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Cape Fear Indians see also Powhatan and Potawomack Indians
Cape Fear Indians Total population
assimilated with Anglo-American and Afro-American populations Regions with significant populations Originally from NC
The Cape Fear Indians were a small tribe of Carolina Algonquian Native Americans who lived on the Cape Fear River in NC (now Carolina Beach State Park).
Their name for the area was Chicora. Of their villages, only one, Necoes, is known by name. The colonists noted Necoes as located about 20 miles from the mouth of the Cape Fear River, in present-day Brunswick Co [1]
It was estimated that the tribe's population in 1600 was 1,000. A colonial census in 1715 recorded that they numbered 206.[1]

Some Cape Fear Indians fought under Colonel John Barnwell against the Tuscarora in 1712.[2]
The remaining Cape Fear Indians were not defeated, but they retreated and left the area by 1725. Surnames among the group- Graham's, Bryant's, Jacobs, Bowen's, Young's, Lacewell's, Freeman's, Brown's, Moore's, Spaulding's, Blank's, Webb's, Campbell's and many more families.

Reference 1: Swanton, John R. (1952; reprinted 2003). The Indian Tribes of North America, p. 75. Baltimore, MD Genealogical Publishing Company. 2. Jump up Conser, Walter H., Jr. (2006). A Coat of Many Colors: Religion and Society Along the Cape Fear River of NC p. 32. University Press of Kentucky. ISBN 0-8131-2405-0. Categories: Wilmington, NC metropolitan area Shadrack Jacobs The first Africans arriving as slaves in Virginia entered households, where there were already white servants, with whom they shared quarters. So most of the early mulattos were born of such relationships. And slavery was first regulated more like the indentures that whites were subjected to. However, by the 1670's tensions began to grow between the masters of slaves and the free African Americans and mulattos, who often emigrated from Virginia to North Carolina, where there were fewer slave owning whites and the harsher frontier conditions made them welcome neighbors.

The sparse population on the frontier also made close relations with the native Americans important, so trade and neighborly help also brought intermarriages across this border as well. The Cherokees fought with the Virginians against the French and Iroquois Indians because of this.

In 1754, North Carolina Governor Arthur Dobbs received a report from his agent, Col. Rutherford, the head of a Bladen County militia, that a "mixed crew" of 50 Indian families were living along Drowning Creek. The communication also reported the shooting of a surveyor who entered the area "to view vacant lands." These are the first written account of the Native peoples from whom the Lumbee descend.
Robeson County, NC was formed from part of Bladen County in 1787.
Ja7. y Jacobs b c 1625 Who the parents of Gabriel and Shaddrock Jacos were is not known, but the fact they were given Biblical names leads us to believed they were well versed in the Bible. They may have immigrated to America or even have been born here to immigrants. The name appears as Capt John Jacob b 1631 Engl in Prince George Co MD, although there is no hint of relationship except the name.
Ja6-1 Gabriel Jacobs b c 1650
m Bab, called "Gabriel and Bab," were "Negroes" tithable from 1664 to 1667 in the Northampton County, Virginia household of Captain John Custis [Orders 1657-64, fol. 198; 1664-74, p.15, fol.42]. In 1668 he was called "Gabriell Jacob," and in 1677 Gabriel and Bab Jacob, Daniel Webb, Isbell Webb, and Fred Tucker were "Negroes" taxed in John Custis' household [Orders 1674-79, 191]. John Custis made a Northampton County will, proved 10 February 1695/6, by which he gave his slave Gabriel Jacob to his wife Tabitha for four years to work on their "sloope" and then to be free. Custis also gave slaves young Daniel and Bab to his grandson John Custis [OW 1689-98, 357]. Gabriel was the father of
The early classification as "Negro" in tax reports probably included persons of mixed white/negro/Indian descent, as we see above in the term "mixed crews" in the description of the Bladen/Robeson population. So it is rather difficult at this point to determine where the native American lines came into this family, but the white lines are more likely to have brought in the family names, while the missing family names and lack of spouse names altogether are more likely to have been (predominently) native or Afro-American lines. The participation of more descendants of this tribe in the FTDNA Family Finder test will help resolve these questions, If we can piece in more data on the their lines of descent and retrace the lines of DNA inheritance. Parallel to the intermarriages of this tribe we have those other tribal intermarriages with the Rolfe/Bryant/Elkins etc., Ivye/Outlaw, Freeman and the Prather family
Ja6-1-1 Daniel Jacobs b c 1670.
The span of 45 years for the births of Daniel's children indicates that he had at least two wives or that we have to do with two Daniels, possibly father and son.
-1-1 Isaac Jacobs b c 1705.
-1-2 Frances Jacobs b c 1706, m Daniel Webb about 1731 when he was taxable in her father's household and she was called Frances Webb.
-1-3 Abigail Jacobs b c 1708
-1-4 Elizabeth Jacobs b c 1710, taxable in her father's household from 1727 to 1731
-1-5 Abraham Jacobs b c 1730 ?NC.
-1-6 Matthew Jacobs b c 1735, received a patent for 160 acres on Hickey Branch of Long Creek in New Hanover County on 23 October 1761 [Hoffman, Land Patents, I:417]. He was head of a New Hanover County household of 8 "other free" in 1790 [NC:194]. His 13 September 1786 New Hanover County will was proved on 4 October 1791 [WB C:198; Minutes 1779-92, 428]. He mentioned his wife Margaret; brother John Jacobs; and Zachariah and Primus Jacobs, sons of his unnamed sister
-1-7 x Jacobs b c 1736
-1-8 Zachariah Jacobs b c 1740
-1-9 John Jacobs b c 1745 ?= m Lucy Hill dau of Nathaniel Hill and Nanny Parrish
-1-10 Abigail Jacobs b c 1750
-1-1-1 Benjamin Jacobs
-1-1-2 Nancy Jacobs m John Webb
-1-1-3 x Jacobs b c 1736
-1-1-4 Zachariah Jacobs b c 1740
-1-1-5 John Jacobs b c 1745,
-1-1-6 Abigail Jacobs b c 1750
-1-3-1+ xy
-1-7-1 Zachariah Jacobs b 4 Oct 1753.
-1-7-2 ?Peter Jacobs not counted in the 1790 census, deceased by 21 May 1792 when John Jacobs proved to the New Hanover County court that Zachariah Jacobs was his heir [Minutes 1792-98, 8].
-1-7-3 Primus Jacobs b c 1760.
-1-7-4 ?Shadrack Jacobs b c 1762.
-1-7-5 ?Ezekiah Jacobs
-1-7-6 ?Josiah Jacobs perhaps the J. Jacobs, Sr head of household in Brunswick Co
-1-9-1 Edith Delphi Jacobs b 1786 m Benjamin Spaulding of Cape Fear descent b 1773 in Duplin Co NC

-1-9-1-1 William Spaulding b c 1815 m Mary Margareth Jacobs of Cape Fear descent
-1-9-1-1-1 Maria C Spaulding b c 1840 m Aaron More (both of Cape Fear descent)
-1-9-1-1-1-1 Frances Moore b c 1870 m Samuel E Whitted b 15.10.1871 Orange NC d11.05.1925 Hillsboro Orange NC
-1-9-1-1-1-1-1 Simuel Whitted b 12.1894, Orange CO NC d 11.05.1925 Hillsboro, Orange, NC m Sallie J Mcneill/MCNeale of Cherokee descent
-1-9-1-1-1-1-1-1 Leeland Whitted b 11.05.1915, Fayetteville NC d 7.12.1994, Suffolk, NY
Ja6-1-2 Jenny, "Gabriel's daughter," a slave John Custis gave his wife Tabitha Custis by his will [OW 1689-98, 355-60].
Ja6-2 SHADRACK JACOBS b 1760 Bladen NC d 1825 Columbus Co NC apparently son of x Jacobs s.a.
m1 LYDIA MOORE. b Bladen NC dBladen, NC + 2 ch
m2 MARY b Bladen Co NC dBladen Co NC + 3 ch
Ja6-2-1 ARTHUR JACOBS b 1785, Bladen NC d 03.1860, Bladen NC
m Eliza b 1808 Bladen NC dWhites Creek, Bladen NC
Ja6-2-1 -1 JOHN ARTHUR JACOBS, b 05.1847 Bladen Co NC d18.07.1921 Lumberton Robeson NC
m ABIGAIL MITCHELL b 1845 Bladen Co NC dWhites Creek, Bladen NC
-1 DANIEL JACOBS b 1873 Whites Creek Bladen NC d 8.12.1948 Horry SC m MARTHA J SPAULDING b 1867 Columbus Co NC d 01.11.1937, Chadbourn, Columbus NC
Ja6-2-2 MARGARET PEGGIE JACOBS b 1793, Bladen Co NC dWelchs Creek, Columbus NC
m JOHN MITCHELL b 1780 Bladen Co NC d Columbus Co NC
Ja6-2-2-1 FAITHY ANN MITCHELL b 1825, Bladen Co NC d Whites Creek Bladen NC
m SAMUEL CAMPBELL b 1815 Bladen, NC d1870 Bladen NC son of SAMUEL CAMPBELL and EUPHEMIA JACOBS b 1815 Bladen NC
Ja6-2-3 BENJAMIN JACOBS b 1786, Bladen NC d 1859, Columbus Co NC -1 HENRY CAMPBELL b 1856, Bladen Co NC d1879 m FRANCES E SPAULDING b 03.1855, Columbus Co NC d 23.07.1934 Shine Greene NC
-2 MARY A CAMPBELL b 1844, Bladen Co NC
-3 DANIEL CAMPBELL b 1847, Bladen Co NC d 17.08.1921 Whites Creek Bladen NC m ANGELINE SPAULDING
Ja6-2-4 EUPHEMIA JACOBS b 1795, Bladen NC d Bladen NC
m SAMUEL CAMPBELL b 1785 Bladen Co NC dBladen, NC
Ja6-2-4-1HUGH CAMPBELL b 1825, Bladen Co NC d 01.1860 Bladen Co NC
m DORCAS FREEMAN b 01.1830 Bladen NC dColumbus Co NC
-1 HUGH CAMPBELL b 1860 Whites Creek Bladen NC d 23.10.1886, Whites Creek Bladen NC g. MARTHA J SPAULDING; f. 1867 Columbus Co NC d 01.11.1937, Chadbourn, Columbus NC
-2 STEPHEN CAMPBELL b 05.1846 Whites Creek, Bladen NC d Bladen, NC m 1868 NC EDITH M SPAULDING b 04.10.1848, Columbus Co NC d 04.06.1912 Whites Creek Bladen NC
-3 MATILDA CAMPBELL b 1851, Bladen NC d 05.09.1891 Columbus Co NC m 17.01.1866 HENRY SPAULDING b 1831 Columbus Co NC d1906 son of BENJAMIN SPAULDING and EDITH JACOBS
-4 PHAMY CAMPBELL b 1848, White Creek, Bladen Co NC
-5 MARTHA CAMPBELL b 12.1849, Bladen Co NC
-6 ARCH dCAMPBELL b 1855, White Creek, Bladen Co NC
-7 SERENIA CAMPBELL b 1858, White Creek, Bladen Co NC
-3-1 JOHN HENRY5 SPAULDING b 20.08.1886, Columbus Co NC d04.1963 Cape May Court House, Cape May NJ m 15.05.1905 Columbus Co NC GEORGEANNA MOORE b 07.1887, NC d 1968, Cape May, Cape May, NJ
-3-2 CALLIE JANE SPAULDING b 04.04.1866, Welchs Creek, Colombus NC d 13.11.1938 Whiteville Columbus NC m DAVID JACKSON SPAULDING, son of DAVID SPAULDING and MARY b 05.05.1862 Columbus Co NC d 1.07.1927 Welches Creek, Columbus NC
-3-3 RHODA C SPAULDING b 22.08.1869, Welchs Creek, Colombus NC d 07.01.1893, Welchs Creek, Colombus, NC m WILLIAM SCOFIELD MITCHELL d20.05.1932 Ransom Columbus NC son of WILLIAM MITCHELL b 10.1868 Freeman, Columbus NC
-3-4 THOMAS SPAULDING b 04.1871, Columbus Co NC d24.07.1932 Columbus Co NC m FANNIE JANE FREEMAN 25.10.1895 Columbus NC b 01.1877 Welchs Creek, Columbus NC d1905 Welchs Creek Columbus NC dau of JESSE FREEMAN and JANE BOWEN
-3-5 LOUISA F SPAULDING b 08.1875, NC d 09.05.1936, Whites Creek, Bladen NC m GEORGE ANDREW BLANKS 08.01.1902, Columbus Co NC b 27.11.1874, Whites Creek, Bladen NC d 10.07.1959, Council Bladen NC
-3-6 BENJAMIN MCLEAN SPAULDING b 18.06.1881 Welches Creek Columbus NC m MARY ANNA SPAULDING 17.12.1902 Sandy Plain Church Columbus Co NC b 19.12.1881 Welchs Creek, Columbus NC d26.04.1963 Bronx NY dau of BENJAMIN SPAULDING and MARGARET MOORE
-3-7 EDITH SPAULDING b 02.1879 Welches Creek, Columbus NC m WILEY ANDERSON SPAULDING b 4.02.1875 Waccamaw Columbus NC d1958 Whitesboro Cape May NJ son of GUY SPAULDING and PATSY MITCHELL

-3-2-1 LOUIS DEVOLD SPAULDING b 27.03.1881 Welchs Creek Colombus NC dNC
-3-2-2 MAGGIE L SPAULDING b 25.07.1887 Welchs Creek Colombus NC d15.10.1924 Welches Creek Columbus NC m WADE MOORE.
-3-2-3 WILLIAM GARFIELD SPAULDING b 08.06.1891 Welchs Creek, Colombus, NC d 14.09.1948 Whiteville Columbus NC
-3-2-4 HENRY SHELKINS SPAULDING b 26.09.1895 Welchs Creek Colombus NC d Cape May Court House Cape May NJ
-3-2-5 CHARLES BENJAMIN SPAULDING b 28.10.1902, Columbus Co NC d 12.11.1965, Lake Waccamaw, Columbus NC
-3-2-6 MABEL WEDLOCK SPAULDING b 24.04.1905 Welchs Creek Colombus NC d21.12.1976 Welchs Creek Colombus NC
-3-3-1 MARY E MITCHELL b 22.05.1890, Colombus, NC d14.08.1955, Freeman, Columbus NC
-3-3-2 HENRY THOMAS MITCHELL b 06.01.1892 Colombus NC d15.04.1967 Whiteville Columbus NC
-3-4-1 HARLEY VANCE SPAULDING b 02.05.1897 Welchs Creek Columbus NC d06.1978 Pleasantville Atlantic, New Jersey
-3-4-2 LUTILLIA SPAULDING b 08.1899 Welchs Creek Columbus NC d20.01.1927 Welchs Creek Columbus NC m ANDREW BOYD.
-3-4-3 DAISY LOU SPAULDING b 1902 Welchs Creek Columbus NC
-3-6-1 ELMORE MCROY SPAULDING b 27.08.1914, Welchs Creek, Columbus NC d 11.1974, Bronx New York
-3-6-2 AARON MCLAINE SPAULDING b 13.05.1918, Bronx, Bronx, New York, d 31.03.1974, Bronx NY m GERTIE MAE BRITTON b 11.11.1921, Buncombe, NC d 20.10.2003, Brooklyn Kings NY
-3-6-3 SIDNEY BENJAMIN SPAULDING b 24.10.1922 Bronx NY d1962 Bronx NY
-3-7-1 ALBERT RUSSELL SPAULDING b 19.05.1907, Whitesboro Cape May, NJ d 03.01.1988, Whitesboro Cape May New Jersey
Ja6-2-4-2 MARY ELANDER CAMPBELL b 1810, Bladen Co NC d Whites Creek, Bladen NC
m JOHN YOUNG b 1806 Bladen Co NC dWhites Creek, Bladen NC
-1 JAMES A4 YOUNG b 1840, Bladen Co NC m ANN E b 1851 NC
-2 SAMUEL J YOUNG b 1841, Bladen Co NC Usa.
-3 CATHERINE E YOUNG b 1842, Bladen Co NC Usa.
-4 JOHN J YOUNG b 1843, Bladen Co NC Usa.
-5 MARY J YOUNG b 1847, Bladen Co NC Usa.
-6 EUPHAMIE YOUNG b 1849, Bladen Co NC Usa.
-7 POLLY J YOUNG b 1854, Bladen Co NC d 14.06.1926 Whites Creek Bladen NC
Ja6-2-4-3SAMUEL CAMPBELL b 1815, Bladen NC m -3-1 Faithy Ann Mitchell
-5 MARTHA JACOBS b 1790, Bladen Co NC d Columbus Co NC
m BENJAMIN MOORE b 1786 Bladen NC d 1859 Columbus Co NC son of LYDIA MOORE

Julia Wilson
Ja6-2-5-1 AARON MOORE b 07.10.1844, Duplin Co.NC d 08.10.1914 Magnolia, Duplin, NC
-1 AARON EDWARD MOORE b 1867, Columbus Co NC d04.06.1925 White Creek Bladen NC m AMALIA.
-2 FANNIE MOORE b 1869, Hillsborough Orange NC dNC m 4.12.1889 Hillsboro, Orange Co NC SAMUEL E WHITTED b 15.10.1871 Orange NC d11.05.1925 Hillsboro Orange NC son of CORNELIOUS WHITTED and JANE HALL
-3 HANNAH SURRENE b 1872, Duplin Co NC d 05.10.1938 Teachey, Duplin, NC m ELDER BANKS ALDERMAN
-4 IOMA MOORE b 1881 m 12.09.1907, Wilmington, New Hanover Co NC GEORGE H. GREEN b 1880
-5 REBECCA I. MOORE m 13.03.1889, Columbus NC O.H. LENNON
-6 JOSEPHINE V. MOORE m 08.01.1890 Columbus NC ABNER LOWERY
-7 MARIAH MOORE b 17.12.1871 Duplin Co NC d 17.08.1964 Warsaw, Magnolia, Duplin, NC m JERRY GLASPIE.

-2-1 SIMUEL J WHITTED b 12.1894, Orange CO NC d 11.05.1925 Hillsboro, Orange, NC m1 SALLIE J MCNEILL of Hillsboro Township, Orange, NC b 06.10.1892 Maxton, NC d 27.11.1936 Fayetteville, Cross Creek, Cumberland, NC + 3 ch dau of JAMES MCNEILL and LUCINDA LIVINGSTON m2 17.11.1917 Hillsboro Twp Orange, NC JULIA WILSON b 1888 Hillsboro, Orange, NC United States, d1930 Hopkinsville, Christian, Ky dau of y WILSON and CATHARINE DICKINS
-2-2 JANE C WHITTED b 06.1893, NC
-2-3 MARY OVIDA WHITTED b 05.1895, NC
-2-4 MARIA H WHITTED b 07.1896, Orange Co NC d 24.09.1933 Hillsboro Township, Orange, NC m LINZIE PRICE.
-2-5 WILLIE E WHITTED b 09.1890, NC m JOHN GRAVES 16.02.1910 Hillsboro Township, Orange, NC b 1885 Hillsboro Orange Co NC son av CHARLES MERTEN and HARRIETT GRAVES
-2-6 NELLIE WHITTED b 14.02.1890 NC d15.07.1955, Tar Heel Bladen NC m 11.05.1918 Cumberland NC W.A FURGERSON b 1873, NC
-7-1 EDWARD GLASPIE b 09.10.1909, NC d 1976, Fayetteville Cumberland, NC

-2-1-1 SAMUEL STACY WHITTED JR b 1920, NC d 03.11.1958 Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC m MARY R.
-2-1-2 DUNCAN WHITTED b 1921, NC
-2-1-3 THELMAN ALLEN WHITTED b 22.01.1922, Jamaica NY d 23.05.1976 m DELORES BROWN b 20.08.1930 dau of LEANDER BROWN and MARTHA WHITE
-2-1-4 LEELAND WHITTED b 11.05.1915, Fayetteville NC d 7.12.1994, Suffolk, NY m ESTHER IRENE WALLIN, dau of JOHAN WALLIN and OLUFINE IVERSEN b 3.1.1920 Frankendalsgt. 17. Larvik d10.06.1983 Buggesgt 20, Larvik
-2-1-5 EUNICE WHITTED b 14.07.1917 Fayetteville NC d19.06.1983, Boston MA
-2-5-1 PATTIE B6 GRAVES b 1913 NC
-2-5-2 VERA GRAVES b 1914, NC
-2-5-3 DOROTHY GRAVES b 1920 NC
-2-5-4 JAMES M GRAVES b 1912 NC

-2-1-3-2 KEVIN S WHITTED b c 1955 m JODY WORMACK.
-2-1-3-3 WELLESLEY WHITTED b c 1950, Jamaica NY d 16.12.2011 Stone-Kethering Cancer center NY m LENORE BROWN
-2-1-4-1 NELLIE IRENE Reif/Whitted b c 1949, Fuerth, Bavaria, Germany DNA match m1 ELEKTRIKER ARNFINN WANGSMO b c 1944 i Stangvik,Møre og Romsdal. m2 KAI ARNT JAKOBSEN son of SVERRE ERIKSEN and RIGMOR ANDERSEN.

-2-1-3-1-1 AYDEN WHITTED
-2-1-4-1-1 SONJA JAKOBSEN m1 ROGER NILSEN. Hun giftet m2 JAN ROGER DYBVAD 28.05.1990 Larvik Lofoten,Nordland.

-2-1-4-1-1-1 CECILIE DYBVAD
-2-1-4-1-1-2 PATRIC DYBVAD
-2-1-4-1-1-3 CAROLINE DYBVAD
Ja6-2-5-2 PENELOPE MOORE b 13.11.1822, Elkton, Bladen NC d4.02.1883 Whites Creek Bladen NC
m JOHN SPAULDING, son of BENJAMIN SPAULDING and EDITH JACOBS b 03.02.1817 Elkton, Bladen NC d 10.10.1894 Whites Creek, Bladen NC
-1 EDITH M SPAULDING b 04.10.1848, Columbus Co NC d 04.06.1912, Whites Creek, Bladen NC m STEPHEN CAMPBELL 1868, NC b 05.1846, Whites Creek Bladen NC d Bladen NC
-2 ELVY SPAULDING b 1845, Bladen NC d 1875, Whites Creek Bladen NC m 21.09.1866 Colombus NC SOLOMAN WEBB b 03.1836 Brunswick, NC d1912 Bradenton Manatee FL
-3 JONATHAN SPAULDING b 04.1861, NC d 10.11.1926, Welchs Creek, Columbus NC
-4 CALDONIA SPAULDING b 01.06.1842, Elkton, Bladen NC d12.06.1922, Bogue, Columbus NC m JAMES OWEN FREEMAN b 01.01.1837 Columbus NC d2.04.1882 Bogue, Columbus NC
-5 DELILAH SPAULDING b 10.05.1850, NC d 18.08.1921 NC m HENRY DESET SPAULDING 05.03.1878 Colombus City NC
-6 PENELOPE SPAULDING b 10.08.1858, Columbus Co NC d 02.10.1935 Elizabethtown Bladen NC

-2-1 RACHEL CAROLINE WEBB b 04.10.1870, Whites Creek, Bladen NC d 13.09.1942 Welches Creek Columbus NC m ULYSSES STEPHENS MOORE, 19.08.1892; f. 09.06.1870, Welches Creek, Columbus NC d 27.06.1948 Welches Creek Columbus NC
-2-2 WILLIAM BARTY WEBB b 13.08.1870, Whites Creek, Bladen NC d. 14.01.1959 Bolton Columbus NC m MARY ARRIE FREEMAN b 27.12.1871, Waccamaw, Columbus NC d 31.05.1957, Bolton, Columbus NC
-4-1 JOEL FREEMAN b 15.05.1864, Bogue, Columbus NC d29.01.1946, Bogue, Columbus NC m1 LIZZIE B MITCHELL b 16.11.1888 Robeson, NC d11.01.1952 Whiteville, Columbus NC m2 DORCAS MOORE 31.10.1888 + 4 ch dau of BENJAMIN MOORE and MARY FREEMAN. Hun b 01.1874 NC
-4-2 ROBERT FREEMAN b 1867, Bogue, Columbus NC d Bogue Columbus NC
-4-3 ANDREW JOHNSON FREEMAN b 25.01.1866, Bogue, Columbus NC d08.11.1924, Bogue Columbus NC m BEDIE YOUNG b 05.1888 Waccamaw, Columbus NC d3.02.1946 Bogue Columbus NC

-4-1-1 JAMES L FREEMAN b 09.1889 Bogue Columbus NC
-4-1-2 IDA JANE FREEMAN b 05.1893 Bogue Columbus NC
-4-1-3 CARLOTTA FREEMAN b 12.1896, Bogue, Columbus NC
-4-1-4 TYSON P. FREEMAN b 12.1897, Bogue, Columbus NC
-4-3-1 VERA LEE FREEMAN b 1909, Bogue Columbus NC d 29.04.1961 Goldsboro, Wayne, NC
-4-3-2 ADELL FREEMAN b 27.07.1910 Bogue Columbus NC d9.04.1938, Hallsboro, Columbus NC
-4-3-3 MARSHALL FREEMAN b 04.05.1913 Bogue Columbus NC d7.03.1979, Robeson Co NC
Ja6-2-5-3 DEBBY MOORE b 1815, Columbus NC d1850 Columbus NC m SHADRACK CHAVIS b 1810, Columbus NC
Ja6-2-5-4 THURSEY MOORE b 1820, Bladen Co NC d Columbus Co NC
m NELSON JACOBS b 1817 Brunswick, NCUsa, dColumbus Co NC
-1 ISABELLA MOORE b 1845, Welches Creek, Columbus NC d7.11.1932, Welches Creek, Columbus NC m IVER SPAULDING, b 03.02.1819, d1888 Welches Creek Columbus NC son of BENJAMIN SPAULDING and EDITH JACOBS
-2 MARIA MOORE b 1850, Columbus Co NC m W J GRAHAM, 06.12.1866.
-1-1 EMELINE SPAULDING b 03.03.1843, Bladen Co NC d21.01.1929, Whites Creek, Bladen NC m SAMUEL BLANKS, sønn av ELIJAH BLANKS og ELENORAH MITCHELL b 03.04.1833 Whites Creek, Bladen NC d16.01.1928 Whites Creek, Bladen NC -1-1 GEORGE ANDREW BLANKS b 27.11.1874, Whites Creek, Bladen NC d10.07.1959, Council, Bladen NC m LOUISA F SPAULDING, 08.01.1902, Columbus Co NC b 08.1875 NC d 09.05.1936, Whites Creek, Bladen NC
Ja6-2-5-5 JAMES MOORE b 18.06.1836, Columbus NC d 06.09.1908, Welchs Creek, Columbus NC
m CAROLINE SPAULDING b 1836 Columbus NC d7.08.1906 Welchs Creek, Columbus, NC dau of WILLIAM SPAULDING and MARY JACOBS
-1 FRANCES MOORE b 22.09.1868, Columbus Co NC d24.11.1941, Welchs Creek, Columbus NC m EVERETT FREEMAN
Ja6-2-5-6 ISRAEL MOORE b 24.02.1817; d 18.02.1898, Welches Creek, Columbus NC
m ANN ELIZABETH SPAULDING b 03.1822 Bladen Co NC d25.03.1906 Welches Creek, Columbus NC dau of BENJAMIN SPAULDING and EDITH JACOBS + 4 ch or 3ch and m2 same name but b 1842 Columbus NC d1865 Northwest, Brunswick, NC + 1 ch dau of EMANUEL SPAULDING and SUSANNAH GUMBY
-1 CAROLINE A. MOORE b 09.1853, Columbus Co NC d 29.07.1935, Wilmington, New Hanover, NC m 1875 Colombus NC BERNARD SPAULDING b 12.1852 Colombus, NC d16.02.1923 Ransom, Columbus NC
-2 DELPHIA ANN MOORE b 19.04.1861, Columbus Co NC d 08.08.1932, Waccamaw, Columbus NC m WILLIE BUNN JACOBS, 1888, Colombus City NC b 12.11.1858, Columbus Co NC, d 30.11.1904, Waccamaw, Columbus NC
-3 LEWIS MOORE b 25.01.1843; d 01.05.1904; g. AMANDA SPAULDING, 1868; f. 07.04.1849, Columbus NC d 14.11.1914, Welches Creek Columbus NC
-4 MARGARET ANN VIRGINIA MOORE b 26.08.1849, Columbus Co NC d15.10.1920, Welches Creek Columbus NC m BENJAMIN MCIVER SPAULDING, b 07.01.1845 Columbus Co NC d5.03.1921 i Welches Creek, Columbus NC son of EMANUEL SPAULDING and SUSANNAH GUMBY
-1-1 SUSIE MARIA H SPAULDING b 09.1875, Welchs Creek, Colombus, NC d 24.03.1955, Freeman, Columbus NC m WILLIAM SCOFIELD MITCHELL b 10.1868 Freeman, Columbus NC d20.05.1932 Ransom, Columbus NC son of WILLIAM MITCHELL
-4-1 MARY ANNA SPAULDING b 19.12.1881 Welchs Creek, Columbus NC d26.04.1963, Bronx, Bronx, NY m 17.12.1902 Sandy Plain Church, Columbus Co NC BENJAMIN MCLEAN SPAULDING b 18.06.1881 Welches Creek, Columbus NC son of HENRY SPAULDING and MATILDA CAMPBELL
-4-1-1+ s a
Ja6-2-5-7 JOHN MOORE b 01.1836 d 1910, Welches Creek, Columbus NC
m1 HARRIETT ADELINE SPAULDING b 1842 Columbus Co NC d1862 Columbus Co NC + 1 ch dau of ARMSTEAD SPAULDING and HELEN CAMPBELL
m2 FRANCIS E SPAULDING 1863 NC b 06.1847 Clarkton, Bladen NC d1905 + 11 ch
-1 ARMSTEAD MCLEAN MOORE b 1861, Columbus Co NC d1896, Waccamaw, Columbus NC m ANABELLA LOWERY b 03.12.1864 Thompson Twp, Elrod, Robeson, NC d30.10.1965 Durham, Durham, NC dau of CALVIN LOWERY and MARIAH SAMPSON
-2 RHODA MARIAH MOORE b 1875, Welches Creek, Columbus NC d. 1899, Welches Creek Columbus NC m NATHAN W FREEMAN.
-3 JOHN JAMES MOORE b 07.1871 m MARY A BLANKS, 06.02.1902 b 1875, NC
-4 MARTHA JANE MOORE b 15.04.1867, Columbus Co NC d 24.05.1926, Clarkton RFD, Columbus NC m1 WESLEY R. FAULK. b 04.08.1856, d5.05.1921 m2 DANIEL JAMES MOORE 03.08.1885 b 20.02.1856 Welches Creek, Columbus NC d26.08.1908 Welches Creek Columbus NC
-5 ANDREW JACKSON MOORE b 02.04.1865, Welches Creek, Columbus NC Usa; d 25.09.1941, Welches Creek, Columbus NC
-6 MARION MOORE b 02.1870, Welches Creek Columbus NC d 1945, White Creek, Bladen Co NC g. MARY A FREEMAN, 16.11.1892, Columbus Co NC b 18.08.1871, Welches Creek, Columbus NC d 26.01.1951, Clarkton, Bladen North Carolina
-7 FLORA ETTA MOORE b 26.09.1878, Welches Creek, Columbus NC d 29.10.1960, Lake Waccamaw Cemetery, Columbus NC m1 JOHN W. PATTERSON; f. 17.04.1906; m2 EASON WILLIAM HEYWOOD; f. 14.07.1840, Gates, NC d 30.09.1934, Lake Waccamaw Cemetery, Columbus NC
-8 ROSA LEE MOORE b 04.1880, Welches Creek Columbus NC d 06.09.1924, Bogue, Columbus NC m GASTON MITCHELL, 09.03.1904, Columbus Co NC b 1880, NC
-9 LUCRETIA MOORE b 03.1882, Welches Creek Columbus NC d Welches Creek Columbus NC Usa.
-10 ANNIE MADLIN MOORE b 12.03.1885, Welches Creek Columbus NC d. 12.03.1966, Welches Creek Columbus NC m MACK GODWIN 13.03.1907 Colombus City NC d1966.
-11 CAMMON BOYD MOORE b 26.11.1888, Welches Creek Columbus NC d. 16.01.1937, Wilmington, New Hanover, NCUsa.
-12 IVER PEARSON MOORE b 15.01.1894, Columbus NC d 20.06.1952, Whiteville, Columbus NC m HALLIE ISADORE JACOBS; f. 11.11.1899, Columbus NC d 26.06.1955, Welches Creek Columbus NC
-1-1 HATTIE JANE MOORE b 1892 d 24.10.1971.
-1-2 ADELE MOORE b 09.06.1896 d 17.11.1964
-4-1 GEORGEANNA MOORE b 07.1887, NC d 1968, Cape May, Cape May, New Jersey, m JOHN HENRY SPAULDING, 15.05.1905, Columbus Co NC b 20.08.1886, Columbus Co NC d 04.1963, Cape May Court House, Cape May, NJ
-10-1 LESSIE ALBERTA5 GODWIN b 1920, Welches Creek Columbus NC d. 18.04.1993, Whiteville, Columbus NC