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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
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Burghersh -Boleyn: Burghersh of Burghersh, Boleyn of Blickling, Boleyn of Rochford, Boleyn of Salle
? de Burghersh
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1. John de Burghersh of Burghersh dsp
2. Reynold de Burghersh of Burghersh
A. Robert de Burghersh, 1st Lord d c09.1306, Constable of Dover Castle, Warden of the Cinque Ports
m Maud de Badlesmere d before 1345, dau of Gunceline de Badlesmere
i. Stephen de Burghersh, 2nd Lord b c1283, d 1309/10
a. Maud de Burghersh b 09.08.1304
m1. Walter Paveley d 1329
m2. Sir Thomas d'Aldon
ii. Henry de Burghersh, Bishop of Lincoln, Lord Chancellor d 1343
BE1883 identifies Henry as son of Stephen rather than brother. We show him who is not mentioned by TCP as 2nd son of the 1st Lord because TCP reports that Stephen dspm and that Bartholomew was 3rd son of the 1st Lord. We are not sure where else to put him !
iii. Bartholomew de Burghersh, 3rd/1st Lord d 03.08.1355, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Constable of Tower of London
BE1883 identifies Bartholomew as son of Stephen rather than brother. TCP, whom we follow, identifies him as 3rd son of the 1st Lord. Whilst BE1883 shows him as the 3rd Lord, successor to his brother, TCP suggests that his brother's title passed through his daughter and that Bartholomew was summoned to Parliament in his own right.
m before 11.06.1320 Elizabeth de Verdon, heiress of Ewyas Lacie d 1360, dau of Sir Theobald de Verdon of Alton, 2nd Lord
a. Henry de Burghersh dvpsp
m Isabel St. John b 29.06.1333, d 16.10.1393, dau of Hugh de St. John of Basing, 2nd Lord
b. Bartholomew de Burghersh, 4th/2nd Lord b by 1309, d 05.04.1369
m1. before 10.05.1335 Cicely a 08.1354, dau of Richard of Weyland
1 Elizabeth de Burghersh d 26.07.1409
m before 02.08.1354 Sir Edward Despencer, 1st Lord d 11.11.1375
Although this is not mentioned in any of TCP Burghersh, BE1883 Burghersh or TCP Despenser, TCP Audley reports that some sources indicate that, after Edward Despencer's death, she married an Edmund Holand and had a daughter Eleanor who was second wife of James Tuchet, 5th Lord Audley. As Eleanor Holand's parents are identified in TCP Kent as Edmund Holand, Earl of Kent, by Constance of York, we do not show her as having married or partnered Edmund of Kent but note that it remains a possibility that she married another Edmund Holand as her second husband.
m2. before 08.1366 Margaret widow of _ Pichard, m3. William Burcestre
c. Sir John de Burghersh d 30.06.1349 possibly of this family, of this generation
TCP Kerdeston indicates that there are heraldic & other clues which suggest that Sir John may have been of this family but also infers that the evidence is not conclusive. Accordingly, showing Sir John here is somewhat presumptuous.
m by 1343 Maud de Kerdeston b by 1324, dvp 20.05.1349, dau of William de Kerdeston, 2nd Lord
1 Sir John de Burghersh, 'Lord Kerdeston' b 29.09.1343, d 21.09.1391
m c1372 Ismania or Emma d 09.1420, dau of Simon de Hanham or Hanning
A Margaret de Burghersh
m1. Sir John Grenville dsp
m2. Sir John Arundell of Lanherne
B Maud de Burghersh d 04.1436/7
m Thomas Chaucer
d. Joane de Burghersh
m before 09.1342 John de Mohun, 2nd Lord of Dunster d c1376
e. Elizabeth de Burghersh
m Maurice FitzGerald, 4th Earl of Kildare b 1318, d 25.08.1390
Bo23 Ralph Boleyn d 1402
Bo22. John Boleyn of Salle
Bo21. Thomas Boleyn of Salle d 1411
m Anne Bracton
Bo20 Geoffrey Boleyn of Salle d 1440
Bo19=20 Geoffrey Boleyn, Lord Mayor of London d 1471
m Anne Hoo dau of Sir Thomas Hoo, Lord of Hoo and Hastings
Bo18-1 Elizabeth Alice Boleyn
m Sir John Fortescue of Punsburn not Saldon
-Bo18-2 Isabella Boleyn d 1485
m William Cheney
Bo18-3 Alice Boleyn
m John Clere of Ormesby
Bo18 Anne Boleyn or Bullen
m Sir Henry Heydon of Baconsthorpe
Bo18-5 Thomas Boleyn b 1445, d 1471
Bo18=19 Sir William Boleyn of Blickling b 1451, d 10.10.1505
m Margaret Butler dau of Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormonde of de Bohun descent, ancestors in common with George Washington.
Bo17-1 Sir Thomas Boleyn of Blickling and Hever, Viscount Rochford, Earl of Wiltshire, Earl of Ormond b 1477, d 12.03.1538/9
m c 1500 Elizabeth Howard d 03.04.1538, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk
Bo17-1-1 Mary Boleyn b 1504, d 19.07.1534
m1. William Carey d 22.06.1528
m2. c1528 William Stafford of Grafton
p. Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547
Bo17-1-2 George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford dvp beheaded 17.05.1536
m by 1526 Jane Parker beheaded 13.02.1541/2, dau of Henry Parker, Lord Morley
Bo17-1-3 Anne Boleyn beheaded 19.05.1536
m 1532-33 Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547
Bo17-2 Margaret Anne? Boleyn
m 1512 Sir John Sackville of Buckhurst b 1492, d 05.10.1557
Bo17=18 Alice Boleyn
m Robert Clere
Bo17-4 Jane Boleyn see note under her sister Anne
Bo17-5 Anne Boleyn
m1 Sir John Shelton
'Tudor' shows Anne's 2nd husband as Sir Thomas Calthorpe, and her sister Jane as having married Sir Philip Calthorpe, but the Calthorpe records show Anne or Amy as having married ...
m2. Sir Phillip Calthorpe
Bo17-6 Edward Boleyn had issue
m Anne Tempest
Bo17-7 Sir James Boleyn d 05.12.1561
m Elizabeth Wood
Bo17-8+ other issue - Sir William d 1571, John d 1484, Anthony
Bo18-7 Cecily Boleyn
Bo22-2? possibly here was:
Ann Bolen b c 1385
m Henry Haydon b c 1384 Woodbury Devon d 1475 in Woodbury
Bo22-2-1 John Haydon b c 1403 ?d y
Bo22-2-2 William Haydon b c 1405 Lymston, Devon d 1471 in Lymston
m Susan Hayden
Bo22-2-2-1 William Haydon b c 1405 Lymston, Devon d 1471 in Lymston
m Susan Hayden

1 For Burghersh : TCP Burghersh, BE1883 Burghersh
2 For Boleyn : 'Tudor' with some input from TCP Ormond
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