Bl7  Benjamin Bland

    Bl7  Benjamin Bland was the son of James Bland (Bl8) and Mary G. Watkin??
    Born:  about 1724 
    Married: Mary b: Abt. 1728 d: 28 Oct 1782
    Died: 19 Aug 1771
    Benjamin Bland and Mary had issue:

    Bl6-1 James Bland b 1752 d 1802
    Bl6-2 Chloe Bland b Abt. 1752
    Bl6-3 Peggy Bland b Abt. 1757
    Bl6-4 Ester Bland b Abt. 1760
    Bl6-5 Amelia Bland b Abt. 1764
    Bl6 Charles Bland b: 02 Dec 1765 d 26 Sep 1842
    Bl6-6 Betty Bland b Abt. 1768
    Bl6-7 John Bland b 1770 d 1820