Bl27 Robert le Blount

    Bl27 Robert "The Admiral" le Blount, 1st Baron Ixworth was the son of Rudolph (Bl28), 3rd Count of Guisnes, and; Rosetta (Rosella) de St. Pol
    Born: about 1029, Guisnes, Picardy, France
    Married: Gundreda de Ferrers about 1054, Ixworth, Suffolk, England
    Notes: Robert was the 2nd son to Rudolph and brother to William le Blount, General of Foot at Hastings. Robert le Blount had the command of the Conqueror's ships of war, and is styled "Dux Navium Militarium". His portion of the "spolia opima" embraced thirteen manors in Suffolk, in which county he was the 1st feudal Baron of Ixworth (the place of his residence), and Lord of Orford Castle.
    had issue:
     Gilbert le Blount (Bl26) 2nd Baron Ixworth

    Blount Coat of Arms