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    Ca9-3 Henry Cary

      -1 John Langhorne b 1695 d 1767 m Mary Beverley b 1700 dau of William Beverley or Robert Beverley and Mary Keeble -1-1 Col. Maurice Langhorne b 1719 in Warwick Co Va d 1791 in Cumberland Co Va m1 Elizabeth TROTTER + 8 ch dau of John TROTTER of Yorktown,Va m2 Mary MOULSON + 6 ch
    -1-2 William Langhorne b 1721 d in 1797 m Elizabeth Cary Scarsbrook dau of Henry Scarsbrook
    -1-3 Lockey Langhorne b 1723 Warwick Co VA d Cumberland Co VA m Thomas Tabb d 1782 Cumberland Co
    -1-4 Mary Langhorne

    -1-3-1-1 Mary Brown b 25 Feb 1771 Cumberland Co Va d Horseshoe Bend Smith Co TN m Samuel Robinson
    -1-3-1-2 x Brown
    -1-3-1-3 Maurice Brown b VA d 28 Aug 1845 Smith Co TN
    -1-3-4-1 John Langhorne Tabb d. 1816 Mason Co KY m. Nancy Anderson Dec 15 1784 Amelia Co VA b. Amelia Co, d. Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-2 Edward Tabb
    -1-3-4-3 Thomas Tabb b. abt 1770 Amelia Co VA, d. 1805-25 Burke Co GA m. _ _ abt 1790 VA
    -1-3-5-1 Langhorne Tabb Walton b. 1761 Cumberland Co VA
    -1-3-5-2 Jesse Walton b. 1763 Cumberland Co VA
    -1-3-5-3 M H T Walton b. 1765 Cumberland Co VA
    -1-3-5-4 Martha Walton b. 1770 Cumberland Co VA
    -1-3-6-1 Smthe Merryman
    -1-3-10-1 Edward Douglas b. Nov 28 1776 VA, d. Mar 23 1849 Madison Co AL m. Mary Ann Jude Feb 28 1795 Campbell Co VA b. Nov 15 1775 d. Oct 21 1840 Madison Co AL
    -1-3-1-1-1 Hudson Robinson b 1794 d 1865 m Mary Dyer
    -1-3-4-1-1 Frances Tabb m. Luke Terhune Jun 19 1804 Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-1-2 Richard C Tabb
    -1-3-4-1-3 Langhorne Tabb m. Eliza F Hall Feb 9 1839 Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-1-4 Edward Tabb b. VA m May 20 1813 Mason Co KY Letitia Ann Gill b. MD, d. aft 1860 Mason Co
    -1-3-4-1-5 John L Tabb b. 1796 VA m Jul 31 1839 Mason Co KY Hannah Frazee b. 1808 KY
    -1-3-4-1-6 Elizabeth (Betsie) Tabb b. abt 1797 Amelia Co VA, d. abt 1859 Mason Co KY m. Charles Lyon Dec 18 1809 Mason Co, b. Amelia Co
    -1-3-4-1-7 Vincent Tabb b. 1800 KY m1 Elizabeth Smith Oct 31 1822 Mason Co KY + 1 ch m2 Anna B Rice May 9 1840 Mason Co KY, b. 1809 KY + 3 ch
    -1-3-4-3-1 Edward Tabb b. VA, d. GA m. _ _ abt 1805 GA, d. bef 1830 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-3 John Tabb b. 1802 GA m1 x in GA, b. abt 1810 d. bef 1850 + 5 ch m2 x2 abt 1845 GA, b. abt 1825 GA + 2 ch
    -1-3-10-1-1 Lucy James Douglas b. May 20 1811 Pittsylvania Co VA d. Jun 9 1862 Madison Co AL m. Robert Strong Jan 15 1828 Madison Co AL
    -1-3-4-1-4-1 Martha A Tabb b Dover KY m Nov 20 1850 Mason Co Col. William W Baldwin b Jan 23 1827 Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-1-4-2 Robert Tabb
    -1-3-4-1-4-3 Newton Tabb m. Hester Ann Johnson Oct 6 1845
    -1-3-4-1-4-4 Erasmus Tabb
    -1-3-4-1-4-5 William E Tabb b. 1817 KY m1 abt 1842 x + 4 ch m2 Mary Jane Metcalfe Sep 29 1860 Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-1-5-1 Elmira Ann Tabb b. 1832 Mason Co KY m Oct 7 1850 Mason Co Albert D McDougal b. 1830 PA
    -1-3-4-1-7-1 Elizabeth J Tabb m. Nathan Weare Feb 24 1841 Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-1-7-2 Bird Tabb b. 1846 KY
    -1-3-4-1-7-3 Vincent Tabb b. 1848 KY
    -1-3-4-1-7-4 Evine Tabb b. 1850 KY
    -1-3-4-3-1-1 Edward Tabb III b. abt 1804 GA m. Harriet _ abt 1828 GA, b. abt 1810 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-2 Frances Tabb b. 1810 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-3 Lockey Tabb b. abt 1813 Burke Co GA m abt 1833 GA, William Skinner b. abt 1809 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-5 William Tabb b. abt 1829 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-2 Davis Tabb b. 1790 VA m. Rebecca _ abt 1820 GA b. abt 1799 GA, d. aft 1850 GA
    -1-3-4-3-2-1 Davis B Tabb b. 1831 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-2-2 Patience Pauline Tabb b. 1839 Burke Co GA m. Thomas H Lassiter Jan 24 1856 Burke Co
    -1-3-4-3-3-1 Robert Tabb b. abt 1836 m. Emily Gray Nov 8 1860 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-3-2 Frances Tabb b. abt 1838 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-3-3 Virginia Tabb b. abt 1839 Burke Co GA m. Simeon Maynor Dec 25 1855 Burke Co
    -1-3-4-3-3-4 Lockey Tabb b. abt 1841 GA
    -1-3-4-3-3-5 Racy Tabb b. abt 1842 GA
    -1-3-4-3-3-6 Mosell Tabb b. abt 1846 Emanuel Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-3-7 Sarah Tabb b. abt 1849 Emanuel Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-4 Edmund Tabb b. abt 1810 GA m abt 1828 GA Martha _, b. abt 1810 GA
    -1-3-4-3-4-1 Martha Tabb b. abt 1828 GA
    -1-3-4-3-4-2 Thomas J Tabb b. abt 1835 GA
    -1-3-4-3-4-3 Samuel L Tabb b. abt 1837 GA
    -1-3-4-3-5 William Tabb b. 1817 GA m abt 1840 GA Sarah _, b. abt 1819 GA
    -1-3-4-3-5-1 Tabitha Tabb b. 1842 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-5-2 Julia Tabb b. 1844 Burke Co GA m. Darling C Atteberry Sep 12 1861 Burke Co
    -1-3-4-3-5-3 Lockey A W Tabb b. 1847 Burke Co GA m. Ransom Y Saxon Oct 11 1866 Burke Co
    -1-3-10-1-1-1 Emily Pleasant Strong b. Mar 8 1832 d. Jun 20 1914 m. Lafayette Routt b. abt 1830 d. abt 1862
    -1-3-4-1-4-1-1 Lucie Baldwin m. Mr Cartmell
    -1-3-4-1-4-1-2 x Baldwin m. Mr A C Respess
    -1-3-4-1-4-1-3 x Baldwin m. Mr W E McCann
    -1-3-4-1-4-1-4 x Baldwin m. Frank B Ranson
    -1-3-4-1-4-1-5 William W Baldwin Jr
    -1-3-4-1-4-1-6 Robert Lee Baldwin d. Jan 30 1897 Maysville KY
    -1-3-4-1-4-5-1 Charles Tabb b. 1843 KY
    -1-3-4-1-4-5-2 Ruth Tabb b. 1848 KY
    -1-3-4-1-4-5-3 Marcus Tabb b. 1851 KY
    -1-3-4-1-4-5-4 Ira Francis Tabb b. 1856 KY
    -1-3-4-1-4-6 Mary Elizabeth Tabb b. May 11 1830 Dover KY m Feb 3 1849 Mason Co TX Joseph H Black d. Jun 1 1904 Cincinnati OH
    -1-3-4-1-4-6-1 Mattie Corinna Black m. Mr Curran
    -1-3-4-1-4-6-2 Cambell Blades Black
    -1-3-4-1-4-6-3 Joseph Elgin Black
    -1-3-4-1-5-1-1 Hanna B McDougal b. 1857 Mason Co KY
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-1 Mary Tabb b. 1830
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-2 Thomas Tabb b. 1833 GA m. Helen Johnson
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-3 William Tabb b. 1835 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-4 John Tabb b. 1838 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-5 Ann Tabb b. 1841 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-6 Jane Tabb b. 1843 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-7 Frances Tabb b. 1845 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-1-8 Amanda Tabb b. 1849 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-3-1 Uriah Skinner b. abt 1834 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-3-2 Ann R Skinner b. abt 1841 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-4 Sarah Tabb b. abt 1820 Burke Co GA m. John Jones Skinner abt 1840 GA b. abt 1815 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-4-1 William A Skinner b. abt 1842 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-4-2 Julia R Skinner b. Sep 7 1843 GA, d. Jul 25 1914 Burke Co GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-4-3 Elva A Skinner b. abt 1847 GA
    -1-3-4-3-1-4-4 Edward A Skinner b. abt 1849 GA
    -1-3-10-1-1-1-1 Lucy Claughton Routt b. May 10 1850 Madison Co AL d. Apr 23 1887 Chappell Hill TX m Jan 14 1878 Chappell Hill John Seaborn Taylor b. Jul 13 1854 AL d. Apr 21 1931 Washington Co TX
    -1-3-10-1-1-1-1-1 Emma Taylor b. Feb 23 1879 Chappell Hill TX d. Mar 10 1937 Brenham TX m Aug 28 1900 Chappell Hill Thomas Nathaniel Peterson b Oct 23 1874 Brinkley AR d. Mar 6 1948 Brenham TX
    -1-3-10-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Thomas Peterson b. Nov 9 1904 Brenham TX d. Mar 22 1982 Brenham m Aug 28 1929 Brenham Esther Mae Felder b. Aug 28 1907 Burton TX d. Jul 18 1975 Burton
    -1-3-10-1-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Routt Peterson b. Jul 7 1935 Brenham TX m. Sandra Fisher
    The pedigree of this very ancient and staunch Lancastrian family in the West of England is shown in the file for the immigrant and progenitor of the Virginia branches:
    Colonel Miles Cary (Ca10) and Anne Taylor (Ta10).
    parents of
    Ca9-3 Henry Cary b c 1650 in Virginia. He resided at 'The Forest', Warwick Co., VA. Died: 1720 He was a builder, his buildings include the Capitol at Williamsburg and the Governor's Palace. He left a will on 27 Jan 1716 at Warwick Co., VA; proved 1 Sep 1720.
    m Judith Lockey, dau of Edward Lockey Jr, by 24 May 1671 (The Steven pedigree gives her name as Judith but has Lockey as the first name of a great granddaughter, so Lockey was carried down in the family and may be assumed correct. Also shown is Langhorne as the husband of daughter Ann, so probably two marriages.)
    A complete and reliable pedigree for his descendants has not been found but the sources below shown various sections of the following composite of known descendants of Henry Cary and Judith Lockey:
    Ca9-3-1 Judith Cary b c 1673 d Bef. 1716
    m Major William Barbar /?Barbour
    -1 Thomas Barbar
    -2 William Barbar
    Ca9-3-2 Anne Cary b Abt. 1674
    m1 Maurice Langhorne b 1670 Warwick Co VA d ther 1698 son of John langhorne b 1640 St Brides House Pembrokeshire d 1687 Warsaw Wyoming Co NY and Rebecca Carter
    m2 after 1693/?98 y Stuckey
    -1-1-1 Maurice Cary Langhorne
    -1-1-2 Mary Langhorne b 30 Nov 1746 m John Archer
    -1-1-3 Anne Langhorne
    -1-1-4 Elizabeth Langhorne b 9 Dec 1758 in Warwick Co Va d 5 Aug 1818
    -1-1-5 Jane Segar Langhorne
    -1-1-6 Frances Langhorne
    -1-1-7 John Langhorne b 8 Dec 1751 in Warwick Co Va d in 1784
    -1-1-8 William Beverley Langhorne b c 1790
    -1-1-9 Sarah "Polly" Langhorne m 25 Feb 1789 in Cumberland Co John Hobson
    -1-1-10 Harriet Langhorne b c 1775 in Cumberland Co
    -1-1-11. Maurice Moulson Langhorne
    -1-1-12 Judith Moulson Langhorne
    -1-1-13 William Segar Langhorne
    -1-1-14 Josiah Langhorn
    -1-2-1 John Scarsbrook Langhorne b 10 Apr 1760 in "Gambell" Warwick Co d in 1797
    -1-2-2 Maurice Blow Langhorne b 1769 d 1818
    -1-3-1 ?Merryman Tabb (Mary Tabb b Dec 19 1740 Charles Parish, York Co VA not included in list at above Langhorne website but shown as first child with no Merriman at Tabb website) m Robert Brown
    -1-3-2 Scruggs Tabb
    -1-3-3 Walton Tabb
    -1-3-4 Edward Tabb b 9 Sep 1742 Charles Parish, York Co d 1806 Burke Co GA m Dec 22 1763 Amelia Co Jean Clements
    -1-3-5 Margaret Tabb b. Apr 4 1744 Charles Parish, York Co VA m. George Walton Jun 25 1759 Cumberland Co VA b. 1740 Cumberland Co
    -1-3-6 Anne Tabb b. Mar 6 1744/45 Charles Parish, York Co VA m. Jesse Merryman abt 1761 VA
    -1-3-7 John Tabb b 31 Dec 1747 in Charles Parrish, Virginia and died in 1748 in Charles Parrish, Virginia at age 1.
    -1-3-8 Langhorne Tabb b 1747.
    -1-3-9 x Tabb b c 1751 mJesse Boatwrite d c 1775.
    -1-3-8 Langhorne Tabb b. Jan 22 1748/49 Charles Parish, York Co VA d. bef 1830 Portsmouth VA m Nov 19 1771 Cumberland Co Judith Cox b. abt 1750 VA, d. abt 1840 Portsmouth VA
    -1-3-11 Elizabeth Tabb b 1755. m Chiswell Dabney b 1767 in Hanover Co Va d 30 Mar 1865 in Lynchburg Va son of George Dabney and Elizabeth Price.
    -1-3-12 Lockey Tabb b 1757 m Jesse Cobb
    -1-3-10 Martha Tabb b. abt 1753 Cumberland Co VA m c 1775 James Douglas b. abt 1750 d. Feb 20 1804 Pittsylvania Co VA
    Ca9-3-3 Henry Cary b 1675 in Va d 2 MAR 1748/49 in Chesterfield, VA. 
    m1 1710 Sarah Sclater 
    -1 Mary Cary b about 1711 d: Bet. January 1722/23 - January 1723/24 in Williamsburg, VA
    -2 Doyley Cary b: July 03, 1712 d: Bef. 1734
    -3 Henry Cary b: November 03, 1714 d: Bef. March 1732/33 in Henrico Co., VA
    m2 1719 Anne Edwards b: 1679 in Va John Edwards b about 1650
    Ca9-3-3-4 Anne Cary b: 1720 d: 1720 Burial: 1720 Bruton Church, Williamsburg
    Ca9-3-3-5 Archibald Cary b 24 JAN 1720/21 in Williamsburg, James City Co Va d 26 FEB 1787 in Chesterfield Co Va famous botanist and politician 
    m 31 MAY 1744 Mary Randolph b 21 NOV 1727
    Richard Randolph b: MAY 1689 in Henrico, Virginia and Jane Bolling b: ABT 1703  William Randolph b: OCT 1650 in Warwickshire, England 
    m Mary Isham b: 1659 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co
    John Bolling b: 17 JAN 1675/76 in Henrico, Va
    m Mary Kennon b ABT 1678 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co
    Ca9-3-3-5-1 Anne Cary b 7 FEB 1745/46 in Chesterfield Co Va d about 1789
    m Thomas Mann Randolph Sr b 21 Dec 1741 d 19 Nov 1793
    -1 John Randolph b 11 SEP 1779 d 19 Aug 1834 Amelia Co VA
    m Judith Archer Lewis b abt 1781 dau of Charles Lilburne Lewis b 1747 d 1831 and Lucy Jefferson b 10 Oct 1752 d 1810
    -1-1 William Mann Randolph b c 1815 d 1850 m Margaret Smith Randolph b 7 Mar 1816 Albemarle Co d there 20 Dec 1842 dau of Thomas Jefferson Randolph b 12 Sep 1792 d 7 Oct 1875 and Jane Hollis Nicholas
    -1-1-1 Jane Margaret Randolph b 7 MAR 1840 Albemarle Co d 27 JUN 1914 m Edward Clifford Anderson Jr
    -1-1-2 William Lewis Randolph b 20 DEC 1842 Albemarle Co d 8 JUN 1891 m1 Margaret Randolph Taylor m2 Agnes Dillon
    Ca9-3-3-4-2 Jane Cary b: 12 FEB 1750/51 in Va d 1774 
    m 1768 Thomas Isham Randolph b: 1722 in Goochland Va
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-1  Archibald Cary Randolph b: 1769 in Goochland, Va d 14 Nov 1813
    m 6 APR 1797 Lucy Burwell b: 20 NOV 1777 in Carter Hall Albemarle, Va
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-1-1  Dr. Philip Grymes Randolph b: 1 NOV 1801 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-1-2  Susan Grymes Randolph b: 1803 in Va
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-1-3  Mary Cary Randolph b: 12 APR 1806 in Va
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-1-4  Dr. Robert Carter Randolph b: 1 DEC 1807 in New Market, Clarke Co Va
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-2  Isham Randolph b: 21 MAR 1771 in Va 
    m Ann 'Nancy' Randolph Coupland b: 7 AUG 1777 in 'Berkeley Plantation', Charles City Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-2-1  Lucy Ann Randolph b: ABT 1799 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-2-2  David Coupland Page Randolph b: 12 JUN 1804 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-2-3  Juliana Randolph b: 29 OCT 1805 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-2-4  Frances 'Fannie' P. Randolph b: 1811 in Cumberland Co
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3  Mary Randolph b: 1 FEB 1773 in Va d 21 Feb 1835 m 20 MAR 1790 Randolph Harrison b: 11 FEB 1768/9 in Cumberland Co Va d 23 Sep 1839 Carter Henry Harrison b: 22 AUG 1732 and Susanna Randolph b: 25 SEP 1736 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-1  Thomas Randolph Harrison b: 27 FEB 1791
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-2  Carter Henry Harrison b: 28 AUG 1792 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-3  Archibald Morgan Harrison b: 6 SEP 1794 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-4  Jane Cary Harrison b: 9 FEB 1797 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-5  Randolph Harrison b: 17 FEB 1799 in Goochland, Virginia
    m 6 Sep 1821 in Logan, KY Hemmingham Wills b: 1801 d: 1864 m: 
    -1 Julien Harrison
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-6  Peyton Randolph Harrison b: 19 NOV 1800 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-7  Mary Randolph Harrison b: ABT 1803 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-8  Lucia Harrison b: 18 MAY 1809 in Clifton, Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-9  Catherine Lilbourne Harrison b: 3 JUL 1811 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-2-3-10  Ann 'Nannie' Hartwell Harrison b: 18 FEB 1819 in 'Clifton', Cumberland Co
    Ca9-3-3-5-3  Sarah Cary b: 23 FEB 1753 in Va d Oct 1773 m 1770 Archibald Bolling b: 20 MAR 1749/50 in Chesterfield Co
    m Archibald BOLLING was born on 20 Mar 1750 in Chesterfield Co, Va, (from Henrico). d 1829 in  Va.
    Ca9-3-3-5-4  Mary Cary b: 4 DEC 1766 d 26 Jan 1797 m 4 APR 1783 Maj Carter Page b: 1758 in Va  John Page , Honorable b: 20 FEB 1723/24 in Gloucester Co Va and Jane Byrd b: 13 OCT 1729 in 'Westover' Charles City Co
    Ca9-3-3-5-4-1  John Cary Page b: 9 MAY 1784 in 'The Fork' Cumberland Co Va
    Ca9-3-3-5-4-2  Henry Page b: 29 SEP 1785 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-5-4-3  Dr. Mann Page b: 26 OCT 1791 in V
    Ca9-3-3-5-9 Elizabeth CARY b 1745 in Virginia.  .
    m Robert KINCAID in Jul 1787 in , , Va
    Ca9-3-3-6  Judith Cary b: 12 AUG 1726 in Va 
    m 1744 Dr. David Bell b: 1723 in Hanover Co., Va
    David D. Bell bapt July 10, 1698, St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co Va d Goochland Co jan 1744 Will - Goochland County Va. Photocopies on file at the Library of Virginia, Archives Branch, Richmond 
    m Mary Frances Bostick 
    David Bell b. c 1673, Of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Cou Va d. before 1708, St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co Va
    m c 1695, St Peter's Parish, Bethia Martin b. c 1678, Of New Kent County, V  d. c 1725
    Ca9-3-3-6-1 David Bell 
    Ca9-3-3-6-2 Henry Cary "Harry" Bell 
    Ca9-3-3-6-3  Judith Cary Bell b: 1750 in Va d 1833 in Lexington, Ky m 1784 Nathaniel Gist b: 15 OCT 1733 in Baltimore Co Md  Christopher Gist b: 1705 in Baltimore Co, MD 
    m Sarah Howard b: 1711 
    Joshua Howard b: BET 9 JAN 1658/59 AND 1665 in of Manchester, Lancashire, England 
    m Joanna O'Carroll b: ABT 1675 in Tipperary Co., Ireland
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-1  Sarah Howard Gist b: 1785 m 22 NOV 1801 Sen Jesse Bledsoe b 6 APR 1776 in Culpeper, Co., Va
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-1-1  Judith Ann Bledsoe b: 1803
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-2  Dr. Thomas Nathaniel Gist b: 1790 in Buckingham Co Va m Anna Maria Barbour b 1793 in Va Mordecai Barbour b: 21 JAN 1763 in Culpeper Co., Virginia 
    m Elizabeth Strode b: 25 DEC 1759
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-3  Elizabeth 'Eliza' Violet Howard Gist b: 10 NOV 1793 in Va or Ky d 5 Jan 1877 m 21 JUL 1812 in Ky Francis Preston Blair b: 12 APR 1791 in Washington Co Va
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-3-1  Montgomery Blair , Honorable b: 10 MAY 1813 in Franklin Co., Kentucky
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-3-2  Elizabeth Blair b: 20 JUN 1818 in Ky m 27 APR 1843 Samuel Philips Lee b: 13 FEB 1812 in Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-3-2-1  Francis Preston Blair Lee b 9 AUG 1857 in Montgomery Co., Md
    Ca9-3-3-6-1-3-3  Francis 'Frank' Preston Blair b: 19 FEB 1821 in Lexington, Fayette Co
    Ca9-3-3-6-4 Sarah Bell 
    Ca9-3-3-6-5 Elizabeth Cary "Eliza" Bell
    m3 1741 Elizabeth Brickenhead 
    Ca9-3-4  Elizabeth Cary b circa 1678 
    m. Capt. John Scarisbrook II
    Lt. Col. John Scarisbrook and
    Ca9-3-4-1  Elizabeth Scarisbrook, b circa 1698
    Ca9-3-5  Anne Cary b ABT 1679 in Warwick Co., Va m 1690 Maurice Langhorne b: 1670 in Warwick Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-5-1  John Langhorne b: ABT 1695 in Warwick Co., Va m Mary Rice
    Ca9-3-5-1-1  Maurice Langhorne b: ABT 1720 in Warwick Co., Va m 1745 Elizabeth Trotter b: in Yorktown, Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1  John Langhorne b: 8 DEC 1751 in Va m Sarah Bell b: 24 AUG 1754 d 1820
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1-1  John Trotter Langhorne b: 4 JAN 1779 in Va d 30 JUN 1833 in Ky m Elizabeth 'Eliza' Baxter Payne b: 20 NOV 1798 in Kentucky
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1-1-1  Sarah Bell Langhorne b: 17 NOV 1821 in Ky m Henry Waller b 9 NOV 1810 in Ky
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1-1-2  Judith Fry Langhorne b: 15 JUN 1826 in Mason Co Ky m Charles Edward Marshall b 17 APR 1821 in Woodford, Ky + 2 ch John J. Marshall b: 4 AUG 1785 in Woodford, Kentucky and Anna Reed Birney b ABT 1792 in Ky
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1-2  Elizabeth Trotter Langhorne b: 11 JUL 1782 in Va d 1 OCT 1817 in Bourbon Co Ky m 24 DEC 1798 Hugh Brent b: 18 JAN 1773 in Prince William Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1-2-1  Charles Scott Brent b: 28 JAN 1811 in Bourbon Co m1 10 FEB 1835 in Mason Co Matilda Chambers b: 17 MAR 1815 in Mason Co., Ky
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-1-2-1-1  Charles Scott Brent b: 3 MAR 1844 in Bourbon Co m2 Martha Harding b: 1817 in Tn or Pa 
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-2  Anne Langhorne b: 1757 in Warwick Co., Va 
    m DEC 1778 Thomas Miller b: 1749 in Cumberland Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-2-1  Maurice Langhorne Miller b: 1783 in Va
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3  Elizabeth Langhorne b: 9 DEC 1758 in Warwick Co Va
    m 16 OCT 1782 John Scarsbrook Langhorne b: 10 APR 1760 in Warwick Co., Va
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1  Maurice H. Langhorne b: 17 SEP 1787 in Warwick Co., Va m ABT 1808 Elizabeth Allen b: 3 JUN 1787
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1-1  John Archer Langhorne b: ABT 1809 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1-2  Elizabeth Langhorne b: ABT 1810 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1-3  James Maurice Langhorne b: 12 NOV 1814 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1-4  William Henry Langhorne b: ABT 1821 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., Virginia
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1-5  Maurice Scarsbrook Langhorne b: 27 MAR 1823
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-1-6  Daniel Allen Langhorne , Dr. b: 25 JUL 1825
    Ca9-3-3-1-1-3-2  Henry Scarsbrook Langhorne b: 3 NOV 1790 in Warwick Co Va m1 Frances Callaway Steptoe b: 1798 in Bedford Co., Virginia -1 John Scarsbrook Langhorne b 1 JUN 1817 in Va m2 AFT 1832 Ann Eliza Scott b ABT 1800 in Va -2 Charles Scott Langhorne b ABT 1836 in Va
    Ca9-3-3-1-2  William Langhorne b: 1721 in Warwick Co Va d Sep 1797 in Warwick Co 
    m Elizabeth Scarsbrook
    Ca9-3-3-1-2-1  John Scarsbrook Langhorne b: 10 APR 1760 in Warwick Co 
    m Elizabeth Langhorne b: 9 DEC 1758 in Warwick Co see above 
    Ca9-3-6 Miles Cary b: Abt. 1680 d: Aft. 1716