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Blount 5

: Blount Blunt of Kidderminster, Blount of Kinlet Kynlet or Kinlett, Blount of Yeo Yee
John Blount of Kynlet b about 1385/1423
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Visitation mentions a possible additional marriage for John, to a daughter & co-heir of Brian Brampton.
m Alice de la bere dau of Kinard de la Bere of Cheshire
1. Humphrey Blount of Kinlet, Sheriff of Shropshire b about 1420 d 1477
m Elizabeth Winnington dau of Robert Winnington of Cheshire
A. Sir Thomas Blount of Kinlet, Sheriff of Shropshire b by 1456 Kinlet d 4 Jun 1525 Worcester
m Ann Croft dau of Sir Richard Croft of Croft Castle
i. Sir John Blount of Kinlet b 1484 MP
m Katherine Pershall dau of Sir Hugh Pershall of Knightly, Staffordshire
a. George Blount of Kinlet, Sheriff of Shropshire d 1582
m Constance Talbot dau of John Talbot
1 Dorothy Blount
m1 John Purslow of Sudbury
m2 Edward Bullock of Bradley
b. Henry Blount of Bewdley
m Johanna Somervile dau of John Somervile of Edreston
-1 George Blount
c. Elizabeth Blount d c1540
p. Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28 Jun 1491, d 28 Jan 1547
m1 c1519 Gilbert Tailboys, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Lord Tailboys dvp 15 Apr 1530
m2 c 1531 Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln b 1512, d 16 Jan 1585
d. Rosa Bloun
m William Grisling of Lincolnshire
e. Agnes Blount
m Richard Lacon of Willey
Kinlet later passed into the Lacon family.
f. Isabella Blount
m William Reade of Oatland
g. William Blount
h. Albora Blount
ii. Walter Blount b c 1487 d 3 Oct 1561 MP reported by at least one web site to be 'of Astley' and to have had issue
m Margaret Isabel Acton dau of Walter John Acton
ii-1 Carolus Blount
ii-2 Joyce Blount m Reynolds
ii-3 Isabel Blount m Greene
ii-4 Richard Blount
ii-5 Ann Blount m Nott
ii-6 Francis Blount
ii-7 John Blount
ii-8 Robert Blount of Astley b 1539 d 4 May 1572 Astley
m Anne Fisher b c 1542 Astley d 1590 dau of Hugh Fisher and Jane Wall
ii-8-1 Thomas Blount of Astley and Kidderminster b 27 Dec 1564 Astley d 30 Nov 1624 Astley
m Bridgett Broome/Brom b 1560 d 1606 dau of Sir Christopher Brome and Eleanor Windsor
ii-8-1-1 Katherine Blount
ii-8-1-2 Harold Blount
ii-8-1-3 James Blount Sr b c 1594 ?Astley d 1655 Astley ?= k Battle of Worcester
m Anne Clare b 1596 d 1651 Astley she m2 Seth Sothel m3 John Lear
ii-8-1-3-1 John Blount
ii-8-1-3-2 Thomas Blount
ii-8-1-3-3 Capt James Blount Jr b c 1620 Astley Worcester d 17 Jul 1686 Chowan Prec Albemarle Co NC ( shows three wives who may have been the same person)
m1 x d 1678 +
m2 Ann Willis b 1639 Ipswich MA d 1695 Chowan + 1 ch dau of Balthazar Willix and Hannah m3 Anna Willix she m2 Robert Rascoe
ii-8-1-3-3-1 James Blount III b c 1648 Engl d 12 Feb 1717 Chowan NC m Elizabeth ?Yelverton b 1664 ( shows two wives each with children of the same name, so probably only one wife and a Yelverton who must be found.) -1 Elizabeth Blount b 1690 Chowan d 1724 Edenton NC m John Yelverton b 1685 VA d 1750 NC
-2 James Blount
-3 Mary Blount
-4 x Blount m Phillips
-5 Anne Blount b 1694 d 1763 m Edward Wingate
-1-1 James Yelvington
-1-2 Ann Yelvington m Melton
-1-3 Elizabeth Yelvington
-1-4 John Yelvington Jr.
-5-1 Sarah Wingate b 1736 d 1797 m James Bell

-5-1-1 Rebecca Sarah Bell b 1766 d 1837 m Francis Broward

-5-1-1-1 John Nathaniel Broward b 1795 d 1865

-5-1-1-1-1 Napolean Bonaparte Broward b 1829 d 1870 m Mary Dorcas Parsons

-5-1-1-1-1-1 Gov Napoleon Bonaparte Broward b 1857 d 1910 Gov of Fl Jan 3, 1905 to Jan 5, 1909
ii-8-1-3-3-2 Elizabeth Blount b c 1650
m y Hawkins
-1 Thomas Hawkins m Sarah Heynes
ii-8-1-3-3-3 Anne Blount b c 1668 Isle of Wight Co VA
m y Slocumb
-1 Ann Slocum b c 1690
ii-8-1-3-3-4 John William Blount Sr b 16 Sep 1669 NC d 17 Mar 1725 Chowan
m1 Mary Scott b 1674 ?ch
m2 Elizabeth Davis b 19 Feb 1679 Henrico Co #äVA d 8 Feb 1732 Chowan + 11 ch dau of John Davis Jr of Varina Parish and Mary Ann Burton
1 Mary Blount b b 8 Apr 1696 Mulberry Hill Chowan NC m John Baptist Beasley
-2 Elizabeth Blount b 19 Dec 1697 Scotch Hall Bertie Co NC m Dr Samuel Pagett
-3 Sarah Blount b 26 Jan 1699 Scotch Hill Bertie Co m Thomas Lovick
-4 Martha Ann Blount b 22 May 1702 Scotch Hill Bertie Co NC d 1732 m Dr Thomas West b 1697 Chowan NC son of Col Robert WEst III and Mary Harvey
-5 Esther Blount b 17 Mar 1703 Chowan NC m 1716 John Worley b1701 Goochland VA d Feb 1795 Cumberland VA
-6 John Blount Jr b 5 May 1706 Scotch Hall Bertie Co NC d 10 Feb 1754 Tyrell Co NC m Sarah Elizabeth Vail b c 1710 Albemarle Stanley NC dau of Jeremiah Vail
-7 Thomas Blount
-8 James Blount
-9 Ann Sowell
-10 Joseph Blount b 21 Feb 1716 Scotch Hall m1 Elizabeth Hatch b c 1718 Perequimans NC d 1777 + 2 ch dau of Anthony Hatch and Elizabeth Durant she m1 William Scarbrough had issue m3 William Reed had issue m2 Sarah Wedbee dau of Richard Wedbee m3 Sarah Durant b 2 Dec 1718 dau of John/William Durant and Alice Pell m4 Sarah Durant b 1718 + 1 ch dau of George Durant and Hagar Crisp b 1698 d 17 Jan 1729
-11 Rachel Blount b 27 Jan 1717 Scotch Hall Bertie Co NC

-4-1 Elizabeth West b c 1717 m Stevens Lee
-4-2 Martha West b 1720 d 1777 m Edward Bryan b c 1699 d 14 Mar 1762 Bertie NC + 10 ch son of Lewis Bryan and Elizabeth
-4-3 Sarah West m Travis
-5-1 CHRISTIAN WORLEY b 1720, Manakin Goochland, VA d. 1815, Buckingham VA
-5-2 LOVICK WORLEY b 1729, of Manakin Goochland, VA d. 24.01.1754, Tyrrell, NC.
-5-3 ROBERT WORLEY b 1733, of Manakin Goochland, VA.
-5-4 MARY WORLEY b 1735, of Manakin Goochland, VA
-5-5 SARAH WORLEY b 1737, of Manakin Goochland, VA
-5-6 JOSEPH JOHN WORLEY b 1743, of Manakin Goochland, VA
-6-1 Frederick Blount (1730-1772) m Mary Williams b c 1830 Mulberry Hill Plantation Chowan NC d 1797 Begrade Plantation Raleigh NC dau of Stephen Williams and Sarah she m1 Samuel Swann m3 Richard Templeman
-6-2 John Blount, (1734-)
-6-3 Elizabeth Blount, (1736-)
-6-4 Graham Blount, (1738-)
-6-5 Ruth Blount (1740-1790) m Donnell
-6-6 James Blount, (1741-1824)
-6-7 Rosina Blount
-6-8 Sarah Blount, (1744-)
-6-9 Elizabeth Blount (1745-1786) m Beasley
-6-10 Wilson Blount, (1746-) son Mary Pettigrew
-10-1 Joseph Blount b 17 Aug 1755 NC m Lydia Sara Bonner b c 1760 Chowan NC dau of Col James Bonner and Mary Maule
-10-2 Lemuel Blount
-10-3 Sarah Blount b 14 Feb 1747 Edenton Chowan Co NC m William Littlejohn

-4-1-1 Frances Lee b 19 Jul 1737 d 9 Nov 1786 Bertie NC m William Gray b 17 Jun 1730 Bertie NC d there 23 Jun 1801 son of John Gray and Ann Bryan b 1 Jun 1698 dau of Lewis Bryan and Elizab she m2 John Nichols m3 John Sharp
-6-1-1 Mary Blount b 13 Jun 1772 Elizabeth City NC d 21 Oct 1864 Raleigh NC m William B Sheppard
-10-1-1 John Bonner Blount b 9 Jun 1777 Edenton, NC m Margaret Mutter b c 1778 Granville NC dau of Thomas Mutter and Elizabeth Moore

-4-1-1-1 Frances Lee Gray b 15 Aug 1762 d 11 Oct 1825 m John Gregoire Roulhac b 23 Nov 1758 Limoges Limousin FR son of Joseph Gregoire de Roulac de Dethias and Marie jeanne Dumas de la Vaille
-4-1-1-2 Elizabeth S. Gray b 27 May 1759 Snowfield Bertie NC m William Bryan Jr b 18 Jul 1747 Bertie d 14 Sep 1800 Bertie son of Col William Bryan and Elizabeth Smith
-4-1-1-3 Polly gray
-4-1-1-4 Stevens Gray
-4-1-1-5 Anne Gray m Joseph Blount
-4-1-1-6 John Gray
-4-1-1-7 Janet Gray
-4-1-1-8 Barbara Gray
-4-1-1-9 Eleanor Gray m Ryan Buller
-4-1-1-9 George Gray
-4-1-1-10 Margaret Gray
-6-1-1-1 Ann Blount Sheppard m Pettigrew
-6-1-1-2 John Swann Shepard
-6-1-1-3 Mary Williams Sheppard
-6-1-1-4 Frederick Blount Shepard
-6-1-1-5 Charles Biddle Shepard b 1808 m Mary Spaight Donnell
-6-1-1-6 James Biddle Sheppard b 14 Nov 1815 New Bern Craven Co NC m Frances Leech Donnell b 8 Oct 1825 d 11 Jul 1845 Raleigh NC dau of John Robert Donnell and Margaret Elizabeth Spaight
-6-1-1-7 William Blount Sheppard
-6-1-1-8 x Sheppard m John H Bryan
-6-1-1-9 William Biddle Shepard b 14 May 1799 New Bern Craven NC d c 1851 bur Edenton Chowan Co m1 Charlotte B. Cazenove b 1812 d ? 23 Mar 1836 + 1 ch m2 Ann Daves Collins b 1804 Creswell Washington Co NC d 11 Jun 1848 Edenton
-6-1-1-10 Hannah Biddle Shepard b c 1811
-6-1-1-11 Penelope Swann Shepard b c 1807
-10-1-1-1 Elizabeth Blount b 1806 d 1871 m Thomas Harvey Blount b 12 Dec 1781 son of John Gray Blount and Mary Harvey he m1 Eleanor Margaret Brown
-10-1-1-2 Margaret Mutter Blount b 13 Nov 1814 Beaufort NC d there 17 Oct 1846 m Henry Churchill Hoyt

-4-1-1-1-1 Joseph Blount Gregoire Roulhac b 13 Aug 1795 Fairfields Martin NC m Catherine Ruffin b 12 Nov 1810 Arymont n Hillsboro NC d 30 Apr 1881 Hillsboro NC dau of Thomas Ruffin Chief Justice NC and Annie McNabb
-6-1-1-5-1 Elizabeth Spaight Sheppard b 1843 d 1892 m James Augustus Washington Bryan
-6-1-1-9-1 Gertrude Murray Shepard b ? 10 Jul 1836
-6-1-1-9-2 William Blount Shepard b 28 Nov 1844
-10-1-1-1-1 John Gray Blount b 1825
-10-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Mutter Blount b c 1828
-10-1-1-1-3 Thomas Harvey Blount, Jr b 21 Apr 1837 m Mary Louisa Nutt b 31 May 1840 d 2 May 1924 dau of Henry Nutt and Louisa Frink
-10-1-1-1-4 Elizabeth Mutter Blount b c 1828
-10-1-1-1-5 Mary Bonner Blount b 1835
-10-1-1-1-6 William Augustus Blount b c 1838
-10-1-1-1-7 Mary 'Polly' Ann Blount
-10-1-1-2-1 Eli Hoyt
-10-1-1-2-2 Margaret Blount Demille
-10-1-1-2-3 John Blount Hoyt
-10-1-1-2-4 Churchill C. Hoyt
-10-1-1-2-5 Annie Cambreleng Hoyt b 1839 m John Goldsmith Bragaw

-4-1-1-1-1-1 Annie Kirkland Roulhac
-4-1-1-1-1-2 Frances Gray Hamilton
-4-1-1-1-1-3 Joseph Blount Roulhac
-4-1-1-1-1-4 Elizabeth Ruffin Roulhac
-4-1-1-1-1-5 Thomas Ruffin Roulhac b 6 Nov 1846 Raleigh NC m Julia Erwin Jones b 2 Jun 1846 Greensboro AL dau of Allen Cadwallader Jones and Catherine
-4-1-1-1-1-6 John Roulhac b 28 Jan 1849 Raleigh NC m Lucie Kendall Duvall b 5 Oct 1850
-4-1-1-1-1-7 William Sterling Roulhac b 18 Mar 1851 Raleigh NC m Nadine Russell Broadnax b 7 May 1851 Alamarie NC d 8 May 1909
-6-1-1-5-1-1 Charles Sheppard Bryan b 1865 m Annie Adams had issue
-10-1-1-1-3-1 Louisa Mutter Blount b 16 Sep 1873 m Thomas Harvey Myers
-10-1-1-1-3-2 Henry Nutt Blount
-10-1-1-2-5-1 Annie Townsend Bragaw b 17 May 1871 m Camden Weller Melick
-10-1-1-2-5-2 Richard Bragaw b 1881 m Winfred Adderton b 1882

-4-1-1-1-1-5-1 Annie Kirkland Roulhac b 1 Jun 1879 Greensboro AL m1 y McKenzie m2 Charles Augustus Poelnitz had issue
-4-1-1-1-1-5-2 Joseph Roulhac
-4-1-1-1-1-5-3 Thomas Ruffin Roulhac, Jr.
-4-1-1-1-1-5-4 Katherine Erwin Roulhac b 12 Nov 1871 m Stockton R Cooke had issue
-4-1-1-1-1-5-5 Allen Jones Roulhac b 6 Jul 1876 m Annie Bee
-4-1-1-1-1-5-6 George Erwin Roulhac, Sr b 16 Aug 1883 Greensboro AL m Mary Olivia Dudley had issue dau of George Hiram Dudley and Sydenham Moore O´Neal b 1860 Florence AL d 2 Oct 1938 (dau of Col Gov Edward A O´Neal CSA and Mary Olivia Moore b 20 Mar 1819 Murfreesboro TN)
-4-1-1-1-1-6-1 Emilie Roulhac b 11 Nov 1875
-4-1-1-1-1-6-2 Katherine Roulhac b 3 Jan 1879
-4-1-1-1-1-7-1 William Sterling Roulhac Jr b 30 Nov 1882 Richmond VA
-10-1-1-2-5-2-1 Stephanie Cambreleng Bragaw b c 1909 m Marion Rountree Cowper and had Gov Steve Cowper
ii-8-1-3-3-5 Thomas Blount Sr b c 1650 Sodington Worcester d 28 Mar 1706 Cabin Ridge Platation Kendricks Creek Albemarle Co NC
m1 x + 5 ch
m2 Mary Lee + 5 ch
1 James Blount
-2 Christian Blount b 1677 Albemarle Co NC d 1693 m William Ledford b 1673 Albemarle Co NC son of William John Ledford and Ann Young
-3 Sarah Blount m Pierce
-4 Billah Blount m Tyler
-5 Anne Blount m Wilson
-6 Thomas Blount Jr.
-7 Essau Blount
-8 Jacob Blount
-9 Zilpha Blount m Edwards
-10 John Blount

-2-1 William John Ledford b 1687 d 21 Dec 1752 Rowan Co NC m Susan Ann Pierce b c 1700 NC dau of John Pierce and Abigail Vinton b 1690 (dau of Blaze Vinton and Lydia Barnes)
-2-2 Christian Ledford m Linnington

-2-1-1 Henry Ledford Sr
-2-1-2 William L. B. Ledford
-2-1-3 John Ledford b 1724 Lancaster Engl m Lucy Thompson b c 1726 Augusta Co VA d 30 Apr 1789 Poss Samuel James Co KY dau of y Thompson

-2-1-3-1 Philidelphia Ledford
-2-1-3-2 William Ledford
-2-1-3-3 Frederick Ledford
-2-1-3-4 Mary Ledford m Lott
-2-1-3-5 John Ledford
-2-1-3-6 Pvt. Peter G. Ledford b 4 Mar 1758 Carraway Creek Rowan Co NC d Clay Co NC m Annie Conseene Tucker aka Martha Y Thomas b 1760 Randolph Co NC d 24 Jun 1844 Scrougetown Clay Co NC
-2-1-3-7 Obediah Ledford b 1761 Rowan NC d 9 Jan 1841 Buncombe Co NC m2 Deborah Polly Lydia b 1775 + 2 ch m1 Molly x b 1761 NC + 6 ch
-2-1-3-8 Thomas Ledford b c 1771 Rowan NC
-2-1-3-9 Betty Ledford b c 1780 m Henry Smith
-2-1-3-10 Joseph Ledford b 1760 Rowan NC
-2-1-3-11 Samuel Ledford

-2-1-3-6-1 Samantha Ledford b 1776 NC
-2-1-3-6-2 Levi Ledford b 1784 Randolph NC m Jerusha Curtis b 1795 Cherokee Co NC d Mar 1852 Gilmer Co GA
-2-1-3-6-3 Eleanor Ellender Ledford Knight
-2-1-3-6-4 Absalom Ledford
-2-1-3-6-5 William H. Ledford
-2-1-3-6-6 Peter G Ledford Jr
-2-1-3-6-7 Callie Ledford
-2-1-3-6-8 Jason David Ledford
-2-1-3-6-9 Alexander Eli Ledford
-2-1-3-6-10 James Ledford
-2-1-3-6-11 Jesse Ledford
-2-1-3-7-1 Anderson Ledford 1798 m Elizabeth
-2-1-3-7-2 Samuel Ledford
-2-1-3-7-3 Enoch Ledford b 1782
-2-1-3-7-4 Solomon Ledford b 1783
-2-1-3-7-5 Polly Ledford b 1784
-2-1-3-7-6 Andrew Ledford b c 1785 KY/NC
-2-1-3-7-7 Obediah Ledford b 1786
-2-1-3-7-8 Isaac ledford b 28 May 1788 Madison Co NC m Barbara Pless b 16 Mar 1799 d 30 Dec 1887 Spring Creek Madison Co NC

-2-1-3-6-2-1 Nancy Jane Ledford
-2-1-3-6-2-2 James Fidall Ledford Sr b 1814 NC m Ann Sisson b 1817 Rutherford Co NC d 1860 Higdon Fannin Co GA dau of y Sisson
-2-1-3-6-2-3 Elvira Ledford b c 1823 Haywood Chatham Co NC
-2-1-3-6-2-4 Elbert Burton Ledford b Mar 1828 Haywood Co NC m Louisa Robison had issue
-2-1-3-6-2-5 Elijah Ledford b c 1830 m1 Elizabeth Jane Callihan m2 Nancy S Cox had issue
-2-1-3-6-2-6 Eliza Ledford b c 1830
-2-1-3-6-2-7 Emeline Ledford b c 1831 NC m Allen Thurman
-2-1-3-6-2-8 Mary Emily Ledford b c 1834 NC m Calvin Young Thurman
-2-1-3-6-2-9 William Patton Ledford b 1838 GA m Fermenta/Fern Dye had issue dau of y Dye
-2-1-3-6-2-10 Sarah Ledford b c 1842 NC
-2-1-3-6-2-11 Noah L Ledford b 12 Jan 1837 Macon Co NC m Susan Malinda Davis had issue
-2-1-3-7-1-1 Isaac Ledford b 1831
-2-1-3-7-1-2 John Ledford
-2-1-3-7-6-1 Obediah Ledford b 1825
-2-1-3-7-8-1 Leander Irvin Ledford b c 1827 m Martha Laura Jane Russell b 10 May 1836 NC d 23 Dec 1925 had issue

-2-1-3-6-2-2-1 James Fidall Ledford Jr had issue
-2-1-3-6-2-2-2 Richard C Ledford
-2-1-3-6-2-2-3 John E Ledford
-2-1-3-6-2-2-4 Paetin Ledford
-2-1-3-6-2-2-5 Bill Ledford
ii-8-1-3-4 Walter Blount
ii-8-1-3-5 Thomas Blount
ii-8-1-3-6 Edmond Blount
ii-8-1-4 Margaret Blount
ii-8-1-5 Francis Blount
ii-8-1-6 Christopher Blount
ii-8-1-7 Walter Blount
ii-8-1-8 Anne Blount m y Mallard
ii-8-1-9 Marie Blount m y Chauncy
ii-8-1-10 Charles Blount
ii-8-1-11 Thomas Blount
ii-8-2 Walter Blount
ii-8-3 Elizabeth Blount
ii-8-4 Margaret Blount
ii-8-5 Robert Blount
ii-9 Margery Blount
ii-10 Elizabeth Blount m Winford
m Margaret Acton dau of William or Walter Acton
iii. Robert Blount d 1580
m Elizabeth Columbell dau of ?? Columbell of Darley
a. George Blount or Blunt of Eckington
m Rosamund Frecheuile dau of Peter Frechuile of Staley
partner unknown
1 Charles Blunt
b. Godfrey Blount
c. Frances Blount
m1 y Tye
m2 Thomas Smith
d. Ann Blount
m Nicholas Towers
e. Elizabeth Blount
m Nicholas Browne
f. Goditha Blount
m Thomas Statham
iv. Edward Blount or Blunt 'of Kidderminster'
Visitation ends with this Edward and shows him as married to a daughter of John Garneys. A RootsWeb site shows him as Edward of Kidderminster d 1559 m Margaret Garneys and had Thomas Blount father of Christopher Blount. The following comes from various web sites and cross-references.
m Margaret Garneys dau of John Garneys
a. Thomas Blount or Blunt of Kidderminster, Worcestershire b about 1530 d 28 Nov 1569
m Margaret Poley bur 02 Nov 1595, dau of Edmund Poley of Badley
1 Sir Edward Blount of Kidderminster b c1554, bur 18 Nov 1630
m Mary Neville dau of Edward Neville, Lord Bergavenny, by Catherine Brome
2 Sir Christopher Blount of Kidderminster b c1556, d 18 Mar 1600/1
m before 08.1589 Lettice Knollys b 1539/40, d 25 Dec 1634, dau of Sir Francis Knollys of Rotherfield
3 George Blount bpt 1552, d infant
4 Mary or Elizabeth Blount bpt 05 Sep 1561
One web site suggests that Mary became known as Elizabeth when Queen Elizabeth I succeeded her sister Mary.
m Richard Cotton of Bedhampton
b. Katherine Blount shown by at least one web site as daughter rather than sister of Thomas
m Walter Griffith b c1535, d 20 Jan 1584
c. Joyce Blount
m _ Combe
v. Ann Blount
m Humphrey Massy
vi. Elianora Blount b 1482 d Frodesley Chropshire
m Thomas Scriven of Frodesley b 1482 Frodesley d there 1533 son of Robert Scriven and Alice/Elizabeth Corbet he m2 Eleanor Croft
-1 Johanna Scriven
vii. Margaret Blount
m John Corbet of Leigh
viii. Joyce Blount
m Thomas Thorney of Worcestershire
ix. Katherine Blount
m Robert Smith
x. Johanna Blount
m John Monington
xi. Elizabeth Blount b 1483
m William Clifton
-1 Elizabeth verch Henry Clifton b 1503 Clifton Nottinghamshire m Gruffudd Henry ab Griffith -1-1 Margaret verch Griffith b London d 1558 Lincolnshire m Sir Richard Windebank b 1488 Middle Wallop Hampshire d 1556 Berkshire son of John Windebank -1-1-1 Sir Thomas Windebank of Hougham b 20 jan 1548 Hurst Berkshire d 23 Oct 1607 London m 20 Aug 1556 Frances Dymoke b 1539 Scrivenby Lincolnshire d 3 Mar 1611 Haines Berkshire -1-1-1-1 Thomas Windebank
-1-1-1-2 Francis Windebank
-1-1-1-3 Mildred Windebank b 12 Aug 1584 Haines Berkshire d 15 Aug 1630 hampshire m Robert Reade of Linkenholt b 1551 d by Dec 1627
-1-1-1-4 Helen Windebank b 1 Feb 1596 Hains Hill d Sep 1634 Marden Wiltshire m Richard Denton Jr
-1-1-1-5 Anne Windebank b 1566 Scrivensby d 8 there Jun 1624 m Henricus Reade b c 1575
-1-1-1-3-1 Andrew Reade of Langershall/Lurgershall Wilts b 1596 DD
-1-1-1-3-2 William Reade b about b 25 Jul 1601
-1-1-1-3-3 Mildred Reade b 3 Jul 1603
-1-1-1-3-4 Dr Thomas b 1606 d 1643/69 unm attended Oxford University (Fellow 1626; LL.D. 1638) Principle of Magdalen Hall, Oxford 1643 1642 served in the Royalist army
-1-1-1-3-5 Alicia Reade bap 11 May 1607 m 1 Apr 1630 Thomas Farwell of Somerset b 1607 d af 1630
-1-1-1-3-6 Robert Reade b 20 Jul 1609
-1-1-1-3-7 Anne Reade b about 1612
-1-1-1-3-8 Benjamin Reade b about 1612
-1-1-1-3-9 Francis Reade b c 1614 m Frances
-1-1-1-3-10 Col. George Reade, acting Gov. m Elizabeth Jane Martiau
-1-1-1-3-11 Col John Reade m Elizabeth Martiau
-1-1-1-4-1 Nathaniel Denton II b 26 Mar 1628 Turton Lancaster d 18 Oct 1690 Long Island NY m1 Sarah Ashman b c 1630 d 1658 + 1 ch m2 Sarah Smith dau of William Smith and Magdalen
-1-1-1-4-2 Richard Denton, IV
-1-1-1-4-3 Rev Denton II
-1-1-1-4-4 Sarah Denton b Dorset d there Nov 1681 m William Thorne
-1-1-1-4-5 Timothy Denton b 23 July 1627 Halifax Yorkshire d LI NY m Hannah Leonard
-1-1-1-4-6 Daniel Denton
-1-1-1-4-7 Admiral Samuel Denton b 29 May 1631 Halifax Yorkshire d 20 Mar 1713 Hempstead NY m Mary Rock Smith b 20 Jul 1630 Dorchester Suffolk d 15 Mar 1713 Hempstead dau of John Rock Smith and Martha Strickland
-1-1-1-4-8 Phebe Denton b 29 Sep 1634 Engl d 18 Oct 1658 Hempstead LI NY
-1-1-1-4-9 John Denton I b c 1636 Halkifax yorkshire d 1664 m Aanna L Montfrost

-1-1-1-4-1-1 Samuel Denton b 1655 Greenwich New Haven Colony d May 1699 Jamaica WQueens Co NY m1 Mary Smith + 1 ch m2 Mary Clement b 1656 + 1 ch m3 Mary Brush + 7 ch
-1-1-1-4-1-2 Nathaniel Denton Jr.
-1-1-1-4-1-3 Samuel Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-4 Richard Denton of Long Island
-1-1-1-4-1-5 Maria Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-6 Pheobe Denton
-1-1-1-4-4-1 Denton Thorne b 1659 Dorset
-1-1-1-4-7-1 Benjamin Denton b c 1660 hempstead
-1-1-1-4-7-2 Samuel Denton II b 1665 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY d in Feb 1719 m Abigail Barlow dau of John Barlow and Abigail Lockwood
-1-1-1-4-7-3 Mary Denton b 1668 Hempstead m1 Peter Smith m2 Jonathan Norstram m3 Thomas Ellison
-1-1-1-4-7-4 James Denton b 1670 Hempstead d 1723 m Jane/Jeane Titus dau of Edmond Titus and Martha Washburne
-1-1-1-4-7-5 Dinah Denton b c 1661
-1-1-1-4-7-6 Jane/Jean Denton b c 1659 m Joseph Robinson
-1-1-1-4-7-7 Hannah Denton b 1673 Hempstead d 17 Aug 1748 Smithtown NY m Thomas Treadwell
-1-1-1-4-7-8 Abraham Denton Sr b b 1674 Hempsted NY d Orange Co NY m Martha Thorne b 1679 Woodstock Shenandoah VA d Orange Co NY
-1-1-1-4-7-9 Phebe Denton b 1679 Hempstead d 1728 m1 Richard Joseph Thorne + 4 ch m2 John Mitchell
-1-1-1-4-7-10 Jonas Denton b 1679 Hempstead d 1750 VA m1 Jane Hardenbrock b 25 Sep 1691 LI NY d 1716 Frederick Shenandoah VA m2 Jane Seaman
-1-1-1-4-7-12 Martha Denton b 1681 Hempstead d 1698 hempstead m Ezekiel Smith + son Ezekiel b 1712
-1-1-1-4-9-1 John Denton b 1665

-1-1-1-4-1-1-1 Sarah Denton m y Mills
-1-1-1-4-1-1-2 Clement Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-1-3 Samuel Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-1-4 Clement Smith
-1-1-1-4-1-1-5 Mary Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-1-6 Jacomiah Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-1-7 Hezekiah Denton
-1-1-1-4-1-1-8 Catherine DENTON
-1-1-1-4-1-1-9 Solomon Denton
-1-1-1-4-7-3-1 Peter Smith III
-1-1-1-4-7-3-2 Abigail Nordstram
-1-1-1-4-7-3-3 Jonathan Nordstram
-1-1-1-4-7-9-1 Jacamiah Mitchell b 1710 m Elizabeth Jones
-1-1-1-4-7-9-2 Uriah Mitchell b 1714 m Susan Hubbs
-1-1-1-4-7-9-3 John Mitchell 27 Dec 1716 m Deborah Prince
-1-1-1-4-7-9-4 Robert Mitchill Jr b 1732 d 1789 m Mary Latham
-1-1-1-4-7-9-4-1 Sen Samuel Latham Mitchell b 20 Aug 1764 Hempstead NY d 7 Sep 1831 NY
xii. Arthur Blount
Agnes Kinweston/?Kyneston
John Blount b c 1470 of Burton upon Trent Stafford d 1524 m Ellen Hall
-1 Walter Blount b 1497 of Blount Hall Stafford m Mary Sutton -1-1 William Blount was born abt 1521 Osbaston Leicester d 26 Nov 1592 m Frances Love -1-1-1 Elizabeth Blount b 1562 Osbaston Leicester m Richard Saunders b 1558 Rothwell, Northampton
-1-1-2 Anne BLOUNT b c 1562 d 1640 m Edward PATE of Brin in Leicester b 1560 d by 1625
-1-1-1-1 Ann Saunders b 1590 Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire m Sir Robert Lovett b 1574 Liscombe Buckinghamshire d 1643
-1-1-2-1 Henry PATE b May 21,1592 M.A., Oxford, 1615 m Jane Hudson b c. 1594 in Warwickshire
-1-1-2-2 Mary PATE b May 6, 1593 d before 1619
-1-1-2-3 John PATE b Sep 1, 1594 d 1619 M.A., Oxford 1618
-1-1-2-4 Thomas PATE of London b Feb 2, 1596 d 1644 m 1631 Margaret JONES b c. 1597 d after 1651
-1-1-2-5 Edward PATE of London b April 17, 1597 d 1654/5 m Elizabeth Knifton
-1-1-2-6 James PATE (May 14, 1598 – 1619)
-1-1-2-7 Timothy PATE (June 10, 1599)
-1-1-2-8 Richard PATE b Jan 17, 1601 d 1657 VA nephew, JOHN PATE (1630-1672) was the administrator of Richard’s estate and inherited his Virginia plantation.
-1-1-2-9 Ellen PATE (Apr 24, 1603)
-1-1-2-10 Rebecca PATE (Sep 23, 1604)
-1-1-2-11 Anne PATE (Dec 15, 1605)
-1-1-2-12 Katherine PATE (Aug 16, 1607 – 1619)
-1-1-2-13 Elizabeth PATE (Mar 18, 1608)
-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Lovett b Apr 1614 Soulbury m John Combs b Aug 1602 Aldermanbury London d Apr 1652 Sparholt Berkshire
-1-1-2-4-1 Edward PATE in Ludgate Hill b c. 1632 d c. 1700
-1-1-2-4-2 Thomas PATE
-1-1-2-4-3 John PATE b c. 1630 d 1672 VA MA, Oxford, 1652 nephew, THOMAS PATE (1652-1703) was the administrator of Richard’s estate and inherited the Virginia plantation
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Archdale Combs b 18 Nov 1641 Soulbury Parish Berkshire d 1684 Rappahannock Co VA
-1-1-2-4-1-1 Thomas Pate b c 1650 England d 1703 arr Va 1672 adm of John's estate to 210 acre tobacco plantation in Gloucester Co Va in 1672 m 1675 Elizabeth ?Thomas numerous issue
xiv+. 6 other children
B. Edmund Blount b about 1460
C. Walter Blount b about 1465
i. Charles Blount b about 1485
D. John Blount of Yeo or Yee b about 1470
m Elizabeth Yee dau of John Yee of Yee or Yeo
i. John Blount of Yeo or Yee b about 1495
m1 Anna Smith dau of Richard Smith of Bromyard
a. John Blount of Yeo or Yee 'of Eye' b about 1530
m Katherine Warncombe dau of Richard Warncombe
1 John Blount of Yeo or Yee b about 1560
m Elizabeth Price dau of x Price of Monaltie or Monnaughty
A Walter Blount of Stretton b about 1590 a 1623
m Maria Brabason dau of _ Brabason of Ireland
i+ issue - Richard, John b c1610, Charles, Susanna
B+ other issue - Thomas, Francis, Edward, Herbert
2 Richard Blount b about 1562
3 Elizabeth Blount b about 1564
m Simon Barrington of Winesley
b. George Blount b about 1522
m1 x Blount dau of Walter Blount of Astley
m2 Dorothy Hill dau of Thomas Hill
c. Elizabeth Blount b about 1524 dsp
m William Berington or Beryton
m2 Dorothy Lovell dau of Francis Lovell
d. Henry Blount of Church Stretton b about 1545 a 1623
m Elizabeth Lisle dau of Henry Lisle of Moxhall or Moxhull
ii.+ other issue dsp - William, Richard, Francis
2. Isabella Blount
m John Kryne
3. Anne Blount
m _ Geyton
4. Maria Blount
m Robert Pigott of Chetwynd, Sheriff of Shropshire a 1517
5. Ellena Blount
m John Cheney of Chesham Boys
6. Margaret Blount
m Richard Oteley
7.+ other issue - John, Edward, William, Charles

Sources: Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Blount + Commoners vol 3, Childe of Kinlet
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