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Clifford Pedigree: Clifford of Clifford
Cl31 Ponce or Pons or Poinz d before 1086
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Cl30-1 Dru Drogo FitzPons
Cl30-2 Walter FitzPons of Eaton Hastings
TCP Poyntz suggests that Walter was probably the ancestor of the family of Hastings of Eaton Hastings.
Cl30 Richard FitzPons of Cantref Bychan
m. Maud dau of Walter of Gloucester
Cl29-1 Sir Simon FitzRichard
Cl29 Walter FitzRichard de Clifford b 1116/1128, d 1187/90
m. c1135 Margaret de Toeni b c1118, d 1185, dau of Ralph de Toeni of Conches and Flamsted
Cl28 Walter de Clifford, Sheriff of Herefordshire d c1223
m. Agnes de Cundi dau of Roger de Cundi
Cl27-1 Walter de Clifford d 10.1232 / c1264
m. Margaret of Wales dau of Llewellyn, Prince of Wales
1 Maud de Clifford d before 1283
m1. William de Longespee Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Salisbury d 1256/7
m2. John Giffard, 1st Lord of Brimsfield b c1233, d 1299
Cl27= 26=25 Roger de Clifford d c1286
m. Sibil de Ewyas dau of Robert de Ewyas
Cl26= 25=24 Roger de Clifford dvp c1285
m. 1269 Isabel de Vipont dau of Robert de Vipont, Sheriff of Westmoreland
Cl25= 24=23 Robert de Clifford, 1st Lord d Bannockburn 24.06.1314
m. 03.11.1295 Maud de Clare b c1279, d 1326/7, dau of Sir Thomas de Clare
Cl24-1 Roger de Clifford, 2nd Lord b 02.02.1299, dsp 23.03.1322
Cl24 Robert de Clifford, 3rd Lord b 05.11.1305, d 20.05.1344
m. 06.1328 Isabel Berkeley d 25.07.1362, dau of Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Lord
Cl23-1 Robert de Clifford, 4th Lord dsp before 1354
m. Euphemia Nevill dau of Ralph Nevill, 2nd Lord
Cl23 Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord b 10.07.1333, d 13.07.1389/90
m. Maud Beauchamp dau of Thomas Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick
Cl22 Thomas de Clifford, 6th Lord d 18.08.1391
m. Elizabeth de Ros dau of Thomas, Lord de Ros
Cl22-2 William de Clifford dsp c1419
m. Anne Bardolph dau of Thomas, Lord Bardolph
Cl22-3 Sir Lewis de Clifford d 1404, Ambassador
m. Eleanor Delawarr dau of John, Lord Delawarr
Cl22-4 Philippa de Clifford
m. William Ferrers, 5th Lord of Groby d 1445
Cl22-5 Catherine de Clifford d 23.04.1413
m. Ralph de Greystock, 3rd Lord of Greystoke b 1353, d 1417/8
Cl22-6 Maud de Clifford
m. before 13.04.1398 Sir Robert Hilton of Hilton d 11.08.1448
Cl22-7 Margaret de Clifford presumably the Margaret who married ...
m. Sir John Melton of Aston b 1377, d 1455
Cl23-3 John de Clifford
Cl23-4 Thomas de Clifford had issue
Cl23-5 Isabella Clifford identified by 'Tudor'
m. Sir John de Eure d 22.02.1393
Cl23-6 Joan Clifford possibly of this generation
m. Thomas Heton or Heaton of Hartley d 11.08.1362
Cl24=22 Idonea de Clifford
m. Henry de Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick b 1301, d 1352
Cl24=23 Margaret de Clifford d 08.08.1382 shown by Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Dunham as of this generation
m by 1322 Piers de Mauley, 3rd Lord b c1300, d 18.01.1354/5
Ma22 Piers de Mauley, 4th Lord b by 1330, d 19/20.03.1382/3 m1 before 18.11.1356 Elizabeth Meinill b 15.10.1331, d 09.07.1368, dau of Nicholas, Lord Meinill, by Alice de Ros
Ma21 Piers de Mauley dvp after 01.1377/8 m 1371 Margery Sutton d 10.10.1391, dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Bransholme Castle and Sutton
Ma20-1 Piers de Mauley, 5th Lord b c1378, dsp 06.09.1415 m before 06.08.1400 Maud Neville d 10.1438, dau of Ralph de Neville, Earl of Westmorland
Ma20 Constance de Mauley a 1448
m1 1392 William Fairfax of Walton
m2 Sir John Bigod of Settrington d 02.1426
Ma20-3 Elizabeth de Mauley m George Salvan or Salvain of Kilham and Nafferton
Ma20-4 John de Mauley d young?
Piers de Mauley, 4th Lord m2. by 1371 Constance Sutton d 09.06.1401, dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Bransholme Castle and Sutton
Ma22-2 daughter m Thomas Owtred
-1 Katherine Owtred m Sir Edmond Sandford of Derbyshire
-1-1 Elsabeth Sandford m Robert Donham or Dunham
Cl27-3+ other issue - Giles, Richard
Cl28-2 William de Clifford
Cl28-3 Richard de Clifford ancestor of Cliffords of Frampton
Cl28=25 Rosamund de Clifford had issue William Longespee Plantagenet Pl24
p. Henry Plantagenet, King Henry II of England b 05.03.1133, d 06.07.1189
Cl28-5 Lucia de Clifford
m1. Hugh de Say of Richard's Castle d before 12.1190
m2. Sir Bartholomew de Mortimer d by 1226
Cl29-3 Roger or Richard FitzRichard
Cl29-4 Bertha FitzRichard
m. c1127 Elias II Giffard of Brimsfield
Cl30-4 Osbert FitzPons of Longney
Cl30-4-1+ issue - William, Ralph
Cl30-5 Simon FitzPons
Cl30-5-1 Pons FitzSimon a 1166
Cl30-5-1-1 Nicholas FitzPons d 1223
m1. Juliana Bardolf dau of Hugh Bardolf
m2. before 29.01.1218/9 Joan

Sources: BE1883 Clifford of Cumberland, BP1934 De Clifford, BLG1952 Poyntz of Harestock Close
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