Br19 Edward Brooke

Br19 Edward Brooke, 6th Baron Cobham  was the son of Brooke (Br20)
Born: about 1411

Married: Elizabeth Touchet (To19) before 13 January 1433
Died: 6 June 1464. 

(Br18) John BROOKE 2nd/7th Baron Cobham
(Br18-2) Elizabeth BROOKE married Rober Tanfield of Grayton and had (Br19-2-1) Robert TANFIELD (b. ABT 1461) who married Catherine Neville
(Br18-3) Mary BROOKE married Nicholas Assheton


The Battle of Hexham was fought on 14th May 1464 and the Lancastrian  castles of Bamburgh,  Dunstanburgh and Alnwick were besieged and taken in that June. Edward's son and successor married Margaret Neville, whose male relatives were all very active in the Wars of Roses and in these battles, so it is likely that Edward, a staunch Yorkist, was also involved in these battles, although he does not appear on the list of leading combatants.