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: Beauchamp of Abergavenny, Beauchamp of Bedford, Beauchamp of Elmley, Beauchamp of Holt, Beauchanp of Kidderminster, Beauchamp of Warwick
Be28=26. Hugh de Beauchamp b c1040, d c 1115
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Hugh who is sometimes named as Robert may have been descended from the Malcolm Gillocallum who is claimed as ancestor of the Campbells and his wife who was 'heiress of Beauchamp 'Campus bellus' and niece of William the Conqueror'. He is also thought to be the son of Walter son of Hugh who was born in Normandy in about 975. 
m Matilda Taillebois dau of either Ivo Taillebois or Rolf Taillebois
Be27-1. Simon de Beauchamp dsp
Be27=25. Payne de Beauchamp of Bedford b about 1080 d c1156
m Rohese de Vere dau of Alberic de Vere, Great Chamberlain
Be24 Simon de Beauchamp of Bedford d before 1207
Be23 William de Beauchamp of Bedford b c1185, d 1260
m by 1220 Ida Plantagenet b after 1198, dau of William Plantagenet, 'Longespee', 1st Earl of Salisbury
Be22-1 Simon de Beauchamp dvp c1258
Be22-2 John de Beauchamp of Bedford b c1234, d Evesham 1265
Be22 Beatrix de Beauchamp
m1. Sir Thomas FitzOtho or FitzOtes
Fi21 Maud or Matilda FitzOtho a 05.1329
m 1285 John de Botetourt, 1st Lord d 25.11.1324, Admiral
m2. William Munchensy of Edwardstone
Be22=24 Maud de Beauchamp d 04.1273
m Roger de Mowbray d 1266
Be22-5 Ela de Beauchamp d 10.01.1267
m Baldwin Wake of Bourne d 1282
Be24-2. Beatrix de Beauchamp b about 1115. David endowed Hugh with the estates of Bozeat and Whissendine from his Huntingdon earldom, which, since they are attested as his wife Beatrice's dowry, David presumably arranged by granting Hugh the wife who was herself inheriting them and the baronies of Lauderdale and perhaps later Cunningham in Scotland. During David's take-over of northern England after 1136, Hugh was also given the lordship of Appleby - essentially northern Westmorland.
m Hugh de Moreville b c1105, d 1162 After the death of Edward, Constable of Scotland, almost certainly in 1138 at the Battle of the Standard, Hugh was given this position
Be27 =28 =32. Walter de Beauchamp of Elmley
m Emeline dau of Urso de Abetot, Sheriff of Gloucestershire & Worcestershire
Be26 =27 =31 William de Beauchamp of Elmley, Sheriff d 1170
m Maud de Braose dau of William de Braose, Lord of ?Gower
There is some confusion between this William & his wife and his grandson Walter who also married a daughter of a Lord Braose.
Be25 =26 = 30 William de Beauchamp of Elmley d before 1212
m Joane Walerie dau of Sir Thomas Walerie
Be24 =24 =29 Walter de Beauchamp of Elmley, Governor of Hanley Castle d 1235
m Bertha de Braose dau of William de Braose, Lord
Be23 =25 =28 Walcheline de Beauchamp of Elmley d 1235
m Joane Mortimer dau of Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore
Be22 =24 =27 William de Beauchamp of Elmley d 1268
m Isabel Mauduit dau of William Mauduit, sister of William, 8th Earl of Warwick by Alice de Beaumont but Alice de Newburgh is shown as mother by Newburgh = residence, Beaumont = name
Be21 =23 =26 William de Beauchamp of Elmley, 1st/9th Earl of Warwick d 06.1298 William succeeded to the earldom and is shown by some sources, including TCP Warwick, as the 9th Earl. Noting that many cross-references number the Beauchamp Earls of Warwick as a separate line from the earlier Beaumont/Newburgh Earls, we show both numberings.<
m Maud FitzJohn d 04.1301, dau of John FitzJohn
Be20 =25 Guy de Beauchamp, 2nd/10th Earl of Warwick b c 1290 d 12.08.1315
m1. before 11.05.1297, div Isabel de Clare dau of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hereford
m2 Alice de Toeni dau of Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted
Be19 =24 Thomas de Beauchamp, 3rd/11th Earl of Warwick b c1313, d 13.11.1369 having been, from an early period, constantly entrusted with high and confidential employments. His father dying in 1315, when the subject of this memoir was in his infancy, the custody and tuition of his person were first committed to the King Edward II's favourite, Hugh Le Despenser; but, upon the accession of Edward III, Warwick Castle and his other extensive possessions were granted to Roger, Lord Mortimer, afterwards Earl of March, until he should attain his majority. Before that event, however, he was armed by the King; and, as a special favour, admitted to the livery of his lands. The Earl of March having, in 1337, received a grant of the benefit of his marriage, bestowed on him, his eldest daughter, the Lady Katherine Mortimer, having first obtained a Papal dispensation on account of the consanguinity of the parties in the third and fourth degrees. In 1342, Thomas was in the retinue of Henry, Earl of Lancaster on the march of the army into Scotland for the establishment of John Balliol as King; and, in the following year, was constituted Marshal of England; having, about the same time, the distinguished honour of being numbered, together with his younger brother, John, Lord Beauchamp, amongst the founders of this Most Noble Order of the Garter. In 1346, he attended the King on his military expedition into France; and it is recorded of him that, upon landing at La Hogue, he gave immediate proof of his valour by attacking, with only one esquire and six archers, a body of one hundred Normans. After slaying sixty of them, he made way for the disembarkation of the English host. Earl Thomas was one of the chief commanders who, under Edward, Prince of Wales, led the van at the Battle of Crécy. In 1347, he was at the Siege of Calais with a considerable retinue. At the Battle of Poitiers, in 1356, he added greatly to his fame and acquired other advantages. For he obtained £8,000 as the ransom for William De Melleun, Archbishop of Seinz, whom he had made prisoner in that memorable conflict. His heroic spirit induced him, during the truce with France, in 1362, to seek renown in the crusade against the Lithuanians, to which he devoted three years. At his return, Thomas brought, with him, the son of their sovereign, whom he caused to be baptized in London and, as his sponsor, gave him his own Christian name. In 1366, the Earl was despatched by the King into Flanders upon special service; and, in the same year, had a renewal of the grant of the office of Marshal.
King Edward, having in consequence of an infraction of the treaty with France, in 1368, sent into that Kingdom, John, Duke of Lancaster and Humphrey De Bohun, Earl of Hereford, with an army, which lay encamped near Calais. However, from a scarcity of provisions, many died of famine and pestilence. The Earl of Warwick, hearing that the French army had manifested a disposition to give battle, hastened, at the head of a chosen band, to the coast of the enemy, who, thus surprised, fled with precipitation. Upon disembarking, he expressed himself indignant at the delay which had occurred in the attack, saying, "I will go on and fight before the English bread we have eaten be digested;" and thereupon entered and wasted the Isle of Caux. But, on his return towards Calais, he died on the 13th November 1369. Apparently having fallen sick with the pestilence, though rumours later emerged concerning his poisoning by Humphrey De Bohun. Thomas left "not behind him his equal in warlike qualities and fidelity to the King and Kingdom." His body was conveyed to England and interred in the Collegiate Church of St. Mary in Warwick, where a splendid tomb, with the effigies of himself and his countess, is still extant to their memory. Previous to his departure upon his last and fatal expedition, he made his will, dated at Chelsea, 6th September 1369.
m c1328 Catherine Mortimer d 1369, dau of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March
Be18-1 Guy de Beauchamp dvp 28.04.1360
m before 1353 Philippa Ferrers d by 08.1384, dau of Henry Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Groby
i+ 3 daughters nuns - Katherine, Elizabeth, Margaret
Be18-2 Thomas de Beauchamp, 4th/12th Earl of Warwick b by 1339, d 08.04.1401
m Margaret Ferrers d 22.01.1406/7, dau of William Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Groby
i Richard de Beauchamp, 5th/13th Earl of Warwick, Earl of Albemarle Count of Aumale b 28.01.1381, d 30.04.1439
m1 by 05 Oct 1397 Elizabeth Berkeley b c1386, d 28.12.1422, dau of Thomas de Berkeley, 5th Lord
a Margaret Beauchamp
m John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury b 1390, d 20.07.1453
b Alianor Eleanor Beauchamp b 1407, d 06 Mar 1466/7
m1. Sir Thomas de Ros, 9th Lord d 18.08.1431
m2 Edmund Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset b 1406, d 22.05.1455
m3. Walter Rokesby
c Elizabeth Beauchamp b c1417, d before 02.10.1480
m1. George Nevill, 1st Lord Latymer d 30.12.1469
m2. Thomas Wake of Blisworth d 20.05.1476
m2. 26.11.1423 Isabel Despencer dau of Thomas le Despencer, Earl of Gloucester
d Henry de Beauchamp, Duke of Warwick b c1424, d 11.06.1445/6
m 1434 Cicely Nevill dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury
1 Anne de Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick d 03.01.1449
e Anne Beauchamp, Countess of Warwick b c09.1426, d before 20.09.1492
m Richard Nevill 'the Kingmaker', Earl of Warwick, 2nd Earl of Salisbury b 14.11.1428, d Barnet 14.04.1471
ii Elizabeth Beauchamp
m Thomas Legge Lord Mayor of London
iii+ other issue - Katherine d young, Margaret nun, Katherine nun
Be23-3 Reynburne de Beauchamp
i Alianore de Beauchamp
m John Knight of Hanslope
a Emma Knight
m William Forster ancestor of Forsters of Hanslope
Be23-4 Sir William de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Abergavenny d 08.05.1411
m Joan FitzAlan dau of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel
i Richard de Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Abergavenny, Earl of Worcester b c1397, d 18.03.1421/2
m Isabel Despencer dau of Thomas le Despencer, Earl of Gloucester
a Elizabeth de Beauchamp b 16.09.1415, d 18.06.1448
m Sir Edward Nevill, 3rd Lord of Bergavenny d 18.10.1476
ii Elizabeth de Beauchamp
m James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormonde d 22.08.1452
Be23 Maud Beauchamp
m Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord b 10.07.1333, d 13.07.1389/90
Be23-6 Philippa Beauchamp
m Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford b c1344, d 10.1386
Be23-7 Alice Beauchamp d 26.10.1383
m1 before 1355 John de Beauchamp, 3rd Lord of Hacche b 20.01.1329/30, dsp 08 Oct 1361
m2. before 1374 Sir Matthew Gournay
Be23-8 Joane Beauchamp
m Ralph Basset, 3rd Lord of Drayton dsp 10.05.1390
Be23-10 Isabel Beauchamp d 29.09.1416
m1 John le Strange, 5th Lord of Blackmere b c1353, d 03.08.1375
m2. William de Ufford, 2nd Earl of Suffolk dsp 15 Feb 1381
Be23-11 Margaret Beauchamp
m Guy de Montfort, younger of Beaudesert dvpsp
Be23-12 Agnes Beauchamp
m1. _ Cokesay
m2. _ Bardolf
Be23-13+ other issue d unm - John, Roger, Hierom, Juliana, Catharine nun
Be24-2 John de Beauchamp, Baron, Admiral dsp
Be24-3 Maud de Beauchamp d 28.07.1369
m Geoffrey de Saye, 2nd Lord b c1305, d 26.06.1359
Be24-4 Emma de Beauchamp
m Rowland Oodingsels
Be24-5 Isabel de Beauchamp
m John Clinton
Be24-6 Elizabeth de Beauchamp
m Thomas de Astley, 3rd Lord a 05.1366
Be24-7 Lucia de Beauchamp
m Robert de Napton
Be25=22 Isabel de Beauchamp
m1. Patrick de Chaworth d 1282
m2 Hugh Despencer, 'the elder', Earl of Winchester d 10.1326
Be25-3 Maud de Beauchamp
m _ Rithco
Be25-4 Margaret de Beauchamp
m John Sudley
Be25-5 Sarah de Beauchamp probably of this generation
m Richard Talbot, lord of Eccleswall, Sheriff of Gloucester d 1306
Be25-6+ other issue - Anne nun, Amy nun
Be21-2 John de Beauchamp of Holt, Worcestershire a 1297
The following comes from TCP Beauchamp of Kidderminster.
a Richard de Beauchamp of Holt d 1327
m Eustache
1 John Beauchamp of Holt, 1st Lord of Kidderminster b c1319, d 12 May 1388
m before 1374 Joan a 10.1384, dau of Robert le Fitzwith
A John Beauchamp, 2nd Lord of Kidderminster b 1377-8, d Sep 1420
i Margaret Beauchamp
m1. John Pauncefort
m2. John Wysham
a Alice Wysham heir apparently of this generation
m John de Gyse of Asple Gise

Picture kindly provided by Raymond E.O.Ella,!, was taken at the Greville & Willoughby tomb in Alcester Parish Church, the middle small coat of arms of Beauchamp of Powyk (Powick) and quartered is Ufflete (Usflete) with 3 fleur-de-lis.

Be21=26 Walter de Beauchamp of Powick or Powyke and Alcester d 1303, 3rd son
m Alice de Toeni  
Be21-4 Thomas de Beauchamp dsp
Be21-5 Joane de Beauchamp
m Bartholomew de Sudeley of Sudeley, Sheriff of Herefordshire d 1274 or by 29 Jun 1280
Be21 Isabella de Beauchamp possibly of this family of this generation
m1. Henry Lovet of Elmley Lovet and Hampton Lovet
m2 Sir William le Blount d 1315/6
Be22-2 Thomas de Beauchamp reportedly of this family of this generation
i daughter
m Robert de Gamage of Ragland
Be23-2 James de Beauchamp
Be25-2 Maud de Beauchamp shown by various web sites as of this family of this generation
m Robert de Marmion of Tamworth and Scrivelsby d 1218
Be25-3 Emma de Beauchamp shown by various web sites as of this family but with some confusion as to her generation because of doubt as to which generation her mother a Braose belonged to
m Ralph de Sudeley of Sudeley d before 25 Dec 1192
Be27-4. Milo de Beauchamp of Eaton
Be27-5. Adeline de Beauchamp
m Walter Le Espec, lord of Kirkham and Helmesley probably father of ...
Be27-5-1 Walter Espec dsp
Be27-5-2 Adeline le Espec youngest of 3 sisters & coheirs
m Peter de Ros or Roos temp King Henry I 1100-1135

1 For Beauchamp of Warwick: BE1883 Beauchamp of Warwick.
2 For Beauchamp of Bedford: various web sites.
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