Be24 Jean I de Brienne

Be24 Jean I de Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople was the son of Erard II, Comte de Brienne and Agnes de Montfaucon.
Born:  circa 1148.
Married: firstly, Maria de Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem, daughter of Conrad, Marquis de Montferrat and Isabella d'Anjou, Queen of Jerusalem, on 15 September 1210.
secondly, Stephania of Armenia, daughter of Leo II, King of Armenia, in 1214.
thirdly, Berengaria de Castilla, daughter of Alfonso IX, Rey de Castilla y León and Berengaria de Castilla, in 1223. 
Died on 21 March 1237.
Died o
Child of Jean I de Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople and Maria de Montferrat, Queen of Jerusalem
(Be23-1) Isabel de Brienne, Queen of Jerusalem+ b. c 1212, d. 30 Apr 1228.

Children of Jean I de Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople and Berengaria de Castilla
(Be23-2) Alphonse, Comte d'Eu+ d. 25 Aug 1270
(Be23-3) Marie de Brienne+ b. 1225, d. a 5 May 1275 
(Be23) Louis de Brienne, b. b 1237, d. a 1263 

Jean I de Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople fought in the Third Crusade.1 He gained the title of King John of Jerusalem.2 Between 1205 and 1221 he was the Regent of the County of Brienne for his nephew.1 He succeeded to the title of King Jean I of Jerusalem in 1210, in right of his wife, although he reigned at Acre as Jerusalem was in Saracen hands.1 He abdicated as King of Jerusalem in 1212.3 He fought in the Fifth Crusade from 1218 to 1219, which he led.1 He was created Emperor Jean I of Constantinople in 1229.1 He was a Franciscan friar. 

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