Ca18 Robert Cary

    Ca18 Sir Robert Cary was the son of  John de Cary (Ca19) and Margaret Holeway, daughter of Richard de Holeway of Northlaw, etc.
    Born: 1375 in Holway, Devon, England 
    Married: 1st Margaret de Courtenay, daughter of of Sir Philip de Courtenay of Powderham
    2nd Jane Hanchford Father: William Hanchford (Hangesford)
    Died: before 1435
    Robert Cary mentioned in an extract from Burkes Heraldry: 'In the beginning of the reign of Henry V. (1413- 1422) a certain knight-errant of Aragon, having passed through divers countries, and performed many feats of arms, arrived here in England, where he challenged any man of his rank and quality to make a trial of his skill at arms. This challenge was accepted by Sir Robert Cary, between whom a cruel encounter and a long and doubtful combat was waged in Smithfield, London. But at length this noble champion vanquished the presumptuous Arragonois, for which King Henry V, restored unto him a good part of his fathers lands, for which his loyalty to Richard II, he had been deprived of by Henry IV. 
    2.) He was authorized to bear the arms of a Knight of Aragon, which the noble posterity wear to this day. For according to the Laws of Heraldry , whosoever fairley in the field conquers his adversary may justify the wearing of his arms.'
    (Ca17) Philip Cary
    These sources disagree as to whether Margaret de Courtenay or Jane Hanchford was the mother of Philip Cary