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List of pedigreesBland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
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Colville: Camville of Arrow, Camville Canville of Clifton, Colvile of Arncliffe, Colville Colvile of Bytham
Gerald de Camville of Lilburne Castle a 1140
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It is really something to sing and dance about.
Dig up those old bones and get them dancing!

m. ?? de Ver dau of Aubrey de Ver wife of the father of Richard, possibly but perhaps not mother of ...
1. Richard de Camville, Governor of Cyprus
m. Alice a 1143 wife of Richard, presumed mother of ...
A. Gerald or Gerard de Camville of Lincoln Castle
m. Nichola de Haya dau of Richard de Haya
i. Richard de Camville
m. Eustachia Basset b c1176, d 1215, dau of Gilbert Basset
a. Idonea de Camville b c1208, d 1269/70 or 1251/52
m. c1216 William de Longespee Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Salisbury b c1200, d 07.02.1250
B. Walter de Camville
i. Roger de Camville of Creeke
a. Matilda de Camville dsp
m. Nigel de Mowbray
ii. Patronilla de Camville
m. Richard Curzon
iii. Matilda de Camville
m. Thomas de Astley a 1216
iv. Alicia de Camville
m. Robert de Esseby
C. Richard de Camville d Acre 1190/1
m. Milicent de Brabant identified on a web site presumably the widow of Robert de Marmion
i. Richard de Camville dsp
m. Milicent Stanton identified on a web site
ii. Isabel de Camville
m. Richard or Robert de Harcourt d 1202
D. William de Camville of Clifton
m. Albreda or Auberee Marmion a 1233, dau of Geoffrey Marmion of Clifton and Arrow
BE1883 shows Geoffrey, 1st Lord, as the elder son of William and Albreda. Noting that this was as reported by Dugdale, TCP shows the connection more distantly as follows ...
i. Geoffrey de Camville or Canville of Clifton d by 1219
TCP notes that there were long disputes between Geoffrey's sons as to who was 'of Clifton'.
m1. div Felice dau of Philip de Worcester
a. Richard de Camville or Canville of Clifton presumed father of ...
1 Maud de Camville
m. Sir Richard de Stafford of Clifton
m2. Leuca d 1236, granddau of William de Braoise
b. William de Camville or Canville of Clifton d 1260
m. Lucy a 08.1284
1 Geoffrey de Camville or Canville, 1st Lord of Clifton d before 21.09.1308
m1. Maud de Bryan dau of Sir Guy de Bryan
A William de Camville or Canville, 2nd Lord of Clifton d before 27.07.1338
BE1883 reports that different sources report differently as to William's daughters. We follow TCP.
i Maud Matilda de Camville
m. Richard de Vernoun, younger of Haddon dvp before 03.02.1322/3
ii Alianore de Camville d unm
iii Isabel de Camville
m. Gilbert de Bermingham
iv Nicole de Camville
m. John de Saint Clere
v Katherine de Camville
m. Robert de Greseleye
m2. Joan
ii. William de Camville of Sekerton or Sekendon
m. Isend
a. Thomas de Camville
1 ?? de Camville this generation omitted by Visitation Leicestershire, 1619, Burdet
A Sir Gerard or Galfred de Camville of Arrow
i Elizabeth de Camville, heiress of Arrow
m. Robert Burdett d 1333
iii. Thomas de Camville
E. Matilda de Camville a 1185
m. William de Ros
Possibly connected to family of the Colviles of Carleton. Colvile was the following Philip. According to TCP, the arms of this family were 'or, a fess gules'.
Co27.Philip de Colvile in Yorkshire a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154 succeeded by ...
Co26 William de Colvile of Birham Bytham Castle, Lincolnshire a 1216
m. Maude
Co25 Roger not Robert de Colvile a 1216
m. Beatrice a 10.1265
Co24 Walter de Colvile or Colville, '1st Lord' d 1276/7
BE1883 reports that Walter was summoned to parliament as a Baron but TCP reports that the writ "issued in rebellion, should not create a peerage dignity."
m. Isabel or Elizabeth
Co23 Roger de Colvile or Colville of Bytham Castle, Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk, '2nd Lord' b c1250, d 1287/8
BE1883 reports that Roger paid a fine in 1285/6 for permission to marry Ermentrude and suggests that Ermentrude was mother of his children. TCP does not mention her but identifies Roger's wife as Margaret de Brewes. TCP Basset of Sapcote identifies Margaret as mother of Elizabeth. His death only about a year after marrying Ermentrude leads us to believe that Margaret was mother of all of Roger's children. One site shows the birth of Alice as 1286 which indicates tha the first three children were by Margaret and the fourth by Ermentrude.
m1. Margaret de Brewes dau of Sir Richard de Brewes of Stinton by Alice, dau of William le Rus of Stinton
Co22-1 Edmund de Colvile or Colville of Bytham Castle, '3rd Lord' b 25.01.1287/8, d 1315/6
m. Margaret d'Ufford a 02.1318/9, dau of Robert d'Ufforde of Ufford by Mary
Co22-1-1 Roger de Colvile or Colville of Bytham Castle, 1st '4th' Lord b 20.10.1304, d before 06.05.1368
TCP identifies as the first 'true' Baron. TCP reports that he was succeeded by his grandson Robert, son of Walter. BE1883 reports that his son Walter succeeded but that Walter's son Walter who dvp was father of Robert, the last baron. We follow TCP.
m. before 22.05.1329 Cicely
i Walter de Colvile or Colville b c1340, dvp
m. Giles Bassingbourne dau of Giles Bassingbourne, son of Humphrey of Abington
a Robert de Colvile or Colville of Bytham Castle, 2nd Lord b c1364, d unm 14.07.1369
Co22-2 Elizabeth Colville
m. Sir Ralph Basset of Sapcote & Cheadle d 1322
Co22-3 Margaret Colville
m1. Guy Gubaud
m2. Sir John Gernun
Co22 ?Alice Colville supposedly of this family and possibly in this generation. born about or before 1286 unless by Ermentrude.
m.John Gernon Ge22
m2. c1285/6 Ermentrude widow of Stephen de Cressy
Noting that the arms of the following family were, according to TCP, 'or, a fesse, in chief 3 roundlets, gules', it seems certain that the following family was a closely connected branch of the family just above.
Sir Philip de Colvile of Thimleby, Foxton & Ellerbeck a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189
1. Sir William de Colvile
A. Sir Philip de Colvile of Thimbleby & Sigston, Yorkshire d before 1270
m. Engelise Ingram dau of Robert Ingram or Engeram of Ingleby Arncliffe, Dale & Helserton
i. William Colvile of Sigston, Lord of Dale dsp before 17.02.1299/1300
ii. Sir Philip Colvile of Thimbleby dsp
iii. Sir Robert Colvile
m. Elizabeth Conyers dau of Sir John Conyers
a. Sir William Colvile
m1. Joan Fauconberg dau of Sir John Fauconberg
1 Sir John Colvile of Arncliffe & Dale
m. Alice Darcy dau of John, Lord Darcy
A Sir Robert Colvile of Arncliffe
m. Elizabeth Fulthorpe dau of Sir William Fulthorpe
i Sir John Colvile dsp
m. Elizabeth Tylliol dau of Sir Piers Tylliol
B Joane Colvile
m. Sir William Mauleverer of Wothersome a 1463
C Isabel Colvile
m1. John Wandesford of Kirklington
m2. William Fencotes of Bishopton
m2. Joan? St. Quintin sister of Anthony St. Quintin
2 Marmaduke Colvile dsp
b. Elizabeth Colvile
m. Henry Sarazin
c.+ other issue dsp - Philip, Marian

1 For Camville BE1883 Camville of Clifton, TCP Canville or Camville with a little support from Visitation Leicestershire, 1619, Burdet
2 For Colvile of Bytham Castle BE1883 Colvile, TCP Coleville of Bytham
3 For Colvile of Arncliffe Visitation Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Maleverer of Wodersome with a little support from TCP Coleville of Dale
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