Be9-3 Susannah Beverley,

    married into the Randolph family as one of several of the authorīs early collateral connections with the Randolphs. The Randolphs are reputed to descend from the FitzRandolphs making another more ancient collateral connection, but there were other collateral connections, making it rather difficult to explain DNA matches with various Randolph descendants.
    Richard Randolph b 2 May 1686 Turkey Island Henrico VA d 17 Dec 1748 Bather Somerset England
    Jane Bolling b c 1703 d 1767 dau of John Bolling of Cobbs b 26 Jan 1676 d 20 APR 1729 in Henrico, Va and Mary Kennon b c 1678 in Conjurer's Neck, Henrico Co Va

    Richard Randolph b 1686 d 1749
    John Randolph may have been a descendent of Randolph of Moray or Randolph of Strathnith, but the FitzRandolph descent is also claimed.
    Although this pedigree has assumed the table form for showing all Randolph relations in Virginia, the original generation coding for showing the relationship to the author has been retained for purposes of DNA interpretation.
    Ra9-1 Frances Randolph b 1715 Henrico Co VA d there 1784
    m John Armstrong Jones b 1700 Henrico VA son of Capt Peter Jones Jr and Mary
    -1 Elizabeth Frances Jones b c 1728 Essex VA d 1793 Caroline VA m Joel I Halbert -1-1 Mary Halbert b ?aft 1743 d 1802 m William Kidd b 1737
    -1-2 William Anson Halbert Sr b 14 Oct 1744 Essex Co VA d 28 Dec 1808 Pendleton Dist SC m Elizabeth Lucy Hill b 18 Sep 1747 Caroline Co VA dau of William Hill and Susannh
    -1-3 John N. Halbert
    -1-4 Martha Halbert m Hill
    -1-5 Joel Halbert, Jr
    -1-6 Frances Jones Halbert m y Blackburn
    -1-7 Hannah Elizabeth Halbert m y Hill

    -1-2-1 Joel Halbert
    -1-2-2 Martha Halbert m Gresham
    -1-2-3 John Halbert
    -1-2-4 Enos Halbert
    -1-2-5 Arthur Halbert
    -1-2-6 Rev James Ira Halbert, Sr
    -1-2-7 Susannah Halbert b 29 Aug 1780 Essex Co VA m1 David Berry b 30 Aug 1789 Laurens SC son of Hudson Berry SR b 10 Sep 1752 VA d 13 Jan 1840 Greenville SC and Sarah Anthony b 3 Nov 1756 VA m2 Peter Newton Acker Jr
    -1-2-8 Frances Garrison Halbert
    -1-2-9 William Anson Halbert Jr
    -1-2-10 Joshua Lucius Halbert
    -1-2-11 Elizabeth Halbert m Berry
    Ra9-2 Richard Randolph Jr MP b 17 Jan 1725 Curles Neck Plantation, Henrico, VA d 6 Jun 1786 Curles Neck Plantation, Henrico, VA
    m Nancy Meade b c 1731 Flushing Queen Co NY d 1814 Curles Neck Henrico Co VA
    dau of David Meade and Susannah Everard b 1710 ?Much Walham Essex d Nansemond Co VA (dau of Sir Richard Everard 4th Baronet ?Gov of NC and Susanna Kidder)

    Richard Randolph b 1725 d 1786

    Nancy Meade b c 1731 d 1814
    Ra9-2-1 Susanna Randolph
    m Harrison
    Ra9-2-2 Richard Randolph
    Ra9-2-3 David Meade Randolph b 1758 d 27 Sep 1830 Williamsburg VA
    m Mary Randolph b 9 Aug 1762 Chesterfield Co VA dau of Thomas Mann Randolph and Anne

    Mary Randolph b 1762 d 1828

    David Meade Randolph b 1758 d 1830
    Ra9-2-3-1 Richard Randolph
    Ra9-2-3-2 William Beverley Randolph
    Ra9-2-3-3 Burwell Starke Randolph
    Ra9-2-3-4 David Meade Randolph
    Ra9-2-4 Jane Randolph
    Ra9-2-5 Brett Randolph
    Ra9-2-6 Mary Randolph
    m y Bolling
    Ra9-2-7 William Randolph
    Ra9-2-8 Ryland Randolph
    Ra9-2-9 Eliza Randolph
    m y Meade
    Ra9-2-10 Sarah Randolph
    m y Newborn
    Ra9-2-11 Jared Randolph
    Ra9-3 = Be9-3 John Randolph
    Married: 1718 Susannah Beverley was the second daughter of Peter Beverley Be10 and Elizabeth Peyton b c 1692 Died: after 1754 dau of
    +1 Robert Peyton
    Be9-3-1 John Randolph b 1719 d y
    Beverley Randolph b 1720 Williamsburg Va m 21 Jan 1742 Sarah Wormeley dau of->
    +1 John Wormeley
    Be9-3-3 Be9-3-3 Peyton Randolph b 1721 d 23 Oct 1775 Attorney General of Va 1755-66
    m Elizabeth Harrison b about 1724 Charles City Co Va d 31 Jan 1783 no ch
    Be9-3-4 John "The Tory" Randolph b 1727 d 30 Jun 1784
    m Arianna Jennings
    Be9-3-4-1 Susanna Randolph
    m John Henry Grymes
    Be9-3-4-2 Ariana Randolph m James Wormeley
    Be9-3-4-3 Gov Edmund Jennings Randolph b 1753 d 1784
    m Elizabeth Carter Nicholas

    -1 Peyton Randolph m m 1806 Maria Ward, dau of Benjamin Ward
    -2 Lucy Nelson Randolph b 1789 m John Bennet Taylor
    -1-1 Edwin Randolph unm
    -1-2 Charlotte Foushee Randolph m Dr John G Skelton d age 22

    -1-3 Edmund Randolph b 1821 d 8 Sep 1861 at San Francisco. Orator, called for assassination of Lincoln. a Lawyer In 1849 went to California Gold Rush m Tarmesia Meaux.
    Be9-3-5 Mary Randolph b 1729 d 10 Jan 1768
    m Philip Ludwell Grymes b11 Mar 1720 Middlesex Co Va d 1762 Fayette Co Ky
    Be9-3-5-1 y Grymes
    Be9-3-5-2 Lucy Grymes b 1743 Middlesex Co Va d 14 Sep 1830 Springfield Va m 29 Jul 1762 Gov Thomas Nelson b 16 Dec 1738 son of (Secretary) William Nelson b. 1711, Yorktown Va d 19 Nov 1792, Yorktown m Feb 1738, in Yorktown, VA, Elizabeth Carter Burwell b ca 1715, Yorktown VA dau of-> +1Nathaniel Burlwell and Elizabeth Carter
    Be9-3-5-3 John Randolph Grymes b 03/28/1745 05/23/1805 VA, Middlesex Co, Brampton
    m Susanna Beverley Randolph
    Be9-3-5-3-1 William Nelson b 9 Aug 1763 d 10 Sep 1877
    m 1789, in VA Sally B. Page
    -1 Thomas Nelson b 1791 Yorktown VA m Mary L. Paton, 1815.
    -2 William Nelson b 1801.
    -3 Elizabeth Page Nelson b 1793/95 Yorktown VA m 1813 John R West
    Be9-3-5-3-2 Thomas Nelson b 27 Dec 1764 d aft 1805 PA
    m 1794 in Yorktown Va Frances Page b 1777, Gloucestor Co dau of->
    +1 Gov John Page and Frances Burwell
    Be9-3-5-3-2-1 Thomasia Nelson b ca 1796 VA m 1821 William Meade
    Be9-3-5-3-2-2 Fannie Nelson b ca 1798 VA
    m John Dent.
    Be9-3-5-3-2-3 Thomas Nelson b ca 1800 VA unm
    Be9-3-5-3-3 Philip Nelson b 14 Mar 1766 m Sarah Burwell dau of-> +1 Nathaniel Burwell and Frances Wormeley.
    Be9-3-5-3-4 Francis Nelson b 25 June 1767 Yorktown Va d 10 Mar 1832 Mont Air Hanover Co Va m 15 Oct 1793 in Yorktown VA Lucy Page b ca 1770 Matthews Co Va dau of John Page and Jane Byrd -1 Thomas Nelson b 1793 VA unm
    -2 Mann Nelson b 1795 VA m Amelia Washington.
    -3 Susan Nelson b 1796 VA unm
    -4 Jane Byrd Nelson b 5 Aug 1792 d 1853 VA m John Page b 2 Sep 1792 Clarke Co d 1853.
    -5 Lucy Nelson b 1799 VA unm
    -6 Judith Nelson b 1801 VA m Mann Page 1819.
    -7 Sally Page Nelson b 10 Dec 1801 VA m Samuel Scollay 1841.
    -8 Maria Nelson b 1803 VA m John Redman.
    -9 William Nelson b 1807 VA m Mary Macon.
    -10 Francis Nelson, Jr b 1809, VA, m Letitia Rebecca Prosser 1840.
    -11 Phillip Nelson b 1811.
    -12 Hugh M. Nelson b 20 OCT 1811 Hanover Co, "Mont Air" d 6 AUG 1862 Albemarle Co, Greenwood bur Millwood, Old Chapel Cemetery m Anna Maria Adelaide Holker/Hooker b 22 SEP 1816 Clarke Co d 18 MAR 1875 bur Millwood, Old Chapel Cemetery
    -13 Fannie Nelson b 1815 Hanover Co VA unm
    -14 Elizabeth Nelson b 1815, Hancock Co Oh d unm
    -10-1 Sally Berkeley Nelson b 21 FEB 1841 VA, King William Co d 17 SEP 1891 Henrico Co m Reginald Heber Nelson b 5 MAY 1832 Gloucester Co d 9 MAR 1923

    -4-1 Edwin Randolph Page b 25 DEC 1822 VA, Clarke Co d 4 JUL 1864 m Olivia Alexander
    -12-1 Nannie Nelson b 18 AUG 1839 5 MAR 1877 VA
    -12-2 Hugh Mortimer Nelson b 31 OCT 1847 Clarke Co d 18 SEP 1915 m Sarah Page Nelson

    -4-1-1 Mary Mann Page b 1856 Clarke Co living 1900 DC, Washington d 1954 Albemarle Co, Monticello Cemetery m Stevens Mason Taylor b 16 JUL 1847 VA DC, Washington d 10 JAN 1917 Monticello Cemetery
    -10-1-1 Letitia Rebecca 22 AUG 1869 1934 VA,of m Landon Carter Catlett
    -12-2-1 Hugh Nelson b 26 OCT 1889 Clarke Co d 10 MAY 1926 bur Millwood, Old Chapel Cemetery

    -4-1-1-1 Page Taylor b 25 JAN 1885 VA Edwin Kirk
    -4-1-1-2 Margaret Randolph Taylor b 9 JUN 1888 VA
    -4-1-1-3 Olivia Alexander Taylor b 31 OCT 1890 VA
    -10-1-1-1 Landon Carter Catlett Jr. b 11 FEB 1898 d JUL 1925 m Catharine Sanders Mott b 1900 d 1986
    Be9-3-5-3-5 Hugh Nelson b 30 Sept 1768 State SEnate 1785-91 US Congress 1811-23 Ambassador to Spain 1823/4 m ?x Carter -1 Anne Carter Nelson b 8 FEB 1804 Charles City Co d 26 APR 1858 Albemarle Co, "Clover Fields" m Thomas Walker Meriwether b 1803 Albemarle Co, "Clover Fields" d 27 FEB 1863 Albemarle Co, "Clover Fields"
    -2 Keating S. Nelson b abt 1812 d 1898 Fairfax Co VA m Julia Ann Rogers b about 1826 Albemarle Co
    -1-1 Mildred Nelson Meriwether b JAN 1829 d 7 MAR 1904 VA, Albemarle Co, "Clover Fields" m George W. Macon b 1827
    -1-2 Charlotte Nelson Meriwether b 23 JAN 1834 d 23 APR 1877 VA, Albemarle Co m Thomas Jefferson Randolph b 29 Aug 1829 son of Thomas Jefferson Randolph and Jane Hollis Nicholas
    -2-1 Elizabeth Nelson b 1846 Albemarle Co d 1925 DC, Washington bur VA, Alexandria, Ivy Hill Cemetery m Beverley Randolph Mason b 1834 Fairfax Co d 22 APR 1910 DC, Washington bur 24 APR 1910 VA, Alexandria, Ivy Hill Cemetery School principal son of Richard Chichester Mason and Lucy Bolling Randolph
    -1-1-1 Charlotte Nelson Macon b 10 DEC 1859 d 24 MAY 1935 VA, Albemarle Co m Frank Meriwether Randolph
    -1-2-1 Mary Walker Randolph b 14 JUN 1866 Albemarle Co d 9 DEC 1957 VA, m William Mann Randolph b 1870 Albemarle Co d there 1944 bur Monticello Cem
    -2-1-1 Richard Nelson Mason b 1876 d 1940 VA
    -2-1-2 Lucy Randolph Mason b 1881 d 1965 VA, Fairfax Co m George Hoxie Moffett

    -1-2-1-1 Carolina Ramsay 23 SEP 1895 Charlottesville d 1 MAR 1958 VA,
    -1-2-1-2 Sarah Nicholas Randolph b 8 DEC 1896 VA m Lucian King Truscott Jr
    -1-2-1-3 Agnes Dillon Randolph b 13 APR 1898 VA m1 Edward Buffam Hill, m2 George Marvin
    -1-2-1-4 William Lewis Randolph b 10 JUL 1899 d 7 JAN 1906 VA
    -1-2-1-5 Thomas Jefferson Randolph b 7 OCT 1900 Charlottesville d 27 OCT 1984 VA,m Augusta Lyell Blue
    -1-2-1-6 Mary Walker Randolph b 30 APR 1903 d 20 JUN 1988 VA
    -1-2-1-7 Hollins Nicholas Randolph b 14 JUN 1904 VA m Virginia Hoge
    -1-2-1-8 Francis Meriwether Randolph b 22 APR 1906 VA m Leonne Gounnaux
    -1-1-2-2 Charlotte Nelson Randolph b 28 DEC 1868 d 1 NOV 1870 VA, Albemarle Co
    Be9-3-5-3-6 Elizabeth Page Nelson b 1770 VA 1788 d 1850 m Mann Page
    Be9-3-5-3-7 Mary Nelson b 19 Dec 1774 Yorktown,Va, m Robert Carter b 1771 VA, Lancaster Co, Shirley d 14 NOV 1805 Va son of Charles Carter b 10 =ct 1743 and Ann Butler Moore -1 Ann Butler Carter b 27 JUN 1797 Charles City Co, Shirley Plantation d 25 FEB 1868 VA, m William Fanning Wickham
    -2-7-2 Lucy Carter b 3 FEB 1799Charles City Co, Shirley Plantation d JAN 1835 VA, Edmund Fanning Wickham
    -2-7-3 Thomas Nelson Carter b 8 OCT 1800 d 5 APR 1883 VA, York Co m1 Juliet Muse Gaines, m2 Anne Willing Page
    Be9-3-5-3-8 Lucy Ghrymes Nelson b 2 Jan 1777, Yorktown Va d 18 Dec 1863 m 1799 Carter Page b 1758 d 1825
    Be9-3-5-3-9 Robert Nelson b 14 Oct 1778 m Apr 1803 Judith Page b ca 1780 Yorktown
    Be9-3-5-3-10 Susanna Nelson b 10 Mar 1780 Yorktown VA d 1850 m 1806 Francis Page
    Be9-3-5-3-11 Judith Nelson b 8 May 1782 m Capt Thomas Nelson b 24 Nov 1780, Yorktown, VA, son of Hugh Nelson and Judith Page #195) d Hanover Co -1 Hugh Thomas Nelson b 1805 Hanover Co VA, unm
    -2 Mary Carter Nelson b 1805 Hanover Co VA, unm
    -3 Col. William Nelson b 1807 Hanover Co VA d 17 Apr 1892, Hanover Co, VA.
    -4 Maria Nelson b 1809, Hanover Co VA unmd.
    -5 Judith Nelson b 1815, Hanover Co VA unm d 1832, Hanover Co VA.
    -6 Lucy Nelson b 1817, Hanover Co VA unm d 1872 Hanover Co VA.
    -7 Robert Nelson b 1819
    -8 Elizabeth Burwell Nelson b 1824, Hanover Co, VA m John Page 1847.
    -9 Virginia L. Nelson b 1826, Hanover Co, VA m Robt w. Nelson 1844
    -1-1 Mildred Nelson Meriwether b JAN 1829 d 7 MAR 1904 VA, Albemarle Co, "Clover Fields" m George W. Macon b 1827
    Be9-3-5-4 Phillip Ludwell Grymes b 04/05/1746 05/18/1805 VA, Middlesex Co, Brandon m Sarah Elizabeth Randolph
    Be9-3-5-5 Benjamin Grymes b 1750 VA, Middlesex Co, Brandon m Sarah Robinson
    Be9-3-5-6 Susannah "Sukie" Grymes b 03/04/1751 d 07/07/1788 VA, Middlesex Co m Nathaniel Burwell -1 Mary Nelson b abt 1792 VA, Clarke Co d 3 JUL 1817 VA, Clarke Co m William Meade b 11 NOV 1781 VA, Clarke Co d 14 MAR 1862 VA, Richmond City -1-1 Philip Nelson Meade b 19 JAN 1811 d 8 NOV 1873 VA, Frederick Co m Frances Burwell Page
    -1-2 Francis Burwell Meade b abt 1815 d 5 SEP 1886 VA, Clarke Co m Mary Mann Burwell
    * Peyton Randolph, (1721-75), prerevolutionary American politician, born in Williamsburg, Va, and educated at the College of William and Mary. He was an influential member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1748 to his death, and in 1764 he rallied the opposition of the burgesses, or legislators, against the threatened Stamp Act. In 1766 he became Speaker of the House, an office he retained for the rest of his life. Randolph was appointed to the first Continental Congress at Philadelphia and served as its president in 1774 and 1775.