely related to us both with Owens DNA, while Lane shows Owen (a variant of Owens). Other names shown by Lane promising some connection are Savage (very ancient for me), Webb (collateral off one of my four Taylor lines), Jones and Read. Elliott shows so many names that they seem to be taken from his matches list rather than listing known ancestors.

Ingalls has Workman and Wickoff ancestors, as does Reynolds. Waren has a Reynolds ancestor. Blackley is all Scottish with MacDonald and Mitchell ancestors, all born in Scotland.

Matches as seen by Reif.

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