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    Co9 Sarah COPPAGE

    Sarah Coppage was of an old Eastern Shore family and the daughter of -->
    Birth: by 1727 Eastern Shore, Md d 1765
    Mitochondrial HVR1 Mutations 16295T and 16519C transmittable in the maternal line. Other mitosearch users with these mutations: GZ7UR, BD9TC, 6WGV5, Y3C7C, NQ5NT, RDEUP, FGAT8, UCR6Z
    m William Cumming (AFN: 9BXW-2X) Family
    Marriage: 1750

    Children of William Cumming and Sarah Coppage are:

    John (?William) Coppedge b c 1700 and Elizabeth BAYSE (AFN: 9BXW-34) Pedigree (The CD available from shows her descent from Edmond Basye and Eliza Taylor, who first appeared in public records in the new world, in Northumberland County, Virginia, in 1669, and her marraiage to John Coppedge. See the name list of the CD below.) and Peter Presley.. He was of no known relation to Nathaniel Pope but there is sufficient proximity in time, place and social status to expect to find a relationship. Event(s): Sarah's birth date of 1735 shown by many sources contradicts the pedigree source shown below, which seems plausible but incomplete in listing children. Assuming William Cumming was deported from Scotland in 1746 and served indenture for 6 or 7 years a marriage in 1753/4 would seem likely. The indenture could not been und Sarah's father and would have to have been under her brother. So Sarah's date of birth must have been before or shortly after her father's date of death in 1727. So she was probably older than her husband. A brother with a spinster sister would probably have welcomed such a young indentured man with courage enough to fight at the Battle of Colloden as brother-in-law. Furthermore, the woman in the picture seems to be older than 30, 45 or older seems more likely. so if she died in 1765 she must have been born about 1720.

    Cu8-1 Anna Cumming, b. 1751; d. 1813; m. JOHN CAMPBELL, JR..
    Cu8 Elizabeth Cumming, b. 15 Oct 1752; d. 29 Mar 1836, married 1st Nicholas Hobbs, 2nd .
    Cu8-3 Major General Robert Cumming, b. 1754; d. 14 Nov 1825.
    Cu8-4 Sarah Cumming, b. Abt. 1754, Frederick Co., MD; d. 1811, KY.
    Cu8-5 Jane Cumming, b. Abt. 1756; d. Abt. 1838.
    Cu8-6 Catherine Cumming, b. Abt. 1758.
    Cu8-7 Thomas Cumming, b. 30 May 1765; d. 05 Mar 1834.

    Coppage of Virginia

    by Erin Spiceland
    Co13 Richard Coppidge b c 1585 Chelworth Wilts m Avis Embury b c 1587
    Co12. William Coppidge b c 1615 d 1684
    m Elizabeth
    Co11 William Coppage/Coppedge b circa 1648 Northumberland, Va d 1700 in Va
    m1 Anne Knight + 2 sons dau of ->
    m2 Jane wid Forest
    +1 Peter Knight
    m Frances Anne Hawley b before 1641
    -a Alice Hawley b c 1632 m William clayton/? Samuel Munns
    -c Edward Hawley b c 1642 d in 1680
    -d Mary Hawley m Jacob Lucas
    -e Henry Hawley
    +2 James Hawley immigrated to Va c 1641
    m Anne x b c 1615 d c 1656
    -1 Charles Coppage/Coppedge Sr b c 1687 Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co Va d May 13, 1750 in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co
    m Lucy Lunsford b 1708 Northumberland Co Va d 1740 Wicomico dau of John Lunsford b 1667 d 1731 and Elizabeth Swanson
    -1 William Coppedge/Coppage b c 1715 d 1766 Wicomico Northumberland Co
    -2 Mary Coppedge b 1731 d 1790 NC m Swanson Prichard Pritchard
    -3 Moses Aaron Coppedge/Coppage b c 9 Nov 1735 d 19 Apr 1801 Washington/Marion Co Ky m Mary Jane Catlett b 1738 Bransfield Culpeper Co Va d 1815 Ky dau of John Catlett and Mary Ann Grayson b c 1718
    -4 Lazarus Coppage
    -5 Charles Coppage Jr.
    -6 Isaac Coppedge
    -1-1 Charles Coppedge b c 1735 Wicomico River d 1800 Northumberland Co m Elizabeth Basye b c 1744
    -2-1 Mary/Patsy Pritchard m Capt Elisha Webb b 1750 d 1793 son of John Webb and Mary Clayborne b 1726 Brunswick NC d Northampton NC
    -2-2 Mary Webb
    -3-1 Nancy "Ann" Coppedge
    -3-2 James Coppedge
    -3-3 William COPPEDGE
    -3-4 Frances COPPEDGE
    -3-5 Margaret "Peggy" Jane COPPEDGE
    -3-6 Travis COPPEDGE
    -3-7 George COPPEDGE
    -3-8 Elizabeth COPPEDGE
    -3-9 Lucretia COPPEDGE
    -3-10 Alexander Carroll Coppedge
    -3-11 Mary Coppage

    -1-1-1 Isaac Basye Coppedge b 15 Apr 1760 d 1846 m Sarah Jackson b c 1775 Brunswick Va
    -2-1-1 William Webb Sr

    -1-1-1-1 John Jackson Coppedge b 2 Oct 1796 Va d 20 Aug 1865 Haywood TN m1 Elizabeth Pinkney Alexander m2 Isabella Rhea Paxton
    Co10John Coppage Sr b 1682 d 21 Jun 1727 Northumberland Co Va
    m Elizabeth Basye d 1727 Northumberland Co
    -1 John Coppage Jr b c 1720 Northumberland Co d 27 Mar 1763 Fauquier Co Va m Elizabeth Dameron b c 1724 Northumberland Co dau of Christopher Dameron and Sarah Ball she m2 Isaac Coppedge
    -2? Sarah Coppage b c 1725 d 1765 m William Cumming see above.
    -1-1 William Coppage b 1758 Northumberland Co d 1806 Bristersburg Fauquier Co m Mary Tippet b 1770 d 1807 -1-1-1 Payton Coppage b 1800 Fauquier Co d Mt Sterling Brown Co IL m Jane Barlow b 30 Nov 1801 Fauquier Co d 1884 Mt Sterling

    Notes for SARAH COPPAGE:
    Virkus, Vol 1, p 909. ?Table of the Descendants of William Cumming,? DAR Library. Letters from Montgomery Cumming to Allen Dorsey, 1903, 1904, in Genealogy and History of These Families: William Cumming, Dorsey, Black, Weisel by Edith L Burrell, Findlay OH. Miss Burrell states that Sarah Coppage was ?of an old Eastern-shore MD family.?
    Coppage Pedigree
    Co13. William Coppedge
    m Faye Nelson
    Co12Richard Coppedge b 1585 in Chelworth, Wilts England; d 1648 in Chelworth, Wilts England.
    m Avis Embury b abt. 1590 in Chelworth, Wilts, England; d Abt. 1650 in Chelworth, Wilts England.
    Co11-1 Edward Coppedge, b Oct 1608 in Chelworth Wilts England; d 1677 in Isle of Kent, Md biographical data
    married Elizabeth Risby 1652; born Abt. 1620; died September 09, 1669 in Isle of Kent, Maryland. Notes for Edward Coppedge: He was brought by Lewis Burwell in 1648. MARYLAND INDEXES: (Assessment of 1783, Index) 1783 Queen Anne's County 1783 MSA S 1437 Edward Coppage. Hawkins Pharsalia, pt, 200 acres. Notes: For Stoop's Heirs. QA Tuckahoe District p. 28. MSA S1161-8-11. 1/4/5/51
    Co11-2 John Coppedge, b 1612 in Chelworth, Wilts England; d 1654 in Lower Norfolk Co Va. Notes for John Coppedge: MARYLAND INDEXES (Assessment of 1783, Index) 1783 Queen Anne's County 1783 MSA S 1437 John Coppage. Indian Spring, 100 acres. QA Island District p. 69. MSA S1161-8-10. 1/4/5/51 John Coppage. Coppages Range, pt, 13 acres. QA Island District p. 69. MSA S1161-8-10. 1/4/5/51
    Co11 William COPPEDGE (AFN: JC2K-T5) b about 1660
    m Patience DOWNING (AFN: JC2K-VB)
    m1/2 Ann KNIGHT (AFN: JC2K-M4)
    Peter Knight
    m Anne Hawley
    James Hawley, b 1605 in Wales d 1677 in Westmoreland Va.
    m Ann
    Co10-1 Isaac Coppedge
    Co10-2 Moses Coppedge
    Co10-3 William Coppedge, born 1678 in Northumberland Co., Va d August 16, 1732 in Northumberland Co., Virginia.
    Co10 John COPPEDGE (AFN: JC2K-PG) (Birth: 1679 -1685 St Sampson Perish, Chelworth, England Death: 31 MAR 1738 , Northumberland, Virginia) or Abt. 1682/5 Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Va, d 1727
    , Northumberland, Virginia Submitter: Ronald L. JACKSON, 7 E. Washington St. Suite 904 Hagerstown, MD 21740
    m?1 Bef 1724 Elizabeth BAYSE b 1682 d 1752 (AFN: JC2K-KR)
    m?2 about 1719 Bridget (may be m2 or m3 of son John)
    dau of Edmund Bayse
    m Eliza Taylor
    John Taylor
    m Alice Gascoigne
    Co9-1John COPPEDGE (AFN: JC2K-WH) b 31 Jan 1710 Northumberland C, Virginia d 1746 Northumberland, Va Will: 13 JAN 1746 (Death also given as 27 Mar 1763 but this seems to be a grandson of Co10)
    , Fauquer Co Va There are conflicting reports that seem to confuse him with his father.
    Marriage Judith DAMERON (AFN: 1RQT-6WX) ?m1/2 about 1741 Fauquier, Virginia Elizabeth Dameron b about 1724 Northumberland, Va Submitter: Andrea M NOWLIN 2692 W Deshong Drive Pendleton, IN 46064
    dau of Christopher Dameron
    m 1700 Sarah Ball (AFN: JC2M-C1)
    Captain George Ball
    m Grace Haynie
    Co9-1-1William Coppedge, born Abt. 1740 in Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co., Virginia; died 1806 in Bristerburg, Fauquier Co., Virginia; married Mary Tippett July 15, 1791 in Fauquier Co., Virginia.
    Co9-1-2Elizabeth Coppage, born 1745 in Fauquier Co., Virginia; died Abt. 1839 in Kentucky; married John Leewright December 11, 1767 in Fauquier Co., Virginia; born Abt. 1742 in Stafford, Virginia; died 1785 in Prince William, Virginia.
    Co9-1-?3John Coppage b About 1720 Northumberland, Va d 1760 -1 Possibly of this branch was:
    y Coppedge b about 1745
    -1-1 John Coppedge b about 1770 -1-1-1 Maria Coppedge b about 1800
    m Hartwell Temple b 10 Jun 1800 VA d Chester Co TN
    -1-1-1-1 x Temple b about 1839 m Samuel Johnson b 8 Feb 1829 -1-1-1-1-1 Ann Temple Johnson b 31 May 1862 Sherman TY d 1942 Cherokee City AR m Benjamin Franklin Howerton
    -1-1-1-1-1-1 Solomon Emory Howerton ancestor of Dea Ann Heinen, author's DNA match
    Co9Sarah COPPAGE (AFN: JC2K-G8) F Family Birth: Abt 1724 ?Northumberland, Virginia b 1737 - 1739 Eastern Shore, Maryland Death: 1765
    Marriages: about 1752 WILLIAM CUMMING
    Co10-5 James Coppedge78, born 1684 in Northumberland Co., Virginia; died July 13, 1741 in Northumberland Co., Virginia.
    Co10-6 Anne Coppedge born 1685 in Northumberland Co Va.
    Co10-7 Charles Coppedge, b 1687 in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co Va d 1750 in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co Va probably the same Charles
    Source: se aboe +

    John Coppage Compact Disc #72 Pin #959462 Birth: 1693 Place: d 1728
    Spouse: Elizabeth (Christopher) Dameron Disc #72 Pin #959463

    John Coppedge Compact Disc #9 Pin #505226
    Birth: 1672-1706 Place:
    Death: 1729-1791 Place:
    Spouse: Elizabeth Basye Disc #9 Pin #507078
    Marriage: 1720-1724 Place: Virginia
    Submitter: Tina WEBSTER 402 Rosewood Drive, Washington, Illinois, United States of America 61571

    John Coppage Senior Compact Disc #37 Pin #980770
    Birth: abt 1710 Place:
    Spouse: Elizabeth Basye Disc #37 Pin #980771
    Submitter: Judy LUTZ 1125 Topaz Street Corona, California 92882

    Elizabeth BASEY BAISEYE (AFN: 1DZW-J45) Pedigree
    Birth: Abt. 1710
    <, Prince Wm. Co., Va.>
    Spouse: Richard OLDHAM (AFN: 1DZW-J3X) Family

    Elizabeth BASYE (AFN: 1CK2-MH6) Pedigree
    Sex: F Family
    Birth: Abt 1724 , Va
    Father: Edmond Aka Bayse BASYE JR. (AFN: 12X7-JJ3)
    Mother: Lydia KARENHAPPUCH (AFN: 1CK2-MFR)

    Elizabeth BASYE (AFN: 12X7-0GW) Pedigree
    Sex: F Family
    Birth: Abt. 1734
    <, Northumberland Co., Va>
    Father: Edmond Aka Bayse BASYE JR. (AFN: 12X7-JJ3)
    Mother: Kerenhappuck(?) (AFN: 12X7-0FP)
    Spouse: Richard OLDHAM (AFN: 12X7-0C9) Family
    Marriage: 1731 Westmoreland, Virginia

    Elizabeth BAYSE (AFN: JC2K-KR) Pedigree
    Birth: Abt 1682
    , Northumberland, Virginia
    Death: 1727 , , Virginia
    Father: Edmund BAYSE (AFN: JC2K-HF) Family
    Mother: Elizabeth TAYLOR (AFN: JC2K-JL)
    Spouse: John COPPEDGE (AFN: JC2K-PG) Family
    Marriage: Abt 1720

    Elizabeth BAYSE (AFN: 1FZD-N9V) Pedigree
    Birth: Abt 1689, Northumberland, Va
    Father: Edmond Aka Bayse BASYE (AFN: 1C61-6K) Family
    Mother: Eliza TAYLOR (AFN: 1C61-7Q)
    Spouse: John COPPEDGE (AFN: 1FZD-N8N) Family
    Marriage: Bef 1724

    Christening: 02 NOV 1701 Downham, Cambridge, England
    Father: WILLIAM Family
    Mother: MARY

    Christening: 19 NOV 1706 Sharnbrook, Bedford, England
    Father: THOMAS BAYSE Family
    Mother: JUDITH

    Birth: About 1710 Wimico Parish, , Northumberland, Virginia
    Death: About 1810
    Spouse: RICHARD OLDHAM Family
    Marriage: 1730 Wimico Parish, , Northumberland, Virginia ??1732 <, Caswell, North Carolina>

    Elizabeth Bayse
    Birth: About 1682 , Northumberland, Virginia
    Death: 1727 , Northumberland, Virginia
    Father: Edmund Bayse Family
    Mother: Elizabeth Taylor

    Elizabeth Basye Compact Disc #40 Pin #389464
    Birth: abt 1711 Place:
    Death: aft 1746 Place:
    Father: Edmond Basye Disc #40 Pin #394170
    Mother: Lylia Karenhappuck Disc #40 Pin #394171
    Spouse: Richard Oldham Disc #40 Pin #389463
    Marriage: abt 1730 Place:
    Submitter: William LABACH 141 N. Upper Street, Lexington, KY, 40507, United States of America

    Elizabeth Bayse Compact Disc #90 Pin #748714
    Birth: 1711 Place: VA ?
    Birth: 1715 Place: VA
    Death: aft 1745 Place:
    Father: Edmond Bayse , Jr. Disc #90 Pin #748912
    Mother: Lylia Karenhappuck Disc #90 Pin #748914
    Spouse: Richard Oldham Disc #90 Pin #748706
    Marriage: 1732 Place: Caswell Co., NC ?
    Legal Issues: 5 Dec 1745 Place: Northumberland Co., VA
    Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 90
    Submitter: Kelley PATERNO 5300 N. Braeswood #111, Houston, TX, 77096, United States of America

    Elizabeth Basye Compact Disc #89 Pin #510942
    Birth: abt 1713 Place:
    Spouse: Richard Oldham Disc #89 Pin #510936
    Marriage: 1731 Place:
    Submitter: Sarah CALL 194 Coral Dr NE Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124

    Elizabeth Basye Compact Disc #92 Pin #682179
    Birth: 1714 Place: Northumberland Co., Virginia
    Father: Edmond Jr. Basye Disc #92 Pin #682180
    Mother: Lylia Karenhappuch Garland Disc #92 Pin #682181
    Spouse: Richard 3 Oldham Disc #92 Pin #682178
    Marriage: 1731 Place:
    Spouse: Edmund Pearce Disc #92 Pin #682836
    Submitter: Clifton PEPPER 10515 South Ashwood Court Highlands Ranch Colorado 80129

    Elizabeth Bayse Compact Disc #41 Pin #94705 (AFN: 1CK2-MHG)
    Birth: abt 1724 Place: , Northumberland, Virginia, USA
    Father: Edmond Bayse Jr Disc #41 Pin #94686
    Mother: Lydia KARENHAPPUCH Disc #41 Pin #94688
    Submitter: Margaret MITCHELL 117 Mariwood Drive Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

    Eliabeth Basye Compact Disc #5 Pin #209785
    Birth: 1740 Place: of, Northumberland, Virginia
    Father: William Bayse Disc #5 Pin #209368
    Mother: Rebecca Martin Disc #5 Pin #209367
    Spouse: Charles Coppedge Disc #5 Pin #209794
    Marriage: abt 1759 Place: of, Virginia
    Submitter: Ronnie B & Dixie Lee (Arthur) Turley 801 Hopi Trail, Dewey, Az 86327

    Elizabeth Bayse Compact Disc #110 Pin #354123
    Birth: abt 1740 Place: Married Ann Pepper
    Father: Edmond Bayse Disc #110 Pin #354124
    Spouse: Richard Oldham Jr. Disc #110 Pin #354122
    Submitter: Cheryl MILLS 603 Porteur Point, Cedar Grove, NC, 27231, United States of America

    Elizabeth Basye Compact Disc #72 Pin #704416
    Birth: 1740 Place: , , Northumberland, VA
    Death: 1768 Place: , , Mecklenburg, VA
    Spouse: Charles Coppedge Disc #72 Pin #704415
    Notes: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 72
    Submitter: Mary Louise STULTS 3915 Puckett Drive Amarillo TX 79109

    Elizabeth Basye Compact Disc #39 Pin #805651
    Father: Edmund Basye, Jr Disc #39 Pin #805716
    Mother: Lylia Karenhappuck Disc #39 Pin #805717
    Spouse: Richard William Oldham Disc #39 Pin #805650
    Marriage: abt 1715 Place: Northumberland County, VA
    Submitter: Bev MCALLISTER 2006 West 10th St The Dalles, OR 97058

    Elizabeth Basey Compact Disc #77 Pin #487727
    Birth: Place: ,Prince Wm,Virginia
    Spouse: Richard Oldham Disc #77 Pin #487716
    Marriage: bef 1733 Place: ,Prince Wm,Virginia
    Submitter: Paul Earl FISHER 109 Cactus Cove Paris TN Branch, Paducah Kentucky Stake Paris, Tennessee 38242

    Elizabeth Basye Compact Disc #60 Pin #543223
    Birth: abt 1715 Place:
    Death: bet 1739 and 1809 Place:
    Father: Edmund Basye Disc #60 Pin #543224
    Mother: Elizabeth Taylor Disc #60 Pin #543225
    Spouse: John Coppage Disc #60 Pin #543222
    Marriage: bet 1729 and 1739 Place:
    Sources: Available on CD-ROM Disc# 60

    Submitter: P KENT United Kingdom

    Marriage bonds in Fauquier County Virgina:
    September 17, 1783, William Coppage and Sarah Realey
    September 28, 1785, Daniel Cummins and Sarah Sullivan
    October 25, 1786, John Coppage and Peggy Raley

    Basye Genealogy

    Description of the Volume


    This Index of Names of Persons shows frequently two or more persons having the same name
    or similar names. In order to assist the reader in identifying the name of the person sought for,
    the name of the spouse, if known to the compiler, is added and the characteristic number given.
    And where known to the compiler, the Index shows the maiden names of the daughters of other
    families who married into the Basye family; also the Surnames of the men who married Basye
    daughters are shown. Thus it is easy to see the tie-in with other families.

    Abston, Margaret J. I.254
    Abston, William (m. Martha C. Basye) H.394
    Adams, --- (m. Annie Reynolds) G.402
    Adams, Florence (m. Benjamin Basye) H.347
    Adams, Robert (m. Lucy Cordell) E.32
    Akers, Bettie M. (m. Harry Robert Basye) H.108
    Akers, Rosa Anna (m. Ernest Osborn Basye) H.107
    Albrite, Maria Antonia (m. Raphael Basye) F.135
    Allen, Grace Truman (m. James Davis Basye) G.179
    Allen, Lottie (m. Henry Clay Basye) G.130
    Amiss, Elton (m. Edmund Kemper) F.117, F.182
    Amiss, John (m. Lavinia Basye) E.74
    Amiss, Philip (m. Polly Basye) E.78
    Amiss, Philip N. (m. Edna Basye) E.79
    Anderson, Anna (m. Chauncey Basye) H.50
    Anderson, Velma Irene (m. Richard George Basye) I.218
    Andrews, Clara E. A. (m. James C. G. Smith) G.111
    Andrews, Seymour G. (m. Mary E Basye) H.355
    Applebee, Ilene I.42
    Applebee, Marjorie I.44
    Applebee, Melvin (m. Hazel Basye) H.51
    Applebee, Rex I.43
    Arango, Augusto G. (m. Helen F. Barrett) I.99
    Arkle, Ethel (m. Larimore Basye) H.184
    Arnette, --- (m. Carrie Clifton) H.80
    Aros, Magdelena (m. Edward J. Basye) G.358
    Ashpaugh, John (m. Ann C. Basye) G.2
    Ashpaugh, Nancy (m. Isaac Basye) F.9
    Atchison, Franklin P. (m. Catherine Basye) G.255
    Atchison, --- H.271
    Avernell, Robert (m. Marie Arkle Basye) I.113
    Avery, Laura E. (m. Isaac Walter Basye) G.104
    Aylor, James (m. Ruth Minnie Basye) J.4
    Aynes, Elwood I.212
    Aynes, Francis I.215
    Aynes, Ida Belle I.214
    Aynes, Israel (m. Ellen Basye) H.339
    Aynes, Kenneth I.217
    Aynes, Olen Van Buren I.213
    Aynes, Rachel I.216
    Ayres, Prudence (m. Joseph J. Basye) F.6
    Ayres, Rebecca (m. William Basye) F.1

    Bailey, Alice (m. Charles H. Basye) H.143
    Baker, Baysey (m. Hannah Willet) C.26
    Baker, Elvira (m. James J. Basye) F.22
    Baker, John C.25
    Baker, John (m. Lydia Basye) B.11
    Baker, Joseph C.27
    Ballard, Thomas J. (m. Billie Ann Basye) I.248
    Ballew, Agnes (m. John Walter Basye) E.5
    Baltimore, Rt. Hon'ble Caecilius Lord See under A.1
    Banks, Sarah (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Barclay (or Barkley), Jane (m. Samuel N. Basye) F.28
    Barnes, May V. (m. Augustus D. Cloyd) H.330
    Barnett, Margaret (m. Michael M. Basye) F.115
    Barrett, Alfred L. (m. Josephine Helen Basye) H.156
    Barrett, Helen Florence (m. Augusto G. Arango) I.99
    Barrickman, Charles (m. Lillie Belle Basye) G.154
    Bashaw, Elizabeth (m. John Basye) D.6
    Bashaw, Epaphroditus See under D.6
    Bashaw, Frances (m. Isaac Basye) D.30
    Basye (First name not known to compiler) C.12, C.19, D.2, F.15, F.51, G.102, G.108, G.216, G.366, H.150, H.163, H.164, H.190, H.194, H.227, H.405, H.416, I.170, I.186
    Basye, Aaron Augustus G.186
    Basye, Abner F.93
    Basye, Abner B. (in. Velma Kelly) H.110
    Basye, Abner Bolton (m. Emma Jane Lewis) G.77
    Basye, Abram Hess F.94
    Basye, Achsah (McClure) (m. Elias Basye) E.11
    Basye, Ada (Scott) (m. Augustus T. Basye) G.321
    Basye, Ada May (m. Ira Bradley) H.32
    Basye, Adaline H.400
    Basye, Addie (Garrett) (m. James W. Basye) H.258
    Basye, Adoshea Duel (McNutt) (m. Taylor Basye) E.56
    Basye, Adrean (m. John Lord) A.4
    Basye, Agnes (m. Hugh Boyle) G.91
    Basye, Agnes (m. William Thomas Basye) G.152
    Basye, Agnes (Ballew) (m. John Walter Basye) E.5
    Basye, Agnes Jemima (m. William Craig) G.189
    Basye, Alan (m. Jenelle Johnson) H.402
    Basye, Albert (m. Valley Henson) G.416
    Basye, Albert H.383
    Basye, Alexander C.18
    Basye, Alexander (m. Louisa --- G.85
    Basye, Alfred G.92
    Basye, Alfred I.252
    Basye, Alfred DeWitt (m. Alice Posey) H.349
    Basye, Alfred E. I.232
    Basye, Alfred Elizmond (m. Vera Diven) H.395
    Basye, Alfred J. "Major" (m. Frances Wilton Robinson) E.69
    Basye, Alfred J. (m. Helen Walker) F.140
    Basye, Alfred James (m. Ella Alvira Ellis) G.298
    Basye, Alice (m. --- Herrera) G.354
    Basye, Alice (m. Joseph Victor Basye) H.350
    Basye. Alice H.377
    Basye, Alice (Bailey) (m. Charles H. Basye) H.143
    Basye, Alice (Hatten) (m. Francis Maynard Basye) H.188
    Basye, Alice (Marble) (m. Elmo Basye) H.418
    Basye, Alice (Posey) (m. Alfred DeWitt Basye) H.349
    Basye, Alice Laura (m. James Moses) G.30
    Basye, Alice Smith I.78
    Basye, Alia (Mason) (m. Arthur Basye) H.155
    Basye, Allen G.18
    Basye, Allen Gillespie (m. Lucy Turney) H.182
    Basye, Alonzo (m.1. Mary Alice Prichard, m.2. Amanda Jones) H.256
    Basye, Alta May (Kates) (m. George Lee Basye) I.142
    Basye, Alton Isaac (m. Tressie Stewart) H.25
    Basye, Alton W. I.4
    Basye, Amy C. H.236
    Basye, Amanda (Jones) (m. Alonzo Basye) H.256
    Basye, Amelia (Phillips) (m. Andrew Jackson Basye) G.20
    Basye, Andrew B. (m. Anna Mae ---) I.1
    Basye, Andrew Douglass (m. Thursey Goodhart) G.1
    Basye, Andrew Jackson (m.1. Amelia Phillips, m.2. Nancy Wyatt) G.20
    Basye, Ann, see also Anna, Anne, Annie.
    Basye, Ann (m. --- Lee) F.129
    Basye, Ann (m.1. Dupuy Snell, m.2. Charles Schilling) G.282
    Basye, Ann C. (m. John P. Ashpaugh) G.2
    Basye, Ann E. (Smith) (m. John Basye) F.206
    Basye, Ann Eliza (Grady) (m. Nathan John Basye) F.97
    Basye, Ann (Templeton) (m. John Walter Basye) E.5
    Basye, Ann (Watson) (m. Joseph Jackson Basye) F.14
    Basye, Anna Lillian (m.1. W. E. Stroup, m.2. John H. Renick) G.363
    Basye, Anna (m. Thomas H. Basye) G.284
    Basye, Anna (Anderson) (m. Chauncey Basye) H.50
    Basye, Anna (m. Eugene Albert Jewett) H.72
    Basye, Anna (m. John McCowen) F.207
    Basye, Anna (Hassett) (m. Lloyd Irvin Basye) H.37
    Basye, Anna B. (m. L. K. Watkins) H.2
    Basye, Anna B. I.157
    Basye, Anna (Carryer) (m. Edmond Washington B. Basye) F.87
    Basye, Anna Caroline G.24
    Basye, Anna Caroline (m. Basil Ennis) H.14
    Basye, Anna E. (m. --- McIntosh) G.155
    Basye, Anna E. (Wyckoff) (m. Elijah M. Basye) G.177
    Basye, Anna Elvira (m. George W. Davis) G.105
    Basye, Anna J. (m. William A. Hinton) F.112
    Basye, Anna M. (m. Joseph E. Krout) G.212
    Basye, Anna May (m. Amos Groves) H.264
    Bayse, Anna Mae (m. Andrew B. Basye) I.1
    Basye, Anne Eliza G.374
    Basye, Anna M. (m. George K. Biser) F.123
    Basye, Annfield E.53
    Basye, Annie (m. James McMillian) G.423
    Basye, Annie (Covington) (m. Jesse Basye) G.415
    Basye, Annie (Currier or Carryer) (m. Edmond Washington B. Basye) F.87
    Basye, Annie A. (Coyle) (m. Edward Edmond Basye) G.131
    Basye, Annie Ball (Harding) (m. Henry Basye) F.72
    Basye, Annie Berry H.451
    Basye, Annie H. (m. Homer B. Funkhouser) G.262
    Basye, Antonette (Prohaska) (m. Felix Jesse Basye) H.197
    Basye, Antonio F. 137
    Basye, Arizona (m. S. T. McDonald) H.445
    Basye, Arlie (or Ollie) (m. Geo. A. Warner) G.287
    Basye, Arline I.14
    Basye, Armilda (Campbell) (m. James D. Basye) F.47
    Basye, Armilda Ennis G.180
    Basye, Arthur J.9
    Basye, Arthur K.2
    Basye, Arthur Adolphus (m.1. Ellen Harney, m.2. Maggie Stout) H.96
    Basye, Arthur Allen (m. Alia Mason) H.155
    Basye, Arthur Herbert (m. Creola Ford) H.168
    Basye, Ashby (m. Margaret Evans) G.414
    Basye, Ashby Lee (m. Murtle Maud Moos) H.414
    Basye, Augustus T. (m. Ada Stott) G.321
    Basye, Aurora (Storms) (m. Robert E. L. Basye) G.191
    Basye, Avona Mae I.222
    Basye, Barbara I.38
    Basye, Barbara Ann I.100
    Basye, Barbara Elizabeth (m. Dean Victor White) J.51
    Basye, Belle (Dunlap) (m. John T. Basye) H.301
    Basye, Benjamin, see also Bennie
    Basye, Benjamin (m. Ruthy Tapp) E.76
    Basye, Benjamin G.250
    Basye, Benjamin G.418
    Basye, Benjamin G. (m. Dorothy Umbanhowar) H.172
    Basye, Benjamin (m. Florence Adams) H.347
    Basye, Benjamin I.275
    Basye, Bennie Woodson (m. Wade H. Spillman) H.360
    Basye, Bernard Francis (m. Marguerite E. ---) I.144
    Basye, Bernice Leone I.119
    Basye, Bertha K.7
    Basye, Bertha (Lacey) (m. John Floyd Basye) I.164
    Basye, Bertha Adella (m. Mahlon E. Layne) H.95
    Basye, Bertha Pearle (m. Albert D. McConnell) H.142
    Basye, Bertie Elizabeth I.199
    Basye, Bessie, (see also Betsey, Bettie, Betty, Elizabeth, Lizzie)
    Basye, Bessie H.73
    Basye, Bessie (Cummings) (m. Pearl Clinton Basye) I.160
    Basye, Betsey, (see also Betty, Betsy, Bettie, Elizabeth, Lizzie)
    Basye, Betsey E.21
    Basye, Betsey (Cundiff) (m. Elizamond Basye) E.97
    Bettie, (see also Bessie, Betsey, Betty, Lizzie, Elizabeth)
    Basye, Bettie Iris (Maggert) (m. Elmer Lloyd Basye) J.53
    Basye, Bettie Jane I.249
    Basye, Bettie M. (Akers) (m. Harry Robert Basye) H.108
    Basye, Betty Lou I.120
    Basye, Betty M. (m. Rufus T. Smith) G.213
    Basye, Beverley (m. William Merrill) I.112
    Basye, Billie Ann (m. Thomas J. Ballard) I.248
    Basye, Billy Dale J.68
    Basye, Blanche (m. Eugene A. Gilmore) G.329
    Basye, Bonnie Helen (m. Lloyd Brook Hinkle) H.399
    Basye, Boyd H.294
    Basye, Bushrod F.58
    Basye, C. Virginia (Lucky) (m. Joseph Basye) F.71
    Basye, Camcy H.295
    Basye, Carl Boyd (m.1. Leida F. Titus, m.2. Vivian F. Candor) I.197
    Basye, Carl Franklin (m. Helen Caroline Kromback) J.55
    Basye, Caroden G.450
    Basye, Carol Frances J.76
    Basye, Carolee I.232
    Basye, Caroline G.17
    Basye, Caroline H.381
    Basye, Caroline (Smith) (m. William F. T. Basye) F.125
    Basye, Carrie (Williamson) (m. John Mark Basye) G.431
    Basye, Carrie C. (Wynekoop) (m. Otto Basye) H.123
    Basye, Catherine, see also Caty, Katharine, Kate, Katie
    Basye, Catherine (m. George Edwards Cordell) D.12
    Basye, Catherine (Thomas) (m. Edmond Basye) E.52
    Basye, Catherine (m. John Basye) E.70, E.75
    Basye, Catharine (m. James Shackelford) E.92
    Basye, Catherine F.88
    Basye, Catherine (m. Franklin P. Atchison) G.255
    Basye, Catherine (Briney) (m. William A. Basye) F.204
    Basye, Catherine Jackson (m. Duval Williams) H.306
    Basye, Catherine Pearl H.440
    Basye, Caty (m. James T. Yerby) F.199
    Basye, Cecelia H.146
    Basye, Cecile Coats (m. William H. Canan) H.181
    Basye, Cecilia Pearl (m. Hugh Busey) G.164
    Basye, Celia (Reynolds) (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Basye, Ceolida (Rider) (m. Henry Basye) F.105
    Basye, Charles H.343
    Basye, Charles I.37
    Basye, Charles G.70
    Basye, Charles Benjamin I.246
    Basye, Charles Bradley (m. Dorothy Elizabeth Crews) H.357
    Basye, Charles Edmond J.40
    Basye, Charles Francis I.256
    Basye, Charles H. H.143
    Basye, Charles L. I.96
    Basye, Charles M. G.9
    Basye, Charles Milton (m. Nina Taylor) H.45
    Basye, Charles Newton H.31
    Basye, Charles P. (m. Jane Thompson) G.283
    Basye, Charles Valentine (m. Florence Coyle) G.132
    Basye, Charles W. I.184
    Basye, Charles Wesley H.10
    Basye, Charlotte E.94
    Basye, Charlotte (m.1. Ralph Shunk, m.2. Jose Fernandez) H.351
    Basye, Charlotte (Lopes) (m. Edward John Basye) H.376
    Basye, Charlotte Elizabeth (Dittmar) (m. Edmund B. Basye) H.300
    Basye, Chauncey E. (m. Anna Anderson) H.50
    Basye, Chloe (m. Orley Varney) I.158
    Basye, Christine (m. Donald S. Basye) J.5
    Basye, Claire G.349
    Basye, Clara Frances (m. James A. Slagle) I.174
    Basye, Clara A. (m. --- Pugh) H.237
    Basye, Clarabelle (Wray) (m. Napoleon Basye) G.148
    Basye, Clara Dean (m. Ruby Brown) H.358
    Basye, Clara May (m. John Smith) I.227
    Basye, Clifford G.209
    Basye, Clifford G.222
    Basye, Clifford (m. Marguerite Wyatt) H.52
    Basye, Clifton A. I.292
    Basye, Clinton (m. Mary O'Keef) I.36
    Basye, Clinton Irvin H.33
    Basye, Clyde V. I.288
    Basye, Coleman B. (m. Elizabeth Fields) F.45
    Basye, Connie Lovesta J.71
    Basye, Cora (m. George Basye) H.85
    Basye, Cora Ann (Rhoades) (m. George S. Basye) H.229
    Basye, Cora B. (m. --- Titus) H.152
    Basye, Cora Belle (Bradbury) (m. George W. Basye) G.107
    Basye, Cora Emily (m. Jeff. Cushman) H.87
    Basye, Cora L. I.95
    Basye, Cora Leota H.139
    Basye, Cordelia (m. --- Price) H.410
    Basye, Cornelia F. H.277
    Basye, Creola (Ford) (m. Arthur H. Basye) H.168
    Basye, Curtis Lee (m. Nellie Byrnes) H.138
    Basye, Daisy (m. Jesse M. Weekley) I.70
    Basye, Daisy Clinton (m. Geo. M. Cushing) H.3
    Basye, Daniel Webster G.192
    Basye, Daniel Yanders F.34
    Basye, David G.320
    Basye, David (m. Frances Smith) G.124
    Basye, David (m. Ruby Durkey) H.393
    Basye, David Eggert I.237
    Basye, David Watson G.78
    Basye, Delana (Brown) (m. John Thorp Basye) F.27
    Basye, Dell Lavern J.61
    Basye, Dessie Merrett I.163
    Basye, DeWitt Clinton (m. Martha W. Plunkett) G.16
    Basye, Donald Boyd K.23
    Basye, Donald Sinclair (m. Christine ---) J.5
    Basye, Doniphan Bearl Basye (m. Ethel Maddox) H.423
    Basye, "Dora," see Theodore Basye H.147
    Basye, Dora May (Radebaugh) (m. William Henry Basye) H.263
    Basye, Dorothy (m. Rolland Joseph Basye) I.198
    Basye, Dorothy Elizabeth (Crews) (m. Charles Basye) H.357
    Basye, Dorothy (Umbanhowar) (m. Benjamin G. Basye) H.172
    Basye, Dorothy May (Frazier) (m. Washington H. Basye) H.224
    Basye, Douglas (m. Thursey Goodhart) G.1
    Basye, Dove (m. Robert Fisher) G.324
    Basye, Earl Thomas I.10
    Basye, Ed G.13
    Basye, Eda (m. --- Rappe) G.144
    Basye, Eddie I.229
    Basye, Edgar Logan H.439
    Basye, Edith (m. George C. Price) G.328
    Basye, Edmond, See also Edmund
    Basye, Edmond (m. Eliza Taylor) A.1
    Basye, Edmond (m.1. Lylia ---; 2. Karenhappuck ---) B.2
    Basye, Edmond (m. Winifred Taylor) C.7
    Basye, Edmond (m. Elizabeth ---) D.1
    Basye, Edmond D.21
    Basye, Edmond (m. Nancy Mauzy) D.23
    Basye, Edmond E.4
    Basye, Edmond (m. Catherine Thomas) E.52
    Basye, Edmond (m. --- Collier) E.65
    Basye, Edmond F.3
    Basye, Edmond (m. Mary N. Tomlin) F.104
    Basye, Edmond (m. Rebecca Putnam) F.29
    Basye, Edmond Washington B. (m. Annie Currier) F.87
    Basye, Edmond (or Elizamond Edmond) (m. Polly ---) F.132
    Basye, Edmond F.138
    Basye, Edmond G.93
    Basye, Edmond G.273
    Basye, Edmond G.140
    Basye, Edmond Bayard I.269
    Basye, Edmond Blackmore (m. Lottie Dittmar) H.300
    Basye, Edmond B. Washington (m. Anna Carryer) F.87
    Basye, Edmond H. (m.1. Helen Williford; 2. Florence Eleanor Wilder) G.364
    Basye, Edmond Thomas (m. Mary M. Wright) F.126
    Basye, Edmonia (m. --- Madden) G.421
    Basye, Edmund, see also Edmond.
    Basye, Edmund B. F.19
    Basye, Edmund Levi H.162
    Basye, Edna (m. Philip N. Amiss) E.79
    Basye, Edna (m.1. Angus Brown; 2. Harry Hoenschell) G.265
    Basye, Edna (m. Elmer M. Dobson) I.66
    Basye, Edna Marcellas (m. George Washington Sneath) I.219
    Basye, Edris (Eskew) (m. Melvin Leslie Basye) J.8
    Basye, Edward A. 11
    Basye, Edward Edmond (m. Annie A. Coyle) G.131
    Basye, Edward John (m. Charlotte Lopes) H.376
    Basye, Edward Joseph (m. Magdalena Arcs) G.358
    Basye, Edward Maxwell I.220
    Basye, Edward Russell J.39
    Basye, Edward W. I.165
    Basye, Edward Weavers H.201
    Basye, Edwin F.52
    Basye, Edwin G.11
    Basye, Edwin H.98
    Basye, Edwin Joe (m. Sarah Jane Pitzer) I.84
    Basye, Edwin Joseph (m. Mary L. Rees) I.64
    Basye, Edwin Joseph J.1
    Basye, Edwin Roy J.37
    Basye, Edwin Smith (m. Lenna Gardner) H.111
    Basye, Eleanor Sophronia G.51
    Basye, Elesha B.8
    Basye, Elias (m.1. Achsah McClure; 2. Elizabeth Stallard) E.11
    Basye, Elias (m. Elizabeth C. Kaplinger) F.37
    Basye, Elias F.61
    Basye, Elijah (m.1. Thurza Davis; 2. Susan Brown; 3. Pamela Bays) E.10
    Basye, Elijah E.77
    Basye, Elijah (m. Marietta Kephart) F.38
    Basye, Elijah Maxey (m. Anna E. Wyckoff) G.177
    Basye, Elisbon, see also Elizamond, Lismond, Lisbon.
    Basye, Elisha D.22
    Basye, Eliza (Taylor) (m. Edmond Basye) A.1
    Basye, Eliza (m. Benjamin Holliday) F.142
    Basye, Eliza (m.1. W. V. DePuy; 2. William Thompson) G.15
    Basye, Eliza (m. H. C. Hart) G.305
    Basye, Eliza G.433
    Basye, Eliza E. (O'Brien) (m. Isaac Nimrod Basye) H.265
    Basye, Eliza J. (m. John W. Cloyd) G.293
    Basye, Eliza James (m. Rev. William Chowning Read) F.110
    Basye, Eliza (Miller) (m. Henry W. Basye) G.239
    Basye, Elizabeth, see also Betsey, Betsy, Bettie, Betty, Eliza, Lizzie.
    Basye, Elizabeth (---) (m. John Basye) A.3
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Isaac Basye) B.1
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. John Coppedge) B.9
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Paul Peck, Jr.) B.12
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Alley Young Headley) F.73
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Richard Oldham) C.10
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. George Sampson) D.19
    Basye, Elizabeth (Bashaw) (m. John Basye) D.6
    Basye, Elizabeth (---) (m. Edmond Basye) D.1
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Thomas James) D.4
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. --- Cordell) D.10
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. John James) D.28
    Basye, Elizabeth (Stallard) (m. Elias Basye) E.11
    Basye, Elizabeth E.21
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Joseph Kemper) E.55
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Henry Smiley) E.60
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Valentine S. Peyton) E.70
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Isaac Newton Basye) F.18
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Harrison Berch) F.32
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. --- Bull) F.44
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. John Spreaker) F.95
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Joseph Haynie) F.180
    Basye, Elizabeth F.148
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Garrett Bohon) F.210
    Basye, Elizabeth G.424
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. --- Grain) G.281
    Basye, Elizabeth (Isham) (m. Jackson Puckett Basye) G.445
    Basye, Elizabeth G.123
    Basye, Elizabeth G.135
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. John Bise) G.142
    Basye, Elizabeth G.244
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. J. Fred Creighton) H.4
    Basye, Elizabeth I.173
    Basye, Elizabeth H.176
    Basye, Elizabeth H.250
    Basye, Elizabeth H.452
    Basye, Elizabeth (m. Austin Humphrey) H.198
    Basye, Elizabeth (Ellis) (m. James Basye) E.68
    Basye, Elizabeth (Fields) (m. Coleman Basye) F.49
    Basye, Elizabeth (James) (m. Henry Basye) E.54, E.91
    Basye, Elizabeth (Johnston) (m. Wm. F. Basye) F.68
    Basye, Elizabeth L. (Kirkpatrick) (m. Nathaniel Montgomery Basye) G.60
    Basye, Elizabeth (Stephenson) (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Basye, Elizabeth (Streighthoof) (m. William H. Basye) G.121
    Basye, Elizabeth (Taylor) (m. James Basye) D.27
    Basye, Elizabeth (Thompson) (m. James E. Basye) F.107
    Basye, Elizabeth (Thorp) (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Basye, Elizabeth (Weaver) (m. John J. Basye) G.236
    Basye, Elizabeth (Williams) (m. Joseph Basye) F.134
    Basye, Elizabeth Agnes G.72
    Basye, Elizabeth Ann (m. Charles W. Forman) F.48
    Basye, Elizabeth Ann (m.1. William M. Gates; 2. Frederick Eaton Fisk) G.97
    Basye, Elizabeth Bell (Lipsey) (m. John B. Basye) G.417
    Basye, Elizabeth C. (Kaplinger) (m. Elias Basye) F.37
    Basye, Elizabeth M. (Sampson) (m. John Basye) F.119
    Basye, Elizabeth Nelson H.178
    Basye, Elizabeth Urma F.49
    Basye, Elizamond, see also Elisbon, Lismond, Lisbon
    Basye, Elizamond A.6
    Basye, Elizamond B.5
    Basye, Elizamond D.17
    Basye, Elizamond (m. Nancy McClanahan) D.25
    Basye, Elizamond E.63
    Basye, Elizamond (m.1. Elizabeth Thorp, 2. Sarah Banks, 3. Elizabeth Stephenson, 4. Rachel Everly, 5. Celia Reynolds) E.9
    Basye, Elizamond (m. Betsy Cundiff) E.97
    Basye, Elizamond (See Lisbon) F.23
    Basye, Elizamond (See Lismund) F.31
    Basye, Elizamond Bayard (m. Jean Snodgrass) G.375
    Basye, Elizamond Bayard (m. Rena Butler) H. 403
    Basye, Elizamond Edmond (m. Polly ---) F.132
    Basye, Elizamond Franklin (m.1. Emma Platte, 2. Emma Martin) F.139
    Basye, Ella (m. John W. Basye) F.42
    Basye, Ella Alvira (Ellis) (m. Alfred James Basye) G.298
    Basye, Ella L. (m. Alfred Mayfield) G.84
    Basye, Ella Marie H.47
    Basye, Ella S. H.92
    Basye, Ellen G.278
    Basye, Ellen (m. Benjamin Lock) H.244
    Basye, Ellen (Harney) (m. Arthur Adolphus Basye) H.96
    Basye, Ellen (Coffman) (m. John Basye) G.256
    Basye, Ellen A. G.208
    Basye, Ellen F. (Hall) (m. Richard Taylor Basye) F.69
    Basye, Ellen J. H.240
    Basye, Elmer I.9
    Basye, Elmer E. (m. Zora Zeller) H.185
    Basye, Elmer Leroy I.86
    Basye, Elmer Lloyd (m. Bettie Iris Maggert) J.53
    Basye, Elmer Martin (m. Evaland T. Lamply) I.71
    Basye, Elmo (m. Alice Marbel) H.481
    Basye, Elsie (William) (m. William F. Basye) H.356
    Basye, Elvira (Baker) (m. James J. Basye) F.22
    Basye, Emily (m. --- Turner) F.113
    Basye, Emily (m. Elliott Green) F.177
    Basye, Emily (m. George Robey) G.422
    Basye, Emily (m. John Turner) G.291
    Basye, Emily Patience (m. Martin V. B. Butler) G.3
    Basye, Emma (m. Harry Lee Corr) H.204
    Basye, Emma (m. Robert Whitcom Basye) H.16
    Basye, Emma (Colbert) (m. Rolla David Basye) H.106
    Basye, Emma (Martin) (m. Elizamond F. Basye) F.139
    Basye, Emma (Missildine) (m. Fred F. Basye) G.197
    Basye, Emma (Platte) (m. Elizamond F. Basye) F.139
    Basye, Emma Belle H.260
    Basye, Emma Coats (m.1. Charles H. Sampson, 2. Jesse Cole) G.181
    Basye, Emma Florence I.161
    Basye, Emma Florence (m. James A. Slagle) I.206
    Basye, Emma J. (Price) (m. Robert Basye) G.14
    Basye, Emma Jane (Lewis) (m. Abner Bolton Basye) G.77
    Basye, Emmanuel R. (m. Florence Noland) H.43
    Basye, Enos R. (m. Essalee ---) G.153
    Basye, Erasmus (m. Morrell W. Fry) H.272
    Basye, Erna (m. Joseph Jackson Basye) H.21
    Basye, Ernest Arthur H.353
    Basye, Ernest Edward (m. Mary Elizabeth Mason) I.74
    Basye, Ernest Osborn (m. Rosa Ann Akers) H.107
    Basye, Ernestine (Kranch) (m. James Virgil Basye) H.84
    Basye, Essalee (m. Enos R. Basye) G.153
    Basye, Estella (m. Charles Henderson) H.417
    Basye, Estella (m. Robert Lee Yarborough) I.141
    Basye, Estella F. (m. Geo. W. Hopkins) G.211
    Basye, Esther (Brant) (m. Willis M. Basye) H.189
    Basye, Esther A. (Nelson) (m. Harry Percy Basye) G.175
    Basye, Esther Clare (m. Albert Ehren) J.7
    Basye, Ethel I.61
    Basye, Ethel (Arkle) (m. Larimore Basye) H.184
    Basye, Ethel (Harding) (m. William F. Basye) G.218
    Basye, Ethel (Hoyt) (m. Leon Roland) H.186
    Basye, Ethel (Maddox) (m. Doniphan B. Basye) H.423
    Basye, Ethel Regina K.20
    Basye, Ethel Ruth I.137
    Basye, Ethelbert E.84
    Basye, Ethelbert (m. Lulu ----) F.60
    Basye, Ethelbert G.194
    Basye, Ethelyn (m. Bert Souder) H.457
    Basye, Etta (m. John Midget) G.188
    Basye, Etta H.342
    Basye, Etta Frances (m. William E. Hopper) H.261
    Basye, Ettie (m. Clinton Woodruff) I.171
    Basye, Eugene Ellsworth (m. Myrtle Ellen Thomas) H.27
    Basye, Eugenia H.203
    Basye, Eugenia (Carter) (m. Thomas Basye) F.66
    Basye, Eugenia G. (Weigant) (m. John Leo Basye) H.354
    Basye, Eva (Heltzel) (m. Jonas B. Basye) F.96
    Basye, Eva G.198
    Basye, Eva G.348
    Basye, Eva (m. Harry Thomas) H.218
    Basye, Eva Lea (m. Everett R. Long) H.35
    Basye, Evaland Sue J.27
    Basye, Evaland Thelma (Lampley) (m. Elmer Martin Basye) I.71
    Basye, Evelyn (Erickson) (m. James Davis Basye) I.111
    Basye, Evelyn (m. Walter Museal) H.415
    Basye, Evelyn Ann J.45
    Basye, Faire Blair (Jones) (m. William Hughes Basye) I.72
    Basye, Faith (m. Rex Clark) J.3
    Basye, Fannie, See Frances
    Basye, Fannie (m.1. Jonas Quick, 2. Larkin Womack) F.13
    Basye, Fannie (m. Ambrose Reynolds) F. 149
    Basye, Fannie A. (m. Anson Brown) H.90
    Basye, Fannie E. (m. Angus Dispennett) G.263
    Basye, Fanny (m. Ed. Stevens) G.88
    Basye, Felix E.15
    Basye, Felix F.59
    Basye, Felix Jesse (m. Antonette Prohaska) H.197
    Basye, Fern C. (m. Ralph Moore) I.73
    Basye, Firl Z. H.442
    Basye, Flora G.195
    Basye, Flora Pearl (m. Almarian R. Turner) H.29
    Basye, Flora Lovestra (Hodgen) (m. Wilson Monroe Basye) I.221
    Basye, Florence (m. W. H. Cauffman) H.409
    Basye, Florence (Adams) (m. Benjamin Basye) H.347
    Basye, Florence (Noland) (m. Emmanuel R. Basye) H.43
    Basye, Florence (Coyle) (m. Charles V. Basye) G.132
    Basye, Florence E. (Wilder) (m. Edmond H. Basye) G.364
    Basye, Florence M. (Cadwell) (m. Walter Ellis Basye) H.348
    Basye, Flossie Marie (m. Evan W. Means) I.81
    Basye, Frances, See Fannie
    Basye, Frances I.175
    Basye, Frances (m.1. Jonas Quick, 2. Larkin Womack) See Fannie Basye.
    Basye, Frances (m. John Pemberton) F.40
    Basye, Frances (m.1. Robert Deavers, 2. Lockwood Munroe) F.176
    Basye, Frances (Button) (m. Thomas Basye) F.181
    Basye, Frances (Smith) (m. David Basye) G.124
    Basye, Frances (m. John William Robey) G.420
    Basye, Frances (Hinds) (m. Richard T. Basye) G.297
    Basye, Frances (Bashaw) (m. Isaac Basye) D.30
    Basye, Frances Ann (m. William Clifton) G.55
    Basye, Frances May I.201
    Basye, Frances Queen G.303
    Basye, Frances Virginia (Winfrey) (m. William E. Basye) I.265
    Basye, Frances Wilton (Robinson) (m. Alfred J. Basye) E.69
    Basye, Francis, See also Frank.
    Basye, Francis Elmer (m. Harriet Lillian Green) H.112
    Basye, Francis H. F.2
    Basye, Francis Marion, See Frank Marion Basye.
    Basye, Francis Maynard (m. Alice Hatten) H.188
    Basye, Francis Vene G.159
    Basye, Frank H.9
    Basye, Frank Marion (m. Mildred Ruth Chittenden) I.92
    Basye, Frank S. (m. May V. Lindsey) G.365
    Basye, Franklin Delano H.177
    Basye, Franky E.101
    Basye, Fred Fallin (m. Emma Missildine) G.197
    Basye, Freda Johana (Johnson) (m. George Williams Basye) I.93
    Basye, Gabriel Gardner (m. Nannie Shaw Fretwell) I.83
    Basye, Garnett S. (Bray) (m. T. Edwin Basye) G.214
    Basye, Geneva H. I.98
    Basye, George A.9
    Basye, George G.413
    Basye, George I.148
    Basye, George Donald I.110
    Basye, George Lebon I.247
    Basye, George Lee (m. Alta May Kates) I.142
    Basye, George Newton H.11
    Basye, George Samuel (m. Sarah Elizabeth Hitt) G.318
    Basye, George Sutton (m.1. Cora Ann Rhoades, 2. --- Root) H.229
    Basye, George Taylor G.373
    Basye, George Truman (m. Cora ---) H.85
    Basye, George W. G.7
    Basye, George Washington (m.1. Leta McAlister, 2. Cora Belle Bradbury) G.107
    Basye, George Washington I.177
    Basye, George Washington G.190
    Basye, George Williams (m. Freda Johana Johnson) I.93
    Basye, George Williams J.42
    Basye, Geronima (Sanchez) (m. James Basye) E.68
    Basye, Gertrude G.327
    Basye, Gertrude (m. George M. Weekley) I.69
    Basye, Gladys Eudora I.115
    Basye, Grace I.151
    Basye, Grace Lee I.76
    Basye, Grace Truman (Allen) (m. James Davis Basye) G.179
    Basye, Grant I.63
    Basye, Granville E.62
    Basye, Granville (m. Jane Vittitoe) F.57
    Basye, Granville Blansett H.196
    Basye, Guy E. (m. Mary Ethel Bruner) J.12
    Basye, Guy William (m. Myrtle Moshier) H.140
    Basye, Hannah C.11
    Basye, Hannah (m. John Cooke) D.33
    Basye, Hannah (m. Nehemiah George) D.3
    Basye, Hannah (m. Louis Kemper) C.17
    Basye, Hannah (m. Thomas Rout) E.80
    Basye, Hannah (m. Mordecai Lawson) F.80
    Basye, Hannah (m. Joseph F. Henson) F.175
    Basye, Hannah F.214
    Basye, Hannah (m. George Washington Smith) F.209
    Basye, Hannah Martin (Taliaferro) (m. Joseph J. Basye) E.23
    Basye, Hannah (Taylor) (m. John (I. B.) Basye) C.1
    Basye, Hannah (m.1. --- Deal, 2. --- Wyatt) H.420
    Basye, Hannah H.262
    Basye, Hannah B. (m. Joseph W. Henson) G.279
    Basye, Hannah E. (Williams) (m. Joseph J. Basye) G.50
    Basye, Hannah Lee (Turberville) (m. Thomas Pope Basye) E.19
    Basye, Harding G.221
    Basye, Harold Lisbon I.90
    Basye, Harriet, See also Hattie
    Basye, Harriet (m. Moses Green) E.86
    Basye, Harriet E.95
    Basye, Harriet (m.1. Benjamin Stigler, 2. Allen D. Dalgarn) E.58
    Basye, Harriet Augusta (Williams) (m. Oscar J. Basye) G.137
    Basye, Harriet Caroline (DeShields) (m. Col. Wm. Basye) E.18
    Basye, Harriet Lillian (Green) (m. Frances E. Basye) H.112
    Basye, Harry Antward H.435
    Basye, Harry Clinton H.449
    Basye, Harry DeShields (m. Iola Hazzard) G.219
    Basye, Harry Lee G.215
    Basye, Harry Percy H.179
    Basye, Harry Robert (m. Bettie M. Akers) H.108
    Basye, Harry W. I.196
    Basye, Harvey M. G.141
    Basye, Hattie, See also Harriet
    Basye, Hattie (m. Jesse Carpenter) G.27
    Basye, Hattie F. H.93
    Basye, Hattie Fay H.444
    Basye, Hattie G. (m. John L. Potts) G.289
    Basye, Hattie J. (m. John S. Luttrell) G.261
    Basye, Hattie Jewell H.49
    Basye, Hattie (See) (m. Lorenze Boyd Basye) G.270
    Basye, Hazel (m. Melvin Applebee) H.51
    Basye, Hazel (Wightman) (m. Walter Ellis Basye) H.348
    Basye, Hazel Frances (m. Norris Murry) H.359
    Basye, Hazel Marie (m. John Lewis) I.226
    Basye, Helen (m. 1. Howard Shore, 2. Leo Smith) H.396
    Basye, Helen (Bullock) (m. James Davis Basye) H.183
    Basye, Helen (Walker) (m. Alfred J. Basye) F.140
    Basye, Helen (Williford) (m. Edmond H. Basye) G.364
    Basye, Helen C. H.74
    Basye, Helen Caroline (Kronback) (m. Carl Franklin Basye) J.55
    Basye, Helen Marjorie I.257
    Basye, Helen Verjane (m. William Leroy Wammes) J.56
    Basye, Helen Virginia (m. George Huse) H.86
    Basye, Henry (m. Elizabeth James) E.54
    Basye, Henry (m. Annie Ball Harding) F.72
    Basye, Henry (m.1. Ceolida Rider, 2. Sarah A. Guthrie) F.105
    Basye, Henry G.201
    Basye, Henry G.220
    Basye, Henry Clay (m. Lottie Allen) G.130
    Basye, Henry Percy (m.1. Esther A. Nelson, 2. --- Walker) G.175
    Basye, Henry Thurston (m. Mae French) H.304
    Basye, Henry W. (m.1. --- Crabtree, 2. Mary Wyckoff, 3. Eliza Miller) G.239
    Basye, Herbert H.89
    Basye, Herbert S. H.151
    Basye, Herman Test (m. Martha Maude Parker) H.453
    Basye, Herodotus L. H.99
    Basye, Hester J. (m. Charles Tuttle) G.29
    Basye, Higgins H.127
    Basye, Hiram G.295
    Basye, Homer H.344
    Basye, Howard I.289
    Basye, Howard H. (m. Mary J. Copeland) H.455
    Basye, Howard Norwick (m. Janet D. Brangan) L293
    Basye, Hubert H.118
    Basye, Ida (m. Henry Finley) G.143
    Basye, Ida (Vincent) (m. Lucius C. Basye) H.149
    Basye, Ida A. (Burtch) (m. Samuel John Basye) G.136
    Basye, Ida Cornelia (m. Albert A. Bisque) H.22
    Basye, Ida May (m. F. W. Cushman) H.91
    Basye, Inez (Phelps) (m. Jesse Basye) G.415
    Basye, Iola (Hazzard) (m. Harry D. Basye) G.219
    Basye, Ira Ivan H.23
    Basye, Irene (Walker) (m. Wilson Basye) F.213
    Basye, Irene (m. Mark Hanna Basye) H.441
    Basye, Iris Edna (m. Minor Lewis) I.80
    Basye, Irvin D. H.26
    Basye, Isaac (m. Elizabeth ---) B.1
    Basye, Isaac C.5
    Basye, Isaac (m. Sally Pope) D.8
    Basye, Isaac (m. Frances Bashaw) D.30
    Basye, Isaac (m. Patience Nearin) E.2
    Basye, Isaac (m. Nancy Ashpaugh) F.9
    Basye, Isaac F.67
    Basye, Isaac F.203
    Basye, Isaac B. (m. Jennie B. Blankenship) H.253
    Basye, Isaac Earl H.48
    Basye, Isaac Hue Harve H.446
    Basye, Isaac Newton (m. Elizabeth ---) F.18
    Basye, Isaac Newton (m. Sarah Steffens) G.21
    Basye, Isaac Newton (m. Leafy Thorpe) G.26
    Basye, Isaac Newton (m. Susan Eleanor Slater) G.58
    Basye, Isaac Newton G.75
    Basye, Isaac Nimrod (m. Eliza E. O'Brien) H.265
    Basye, Isaac W. E.103
    Basye, Isaac Walter (m.1. Laura E. Avery, 2. Vie Higgins, 3. Lou Clapp) G.104
    Basye, Isabel G.359
    Basye, Isabel Margaret (m. William M. Braybrook) I.236
    Basye, Isabella (m. 1. --- Jackson, 2. J. W. Myers) G.323
    Basye, Israel F.215
    Basye, Iva Dot (m. Eugene S. Ede) H.34
    Basye, Iva Ina (m. --- Kinnersly) H.24
    Basye, Izora (Byars) (m. Walter Scott Basye) H.20
    Basye, Jack J.49
    Basye, Jack Sutherland I.125
    Basye, Jack Walter I.239
    Basye, Jackson Puckett (m. Elizabeth Isham) G.445
    Basye, Jacob E.50
    Basye, Jacob Wythe (m.1. Martha Frances Ryley, 2. Sarah Jackson) G.372
    Basye, James (m. Elizabeth Taylor) D.27
    Basye, James (m. Lydia Basye) E.13
    Basye, James (m.1. Geronima Sanchez, 2. Elizabeth Ellis) E.68
    Basye, James F.65
    Basye, James F.128
    Basye, James G.425
    Basye, James G.350
    Basye, James (m. Roda Ellen Johnson) G.432
    Basye, James H.380
    Basye, James A. H.246
    Basye, James A. G.10
    Basye, James A. J.46
    Basye, James Allen I.111
    Basye, James C. G.356
    Basye, James Davis (m.1. Armilda Campbell, 2. Mary Ann Coats Larimore) F.47
    Basye, James Davis (m. Grace Truman Allen) G.179
    Basye, James Davis (in. Helen Bullock) H.183
    Basye, James Dodson H.40
    Basye, James Edwin (m. Elizabeth Thompson) F.107
    Basye, James J. G.89
    Basye, James Jordan (m. Elvira Baker) F.22
    Basye, James K. G.288
    Basye, James M. (m.1. Rosanna Headley, 2. Lavina Whitney) G.237
    Basye, James Nearin F.5
    Basye, James Nelson (m. Mary Ellen Rhoades) H.228
    Basye, James Taylor (m. Lydia Basye) E.93, E.99
    Basye, James Virgil (m. Ernestine Kranch) H.84
    Basye, James Warren (m. Addie Garrett) H.258
    Basye, James Warren I.159
    Basye, Jane B.14
    Basye, Jane (Barkley) (m. Samuel N. Basye) F.28
    Basye, Jane (Logan) (m. William Basye) E.108
    Basye, Jane (Thompson) (m. Chas. P. Basye) G.283
    Basye, Jane Perrin (Giles) (m. Jesse Basye) E.1
    Basye, Janet D. (Brangan) (m. Howard Norwick Basye) I.293
    Basye, Jasper I.274
    Basye, Jean (m. Merrett Armfield Clemens) H.404
    Basye, Jean (m. James Sebree) D.5
    Basye, Jean (Snodgrass) (m. Elizamond Bayard Basye) G.375
    Basye, Jeanie V. G.447
    Basye, Jeanne Ellen (m. Boyd S. Eckhard) I.108
    Basye, Jemima (Edrington) (m. John Basye) E.16
    Basye, Jenelle (Johnson) (m. Alan Basye) H.402
    Basye, Jenette H.148
    Basye, Jennie (m. --- Smith) H.242
    Basye, Jennie B. (Blankenship) (m. Isaac B. Basye) H.253
    Basye, Jennie Rebecca H.199
    Basye, Jennie V. I.176
    Basye, Jeremiah C.16
    Basye, Jeremiah E.81
    Basye, Jesse (m. Martha ---) C.3
    Basye, Jesse D.13
    Basye, Jesse (m. Jane Perrin Giles) E.1
    Basye, Jesse (m. Winletty Green) E.12
    Basye, Jesse E.82
    Basye, Jesse G.251
    Basye, Jesse (m.1. Inez Phelps, 2. Annie Covington) G.415
    Basye, Jesse I.195
    Basye, Jesse A. H.252
    Basye, Jesse Bertie H.114
    Basye, Jessie I.62
    Basye, Jessie Josephine H.88
    Basye, Joane (Cove) (m. Michael Basye) A.5
    Basye, John (m. Elizabeth ---) A.3
    Basye, John (m. --- Church) A.2
    Basye, John B.3
    Basye, John B.18
    Basye, John (IB) (m. Hannah Taylor) C.1
    Basye, John D.14
    Basye, John (m. Elizabeth Bashaw) D.6
    Basye, John D.20
    Basye, John (m.1. Jemima Edrington, 2. Sarah Smoot) E.16
    Basye, John (m.1. Catherine Basye, 2. Mary Newman, 3. Margaret Elizabeth Hess) E.49, E.75
    Basye, John C.15
    Basye, John (m. Melissa Chesney) F.4
    Basye, John F.16
    Basye, John F.92
    Basye, John F.202
    Basye, John (m. Elizabeth M. Sampson) F.119
    Basye, John (m. Sallie Burkhart) F.141
    Basye, John (m. Ann E. Smith) F.206
    Basye, John G.69
    Basye, John G.184
    Basye, John (m. Ellen Coffman) G.256
    Basye, John G.351
    Basye, John J.54
    Basye, John H.378
    Basye, John H.226
    Basye, John (m. Hannah Taylor) C.1
    Basye, John A. G.369
    Basye, John Bearl (m. Elizabeth Bell Lipsey) G.417
    Basye, John Burten H.438
    Basye, John Charles (m. Mary Louise Merrett) H.238
    Basye, John Clinton (m. Kathrine Dennison) G.22
    Basye, John Crane (m. Peninah Ann Watson) F.20
    Basye, John D. I.208
    Basye, John Edward G.286
    Basye, John Ellwood (m. Laura Hoffman) H.340
    Basye, John Ellwood I.223
    Basye, John F. S. G.206
    Basye, John F. T. (m. Mary Albertine Brown) G.128
    Basye, John Floyd (m. Bertha Lacey) I.164
    Basye, John H. (m. Victoria Brown) G.264
    Basye, John J. (m. Elizabeth Weaver) G.236
    Basye, John James (m. Mary Rogers) F.109
    Basye, John Lawson (m. Minnie M. Preston) G.300
    Basye, John Leo (m. Eugenia G. Weigant) H.354
    Basye, John Mark (m.1. Sophronia Alice Mesmer, 2. Carrie Williamson) G.431
    Basye, John Merle J.69
    Basye, John Milton (m. Lydia Wallace) G.25
    Basye, John Morgan G. 151
    Basye, John Paul J.41
    Basye, John Taylor F.77
    Basye, John Tharp (m. Delana Brown) F.27
    Basye, John Tomlin (m. Kate Hampton Klipstein) G.272
    Basye, John Tomlin (m. Belle Dunlap) H.301
    Basye, John W. G.83
    Basye, John W. (m. Ella ---) F.42
    Basye, John W. (m. Sarah Jane Haynes) H.245
    Basye, John Walter (m.1. Agnes Ballew, 2. Ann Templeton) E.5
    Basye, John Walter G.49
    Basye, John Walter G.73
    Basye, John Walter H.97
    Basye, John Wesley (m. Lillie J. Emil) H.230
    Basye, John Wilbur G.103
    Basye, Jonas B. G.268
    Basye, Jonas Burnes (m. Eve Heltzel) F.96
    Basye, Jonathan E.109
    Basye, Joseph (m. Mary ---) D.26
    Basye, Joseph (m. C. Virginia Lucky) F.71
    Basye, Joseph (m. Sallie Hancock) F.85
    Basye, Joseph (m. Elizabeth Williams) F.134
    Basye, Joseph (m. Nancy Taylor) F.179
    Basye, Joseph I.167
    Basye, Joseph Daniel I.145
    Basye, Joseph Edwin H.113
    Basye, Joseph Frederick H.15
    Basye, Joseph J. (m.1. Hannah Martin Taliaferro, 2. Sallie Lawson McNamaha) E.23
    Basye, Joseph Jackson (m. Prudence Ayers) F.6
    Basye, Joseph Jackson (m. Ann Watson) F.14
    Basye, Joseph Jackson (m. Hannah E. Williams) G.50
    Basye, Joseph Jackson (m. Mollie Tinsley) G.79
    Basye, Joseph Jackson (m. Erna ---) H.21
    Basye, Joseph Jackson (m. Vernie M. Madden) H.109
    Basye, Joseph Jonathan (m. Laura ---) H.19
    Basye, Joseph Stover (m. Lydia V. Tucker) G.235
    Basye, Joseph T. (m. Matilda Sanders) F.53
    Basye, Joseph Victor (m. Alice ---) H.350
    Basye, Josephine (m. Joseph Douglas) F.74
    Basye, Josephine W. (m. William W. Brown) G.4
    Basye, Josephine (m.1. S. H. Walker, 2. H. W. Kirchoff) G.129
    Basye, Josephine Helen (m. O. J. DeLendrecie) G.133
    Basye, Josephine Helen (m. Alfred L. Barrett) H.156
    Basye, Josephus Flavius G.82
    Basye, Joshua (m. Martha ---) A.10
    Basye, Joshua B.15
    Basye, Josiah B.4
    Basye, Josiah (m. Sarah Sinclair) C.13
    Basye, Judith C.6
    Basye, Judith (m. Thomas Webb) D.18
    Basye, Judith (m. Walter Stallard) D.32
    Basye, Judith (m. George W. Tapp) E.87
    Basye, Judith (m. David Phegley) E.59
    Basye, Judith (m. William C. Kent) F.200
    Basye, Julia Ann (m. John Lawrence) F.178
    Basye, Julia Emma (m. Simon Spry) G.86
    Basye, Julia Ruth (Willis) (m. Pearl Clinton Basye) I.160
    Basye, Juliette G.202
    Basye, Juliette Harding (m. Harold McGivrin) H.222
    Basye, Julilia B.7
    Basye, Karenhappuck (---) (m. Edmond Basye) B.2
    Basye, Kate G.99
    Basye, Kate Eugenia (m. Oscar DeWitt) H.82
    Basye, Kate Hampton (Klipstein) (m. John Tomlin Basye) G.272
    Basye, Kathrine, See also Catherine, Kathryn, Katie
    Basye, Kathrine (Dennison) (m. John Clinton Basye) G.22
    Basye, Kathryn C. (m. Oscar Reid) I.79
    Basye, Katie (Thomas) (m. Edmond Basye) E.52
    Basye, Kenneth Henry I.202
    Basye, Laban D.7
    Basye, Lafayette (see Presley Lafayette Basye)
    Basye, Lafayette (m. Sarah Jane Mason) H.247
    Basye, Laila H.6
    Basye, Larimore G.178
    Basye, Larimore (m.1. Ethel Arkle, 2. Laureta M. Maag) H.184
    Basye, Laura (in. Joseph Jonathan Basye) H.19
    Basye, Laura (Harris) (m. William Henry Basye) G.317
    Basye, Laura (Hoffman) (m. John Ellwood Basye) H.340
    Basye, Laura Alice (m. George P. Smith) G.81
    Basye, Laura Belle G.110
    Basye, Laura C. (m. George D. Pansier) H.273
    Basye, Laura Champion (Allen) (m. Henry C. Basye) G.130
    Basye, Laura E. (Avery) (m. Isaac Walter Basye) G.104
    Basye, Laura Ellen (m. T. J. Rutledge) J.11
    Basye, Laura Frances (m. George Lea) H.421
    Basye, Laura Jane H.433
    Basye, Laureta M. (Maag) (m. Larimore Basye) H.184
    Basye, Lavinia (Whitney) (m. James M. Basye) G.237
    Basye, Lavinia (m. John Amiss) E.74
    Basye, Lavinia (m. Harrison Taylor) F.174
    Basye, Lawrence I.11
    Basye, Layton (m. Ursie Fry) H.443
    Basye, Layton I.149
    Basye, Leafy (Thorpe) (m. Isaac Newton Basye) G.26
    Basye, Leah Tharp (m. John G. Smith) F.26
    Basye, Leander Milton (m. Nancy J. Current) H.243
    Basye, Leanna C.8
    Basye, Leida (Titus) (m. Carl Boyd Basye) I.197
    Basye, Leila (Hill) (m. Robert Allen Basye) I.109
    Basye, Lena (m. Roger Lawrence) G.163
    Basye, Lenna (Gardner) (m. Edwin Smith Basye) H.111
    Basye, Lenna Matilda I.143
    Basye, Leon Roland (m. Ethel Hoyt) H.186
    Basye, Leon Roland I.121
    Basye, Leona (m. E. Hansen) I.47
    Basye, Leonore Naomi I.200
    Basye, Leslie (m. Clifton R. Young) H.398
    Basye, Leslie Montgomery H.94
    Basye, Leta (McAlister) (m. George W. Basye) G.107
    Basye, Levina (m. Philip DeLawder) F.84
    Basye, Levina I.168
    Basye, Lewis E.98
    Basye, Lewis Leroy J.60
    Basye, Libbie (m. George Hall) H.255
    Basye, Lillian Ethel (m. Joaquin Watkins) I.114
    Basye, Lillian L. I.182
    Basye, Lillie Bell (m. Charles Barrickman) G.154
    Basye, Lillie Hess (m. Edward Luther Kline) G.267
    Basye, Lillie J. (Emil) (m. John Wesley Basye) H.230
    Basye, Lillie Ruth I.146
    Basye, Lilly (m. --- O'Connor) H.407
    Basye, Linda Lee (m. Harry Follette) H.305
    Basye, Lisbon (also see Lismund, Elizamond, Elisbon)
    Basye, Lisbon D.7
    Basye, Lisbon F.23
    Basye, Lisbon K. G.139
    Basye, Lismund (Also see Lismond, Elizamond, Lisbon)
    Basye, Lismund F.31
    Basye, Lismund G.122
    Basye, Lilleton Hall (m. Myrtle D. Hjort) H.448
    Basye, Lizzie T. (m. William Gillions) G.205
    Basye, Lloyd Irvin (m. Anna Hassett) H.36
    Basye, Lloyd Keith I.224
    Basye, Logan F.208
    Basye, Lois Marie I.225
    Basye, Loma C. (m. Loren L. Butler) H.454
    Basye, Lorenze Boyd (m. Hattie See) G.270
    Basye, Lottie (Allen) (m. Henry Clay Basye) G.130
    Basye, Lou (Clapp) (m. Isaac Walter Basye) G.104
    Basye, Louis D. (m. Maria D. ---) G.203
    Basye, Louis Frederic (m. Mary E. White) H.223
    Basye, Louis Frederic I.136
    Basye, Louis Octavius (m. Wilmeth S. Crowther) F.70
    Basye, Louisa (m. Benjamin S. Long) F.130
    Basye, Louisa (m. Alexander Basye) G.85
    Basye, Louisa (m. --- Temple) G.353
    Basye, Louisa D. (m. --- Nelson) H.154
    Basye, Louisa Jane (m. J. F. Kirkpatrick) G.48
    Basye, Louise Marshall (m. Alexander Marshall Robinson) E.71
    Basye, Louisa Marshall (m. George W. Miller) F.143
    Basye, Louisiana (m. David L. Tombs) F.17
    Basye, Louisiana Frances G.80
    Basye, Lucetta (Phillips) (m. Noah Basye) F.212
    Basye, Lucien Gary G.158
    Basye, Lucile H.401
    Basye, Lucinda (m. Israel Breese) G.90
    Basye, Lucius C. (m. Ida Vincent) H.149
    Basye, Lucy (m. Azariah Kimbro) E.104
    Basye, Lucy (M. Augustus M. Ewing) G.428
    Basye, Lucy (Turney) (m. Allen Gillespie Basye) H.182
    Basye, Lucy Ann (m.1. John B. Whitman, 2. William McPierson) F.11
    Basye, Lulu (m. Frank M. Hills) I.67
    Basye, Lulu (m. Charles C. Carson) G.429
    Basye, Lulu (---) (m. Ethelbert Basye) F.60
    Basye, Lummie (m. Lee Midget) G.187
    Basye, Luremia (m. William L. Miller) H.275
    Basye, Luther G.275
    Basye, Lutila (m. --- Martin) F.46
    Basye, Lyda Martha I.253
    Basye, Lydia (m. John Baker) B.11
    Basye, Lydia (m. James Basye) E.13
    Basye, Lydia (m. James T. Basye) E. 93, E.99
    Basye, Lydia E.61
    Basye, Lydia (Wallace) (m. John Milton Basye) G.25
    Basye, Lydia Gardner J.34
    Basye, Lydia V. (Tucker) (m. Joseph Stover Basye) G.235
    Basye, Lydia Viola I.147
    Basye, Lylia (Karenhappuck) (m. Edmond Basye) B.2
    Basye, M. E. I.169
    Basye, Mabel (m. Ralph Clare Basye) I.88
    Basye, Madolian (m. James Shaw) H.419
    Basye, Mae (French) (m. Henry Thurston Basye) H.304
    Basye, Mae Lu (m. Jack H. Meister) I.85
    Basye, Magdelena (Arcs) (m. Edward J. Basye) G.358
    Basye, Maggie, see also Margaret
    Basye, Maggie (m. R. B. Smith) G.162
    Basye, Maggie (Stout) (m. Arthur Adolphus Basye) H.96
    Basye, Maggie (Townsend) (m. Newton J. Basye) G.296
    Basye, Mahala (known as "Millie") I.193
    Basye, Maline Margaret (m. Wayne Pettit) H.254
    Basye, Marcellas (m. Charles J. Frederick) H.345
    Basye, Margaret, see also Maggie
    Basye, Margaret A.12
    Basye, Margaret F.90
    Basye, Margaret (m. Noah Beedle) G.257
    Basye, Margaret (m. William Hodge) E.7
    Basye, Margaret (m. Sinclair Kirtley Miller) F.151
    Basye, Margaret (m. Nathaniel Scott) G.301
    Basye, Margaret (m. Herbert Nelson) H.170
    Basye, Margaret (Barnett) (m. Michael M. Basye) F.115
    Basye, Margaret E. (m. Nathaniel Messick) G.259
    Basye, Margaret E. (m. U. C. Singer) H.115
    Basye, Margaret Elizabeth (Hess) (m. John Basye) E.49
    Basye, Margaret J. (m. David Fisher) G.322
    Basye, Margaret Jane (Vittitoe) (m. Granville Basye) F.57
    Basye, Margaret Jay (Sandlin) (m. Seth Basye) F.21
    Basye, Margaret Louise (deClercq) (m. Paul E. Basye) I.89
    Basye, Margaret (Evans) (m. Ashby Basye) G.414
    Basye, Margaret Amelia (m.1. R. W. Stephens, 2. R. A. Woodward) F.285
    Basye, Margaret Louisa G.101
    Basye, Margaret McClanahan (Thornton) (m. Marshall McClanahan Basye) E.66
    Basye, Marguerite (m. Albert Sheely) I.5
    Basye, Marguerite (Wyatt) (m. Clifford Basye) H.52
    Basye, Marguerite E. (m. Bernard Francis Basye) I.144
    Basye, Maria Antonia (Albrite) (m. Raphael Basye) F.135
    Basye, Maria D. (m. Louis D. Basye) G.203
    Basye, Maria DeShields (m. F. Theo. Miller) G.204
    Basye, Maria Josephine (m. Richard Davenport) F.82
    Basye, Maria Josephine G.56
    Basye, Maria Josephine G.100
    Basye, Marian Novella (m. Thomas Wyatt) G.217
    Basye, Marie (m. Vallie Crabtree) I.162
    Basye, Marie Arkle (m. Robert Avernell) I.113
    Basye, Marie Eugenia (m.1. John J. Johns, 2. A. D. Snyder) H.422
    Basye, Marie Lee I.286
    Basye, Marie Louise (m. Noah Fein) H.128
    Basye, Marie Meadows (Dill) (m. Robert C. Basye) G.174
    Basye, Marietta (Kephart) (m. Elijah Basye) F.38
    Basye, Marion (or Mary Ann) (m. Jesse L. Berch) G.134
    Basye, Marjorie Jane (m. Leslie Gilbert Kurd) I.82
    Basye, Mark Hanna (m. Irene ---) H.441
    Basye, Marshall McClanahan (m. Margaret McClanahan Thornton) E.66
    Basye, Martha, see also Mattie Basye, Martha (m. Joshua Basye) A. 10
    Basye, Martha B.16
    Basye, Martha (m. Jesse Basye) C.3
    Basye, Martha (m. Sherman B. Townsend) G.299
    Basye, Martha G.240
    Basye, Martha G.355
    Basye, Martha A. (Briggs) (m. William Wesley Basye) G.19
    Basye, Martha C. (m. William Abston) H.394
    Basye, Martha Ellen (m. Ed. Lyons) H.18
    Basye, Martha Frances (m. Forest Robert Ingram) I.264
    Basye, Martha Frances (Ryley) (m. Jacob W. Basye) G.372
    Basye, Martha Jane (m.1. Ira Louis Bevans, 2. James Baccus Russell, 3. Luther Clark, 4. Zaphna Lake King) G.96
    Basye, Martha L. (m. William R. Bryce) G.260
    Basye, Martha Lucinda G.54
    Basye, Martha Maude (Parker) (m. Herman Test Basye) H.453
    Basye, Martha W. (Plunkett) (m. DeWitt C. Basye) G.16
    Basye, Martin Lee I.291
    Basye, Marvin Dean J.58
    Basye, Mary, see also Mollie, Molly
    Basye, Mary (m. John Grady) B.17
    Basye, Mary (m. Samuel Burr) B.10
    Basye, Mary (m. --- Stewart) D.9
    Basye, Mary (m. Joseph Basye) D.26
    Basye, Mary (Clevenger) (m. Jeremiah Basye) E.81
    Basye, Mary E.42
    Basye, Mary (m. --- Moffett) (see Polly) F.8
    Basye, Mary (Outten) (m. Theophilus D. Basye) F.39
    Basye, Mary F.86
    Basye, Mary (m. Oscar J. Basye) G.137
    Basye, Mary (m. 1. --- Brown, 2. Peter Tiernan) G.280
    Basye, Mary (O'Keef) (m. Clinton Basye) I.36
    Basye, Mary (Wyckoff) (m. Henry W. Basye) G.239
    Basye, Mary (m. George Thomas) G.292
    Basye, Mary G.304
    Basye, Mary (m. Thomas J. Henson) G.276
    Basye, Mary G.199
    Basye, Mary I.65
    Basye, Mary (m. Frank Lane) G.271
    Basye, Mary (m. --- Timmons) G.434
    Basye, Mary (Grimes) (m. Persia F. Basye) G.150
    Basye, Mary I.8
    Basye, Mary (Davis) (m. William A. Basye) F.204
    Basye, Mary (Newman) (m. John Basye) E.49
    Basye, Mary (Rogers) (m. John James Basye) F.109
    Basye, Mary (Tapp) (m. Richard Taylor Basye) F.108
    Basye, Mary Albertine (Brown) (m. John F. T. Basye) G.128
    Basye, Mary A. (Moss) (m. Thomas Smith Basye) F.211
    Basye, Mary Addye (m. Walter Shannon) G.335
    Basye, Mary Alice (Prichard) (m. Alonzo Basye) H.256
    Basye, Mary Alice (m. Walter O. Jordan) I.194
    Basye, Mary Alta I.180
    Basye, Mary Ann (m.1. --- Eggleston, 2. --- Brock, 3. --- Brown) F.33
    Basye, Mary C. (m. James McCoy) G.242
    Basye, Mary Ann (m. George Drake) G.28
    Basye, Mary Ann G.95
    Basye, Mary Ann G.126
    Basye, Mary Ann (m. Jesse L. Berch) G.134, G.146
    Basye, Mary Ann (m. Eppa Fielding) D.15
    Basye, Mary Ann (m. James Stidley) G.252
    Basye, Mary Ann Coats (Larimore) (m. James D. Basye) F.47
    Basye, Mary Catharine (Green) (m. Smith W. Basye) G.412
    Basye, Mary Catherine F.56
    Basye, Mary E. (m. C. J. Corwin) G.367
    Basye, Mary E. (Seymour G. Andrews) H.355
    Basye, Mary E. (m. Isaac S. Chestnut) H.251
    Basye, Mary E. (m. M. F. Bowling) G.161
    Basye, Mary E. (Hull) (m. Samuel T. Basye) G.59
    Basye, Mary Elizabeth (Mason) (m. Ernest Edward Basye) I.74
    Basye, Mary Elizabeth (m.1. Jonas A. Kelley, 2. W. N. Ertel) H.13
    Basye, Mary Elizabeth (White) (m. Louis Frederic Basye) H.223
    Basye, Mary Ellen (m.1. Gilbert P. Dorland, 2. L. W. Cromer) G.98
    Basye, Mary Ellen (Test) (m. Wilson J. Basye) G.449
    Basye, Mary Ellen (Rhoades) (m. James N. Basye) H.228
    Basye, Mary Ellen (m. Henry Burns) I.204
    Basye, Mary Ethel (Bruner) (m. Guy E. Basye) J.12
    Basye, Mary Etta (m. Oscar Hull) H.42
    Basye, Maryetta G.6
    Basye, Mary Fern J.26
    Basye, Mary Frances (m.1. --- Miller, 2. --- Jordan, 3. --- Dickerson) G.258
    Basye, Mary Frances J.44
    Basye, Mary Grace (m. Gus G. Jastram) H.187
    Basye, Mary Guiola (m. Hendrix Spraggins) K.19
    Basye, Mary Jane G.109
    Basye, Mary Jean (m. Jack D. McCumber) I.268
    Basye, Mary Jo J.35
    Basye, Mary J. (Copeland) (m. Howard H. Basye) H.455
    Basye, Mary L. (m. James Laughlin) H.1
    Basye, Mary L. (m. William H. Scott) H.234
    Basye, Mary L. (Rees) (m. Edwin Joseph Basye) I.64
    Basye, Mary Louise (Merrett) (m. John Charles Basye) H.238
    Basye, Mary Lucretia (m. James Mull) G.74
    Basye, Mary M. F.127
    Basye, Mary M. (m. Franklin Collier) E.72
    Basye, Mary M. (Wright) (m. Edmond T. Basye) F.126
    Basye, Mary Margaret (m. Theodore Wilson) H.195
    Basye, Mary Martin (m. Shepherd Gulick) F.75
    Basye, Mary Martin (m. Arthur Gillions) H.219
    Basye, Mary McClanahan (m. Moody Mansur) F.146
    Basye, Mary Melinda (m. John Hamilton) G.53
    Basye, Mary N. (Tomlin) (m. Edmond Basye) F.104
    Basye, Mary Nancy (m. Henry L. Nelson) H.303
    Basye, Mary P. (Van Cleave) (m. Orville W. Basye) G.149
    Basye, Mary Patience (m. I. Warren Truitt, 2. Pete Willard) G.23
    Basye, Mary V. (m. Alexander Blackwell) F.81
    Basye, Mary Virginia (m.1. Jerry Cavett, 2. Merrill Yost) I.207
    Basye, Mary Ward (Hickman) (m. William W. Basye) H.397
    Basye, Matilda F.89
    Basye, Matilda (m. John Hepner) G.253
    Basye, Matilda S. (m. George Wilkens) G.269
    Basye, Matilda (Sanders) (m. Joseph T. Basye) F.53
    Basye, Matthew A.8
    Basye, Matthias G.165
    Basye, Mattie, see also Martha.
    Basye, Mattie (Ryley) (m. Jacob W. Basye) G.372
    Basye, Maud (m. James Little) H.153
    Basye, Maud (m. John J. Weekley) I.68
    Basye, Max Percy H.175
    Basye, May (m. Harvey M. Cock) H.406
    Basye, May H.7
    Basye, May V. (Lindsey) (m. Frank Basye) G.365
    Basye, Melissa (Chesney) (m. John Basye) F.4
    Basye, Mellissa (Clark) (m. Ora Sherman Basye) H.341
    Basye, Melvin K.9
    Basye, Melvin Leslie (m. Edris Eskew) J.8
    Basye, Merle (Dungan) (m. William Henry Basye) H.221
    Basye, Merle Evelyn I.118
    Basye, Michael (or Miguel) G.357
    Basye, Michael (m. Joane Cove) A.5
    Basye, Michael Mauzy (m.1. Margaret Barnett, 2. Sarah Johnson) F.115
    Basye, Miguel G.357
    Basye, Mildred H.169
    Basye, Mildred (Mumford) (m. Rawleigh Basye) J.52
    Basye, Mildred Mary Cecile I.122
    Basye, Mildred Pearl (m. Herbert H. Oliver) H.161
    Basye, Mildred Ruth (Chittenden) (m. Frank M. Basye) I.92
    Basye, Milly (m. George W. Booth) F.201
    Basye, Mina Mae (m. Thomas Bowman) H.46
    Basye, Minerva Frances (m.1. James D. Ellison, 2. Cornelius Knott) H.233
    Basye, Minerva Grace (m. Luther Funkhouser) H.274
    Basye, Minnie (m. Glenn C. Walker) H.352
    Basye, Minnie H.437
    Basye, Minnie A. D. H.276
    Basye, Minnie Frances I.185
    Basye, Minnie Louisa H.266
    Basye, Minnie M. (Preston) (m. John L. Basye) G.300
    Basye, Miranda H.145
    Basye, Miranda (m. Capt. William W.Stuart) G.127
    Basye, Miriam Artella (m. Clay Weesner) H.456
    Basye, Mollie, see also Mary.
    Basye, Mollie (Tinsley) (m. Joseph J. Basye) G.79
    Basye, Mollie (or Mary E.) (m. M. F. Bowling) G. 161
    Basye, Mollie (m. Van Dyke Todd) G.333
    Basye, Mollie (m. C. J. Corwin) G.367
    Basye, Mollie (m.1. --- Miller, 2. --- Jordan, 3. --- Dickerson) G.258
    Basye, Mollie H. (m. Thomas Walker) F.124
    Basye, Molly E.41
    Basye, Mona Lou J.28
    Basye, Morrell W. (Fry) (m. Erasmus Basye) H.272
    Basye, Myra Jane J.36
    Basye, Myrtle J.6
    Basye, Myrtle G.160
    Basye, Myrtle (Moshier) (m. Guy William Basye) H.140
    Basye, Myrtle D. (Hjort) (m. Littleton Hall Basye) H.448
    Basye, Myrtle Ellen (Thomas) (m. Eugene Elsworth Basye) H.27
    Basye, Myrtle Maud (Moos) (m. Ashby Lee Basye) H.414
    Basye, Nancy, see also Nannie
    Basye, Nancy (Mauzy) (m. Edmond Basye) D.23
    Basye, Nancy (m. Thomas Pullin) D.16
    Basye, Nancy (m. Azariah Kimbro) E.57
    Basye, Nancy (m. John Kemper) E.51
    Basye, Nancy E.102
    Basye, Nancy F.91
    Basye, Nancy (m. George F. Myers) F.197
    Basye, Nancy (Taylor) (m. Richard Basye) D.24
    Basye, Nancy (Taylor) (m. Joseph Basye) F.179
    Basye, Nancy (m. Cyrus Stark) F.144
    Basye, Nancy (Ashpaugh) (m. Isaac Basye) F.9
    Basye, Nancy (Hancock) (m. Nimrod Basye) F.83
    Basye, Nancy (McClanahan) (m. Elizamond Basye) D.25
    Basye, Nancy (Wyatt) (m. Andrew Jackson Basye) G.20
    Basye, Nancy Ann H.425
    Basye, Nancy Ellen (m. Israel Aynes) H.339
    Basye, Nancy J. H.239
    Basye, Nancy J. (Current) (m. Leander Milton Basye) H.243
    Basye, Nancy Marshall (m. Leonard Fleming) E.73
    Basye, Nancy Mauzy (m. Milton Philips) G.290
    Basye, Nancy McClanahan (m. --- Reddish) F.131
    Basye, Nannie, see also Nancy.
    Basye, Nannie (m. John Storts) F.43
    Basye, Nannie H.225
    Basye, Nannie (m. David L. Wright) G.334
    Basye, Nannie Aurora (m. Albert Noll) H.200
    Basye, Nannie Elizabeth (m. William F. Shannon) G.176
    Basye, Nannie May H.450
    Basye, Nannie Shaw (Fretwell) (m. Gabriel Gardner Basye) I.83
    Basye, Nannie Sophronia (m. B. F. Wilkerson) G.193
    Basye, Nanon A. (m. D. C. McKee) G.336
    Basye, Napoleon (m. Clarabelle Wray) G.148
    Basye, Narcissa (m. Andrew King) F.150
    Basye, Narcissa G.362
    Basye, Narcissa (Elkins) (m. Thomas Basye) E.67
    Basye, Nathan John (m. Ann Eliza Grady) F.97
    Basye, Nathaniel Montgomery (m. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick) G.60
    Basye, Nellie H.124
    Basye, Nellie (m. Paul Pettyjohn) I.7
    Basye, Nellie (Byrnes) (m. Curtis Lee Basye) H.138
    Basye, Nellie (Foster) (m. Owen Wilbur Basye) H.141
    Basye, Nellie Jane (m. Bertrice J. Stephens) H.28
    Basye, Nettie Prudence H.30
    Basye, Newton G.419
    Basye, Newton, see also Isaac Newton
    Basye, Newton Jasper (m. Maggie Townsend) G.296
    Basye, Newton Taylor E.64
    Basye, Newton Taylor F.122
    Basye, Nimrod (m.1. Nancy Hancock, 2. Sarah Sutherland) F.83
    Basye, Nimrod I.139
    Basye, Nina (Taylor) (m. Charles Milton Basye) H.45
    Basye, Noah (m. Lucetta Phillips) F.212
    Basye, Nora Annie (m. Walter E. Lewis) H.436
    Basye, Nora Bell (m. Otho G. Thompson) H.171
    Basye, Nora Belle H.413
    Basye, Norma Jeane (Bowers) (m. Roy W. Basye) H.346
    Basye, Norma Jeane I.230
    Basye, Nova Carol J.70
    Basye, Novella Josephine (m. Joseph Douglas) F.74
    Basye, Novella (m. Thomas Wyatt) G.217
    Basye, Olive N. (David) (m. Turner I. Basye) H.447
    Basye, Oliver G.451
    Basye, Ollie (or Arlie) (m. George A. Warner) G.287
    Basye, Ollie (Russell) (m. William S. Basye) H.257
    Basye, Opal I.166
    Basye, Opal (Bergher) (m. William F. Basye) H.356
    Basye, Opal Mae I.75
    Basye, Ora Sherman (m. Mellissa Clark) H.341
    Basye, Orville Walker (m. Mary P. Van Cleave) G.149
    Basye, Oscar H.411
    Basye, Oscar Jerome (m.1. Harriet Augusta Williams, 2. Mary ---) G.137
    Basye, Otto (m. Carrie C. Wynekoop) H.123
    Basye, Owen Wilbur (m. Nellie Foster) H.141
    Basye, Ozilla (m. John Paul) F.64
    Basye, Pamela (Bays) (m. Elijah Basye) E.10
    Basye, Patience (Nearin) (m. Isaac Basye) E.2
    Basye, Patricia Lee J.77
    Basye, Patricia Steele (Trester) (m. Wendell M. Basye) J.50
    Basye, Paul Edmond (m. Margaret deClercq) I.89
    Basye, Paul Eggert I.238
    Basye, Paul Theodore (m. Velma M. Wheeler) I.87
    Basye, Pearl (Haines) (m. Taylor Coleman Basye) G.326
    Basye, Pearl I.13
    Basye, Pearl I.150
    Basye, Pearl Clinton (m.1. Julia Ruth Willis, 2. Bessie Cummings) I.160
    Basye, Pearl Elmira (m. Charles Welch) H.41
    Basye, Pearl Luella (m. Caspar J. Ogran) J.10
    Basye, Pearle, see Bertha Pearle Basye H.142
    Basye, Peninah Ann (Watson) (m. John Crane Basye) F.20
    Basye, Persia Fernia (m. Mary Grimes) G.150
    Basye, Peter F.136
    Basye, Phoebe (McCausland) (m. William Basye) E.3
    Basye, Polly (m. Philip Amiss) E.78
    Basye, "Polly" (m. --- Moffett) F.8
    Basye, Polly (m. Elizamond E. Basye) F.132
    Basye, Polly (m. Isaac Cundiff) F.198
    Basye, Polly (m. William Mitchell) F.205
    Basye, Porter E. G.138
    Basye, Presley Lafayette G.8
    Basye, Provey (Dorsey) (m. Thomas Basye) D.29
    Basye, Prudence J. G.5
    Basye, Prudence (Ayres) (m. Joseph J. Basye) F.6
    Basye, Prudence Jane H.17
    Basye, Queen Frances (m. James M. Gosline) G.319
    Basye, Rachel (Everly) (m. Elizamond) E.9
    Basye, Ralph Clare (m. Mabel ---) I.88
    Basye, Raphael (nickname Ruff) (m. Maria Antonia Albrite) F.135
    Basye, Raphael G.361
    Basye, Raphael H.382
    Basye, Rawleigh (m. Mildred Mumford) J.52
    Basye, Rebecca (Martin) (m. William Basye) C.2
    Basye, Rebecca (m. William Lunceford) C.9
    Basye, Rebecca (m. Levi Patterson) F.10
    Basye, Rebecca G.243
    Basye, Rebecca (Ayres) (m. William Basye) F.1
    Basye, Rebecca (Putnam) (m. Edmond Basye) F.29
    Basye, Rebecca M. (m. Richard Pitman) E.22
    Basye, Rena (Butler) (m. Elizamond B. Basye) H.403
    Basye, Richard (m. Nancy Taylor) D.24
    Basye, "Richard" (nickname of Elizamond Franklin Basye) F.209
    Basye, Richard A. G.371
    Basye, Richard Edmond H.386
    Basye, Richard George (m.1. Viola Kempke, 2. Velma Irene Anderson) I.218
    Basye, Richard Merle J.57
    Basye, Richard Taylor (m. Ellen F. Hall) F.69
    Basye, Richard Taylor (m. Frances Hinds) G.297
    Basye, Richard Taylor (m. Mary Tapp) F.108
    Basye, Robert (m. Emma J. Price) G.14
    Basye, Robert Allen (m. Leila Hill) I.109
    Basye, "Robert", or "Bob" Boyd (see Lorenze Boyd Basye) G.270
    Basye, Robert C. H.174
    Basye, Robert Cabell (m. Marie Meadows Dill) G.174
    Basye, Robert Edward Lee (m. Aurora Storms) G.191
    Basye, Robert Eugene I.91
    Basye, Robert Joseph H.180
    Basye, Robert Wayne J.38
    Basye, Robert Whitcom (m. Emma ---) H.16
    Basye, Roberta H.8
    Basye, Rhoda Ellen (Johnson) (m. James Basye) G.432
    Basye, Roena Wiona J.43
    Basye, Rolla David (m.1. Emma Colbert, 2. Willie Grace Wright) H.106
    Basye, Rolland Joseph (m. Dorothy ---) I.198
    Basye, Rosa Anna (Akers) H.107
    Basye, Rose Anna I.172
    Basye, Rosanna (Headley) (m. James M. Basye) G.237
    Basye, Rose Hampton (m. Carl Giboney) H.302
    Basye, Roxie La Vone J.59
    Basye, Roy I.290
    Basye, Roy William H.125
    Basye, Roy Wilson (m.1. Norma Jeane Bowers, 2. Virginia Coffman) H.346
    Basye, Ruby G.200
    Basye, Ruby (Durkee) (m. David Basye) H.393
    Basye, Ruby (m. Clayton Carrick) H.220
    Basye, Ruby H.379
    Basye, "Ruff" (see Raphael Basye) F.135
    Basye, Rush I.183
    Basye, Russell I.116
    Basye, Ruth G.196
    Basye, Ruth Drusilla H.202
    Basye, Ruth Frances I.235
    Basye, Ruth Minnie (m. James Aylor) J.4
    Basye, Ruth Thelma (m. H. G. Goodwin) H.424
    Basye, Ruth Virginia H.361
    Basye, Ruthy (Tapp) (m. Benjamin Basye) E.76
    Basye, Sallie, see also Sally, Sarah
    Basye, Sallie (m. George Carter) D.11
    Basye, Sallie (m. John Harding) E.20
    Basye, Sallie (Burkhart) (m. John Basye) F.141
    Basye, Sallie (Hancock) (m. Joseph Basye) F.85
    Basye, Sallie Ann (m. Thomas H. Lansdell) F.76
    Basye, Sallie Lawson (McNamaha) (m. Joseph J. Basye) E.23
    Basye, Sally (Pope) (m. Isaac Basye) D.8
    Basye, Sally E.100
    Basye, Sally (m. Richard Walker) E.17
    Basye, Samantha (m. Martin Currant) G.241
    Basye, Samantha (m. George Robinson) H.249
    Basye, Samuel G.31
    Basye, Samuel John (m. Ida A. Burtch) G.136
    Basye, Samuel Lisbon G.76
    Basye, Samuel N. H.235
    Basye, Samuel Nixon (m. Jane Barclay) F.28
    Basye, Samuel Taylor (m. Mary E. Hull) G.59
    Basye, Samuel Tilden G.156
    Basye, Samuel W. I.203
    Basye, Sarah, See also Sallie, Sally.
    Basye, Sarah A. 7
    Basye, Sarah D.11
    Basye, Sarah (Smoot) (m. John Basye) E.16
    Basye, Sarah (m. John Harding) E.20
    Basye, Sarah (m. Selestine Whitman) G.254
    Basye, Sarah (m. C. J. Corwin) G.368
    Basye, Sarah (Banks) (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Basye, Sarah (Jackson) (m. Jacob W. Basye) G.372
    Basye, Sarah (Johnson) (m. Michael Mauzy Basye) F.115
    Basye, Sarah (Lawson) (McNahama) (m. Joseph J. Basye) E.22
    Basye, Sarah (Sinclair) (m. Josiah Basye) C.13
    Basye, Sarah (Sutherland) (m. Nimrod Basye) F.83
    Basye, Sarah (m. John R. Winstead) F.78
    Basye, Sarah (Stephens) (m. Isaac Newton Basye) G.21
    Basye, Sarah A. (Guthrie) (m. Henry Basye) F.105
    Basye, Sarah Ann (m. Charles Leland) F.35
    Basye, Sarah Ann (m. Preston Johnson) G.294
    Basye, Sarah Caroline G.57
    Basye, Sarah Caroline (m. George W. Dewey) H.259
    Basye, Sarah Catherine G.277
    Basye, Sarah Elizabeth (m. John Skeen) F.55
    Basye, Sarah Elizabeth G.87
    Basye, Sarah Elizabeth (Hitt) (m. George S. Basye) G.318
    Basye, Sarah F. (m. G. Roy Williams) I.205
    Basye, Sarah J. (Gosline) (m. William M. Basye) F.24
    Basye, Sarah J. (m. John Hopper) H.248
    Basye, Sarah Jane (Haynes) (m. John W. Basye) H.245
    Basye, Sarah Jane (Mason) (m. Lafayette Basye) H.247
    Basye, Sara Jane (Pitzer) (m. Edwin Joe Basye) I.84
    Basye, Sarah James (m. Joseph Blosser) F.114
    Basye, Sarah Nancy (m.1. William T. Hatton, 2. Henry H. Bennett) H.232
    Basye, Sarah "Payne" (See Sarah Phoebe Basye)
    Basye, Sarah Phoebe (m. John M. Talbot) F.12
    Basye, Sarah R. (Outten) (m. Theophilus D. Basye) F.39
    Basye, Sarah S. (m. --- Goodnight) F.41
    Basye, Sarah V. (m. Wm. A. White) G.448
    Basye, Seth (m. Margaret Sandlin Jay) F.21
    Basye, Seth G.52
    Basye, Sherrod J. F.116
    Basye, Shirley Jeane I.126
    Basye, "Sid" (or Ethelbert) (m. Lulu ---) F.60
    Basye, Sidney F.147
    Basye, Silas R. G.125
    Basye, Smith Walter (m. Mary Catherine Green) G.412
    Basye, Solomon H. G.325
    Basye, Sophia F. (m. Benjamin F. Williams) G.427
    Basye, Sophia (m. Vincent Tapp) E.85
    Basye, Sophronia Alice (Mesmer) (m. John Mark Basye) G.431
    Basye, Stephen G.274
    Basye, Stephen I.3
    Basye, Suann I.103
    Basye, Susan (m. William Montgomery) E.8
    Basye, Susan (Brown) (m. Elijah Basye) E.10
    Basye, Susan (m. Andrew Leonard) F.7
    Basye, Susan (m. Charles Stuart) F.145
    Basye, Susan Eleanor (Slater) (m. Isaac N. Basye) G.58
    Basye, Susan J. (Popham) (m. Thomas H. Basye) G.284
    Basye, Susannah (m. George W. Stir) H.241
    Basye, Tabitha G.446
    Basye, Taylor E.6
    Basye, Taylor E.14
    Basye, Taylor (m. Adoshea Duel McNutt) E.56
    Basye, Taylor Coleman (m. Pearl Haines) G.326
    Basye, Theodore H.147
    Basye, Theophilus D. (m.1. Mary Outten, 2. Sarah R. Outten) F.39
    Basye, Thomas (m. Provey Dorsey) D.29
    Basye, Thomas (m. Narcissa Elkins) E.67
    Basye, Thomas (m. Eugenia Carter) F.66
    Basye, Thomas (m. Frances Button) F.181
    Basye, Thomas G.352
    Basye, Thomas G.360
    Basye, Thomas H.412
    Basye, Thomas I.10
    Basye, Thomas H.231
    Basye, Thomas E. H.144
    Basye, Thomas Edwin (m. Garnett S. Gray) G.214
    Basye, Thomas H. (m.1. Anna ---, 2. Susan J. Popham) G.284
    Basye, Thomas J. F.106
    Basye, Thomas J. G.210
    Basye, Thomas Percy G.157
    Basye, Thomas Pope (m. Hannah Lee Turberville) E.19
    Basye, Thomas Smith (m. Mary A. Moss) F.211
    Basye, Thomas Strother F.133
    Basye, Thomas T. F.121
    Basye, Thomas William I.138
    Basye, Thursey (Goodhart) (m. Andrew Douglass Basye) G.1
    Basye, Thurza (Davis) (m. Elijah Basye) E.10
    Basye, Thurza Lena (m. Roger Lawrence) G.194
    Basye, Tressie (Stewart) (m. Alton Isaac Basye) H.25
    Basye, Turner I. (m. Olive N. David) H.447
    Basye, Twyla K.1
    Basye, Urma Jane (m. --- McBride) F.63
    Basye, Ursie (Fry) (m. Layton Basye) H.443
    Basye, Ursley F.50
    Basye, Ursula Ann F.62
    Basye, Valley (Henson) (m. Albert Basye) G.416
    Basye, Velma (Kelley) (m. Abner B. Basye) H.110
    Basye, Velma Irene (m. Richard Merle Basye) J.57
    Basye, Velma Irene (Anderson) (m. Richard George Basye) I.218
    Basye, Velma M. (m. W. L. Gilmore) I.77
    Basye, Velma Maude (Wheeler) (m. Paul T. Basye) I.87
    Basye, Vera (Diven) (m. Alfred E. Basye) H.395
    Basye, Vera Alberta I.255
    Basye, Verna K.8
    Basye, Vernie M. (Madden) (m. Joseph Jackson Basye) H.109
    Basye, Victoria (Brown) (m. John H. Basye) G.264
    Basye, Vie (Higgins) (m. Isaac Walter Basye) G.104
    Basye, Viola (Kemple) (m. Richard Merle Basye) J.57
    Basye, Viola (m. Milton Hartman) G.266
    Basye, Viola (Kempke) (m. Richard George Basye) I.218
    Basye, Virginia (m. Benedict M. Booth) G.207
    Basye, Virginia (Coffman) (m. Roy Wilson Basye) H.346
    Basye, Vivian I.231
    Basye, Vivian F. (Gandor) (m. Carl Boyd Basye) I.197
    Basye, Walter H.126
    Basye, Walter Ellis (m.1. Hazel Wightman, 2. Florence M. Cadwell) H.348
    Basye, Walter F. I.234
    Basye, Walter L. H.408
    Basye, Walter Scott (m. Izora Byars) H.20
    Basye, Warren (m. Wilma Jacks) J.2
    Basye, Washington B. (See Edmond Washington B.) F.87
    Basye, Washington Harding (m. Dorothy Frazier) H.224
    Basye, Wendell Morris (m. Patricia Steele Trester) J.50
    Basye, Wendell Morris, Jr. K.22
    Basye, Wesley G.238
    Basye, Wesley Fletcher F.30
    Basye, Wesley Hinkle F.36
    Basye, Wilbur E. I.2
    Basye, William B.6
    Basye, William (m. Rebecca Martin) C.2
    Basye, William (m. Phoebe McCausland) E.3
    Basye, Col. William (m. Harriet C. DeShields) E.18
    Basye, William E.83
    Basye, William C.14
    Basye, William (m. Jane Logan) E.108
    Basye, William (m. Rebecca Ayers) F.1
    Basye, William F.79
    Basye, William F.118
    Basye, William G.430
    Basye, William G.94
    Basye, William G.185
    Basye, William G.441
    Basye, William I.6
    Basye, William I.140
    Basye, William A. (m.1. Mary Davis, 2. Catherine Briney) F.204
    Basye, William Andrew H.44
    Basye, William Columbus I.181
    Basye, William Edgar K.21
    Basye, William Edward H.12
    Basye, William Edwin (m. Frances V. Winfrey) I.265
    Basye, William F. (m. Elizabeth Johnston) F.68
    Basye, William Falcon (m. Ethel Harding G.218
    Basye, William Fitzhugh Thornton (m. Caroline Smith) F.125
    Basye, William Franklin (m.1. Elsie Williams, 2. Opal Berther) H.356
    Basye, William G. G.12
    Basye, William Gerald I.117
    Basye, William Henry (m. Dora May Radebaugh) H.263
    Basye, William Henry (m. Merle Dungan) H.221
    Basye, William Henry (m. Laura Harris) G.317
    Basye, William Henry (m. Elizabeth Streighthoof) G.121
    Basye, William Henry Read G.302
    Basye, William Hugh G.71
    Basye, William Hughes (m. Faire Blair Jones) I.72
    Basye, William J. I.97
    Basye, William Marshall G.332
    Basye, William Montgomery (m. Sarah J. Gosline) F.24
    Basye, William Montgomery G.106
    Basye, William Ralph H.83
    Basye, William S. (m. Ollie Russel) H.257
    Basye, William Thomas G.152
    Basye, William W. G.370
    Basye, William Wallace H.434
    Basye, William Warner F.54
    Basye, William Wesley (m. Martha A. Briggs) G.19
    Basye, William Wilder H.387
    Basye, William Wyatt (m. Mary Hickman) H.397
    Basye, Willie Grace (Wright) (m. Rolla David Basye) H.106
    Basye, Willie Hall I.273
    Basye, Willis Chesney H.5
    Basye, Willis M. (m. Esther Brant) H.189
    Basye, Wilma I.12
    Basye, Wilma (Jacks) (m. Warren Basye) J.2
    Basye, Wilmeth S. (Crowther) (m. Louis O. Basye) F.70
    Basye, Wilson (m. Irene Walker) F.213
    Basye, Wilson J. (m. Mary Ellen Test) G.449
    Basye, Wilson Monroe I.221
    Basye, Winletty (Green) (m. Jesse Basye) E.12
    Basye, Winnifred (m. --- Marsh) C.4
    Basye, Winnifred (Taylor) (m. Edmond Basye) C.7
    Basye, Winnifred (m. Cornelius Scott) D.31
    Basye, Winnifred E.96
    Basye, Winnifred (m. Thomas Read) F.111
    Basye, Winona H.173
    Basye, Winsted Lee I.272
    Basye, Zepha E. I.94
    Basye, Zora (Zeller) (m. Elmer E. Basye) H.185
    Bausback, (m. --- Stevens) H.312
    Bays, Pamelia (m. Elijah Basye) E.10
    Beedle, Noah (m. Margaret Basye) G.257
    Bell, --- (m. Flora Davis) H.136
    Bennett, --- (m. --- Warner) H.313
    Bennett, Henry H. (m. Sarah Nancy Basye) H.232
    Berch, A. W. H.157
    Berch, C. E. H.158
    Berch, Edna (m. Babe Corbean) H.160
    Berch, Harrison (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.32
    Berch, Jesse Lisbon (m. Mary Ann Basye) G.134, G.146
    Berch, Jessie M. (m. --- Rupnow) H.159
    Berch, William Edmond G.145
    Bergher, Opal (m. William F. Basye) H.356
    Betts, Gustavus A. (m. Estelle Lansdell) G.230
    Bevans, Ira Louis (m. Martha Jane Basye) G.96
    Bevans, Julia Josephine (m. Rollin L. Chase) H.116
    Biggs, --- (m. Eliza Tapp) F.193
    Bise, John (m. Elizabeth Basye) G.142
    Bise, --- H.165
    Biser, George K. (m. Anne T. Basye) F.123
    Blackwell, Alexander (m. Mary V. Basye) F.81
    Blackwell, Joseph G.233
    Blackwell, Josephine (m. Wm. Flynt) G.232
    Blackwell, Oscar (m. Estelle Lansdell) G.230
    Blackwell, Sallie G.234
    Blake, H. W. (m. Willa Mull) H.105
    Blankenship, Jennie B. (m. Isaac B. Basye) H.253
    Block, Manfred S. (m. Dorothy Cushman) I.52
    Blosser, Barbara G.315
    Blosser, Daniel G.310
    Blosser, Elizabeth Ann G.313
    Blosser, Henry G.309
    Blosser, Jacob G.311
    Blosser, John G.308
    Blosser, Joseph G.312
    Blosser, Joseph (m. Sarah J. Basye) F.114
    Blosser, Mary G.316
    Blosser, Susan G.314
    Bohon, Garrett (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.210
    Booth, Benedict M. (m. Virginia Basye) G.207
    Booth, George W. (m. Milly Basye) F.201
    Bowers, Norma Jeane (m. Roy W. Basye) H.346
    Bowling, M. F. (m. Mary E. Basye) G.161
    Bowman, Thomas (m. Mina Mae Basye) H.46
    Boyce, John (m. Nancy Cordell) E.31
    Boyle, Hugh (m. Agnes Basye) G.91
    Bradbury, Cora Belle (m. George W. Basye) G.107
    Bradbury, Ira (m. Ada May Basye) H.32
    Bradley, Grace I.30
    Bradley, Harold I.23
    Bradley, Hosmer I.26
    Bradley, Iris I.29
    Bradley, Leah I.27
    Bradley, Lena I.25
    Bradley, Lora I.28
    Bradley, Ruth I.24
    Brangan, Janet D. (m. Howard Norwick Basye) I.293
    Brant, Esther (m. Willis M. Basye) H.189
    Bray, Garnett S. (m. T. Edwin Basye) G.214
    Braybrook, William M. (m. Isabel Margaret Basye) I.236
    Breese, Israel (m. Lucinda Basye) G.90
    Briggs, Martha A. (m. William Wesley Basye) G.19
    Briney, Catherine (m. William A. Basye) F.204
    Brock, --- (m. Mary Ann Basye) F.33
    Brooks, Ira S. (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.107
    Brown, --- H.281
    Brown, --- (m. Mary Ann Basye) F.33
    Brown, --- (m. Mary Basye) G.280
    Brown, --- (m. Mary Womack) G.47
    Brown, Angus (m. Edna Basye) G.265
    Brown, Angus H.279
    Brown, Anson (m. Fannie A. Basye) H.90
    Brown, Clark E. (m. Josephine McWilliams) I.56
    Brown, Delana (m. John Thorp Basye) F.27
    Brown, Eliza H.280
    Brown, Frances Lorene I.250
    Brown, Harry L. (m. Grace Leake) I.58
    Brown, Mary Albertine (m. John F. T. Basye) G.128
    Brown, Mary Ellen I.251
    Brown, Nellie I.59
    Brown, Ruby (m. Clara Dean Basye) H.358
    Brown, Stanley I.55
    Brown, Susan (m. Elijah Basye) E.10
    Brown, Victoria (m. John H. Basye) G.264
    Brown, William L. (m. Mattie Lee Davis) I.57
    Brown, William W. (m. Josephine W. Basye) G.4
    Bruner, Mary Ethel (m. Guy E. Basye) J.12
    Bryce, William R. (m. Martha L. Basye) G.260
    Bull, --- (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.44
    Bullock, Helen (m. James Davis Basye) H.183
    Bullock, Winfield (m. Sophia Fleming) F.171
    Burkhart, Sallie (m. John Basye) F.141
    Burns, Henry (m. Mary Ellen Basye) I.204
    Burr, Elizabeth C.23
    Burr, John C.21
    Burr, Jonathon C.24
    Burr, Mary C.22
    Burr, Samuel C.20
    Burr, Samuel (m. Mary Basye) B.10
    Burtch, Ida A. (m. Samuel John Basye) G.136
    Busey, Hugh (m. Cecilia Pearl Basye) G.164
    Butler, Loren L. (m. Loma C. Basye) H.454
    Butler, Martin V. B. (m. Emily Patience Basye) G.3
    Butler, Rena (m. Elizamond Bayard Basye) H.403
    Button, Frances (m. Thomas Basye) F.181
    Byars, Izora (m. Walter Scott Basye) H.20
    Byrnes, Nellie (m. Curtis Lee Basye) H.138

    Cadwell, Florence M. (m. Walter Ellis Basye) H.348
    Caley, John (m. Georgia E. E. Russell) H.117
    Cameron, Berthenia C. (m. Samuel Alexander Tombs) G.63
    Campbell, Armilda (m. James Davis Basye) F.47
    Campbell, Marie (m. John Womack) G.38
    Canan, Dorothy Bernice I.107
    Canan, Grace Carol (m. Cleburn Dwarck) I.104
    Canan, Norman Basye I.105
    Canan, Ruth Allene I.106
    Canan, William H. (m. Cecile Coats Basye) H.181
    Candiff (or Cundiff), Betsy (m. Elizamond Basye) E.97
    Caplinger, See Kaplinger.
    Carpenter, Arthur H.54
    Carpenter, Burt H.53
    Carpenter, Ella H.57
    Carpenter, Frank H.56
    Carpenter, Jesse (m. Hattie Basye) G.27
    Carpenter, Myrtle H.55
    Carrick, Clayton (m. Ruby Basye) H.220
    Carrier, see Carryer.
    Carryer, Anna (m. Edmond B. Washington Basye) F.87
    Carson, Charles C. (m. Lulu Basye) G.429
    Carter, Marietta Eugenia (m. Thomas Basye) F.66
    Carter, Evaline (m. James B. Womack) G.65
    Carter, George (m. Sallie Basye) D.11
    Carter, Manda (m. Larkin Womack) G.44
    Case, Sylvia Jane (m. John Basye Price) H.365
    Cauffman, W. H. (m. Florence Basye) H.409
    Cavett, Jerry (m. Mary Virginia Basye) I.207
    Chase, Rollin L. (m. Julia J. Bevans) H.116
    Chesney, Melissa (m. John Basye) F.4
    Chestnut, Isaac S. (m. Mary E. Basye) H.251
    Chittenden, Mildred Ruth (m. Frank M. Basye) I.92
    Church, --- (m. John Basye) A.2
    Clapp, Lou (m. Isaac Walter Basye) G.104
    Clark, Luther (m. Martha Jane Basye) G.96
    Clark, Mellissa (m. Ora Sherman Basye) H.341
    Clark, Rex (m. Faith Basye) J.3
    Clemens, Mary Merritt I.271
    Clemens, Merritt Armfield (m. Jean Basye) H.404
    Clemens, Sarah Lucile I.270
    Clevenger, Mary (m. Jeremiah Basye) E.81
    Clifton, Anna Belle (m. --- Hoppin) H.81
    Clifton, Carrie (m. --- Arnette) H.80
    Clifton, Edward Watson (m. Addie Tombs) H.76
    Clifton, Harry H.79
    Clifton, Isaac Newton H.77
    Clifton, James Theodore H.75
    Clifton, Joseph Jackson H.78
    Clifton, William (m. Frances Ann Basye) G.55
    Cline, See Kline.
    Clough, L. M. (m. Louisa Miller) G.383
    Cloyd, A. A. H.335
    Cloyd, Augustus Davis (m.1. May V. Barnes, 2. Nina E. Smith) H.330
    Cloyd, C. J. H.333
    Cloyd, Effie H.331
    Cloyd, Irene H.336
    Cloyd, John W. (m. Eliza J. Basye) G.293
    Cloyd, J. W. H.334
    Cloyd, W. W. H.332
    Coats, Mary Ann (Larimore) (m. James D. Basye) F.47
    Cock, Harvey M. (m. May Basye) H.406
    Coffman, Ellen (m. John Basye) G.256
    Coffman, Virginia (m. Roy Wilson Basye) H.346
    Cohn, Herbert (m. Camcy D. Kline) H.287
    Colbert, Emma (m. Rolla David Basye) H.106
    Cole, Jesse (m. Emma Coats Basye) G.181
    Cole, Silas Larimore H.193
    Collier, Ben F. F.163
    Collier, --- (m. Edmond Basye) E.65
    Collier, Elizabeth F.162
    Collier, Elizamond F.159
    Collier, Franklin (m. Mary M. Basye) E.72
    Collier, John F.161
    Collier, Mary (m. Dr. Charles T. Herndon) F.160
    Collier, Nancy F.158
    Combs, Martha (m. Martin Cordell) E.29
    Cooke, Betsey (m. William Hotter) E.106
    Cooke, John (m. Hannah Basye) D.33
    Cooke, Nancy E.107
    Cooke, William E.105
    Copedge, John (m. Elizabeth Basye) B.9
    Copeland, Mary J. (m. Howard H. Basye) H.455
    Coppedge, William (m. Rebecca Basye) C.2
    Corbean, Babe (m. Edna Berch) H.160
    Cordell, --- (m. Elizabeth Basye) D.10
    Cordell, Alexander (m. Diana Wilson) E.38
    Cordell, Ammon E.24
    Cordell, Collin (or Collier) (m. May Musgrove) E.33
    Cordell, Elizabeth (m. Samuel Funk) E.26
    Cordell, Enos E.39
    Cordell, George Edwards (m. Catherine Basye) D.12
    Cordell, James E.34
    Cordell, John E.27
    Cordell, Judith E.40
    Cordell, Linda E.37
    Cordell, Lucy (m. Robert Adams) E.32
    Cordell, Martin (m.1. Ruth Hazelwood, 2. Rosana Huff, 3. Martha Combs) E.29
    Cordell, Nancy (m. John Boyce) E.31
    Cordell, Nicholas E.25
    Cordell, Phillip E.35
    Cordell, Pressley (m.1. Keziah Wilson, 2. Amelia O'Connor) E.30
    Cordell, Sally (m. William Stephenstein) E.28
    Cordell, William (m. Elizabeth Moran) E.36
    Corr, Fred Basye (m. Elsie Crowder) I.134
    Corr, Harry Lee (m. Emma Basye) H.204
    Corr, Reade Watlington I.135
    Corwin, Arthur Basye H.390
    Corwin, C. J. (m.1. Mary Basye, 2. Sarah Basye) G.367, G.368
    Corwin, Charlton Basye H.388
    Corwin, Fannie H.392
    Corwin, Helen H.391
    Corwin, May E. (m. --- Creel) H.389
    Cove, Joane (m. Michael Basye) A.5
    Covington, Annie (m. Jesse Basye) G.415
    Coyle, Annie A. (m. Edward Edmond Basye) G.131
    Coyle, Florence (m. Charles V. Basye) G.132
    Crabtree, --- (m. Henry Basye) G.239
    Crabtree, Vallie (m. Marie Basye) I.162
    Craig, William (m. Agnes Gemima Basye) G.189
    Crain, (m. Elizabeth Basye) G.281
    Creel, --- (m. May E. Corwin) H.389
    Creighton, J. Fred (m. Elizabeth Basye) H.4
    Crews, Dorothy Elizabeth (m. Charles Bradley Basye) H.357
    Cromer, Florence May H.121
    Cromer, John James H.118
    Cromer, L. W. (m. Mary Ellen Basye) G.98
    Cromer, Muriel Morris H.122
    Cromer, Rollin Earl H.120
    Cromer, Willie H.119
    Crowder, Elsie (m. Fred Basye Corr) I.134
    Crowther, Wilmeth S. (m. Louis O. Basye) F.70
    Cummings, Bessie (m. Pearl Clinton Basye) I.160
    Cundiff, see also Candiff.
    Cundiff, Betsy (m. Elizamond Basye) E.97
    Cundiff, Isaac (m. Polly Basye) F.198
    Current, Alonzo Thomas H.267
    Current, Lydia Ann H.269
    Current, Martin (m. Samantha Basye) G.241
    Current, Matthew Harvey H.270
    Current, Nancy Jane (m. --- Walls) H.268
    Current, Nancy J. (m. Leander Milton Basye) H.243
    Currier, see Carryer.
    Currier, Annie (m. Edmond Washington B. Basye) F.87
    Cushing, Geo. M. (m. Daisy Clinton Basye) H.3
    Cushman, Charles A. I.60
    Cushman, Dorothy (m. Manfred S. Block) I.52
    Cushman, F. W. (m. Ida May Basye) H.91
    Cushman, Jeanette Adele (m. Frank Frazee) I.51
    Cushman, Jeff (m. Cora Emily Basye) H.87
    Cushman, Katie (m. Otto Flaig) I.53
    Cushman, Leon I.54

    Dalgarn, Allen D. (m. Harriet Basye) E.58
    Davenport, Richard O. (m. Maria Josephine Basye) F.82
    David, Olive N. (m. Turner I. Basye) H.447
    Davis, Bennie H.133
    Davis, Claude H.137
    Davis, Delia (m. F. M. Leatherman) H.129
    Davis, Etta H.135
    Davis, Flora (m. --- Bell) H.136
    Davis, George Wakeman (m. Anna Elvira Basye) G.105
    Davis, Guy William H.134
    Davis, Lizzie Bell H.131
    Davis, Mary (m. William A. Basye) F.204
    Davis, Mattie Lee (m. William L. Brown) I.57
    Davis, Maude (m. J. R. Hutchinson) H.132
    Davis, Sarah Angeline (m. Luther H. Dobson) H.130
    Davis, Thurza (m. Elijah Basye) E.10
    Deal, --- (m. Hannah Basye) H.420
    Deal, Henry I.280
    Deal, Vallie May I.281
    Deavers, Robert (m. Frances Basye) F.176
    deClercq, Margaret Louise (m. Paul E. Basye) I.89
    DeLawder, Abram G.246
    DeLawder, Edmond W. B. G.247
    DeLawder, Franklin Pierce G.249
    DeLawder, John G.245
    DeLawder, Philip (m. Levina Basye) F.84
    DeLawder, Sarah (m. Noah Halterman) G.248
    De Lendrecie, O. J. (m. Josephine Helen Basye) G.133
    Dennison, Kathrine (m. John Clinton Basye) G.22
    De Puy, W. V. (m. Eliza Basye) G.15
    De Shields, Harriet C. (m. Col. Wm. Basye) E.18
    Dewey, George W. (m. Sarah Caroline Basye) H.259
    De Witt, Louisa (m. J. D. Kegler) I.46
    De Witt, Oscar (m. Kate Eugenia Basye) H.82
    De Witt, Oscar E. I.45
    De Witt, Susan Louisa (m. J. D. Kegler) I.46
    Dickerson, --- (m. Mary Frances Basye) G.258
    Dill, Marie Meadows (m. Robert C. Basye) G.174
    Dispennett, Angus (m. Fannie E. Basye) G.263
    Disque, Albert A. (m. Ida Cornelia Basye) H.22
    Ditmar, Charlotte Elizabeth (m. Edmond B. Basye) H.300
    Diven, Vera (m. Alfred E. Basye) H.395.
    Dobson, Bud J.17
    Dobson, Darrell J.16
    Dobson, Earl J.18
    Dobson, Elmer M. (m. Edna Basye) I.66
    Dobson, Fern J.14
    Dobson, Lulu J.19
    Dobson, Luther H. (m. Sarah A. Davis) H.130
    Dobson, Ray J.13
    Dobson, Stella J.15
    Dorland, Gilbert P. (m. Mary Ellen Basye) G.98
    Dorsey, Provey (m. Thomas Basye) D.29
    Douglas, Joseph (m. Novella Josephine Basye) F.74
    Downs, Helen M. (m. Eugene Allen Gilmore) H.366
    Doyles, Sarah Ann (m. Samuel Alexander Tombs) G.63
    Drake, Ezra H.61
    Drake, George (m. Mary Ann Basye) G.28
    Drake, Harvey H.58
    Drake, Hugh H.59
    Drake, Paul H.62
    Drake, Raymond H.60
    Dungan, Merle (m. William Henry Basye) H.221
    Dunlap, Belle (m. John T. Basye) H.301
    Durkee, Ruby (m. David Basye) H.393
    Dwarck, Cleburn (m. Grace Carol Canan) I.104

    Eckhard, Boyd S. (m. Jeanne Ellen Basye) I.108
    Ede, Albert I.31
    Ede, Edwin I.32
    Ede, Eugene S. (m. Iva Dot Basye) H.34
    Edrington, Jemima (m. John Basye) E.16
    Eggleston, --- (m. Mary Ann Basye) F.33
    Ehren, Albert (m. Esther Clare Basye) J.7
    Ehren, Fritz Henry K.3
    Ehren, Jessie Marie K.6
    Ehren, Ralph K.5
    Ehren, Robert K.4
    Elkins, Narcissa (m. Thomas Basye) E.67
    Elliott, --- (m. Louisiana Womack G.41
    Elliott, Mary A. G.16
    Ellis, Elizabeth (m. James Basye) E.68
    Ellis, Ella Alvira (m. Alfred James Basye) G.298
    Ellison, George I.155
    Ellison, James D. (m. Minerva Frances Basye) H.233
    Ellison, Lydia Rachel I.154
    Emil, Lillie J. (m. John Wesley Basye) H.230
    Ennis, Basil (m. Anna Caroline Basye) H.14
    Erickson, Evelyn (m. James Allen Basye) I.111
    Ertel, W. N. (m. Mary Elizabeth Basye) H.13
    Eskew, Edris (m. Melvin Leslie Basye) J.8
    Estes, Triplett T. (m. Hannah Lee Basye) E.19
    Evans, Margaret (m. Ashby Basye) G.414
    Everet, --- (m. --- Basye) C.12
    Everet, William D.34
    Everly, Rachel (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Ewing, Augustus M. (m. Lucy Basye) G.428

    Fansler, George D. (m. Laura C. Basye) H.273
    Fein, Noah (m. Marie Louise Basye) H.128
    Fernandez, Jose (m. Charlotte Basye) H.351
    Fielding, Ambrose E.44
    Fielding, Eppa (m. Mary Ann Basye) D.15
    Fielding, Eppa E.48
    Fielding, James E.47
    Fielding, John Deanie E.43
    Fielding, Nancy E.46
    Fielding, William E.45
    Fields, Elizabeth (m. Coleman Basye) F.45
    Finley, Henry (m. Ida Basye) G.143
    Finley, --- H.166
    Fisher, David (m. Margaret J. Basye) G.322
    Fisher, Robert (m. Dove Basye) G.324
    Fisk, Frederick Eaton (m. Elizabeth Ann Basye) G.97
    Flaig, Otto (m. Katie Cushman) I.53
    Fleming, Anne (m. J. Woodson Royster) F.168
    Fleming, Elizabeth F.165
    Fleming, James F.166
    Fleming, John C. F.172
    Fleming, Leonard Israel (m. Nancy Marshall Basye) E.73
    Fleming, Louisa (m. James Sullivan) F.167
    Fleming, Mary (m. Alexander Shackelford) F.169
    Fleming, Matilda (m. John Stillwell) F.173
    Fleming, Priscilla (m. Alexander Shackelford) F.164
    Fleming, Sarah Jane (m. Noah Patterson) F.170
    Fleming, Sophia (m. Winfield Bullock) F.171
    Flynt, William (m. Josephine Blackwell) G.232
    Follotte, Harry (m. Linda Lee Basye) H.305
    Ford, Creola (m. Arthur H. Basye) H.168
    Foreman, Charles Dee G. 183
    Foreman, Charles W. (m. Elizabeth Ann Basye) F.48
    Foreman, Elias Basye G.182
    Foster, Nellie (m. Owen Wilbur Basye) H.141
    Franklin, Charles H.436
    Frazee, Frank (m. Jeanette Adele Cushman) I.51
    Frazier, Dorothy May (m. Washington Harding Basye) H.224
    Frederick, Charles J. (m. Marcellas Basye) H.345
    Frederick, Garland I.228
    French, Mae (m. Henry Thurston Basye) H.304
    Fret well, Nannie Shaw (m. Gabriel Gardner Basye) I.83
    Fry, Morrell W. (m. Erasmus Basye) H.272
    Fry, Ursie (m. Layton Basye) H.443
    Funk, Samuel (m. Elizabeth Cordell) E.26
    Funkhouser, Luther (m. Minerva Grace Basye) H.274
    Funkhouser, Homer B. (m. Annie H. Basye) G.262

    Gandor, Vivian F. (m. Carl Boyd Basye) I.197
    Gardner, Lenna (m. Edwin Smith Basye) H.111
    Garrard, --- (m. --- Peyton) F.153
    Garrett, Addie (m. James W. Basye) H.258
    Garrett, Algana (m. Newton Womack) G.43
    Garrett, Stephen (m. Beulah N. Henson) H.311
    Gates, William M. (m. Elizabeth Ann Basye) G.97
    George, Nehemiah (m. Hannah Basye) D.3
    Giboney, Carl (m. Rose H. Basye) H.302
    Giboney, John Basye (m. Anna Nelson) I.209
    Giles, Jane Perrin (m. Jesse Basye) E.1
    Gillions, Arthur (m. Mary Martin Basye) H.219
    Gillions, Elizabeth H.210
    Gillions, Lyda E. H.209
    Gillions, Richard E. H.206
    Gillions, Thomas B. H.207
    Gillions, W. Basye H.208
    Gillions, William (m. Lizzie T. Basye) G.205
    Gilmore, Elizabeth Basye (m. John Bradshaw Holt) H.367
    Gilmore, Eugene A. (m. Blanche Basye) G.329
    Gilmore, Eugene A. (m. Helen M. Downs) H.366
    Gilmore, John Andrew H.368
    Gilmore, W. L. (m. Velma M. Basye) I.77
    Gilmore, William Robert J.31
    Goddard, --- (m. Nannie L. Smith) G.113
    Goodhart, Thursey (m. Andrew Douglass Basye) G.1
    Goodknight, --- (m. Sarah S. Basye) F.41
    Goodwin, H. G. (m. Ruth Thelma Basye) H.424
    Goodwin, June Marie I.287
    Gordon, Stephen (m. Lydia Quick) G.37
    Gosline, James M. (m. Queen Frances Basye) G.319
    Gosline, Michael Sylvester H.362
    Gosline, Sarah J. (m. William M. Basye) F.24
    Gosline, Sidney H.363
    Grady, Ann Eliza (m. Nathan John Basye,) F.97
    Grady, John (m. Mary Basye) B.17
    Green, Elliott (m. Emily Basye) F.177
    Green, Harriet Lillian (m. Francis Elmer Basye) H.112
    Green, Mary Catharine (m. Smith W. Basye) G.412
    Green, Moses (m. Harriet Basye) E.86
    Green, Winletty (m. Jesse Basye) E.12
    Greer, Michael (m. Matilda Womack) G.42
    Grimes, Mary (m. Persia Fernia Basye) G.150
    Groves, Amos (m. Anna May Basye) H.264
    Gulick, Shepard (m. Mary Martin Basye) F.75
    Guthrie, Sarah A. (m. Henry Basye) F.105

    Hackley, --- (m. Elizabeth Tapp) F.192
    Haines, Pearl (m. Taylor Coleman Basye) G.326
    Hall, Ellen F. (m. Richard Taylor Basye) F.69
    Hall, George (m. Libbie Basye) H.255
    Hall, Hazel I.192
    Hall Leana I.188
    Hall, Nellie I.191
    Hall, Ollie I.190
    Hall, Vallie I.189
    Hamilton, John (m. Mary Melinda Basye) G.53
    Hampton, Kate (Klipstein) (m. John Tomlin Basye) G.272
    Hancock, Nancy (m. Nimrod Basye) F.83
    Hancock, Sallie (m. Joseph Basye) F.85
    Hansen, E. (m. Leona Basye) I.47
    Harding, Annie Ball (m. Henry Basye) F.72
    Harding, Ethel (m. William Falcon Basye) G.218
    Harding, John (m. Sallie Basye) E.20
    Harney, Ellen (m. Arthur Adolphus Basye) H.96
    Harris, Laura (m. William H. Basye) G.317
    Hart, H. C. (m. Eliza Basye) G.305
    Hartman, Basye H.286
    Hartman, Bud H.284
    Hartman, Lloyd H.285
    Hartman, Mary H.283
    Hartman, Milton (in. Viola Basye) G.266
    Hassett, Anna (m. Lloyd Irvin Basye) H.37
    Hatten, Alice (m. Francis Maynard Basye) H.188
    Hatton, John Walter I.153
    Hatton, Lydia Mae (m. E. F. Hurlbert) I.152
    Hatton, William T. (m. Sarah Nancy Basye) H.232
    Haynes, Sarah Jane (m. John W. Basye) H.245
    Haynie, Joseph (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.180
    Haynie, Stephen G.426
    Hazelwood, Ruth (m. Martin Cordell) E.29
    Hazzard, Iola (m. Harry D. Basye) G.219
    Headley, Alley Y. (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.73
    Headley, Alleyrissa Eliza G.226
    Headley, Betty Basye G.224
    Headley, Edgar Young G.223
    Headley, Lewis Octavius G.229
    Headley, Rosanna (m. James M. Basye) G.237
    Headley, Thomas Wyot G.228
    Headley, Willie Chatman G.225
    Headley, Yarrett Richard G.227
    Heltzel, Eva (m. Jonas B. Basye) F.96
    Henderson, Charles (m. Estella Basye) H.417
    Henson, Beulah Norris (m. Stephen Garrett) H.311
    Henson, Joseph F. (m. Hannah Basye) F.175, F246
    Henson, Joseph W. (m. Hannah Basye) G.279
    Henson, Kenneth H.308
    Henson, Maude H.310
    Henson, Nellie M. (m. Frank M. Willis) H.309
    Henson, Sarah C. H.307
    Henson, Thomas J. (m. Mary Basye) G.276
    Henson, Valley (m. Albert Basye) G.416
    Hepner, John (m. Matilda Basye) G.253
    Herndon, Dr. Charles T. (m. Mary Collier) F.160
    Herrera, --- (m. Alice Basye) G.354
    Herrera, Esther H.374
    Herrera, Isabel H.373
    Herrera, Jessie H.375
    Hess, Margaret Elizabeth (m. John Basye) E<49
    Hickman, Mary Ward (m. William W. Basye) H.397
    Higgins, Vie (m. Isaac Walter Basye) G.104
    Hill, --- (m. Mary Womack) G.47
    Hill, Leila (m. Robert Allen Basye) I.109
    Hills, --- J.20, J.21
    Hills, Frank M. (m. Lulu Basye) I.67
    Hinds, Frances (m. Richard T. Basye) G.297
    Hinkle, Bonnie Brook I.267
    Hinkle, Elnora Jean I.266
    Hinkle, Lloyd Book (m. Bonnie Helen Basye) H.399
    Hinton, William A. (m. Anna J. Basye) F.112
    Hitt, Sarah Elizabeth (m. George S. Basye) G.318
    Hjort, Myrtle D. (m. Littleton Hall Basye) H.448
    Hockaday, Joseph (m. --- Basye) D.2
    Hodgden, Flora Lovestra (m. Wilson Monroe Basye) I.221
    Hodge, Nellie F.25
    Hodge, William (m. Margaret Basye) E.7
    Hoenschell, Clara H.282
    Hoenschell, Harry (m. Edna Basye) G.265
    Hoffman, Laura (m. John E. Basye) H.340
    Holiday, --- (m. Caroline Holiday) G.378
    Holiday, Alonzo G.377
    Holiday, Benjamin (m. Eliza Basye) F.142
    Holiday, Caroline (m. --- Holiday) G.378
    Holiday, Fannie (m. William McClanahan) G.376
    Holt, John Bradshaw (m. Elizabeth Basye Gilmore) H.367
    Holterman, Noah (m. Sarah De Lawder) G.248
    Hopkins, George Edwin H.212
    Hopkins, George W. (m. Estelle F. Basye) G.211
    Hopkins, Lorenzo Basye H.211
    Hopkins, Wilmuth Lucile H.213
    Hopper, John (m. Sarah J. Basye) H.248
    Hopper, William E. (m. Etta Frances Basye) H.261
    Hoppin, --- (m. Anna Belle Clifton) H.81
    Hoyt, E. A. (m. Mildred Lee) G.337
    Hoyt, Ethel (m. Leon Roland Basye) H.186
    Huff, Rosana (m. Martin Cordell) E.29
    Hull, Ethel Mae I.39
    Hull, Lois Pearle I.40
    Hull, Mary E. (m. Samuel T. Basye) G.59
    Hull, Oscar (m. Mary Etta Basye) H.42
    Hull, Zelma Louise I.41
    Humphrey, Austin (m. Elizabeth Basye) H.198
    Humphrey, Dorothy Marie I.130
    Humphrey, James Calvin Lee I.131
    Hunter, --- G.307
    Hurd, Leslie Gilbert (m. Marjore Jane Basye) I.82
    Hurd, Paul Gardner J.33
    Hurd, William Edwin J.32
    Hurlbut, E. F. (m. Lydia Mae Hatton) I.152
    Huse, Erwin Basye I.49
    Huse, George (m. Helen Virginia Basye) H.86
    Huse, George Vergil I.50
    Huse, Lenice I.48
    Hutchinson, J. R. (m. Maude Davis) H.132

    Ingram, Forest Robert (in. Martha F. Basye) I.264
    Isham, Elizabeth (m. Jackson Puckett Basye) G.445

    Jacks, Wilma (m. Warren Basye) J.2
    Jackson, --- (m. Isabella Basye) G.323
    Jackson, Sarah (m. Jacob W. Basye) G.372
    James, Edmond E.89
    James, Elizabeth (m. Henry Basye) E.54, E.91
    James, John (m. Elizabeth Basye) D.28
    James, John E.88
    James, Sherrod E.90
    James, Thomas (m. Elizabeth Basye) D.4
    Jastram, Gust G. (m. Mary Grace Basye) H.187
    Jastram, Margery Grace I.123
    Jastram, Mary Jo I.124
    Jay, Margaret Sandlin (m. Seth Basye) F.21
    Jewett, Eugene Albert (m. Anna Basye) H.72
    Johns, Elizabeth Bearl I.285
    Johns, John J. (m. Marie Eugenia Basye) H.422
    Johnson, Ella H.338
    Johnson, Freda Johana (m. George Williams Basye) I.93
    Johnson, Havillah (m. Judith Tapp) F.194
    Johnson, Jenelle (m. Alan Basye) H.402
    Johnson, Major L. H.337
    Johnson, Preston (m. Sarah Ann Basye) G.294
    Johnson, Roda Ellen (m. James Basye) G.432
    Johnson, Sarah (m. Michael M. Basye) F.115
    Johnston, Elizabeth (m. William F. Basye) F.68
    Jones, Amanda (m. Alonzo Basye) H.256
    Jones, Faire Blair (m. William H. Basye) I.72
    Jordan, --- (m. Mary Frances Basye) G.258
    Jordan, Walter O. (m. Mary Alice Basye) I.194
    Joy, Margaret (m. Seth Basye) F.21

    Kaplinger, Elizabeth C. (m. Elias Basye) F.37
    Kates, Alta May (m. George Lee Basye) I.142
    Kegler, J. D. (m. Susan Louisa DeWitt) I.46
    Kelley, Jonas A. (m. Mary Elizabeth Basye) H.13
    Kelly, Velma (m. Abner B. Basye) H.110
    Kemper, David (or Daniel) D.38
    Kemper, Edmund, (m. Elton Amiss) F.117, F.182
    Kemper, Henry F.98
    Kemper, James Morgan F.103
    Kemper, John (m. Nancy Basye) E.51
    Kemper, John Mauzy F.101
    Kemper, Joseph (m. Elizabeth Basye) E.55
    Kemper, Louis (m. Hannah Basye) C.17
    Kemper, Lucy D.37
    Kemper, Matilda D.35
    Kemper, Octavia F.100
    Kemper, Sophia F.99
    Kemper, Wesley D.36
    Kemper, William F.102
    Kempke, Viola (m. Richard George Basye) I.218
    Kemple, Viola (m. Richard Merle Basye) J.57
    Kennedy, John M. (m. Elizabeth B. Miller) G.380
    Kent, William C. (m. Judith Basye) F.200
    Kephart, Marietta (m. Elijah Basye) F.38
    Kimbro, Azariah (m.1. Nancy Basye, 2. Lucy Basye) E.57, E.104
    King, --- (m. --- Basye) G.216
    King, Alfred G.408
    King, Andrew (m. Narcissa Basye) F.150
    King, Frank G.406
    King, Narcissa (m. Frank Robinson) G.407
    King, Zaphna Lake (m. Martha Jane Basye) G.96
    Kinnersley, --- (m. Iva Ina Basye) H.24
    Kirby, William (m. Dora Philips) H.317
    Kirchoff, H. W. (m. Josephine Basye) G.129
    Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth L. (m. Nathaniel Montgomery Basye) G.60
    Kirkpatrick, J. F. (m. Louisa Jane Basye) G.48
    Kirkpatrick, Julia A. H.70
    Kirkpatrick, Mary Jane H.71
    Kline, Camcy Dell (m. Herbert Cohn) H.287
    Kline, Edward Luther (m. Lillie Hess Basye) G.267
    Kline, Mabel Lena (m. Leslie Robertson) H.289
    Kline, Mazy Mae (m. Cecile Clinton Riley) H.288
    Klipstein, Kate Hampton (m. John Tomlin Basye) G.272
    Knott, Cornelius (m. Minerva Frances Basye) H.233
    Knott, Ervin I.156
    Kranch, Ernestine (m. James Virgil Basye) H.84
    Kronback, Helen Caroline (m. Carl Franklin Basye) J.55
    Krout, Joseph E. (m. Anna M. Basye) G.212

    Lacey, Bertha (m. John Floyd Basye) I.164
    Lamply, Evaland Thelma (m. Elmer Martin Basye) I.71
    Lane, Arvilla Basye H.296
    Lane, Frank (m. Mary Basye) G.271
    Lane, Hassah Leah H.298
    Lane, Howard H. H.299
    Lane, James Monroe H.297
    Lansdell, Estelle (m.1. Oscar Blackwell, 2. Gustavus A. Betts) G.230
    Lansdell, Thomas H. (m. Sallie Ann Basye) F.76
    Larimore, Mary Ann (Coats) (m. James Davis Basye) F.47
    Laughlin, James (m. Mary L. Basye) H.1
    Lawrence, John (m. Julia Ann Basye) F.178
    Lawrence, Roger (m. Lena Basye) G.163
    Lawson, Mordecai (m. Hannah Basye) F.80
    Lawson, Sallie (M. Joseph J. Basye) E.23
    Layne, Mahlon E. (m. Bertha Adella Basye) H.95
    Lea, Frances I.282
    Lea, George (m. Laura Frances Basye) H.421
    Lea, Hazel I.283
    Lea, Janie I.284
    Leake, Grace (m. Harry L. Brown) I.58
    Leatherman, F. M. (m. Delia Davis) H.129
    Lee, --- (m. Ann Basye) F.129
    Lee, Elizamond G.338
    Lee, Mildred (m. E. A. Hoyt) G.337
    Leland, --- G.147
    Leland, Charles (m. Sarah Ann Basye) F.35
    Leonard, Andrew (m. Susan Basye) F.7
    Lewis, Billie Lee J.72
    Lewis, Emma Jane (m. Abner Bolton Basye) G.77
    Lewis, John (m. Hazel Marie Basye) I.226
    Lewis, Minor (m. Iris Edna Basye) I.80
    Lewis, Walter E. (m. Nora Annie Basye) H.436
    Linck, --- (m. Lydia B. Womack) G.39
    Lindsey, May V. (m. Frank Basye) G.365
    Lipsey, Elizabeth Bell (m. John Bearl Basye) G.417
    Little, James (m. Maud Basye) H.153
    Lock, Benjamin (m. Ellen Basye) H.244
    Logan, Jane (m. William Basye) E.108
    Long, --- (m. --- Peyton) F.153
    Long, Annie Basye G.339
    Long, Barbara E. I.35
    Long, Benjamin S. (m. Louisa Basye) F.130
    Long, Everett R. (m. Eva Lea Basye) H.36
    Long, Hattie (m. --- Park) G.341
    Long, James C. G.342
    Long, Lawrence Clinton I.33
    Long, Mary A. G.340
    Long, Murel Allen I.34
    Lopes, Charlotte (m. Edward John Basye) H.376
    Lord, Elizabeth (m. James Neale) B.13
    Lord, John (m. Adrean Basye) A.4
    Lovell, Lucy (m. Jacob Womack) G.40
    Lucky, C. Virginia (m. Joseph Basye) F.71
    Lunceford, William (m. Rebecca Basye) C.9
    Luttrell, Jessie G. H.278
    Luttrell, John S. (m. Hattie J. Basye) G.261
    Lyons, Ed. (m. Martha Ellen Basye) H.18

    Maag, Laureta M. (m. Larimore Basye) H.184
    Madden, --- (m. Edmonia Basye) G.421
    Madden, Benjamin H.426
    Madden, Vernie M. (m. Joseph Jackson Basye) H.109
    Maddox, Ethel (m. Doniphan Bearl Basye) H.423
    Maggert, Betty Iris (m. Elmer Lloyd Basye) J.53
    Mansur, Augustus Moody G.398
    Mansur, Cyrus Alfred G.389
    Mansur, David Atchison G.394
    Mansur, Edward Augustus G.396
    Mansur, Elizamond G.392
    Mansur, George Gerard G.391
    Mansur, Louisa Frances (m. --- Tinsley) G.390
    Mansur, Mark Gertrude (m. --- McMillen) G.393
    Mansur, Moody (m. Mary McClanahan Basye) F.146
    Mansur, Richard Henry (or Harvey) G.395
    Mansur, Stephen Warren G.397
    Mansur, Susan Augusta G.388
    Marble, Alice (m. Elmo Basye) H.418
    Marsh, --- (m. Winnifred Basye) C.4
    Martin, --- (m. Lutila Basye) F.46
    Martin, Emma (m. Elizamond F. Basye) F.139
    Martin, Hannah Taliferro (m. Joseph J. Basye) E.23
    Martin, Rebecca (m. William Basye) C.2
    Mason, Alia (m. Arthur Allen Basye) H.155
    Mason, Mary Elizabeth (m. Ernest Edward Basye) I.74
    Mason, Sarah Jane (m. Lafayette Basye) H.247
    Mauzy, Nancy (m. Edmund Basye) D.23
    Mayfield, Alfred (m. Ella Basye) G.84
    McAlister, Leta (m. George W. Basye) G.107
    McBride, --- (m. Urma Jane Basye) F.63
    McCausland, Phoebe (m. William Basye) E.3
    McClanahan, Nancy (m. Elizamond Basye) D.25
    McClanahan, William (m. Fannie Holiday) G.376
    McClure, Achsah (m. Elias Basye) E.11
    McConnell, Albert D. (m. Pearl Basye) H.142
    McCoy, James (m. Mary C. Basye) G.242
    McCowen, John (m. Anna Basye) F.207
    McCumber, Jack D. (m. Mary Jean Basye) I.268
    McDonald, S. T. (m. Arizona Basye) H.445
    McGivrin, Harold (m. Juliette Harding Basye) H.222
    McIntosh, --- (m. Anna E. Basye) G.155
    McKee, Basye Clay H.372
    McKee, D. C. (m. Nanon A. Basye) G.336
    McMillen, --- (m. Eliza A, Miller) G.379
    McMillen, --- (m. Maria G. Miller) G.393
    McMillian, James (m. Annie Basye) G.423
    McNamaha, Sallie Lawson (m. Joseph J. Basye) E.23
    McNutt, Adoshea Duel (m. Taylor Basye) E.56
    McPierson, Ilmiria G.34
    McPierson, Suretta G.35
    McPierson, William (m. Lucy Basye) F.11
    McWilliams, Josephine (m. Clark E. Brown) I.56
    Means, Evan W. (m. Flossie Marie Basye) I.81
    Meister, Jack H. (m. Mae Lu Basye) I.85
    Merrett, Mary Louise (m. John Charles Basye) H.238
    Merrill, Bruce James J.48
    Merrill, William J.47
    Merrill, William (m. Beverly Basye) I.112
    Mesmer, Sophronia Alice (m. John Mark Basye) G.431
    Messick, Nathaniel (m. Margaret E. Basye) G.259
    Midget, John (m. Etta Basye) G.188
    Midget, Lee (m. Lummie Basye) G.187
    Miller, Alfred G.409
    Miller, Branson K. (m. Mary Frances Basye) G.258
    Miller, Eliza (m. Henry W. Basye) G.239
    Miller, Eliza A. (m. --- McMillen) G.379
    Miller, Elizabeth B. (m. John M. Kennedy) G.380
    Miller, F. Theo. (m. Maria DeShields Basye) G.204
    Miller, Frank G.410
    Miller, George W. (m. Louise Marshall Basye) F.143
    Miller, J. Mottram H.205
    Miller, Louisa (m. L. M. Clough) G.383
    Miller, Lucy (m. W. S. Pope) G.381
    Miller, Maggie (m. --- Seward) G.411
    Miller, Mary G.382
    Miller, Sinclair Kirtley (m. Margaret Basye) F.151
    Miller, William L. (m. Luremia Basye) H.275
    Missildine, Emma (m. Fred F. Basye) G.197
    Mitchell, Eliza G.437
    Mitchell, John G.440
    Mitchell, Joseph G.435
    Mitchell, Malina G.439
    Mitchell, Maryan Jean G.436
    Mitchell, William (m. Polly Basye) F.205
    Mitchell, William G.438
    Mix, Rebecca (m. Samuel Alexander Tombs) G.63
    Moffett, --- (m. Polly Basye) F.8
    Montgomery, William (m. Susan Basye) E.8
    Moore, Diana Louise J.29
    Moore, Marvin Dale J.30
    Moore, Ralph (m. Fern C. Basye) I.73
    Moos, Myrtle Maud (m. Ashby Lee Basye) H.414
    Moran, Elizabeth (m. William Cordell) E.36
    Moses, Addie H.66
    Moses, Eddie H.67
    Moses, Ira H.68
    Moses, James (m. Alice Laura Basye) G.30
    Moses, Marie H.69
    Moses, May H.65
    Moshier, Myrtle (m. Guy William Basye) H.140
    Moss, Mary A. (m. Thomas Smith Basye) F.211
    Mull, Charlie H.103
    Mull, Emma H.100
    Mull, Etta H.104
    Mull, James (m. Mary Lucretia Basye) G.74
    Mull, John H.102
    Mull, Oscar H.101
    Mull, Willa (m. H. W. Blake) H.105
    Mumford, Mildred (m. Rawleigh Basye) J.52
    Munroe, Lockwood (m. Frances Basye) F.176
    Murry, Norris (m. Hazel Frances Basye) H.359
    Museal, Walter (m. Evelyn Basye) H.415
    Musgrove, May (m. Collin Cordell) E.33
    Myers, Birdie H.360
    Myers, George F. (m. Nancy Basye) F.197
    Myers, J. W. (m. Isabella Basye) G.323

    Neale, James (m. Elizabeth Lord) B.13
    Nearin, Patience (m. Isaac Basye) E.2
    Nelson, --- (m. Louisa D. Basye) H.154
    Nelson, Anna (m. John Basye Giboney) I.209
    Nelson, Esther A. (m. Harry Percy Basye) G.175
    Nelson, H. L. (m. Mary Nancy Basye) H.303
    Nelson, Henry L. I.210
    Nelson, Herbert (m. Margaret Basye) H.170
    Nelson, Iris Louise I.102
    Nelson, Joan Basye I.101
    Newman, Mary (m. John Basye) E.49
    Noland, Florence (m. Emmanuel R. Basye) H.43
    Noll, Albert (m. Nannie Aurora Basye) H.200
    Noll, Geneva Louise I.132
    Noll, Juanita Elizabeth I.133

    O'Brien, Eliza E. (m. Isaac Nimrod Basye) H.265
    O'Connor, Amelia (m. Pressley Cordell) E.30
    O'Connor, --- (m. Lilly Basye) H.407
    Ogran, Caspar J. (m. Pearl Luella Basye) J.10
    Ogran, Dale K.12
    Ogran, Edwin Joseph K.10
    Ogran, Velma K.11
    O'Keef, Mary (m. Clinton Basye) I.36
    Oldham, Richard (in. Elizabeth Basye) C.10
    Oliver, Herbert H. (m. Mildred Pearl Basye) H.161
    Outten, Mary (m. Theophilus D. Basye) F.39
    Outten, Sarah R. (m. Theophilus D. Basye) F.39

    Park, --- (m. Hattie Long) G.341
    Parker, Martha Maude (m. Herman Test Basye) H.453
    Patterson, Almira G.32
    Patterson, Laretta G.33
    Patterson, Levi (m. Rebecca Basye) F.10
    Patterson, Noah (m. Sarah Jane Fleming) F.170
    Paul, John (m. Ozilla Basye) F.64
    Peck, John C.29
    Peck, Paul C.28
    Peck, Paul, Jr. (m. Elizabeth Basye) B.12
    Peck, Ruth C.30
    Pemberton, John (m. Frances Basye) F.40
    Pettit, Roy I.187
    Pettit, Wayne (m. Malina Margaret Basye) H.254
    Pettyjohn, Paul (m. Nellie Basye) I.7
    Peyton, --- (m. --- Valentine) F.154
    Peyton, --- (m.1. --- Garrard, 2. --- Long) F.153
    Peyton, Maggie (m. --- Stephens) F.152
    Peyton, Valentine S. (m. Elizabeth Basye) E.70
    Phegley, David (m. Judith Basye) E.59
    Phelps, Inez (m. Jesse Basye) G.415
    Philips, Adolphus Paxton H.318
    Philips, Daniel H.320
    Philips, Dora (m. William Kirby) H.317
    Philips, George Washington H.319
    Philips, Green Willard H.316
    Philips, James Richard H.314
    Philips, Milton (m. Nancy Mauzy Basye) G.290
    Philips, William Henry H.315
    Phillips, Amelia (m. Andrew Jackson Basye) G.20
    Phillips, Lucetta (m. Noah Basye) F.212
    Pitman, Richard (m. Rebecca M. Basye) E.22
    Pitzer, Sarah Jane (m. Edwin Joe Basye) I.84
    Platte, Emma (m. Elizamond F. Basye) F.139
    Plunkett, Martha W. (m. DeWitt C. Basye) G.16
    Pope, Sally (m. Isaac Basye) D.8
    Pope, W. S. (m. Lucy Miller) G.381
    Popham, Susan J. (m. Thomas H. Basye) G.284
    Posey, Alice (m. Alfred DeWitt Basye) H.349
    Potts, John L. (m. Hattie G. Basye) G.289
    Preston, Minnie M. (m. John Lawson Basye) G.300
    Price, --- (m. Cordelia Basye) H.410
    Price, --- (m. Belinda Tapp) F.196
    Price, Emma J. (m. Robert Basye) G.14
    Price, George C. (m. Edith Basye) G.328
    Price, John Basye (m. Sylvia Jane Case) H.365
    Prichard, Mary Alice (m. Alonzo Basye) H.256
    Prohaska, Antonette (m. Felix Jesse Basye) H.197
    Pugh, --- (m. Clara A. Basye) H.237
    Pullin, Thomas (m. Nancy Basye) D.16
    Putnam, Rebecca (m. Edmond Basye) F.29

    Quick, Jonas (m. Fannie Basye) F.13
    Quick, Lydia (m. Stephen Gordon) G.37

    Radebaugh, Dora May (m. William Henry Basye) H.263
    Rappe, --- (m. Eda Basye) G.144
    Rappe, --- H.167
    Read, --- G.306
    Read, Thomas (m. Winnifred Basye) F.111
    Read, Rev. William Chowning (m. Eliza James Basye) F.110
    Reddish, --- (m. Nancy McClanahan Basye) F.131
    Reddish, Benjamin G.347
    Reddish, Gus G.344
    Reddish, James Basye G.346
    Reddish, Pattie G.345
    Reese, Mary L. (m. Edwin Joseph Basye) I.64
    Reid, Oscar (m. Kathryn C. Basye) I.79
    Renick, John H. (m. Anna Lillian Basye) G.363
    Reynolds, Ambrose (m. Fannie Basye) F.149
    Reynolds, Annie (m. --- Adams) G.402
    Reynolds, Celia (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Reynolds, Dudley G.401
    Reynolds, Leona (m. --- Timmonds) G.405
    Reynolds, Pettis G.403
    Reynolds, Rector G.404
    Reynolds. Rosa (m. --- Stuart) G.400
    Reynolds, Thomas G.399
    Rhoades, Cora Ann (m. George Sutton Basye) H.229
    Rhoades, Mary Ellen (m. James Nelson Basye) H.228
    Rider, Ceolida (m. Henry Basye) F.105
    Riley, Cecile Clinton (m. Mazy May Kline) H.288
    Riley, Noah (m. Margaret J. Abston) I.254
    Robertson, Leslie (m. Mabel Lena Kline) H.289
    Robey, Allie H.431
    Robey, Birdie H.427
    Robey, Cecil H.428
    Robey, Ella H.429
    Robey, George (m. Emily Basye) G.422
    Robey, John William (m. Frances Basye) G.420
    Robey, Macie H.330
    Robey, Walter H.432
    Robinson, Alexander L F.155
    Robinson, Alexander Marshall (m. Louisa Marshall Basye) E.71
    Robinson, Edmund G. F.156
    Robinson, Francis Wilton (m. Alfred J. Basye) E.69
    Robinson, Frank (m. Narcissa King) G.407
    Robinson, George (m. Samantha Basye) H.249
    Robinson, Henry I.179
    Robinson, Lizzie I.178
    Robinson, Louisa F.157
    Rogers, Mary (m. John James Basye) F.109
    Root, --- (m. George Sutton Basye) H.229
    Rout, Thomas (m. Hannah Basye) E.80
    Royster, J. Woodson (m. Ann Fleming) F.168
    Rupnow, --- (m. Jessie M. Berch) H.159
    Russell, Georgia Ellen Elvira (m. John Caley) H.117
    Russell, James Baccus (m. Martha Jane Basye) G.96
    Russell, Ollie (m. William S. Basye) H.257
    Rutledge, Harlo K.13
    Rutledge, Jeanette K.18
    Rutledge, Mary Dell K.14
    Rutledge, Myrtie Lou K.16
    Rutledge, Robert (Bobbie) K.15
    Rutledge, T. J. (m. Laura Ellen Basye) J.11
    Rutledge, Thomas Jefferson K.17
    Ryley, Martha Frances (m. Jacob W. Basye) G.372

    Sampson, Charles H. (m. Emma Coats Basye) G.181
    Sampson, Elizabeth M. (m. John Basye) F.119
    Sampson, George (m. Elizabeth Basye) D.19
    Sampson, Harry Charles H.191
    Sampson, James Orin H.192
    Sanchez, Geronima (m. James Basye) E.68
    Sanders, Matilda (m. Joseph T. Basye) F.53
    Sandlin, Margaret Jay (m. Seth Basye) F.26
    Schilling, Charles (m. Ann Basye) G.282
    Scott, Cornelius (m. Winifred Basye) D.31
    Scott, Nathaniel (m. Margaret Basye) G.301
    Scott, William H. (m. Mary L. Basye) H.234
    Sebree, James (m. Jean Basye) D.5
    See, Hattie (m. Lorenzo Boyd Basye) G.270
    Seward, --- (m. Maggie Miller) G.411
    Shackelford, Alexander (m.1. Priscilla Fleming, 2. Mary Fleming) F.235, F.240
    Shackelford, James (m. Catherine Basye) E.92
    Shannon, Walter (m. Mary Addye Basye) G.335
    Shannon, William F. (m. Nannie Elizabeth Basye) G.176
    Shaw, Albert I.279
    Shaw, Arthur I.278
    Shaw, Bettes I.276
    Shaw, James (m. Madolian Basye) H.419
    Shaw, James I.277
    Sheely, Albert (m. Marguerite Basye) I.5
    Shore, David I.260
    Shore, Howard (m. Helen Basye) H.396
    Shore, Howard C. I.258
    Shore, Martha I.262
    Shore, Richard C. I.261
    Shore, William J. I.259
    Shunk, Eleanor I.240
    Shunk, Louise I.241
    Shunk, Ralph (m. Charlotte Basye) H.351
    Sinclair, Sarah (m. Josiah Basye) C.13
    Singer, U. C. (m. Margaret E. Basye) H.115
    Skeen, John (m. Sarah Elizabeth Basye) F.55
    Slagle, James A. (m. Clara Frances Basye) I.174
    Slagle, James A. (m. Emma Florence Basye) I.206
    Slater, Susan Eleanor (m. Isaac Newton Basye) G.58
    Smiley, Henry (m. Elizabeth Basye) E.60
    Smiley, Rachel F.120
    Smith, --- (m. Jennie Basye) H.242
    Smith, --- J.75
    Smith, Ann E. (m. John Basye) F.206
    Smith, Caroline (m. William F. T. Basye) F.125
    Smith, Elizabeth E. G.117
    Smith, Frances (m. David Basye) G.124
    Smith, Frank M. G.112
    Smith, George P. (m. Laura Alice Basye) G.81
    Smith, George Washington (m. Hannah Basye) F.209
    Smith, Georgia A. G.443
    Smith, Isaac V. H. G.118
    Smith, Jackie Dean J.73
    Smith, James C. G. (m. Clara E. A. Andrews) G.111
    Smith, John (m. Clara May Basye) I.227
    Smith, John G. (m. Leah Tharp Basye) F.26
    Smith, John G. G.119
    Smith, John Logan Basye G.444
    Smith, John R. G. G.120
    Smith, Joseph H. G. G.114
    Smith, Leo (m. Helen Basye) H.396
    Smith, Lismund O. G.116
    Smith, Nannie L. (m. --- Goddard) G.113
    Smith, Nina Emily (m. Augustus D. Cloyd) H.330
    Smith, Paul I.263
    Smith, Reuben B. (m. Maggie Basye) G.162
    Smith, Robert J.74
    Smith, Rufus T. (m. Betty M. Basye) G.213
    Smith, Sallie J. G.442
    Smith, William G. G.115
    Smith, Wilson H.214
    Smoot, Sarah (m. John Basye) E.16
    Sneath, Caralee Marcelles J.67
    Sneath, Earl George J.63
    Sneath, George Washington (m. Edna Marcelles Basye) I.219
    Sneath, Gerald Dean J.65
    Sneath, Harold Dwayne J.64
    Sneath, Laura Nell J.66
    Sneath, Virgil Ellwood J.62
    Snell, Dupuy (m. Ann Basye) G.282
    Snodgrass, Jean (m. Elizamond Bayard Basye) G.37
    Snyder, A. D. (m. Marie Eugenia Basye) H.422
    Souder, Bert (m. Ethelyn Basye) H.457
    Souder, Clayton T. I.294
    Souder, Neva Marion I.295
    Souder, Norris E. I.296
    Spillman, Wade H. (m. Bennie Woodson Basye) H.360
    Spraggins, Hendrix (m. Mary Guiola Basye) K.19
    Spreaker, John (m. Elizabeth Basye) F.95
    Spry, Simon (m. Julia Emma Basye) G.86
    Stallard, Elizabeth (m. Elias Basye) E.11
    Stallard, Walter (m.1. Judith Basye, 2. Nancy Basye) D.32, D.24
    Starks, Cyrus (m. Nancy Basye) F.144
    Starks, Eliza G.387
    Starks, Lizzie G.385
    Starks, Lou Clark G.384
    Starks, Lucy G.386
    Stephens, --- (m. Maggie Peyton) F.222
    Stephens, Bertrice J. (m. Nellie Jane Basye) H.28
    Stephens, Gladys N. I.15
    Stephens, R. W. (m. Margaret Amelia Basye) G.285
    Stephens, Sarah (m. Isaac Newton Basye) G.21
    Stephenson, Elizabeth (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Stephenstein, William (m. Sally Cordell) E.28
    Stevens, --- (m. --- Bausback) H.312
    Stevens, Ed. (m. Fanny Basye) G.88
    Stewart, --- (m. Mary Basye) D.9
    Stewart, Tressie (m. Alton Isaac Basye) H.25
    Stidley, James (m. Mary Ann Basye) G.252
    Stigler, Benjamin (m. Harriet Basye) E.58
    Stillwell, John (m. Matilda Fleming) F.173
    Stir, George W. (m. Susannah Basye) H.241
    Storms, Aurora (m. Robert Edward Lee Basye) G.191
    Storts, Duke G.168
    Storts, George G.170
    Storts, James G.171
    Storts, John (m. Nannie Basye) F.43
    Storts, John G.169
    Storts, Marion G.173
    Storts, Nannie G.167
    Storts, Thomas G.172
    Storts, Wallace G.166
    Stott, Ada (m. Augustus T. Basye) G.321
    Stout, Maggie (m. Arthur Adolphus Basye) H.96
    Streighthoof, Elizabeth (m. William H. Basye) G.121
    Stroup, Elery H.384
    Stroup, Pauline H.385
    Stroup, W. E. (m. Anna Basye) G.363
    Stuart, --- (m. Rosa Reynolds) G.400
    Stuart, Capt. William W. (m. Miranda Basye) G.127
    Stuart, Charles (m. Susan Basye) F.145
    Sullivan, James (m. Louisa Fleming) F.167
    Sutherland, Sarah (m. Nimrod Basye) F.83

    Talbot, Edmond William G.36
    Talbot, John M. (m. Sarah Phoebe Basye) F.12
    Taliaferro, Hannah Martin (m. Joseph J. Basye) E.23
    Tapp, Belinda (m. --- Price) F.196
    Tapp, Bushrod F.191
    Tapp, Elijah F.188
    Tapp, Eliza (m. --- Biggs) F.193
    Tapp, Elizabeth (m. --- Hackley) F.192
    Tapp, Emily F.185
    Tapp, George W. (m. Judith Basye) E.87
    Tapp, James F.187
    Tapp, Judith F.184
    Tapp, Judith (m. Havillah Johnson) F.194
    Tapp, Louisa F. 183
    Tapp, Mary (m. Richard Taylor Basye) F.108
    Tapp, Richard F.195
    Tapp, Robert F.189
    Tapp, Ruthy (m. Benjamin Basye) E.76
    Tapp, Vincent (m. Sophia Basye) E.85
    Tapp, Vincent F.190
    Tapp, Winnifred F.186
    Taylor, Eliza (m. Edmond Basye) A.1
    Taylor, Elizabeth (m. James Basye) D.27
    Taylor, Hannah (m. John (I. B.) Basye) C.1
    Taylor, Harrison (m. Lavinia Basye) F.174
    Taylor, Nancy (m. Richard Basye) D.24
    Taylor, Nancy (m. Joseph Basye) F.179
    Taylor, Nina (m. Charles Milton Basye) H.45
    Taylor, Winnifred (m. Edmond Basye) C.7
    Temple, --- (m. Louisa Basye) G.353
    Templeton, Ann (m. John Walter Basye) E.5
    Test, Mary Ellen (m. Wilson J. Basye) G.449
    Thomas, Benjamin H.327
    Thomas, Catherine (m. Edmond Basye) E.52
    Thomas, Clay H.329
    Thomas, Elizabeth S. H.324
    Thomas, Ella H.328
    Thomas, George (m. Mary Basye) G.292
    Thomas, George R. H.326
    Thomas, Harry (m. Eva Basye) H.218
    Thomas, John Henry H.325
    Thomas, Myrtle Ellen (m. Eugene Elsworth Basye) H.27
    Thompson, Elizabeth (m. James Edwin Basye) F.107
    Thompson, Jane (m. Charles P. Basye) G.283
    Thompson, Otho G. (m. Nora Bell Basye) H.171
    Thompson, William (m. Eliza Basye) G.15
    Thornton, Margaret McClanahan (m. Marshall McClanahan Basye) E.66
    Thorp, Elizabeth (m. Elizamond Basye) E.9
    Thorpe, Leafy (m. Isaac Newton Basye) G.26
    Tiernan, Peter (m. Mary Basye) G.280
    Timmonds, --- (m. Leona Reynolds) G.405
    Timmons, --- (m. Mary Basye) G.434
    Tinsley, --- (m. Louisa F. Mansur) G.390
    Tinsley, Mollie (m. Joseph J. Basye) G.79
    Titus, --- (m. Cora B. Basye) H.152
    Titus, Leida F. (m. Carl Boyd Basye) I.197
    Todd, Van Dyke (m. Mollie Basye) G.333
    Tombs, Addie (m. Edward W. Clifton) H.76
    Tombs, Adeline G.61
    Tombs, Agnes G.67
    Tombs, Betty G.68
    Tombs, David L. (m. Louisiana Basye) F.17
    Tombs, James G.64
    Tombs, Maggie G.65
    Tombs, Mattie G.66
    Tombs, Samuel Alexander (m.1. America Susan Whitledge, 2. Sarah Ann Doyles, 3. Berthenia C. Cameron, 4. Rebecca Mix) G.63
    Tombs, Susan G.62
    Tomlin, Mary N. (m. Edmund Basye) F.104
    Townsend, Maggie (m. Newton Jasper Basye) G.296
    Townsend, Sherman B. (m. Martha Basye) G.299
    Trester, Patricia Steele (m. Wendell Morris Basye) J.50
    Truitt, Blain H.39
    Truitt, Don Warren H.38
    Truitt, Madison H.37
    Truitt, Warren (m. Mary Patience Basye) G.23
    Tucker, Lydia V. (m. Joseph Stover Basye) G.235
    Tuberville, Hannah Lee (m.1. Thomas Pope Basye, 2. Triplett T. Estes) E.19
    Turner, --- (m. Emily Basye) F.113
    Turner, Almarian R. (m. Flora Pearl Basye) H.29
    Turner, Basil I.16
    Turner, Edna I.17
    Turner, Ellis I.20
    Turner, James Marcus H.322
    Turner, John (m. Emily Basye) G.291
    Turner, Nellie I.21
    Turner, Richard Ephraim H.321
    Turner, Sarah , I.18
    Turner, Sarah Jane H.323
    Turner, Theodore I.22
    Turner, Willis I.19
    Turney, Lucy (m. Allen Gillespie Basye) H.182
    Tuttle, Alice H.63
    Tuttle, Charles (m. Hester J. Basye) G.29
    Tuttle, Mina H.64

    Umbanhowar, Dorothy (m. Benjamin G. Basye) H.172

    Valentine, --- (m. --- Peyton) F.154
    Van Cleave, Mary P. (m. Orville Walker Basye) G.149
    Varney, Orley (m. Ghloe Basye) I.158
    Vincent, Ida (m. Lucius Q Basye) H.149
    Vittitoe, Margaret Jane (m. Granville Basye) F.57

    Walker, --- (m. Harry Percy Basye) G.175
    Walker, Donald I.245
    Walker, Glenn C. (m. Minnie Basye) H.352
    Walker, Glenn Chester I.242
    Walker, Helen (m. Alfred J. Basye) F.140
    Walker, Irene (m. Wilson Basye) F.213
    Walker, Maggie G.331
    Walker, Marvin I.243
    Walker, Richard (m. Sally Basye) E.17
    Walker, Robert I.244
    Walker, S. H. (m. Josephine Basye) G.129
    Walker, Thomas (m. Mollie H. Basye) F.124
    Walker, Thomas G.330
    Wallace, Lydia (m. John Milton Basye) G.25
    Walls, --- (m. Nancy Jane Current) H.268
    Wammes, William Carl K.24
    Wammes, William Leroy (m. Helen Verjane Basye) J.56
    Warner, --- (m. --- Bennett) H.313
    Warner, George A. (m. Arlie (or Ollie) Basye) G.287
    Watkins, Joaquin (m. Lillian Ethel Basye) I.114
    Watkins, L. K. (m. Anna B. Basye) H.2
    Watson, Ann (m. Joseph Jackson Basye) F.14
    Watson, Peninah Ann (m. John Crane Basye) F.20
    Weaver, Elizabeth (m. John J. Basye) G.236
    Webb, Thomas (m. Judith Basye) D.18
    Weekley, --- J.25
    Weekley, Douglas J.23
    Weekley, George M. (m. Gertrude Basye) I.69
    Weekley, Jesse M. (m. Daisy Basye) I.70
    Weekley, John J. (m. Maud Basye) I.68
    Weekley, Paul J.22
    Weekley, Vera J.24
    Weesner, Clay (m. Miriam Artella Basye) H.456
    Weigant, Eugenia G. (m. John Leo Basye) H.354
    Welch, Charles (m. Pearl EJmira Basye) H.41
    Wheeler, Velma Maude (m. Paul T. Basye) I.87
    White, Dean Victor (m. Barbara Elizabeth Basye) J.51
    White, Mary Elizabeth (m. Louis F. Basye) H.223
    White, William A. (m. Sarah V. Basye) G.448
    Whitledge, America Susan (m. Samuel Alexander Tombs) G.63
    Whitman, John B. (m. Lucy Basye) F.11
    Whitman, Selestine (m. Sarah Basye) G.254
    Whitney, Lavinia (m. James M. Basye) G.23 7
    Wightman, Hazel (m. Walter Ellis Basye) H.348
    Wilder, Florence Eleanor (m. Edmond H. Basye) G.364
    Wilkens, Curtis H.290
    Wilkens, George (m. Matilda S. Basye) G.269
    Wilkens, Mazy H.291
    Wilkens, Orlando H.293
    Wilkens, Otis H.292
    Wilkerson, B. F. (m. Nannie Sophronia Basye) G.193
    Willard, Pete (m. Mary Patience Basye) G.23
    Willet, Hannah (m. Baysey Baker) C.26, B.11
    Williams, Benjamin F. (m. Sophia F. Basye) G.427
    Williams, Catherine Duval I.211
    Williams, Duval (m. Catherine J. Basye) H.306
    Williams, Elizabeth (m. Joseph Basye) F.134
    Williams, Elsie (m. William F. Basye) H.356
    Williams, G. Roy (m. Sarah F. Basye) I.205
    Williams, Hannah E. (m. Joseph Jackson Basye) G.50
    Williams, Harriet Augusta (m. Oscar J. Basye) G.137
    Williamson, Carrie (m. John Mark Basye) G.431
    Williford, Helen (m. Edmond H. Basye) G.364
    Willis, Frank M. (m. Nellie M. Henson) H.309
    Willis, Julia Ruth (m. Pearl Clinton Basye) I.160
    Wilson, Arthur Lee I.128
    Wilson, Diana (m. Alexander Cordell) E.38
    Wilson, Keziah (m. Pressley Cordell) E.30
    Wilson, Margy Lois I.129
    Wilson, Fannie Storts E.10
    Wilson, Theodore (m. Mary Margaret Basye) H.195
    Wilson, Theodore I.127
    Winfrey, Frances Virginia (m. William Edwin Basye) I.265
    Winstead, John G.231
    Winstead, John R. (m. Sarah Basye) F.78
    Womack, Jacob (m. Lucy Lovell) G.40
    Womack, James B. (in. Evaline Carter) G.45
    Womack, John (m. Marie Campbell) G.38
    Womack, Larkin (m. Maud Carter) G.44
    Womack, Larkin (m. Fannie Basye) F. 13
    Womack, Louisiana (m. --- Elliott) G.41
    Womack, Lydia B. (m. --- Linck) G.39
    Womack, Mary (m.1. --- Hill, 2. --- Brown) G.47
    Womack, Matilda (m. Michael Greer) G.42
    Womack, Newton (m. Algana Garrett) G.43
    Womack, William F. G.46
    Woodruff, Clinton (m. Ettie Basye) I.171
    Woodward, R. A. (m. Margaret A. Basye) G.285.
    Wray, Clarabelle (m. Napoleon Basye) G.148
    Wright, David L. (m. Nannie Basye) G.334
    Wright, Margaret H.369
    Wright, Mary H.370
    Wright, Mary M. (m. Edmond Thomas Basye) F.126
    Wright, Upton H.371
    Wright, Willie Grace (m. Rolla David Basye) H.106
    Wyatt, --- (m. Hannah Basye) H.420
    Wyatt, Annie H.215
    Wyatt, Dorothy H.217
    Wyatt, Marguerite (m. Clifford Basye) H.52
    Wyatt, Nancy (m. Andrew Jackson Basye) G.20
    Wyatt, Ruth H.216
    Wyatt, Thomas (m. Marian Novella Basye) G.217
    Wyckoff, Anna E. (m. Elijah M. Basye) G 177
    Wynekoop, Carrie C. (m. Otto Basye) H.123

    Yarborough, Robert Lee (m. Estella Basye) I.141
    Yerby, James T. (m. Caty Basye) F.199
    Yost, Merrill (m. Mary Virginia Basye) I.207
    Young, Clifton Ray (m. Leslie Basye) H.398

    Zeller, Zora (m. Elmer E. Basye) H.185

    5. THOMAS BRADFORD (RICHARD 2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1692, and died 1761 in Northampton Co., NC. He married (1) ELIZABETH SMITH Abt. 1715, daughter of ROBERT SMITH. He married (2) MARY.

    i. WILLIAM BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1720.
    10. iii. NATHANIEL BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1722, Charles City Co., VA; d. Aft. August 03, 1807, Sumpter, SC.
    11. viii. RICHARD BRADFORD.

    BK E PG 182
    Thomas Bradford & wife Elizabeth & Samuel Norwood & wife Mary to Barraby Melton Sep 3, 1737. 20 pds for 150 A on NS Morattuck River "beginning at the bent of a Branch, binding on Melton's own land." Part of the tract granted to William Reeves for 440 A dated Mar 13, 1721. Witnesses: James Smith, John Clark, John Patterson. N.C. Court Nov 1737

    6. PHILEMON BRADFORD (RICHARD 2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1703 in Charles City County, VA, and died 1769 in Granville County, NC. He married (1) MARY BIRD BYRD Abt. 1729. He married (2) MARY

    Children of PHILEMON BRADFORD and MARY BYRD are:
    12. iii. PHILEMON BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1733, va; d. Bef. May 1804, Granville Co. NC.
    vii. DAVID BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1754; d. Abt. 1799, Granville Co. NC; m. ELIZABETH MANN, November 06, 1777, Granville County NC records; b. Abt. 1754.

    CHILDREN: (Both born in Granville Co NC)
    James BRADFORD born 1778, married Elizabeth RUST 2 July 1803 Their 3
    children, David M., Ann R. & Vincent R. all born in Smith Co TN
    Ann BRADFORD born 1780


    The following information is taken from Granville Co, N. C. marriage Bonds.
    1. Arnold Mann, m. Rebecca Wright, 11/16/1770
    2. Judy Mann m. John Bradford
    3. Betty Mann, m. David Bradford, 1777
    4. Anne Mann, m. Philip White 2/7/1797 - 2.Jordan Moss, 1827
    5. Fanny (Frances) Mann, m. Booker Bradford, 1788
    6. Peter Mann, m. Sarah Freeman, 1796
    7. Nancy Mann, m. Joseph White 10/24/1799

    viii. ELIZABETH BRADFORD1, b. 1730, Charles City, VA1; d. 1802, Surry Co VA1; m. GILES HUDSPETH1, Abt. 1751; b. Abt. 1727, va1; d. September 11, 1796, Surry Co VA.
    13. ix. THOMAS BRADFORD, b. 1731, Westover, Charles City Virginia; d. 1786, Granville Co. NC.
    x. MARY BRADFORD1, b. Abt. 1736; m. JONATHAN WHITE1; d. 1774, Granville Co. NC.
    xi. RICHARD BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1738.
    xii. JOHN BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1751; m. JUDITH MANN.

    CHILDREN: (All born in Granville Co NC)
    Elijah 1775
    John, Jr. 1777
    William 1780
    Katha 1782
    Nancy 1784
    Judith Ruthy 1786
    Fanny 1788
    Female 1790

    7. RICHARD BRADFORD (JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1711 in Brunswick County, VA,

    8. JOHN BRADFORD (JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 1712 in Brunswick County, VA, and died Bef. 1740 in Brunswick County, VA. He married REBECCA PACE, daughter of RICHARD PACE and REBECCA. She was born Aft. 1706 - all siblings born 1704-18 VA, and died Bef. 1765 in Johnson Co. NC.

    Children of JOHN BRADFORD and REBECCA PACE are:
    14. i. NATHANIEL BRADFORD, b. 1729; d. 1756.
    15. ii. JOHN BRADFORD, b. 1730, Brunswick Co., VA; d. 1786, Enfield, North Carolina.
    16. iii. TABITHA BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1734, Brunswick County, VA; d. 1799, Wilkes County GA (will).
    iv. SARAH BRADFORD1, b. Abt. 1732.

    Generation No. 4

    10. NATHANIEL BRADFORD (THOMAS3, RICHARD 2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1722 in Charles City Co., VA, and died Aft. August 03, 1807 in Sumpter, SC.

    Children of NATHANIEL BRADFORD are:
    v. JOHN ANGEL BRADFORD1, b. September 16, 1764, Virginia; d. 1829, Sumter County SC; m. MARY MITCHELL; b. , Black River, Sumter County SC; d. May 19, 1848.

    11. RICHARD BRADFORD (THOMAS3, RICHARD 2, RICHARD1) was born , and died . He married ELIZABETH SINGLETON.

    i. MARY BRADFORD, b. 1776.
    iii. MATTHEW BRADFORD, b. June 19, 1789.
    iv. ROBERT BRADFORD, b. June 17, 1779; m. NANCY KERRELL, December 16, 1809, Granville County NC records.
    v. SARAH BRADFORD, b. 1785.
    vi. RICHARD BRADFORD, b. 1774, St. Marks Parish, Sumter, SC; d. 1813, Sumpter, SC; m. ELIZABETH BRUNSON.

    12. PHILEMON BRADFORD (PHILEMON3, RICHARD 2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1733 in Va, and died Bef. May 1804 in Granville Co. NC. He married ELIZABETH BOOKER OR HARRIS. She died Aft. June 23, 1800.

    i. BIRD BOOKER BRADFORD 1764 m. Fanny Mann (4 children)
    ii. HARRIS BRADFORD 1768 m. Mary Pruitt
    iii. Massy 1758 m. Joseph FULLER
    iv. Elizabeth 1760 m. John HOOKER
    v. Fanny 1762 m. John MOORE
    vi. Sarah 1765 m. John TUGGLE Jr. 11 children
    vii. Mary (Polly) 1771
    viii. Jemima 1774 m. Joseph BRIDGES
    ix. Nancy 1776

    13. THOMAS BRADFORD (PHILEMON3, RICHARD 2, RICHARD1) was born 1731 in Westover, Charles City Virginia, and died 1786 in Granville Co. NC. He married MARY. She was born in Granville Co. NC.

    Children of THOMAS BRADFORD and MARY are:
    i. ELIZABETH BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1752, Granville Co. NC; m. JOHN PREWITT, 1769.
    ii. MARY BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1754.
    iii. PHILEMON BRADFORD, b. April 17, 1757, Granville Co. NC; d. June 17, 1824, Granville Co. NC; m. SUZANNE CLOPTON, April 25, 1779, Franklin County NC; b. June 22, 1761; d. March 11, 1837.
    iv. DAVID BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1758; d. 1800; m. MARY KEARNEY, August 02, 1784, Granville County NC records.
    v. THOMAS BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1761, Granville Co. NC; d. 1809, Granville Co. NC; m. EVE KEARNEY, 1782; d. Aft. 1820.
    vi. BENJAMIN BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1763.
    vii. EPHRAIM BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1763.
    viii. SARAH BRADFORD, b. Abt. 1767; m. JONES FULLER, May 13, 1786, Granville County NC records; d. September 15, 1815.
    ix. CELAH BRADFORD, b. March 18, 1767, Granville Co. NC; d. March 1813; m. COLEMAN REED WHITE, March 13, 1786, Granville County NC records; b. March 09, 1767; d. September 07, 1835.

    14. NATHANIEL BRADFORD (JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 1729, and died 1756. He married SARAH GREEN, daughter of JOHN GREEN. She died Aft. 1757.

    ii. NATHANIEL BRADFORD, b. 1750; d. 1810, Wilkes County GA.
    Sold his land in Edgecombe and Halifax Counties, NC in 1789 and moved to Wilkes County, GA. The 1790 census shows him in Wilkes County, but the 1800 census shows him in Ogelthorpe County, GA. His will is not traced. Although not proved, it is thought that he had 6 sons: Samuel, Andrew, Archibald, David, Richard and Nathaniel. Died 1810 Wilkes Co. (?)

    iii. MARY BRADFORD, b. Bef. 1757; d. Bef. 1799, Halifax Co., NC; m. (1) JOHN WOOTEN; d. December 23, 1799, Halifax Co., NC

    15. JOHN BRADFORD (JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 1730 in Brunswick Co., VA, and died 1786 in Enfield, North Carolina. He married (1) PATIENCE REED 1750 in Edgecombe Co., NC, daughter of HENRY REED. She died Bef. 1768 in Enfield, North Carolina. He married (2) DORITHA MIRIAM BURGESS 1768. He married (3) ELIZABETH SMITH 1774 in Edgecombe Co., NC. He married (4) ELIZABETH LONG 1785 in Halifax Co., N.C.

    Children of JOHN BRADFORD and PATIENCE REED are:
    i. ELIZABETH BRADFORD, b. May 01, 1754, Edgecombe, Halifax Co, NC.
    ii. FRANCES BRADFORD, b. May 25, 1758, Halifax Co., NC d. Aft. 1810; m. (1) UNKOWN BATCHELA; m. (2) WILLIAM WOOTEN, 1777, Halifax Co., N.C.; b. 1736, Halifax County NC; d. February 03, 1793, Halifax Co., NC.
    iii. HENRY BRADFORD, b. December 04, 1761, Edgecombe Co., NC; d. March 14, 1833, Enfield, Halifax Co., North Carolina; m. SARAH CROWELL, January 11, 1782, Enfield, Halifax Co., NC; b. June 08, 1763, Halifax County, NC; d. January 11, 1839, Leon County, FL.
    iv. JOHN BRADFORD, b. May 15, 1764.
    v. JOSEPH BRADFORD, b. Halifax Co., NC; d. July 01, 1790.
    vi. TABITHA BRADFORD, b. December 07, 1756; m. SAMUEL CROWELL; b. Abt. 1754, Halifax County, North Carolina; d. May 30, 1826, Halifax Co., NC.
    vii. REBECCA BRADFORD, b. December 25, 1752, Halifax Co., NC; m. JOHN BRANCH, 1770, Halifax County, North Carolina; b. 1750, Halifax Co., NC; d. March 14, 1806, Halifax Co., NC.

    Children of JOHN BRADFORD and DORITHA BURGESS are:
    viii. MIRIAM BRADFORD, b. June 15, 1769
    ix. RICHARD HENRY BRADFORD, b. September 30, 1770; d. April 07, 1835, Washington, D.C.
    x. ANN BRADFORD, m. HENRY B. BRADFORD; b. December 20, 1781.

    Children of JOHN BRADFORD and ELIZABETH SMITH are:
    xi. SARAH BRADFORD, b. June 02, 1776.
    xii. MARY BRADFORD, b. November 07, 1780.
    xiii. MARTHA BRADFORD, b. January 06, 1779.
    xiv. NEAL OR MEA BRADFORD, b. February 10, 1775.
    xv. WILLIAM BRADFORD, b. September 20, 1783, Halifax County, NC; d. Leon County, FL.

    16. TABITHA BRADFORD (JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1734 in Brunswick County, VA, and died 1799 in Wilkes County GA (will). She married (1) HENRY POPE 1752, son ofJOHN POPE and MOURNING MCKINNIE. He was born Abt. 1723, and died 1764 in Halifax Co., NC. She married (2) THOMAS WOOTEN Aft. 1765, son of BENJAMIN WOOTEN and ELIZABETH ROUSSEAU. He was born Abt. 1736 in Halifax Co., NC, and died 1796 in Surry Co., VA.

    Children of TABITHA BRADFORD and HENRY POPE are:
    i. BURWELL POPE, b. 1752; d. 1800; m. (1) PRISCILLA WOOTEN, September 08, 1772; b. 1756; d. 1806
    ii. WILLIS POPE.
    iii. JOHN POPE.


    17. JOHN BRADFORD (NATHANIEL3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born 1742 in Brunswick County, VA, and died 1800 in Wilkes County GA.

    Children of JOHN BRADFORD are:
    i. JOSEPH BRADFORD, b. 1774.
    ii. JOHN BRADFORD, b. 1775.
    iii. THOMAS BRADFORD, b. 1784. shows Isaac Basye as a son of this couple. He married Elizabeth Pope, daughter of John Pope of Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co. Va. b about 1700. He was a descendant of James Pope and his wife Jane who settled there about 1660 and acquired property from William
Maryland's First Settlement - including it's inhabitants!
Isle of Kent, Maryland's First Settlement
In 1627 the Governor of Virginia authorized William Clayborne, "Secretarie of State of this Kingdom" to explore and locate the source of the Chesapeake Bay. During this expedition, William Clayborne chose an island of the Chesapeake, seperated from the main land by what is now Kent Narrows, to establish a trading post. This island is present day Kent Island and was the first settlement in Maryland. The island was already inhabited by the Matapeakes, a branch tribe of the Ozinies who lived on the southern banks of the Chester River, and the Monoponsons who lived on the southern part of the island. The early settlers were subject to fatal attacks by the Wicomese from the mainland Eastern Shore and the Susquehannas from the north. In 1641 the indians became so hostile and troublesome the law forbid the settlers to shoot, wound or kill any indian coming onto the island and forbid the colonists to be friendly. It wasn't until the 1750's that the last indian left the island to settle elsewhere. The early settlers also found the island to have plenty of wolves,bears,deer,raccoons,foxes, opossums,squirrels,rabbits,beaver and muskrats to hunt for fur.
By 1631 William Clayborne and Rev.Richard Jones had established a settlement on the island. William Clayborne was appointed Commander of the settlers of the Isle of Kent which he named for his home, the County of Kent. Rev. Richard Jones, of the Church of England, aided Clayborne in establishing this Protestant Colony and was the first to preach the gospel in Maryland. Capt.Nicholas Martin represented the Isle of Kent at the Legislative Assembly of Virginia several years before St.Mary's settlement. It wasn't until 1634 that that settlers landed on St.Clement's island. In 1632, King Charles granted Cecelius Calvert the Charter for Maryland, making the already established settlement on "Isle of Kent" the first in Maryland, and so begins the most interesting history of the Eastern Shore. It was these adventurers, traders, settlers and their descendants, along with the colonists to follow, that would settle the counties of Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot, Caroline and Dorchester. Isle of Kent 5th April 1652: We,whose names are hereafter subscribed, do promise and engage ourselves to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England, without King or House of Lords. Thomas Ward, Thomas South, Tho. Wetherell, Tho.Pett, Tho.Taylor, Hen.Carlyen, John Hud, Robert Martin, John Smith, Henry Ashley, John Philips, John Gould, Edw. Ebes, John Smyth, John Richeson, Hen.Taylor, Will Leedes, John Sepsen, Anthony Calliway, Robert Vaughan, Philip Commins, Thos.Ringgould, Thos.Bradnox, Hen.Morgan, William Elliott, Robert Halters, Richard Blunt, Matthew Read, Will Jones, John Ringgold, Francis Bright, Edw.Copedge, Edmt.Weebe, John Russell, Rich.Salter, Marke Benton, Will Band, Francis Barnes, Hen.Clay, Roger Baxter, James Horner, Hen.Weest, Isa.Ilive, George Croutch, Edward Burton, Abraham Hollman, John Winchester, Nicholas Picurd, Nic.Browne, David Geldersen, Will Price, Tho.Hill, John Dean, Edw.Coxe, Robert Dunn, Fran Lumbard, John Gibson, John Maconick, Thomas Weest, Joseph Wickes To ye truth of this I here subscribe John Coursey, John Errickson, Andrew Hanson, Andrew Anderson

This list of 66 names most likely includes all the adult white male colonists living in Kent County in 1652/3.