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Beauchamp of Elmley, Gloucestershire
Hugh de Beauchamp
(Be28) [a]
born abt 1044, of Bedfordshire, England, 
died before 1100. 
He married Matilda about 1072. She was b abt 1056.
Children of Hugh de Beauchamp and Matilda were:
  • Adeline de Beauchamp (Be27-1) b abt 1078; married Walter le Espec. 
  • Simon de Beauchamp (Be27-2) b abt 1082. 
  • Walter de Beauchamp (Be27) b abt 1085. See LINE A 
  • Robert de Beauchamp (Be27-4) b abt 1090, d 1156. See LINE B 
Sir Walter de Beauchamp (Be27) born about 1085, of Elmley Castle, Gloucestershire. He md Emmeline de Abitot, daughter of Urso de Abitot. She was b abt 1082.
Child of Walter de Beauchamp and Emmeline de Abitot was:

Sir William de Beauchamp (Be26) born about 1110, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, d 1170. He md Maud de Braose abt 1130, daughter of Philip de Braose and Aenor de Totnes. She was b abt 1116, Gower, Wales.
Children of William de Beauchamp and Maud de Braose were:

  • William de Beauchamp (Be25), Baron Beauchamp, b abt 1131. 
  • Maud de Beauchamp born about 1139, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. She married Robert Marmion about 1153, son of Robert Marmion and Millicent of Rethel
Sir William de Beauchamp (Be25), Baron Beauchamp, b abt 1131, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, d abt 1212. He married Joane de Walerie abt 1150, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, daughter of Sir John de Walerie. She was born about 1136.
Child of William de Beauchamp and Joane de Walerie was:

Sir Walter de Beauchamp (Be24), Lord Beauchamp, born about 1152, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, died 1235. He married Bertha de Braose (Br24) [born] abt 1174, Bramber, Sussex, England, daughter of William de Braose (Br25), Sheriff of Herefordshire, and Bertha of Hereford (He25).
Children of Walter de Beauchamp and Bertha de Braose were:

  • Walcheline de Beauchamp b abt 1176. 
  • James de Beauchamp b abt 1180, Elmley, Worcestershire, England. 
Walcheline de Beauchamp (Be23) born about 1176, Elmley, Worcestershire, England, d 14 Apr 1236. He married Joane de Mortimer (Mo23) 1212, daughter of Sir Roger de Mortimer (Mo24), Lord of Wigmore, and Isabel de Ferrieres (Fe24).
Child of Walcheline de Beauchamp and Joane de Mortimer was:

Sir William de Beauchamp, (Be22) Lord of Elmley Castle, b 1215, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, d 5 Jun 1268, Worcestershire, England. He married Isabel Mauduit abt 1240, Worcestershire, England, daughter of Sir William Mauduit, Chamberlain of the Exchequer, and Alice de Newburgh.
Children of William de Beauchamp and Isabel Mauduit were:

  • Sir William de Beauchamp (Be21-1), Earl of Warwick, b abt 1242. 
  • Isabel de Beauchamp (Be21) born about 1246, of Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, d aft Feb 1322/23. She married 1st Henry Lovet, and 2nd Sir William le Blount (Bl21) about 1265, 3rd Sir Patrick Chaworth, 4th Hugh le Despenser, Earl of Winchester. 
  • Sarah de Beauchamp (Be21-3) born about 1254, of Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, d aft Jul 1317. She married Richard Talbot, Governor of Cardiff, aft 7 Jan 1267/68, son of Gilbert 
  • Talbot and Gwenthlian verch Rhys
Sir William de Beauchamp (Be21-1) [c], Earl of Warwick, b abt 1242, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England, d abt Jun 1298, Elmley, Worcestershire, England. He md Maud Fitz John abt 1255, Worcestershire, England, daughter of Sir John FitzGeoffrey, Justiciar of Ireland, Knight, and Isabel Bigod.
Children of William de Beauchamp and Maud Fitz John were:
  • Isabel de Beauchamp b abt 1262, Warwickshire, England, d abt 30 May 1306, Elmley Castle, Worcestershire, England; md:
    • [1] Sir Patrick de Chaworth, Knight abt 1282, son of Patrick de Chaworth and Hawise de London; and
      [2] Hugh le Despenser abt 1284, son of Sir Hugh le Despenser and Aline Basset
    • Maud de Beauchamp b abt 1265, d 1360; md Unknown Rithco. 
    • Margaret de Beauchamp b abt 1268, Warwickshire, England; md John de Sudeley. 
    • Anne de Beauchamp b abt 1270, Warwickshire, England (nun). 
    • Amy de Beauchamp b abt 1272, Warwickshire, England (nun). 
    • Sir Guy de Beauchamp, Knight, Earl of Warwick, b 1278. 
    Sir Guy de Beauchamp [d], Earl of Warwick, Knight, b 1278, Warwickshire, England, d 10 Aug 1315. He md [1] Isabella de Clare bef 11 May 1297, and [2] Alice de Toeni [e] 12 Feb 1309/10, daughter of Sir Ralph VII de Toeni, Lord of Flamstead, and Mary.
    Identified children of Guy de Beauchamp and Alice de Toeni were:
    • Sir Thomas de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, b 1313. 
    • Elizabeth de Beauchamp b abt 1315, Warwickshire, England. She md Sir Thomas de Astley abt 1328, son of Sir Giles de Astley and Alice Wolvey
    Sir Thomas de Beauchamp [f], Earl of Warwick, Knight of the Garter, b 1313, Warwick Castle, England, d 16 Nov 1369, Calais, France. He md Catherine de Mortimer 1337, daughter of Sir Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March, and Joan de Geneville.
    Children of Thomas de Beauchamp and Catherine de Mortimer were:
    • Philippa de Beauchamp b abt 1340, of Warwickshire, England. She md Sir Hugh de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, bef 1 Mar 1350/51, son of Sir Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, and Margaret de Audley
    • Maud de Beauchamp b abt 1342, of Warwickshire, d Jan/Feb 1402/03. She md Sir Roger de Clifford, Lord Clifford, abt 1360, son of Sir Robert de Clifford, Lord Clifford, and Isabel de Berkeley

Robert de Beauchamp (Be27-4) born about 1090, of Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, d bef 1137. The identity of his wife is undetermined.

Children of Robert de Beauchamp were:

  • (prob) Beatrice de Beauchamp (Be27-4-1) born about 1115, of Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, d aft 1150. She md Sir Hugh de Morville, Constable of Scotland, abt 1130, son of Hugh de Morville
  • Sir Payn de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2) born about 1118. 
Sir Payn de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2), Lord of Bedford, b abt 1118, of Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, d bef 1155/56. He married Rohese de Vere about 1145, daughter of Aubrey II de Vere, Master Chamberlain, and Adelize/Alice de Clare.

Child of Payn de Beauchamp and Rohese de Vere was:

Sir Simon de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2-1), Lord of Bedford, b abt 1152, of Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, d bef 1206/07. He md Isabel abt 1176. She was b abt 1160.

Child of Simon de Beauchamp and Isabel was:
Sir William de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2-1-1), Lord of Bedford, b abt 1189, Essex, England, d 1260. He md Ida Longespee abt 1232, daughter of Sir William I Longespee and Ela Fitz Patrick of Salisbury.

Children of William de Beauchamp and Ida Longespee were:

  • Maud de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2-1-1-1), born abt 1234, d bef Apr 1273. She married Roger de Mowbray abt 1247, son of William de Mowbray and Avice
  • Ela de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2-1-1-2), born abt 1240, Essex, England, d 1266. She married Baldwin Wake abt 1254, son of Hugh Wake and Joan de Stuteville
  • Beatrice de Beauchamp (Be27-4-2-1-1-3), b abt 1245, prob Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, d 1280-1281. She married Sir Thomas FitzOtho bef 1264. Their daughter, Maud/Matilda FitzThomas (Be27-4-2-1-1-3-1), married Sir John de Botetourte abt 1284. 

a. He was a companion of William the Conqueror at Hastings.

b. Her marriage to Walter de Beauchamp is dubious and the source of this marriage is based upon one early, unsubstantiated account. Walter's grandfather, William, married Maud de Braose, and as she was the aunt of this Bertha de Braose, many current sources doubt this marriage, not only because solid evidence is lacking, but also because said marriage would be well within the prohibited degree.

c. First son and heir apparent of William de Beauchamp of Elmley by Isabel, only sister of Sir William Mauduit, Earl of Warwick (who d s.p. 8 Jan 1267/68), he became the next Earl of Warwick, doing homage for the lands of the earldom 9 Feb 1267/68. He also inherited the office of Chamberlain of the Exchequer from the Mauduit family, and succeeded at Elmley, upon his father's death. He served as a Commissioner to treat with Llewelyn concerning incidents on the Welsh border, 16 Oct 1270 and 14 Apr 1274, and was present at the Council of Westminster, 12 Nov 1276, which gave judgment against Llewelyn. He was summoned for service against the Welsh, 1277-94, against the Scots, 1296-98, and to go overseas, 1297, as well as to the Assembly at Shrewsbury, 1283. He was also present when King Alexander of Scotland did homage to Edward I at Westminster, 29 Sep 1278. On 27 Apr 1296, he was one of the leaders of the force which, under the Earl of Surrey, defeated the Scots at Dunbar. During the King's absence in Flanders, he was a member of Prince Edward's Council. He died at Elmley and was buried at the Friars Minor in Worcester.

d. Said to have been aged 23-27 in 1298, and aged 30 and more in 1301, he succeeded as Earl of Warwick, being also hereditary Sheriff of Worcestershre and Chamberlain of the Exchequer. Knighted by Edward I, 25 Mar 1296, he fought in the King's division at the battle of Falkirk, 22 Jul 1298, and for his good service was granted the Scottish lands of Geoffrey de Mowbray. He was summoned for service against the Scots, 1299-1314, and was present at the seige of Carlaverock, July 1300, under the division of the Earl of Surrey. He also served under Prince Edward at the siege of Stirling Castle, Apr through Jul 1301. On 2 Feb 1306/07, for good service, he was granted Barnard Castle in Durham. An enemy of Gaveston (who called Guy de Beauchamp the "the Black Dog of Arden"), Guy was prominent in effecting his banishment in 18 May 1308 (Guy then returned to England the following year). Against the King's orders (having infuriated the King by demanding the removal of certain officers of the Royal household), Guy, along with Thomas of Lancaster and others, came in arms to the Parliament at Westminster, 29 Mar 1309/10, where he was sworn as one of the Lords Ordainers. After Piers Gaveston's surrender to the Earls of Pembroke and Surrey, 19 May 1312, he was siezed 10 Jun by Guy and taken to Warwick Castle, where the Earl of Warwick, joined by the Earls of Hereford and Arundel, beheaded Gaveston without trial. While the Earls were eventually pardoned, they refused to serve in the Bannockburn campaign in 1314.

e. Second wife of Guy de Beauchamp, she was the widow of Thomas de Leyburn, who died s.p.m and v.p. shortly before 30 May 1307. She married, thirdly, Sir William la Zouche of Mortimer. She was aged 24-27 in 1309, and left issue by all three husbands.

f. Knighted by the King 1 Jan, and given seisin of his lands, while still under age, 20 Feb 1328/29. He was summoned for service against the Scots in 1333 and 1335, and a Commissioner to treat for a truce with Scotland 4 May 1336. On 25 Mar 1337, he served as Capt. of the army against the Scots, as well as Warden of the March in Scotland the same year. In the fall of 1339, he took part in the King's campaign in France, where sides were drawn up for the battle, but the French withdrew. The following year he was in command at Valenciennes and later was with the King at the siege of Tournai. He was also present in Brittany late 1342 to early 1343 at the siege of Vannes. He was appointed Marshal of England on 10 Feb 1343/44, a position he held until his death. Additionally, he was Sheriff of Warwick and Leicester for life, beginning 26 Jun 1344. He distinguished himself in the battle of Crecy 26 Aug 1346, where he was in joint command of the Prince of Wales' division, and was also present at the siege of Calais, 1346/47. About 1348, he became Knight of the Garter, being one of the founders of that order. In Aug of 1350 he took part in the King's naval action off Winchelsea, and was Admiral of the Fleet from the mouth of the Thames towards the west, before 20 Mar 1352/53. After accompanying the Prince of Wales to Gascony in 1355, he was made Constable of the army there and commanded the vanguard at the battle of Poitiers, 19 Sep 1356. Shortly before 12 Jul 1356, he recovered from John de Mowbray the lands of Gower and Swansea Castle (which had been alienated from Norman Earls of Warwick by King John in 1203). After serving in Edward III's last campaign in France, he was a witness to the treaty of Bretigny (8 May 1360). In 1369 he played a prominent part in John of Gaunt's expedition into France, and himself devastated Caux. He died of the plague at Calais, aged 55, his wife, Catherine de Mortimer having predeceased him by several months.

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